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Still Bill
 displaying his mother’s old golf umbrella. He thinks it has a few more miles left on it.
[Smell to Brain] The Westin Hotel uses a white tea scent. It’s infused in all its toiletries and towels and diffused in the lobby. The idea is that whenever you smell it, you’ll be reminded of the hours you spent in a Westin bed.
Real artists
draw a lot of sketches and plan before committing ideas to canvas. These local pelican painters just paint and hope someone buys it.
In just two weeks Sunni insurgents of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have undone almost all the Americans have done. This has brought to the forefront the waste of American lives and wealth for a country that doesn’t appear to want our democracy. President Bush had the idea of replacing tribal custom with democracy in a region he knew nothing about. He killed the only man who could control them. He should have heeded the adage, look before you leap! “Ah, the sweet smell of failure.”
Happy Father’s Day to all who gave & who gave all!  Support the troops. Link
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money heart love
Nothing says I love you like a little cash.
There are good tenants and bad tenants, and there are good landlords and bad landlords. I have rented in Key West for thirty-three years and have had only three landlords. One so good I had to raise the rent myself so she could keep up with the times, another did not raise my rent in ten years, the present one in this economy has had to raise it only a bit in several years, Did I mention that I take care of a rental like I owned it and leave a property in at least in as good a shape if not better than I entered it. Why did I leave a property, in the first two cases owners children wanted to live in them and at the same time I needed downsizing, so no one was hurt on either side. There are always two sides to every story.
[Plastic] An invasive species we created & must confront. Link
knocked out donkey
I want to knock someone out without killing him. Where should I place my one punch?
[Democracy in Iraq] United States Marines as well as private contractors from security firms based in the U.S. are in charge of securing the facility. Many of those employed by the private security agencies come from the U.S., as well as African countries, such as Nigeria and Kenya.

It is unknown how many of the more than 5,000 U.S. civilians in Baghdad are actually taking refuge inside the embassy compound. NBC war correspondent, Richard Engel reported last night that civilians in and around Baghdad have boarded up residences and businesses.

The embassy lockup is a reminder of when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in August of 1990 and U.S. civilians were held hostage for months, including those from the State Department and Department of Transportation.

This week ISIS terrorists operating in Iraq have toppled Fallujah, Ramadi, Tikrit, and Mosul, robbing the Bank of Mosul for more than $450 million dollars. ISIS leaders now claim they are the richest terror group in the world, topping al Qaeda and Hamas. This militant group has vowed to overrun Baghdad, the nation’s capital, and eliminate the Shiite ruling party.

[“Cat owners in denial”] Cat Owners United, we have guns too!
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Eric Snowden is a hero.
They said Jack Bauer was a traitor too, but they were wrong.
I hear that some people who win the lottery for big money, wish they didn’t because of all the con men and bad guys who try to take it. If this is true, then the hard core ‘Make you a deal you cannot refuse’ types must be into to it too!? Scary thought to put your life in danger by winning money!
Voting and election season is upon us.   All you whiners and know-it-alls get off those bar stools and put your fingers where your mouth is (did that come out right?).  On second thought, we might all be better off if you don’t.
one leg zombie
Don’t zombies ever get full? They’re always going somewhere or are eating. The subtitle on the screen in zombie movies when they are eating is: “zombie noises”.
If there is a God he’s a very cruel one. Want some examples?
[“Little Conch house in Key West setting up a gun range”] Hey dude, you never been to Duval Street after 2 am have you? Or down towards the Fort, huh?
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chickpeas16The Chickpea
A chickpea in a pot leaps from the flame,
out from the boiling water,
Crying, “Why do you set fire to me?
You chose me, bought me, brought me home for this?”
The cook hits it with her spoon into the pot.
“No! Boil nicely, don’t jump away from the one who makes the fire.
I don’t boil you out of hatred.
Through boiling you may grow flavorful, nourishing,
and united with vital human spirit.
I don’t inflict this suffering out of spite
[“Plastic from shrimp”] This reminds me of the same idea that was tried way back in the 1970’s with shrimp and crab/lobster shells, but nothing came out of it. The oil companies probably bought up the patents!
Cheating at the gas pump. Link
Obviously this guy is a major loser, they only gave him three dollars and a phone number with an apostrophe.
[Doesn’t Like Mayor Cates]  I had to laugh when I read The Konk Life political questionnaire.  Of the 20 questions only 10 were meaningful in a political race.  Maybe Cates didn’t take the whole thing serious, but the answers from Craig Cates are laughable.
Q2 – Explain your platform and why you are running.
Ans – “It’s very simple. Focus on quality of life. Let’s keep working together to keep Key West moving forward-NO special interests”.
Mayor Cates, it is not simple.  To think so is hiding your head in the sand.  Focus on quality of life? What you should say is quality of life for the “elite” of the island and the hell with everyone else! NO special interests?  How about Swift and his tours?  $500,000 to haul tourists from a dock that is a waste of money and not needed, to trinket shops and sex/drug bars so your friends can make money.
Q3 – Detail how you differ from your competing candidates.
Ans – “I will continue to work with city staff, administration and commissioners to keep city government focused on residents and keep Key West moving forward.  We must find a way to work together-not tear things down”.
Wow!  What a contradiction. First you “will continue working together”, then say “we need to find a way to work together”.  Which is it Mayor?
Q4 – Tell us your personal history: Education; professional career; family life and how long you’ve lived in the Keys and your relationship with Key West.
I’m not going to take up space quoting Cates’s entire answer.  Just touch on two important points.  You don’t mention education.  No college?  Trade school?  Did you graduate high school? Obviously no classes in economics.  Family has a long proud history of public service?  Being on the city council for four years (Emma C. Cates) is not a long history.   Monroe county beach advisory board.  No one takes advisory boards seriously. (can you say waste management?)  Advisory boards are a “feel good” reward to friends so they can feel important.
Q5 – Touch on your personal passions in addition to the above.
Ans – “As a world champion boat racer and drag racer, obviously mechanics are in my blood.  I love solving complicated problems and helping things run smoothly.
I’m not saying you’re wrong mayor but after one hour of searching the internet, I could find nothing about these claims.  You should have stuck with making cars and boats run smoothly because he city is not!
Q6 – Describe where, in your view, we are going wrong in the Keys and/or Key West
Ans – “In the daily grind it’s easy to forget why we live here in the first place.  It’s important to take a moment to recognize the natural beauty and awesome community we live in”. Maybe that’s the answer.  Lets all go stare at the natural beauty of the fake, polluted beaches of Key West.  That’ll solve all the problems.
Q7 – Tell us the political flash points you expect to encounter if elected.
Ans – “Attempts to politicize for personal gain the workings of the city are counter-productive.  We must stay vigilant in working together to keep Key West moving forward”. That’s a non-answer if I ever heard on.
Q8 – Tell us anything you need to explain or any misapprehension you believe voters may have of you.
Ans – “Voters know you can count on Craig Cates to listen to your concerns, act with common sense and continue to make progress on important projects like the new city hall at Glynn Archer”. Mayor, you didn’t answer the question.  Go back and read it again, this time slowly.
Q9 – Give us your view on the partisan divisiveness in politics today and any solution to it you might have.
Ans – All politics is local. We must work together to keep Key West moving forward.
Another non-answer.  Go back and read it again mayor.
Q10 – Given that gender equality, income parity, voting rights and sexual preferences continue as big political issues today, tell us which side of the aisle you stand on.
Ans – “In Key West, we vote for the person, not the party.  I can say that I am recognized nationally for my support of equality”.
You weren’t asked if you are Republican or Democrat.  Where do you stand on each of these issues?
Q11 – And how about immigration, gun control and capital punishment?
Ans – “Unfunded mandates and state laws that tie the hand of local government are why I support home rule as advocated by the National Council of Mayors”.
Once again you are dodging the question.  Where do you stand on these issues?

Mayor Cates, you say this is your first time in public office.  Well Sir, you are a fast learner.  You have not taken a stand on any issue.  Four time out of ten questions you state “keep Key West moving forward.  Great campaign slogan.  You have successfully learned the politicians art of the non-answer to avoid offending anyone.  How about an honest answer?  At best, Key West is moving sideways if not backwards.  I can see why your favorite movie is Wizard of Oz.  You are the fake picture on the screen while someone else is behind the curtain.

The posts on this blog are amazing. One side is Pro this and that and the other side Negative this and that. Neither side has the slightest idea about truth or logical deductive reasoning, most are pure emotion. Lots of blondes post here I bet, ha!
What a crying shame that Iraq is reverting to civil war after all we did to them. Things were better for everyone under the dictator because they had stability, security, prosperity, garbage pickup, water, and electricity. All that changed under president Bush.
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We truly enjoyed a great Picnic Island day yesterday, I think! Thanks to DJ and his wife for providing entertainment and to Adrian and to Flip Flop Bob.
[“Daddy Bones is closing”] Bad location, ho hum food, and intentionally alienating people who weren’t armed. That’s a better recipe for going out of business than I could have thought of.
[Hoarding Bad For Health] Police in Connecticut say a hoarder has died after the cluttered first floor of her home collapsed into the basement. Cheshire police say they went to the home Thursday but didn’t find anyone. The first floor was piled waist-high with clutter, and they didn’t realize until Friday the floor had collapsed. Officials say they found 66-year-old Beverly Mitchell’s body while removing debris with a backhoe through a hole in the house.
[Sewers] Stories have been appearing about E-1 grinder pump homes being flooded by thousands of gallons of sewage because of broken parts that effectively connected their house plumbing to the sewer forcemain pipes in the street. That is not surprising since E-1 uses plastic where others use brass.
Multi-thousand gallon sewage spills can easily occur in the street, too. Suppose the county sign installer bores a hole for yet another no parking sign by a desirable shoreline and punches through the soft HDPE pipe. All of a sudden that huge network of miles of LPS forcemains have an easier job pumping through the hole in the pipe than the several miles to a master pump station or the treatment plant. There is enough pressure to blow the sewage as high as the overhead wires and it rains down to flow into that shoreline while stinky county guy calls for someone to call FKAA. The sewage comes from all directions, with streets manifolded in, so several valves have to be found and shut off to stop the flow. There is only one route for all those high pressure E-1 pumps, so when a valve is closed they build crazy high pressures in the pipes as the sewage backs up and the alarms start sounding. Maybe another pipe or fitting breaks and another street is flooded with sewage or the sewage just saturates the pipe zone until it finds a path to the ocean. Or maybe a part breaks in a pump pit and another house starts filling up with sewage. This design has always been a mistake. Make them Dump the Pumps!
newton appleFKAA promised conventional gravity sewers to 90% of the entire Cudjoe regional sewer area, and that percentage includes those properties on No Name, way out on Big Torch and very isolated individual homes.

That was the story until after the construction contracts were signed. It was reported that current County Mayor Sylvia Murphy was in the audience at one presentation in October 2012 when 90% gravity was declared, and she spoke in praise of FKAA’s fine job. How long did she know about this fraud and how involved in it is she?
Do you or someone you know have any FKAA public presentation materials from before they disclosed high quantities of grinder pumps? If so, please alert the people at Dump the Pumps, Inc at so they can arrange to get a copy.
While there, please consider a donation to the legal fund that is paying to bring this deceit and the idiotic sewer design in front of a judge. Legal action ain’t cheap, but with an unscrupulous DEP and only two righteous County commissioners (Danny and Heather) out of five, it is probably the only way to get a safe and fully functional sewer system. Hearings are scheduled August 4th.

The real problem the Left on this blog has with FTR Guy is he uses more than two syllable words!
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bike path16[Bike Path of Street] I’m riding my bike down Key Deer Blvd early Sunday morning, I see a large group of runners on the bike path, so as a courtesy, I switch over and out onto the road. I ride early to beat the heat and avoid heavy traffic when out on US1 I ride 50 plus miles a day on Sat and Sun. Anyhow, back to me riding out Key Deer Blvd. Some toothless moron slams on his breaks and blows his horn telling me to get on the bike path It’s not the first time a fellow Big Piner has suggested this. It is totally legal to ride in the road so you all need to mind your own business. It’s not that difficult to steer your car 3 ft around me witch is also the law.
[Gun] You guys aren’t just firearm enthusiasts, you’re Ammosexuals.  ~Bill Maher
] We lose eight children and teenagers to gun violence every day. If a mysterious virus suddenly started killing eight of our children every day, America would mobilize teams of doctors and public health officials. But not with gun violence.
[Gun] “Drop a dime” Gun range in back yard. I’m sure the company that issues the Home Owners Insurance would cancel or bump premiums up so high that the insured would stop shooting. It is a back door approach to fix your problem.  It’s just a few phone calls away.
[Gun] “An armed society is a polite society.”  Does that mean you would shoot somebody who didn’t hold the door open for you as they went through ahead of you?   I bet you would like to!  That’s OK, go ahead and open up on them,  there are way too many people anyway.  You’d be doing the world a favor and exercising your Second Amendment Right.
tin-foil-hat[Conspiracy Man on Guns] It really would be more beneficial and informative for all the Gun debaters on the C.T. if you would do some research on all the recent shootings that have taken place. Instead of just relying on the misinformation the news media is transmitting. Because only then, will you be able to see what’s the real agenda here, and realize the bizarre occurrences reported by the law enforcement reports who were 1st at the scene of the crime, and the initial 1st reports done by the media, and lastly, the revelations of the crime scene photos .For example, the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, the Aurora shooting, the LAX shooting, the Fort Hood shooting, the Santa Barbara shooting, the Las Vegas shooting etc. have many indications of being false flag operations conducted by our government, law enforcement and the media. Believe it or not, they all have Orwellian overtones here.

Let’s begin with Sandy Hook. 1st reports by the police and the media were that 3 gunmen were at the scene dressed in camouflage with automatic rifles and fled into the woods and were caught. Then it’s reported that a lone gunman was responsible. The eyewitnesses had conflicting testimony when being interviewed by the media. It turns out that Sandy Hook was shut down two years earlier and scheduled for demolition. The day before the alleged shooting, a law enforcement drill was being held one mile away from Sandy Hook. The drill was how to respond to a school shooting. The news footage that was supposed to be Sandy Hook was actually the footage of the drill and the catholic school in which the drill took place. Were there any crime scene photos of Sandy Hook, or Adam Lanza’s body? No!

The Aurora shooting. You have a kid who’s out of his mind. His father was to testify that same week as a whistle-blower, concerning the Libor Region Scandal that would have sunk a lot of the top bankers suspected of dealing with the Cartels. Was that mentioned by the media? No!

The LAX shooting. One week before the alleged shooting, law enforcement had conducted a drill in which a shooter enters LAX and commits a mass shooting. All the crime scene photos were blurred out because the actual shooter was really a practice dummy with fake blood around the crime scene. Was there ever any funeral coverage on the alleged TSA employee who was allegedly killed? No! Eyewitnesses had conflicting testimony, and looked as if they had memorized a script.

The Fort Hood shooting. 48 hours before the shooting took place. FOX news reported that the FBI was doing a manhunt on a army military recruiter by the last name Booker, who was plotting a Fort Hood inspired Jihad. 12 hours later that report was scrapped. Then shortly after, Ivan Lopez goes on a shooting rampage. It was reported that Ivan Lopez was being psychologically evaluated for PTSD and was taking a form of Prozac and Ambien. It turns out that Lopez was a police officer in his native Puerto Rico, and served in the army national guard until he was deployed to Iraq and his duties were that of a on base/ off base truck driver, in which he never saw any action. Where did the PTSD come from then? After the Fort Hood shooting occurred, no media and law enforcement was allowed into the base at all. All the reports were given solely by military officials to the media and law enforcement. A cop with a good record, who goes to Iraq, sees no infantry goes nuts? On March 16, 17 and 18th a mock shooting drill was held at Fort Hood and a post on craigslist was posted by Fort Hood saying they needed role actors for the drill and were paying $100.00 a day for each actor.

The Santa Barbara shooting. Multiple witnesses claimed there were more than 2 men in the black BMW Elliot Rodgers was driving on USC property. Witnesses reported the person in the front passenger seat was dangling a gun outside the window. Who is Elliot Rodgers father? Hollywood assistant director, Peter Rodgers, who helped direct the film “The Hunger Games” in which children are sacrificed for a better world. The Author and writer for “The Hunger Games” is Suzanne Collins who is from guess where? Sandy Hook of all places! The crime scene photos didn’t show any evidence what so ever of any blood splatter in the front seats, windshield, airbag or dashboard of the black BMW in which Elliot supposedly blew his brains out, but not one single drop of blood or brain matter. Witnesses had conflicting stories as well as the police reports. Who’s the president of USC? None other than Janet Napolitano former DHS director. The same person who began the whole 2nd amendment idea of gun control. What a coincidence.

Las Vegas shooting. 2 crazed “Conspiracy theorist, freedom fighters/revolutionaries” shot 2 cops while having lunch, then cross the street and enter a Wal-Mart and shoot a man. Yet, the news footage shown of the gunman shooting inside Wal-Mart by Al Jazeera news, shows a surveillance video with the date of 10/29/13. Really?

Do you know what all the witnesses in all these shootings and the Boston Marathon incident have in common? They are all the same witnesses from each incident, with different names, hair color, hair style etc. These witnesses are all paid actors. What would the agenda be here?

Capitalism is good until there is a disaster then people hate the capitalist selling them their water. Capitalism is mostly for happy times.
air force one
The First Air Force One. Video.
[Hard Drives] I think this marks the beginning of the end for regular disk type Hard Drives. Samsung just came out with a 1 TB 2.5″ Solid State Drive (SSD) for laptops that will work in desktops too. In a year the price will drop to a sane level. Link
National politics is back. Click on this link to send your national political post anonymously. No one will know your name or email address, [Well, maybe the NSA will] not even me. FTR is going to be the new national politics editor. Do not fear, FTR promised to post everything, even if he hates it, he’s that kind of guy.
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[Iraq] The current administration ended the war in Iraq, they did not win it. Against the advice of his generals, the current president refused to negotiate for an American force presence in Iraq. Therefore, we see all around us the results of his poor decisions.
Welcome to 2014 where less is more
• Our Phones – Wireless
• Cooking – Fireless
• Cars – Keyless
• Food – Fatless
• Tires –Tubeless
• Dress – Sleeveless
• Youth – Jobless
• Leaders – Shameless
• Relationships – Meaningless
• Attitudes – Careless
• Babies – Fatherless
• Feelings – Heartless
• Education – Valueless
• Children – Mannerless
• Country – Godless
We are SPEECHLESS, Congress is CLUELESS, and our President is WORTHLESS ! We should all be scared – shitless.
“I have a pen and a telephone and I know how to use them.”  So says Obama, Dictator-in-Chief who is trampling our Constitution, a liar, a denying political hack, invoking “Executive Orders”  in blatant violation Senate and Constitution law, protocols and requirements, ignoring laws he himself signed into law, pandering to our enemies, bowing before heads of state who hate us but love our money and totally ignoring the domestic  problems he repeatedly promised to fix.  A joke on the world stage, a paper tiger that not one of our enemies fears and totally incompetent for the job of President.  Recent revelations of his high crimes call for a vote of impeachment by our congress to call him to answer for his malfeasance in office,  mis-deeds and dictatorial attempt at subverting our laws and constitution
Now FTR is saying Bush didn’t start the war and Obama didn’t end it. Can you imagine if Obama was presiodent at the time and started the wars how FTR and FOX would be yapping how it was all Obama’s falt? That’s not an historical fact it it? Bush started it and Obama ended it–that’s in the history books soon to be printed.
from the right
A POSTER WROTE “Surprise, Surprise Bush’s Iraq attack “is back.”

IraqDemocracyFTR’S RESPONSE: No surprise there. But it is not now “Bush’s war.” Bush the Democrats and the USA won the war in Iraq. When we forged the Status of Forces Agreement,  AQI was on the run, and Iraq was pacified. When Bush left office, Iraq was a fully functional democracy. But it was a dead certainty that the country could not remain pacified without American help. Obama and Clinton by failing to negotiate a second SOFA agreement denied Iraq that help. Now we are watching Iraq implode. Soon, at best, it will be three different countries. One will be a close ally of Iran and an enemy of the USA. The other will be a hotbed of Muslim fundamentalism, and a sworn enemy of all things that are not Muslim fundamentalism. The other will be ruled by Kurds, who, for now, are no threat to us. At worst it will be a wealthy hot bed of terrorism aimed at the US and the rest of the world by maniacs determined to seek world dominance under Islam. We can expect more 9/11’s thanks to the ineptitude of Obama/Clinton.

This latest mess in Iraq is wholly owned by Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton who failed to even really try to negotiate an agreement to keep a small force of US troops in Iraq to ensure its viability.

gang16Part 1) Obama’s latest nasty ploy of opening the borders to tens of thousands of teens and youths has had a really dangerous turn. Hundreds of young gang members are streaming across our border with impunity. Border Patrol officials are swamped by the number of minors crossing illegally into the United States and frustrated that they can’t turn away known Mexican gang members. Confirmed gang members in Mexico — including those from Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) — are coming into the country to be reunited with their families. And the Border Patrol can’t do a damned thing about it. Border Patrol officials said that officers must treat minors with gang-affiliated tattoos the same as anybody else wishing to cross the border.

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