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eat neon[“Ho hum food”] Someone posited that a reason for a certain restaurant going out of business is because of their ho-hum food among other things. I’ll wager a dollar the owner thinks his food is the best because he gets compliments from his almost empty dining room.

Most failing restaurants believe they are doing everything right, never suspecting that the food is the cause of their failure. Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares shows this denial on almost every episode. “My food is not the problem, I get compliments on it all the time from both customers.” Excuses, excuses, I’ve never seen a restaurant go out of business because of good food. Have you? You can have a restaurant in a rathole, under a bridge, behind a wall and people will line up to eat if your food is outstanding. Don’t open a restaurant unless your food will be outstanding or, as these fine people have learned, you’ll go broke.

[Word Police] Consonant should be spelled cnsnnt.
[Back Stabbed] A man was airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center in Miami Saturday afternoon after he was shot in the back with a fishing speargun, according to the Coast Guard.
[Breeders] The most destructive animal on the planet is the human being. Breeders: please remedy this situation!
The City of Key West pays Ed Swift’s company, Historic Tours of America, $500,000 a year to bring cruise ship passengers in from the outer mole pier to his conch train terminals/gift shops, where they buy fake Key West trinkets made in Asia, and pay to take city tours on other conch trains and city trolleys, which clog city streets and blast residential neighborhoods with loud speakers; and from which terminals/gift shops cruise ship passengers wander onto Duval Street and patronize those tourist-dependent businesses, including City Commissioner Mark Rossi’s sin clubs, among other many sin clubs on Duval Street; from where they wander to various restaurants and for-profit museums on and near Duval Street, and to Fausto’s grocery store owned by City Commissioner Jimmy Weekley’s family – all thanks to the city paying Swift $500, 000 a year; the same Swift the city once gave a monopoly on conch trains and trolleys, which monopoly ended up costing the city around $8,000,000 in an anti-trust lawsuit.
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[Orchids For All]
Five orchid species native to Florida but now rare due to development and over-col­lection are being cultivated in a lab and will be moved into urban trees over the next five years. Researchers hope the project will revive vanish­ing native plant populations, attract migrating birds and pollinators and complement efforts to restore orchids in Florida’s wild landscapes.
[Bad For Business] Key West’s North Roosevelt Blvd being torn up for nearly 2 1/2 years did in lots of businesses on that road, including several motels and Daddy Bones BBQ. The reason the Key West City Commission opted for such a long work schedule, instead of going with a day, night and weekend work schedule, which would have compressed the work time to a round 8 months, was because the City Commission didn’t want to wave the city noise ordinance and disturb the North Roosevelt area neighborhoods during the night and on weekends. That news came out during a town hall meeting in Old City Hall about a year ago, when Sloan Bashinsky asked Florida Department of Transportation Director Ananth Prasad why the North Roosevelt construction had not been done round the clock from the beginning? After Prasad spilled the beans, the City Commission offered to wave the city noise ordinance and allow night and weekend work.
[Iraq] One thing you can say about Obama is that he’s a quick learner. He learned from the Benghazi embassy’s burning. Now that the American Embassy in Baghdad is in jeopardy he sent three aircraft carriers to protect it!
Making art in the desert Reservation. Video
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO): Vermont is the first state to successfully pass a law requiring a GMO label on foods that contain the spawn of a mutation laboratory. With such a label, you can avoid Frankenfoods or still buy them if you think they are safe enough. But there are reasons why GMOs are banned in most of Europe! You should have the right to know what you are eating, in case you care. The big kahuna of genetic modification is Monsanto, who has actually sued organic farmers whose farms have been contaminated by neighboring GMO fields. Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association are now suing Vermont to overturn the new GMO labeling law that was voted in by referendum of the people. If Vermont cannot successfully defend its right to make its own consumer protection laws, then other states will not likely even try. If Vermont loses, we all lose. The Organic Consumers Association is helping Vermont in its defense. You can learn more and can contribute a few bucks to the cause at the OCA website. The story titles on that site are all links to more information. Link
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bee sunglass
White House set to unveil initiative to protect pollinators. Link
[Sewers] You might not be one of the “losers” (as George Neugent calls them) who are slated for a grinder pump, but you should know that FKAA did not design a gravity sewer system with grinders collecting from remote areas like they claimed. They designed a really defective grinder pump based LPS system with gravity collection from “winner” homes to a shared grinder pit FKAA calls a neighborhood lift station. It’s the same pumps in those lift stations as in the “losers”” yards, and they are just as likely to overflow and even more likely to explode. There are no real winners getting sewer collection in the Cudjoe Regional. The only winners are the officials that are cashing in on this scam and the grinder pump salesman.
[Beware] I was contacted by a “John Williams” about my Towfish for sale in the CT classifieds. He said he wanted it and for me to send him all my vitals. I said you first. All was quiet for two days Friday and Saturday and on Sunday my computer turned into a pumpkin. Sellers beware.
[Redneck RV] Before you’re given a driver’s license, you should have to prove you can successfully tie a mattress to the roof of a car.
[“I want to knock someone out”] A well placed punch to your own groin would be the perfect shot. You would only not kill someone, but it could save yourself a lot of misery. Now I have a question, why would someone in their right mind post something such as this? My guess is they are either bullied and have the rampage syndrome, or just plain nuts! Either way the latter seems to fit. Geesh, one more piece of advice, call a hotline before your facing 20 to life.
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Those out of business rumors are premature. Daddy Bones is fully operational. We listed with realtor and The Citizen took our last party remark to mean – gone. Nope!
[Sewers] It’s amazing that even the limestone industry admits that inhaling limestone dust is hazardous to one’s health, is carcinogenic, and can lead to silicosis.  Yet, day after day, for 3 straight weeks, limestone dust from the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System has been blowing in my neighborhood (Koehn Subdivision). Clean-up has reduced the problem somewhat, but the dust still becomes airborne with wind gusts or the passing of vehicles. We are guinea pigs for the effects of this onslaught. Where the heck are the Gang of 3 commissioners who fiddle and pontificate while residents are subjected to the dangers of this dust. Not a peep trying to curb the problem. Link
Hypnotizing circle dance. File this under WTF. Some kind of weird religious hoedown? Video
artist womanpalatte17
[“Real artists
“]  I laughed when I read this post because it reminded me of what a friend called “housewife paintings.” He said these paintings were easy to spot because they lacked depth and the colors were all wrong. But he did add it kept a lot of bored housewives off of the streets.
[“Where should I place knockout punch”] In your own forehead. Think hard before you even say you’re going to harm anyone. Even a verbal threat will get you arrested. Battery is against the law. Who is your next of kin and where would you like your remains sent after you take that final punch?
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jail bars17
[“How to knock someone out”]  Before you set out to do something like that remember that it is a felony and that the gratification you might get (we are all tempted on occasion) can cost you more than you are willing to spend in the end. There is also no guarantees that a punch that is powerful enough to knock someone out will not do permanent damage to brain, neck or internal organs. Then all bets are off and since this is premeditated you can effectively end your own life. I recommend some other form of pay back. Be extra sweet and let them try to figure out what you are up to.
[“I want to knock someone out”]  Just fart in an elevator!
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artist finger paint
[“Real artists”] There was a woman selling tomatoes and art in front of Overseas Lumber a while ago. It was the worst art I have ever seen. She must have painted several every hour. None of her stuff had any redeeming qualities that would constitute art in anyone’s mind. My standards are pretty low after looking at Keys art for so long, but this woman’s attempt at it really took the cake.
[Plastic Trash] The beaches of the southern offshore islands along here are littered with every size, shape and color of scrap plastic you can think of.  You can clean up a stretch but a few days later more of it just washes ashore.  It seems like awhile ago most of the beach junk was the usual lobster trap scraps, but that stuff has been surpassed now days.  Go boating to the south and the water is full of plastic bits and pieces as far down as you can see.  What have we done to this ball we live on?
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I just wanted to brighten up your day! Have a slurpee.
[“Smell to Brain”] Hotel chains have been doing this for year, not for the remembrance of the place, but to cover up the stench of feet and pee-pee among other scents left behind.
[“Lots of blondes post here I bet”] I wonder, did you arrive at this conclusion through logical deductive reasoning, or are you just spouting pure emotion?
soccer ball
I don’t watch soccer. If I wanted to watch somebody struggle to score for 90 minutes I’d take my friends out to the bar!
[Sewers] Man, that post about sewage spraying into the sky after a broken line really got me wondering. I’ve herd of it happening in Miami in the past and hope I never have to witness it, but its only a matter of time until it happens here. What a s**t storm that’s going to create!
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Yankee Air Museum seeks female uniforms from Vietnam era. Link
A letter from the dad of a Blue Angel flyer on the relieving of the Commanding Officer. Link
[Gun] To all the anti-gun nuts on this blog, we know you are weak minded blondes because all your type hate anything with a long barrel!
[Gun] [“Daddy Bones alienating people who weren’t armed”] Please enlighten us, when did Daddy Bones ever say that those who aren’t armed couldn’t be there? Alienated? Really?? There are many articles about businesses putting up ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs, and these are the ones targeted by the criminals with guns. Now that is ‘alienating’ a group. The law abiding gun owners.
[Gun] Some years back, a petite lady I know well was working at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. As she and her co-workers were leaving the hospital parking area, they were in line waiting for a light change. She had the power window of her Honda down a couple of inches to let the hot air out. A big, sturdily built black guy walked to her car and put his hand on the top of the window glass. He pushed down hard and the window dropped. He put his arm through the window, around her head and held a knife to her throat, demanding her purse. She could not reach her purse with him holding her, so he dragged her out of her car and grabbed her purse, all the while with the knife at her throat. She thought she was about to die. Her co-workers were all blowing their horns and yelling, but nobody thought they could safely overpower this big thug. Had any of them had a gun and known how to use it, his size and knife would not have been a deterrent to intervention. Instead, they all watched helplessly. Criminals will always have access to guns. Guns are the power equalizer between petite ladies and threatening hulks. No opportunist wants to get hurt while taking advantage of a situation. If you wish to remain unarmed and unable to defend yourself or assist another, that is your choice, just as it is still the choice of your neighbor to arm himself. One day, you might be glad he did.
National politics is back. Click on this link to send your national political post anonymously. No one will know your name or email address, [Well, maybe the NSA will] not even me. FTR is going to be the new national politics editor. Do not fear, FTR promised to post everything, even if he hates it, he’s that kind of guy.
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I would like to think we American’s have learned form this move to left wing socialism. I would like to think this has been a teachable moment for all free thinking individuals. This has been a disaster. Take some time and look at what states are doing well and what states are not . You will find the states with good strong Conservative leadership are way out in front. On everything. We can take America back this November. Vote for Conservative leadership at all local, State & Federal races.. By the way , you can be a Conservative Democrat .
Does the FTR guy really believe that he is the civil one on here?  Apparently he does, which calls into question all of his other conclusions.
It isn’t the amount of syllables FTR uses it’s that he uses them to spin fact to his ends by any means.
FTR Lie: Obama “opening the borders to tens of thousands of teens” than he goes on to say “Border Patrol officers must treat minors with gang-affiliated tattoos the same as anybody else wishing to cross the border.” But FTR doesn’t finish the sentence with truthiness. He didn’t say they must treat gang members the same by sending them back.
[“Ah, the sweet smell of failure.”]  Fascinating.  Under Bush’s policy Iraq made steady progress toward a more civilized way of life.  Obama takes over, does things his way, it all goes to Hell, so it’s Bush’s fault.
The issue with FTR isn’t that he uses words with more then 2 syllables its just that day in and day out its the same two words: “Obama bad”
The current situation on the southern border reminds me of the Mariel Boat Lift in 1980. I was employed by US Customs and was there from the 1st day to the last. It was started by a Democratic President Carter when he made the stupid statement that he would accept all dissidents who were then in the Peruvian Embassy “with open arms and open hearts”. Fidel then figured that it was a way to dump all undesirables from the island. He at first allowed families to take whomever they wanted. Word spread and hundreds, and then thousands of stateside Cubans went to Mariel. Once he had a large number under his control, he then started to dictate the conditions of release. I personally witnessed many boat loads of hardened criminals come ashore here in Key West. We were given information on how to identify criminal gangs from the tattoos they sported. But what were we to do when the administrations position was that we were getting “only the best and brightest”? Boat loads of insane people, etc were sent here.
Fast forward to the current crises. A Democratic President Obama has since his election, made it well known that he will not enforce any immigration law. He and his minions are pushing amnesty and other such policies that have done the same thing Carter did. Is it any mystery that we got the same result as in 1980? I understand that TV, Newspapers, etc .in Central America are advertising that you can come to the Land of the Big PX (USA), especially if you are young and you can then stay. (So they can get rid of their undesirables) . Of course, after you are “legal” all your parents and family will come up, too. If you, as an American citizen, and wish to see this country turned into a third world country, then you should be happy. By the way, I lived in Central America for 10 years, speak Spanish and love latin people. I just heard, today, that there is a bill in the New York legislature that would give “State Citizenship” to any illegal alien who has lived in NY for 3 years and paid taxes. He would get a drivers license, VOTE, and get welfare. Is it any wonder that thousands want to flee here I am no redneck caveman, only a descendant of a family who came to Jamestown Virginia, 400 years ago, I would like to see this country stay as it was, a country founded under Judeo/Christian values. Oh, I am sorry that i asked for such a politically incorrect wish.
from the right
Governor Scott has reversed the mess that Charlie Crist made of tuition cost for Florida’s college students. Crist hiked tuition costs substantially. He permitted college tuition to increase up to 15 percent every year.  Now Crist tells us that “it was the right thing to do.” Wrong again Charlie.

tuition17Now that Charlie is history, there is really good news for college students and parents in Florida.

The wide-ranging tuition bill that Gov. Rick Scott strongly supported and just signed doesn’t solve all the challenges with the costs of college, but it will make things more financially manageable for tens of thousands of families.

•It caps yearly tuition increases at Florida’s public universities at 6 percent. The cap is currently 15 percent thanks to Charlie Crist.

•It allows in-state tuition rates for students who are undocumented immigrants and who have attended at least three years of high school in Florida.

•It expands tuition waivers to veterans who have received certain combat decorations, such as the Purple Heart, to include technical centers as well as colleges and universities.

And because future tuition costs will be lower, the cost of the Florida Prepaid College Plan will be significantly reduced. Indeed, they will be drastically reduced for those who buy plans for newborns.

The ripple effects will be substantial. Now some students — and parents — may now be able to cut back, or even eliminate, the costly loans needed to pay for college. Governor Scott’s bill cuts prepaid plan costs from about $54,000 to $35,000 or less. Monthly payments for families are expected to drop at least $100 to $250 a month. The prepaid plan cuts also should be good news for the 50,000 who have previously enrolled. They should see refunds and/or payment reductions.

Florida will not forget that Charlie Crist substantially raised Florida’s college tuition, but Governor Rick Scott cut tuition costs. By so doing he just helped open the college doors to a lot more people.

Part 2) The firestorm in Iraq brings to mind GITMO and other facilities that have housed terrorist prisoners. The recent release of GITMO prisoners who were terrorists forces the question: “will they return to terrorism and murdering innocents?”  It is terrifying, but the past is prologue.  So far about 30% of GITMO releases have returned to combat.

executioner walkingDid you know that the leader of ISIS, the jihadist insurgency in Iraq, was in our custody until Obama became President? Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is the leader of the ISIS forces. He has ordered mass beheadings and mass murders of those who oppose him or are of another religion. He is sworn to pursue his goal of a worldwide caliphate. We had him, but Team Obama let him go. As he left he said to his jailers, “See you in New York.” It’s a good bet that we will see him and his in the not distant future when they attack NYC and other plump and easy American targets. The targets are plump and easy because Team Obama and Democrats oppose actually controlling our borders. They oppose it because it is to their political benefit!

Part 3) By the way, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, why are we still running massive deficits ($436 billion) when our tax revenue is at record highs, $1,934,919,000,000. That’s 1 trillion, 934 billion, 919 million hard earned dollars that our government has sucked out of the wallets of American taxpayers and frittered away! Why the f**ck, with all that cash coming in, are we still running a deficit? Why in the f**ck don’t we get our spending under control and have a balanced budget?

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