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[“People will line up for good food”] To prove the poster’s point I saw a food wagon somewhere in Maine in the worst location ever. It was on a tiny patch of grass on one end of a busy bridge. There was no parking anywhere to be seen, but there was a line at least thirty people long waiting for whatever they sold. Cars drove by too fast for me to even find out what they were selling. I tried to park, but couldn’t find a spot so I’ll never know. The patrons must have all been local to know where to park. If you have good food they will come.
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What aggravates me most about the sleazy merchants on the Web is they use cookies stuck into your browser to track what you look at, what your tastes are, and what you buy or look for price wise. These cookies can be deleted of course, but they come back if you do not set you browser to block all cookies. Blocking all will cause you to not get into many web sites, but sometimes that is wonderful! Like Flash pop-up ads and other crap they shove down our throats, enough already!
Why are planets round?
If space is a vacuum where is it being sucked to? a black hole someplace? Once a spaceship achieves space wouldn’t it be sucked in the vacuum towards its source?
city council18I have attended city commission meetings in CHICAGO.   In high school I was part of a program to leave school to attend city council meetings.  I have never witnessed so much bullshit until being part of Key West meetings.  Even in the city of Chicago I have never witnessed this.  I ran for office and won in Michigan, township, then county.  We never had the BS that happens in Key West.  Probably because we all knew what was needed.   Unlike Key West, no one had a vested interest in tourist dollars.
-The Key West City Commission gave a commendation to some one after it’s been proven sewage is being dumped into the ocean?
-Green Business month. What a joke.  When you allow rainwater collection, white roofs and solar panels,  I’ll believe Key West is serious about going green.
-City attorney Smith. Even he knows the city is spiraling downwards.  Why do you think he is thinking about resigning?
-Affordable housing – Sorry Fat Yaniz,  $800 – 900 a month is not affordable to a waitress making minimum wage.
-The BS about Fernandez’s new position. If he’s so great and worth $114,000 a year, Fire Vitas and hire him.
-“Fat” you finally grew a pair when you dissed Vitas.  About time, three other commissioner supported Smith.  Maybe now I am 60% agreeing with you.
-Sloan, you are absolutely right,  F**K Swifty.  He’s run his course in Key West.
-Margaret Romero. More criticism without a solution.
-CRB Board. No one takes them serious.  How can anyone believe in the CRB when they do absolutely nothing about the murder of Charles Eimers.  Appoint who you want, nothing will change except the members who do nothing.
-Parking. What in the hell is wrong with the Key West Commission?   The people who serve you drinks, serve you food, put clean sheets on your bed, run Swifty’s business, run Rossi’s business, park your cars, cook your food, work for Weekley, clean the bathrooms at the beach, clean Duval St. every morning after Rossi’s customers trash it, and you charge them $100 a month for the ‘privilege’ to park and work in Key West?  Something is wrong here. The minimum wage workers who clean up after you should not be charged for the privilege of working here. What happens when no one will work for you?  I know,  you will hire eastern Europeans to work for even less than Americans.  Just like the large hotel and resorts do.  These large resort and hotels should be required to hire local people, not foreigners who will work for $2 an hour.   Why hasn’t the commission thought about this?  There are many people who have experience cooking, serving, cleaning who live here.  The reason why is obvious, the commission is part of the clique that discourages hiring of locals because the eastern Europeans work so cheap. Now if you have an address, live in Key West, you might have a chance to be hired.  But don’t count on it.   The only way to live in Key West, is if you have a retirement fund that will pay your bills, or if you have someone who will let you park your vehicle in their driveway.
-Judy Martinez. Why were you talking about Southwest Airlines?
-Once again Margaret Romero criticized but offered no solution.
-“FAT”  I applaud you for your comments on Vitas.  If he can’t communicate with Smith, he needs to go (I mean Vitas).  I understand Smith’s frustrations dealing with Vitas and the commission.  If you can’t do the job you are hired for,  it’s time to go.   Unfortunately Smith is caught in the middle.  I don’t blame him for resigning, why keep a job when the commission and the City Manager don’t respect you or your work?

Here’s what I see for Key West.  It will (or has already been) a city of the rich elite who care nothing about anyone else.  “I’ve got mine, where’s yours?”   One human family?  After my time in Key West I know that is a total lie. ~

Horse raceing tracks are closing due to online betting. Legal betting and attendance at tracks are both down by one third.
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[FBI’s Twitter Shorthand List] Gotten by a Freedom of Information Act request (not by me), is over 80 pages of shorthand used online in forums and posts (yes they are watching). For instance LAFS is for Love At First Sight, MPE for My Point Exactly and thousands more. So if you want to finally know what a MILF is, this is the thing you want click here. Link
[‘How to knock out”] To the poster the wrote about how to knock someone out. My son was bullied in grade school.  I told him if someone gets in his face and he knows it’s going to happen, punch him in the balls. When he goes down, clench your fists, and slam him in the head till he’s done. Jump on top of him if he’s still going. Screw this pc crap. The bully will back off.
[Ho-Hum Food] The poster who never saw a restaurant go out of business because of good food is right on! This has nothing to do with BPK. I’ve just returned from a short trip to St. Augustine.  I ate at O’Steen’s there on A1A. It’s small, limited seating, no reservations, crowded, small parking, maybe an hour (when you are lucky) wait and it’s packed every opening hour. They have outstanding seafood – outstanding – all of it is the best.

Good to great seafood with not cheap, but reasonable prices, with competent wait staff and any restaurant will succeed. Ho hum seafood? Sullen servers? Ridiculous prices? Bye-bye.

Photos of Alaska then and now. Link
Older Ladies by Donnalou Stevens. Video
The first person to contact Thomas Edison on the phone was a bill collector from Sallie Mae
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jetsons treadmill
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[Food] I think poor people invented salsa from simple ingredients to make their simple fare taste better. Also I think poorer nations use so much spie in their food to mask partially spoiled meat.
[Citizen Of The Day Says] He enjoys the variety of beers he can find on the island and the beautiful weather.
gmo18[GMO] I attended the marathon march against Monsanto last month. Though not well attended, I know it did raise some eyebrows. Once I arrived we all made signs like “give peas a chance” and such. The organizer said to the small Doonesbury crowd gathered at Marathon Community Park that we would march to the 7 Mile Bridge. Then she chucked a cigar in the corner of her mouth and jumped in her truck and sped off to the rally point honking and waving after doing a burn out and leaving a noxious cloud of carbon monoxide in her wake.
I recall the referendum votes on actually labeling what ingredients were in food we buy. The detractors made the usual noise to scare ill-informed consumers with cries of “I hear the sound of my taxes going up”, or ” jobs will be cut”.
The problem is that Monsanto has changed its focus to bioengineering. No more agent orange or aspartame. Seeds. They are suing farmers who have volunteer crops (crops that grow from GMO seeds blown to their fields) and didn’t actually buy seed. They are trying to patent hybridized plant genomes.
But the truth is that  it’s in everything now. I had a girl tell me GMO is good because it reduces the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides. Wrong. The crops are bioengineered to be resistant to Monsanto’s number one seller: roundup.
Here are the culprits.
High fructose corn syrup. It’s in everything and is from GMO sugar beets.
Soy is the biggest.
And don’t forget about recumbent growth hormone too. It’s bad boy. 

The only way to get away from GMO is to buy organic.

A small bird landed on my head a few days ago. Is he yours? Describe him and he is! Call Classified Ads > Lost and Found
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Summertime frolic on the lake in Canada.
[Sewers] In October 2012 FKAA held a public meet and greet at the Sugarloaf  firehouse to promote the new sewer system. They handed out brochures and said that there would be only about 600 grinder pressure pumps for out of the way areas and that the gravity system would be the primary system. This was not true and we now know that even then they had already put out a bid for thousands more of the grinder pumps. So did they mislead us? This is another example of why it sure seems that way.
[Gun Nut Day] It’s Wednesday again Big Piners,  I hope you are all wearing your Kevlar.
[The Smokin’ Pussies Gang] We’ll gang it’s that time of year again, time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Here’s one that I think will delight girls and boys of all ages. (Warning a few adult expletives, not to mention the fireworks coming out of her, you know what). Video
[Sewers] Little Palm empties their septic tank into the ocean via valves and PVC pipe. They even empty it by spraying it on the plants in the middle of the night. I subcontracted to rebuild the place after Wilma and found pipes and hoses running right into the water because the treatment plant can’t keep up with the toilets and the laundry, etc. And the laundry chemicals say “corrosive chemicals” right on the 22 gal drums. Not very good stewards of the environment.
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Lost man’s black wallet
, last time I remember having it was Monday 6/16 in the Big Pine area. Please email me if you have found a wallet. Classified Ads > Lost and Found
[Classified Ads] Whenever someone says they want what you are selling, but never mention the item by name and then ask for information about you–delete the email–it’s a phishing exercise designed to screw you.
Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.  ~Khalil Gibran
This is Lil Bit, and she belongs to a Big Piner, Kristi Hutton. Lil Bit is an entry in The Keys Cutest Pet Contest. Please vote for her! Go to Go to Cutest pet contest on the left side of page. Enter thru Facebook or create an account and vote. Thank you all. Kristi is a great gal, with a big heart, and an adorable little dog.
[Doctor Oz skewered by Congress for false claims] I’ve never seen Dr Oz before, but he looked grey, pale and sickly. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was an addicted pill popper in addition to being a charlatan.
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4th july black bkgd 80h[Fourth of July Picnic] The Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice of the Florida Keys’ 2014 Fourth of July Picnic will celebrate Independence day as well as the agency’s 30th Anniversary of offering home health and hospice services to the residents and visitors of the Florida Keys.The Fourth of July Picnic, which raises funds to aid VNA/Hospice in fulfilling their mission of caring, is a long-held tradition for Keys’ locals and visitors and is held at the Casa Marina – A Waldorf Astoria Resort at 1500 Reynolds Street.

The party begins when doors open at 5pm on Friday, July 4th. A dinner meal of typical BBQ cookout fare is included in the $25 adults and $10 children ages 4-12 ticket prices. Entry without a meal is $10. Best Seats On The Beach admission $125 per ticket features reserved beachfront seats, exclusive dinner buffet with personal wait service, and cash bar. Free watermelon, popcorn and Pepsi products are offered with all admissions.

Bill Hoebee, a popular local radio personality, will emcee the festivities that include live musical performances, games, raffles and the largest silent auction in Key West.

In honor of VNA/Hospice 30 years, this year’s picnic features a special guest performer.  Earl Bud Lee, an award-winning Nashville singer/songwriter (“Friends in Low Places,” “One Night at a Time”), will be performing with Skipper Kripitz and the house band to close the day’s entertainment, followed by the wonderful fireworks display provided by the Rotary Club of Key West.

Tickets will be available for purchase at the Casa Marina the day of the event from noon until 4:00 pm in the lobby as well as at the door.  Earl Bud Lee will be available for autographs and CD purchases from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm in the Casa Marina lobby.  Advance tickets can be purchased at Events

A poster on the C.T. was bragging about how conservative states are leading the country in everything. I don’t think he/she understood that when 9 of the 10 lowest ranking states by education are Conservative one should not be bragging. The Conservative states are in reality where the low education voters herald from.
if you love peace and quiet!
[Sewer Dust] A lot of the dust you are getting on your house and vehicles from the sewer project is being raised by your dummy neighbors driving by on vital mission to WD or someplace and therefore can’t be expected to slow down to 10 mph, or at least the speed limit, and waste a few crucial minutes. I’ve seen it.] A lot of the dust you are getting on your house and vehicles from the sewer project is being raised by your dummy neighbors driving by on vital mission to WD or someplace and therefore can’t be expected to slow down to 10mph, or at least the speed limit, and waste a few crucial minutes. I’ve seen it.
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[Bad Editor] I never posted that Daddy Bones wanted people to brings guns into their establishment. I cut and pasted a post from them dated in 7/13 having a benefit for the NRA and suggested it was not good business to choose a side on a hot button issue. Ed deleted the extract quote from the CT. My point was simply to suggest it was an example of what may happen when owners choose sides. I was perplexed that Ed deleted something that he once posted. Editing often causes loss in translation. So, gun owners, calm down. Again, I didn’t suggest what Johnny Cash sang, “Don’t take your guns to town son, Don’t take your guns to town.”
National politics is back. Click on this link to send your national political post anonymously. No one will know your name or email address, [Well, maybe the NSA will] not even me. FTR is going to be the new national politics editor. Do not fear, FTR promised to post everything, even if he hates it, he’s that kind of guy.
Your name and email address are not required. Please be civil. I Have Something To Say About National Politics–Click Here
The Fox News guys act a little shocked, shocked I tell you, when they get someone on there that actually makes sense.  I bet somebody gets fired when that happens.
FTR guy uses two sylable words so you Democrats can at least read something you can understand. I was amazed how many of you Lefties cannot get a simple bit of humor..known as a JOKE! And you expect sane logical people to respect Democrats? Never happen!
from the right
A POSTER WROTE: “FTR, It’s hard to be civil to you when you purposely lie. Yesterday you wrote, “We had (Baghdadi) but Team Obama let him go.” Baghdadi was turned over to the Iraqi authorities in 2009. That wasn’t a little white lie. That was a whopper.

Ed expects posters to be civil, let (sic) allows you time after time to make stuff up, pen snide remarks about people who you perceive your enemy. There are enough things that Obama screws up to keep you busy. I will stop now before I say something uncivil.”

manners18FTR’S RESPONSE: My thanks for your very courteous and very civil posting. I understand fully that the posting would be considered by many on the left to be the very essence of civility and comity.

But, you are simply wrong. I did not “lie”, nor did I purposefully deceive, or deceive in any sense. A jihadist inmate identified as Al Baghdadi was in our custody in 2009 at Camp Bucca in Iraq. Bucca was our largest military prison in Iraq. It was for the worst of the worst. Al Baghdadi, then one of the worst of the worst, was amongst those released in the base closure process. It appears that he was released to the Iraqi government who then gave him his freedom. we had him, and we let him go. We had him, and we didn’t have to let him go, we could have kept him, but we didn’t. That is the ultimate fact.

The commander of the base, Lt. Col Kenneth King said of the prisoners that were released on the orders of Team Obama: “They’ve been vetted as some of the most dangerous threats not only to Iraq but internationally.” Link

If Obama/Clinton had negotiated a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq that required an ongoing American military presence in Iraq, it’s likely that the ISIS tidal wave of jihadism would never have occurred. I wonder if some day, Obama/Clinton will be considered heroes of the Muslim Fundamentalist movement. I can easily visualize portraits of each hanging in Temples of the new nation, The Islamic state of Syria and Iraq, or as the Huffington Post calls it: ‘Syriaq’. And, thank you for giving me the intro to again make my point and expand on it. Kudos

Part 1) There are a lot of really compassionate liberal minded people out there. I believe that trait is admirable and that those people tend to support the underdog. It is becoming a part of liberal dicta that competition is “bad” and that we should not feel any disappointment in losing. It’s a matter of self-esteem. That’s why many schools are doing away with the practice of presenting Valedictorian and Salutatorian awards for outstanding students. In the liberal mind set those who are not outstanding students would be damaged by realizing that they are not outstanding students.  To many liberal thinkers not being a winner, or often not even trying to win,  is every bit as laudable as being a winner.

Plenty of liberal thinkers will wholly and fully support Charlie Crist for Governor. And that is no surprise, because Charlie has a wealth of experience in losing.

Charlie is a lawyer only because he finally managed to pass the bar exam after the third try. There is nothing wrong with that. I personally know a lot of really fine people who had to take the exam 3 times. It ain’t easy.

After finally getting his ticket to practice law, he went to work as a lawyer for Minor League Baseball. Then he got the itch to be on the public payroll and ran for the State Senate wearing the uniform of a Republican warrior. He lost in the primary. Sorry Charlie, no more minor league ball.

Then he went to work for his brother in law. Sorry Charlie.

Then he went to work as aide to conservative Republican Senator Connie Mack. Charlie calls him his mentor. Way to go Charlie. (I guess)

The hunger to be on the public payroll never quit, so, finally in 1992 Charlie got elected to the Florida Senate as a Republican. Of course it was in a brand new district that was packed with Republican voters, and back then Charlie wore a Republican uniform.  Way to go Charlie.

Republican Charlie became a red-blooded, hard charging conservative law and order senator. He sponsored legislation that required prisoners to serve 85% of their terms before being eligible for parole. He was a Republican wolf, he even went after Democrat Icon, Lawton Chiles, for campaign violations. Chiles admitted the violation. Good job Republican Senator Crist.

More, lot’s more tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by. Respectfully submitted…..FTR

National Politics. Your name and email address are not required. Please be civil.  I Have Something To Say About National Politics–Click Here