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Ah, another beautiful day in paradise, if you can swim! My neighbor is building, what looks to be, an Arc.

[Love For Sale] Every country in the world I’ve ever been to had open prostitution except Canada and the USA. Those other countries don’t know that sex is bad yet. But Canada and the USA do have all the illegal drugs you could ever want.

Anita O’Day — Love For Sale

manley-deboer-logo150h welcomes Manley and deBoer Lumber on Industrial Road in Big Pine Key to the fold. Yes, there is a lumber company on Big PineT No need to drive to Marathon or Key West to build that deck or addition. · Lumber & Building Material, Roofing, Doors & Windows Millwork, Landscaping Materials. Delivery Service!

[Conspiracy] How come there’s no conspiracy nuts conspiring about the spray from the Mosquito Control helicopters? I think it’s because you need more than just the 75,000 people living in the Keys to get enough nuts to start imagining stuff like that.

an_green walk


Best UFO sightings recorded for May 2013. View in HD


[Ways Your Wireless Carrier is Gouging You] Wireless carriers are gouging us — particularly in North America, where the USA and Canada have the most expensive cell phone plans in the world. We’ll look at the many ways cell phone companies are taking advantage of us. Link




Speed enforcement just got serious.

Michael Douglas‘ throat cancer caused from cunnilingus/ hpv virus. Another words , he got throat cancer from oral sex. 
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[Root Canal] I too was sent to the special dentist in Key Largo for a root canal by my dentist. It took the special dentist 3 hours and $2600. My jaw locked open, he had to unlock my jaw and it hurt like hell for a couple of days. Long story short, the tooth never quit hurting and my regular dentist still had to pull that tooth. I will never go to Key Largo to another special dentist. The only thing he did was use up my allotment for dental procedures for that year and leave me with a tooth that never quit hurting.

If I did work like that I would soon go out of business. I do not have dental insurance and I want to keep my teeth in good repair, but with expensive shoddy work done by an incompetent dentist, it is a crap shoot to get good work done. Thank God my boat mechanic and truck mechanic don’t screw me like that dentist did. Chris and Donny (my mechanics) you guys rock my boat.

Fanci Seafood will be closed on Sundays until August. Everyone have a great summer!




[Language Barrier] To understand the younger people that I observe and communicate with online, I consult the  When I am truly stumped by an acronym and don’t want to admit my lack of savvy to the young so they can SMH (shake their heads at me), I consult and usually come away enlightened.  It’s also an interesting source to witness the evolution of our language.  Some of it is quite humorous!

[Developers] Remember how Balfour Beatty was saying that they were just naturally tax exempt. This letter from the Navy to Congressman Garcia says the exact opposite in the fourth paragraph.They are liable for property taxes here.We sure do  need the help, and it’s not going to hurt the Navy at all – just one big corporation worth billions.  Not going to hurt them that much either, the cheapskates. If they are exempt then let  us get the same tax break please. letter3
fidel3[Cuba]  Fidel Castro is a fake. He publicly promised his people a democracy and instead gave them a totalitarian system with the help of the former Soviet Union.  Castro has imprisoned hundreds of thousands. Cuba has had the largest number of political prisoners, serving the longest and cruelest sentences, ever recorded in this hemisphere. At one point 100,000 men and women from all walks of life were in prison for political reasons. Many were serving sentences of 10, 20 or 30 years. Most served their full sentences, like Huber Matos, former revolutionary commander who served 20 years, and Mario Chanes de Armas, who served 30 years. Both men had fought side by side with Castro and spoke out against him for betraying the democratic promises he had made. 

[USA, INC.]  In reply to Friday’s post. It seems that you feel your intelligence was offended, or insulted. This was not my motive. My motive is not to insult any one’s intelligence. I never claimed or feel I possess a “superior deciphering mechanism”. To answer your question, the New World Order that George H.W. Bush mentioned on his address to the nation on Sept. 11th, 1991, is what seems to be the agenda from every other president henceforth. Including key powerful Senators and Congressmen. The phrase, New World Order, was publicly proclaimed by Adolph Hitler in 1941. The German Nazi government had taken full control of all corporations in Germany and all conquered nations, and this was his goal throughout all of Europe and the Soviet Union. This is how Fascists work!

On January 17th, 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us all on his farewell address to the nation, mentioning the power and threat “The military Industrial Complex” if not supervised, will have upon our government and it’s citizens, in the very near future …(Continued below in Long Winded Tomes)

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duck life ring


The Key West Sail & Power Squadron is offering America’s Boating Course at the Key West Sail & Power Squadron Building, 5205 College Avenue, Stock Island. This three week course covers boat handling, elementary seamanship, navigation aids, weather, marine radios, Florida boating regulations and more. Completion satisfies Florida State boating certification requirements. The course dates are starting Thursday, June 13th. For information Bulletin Board




[Alternate Energy] Although I’m not too keen on some of the NNK electrifiers, in all fairness there would have to be power lines to receive alternate energy through the grid. Therefore that aspect was inevitable. Link

[Keystone Pipeline] Trans Canada must relocate 126 endangered beetles to build pipeline. Beetles that Trans Canada will have to catch via traps baited with 3-day old dead rats.  That means pipeline builder TransCanada Corp. (TRP) will have to trap and relocate the one-inch beetles, using frozen rats that have thawed for at least three days for maximum pungency, according to detailed protocols U.S. authorities have drawn up to protect the burrowing bug.

The Obama administration is perpetuating a pernicious legal double standard with regard to federal wildlife laws. It prosecutes industries that produce “dirty” energy and exempts those that claim to produce “clean” energy. Furthermore, it’s giving the wind industry a get-out-of-jail-free card so that if it kills some of our most-endangered species, such as the California condor, it will not face prosecution.

Capitalism is only corrupt when run by socialist crones. Link



When an ad starts playing music in one of my browser tabs …


Old time rock ‘n roll no matter what day of the week it is for you! With all due respect to Bob Seger, for sure!

“Achilles Last Stand“– Led Zeppelin

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Sorry to tell you that Mosquito Control was spraying for larvae not adults on Saturday and it was too late to be effective. on Tuesday they spent time killing thousands of dengue fever mosquitoes although there has been no proof that it helps.  They could have spent Tuesday killing millions of mosquitoes in the lower Keys. In a day or two you will see how right i am better stock up on Off. 

[Methane] I wonder if I could make some serious money if I invented Cow Beano?

[RVN] Republic of Vietnam, how soon we forget.



A whale of a sail!

[Bird Deaths] Fear not for any long term damage on the Worlds supply of birds from electricity producing wind turbines.   Animals have an inherited collective consciousness that will evolve their behaviors toward a natural recognition and avoidance of said turbines in a few generations. well, at least those that are left.

fake3[Fake Marine] The person trying to pull of his charade as a fake Marine hero should be jailed. They are usually easy to discover if you read their boastings slowly. He said he “landed in California and got his leave papers”. Sorry but you get your ETS papers before you leave your last duty station not when you land. You need those papers to “clear” which means before you go you turn in your gear, you clear finance you clear medical and such before you get on your plane. You and the military get your connections clear.

If you are trying to say you were just changing duty stations its the same thing and they are called “levy papers”. Again you clear when you change stations.You align yourself with FTR and even though I disagree with him daily on here I think you owe him an apology because I don’t see him as anything other then a man with strong convictions. You are a phony and need to quit disgracing yourself and your country. You’re a fraud thru and thru.

Spitting on returning Vietnam vets. Link 


Today’s Specials at Springer’s
Buffalo Chicken Ranch Wrap. Served with French Fries  $9.95
Blackened Prime Rib Sandwich Served with French Fries $12.95
Happy Hour (at the Bar only) 3 pm – 6 pm Every Day


[Astronomy] Dusk on June 1-10 Cassiopeia is directly under Polaris and Uranus is behind you!


[Developers] Could we please stop already with the Balfour Beatty property tax issue…..the buildings sit on US Government “Federal” land…..any new buildings built will be sitting on federal land. There is no state tax issue, it is federal land whereas the land and all structures are not subject to state laws of revenue. Balfour Beatty will be paying both federal and state tax on any profit they make, but the land and buildings are federal. That’s exactly the same as all the retail establishments operating on federal property with the Navy. So what do you say we move on and give it a rest. Thank you.

Here’s a link  for all the barroom lawyers that will put it to bed. Link

Thanks. Bob



WikiIslam, the online resource on Islam that anyone can edit. And some people think the Holy Bible is a crock. Link 

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If you want to read the real world news on terrorism, here is the site! George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies. Link

[“Todays scenario” from Sunday]  If you didn’t take someone home hours after meeting them looking to “score” and waited to get to know them first (the horror!) the scenario wouldn’t happen.   But to answer your question, Yes it could happen. 

che3Here is what Che Guevara, Marxist, racist, beloved leader of the left and the founder of modern Cuba had to say about Blacks in his now infamous “Motor Cycle Diaries” :

“The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing, have seen their territory invaded by a new kind of slave: the Portuguese.  The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.”

Sonia Garro who is Black, was born and raised in Cuba. She is currently residing in a Castro prison for the crime of demanding respect and human rights for Blacks and the freedom to express her views. After being violently arrested, she and her husband (who is also black) have been held for more than a year by the Castro dictatorship without charges and without a trial. The world for the most part does not know who she is and there has been little to no outcry for the injustice she is suffering.

Cuban dissidents know her story well, and it is meant as a warning to them. That you have probably never heard of Sonia Garro, put away for daring to speak about human rights, is a testament to the power of regime propagandists and the weakness of American journalism.

Her husband, Ramón Alejandro Muñoz, who tried to defend his wife, was arrested at the same time and also has never been charged. He is being held at Havana’s maximum-security Combinado del Este prison. Both jails are run down, rat-infested dungeons where neither international Red Cross observers nor the United Nations special rapporteur on torture are permitted. Government investigators say they are still mulling over their cases. The couple’s 16-year-old daughter is in the care of her aunt.

Welcome to the surreal world of Cuban “reform,” where the more the regime talks of change, the worse things get for anyone with a conscience. Political prisoners have been left behind. Their inhumane treatment, rarely covered by America’s leftist media, underscores how little progress has actually been made. 

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Yap Dogs] What’s up with the widespread proliferation of all the teeny yapping-hyper-ill-tempered-weird-looking-tiny-tea-cup dogs?

First you’re telling me to be myself, then you’re telling me to stop being an idiot. Make up your mind.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

To the Marine Vietnam vet who wrote and signed “come Jesus”, my hat is off to you. Thanks for going, thanks for writing, and thanks for sharing. It is nice to know there are a few of us who believe in the old original America that we love.  May God bless you.


[“After 3 drinks, she shows her schizophrenic bipolar side”] You’re the equivalent of hard aground and depending on how the alcohol interacts with her meds (or lack of them),  you’re taking on water and sinking fast.

Under no circumstances should you take any of the freak show locals to your boat or home upon first substantive contact.  In fact, keep any new relationship very public; as in public settings, until you have the opportunity for the current representative to leave and the real person actually shows their face.

The new scam among them when they get angry is to call law enforcement and claim anything from simple verbal abuse to physical harm.  The new VOWA[?] laws practically demand arrest of the male involved. Many DV[?] cases end of being not prosecuted because the claimant either changes her story or changes her mind about prosecution.  If you think I’m joking ask the local prosecutors for statistics.  

Even better, anyone remember why the FDLE officer lost his job?  His ex-girlfriend ratted him out for renting his house out while claiming a homestead exemption.  She was fine with the income while things were good, but flipped like a switch when the relationship headed south.

In this age of hi-tech, I advise my clients to do a Google search on any prospective new romances.  You’d be surprised what you’ll find thanks to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.  You can also search the County Court records online for arrests etc

In the event she did steal your dinghy, simply report it stolen and be sure not to change your mind on prosecution.  Single might suck, but your sanity and safety is paramount.



[Boating Under the Influence] I doubt you could be charged with BUI if you’re rowing. (Ed: I beg to differ. Jimmy Woods [R.I.P.] was arrested off Sigsbee in the first ever Boating Under the Influence arrest in Key West history. Later he was observed on his houseboat looking for his false teeth after puking them overboard.)

All this talk about Cuba is interesting. First have you  been there? I have. Cuba is at best, a beat up 3rd world country. The folks are sweet and easy to be with. They are not an angry or mean bunch.They don’t hate Americans. They would like to be able to do business, come and go as they please, make a good living, give their kid’s a better future. It just is not going to happen in the Cuba I saw.

I could go on and on, but why? You would never understand unless you have been there. It’s like a couple of guys talking about child birth. How could they ever understand. I will share this though,  no matter what you have read or seen or heard from a friend, even if that person was at Hemingway Marina or the luxury Havana hotels in Miramar district, that just doesn’t count. The real Cuba is poor and hungry for freedom. By the way I am a old white guy who grew up right here on Big Pine Key, I have no dog in this fight.




[Box of Cats] If we all fit, we all sit.

To ‘spitting on vets never happened’. USAF 1966-1970 state side. thanks for your service.

John Hammerstrom’s needs to stay in Key Largo with the rest of them.  His house is built in a hardwood hammock which he tells everybody else not to build in. He is a poster child for a hypocrite. I call him Mr. Hammernuts.

The Ass Hole Song. Video

an_rotweiler[Nice dogie] A few years back while living on Little Torch, I will never forget meeting a young Cuban immigrant who happened to be the cable guy that came to do an Installation.  When he saw my 110 lb. Rottweiler, I didn’t miss the admiration on his face.  

When the job was done and we were chit-chatting him out the door, the subject of his home country came up in an offhand way.  He complimented the dog and then said in his country, that dog would have made many good meals because meat is not available to the average citizen.  Only then did I realize he was admiring the dog like we might admire a prized cow!

How’s that for a snapshot on motivation?    

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[Captain Doom and Gloom]  If voting changed anything, it would have been made illegal long ago!

DEF: Porn n. That which old farts need to remind them of days gone by and what it was used for besides peeing!

DEF: BarBell n. That fat NJ chick you have to lift up off the floor at 2 AM closing time!

DEF: Make-Up n. The paint chicks use to make the mirror attractive to them and hide grotesque realities.

DEF: Commercial n. That advertising gimmick when you turn the sound off turns into a idiot level cartoon show.

DEF: Sex n. What men look for constantly and pay for forever with limited use and no return policy.

DEF: Purgatory n. That place we wait in before the doors to Happy Hour Open to Dog’s Kingdom! SEE: Parking Lot!

DEF: Percentage n. A number woman understand that is between 50% and 100% of everything a man owns or will!

DEF: Taxi n. Something yellow, with sticky seats and a maniac behind the wheel who smells like camel dung and yaps in gibberish!

DEF: Pimp n.  The guy who made you say “I DO” !

DEF: Keys n.  The brass collection your wife hides that brings back fond memories of motel chains prior to your nuptials.

DEF: Doorknob n.  A dance partner. Also see: Your chicks denied dental insurance coverage statement.

DEF: ‘Ore n. An old English term describing objects needed in pairs, usually twins are best.

religion politics zone

The GOP moves like greased lightning on scandals and like frozen molasses on jobs.

[The Economy] No matter what they say about the President, he will go down in history as the man who saved our economy by making the tough decisions. My only regret is Obama didn’t direct his Attorney General, Eric Holder, to indict his cronies in the banking industry for putting us into the mess in the first place.

The Obama Administration’s EEOC claims trucking company must accommodate muslim employee’s religious objections to transporting alcohol. That’s the argument made in EEOC v. Star Transport Co. in a lawsuit brought by the EEOC on behalf of two employees. Consider the contrast: Catholics in the Obama regime have no right to refuse to provide abortions at Catholic hospitals. No accommodation for that religious belief. Only Islam gets accommodation from Barack Obama.

The Judge, U.S. District Judge James E. Shadid, was appointed by Barack Obama.




Please remember Bradley Manning today, the first day of his trial. Thanks. Freedom of speech is at risk.

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The Republicans want you to believe the entire country is ablaze. The country is on the brink of complete disaster and unless we put a Republican in every federal and statewide political seat America will be doomed.

However it loses its sting when we all look around and see we have already for the most part ended the war for lies and we are making exit plans to leave Afghanistan. Over 40 of our states have had unemployment rates drop, businesses are making record profits and within a decade America will be the worlds largest energy supplier. Its a great time for America and as is always the case the chicken little set will see nothing but doom and gloom. During Bushs stint as President many more embassies were attacked and many more staff members of those were killed but the Republicans sat on their hands until the Bengazi attacks. Why is that? Did they just find religion. They talk about how Obama talks with the Muslim world but it was Bush Junior that was mankissing and holding hands with the Saudi Shiek in the Rose garden. Meanwhile the Israeli government has been praising our Presidents stand and support in that part of the world. Im not buying the America is all of a sudden terrible and is falling apart bullshit because we are far from that. There is wide spread desperation in the Republican party and its all because America is seeing that the party has no original ideas and spends more time trying to catch the President in “gotcha moments” instead of honestly working on American issues while the President ignores the braying from the hate America first Republicans and stays the course. You can try and sell me on Americas destruction but I damn sure aint buying it.O.K. folks spin away. Tomorrow we can read the usual “Nuh uh” response telling me how wrong I am as usual. save your breath. It will just prove my point. 


[88] Where did this number of IRS’s come from? As a resident cynic, I would not put it past the administration to release the number to compliant press, who in turn reports on it, only to deflect attention from the real son of a  guns who are in charge. They take us for a fools!

Bradley Manning trial begins 3 years after arrest today. Free our political prisoners! Link

Obama won his first election by the hope that he will continue unemployment benefits extensions, by increasing welfare, by tripling the food stamp program. He did that and won his second term by doing the same thing. As long as these programs continue people will vote for the person that will care for the needy. They are the majority of Americans not the rich. It seems to me that folks still do not get it.


right only grey

f anThere are so many failures in the Democrat’s governance that it is getting more and more difficult to keep up with them. Here’s just a few headlines in yesterday’s news:

A CNS report stated that the General Accounting office has revealed that Obamacare is already rationing enrollment for people with pre existing conditions. This is resulting in persons with pre existing conditions being required to pay more out of pocket for treatment. Link

Peter Lee, Chief of the Insurance Exchanges in California (Obamacare) bragged that the program would drive down cost. But, analysis of his just released data tells a different story. In fact, implementation of Obamacare will increase individual-market premiums in California by as much as 146 percent. Link 

According to the ST. Louis Fed, . The average U.S. household has recovered only 45 percent of the wealth they lost during the recession.  The recession has been over for 5 years. “While many Americans lost wealth during the Great Recession, younger, less-educated and nonwhite families lost the greatest percentage of their wealth,” James Bullard, president of the St. Louis Fed, said in a statement. The poor get poorer. Link

Interesting polling to be found at Rasmussen. Likely voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on: The economy, national security and the war on terror, job creation, immigration, government ethics and corruption, taxes, health care, government spending, issues affecting small business and gun control. There is a new day dawning.

archives anPart2) I rarely re post, but yesterday’s posting as to whether or not I supported Medicare is worth re answering.  First re read “From the Right” dated Friday May 31. Then re read “FTR” dated May 9th 2013. Thanx.    Menu > Archives

Respectfully submitted:


(Continued from above USA, Inc.)… This speech was highly peculiar coming from a WWII hero and president.

Before President John F. Kennedy was murdered, he was about to attempt the downsizing of the power the CIA, the military, and it’s industrial complex and the American corporations had developed. JFK realized that if he didn’t do something to stop the potential of the above mentioned, wars will not be for true freedom, but for the interests of the corporations. Three months later JFK was murdered. JFK was not supposed to be the president, former Vice President Richard M. Nixon was supposed to be in the white house after Ike.

In my opinion JFK made the mistake of thinking that he was the actual president of the USA, and his murder was a public display, and message for every person who will sit behind the desk in the oval office from then on. Evidence links to two key individuals responsible for JFK’s murder. Prescott Sheldon Bush, and former CIA chief, Allen Dulles. Both were extremely powerful figures with ties to the CIA, the military, oil, wall street and mentors to future key politicians such as, Lydon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Nelson Rockefeller, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Is it a coincidence that these men eventually became presidents except Rockefeller, and five were vice presidents?

It’s a historical fact that both Bush and Dulles were financing, and making huge profits from the NAZI war machine, and even more from the Cyclon B gas used to exterminate concentration camp victims. They both were reprimanded by congress and FDR for disobeying the “trading with the enemy act”, and were only given a slap on the wrist. But, still continued to make huge profits under assumed names.

It turns out that in today’s current events, the Germans lost the war, but the Fascists won, and were secretly smuggled to the USA with help from Prescott Bush, Allen Dulles and the Vatican, under CIA “Operation Paperclip”! These German war criminals were placed in NASA, CIA Intelligence, the NSA, political advisors, and were given high corporate positions here in the USA, and later on in Germany. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the son of one of them. Aren’t they trying to revise the American constitution so he can run for president?

In 1983, 50 companies owned the American media. Today only 6 companies own and control our media and the news they want you to hear. The power players realized the big mistake NaziGermany committed by allowing government to control the corporations. The media here at home uses phrases like Communism and Socialism to distract you, but never Fascism. Why? Today’s fascism in America is corporate controlled government! Two examples, the ruling made by the U.S. Supreme Court, that corporations are now legally considered people, and can legally lobby political figures and causes, and the Monsanto protection act. Corporations control our media, lobby politicians and even selects the next key political figures. While we still believe that “We the people” elect them into office.

According to the speech former president George H.W. Bush gave on the address to the nation, the purpose of the New World Order was for the United States government and military to “Police” the world, and create a one world order in unison. Using Saddam Hussein as the main reason. Is this what has taken place 22 years later?

How will that be possible when the United States was the wealthiest nation in the world? Americans will not give up their financial securities and luxuries just to be like everyone else around the world. Americans will not easily give up their constitutional rights, just to be like everyone else. So what do you do to break the people? You place political officials that will be faithful to their cause and agenda, create wars, destroy the economy, control the food and water, and create situations in which guns will be easily outlawed. Create scenarios in which the people will be brung to a breaking point!

This is the motive. To create chaotic situations and scenarios resulting in social madness and upheaval. To the point, where the citizens will be knocking on their door asking for them to take full control and bring back stability to our society, but at a great cost to the people. Once this goal is achieved America will never be the same. Maybe this has to happen so that 200 years from now, humanity can live in peace and harmony.