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Monday, June 9, 2014

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Someone’s selling the Baltimore Block Co bricks from the old streets of Key West and the City wants to know who — and where they are getting them from!
[Early bird special] In the first killing of the week a gun nut killed five in Las Vegas. NRA said, “If everyone were armed, bla, bla, bla…”
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Very rare photo of a falcon nesting in a tree!
[“Marine Sanctuary”] I’ve been saying the sanctuary wants to keep us out as soon as they took the first island from us — Boca Grande and tried to take Snipe Point too!
[VA needs new management overhaul, not more money] A recent letter to the editor blamed the Veterans Administration horror show on Congress. The author claimed that lack of funding was the cause. That is not true. Congress has made sure the VA gets darned near everything they ask for. In fact, discretionary spending on the VA has risen each year over the last decade. On Obama’s watch, the VA’s discretion­ary budget has risen from $47.8 billion in 2009 to $63.4 billion in2014—a one-third increase over five years.

There has been no claim by the VA that their problems arise from lack of funding, even Obama has made no such claim.

The VA has been a terribly flawed oper­ation for years. It exemplifies single payer health care. The shocking treatment of our vets is the direct and absolute result of mismanagement, and the failure of this and other presidents to either scrap the system by giving vets vouchers for health care, or to fundamentally reform it. That mismanagement has engendered a culture that breeds slovenly perfor­mance.

Obama made VA reform an important part of his campaign. He spoke about it as early as 2007 when he was Sen. Obama. In that speech, he railed against lengthy wait times for vets seeking health care. The speech entitled A Sacred Trust” was delivered on Aug. 21, 2007.

Nonetheless, on Obama’s watch, with ample fiinding the quality of care deliv­ered to our vets has declined even further. Vets have died while waiting for treatment on Obama’s watch. What happened to Obama’s “Sacred Trust?”

At one time, the buck stopped at the president’s desk. Where does it stop now?

[Gun Nut Kills in Vegas] F**k you patriots and your Second Amendment rights! These murders are your fault. My safety is more important than your paranoia of the government.
[The Missing Link] I love reading the BPK Coconut Telegraph.  However it is so upsetting when the links only offer “this page not found”, as happened again for Sunday’s story: World War Two veteran tells the Airborne Beer story that occurred while he was serving in the 101st Airborne Division at the Battle of the Bulge. (Ed: Sorry. Here it is Video)
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christians and lions
[“The UFC has replaced boxing”]
 UFC fights are more exciting, but wait until next year when they bring back the GFC Gladiators and have the World Wide Olympics as they used to be in Rome. Oh goody, let’s feed the Christians to the Ragheads then the Jews to the Negros, then the peasants to the lions ’til all that’s left is me!
[Las Vegas Murders] A few days ago I posted that there were thousands of occasions a year that Good Guys with guns stopped bad guys. I was off just a little. Like about 35000%. This report says that my yearly defense numbers are actually the daily defense numbers.

On June 7, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America founder Shannon Watts said a good guy with a gun “has never” stopped a bad guy with a gun. But it does happen–and it happens all the time. On November 7 Breitbart News reported guns are used defensively an estimated 2,082 times a day in America. That’s over 2,000 times a day a good guy with a gun acts to stop a bad guy armed with a weapon of some sort.

[“Micro aggression”] It is the ability of idiots to use the word folks instead of people while cleaning their toes with their Buck knife!
lantern swings fast[“Imagine Disaster”]  I was sitting in the former Blackwell’s Family Bar on Margaret Street one afternoon in 1972 or 3 during the first oil crisis and the female conch bartender, of a certain age, responded to patron’s concerns about losing gasoline for cars and lights. She defiantly said, “To hell with that. I’ll use kerosene. We used it when I was a kid and I still have a lantern.

That’s one of the reasons I moved here. Where else can you find such quirky people?

[“They want to take away our guns”] I’m starting to think about that. Not a week seems to go by without some gun toting evil killing innocents. Today it’s in Las Vegas. 5 dead!
NASCAR racing is not nearly as much fun to watch as it used to be.  But what else is?
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GPImitation[Sewers] I have spent the last eighteen months studying and trying to come to grips with the proposed Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System (CRWS) .  I think everyone knows my position.  I do not believe I can be considered a  Flat Earther, DTP, CAVE (citizens against virtually everything) or someone that has to be drug, kicking and screaming, to face responsibility as Commissioner Neugent suggests.

In fact, I believe I have tried to be pragmatic and search for legitimate solutions.  In the search of a legitimate end, I have prepared the attached letter which proposes a solution to the CRWS issues,  I ask our leaders to not simply reject these ideas.  You will be facing a significant legal challenge that will be both disruptive, time consuming and may result in even higher costs. In the end, most of us want a cleaner environment and assurances that we have selected the system our Keys and Citizens deserve.  We also want all of our citizens to be treated fairly. Please read and think before you reject. CRWS Solution 6-8-14

Adjustable single bed with firm mattress. Made by Restonic. Head & foot of the bed raise and lower. Has vibration & wave settings. Comes with a remote. In great condition. Asking $800 obo. (Ed: I just noticed there’s no phone number and I already purged the mailbox so I can’t get the email address from that. Please resend this ad whoever you are so I can grab your email address so they can contact you.)
[“Marine Sanctuary Takings”]  Since it’s inception the effective mission of the sanctuary is to keep us out. Bit by bit, island by island, fishing area by fishing area we’re losing the reason why we live here.
dart head
After watching that Big Pine shooter‘s performance in that Colbert Report video it is painfully obvious that the only gun that truly needs to be fired early and often around him is the kind that fires those tranquilizer darts.
[Citizen Of The Day Says] She loves to spend time on the water kayaking, fishing, snorkeling or diving. “I am living next to the water, I love that.. I love Key West and I love my job, and I am very grateful to live here with all these beautiful people surrounding me.”
[“Daddy Bones Closing”] A business plan to give food to homeless people so they hang around to creep out the paying customers? Let me know how that works out for you!
[Bad day fishing]  “Hell, I don’t know how, I guess I just didn’t see it!”
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What is that light in the sky?
Perhaps one of humanity’s more common questions, an answer may result from a few quick observations. For example — is it moving or blinking? If so, and if you live near a city, the answer is typically an airplane, since planes are so numerous and so few stars and satellites are bright enough to be seen over the din of artificial city lights. If not, and if you live far from a city, that bright light is likely a planet such as Venus or Mars — the former of which is constrained to appear near the horizon just before dawn or after dusk. Sometimes the low apparent motion of a distantairplane near the horizon makes it hard to tell from a bright planet, but even this can usually be discerned by the plane’s motion over a few minutes. Still unsure? This chart gives a sometimes-humorous but mostly-accurate assessment. Dedicated sky enthusiasts will likely note — and are encouraged to provide — polite corrections.
[Murder in Vegas] FTR says “guns save lives” How can one possibly get through to someone like that?
[“After they take our guns, our computers will be next then they will burn our books”] I wonder what reason this particular blog attracts doomsday preppers and extreme right wingers? It’s just a blog about the comings and goings of the lower Keys, but ostensibly focused on BPK. I’m not sure why our editor-in-chief prints these paranoid posts that dilute the positive impact the CT could have from the many level headed informative posts that do surface here. How can any elected officials possibly be influenced by the good info read here when the CT gets branded as attracting the crazies and otherwise chicken-little (“the sky is falling!) paranoid extremists that believe we’re on the brink of the apocalypse? Keep those remarks in the political section so as not to contaminate the reputation of the CT!
Coconuts is hosting Uke nite this Wednesday. The uke-folks wanted two weeks back to back of Uke-a-mania..why not. If your out and about or would like to Uke-a-round, check out the NUT this Wednesday at 7 pm. See you there!
[Paranoia 101] It’s time for the coffee can buried in the back yard. It does not matter because your money is nothing but a representation of your wealth printed on weird paper with dead Presidents pictures. In reality even precious metals, polished stones and anything you cannot use as a weapon, tool or food is as useless as a gun without bullets. There is nothing of real value except your life, health, shoes and eye glasses, if you really think about it. You can add warm cloths to that list if you live in cold areas. What does that tell you? It tells me that if it all goes crash, the Keys will be very, very crowded with a lot of very hungry cold people.
[“Sanctuary Regulators Regulating”] I have a recommendation for the “Shallow water working group’s” recommendation to make the “tarpon migration lanes no wake zones”. Go f**k yourselves. Who are these people and how can they not be being laughed at  and tossed right out of these islands? I’ve had it with these save-the-planet types jamming us up. We should demand names.
Back in the days when I taught SCUBA diving, a student would  eventually ask, “What about sharks?”  I would always respond by telling them that, “It’s a rare treat to see a shark in its natural environment.  Don’t mess with it and it will leave you alone to watch its graceful beauty.  Besides, the most dangerous thing in the water with you is usually your dive buddy.”

A note to all novice spear fishermen:  Either choose your buddy very carefully or do it by yourself.

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Midway9[Battle of Midway] Shortly after that terrible day of infamy, December 7,1941, and the Pearl Harbor ambush, and just a little into 1942 by a relatively few days,  the Japanese carrier fleet was decimated by the loss of 4 of their best aircraft carriers, along  with their superb pilots,  in the space of a few minutes,  at the battle of Midway Island.  This event began the downward spiral to their inevitable defeat in the Pacific War years later.  Thank our intellectual code breakers for that one.  I bet those guys were a bunch of liberal Democrat bohemians (I saw the movie).  WW2 lasted about 4 years for us.  What the hell went wrong after that one?
[Guns] I love the way anti gun people justify their fear by volunteering to be potential victims. I’ll still have guns if, or after they become illegal. What will you do Mrs. Victim?
[“Micro-aggression “] This hip new trend by the tofu-eating, gluten free, Prius driving, global warming, solar powered pussies called micro-aggression is causing me to get a bad case of macro-aggression. Macro-aggression is when you say what you are thinking in a loud voice with an attitude to these socialistic yahoos.
MM 28.
Furnished efficiency for rent for a working person. No perfumed product use. All natural. A/C. Good location. long term. No pets. $700 a month. $500. deposit. Classified ADs > For Rent
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Southwest of the Dry Tortugas. This would make a good banner photo for the CT. (Ed: Yes it would and will.)
In 1941 the US Navy had eight aircraft carriers. Langley (actually was used as a plane transport), Lexington, Saratoga, Enterprise, Yorktown, Hornet, Wasp and Ranger. By the end of 1942 all that were left were Saratoga (torpedoed and in for repair at Seattle), Enterprise, Hornet (sunk in1942), Wasp (sunk in 1942), and the Ranger (which stayed in the Atlantic until near the end of WW 2). All others survived the war. Many new carriers were on the ways and the first off was named the Essex(CV-9), commissioned in 1942, The War ended with the Bon Homme Richard (CV-32).

People that post should check their facts before posting.

Fox News‘ heroic hot blonde leggy babe proclaims true Americans betrayed by something, not sure what, when hero horse California Chrome lost that race.
Moving further east against the stars, the growing Moon poses near Saturn and then Antares just before turning full.
[Sewers] Why not use a vacuum system instead of the  pressurized grinder pump sewer system proposed?  No need for  thousands of individual grinder pumps and individual electrical hookups- not forgetting the potential  for pressurized sewer spills? No easements ,less backup equipment and  fewer employees with their benefits we’ll pay for,  A study rates the grinder pump pressure system as less effective than vacuum and FKAA knows this. Instead we have a warehouse  full of  no-  bid grinder pumps?  And they publish their legal notices in the Broward Sun Sentinel? Sounds fishy to me.

Remind me why we voted for that additional  one cent  sales tax, please!

“…..Hurricane Jeanne made landfall at almost the same location before moving up the Atlantic coast and into South Georgia. Without electricity, the community’s low-pressure grinder pump sewer system was shut down. Sewage backed up into homes and contaminated the area’s groundwater. Entire neighborhoods became giant bacteria-producing Petri dishes.

“It was bad,” said Phil Carpenter, president of the Rockridge Homeowners Association. “When we came back, everything had to be destroyed, the sheetrock, furniture, carpets, all of it. We had to spray everything with bleach and chemicals to kill the bacteria. Rockridge is primarily a retirement community and many of the homeowners are in their eighties, so it was an especially difficult situation for them.” Link

carier9[1941 Japan] Near the end of the war, Japan had submergible aircraft carriers to bring the war to Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC. Fortunately, the Allies were approaching Japan’s homeland, and efforts were abandoned to bring them into use. Japan’s “treasure” was redirected to the home islands, with the new carriers used only for submarine defense.
[Jealousy] Is it not it amazing how VIP’s tend to be useless people, like entertainers, politicians, religious personalities, and sports figures? They make street people look honest!
[Killing Spree Vegas Style] I think we have progressed to the point, intellectually, where every patriotic American should be required to walk around packing heat, loaded and unlocked.  All whom object to this scenario should be deprived of Citizenship, waterboarded just for the hell of it,  and deported to wussy Canada.
Free coconuts.
Windy season has started. I have a lot of coconuts I will be wiling to give to a local legitimate (no lethal yellow tools) person. If you know anyone, have him post a contact point on the CT.
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As the Obama economy continues to accelerate, the business owners are installing all forms of technology to do the jobs formerly done by their laid off workers so they don’t have re-hire them and can keep more money for themselves while eliminating all of the stresses that humans bring to the workplace.  A definite twofer.
National politics is back. Click on this link to send your national political post anonymously. No one will know your name or email address, [Well, maybe the NSA will] not even me. FTR is going to be the new national politics editor. Do not fear, FTR promised to post everything, even if he hates it, he’s that kind of guy.
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The Right says, “No soldier left behind unless we don’t like them.”
Funny how whenever the kooks gain control the first thing they do is round up and eliminate the smart people.  Obama’s been in control,  so to speak, for a long time now and he hasn’t rounded up anybody.  So what should we expect from his opponents?  Better start acting dumb now, just in case you need to act.
Viewing feedback on blogs and web pages regardless of the topic is proving to be not only laughable due to the ineptness of their brains, but it is getting scary to realize these nuts breed and walk among us! Something has to happen to shake these religious freaks into reality. Same goes for the criminals and politicians out there in left field.
Every time John Kerry opens his stupid fat mouth I’m more and more relieved I got out of the navy when I did.
from the right
Yesterday a poster declared that atheists are more intelligent than theists. That poster provided a link: “Dnews”. A quick check of the Dnews home page finds some very intelligent articles. Included are “Why dogs circle before they poop”, “Do we really need bras?”, “Sexual Innuendos and Bubbles made of Lube”, “Are people having less sex”, “9 Horrifying Things Made From Human Skin”, and the deeply researched tome: “5 People Farting Made Famous.” Yessir, Dnews is certainly a great and respected source, obviously a must read for the intelligentsia of Atheism.  Link


IN RESPONSE TO THE FOLLOWING POSTING: (Did you ever think that maybe Private Bergdahl went out the camp gate and made a wrong turn just like that ex-Marine that ended up in the Mexican jail claims he did?)

ANOTHER POSTER WROTE: “Did this poster ever think that maybe Pvt. Bergdahl “went out the camp gate” with a purpose, carrying a radio and attempting to make contact with the enemy?  If he made a “wrong turn”, why did he attempt to contact the enemy? The Marine made a wrong turn and called USA 911”

FTR’S RESPONSE: Then of course there is the testimony of his squad mates who tell us that he intentionally walked off, he was “fed up” with the war and with the Army.  Sgt. Matt Vierkant, a member of Bergdahl’s platoon when he went missing on June 30, 2009, said “Bowe Bergdahl deserted during a time of war, and his fellow Americans lost their lives searching for him.” That is a quote from a CNN article. Link


A POSTER WROTE: “Private Bergdahl is not a Marine, he is an Army dog.  Do not disgrace my branch of the services.  It takes far more to become a Marine then it does to be an Army dog.  So there is no confusion, I respect all Army dogs having said what I have!

FTR’S RESPONSE: Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a dog face (slang for enlisted army personnel), after all, the Marine mascot is a bulldog. They both should walk proud.


A POSTER WROTE: “The ‘right” is the choir and Fox News plays to them.  Generally, they aren’t going anywhere else for infotainment and brainwashing.”

FTR’S RESPONSE: Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and to voice that opinion no matter how goofy it is. Let’s all work together to protect those rights.


Late yesterday I received an excellent posting concerning firearms. For some unknown reason my email account,, has disappeared. I want to respond to that posting, it was excellent, but it’s going to take a few days to sort out my problem. We will work it out.

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