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Thanks Howard for a great time at Snipe Point on Sunday. Great weather, great tunes, gentle breezes…. there’s no place like the Keys and special times like that are why it is so special!
Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.  ~Mark Twain
Daddy Bones party to feed working homeless! That would be the people smart enough to have a Job in the Keys while still avoiding paying asinine rents to greedy, self-centered slum lords, worked out pretty good.Look, if the homeless creep you out don’t shop at Publix, Winn Dixie, Walgreens, CVS, Kmart or Sears in Key West. Don’t eat at any chain place either. Don’t rent a scooter or stay at the three largest resorts. Don’t, what ever you do, venture downtown to hear music. All those places have working homeless people on payroll and we wouldn’t want your bigoted-entitled-elitist sensitivitys to be offended, or you to have to get drunker or more screwed up on your meds than normal. You could fall off your ivory tower and hurt yourself. Our official motto in Key West is One Human Family not one human retiree rich asshole family! (Sorry Ed, elitists really get my panty’s in a bunch).
[“People should check their facts before posting”] You mean all of the postings and advice posted here might be off the top of someone’s head or just as they see it? Wow who would have thunk it. I mean I always take everything posed here as gospel <(sarcasm)
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I’ve never seen the website “Dnews” that the atheist poster linked to. But atheism is about non-belief in a deity. Cut & dry. A whole complicated website with pro-atheism articles isn’t needed because atheists aren’t really selling anything.Religious websites, on the other hand, are quite disturbing. I’d rather visit a website that had fun articles like “Why dogs circle before they poop”, “Do we really need bras?”, “Sexual Innuendos and Bubbles made of Lube”, “Are people having less sex”, “9 Horrifying Things Made From Human Skin”, and the deeply researched tome: “5 People Farting Made Famous.” It’s much better than reading articles on what I can do in the name of God so I won’t be damned for eternity.

By the way, at least dogs, poop, bras, sex, lube, human skin, and farts are things that are proven to exist.

[“No soldier left behind”] Unless he and his father look kind of weird and talk funny, unlike the ex Marine stuck in the Mexican jail who has a hot girl friend at home and really needs to get back to her soon before some other joker snaps her up.
UFC fight fans are generally your basic young, sociopathic, punk, thug, bullies that are being raised by the average American family these days.
Just when you think it’s safe to pee in the water.
[School Board] What are you doing and why are you doing it? You evaluate the superintendent and find him performing at an acceptable level, albeit something of an improvement over his two previous evaluations.  For that marginal performance, you are so ecstatic that you are planning to extend the superintendent’s contract by two years!  Your thought, your plan is that for the next three years, the School District will be led by someone for whom no one will use the words “outstanding”, “highly capable”, “superior” as a description.  You are more than happy with average as you embrace the mediocre.  Would that standard be acceptable at the staff level or in the classroom?To add insult to injury, so to speak, you are planning to make this decision to extend the superintendent’s contract, arguably the most important decision that a School Board ever makes, ten weeks before an election in which three of your five seats are being contested.   For a group who ordinarily loves nothing better than to dally, delay, obfuscate and generally kick the can down the road, what’s the hurry?

The obvious answer is that you desire to thwart, to circumvent the will of the electorate.  You want to take the decision out of the hands of the voters.  You intend to make a decision to hamstring the incoming Board of which one of you will be gone and possibly as many as three, a clear majority.  It appears that at least two of you are so fearful of not being reelected that you plan to leave a legacy as if you were still on the dais.  The third of your gang of three is not even running for reelection and, if there ever was an instance that cries out for “I abstain”, this is it.  For such a clear lame duck to vote to restrict the District leadership for years to come is unconscionable and reflective of someone who is ethically challenged.

Again, I ask:  Why the urgency?  The current superintendent has fourteen months remaining on his contract.  He is not going anywhere.  He is not using a sexy offer from another district to leverage an extension.  Who knows, in the next year, his performance might so improve that you will want to extend his contract by more than two years and throw in a raise as well.  Why deprive him of that opportunity?

Andrew Jackson had his “kitchen cabinet”, advisors who did not hold office but to whom Jackson was beholden.  Is that the plan?  Extend the superintendent’s contract by two years; put $300,000 in his pocket and he will be beholden to you.  That way, if you lose office, you will still have entre into the executive suite in the Henriquez Building.  The superintendent has routinely demonstrated with his own appointments how much he values loyalty and the importance of a quid pro quo.  I am sure that is not lost on you.  Extend the superintendent’s contract — extend your influence.

Ron, you say that the superintendent has brought “stability” to the District and thus deserves to be rewarded.  Yet what is the optimum way to achieve stability?  Do nothing.  You say that the District is “out of the ditch.”  I assume by that you mean that the District has returned to a sound financial footing.  That is a factor of a changed economy, of improving property taxes and nothing over which the superintendent has influence.  As for areas that he can influence, FCAT scores for example, they declined.  And, when you talk about “integrity”, you are talking about someone who routinely and reflexively says what is convenient at the moment.

John, you are quoted as saying “He’s made some mistakes, but I think that he is doing a good enough of a job.  I am satisfied with his work.” Then, you go on to say: “Of course, there are areas where I want to see improvement.”  If that is not a paean to mediocrity, I do not know what is. Conversely, you seem to want things both ways, reminding me of Harry Truman’s wish for a one-armed economist.  That way, Harry said, the economist could never say: “On the other hand….”

To paraphrase Simon and Garfunkel:
Where have you gone, John Dick,
A School District turns its lonely eyes to you
What’s that you say?
Joltin’ John has left and gone away.

The John Dick of 2006 is but a memory.

Rob Smith-Martin, you of the superlatives when discussing the superintendent.  “What we need now is a steady hand.  I think Porter is the right guy.”  Yet, you also say “I haven’t made up my mind.”  The only thing that you did not say is: “I’m from the government and I am here to help you.”

As someone who will be long gone come November, if not sooner, it is disingenuous that you would even consider voting to extend a superintendent’s contract.  As Joseph Welch said to Joseph McCarthy: “Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

Finally, there is Andy Griffiths, one of the architects of this charade and fiasco.  Having set the wheels in motion to extend the superintendent’s contract, now you are not so sure.  One year is all right, but “I think going to 2017, I think that’s overreaching.”  Talk about the classic hair split. Somehow one year is okay, but two is too much.  We have another example a la Dick and Smith-Martin of wanting it both ways. Watch the voting: Ed Davidson will start with a resounding “No.” Ron Martin will balance that with an equally vigorous “Yes.” Rob Smith-Martin will squirm and fidget before casting a “Yes” vote. John Dick will also squirm and fidget and probably offer some reasons for why he should vote “No” before yielding to the inevitable and voting “Yes.”

Now, sports fans, the fun begins.  The motion to extend the superintendent’s contract has already passed 3-1.  So it makes no difference how Andy votes.  That being the case, the prime mover will vote “No” and be the only one on the Board to truly have it both ways.

[Wayward Cat Wins] Spencer Slate appeared in Key West today before a Federal Court Judge, contesting his arrest by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service. He faced criminal charges, for the alleged misconduct of his cat. Mr. Slate was found “Not Guilty” of all charges.Mr. Slate represented himself in court, as he faced off against the Manager of the Crocodile Lake Wildlife Refuge, the Arresting Officer and a USFWS Government Attorney.
chicken pesto penneHi there and Happy Tuesday from Springers Bar and Grill. Today’s special is chicken pesto penne. With fresh basil, pine nuts, garlic and the perfect amount of Parmesan, it’s sure to please the palate. Molto Delizioso!

Wednesday: meatloaf
Thursday: chicken salad
Friday: beer battered mahi

There’s Always Something Special at Springers.

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[Florida Turnpike] What’s the deal with Florida’s “Pay by Plate” program on the Florida Turnpike? I spent the winter in the Keys and went back and forth to Ft. Lauderdale a half dozen times using the turnpike. I have not seen a bill yet. I hesitate to call them because, well, I like free. But I don’t want to get down there in Jan and find out I have warrants against me or something. I don’t want to fall into the old “Came on vacation, stayed on violation, left on probation”.
[Quoting Sources] Are you serious? “On November 7 Breitbart News…”  Who the heck is that? Is that the town newspaper where the Simpsons was filmed or where the NRA is headquartered? It would be nice if a major news media (like NY Times, USA today, CNN, etc) had any mention of this. The fact that you’re quoting the Breitbart News makes your point more ridiculous. It’s like quoting the Coconut Telegraph as a news source.
[Sewers’ Catch 22] Residents have charged that the aqueduct authority is not digging deep enough injection wells. The aqueduct authority will shoot the treated wastewa­ter down the injection wells. Residents have said the depths are not deep enough and the treated water could leak into the water table, or back to the surface and cause harmful algal blooms in nearshore waters which is the reason we are getting a sewer system in the first place to replace our septic tanks that released treated water into the water table, or back to the surface and cause harmful algal blooms in nearshore waters.
kayak slow paddle
I found a pretty nice kayak. It could be from Marathon through Big Pine. Email me with a description if you think it may be yours. Classified Ads > Lost and Found
[Endangered Species Act–finally] Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority has cut back on some of its sewer projects on Big Pine Key because of poten­tial damage to three federally protected species of plants: Big Pine Key partridge pea, wedge spurge and sand flax and the endangered Key deer, Lower Keys marsh rabbit and silver rice rat. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service asked Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority to cut back on trench projects along Key Deer Boulevard.
White-Street-Pier10[Rest Beach is no longer a restful beach] Located in Key West immediately east of the White Street pier, the city beach has fallen into a horrific state of disrepair and has become home to a colony of a dozen or more transient vagrants. We make the clear distinction between the homeless of our community, who are struggling to get back on financial sound ground, and transient vagrants whose unruly actions can pose a threat to public safety. Key West Police cars have seemingly become fixtures at Rest Beach, as telltale signs of a vagrant encampment, such as bicycles overstuffed with baggage and personal belongings, and sleeping bags dotting the landscape and destroying the fragile beach environment. Arrests on the beach are becoming commonplace. For example, a woman was arrested in March for attacking a resident who was dropping off clothes for another person on the beach. To compound this situation, the park and beach itself has been sliding into the surf for years. Storms, sea currents and tides have eroded most of the beachfront that is left. A stretch of the seaside sidewalk has buckled earthquake-style over itself and tumbled into the sea. The constant eroding wave action has even exposed the park’s coconut tree roots, and they are about to tumble over as well. Rest Beach, like all Key West beaches, is artificial. The man-made sand was trucked in from the mainland. Changing tides and storms wash away all Key West beaches, which then have to be “renourished” with new sand, new sea walls, new walkways. Same happens at Higgs Beach, which is owned by Monroe County, on the other side of White Street Pier. City officials have installed lumber and orange construction netting to block access to all the wooden boardwalks leading to what is no longer a beach. The damaged and severely sun-faded sign “C.B. Harvey Rest Beach Park” in itself is symbolic of the city’s neglect. (Picture: White Street Pier, Rest beach below the pier, Higgs Beach above the pier)
To the person who posted the photo of the bait store called “Master Bait”. I remembered when my daughter was about 8 yrs old and we would drive by Mycock Furniture store in Homestead on the way to a swim meet. She would giggle and laugh just as one would expect from an 8 year old.
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[Coconut Picker] There’s a Cuban man that comes down from Homestead that will cut off coconuts for his own personal use free for you. You may have to negotiate with him to remove all of your coconuts in exchange, as he only wants the biggest ones. His crew is in & out in a matter of minutes. They can reach way up into the tallest of palms. With the advent of hurricane season, responsible homeowners owe their neighbors nothing less. Felix (pronounced Faylix in Espanol) can be reached at 786-486-1515.
Safety of ones life is the paramount issue here, and if that is to be achieved we must give total control to our government over our lives, things like checking in every day when going to and from work, same with when we arrive home and have our officials keep a log of all our activities. It may get complicated at times, but that will be the price for our all encompassing concern for our safety. Anyone not agreeing with me can just go to some other country where it is not so safe.
[KWPD] I have met a lot of the members of the KWPD and always found them to be very nice and balanced. I’m not sure what happened in the Charles Eimers case, but there’s a lot of smoke and nobody is happy. I can’t paint the whole KWPD based on this. Maybe one or two (or more) of them need to be held accountable, but the bulk of them do a great job in a very complicated town with it’s share of challenges.
Wesley House Family Services is the recipient of $10,000 for its Inez Martin Child Development Center’s Nutritional Backpack For Kids program, which provides children food for the weekends. The annual distribution was earmarked from the category of providing access to nutritious sustenance for people in critical need.
From one old Army dogface to the Marine who insulted the Army yesterday, I will remember to respect Marines when I need a door opened, a briefcase carried, my limo tire changed and my wife serviced when I am out of DC. Thanks guys. Semper FU!
Adjustable single bed
with firm mattress. Made by Restonic. Head & foot of the bed raise and lower. Has vibration & wave settings. Comes with a remote. In great condition. Asking $800 obo Classified Ads > Furniture
[Citizen Of The Day Says] She move to the Keys to get away from hurricane flooding like when she had seven feet of water in her Jersey home from Sandy. Duh.
[Warrior Wars] I was going to join the Marines. Then I remembered my time in the Boy Scouts and figured I was way over qualified.Love,  ~Dogfaced Soldier
The Battle of Midway wasn’t just a few days after Pearl Harbor. It was seven months. You old farts need to try Google before you print erroneous clap.
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couple on pc
PC gaming
will reach 25 billion dollars this year. Gaming is the main reason PCs are still around.
Difference Between Taliban and Al qaeda. Link
[Gun] It is interesting to see the amount of anti-gun posts each day about shootings all over this country of 300+ million people. If 20 people a day are murdered it says that your chance of being a victim is about one in 5000 per year. Does Key West have 5 murders a year? I think not. Never is there posted any national reports of shooters that were stopped by armed civilians. Never is it posted that states with the strictest gun laws have the most shootings, or places like South Chicago, with strict gun laws having about 10 murders a week. Why not, is the national news controlled to excite people to demand gun control? Why? One of the countries with the lowest rate of shooting deaths is Switzerland, were every able bodied male citizen is or has been required to possess and be trained to use a firearm. Our forefathers knew that confiscation and control of weapons lead to total control of citizens rights, is that what the anti-gunners want for this country. If those in present control have their way you may soon see it happen with anarchy to surely follow.
[Gun] “F**k you patriots and your Second Amendment rights” I thought these left wing nut posts were no longer allowed here?
[Gun] Your vicious attack on other people of a different opinion, makes me think you are the most likely to turn your hatred into a gun toting evil mess!
[Gun] Wow, did that anti-everything anti-gun nut really let us have it yesterday or what? Seems the same frustrated person wants to ban everything she/it doesn’t like. Well there are lots of other countries that will like your attitude, but I cannot think of any right now that are not having a war or overthrow or famine or slavery or a religious demented take over.
[Gun] To all of the folks bitching about the Las Vegas shooting saying that concealed carry is never going to stop a threat. They did not get the rest of the story. A concealed cary person did confront the shooter in the Walmart. He confronted the man but was gunned down at close range by the female who was posing as a shopper. His actions saved countless people by alerting police to the position and allowing other patrons to escape. The couple committed suicide after the confrontation. The police are calling the concealed carry citizen a hero, albeit a dead hero.
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[Gun] Here is surprising little piece of history concerning guns in the USA: And while the modern gun rights movement is usually regarded as a conservative construction, Winkler writes that it was actually born of liberal extremism. It seems that in 1967, a heavily armed group of Black Panthers showed up and walked brazenly into the California statehouse — there were no metal detectors — as a group of children were readying for a picnic with the new governor, Ronald Reagan.
The Panthers saw this as an exercise of their constitutional rights. Reagan and other conservative Republicans saw it as a threat nd crafted laws to stop it from happening again. The future president said, “There’s no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons.”
[Gun] Headline should read: Meth Heads Kill In Las Vegas. Calling people (gun nuts) is just your way of shaming people that own guns and enjoy ownig them. Try the truth for once, it can’t hurt.
[Gun] It appears the Las Vegas murders were ‘patriots’ who believed they were going to start a revolution against the government. In reality they were just camo wearing, Tea Party gun nuts. Gun nuts fear our government while we fear them!In 1969 Charles Manson’s team thought the Tate/Labianca murders would start a revolution too. They thought Blacks would revolt because of their murderous deeds. Both crazies never thought past the actual murders as to how their revolutions would evolve. The didn’t know that a revolution has to be popular to move forward. Both ‘revolutions’ aren’t and weren’t popular. This newest anti government ‘revolution’ is only supported by rural gun nut ‘patriots’ who are just as delusional as Charlie Manson was. There is no support for overthrowing our government. Tea Party gun-toters claim to be patriots, but they don’t support Democracy.
[Gun] I happen to be one of those “f**king patriots” who happen to believe in my right to protect myself from predators. And yes I am grateful that the Constitution and its Amendments protect me from pieces of s**t like yourself who believe that your fairy tale life would be just peachy if there were only no guns in the hands of the law abiding citizens of the country. So I will have to disagree with you, your safety is not more important than my constitutional rights. No one gave us these rights in the first place they are inalienable which in language that you may understand if not agree with, I was born with that right of self defense. The constitution only spells out that the government may not infringe upon them. Pardon the cursing, but you started it.
[Gun] A gun, like any other source of power, is a force for either good or evil, being neither in itself, but dependent upon those who possess it.
[Gun] We now know the guy who was in on the execution style shooting of the 2 Las Vegas cops was a right wing hero ‘patriot’ helping to hold off the evil government forces during the Bundy ranch debacle in Nevada a while ago. Part of the bunch celebrated relentlessly on Fox News.  He was killed by his wife in a Walmart, maybe while they were shopping for more ammo and argued about how many thousand bullets to buy.  I’d guess they had to pry his gun from his cold, dead fingers.
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[Gun] A crazy couple killed 2 cops in Vegas then ran to Walmart where they exchanged fire with a gun holder who was killed in the exchange but caused enough damage to cause the 2 shooters to kill themselves. So actually her having a gun did stop further bloodshed. Just another inconvenient truth. Get you facts right.
[Gun] To the poster who always bitches and moans about gun nuts, just pray for us and save your Vaseline!
[Gun] The Second Amendment was put in place to protect the First Amendment and as a last line of defense against a tyrannical government.
[Gun] On “All In The Family” Gloria is complaining to Archie about victims of gun violence, Archie replies, “Would it make you feel any better little goil if they was pushed outta windows?” Archie also said, “All them people against guns is faeries!”
From first episode of the third season “Archie And The Editorial”, if you have access watch it, Archie at his best! Watching it will clear up all your thoughts about race, gun control and religion.
National politics is back. Click on this link to send your national political post anonymously. No one will know your name or email address, [Well, maybe the NSA will] not even me. FTR is going to be the new national politics editor. Do not fear, FTR promised to post everything, even if he hates it, he’s that kind of guy.
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Obama doesn’t want to take our guns, he just wants to stop the killing. He’s never even hinted, implied or said he wants to take our guns. That is purely a right wing conspiracy to discredit him and impede gun control. The right has been brainwashed into thinking like that.
from the right
Obama’s Justice Department is resurrecting a program that purportedly is designed to thwart domestic threats to the United States. The Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee was created in the wake of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing but was scrapped soon after the 2001 terrorist attacks. Obama’s Attorney General Holder has said that the committee will target individuals and groups the government deems anti-government or racially prejudiced.Even the ACLU is pushing back, they say: ““it could be a sweeping mandate to monitor and collect controversial speech.”

“It appears there’s an attempt to marginalize people who hold views that are sharply different from those of the administration and much of the establishment, said Horace Cooper, co-chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board. Project 21 is a network of black conservatives. Cooper also said: “There is simply no anti-black or anti-minority underground movement in America that is threatening in any way the stability of our government or the stability of local governments. There is just nothing like that.”

Cooper said plenty of presidents dealt with critical speech, particularly in opposition to the Vietnam War and even the Iraq War. He said no president ever responded like this.

1984-coverToday a poster mentioned Orwell’s prescient novel “1984.” More and more it is becoming evident that the Obama administration fancies itself an oligarchy not unlike Oceana (check out Orwell’s 1984 at Link).
The following link fully explains what Obama/Holder are up to. It is very troubling: Link

A POSTER WROTE: “I don’t live in a country called “My Way or the Highway.” I live in the USA that was built on the concept of compromise, a country where we attempt to find some mutual agreement or common ground on an issue. I believe in our 2nd amendment as written, but not necessarily as interpreted. I believe we have the right to hunt, the right to protect oneself, to practice in a safe and secure environment, and the right to be safe and secure in our home.

I don’t believe in the right to “open carry” in public. (If someone walked into a restaurant packing an AK47 I would feel threatened and could use my permitted concealed weapon to protect myself from possible harm.) I don’t believe guns should be sold at gun shows without a background check.

This is where I admit it gets sticky. I believe one can sell a gun to another citizen. But how do we background check the buyer? When one sells a car to another, the buyer is required to register the car to use it on a public highway. I don’t have a simple answer on this exchange because I’m not an expand government guy. But, if you own a car and sell it to another and the car gets into an accident with your plate on the car and no proof of sale, (you didn’t turn your plates in) you can be held responsible.

Regarding the high powered semi automatic weapons, I see no necessity for them except to kill civilians and police officers. I cringe when I read a story about law enforcement placed in that situation.

I don’t believe we could get rid of guns even if we wanted to. It’s as silly as the war on drugs. If there is a will, there is a way to get almost anything. I just don’t want to make it as easy as it is today.”

For those of us who have read “1984” or “Brave New World” many may feel we are speeding in that direction. As to that paranoia, you and I too old to live in that world. Actually, we’ll probably destroy the human race first.”

FTR’S RESPONSE: A tip of the FTR fedora to the poster for presenting a well thought out and well written item. I find myself in agreement with much of what the poster wrote. I too don’t like open carry, it is intimidating to many, and may actually be provocative.

We part ways on the issue of background checks. Frankly, they do little or no good. The “background” check now in use is really nothing more than a quick criminal history computer check. It does nothing to reveal the subjects proclivity for violence. It tells nothing of his/her reputation in his/her community, it does nothing whatsoever to delve into any mental health problems the subject might have, it does nothing to determine if the subject is suicidal or is contemplating harm to another. It does nothing to deter a gang member or a member of an organization that promulgates violence. Under the current NICS system, buyers may be denied the purchase of a firearm for reasons such as being indicted or convicted of a felony, admitting to being addicted to a controlled substances (please note the words “admitting to”), having been dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces, being subject to a restraining order, as well as other regulations.

CNN reports that since its implementation in 1998, 2.1 million background checks have been denied out of 118 million requests, that’s not even 2%. Link

It makes you wonder how many millions we have spent for so little benefit, and still the bad guys get guns.

Then of course how can society deal with a person who has legally bought a gun, then became unstable and dangerous?

Essentially the currently required check is only a device that permits the government to record the fact that you have purchased a gun, and how many guns you own.

Many people compare the registration of guns and the licensing of gun owners to car registration and driver’s licenses. They are not analogous. Driving is not a right, it is a privilege. That is settled law. Ownership of firearms is a constitutionally guaranteed right. That too is settled law.

The poster wrote his/her view on “high powered semi auto weapons”. I agree that that type of weapon can be very dangerous, but it all depends on how they are used. Those types of guns absolutely have a valid hunting/sporting purpose. The much maligned civilian AK47 (5.45×39 cal) and AR15 (.223 cal) only look like military weapons, they actually have no military purpose. They are nothing more than civilian military lookalikes. They are the Elvis impersonators of the firearms world. They are far less powerful that many more “civilized” appearing semi auto hunting rifles such as the Remington model 750, the Benneli R1, or the Browning Automatic Rifle (not the now defunct military BAR). All are chambered in the 30.O6 caliber round which is magnitudes more powerful than the AK or the AR. There are legions of people who shoot the civilian look a likes for hunting, sport, and range shooting.

It will be impossible to fully disarm America. Nor should we try. The spate of multiple shootings has created much agony for our nation and fuel for the anti gun set. But the tragedies universally share characteristics. Almost always the shooters are deranged. Almost always the mayhem is brought to a halt by the armed intervention of civilians or law enforcement.

Logically we should be seeking ways to protect all of us from those deranged persons, not the gun. If they had no gun, they might use gasoline, cars, knives, clubs, explosives, nearly anything has the potential of being capable of delivering mayhem. The most horrendous mass killings in America have been by explosives, not guns.

In the very recent Vegas murder of two cops, a civilian, and the deaths of the two shooters, it has been reported that an armed citizen intervened by exchanging gunfire with the shooters. One shooter was wounded, shortly thereafter they were cornered and they shot each other. If the reports that an armed citizen intervened are true, it is yet another example of why it is important for us to possess and carry firearms if we choose to avail ourselves of that right.


A POSTER WROTE: “The background on this publication should be of an American flag as Fox News leads the way for you. If you can show your patriotism, in a conservative thinkers mind, then it’s ok to rob the working man and give that money to multinational corporations, who btw, have no allegiance to the US.” ANOTHER POSTER WROTE: “A POSTER WROTE: “The ‘right” is the choir and Fox News plays to them. Generally, they aren’t going anywhere else for infotainment and brainwashing.”

fox-news-gopFTR’S RESPONSE: Two words strike abject terror into the breasts of our friends from left field. The words are FOX NEWS. It’s understandable. Fox actually does accurate reporting and actually does present many voices from left field. There is no question that Fox’s reportage leans to the right. It is the only major news outlet that is not a mouthpiece for liberality. Fox is the nation’s preeminent news source. More Americans rely on it than any other. No wonder the left fielders fear and loath it. It would do them some good if they had the courage to simply watch a Fox news show or two. Sheppard Smith’s news cast has a liberal slant, they might enjoy that.

Thanks for stopping by…..Respectfully submitted:   FTR

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