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Monday, March 11, 2013

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[1984] We are lost our privacy when the sheep kept saying, “I don’t have anything to hide”. Because of that, so many legal precedents have been set that it’s impossible to go back. Once you lose a right it’s gone forever. Welcome to the brave new world you never thought would happen because you didn’t do a thing to stop it.


The Navy plans to cancel Blue Angels shows booked next month in Vidalia and three other cities. And there is a good chance dozens more air shows across the U.S. could get the ax as well.

The Blue Angels are scheduled to fly here on March



[“Free Cats”] Some people change pets because they are redecorating, & the old pet doesn’t quite fit into the new color motif. No emotional attachment, I assume. Quite sad.

[“Free Cats”] What, another irresponsible spinster cat owner wants to get rid of her cats? She will probably do what most people do with their unwanted cats. Load then into the car, drive 20 miles away and then drop them off on the side of the road. More targets for the IKC. Hope the hag doesn’t put them in a burlap bag and then drown them.

an flowers11


Spring is my favorite time of the year.  It’s so easy to set all the clocks, watches and appliances ahead one hour as opposed to backing them up in the fall. Ugh!

Venture Out homeowners file suit. Association refutes $4,500 per home charge for connecting to sewer system. Link 


I’ve been online looking for a .38 special single action cowboy revolver and the only thing I’ve been able to find are non working replicas and some 1-2 thousand dollar guns. Don’t they make a $500 model? 

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[“Headless goat”]  I remember years ago the Miami Herald had an article on two Dade county guys who were hired to be river cleaners. They would patrol the Miami River and pick up all the floating dead animals they could load on their small barge. There were lots of headless chickens and goats found, in addition to some cats, pigs and dogs. The Herald delicately implied that this might have a remote connection to a Santeria religious group in Miami.  
[ABATE]  I just received a call from Lori Bateman. She informed me that the traffic court hearing for the guy that hit Tom is going to be next Wednesday in Key West at 2pm. The hearing will be in front of Judge Aulbry. I don’t know what floor, or court room number. That’s easy to find out when you go in the main entrance. I’m not sure of the purpose of the hearing but we are trying to show support for Tom and need as many members as possible to show up. We need to send an email to all members who can make it to attend the hearing. The guy that hit and paralyzed Tom also killed Joyce Gunther. 



Please support our school by coming out for our 1st 5k run! Bulletin Board 

The Blue Angels will be taking the skies of Key West. Gates open at 9 am, show starts at 10 am and the Blue Angels fly at 2:30 pm. Bring blankets, chairs and sunscreen, but please leave coolers, backpacks, weapons and pets at home. Visit the air show website for more information Bulletin Board



Anyone know about  the new “board walk” that extends out into the Gulf side of Summerland? It is near the MM24 sign and required clearing a bunch of buttonwood and mangroves.

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[Cats] It’s so sad that people put the welfare of domestic cats before that of our native birds and other wildlife. Illegal cat colonies, no matter what pet organization endorses them are detrimental to the environment. Personally, I would like the cats for stone crab trap bait. Please stop feeding cat colonies. 

 [1984] What data brokers know about you. Link
pigon_key-long00[“Old 7 Mile Bridge”]  If you want to know all about the Old 7 Mile Bridge take the time to visit Pigeon Key.  The exhibits, memorabilia, historical artifacts and many informative photographs detail just about everything pertaining to the design and construction of the structure.  Truly a marvel of engineering and labor for its time.  You can learn all about the special concrete used, the innovative tools and machines used in the construction and hundreds of interesting facts.  Also pick up a copy of “The Railroad That Went To Sea”.  Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a relaxing afternoon after your self-guided tour.  Start at the old train car and gift shop at the Marathon end of the bridge. 
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[War is a Business] 10 companies profiting the most from War. Link



History of the Flagler railroad bridges in the Keys. Question. Are the spandrel arches for shallow water and the tall piers and steel spans are for deeper water? 

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Coast Guard Auxiliary takes on new role. Flotillas involved in public outreach patrols to educate boaters on marine sanctuaries. Link



Jersey Boys aren’t too hot either!

Have you noticed that District 3 Commissioner is only concerned about Higgs Beach and  FIRM?  Any other issues are flying over her head.  It is rumored that the government is  seriously considering closing Boca Chica and JIATF(?) in 2016, how is Key West going to  survive then? I also noticed that the Commissioner is not as aggressive about personnel matters anymore since she got caught in the IT disaster.  Maybe it’s time for a new  District 1 Commissioner.  The County Mayor is going to run for re-election and we’ve got to get rid of him, he has served his purpose and is no longer effective. Let’s make  it happen! 
Navy pulls frigate from multi-national anti-smuggling operation. The automatic spending cuts that went into effect last Friday because of Congress’ inability to agree on a budget could mean more illegal drugs from South America on U.S. streets.  Link 

an scanner


Genius Scan turns your phone into a pocket scanner. Just point and shoot a photo of the document you wish to digitize and Genius Scan will turn the document into a PDF or JPEG photo. You can then email your scan directly from the app, or put your document in the cloud.
What’s more, the app will enhance the scan for clean copies. It also detects page frame and corrects perspective, so your documents will always look their best.
Free for Apple, $1 for Android. Link

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency effectively blocked or otherwise delayed scientific advancement in the cleanup of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil disaster by refusing to acknowledge the toxicity of the oil dispersant Corexit. Link 


[“Free Cats”] I have a cat that I don’t care for. But I would never get rid of her. I took her as a kitten, and she is my responsibility for the rest of her life. 

[“If guns are ever used against us they will be in the hands of the Right”]  So far, the statistics of past shootings have proven the reverse. 


[FTR’s Sundays diatribe “Did you know we pay… did you know how much it costs taxpayers…”] That’s funny, but I thought GW Bush had dogs too, and a calligrapher and White House tours. But I can’t recall one post blaming GW Bush or Republicans or anyone for that matter. How odd. I wonder why that is. Hmmm (pondering)? 
Poor Republican posters. Alway talking themselves into a corner. Before the election I mentioned that I didnt think it was right that Romney was deducting $250,000 a year for his wifes horse to be boarded. The Righties on here were outraged. They chewed me out with comments like “That money goes to a stable and helps the local economy and it supports a horse groom and a feed supplier and other needs that stimulate the economy”. Of course our own anti Obama cool guy thought that was fine.

Now the same guy is whining because he says Obamas dog has expenses that Im sure help feed someones family and also helps businesses. Yep, when the right does it the gates of heaven open wide. When our President does the same thing hes a commie that wasnt even born in this country. Thanks again for the right going another 180º and supporting my point.

[Cash For Clunkers] Other than giving the bumper sticker business a booster shot, what did cash for clunkers accomplish? 
an bear gun[“Gun Nuts — I’m more afraid of the anti-government Tea Party than I am of terrorists. The Tea Party already have the guns here and are eager to use them. It guns are ever used against us they will be in the hands of the Right.”] You obviously have not been to a gun store or gun show. I am a moderate conservative (former native Miamian, now in TX, yeah OMG Texas!)

Every time I go to the sporting good store, local gun store or make an occasional gun show, conservatives would seem to be in the extreme minority of those buying guns and ammo. Your opinion on gun owners seems about as knowledgeable as people’s opinions of Texans and on VP Biden’s advice that all you need is a double barrel shotgun and to shoot both shells through the door at as “suspected” intruder or in the air. Really? I actually saw a married couple buying the wife a double barreled shotgun this weekend and I started chuckling. Score one for Biden.

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Don’t set your clocks ahead yet. Rand Paul is filibustering Daylight Savings Time until Obama explains why we use the Gregorian calendar.
Guns (Virtual State of the Union 2013) Video

Clearly the reason why sequester didn’t scare any politicians is because it didn’t include cuts to their salaries.
Congress members (Representatives and Senators): $174,000
Senate and House Majority/Minority Leaders: $193,400
Cabinet members: $199,700
Speaker of the House: $223,500
Vice President: $230,700
President: $400,000 

[ObamaCare] 30 hour week rule causes reduction in near full time for more part time workers, severely skews unemployment data. Link




Maybe if the Obamas skip one of their fancy vacations at taxpayers expense, the White House could be re-opened for visitors. What a cheap shot – shutting down the White House to visitors! Why am I not surprised?

FTR is the perfect example of why Republicans are losing. In our little pond, FTR thinks he’s the big fish, swallowing anything or anyone who disagrees with him. He is the angry old fart that spends hours taking down our President. The only single thing he writes about is reducing spending–a one trick pony. He doesn’t suggest anything to create a bigger tent for the party. Has he ever suggested anything to put the party in a better position? No, he simply argues from an old angry white man’s perspective, a losing proposition for the party. FTR hurts the party more than he helps. Heads up FTR. It ain’t about Obama; it’s about 2016.

I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground: That “all powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people.” To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power, no longer susceptible of any definition.  ~Thomas Jefferson, Opinion against the constitutionality of a National Bank (1791)


right only grey

Deer Friends, I owe each and every one of you an apology. I didn’t realize just how hurtful these humble posting were to some. I especially apologize to my critics. I acknowledge that my postings are very critical of Mr. Obama and of Democrat governance in general. I can understand that reading sharp criticism nearly every day must be painful. I completely understand how important it must be for some of you folks to read something, anything, positive about Mr. Obama and his governance. So, as a token of my chagrin I offer the following good news.

kumbayaIt has just been reported that Mr. Obama’s decision to not leave any American forces in Iraq has proved to be a huge success. Violence is now absent in Iraq, the Shia and the Sunni have been reconciled, there are no bombings; Christians are welcomed with open arms. Iraq has rid their nation and their government of the Muslim Brotherhood. As in the rest of the Mideast, in Iraq, in the lands formerly ruled by Muslim fundamentalists, and throughout the Mideast  women have gained completely equal rights with men. The Burka and Sharia Law have disappeared. They have been banned. Bikinis and thongs are the norm on mid-east beaches and so is rock and roll.

Iran and North Korea have been convinced by Mr. Obama that their pursuit of nukes is damaging to their nations, an insane waste of money that could be  used to feed their nation. Each has dismantled their nuke facilities and has delivered it all to the US. In North Korea, Dictator Kim Jong Un completely dismantled his military and nuke apparatus. Then he resigned. The nation has now modeled its new government on the America’s Representative/Democratic form of government.Truly free elections have been held, and a new president, Um Lung Dung, the North Korean version of a liberal, has been elected for term limited four year term.

Great News! Thanks to Mr. Obama, Israel and Hamas have forsworn violence. Mr. Obama has led them to a mindset wherein they have been able to resolve their differences and live together in peace. They have bonded.

Thanks to Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama’s quiet diplomacy, China has abandoned its aggressive posture in the China Sea. The Chinese government has mothballed each and every one of its ships of war. Further, China has forgiven our debt to them and we are now seeing that they no longer are flooding our markets with substandard goods. Even Russia has embraced the USA; they have destroyed their entire military inventory and have focused on making ballet popular worldwide.

rob_royIn Iran, the Muslim oligarchy has resigned. Thanks to a recent referendum, the nation has forsworn Sharia law as the law of the land. Women now have equal rights, all can vote, and you can buy a Rob Roy in any bar in the land (but none are as good as Springer’s). They have had their first truly democratic election and a reform party swept the ballot. They have elected an Iranian American graduate of Ithaca College as their president. He will be term limited to 2 four year terms.

It’s astonishing, but thanks to Obama, the new Iran model of governance is sweeping the Mid-East. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and every other nation and territory formerly ruled by Muslim fanaticism has rejected it and each is now a practicing democracy. Thanks to that, the AQI and all of its clones have withered and died. Muslim fundamentalist terrorism is dead. All nations have expressed great respect and fondness for America and especially Mr. Obama.

America no longer subsidizes the UN; each and every nation is paying their fair share. America has regained its standing as being the leader of the world. All nations have expressed great respect and fondness for America and Mr. Obama.

On the home front, gas now costs about $1.80 a gallon, just what it was when Obama took office. Thanks to the Obama’s administration wise governance, unemployment has dropped to 4.6%, exactly what it was when the Democrats took control of Congress in 2007. Even better, the unemployment rate for blacks is also 4.6%. As recently as February 2013, the unemployment rate for all was 7.7% but the rate for blacks was 80% higher at 13.8%. That’s great news for our nation, and we have Team Obama to thank. The number of Americans on welfare and food stamps has been cut to an irreducible minimum. Prosperity is sweeping all Americans. As promised, Mr. Obama has proved to be our first post racial president.

Team Obama’s aggressive austerity and thrift in governance has reduced our national debt and deficit to zero. We are now running a surplus for the first time since Clinton, when the Republicans controlled Congress. Part of the economic boon is as a result to the new tax rules put in place by Mr. Obama. No longer are the well off and the well-connected able to weasel out of paying their fair share of taxes. The Obama genius of championing a national sales tax has launched an economic renaissance.

So there you have it Deer Friends, all good news. Certainly Obama supporters everywhere will take great pride and comfort in all the good news. That’s nice. The fact that it’s all massive lies should trouble no one. The Obama administration and Democrat governance could not exist absent the liberal appetite for lies and cofabulaion.

an hardhat shark2) I sure hope that you read yesterday’s Miami Herald front page. The lead was a huge headline that shrieked. “DEEP TROUBLE! A lot of coastal property could be under water sooner than you think.” The article featured a front page map that outlined where the most damage would be done IF our sea level rose precipitously. The thrust of the article was doom and gloom, imminent chaos because of looming low land flooding. It was carefully crafted to make you think that sea level rise is an clear and present threat, and chaos will surely ensue. If you haven’t read it, I urge you to do so.

When you do, you will find buried at the tail end of the article, on page 19a, an information “box”. If you take the trouble to wade through all that is buried in the fine print of the box, you will find that the article is based on a NOAA publication which states that it has: “high confidence of a rise of between 8 INCHES and 6.6 feet by 2100.” Holey Moley, that is a huge margin of error.

It is so large that it is nonsense. It’s just like saying that it will either snow on BPK tomorrow, or it won’t. Therefore Monroe County must buy a fleet of snow plows.

We know for certain that sea level has been rising at a rate of about 8 inches per year for the last 10K years. That rate of rise was unchanged during the 20th century. We know that in the 1700’s observers noted that coastal forests were slowly being flooded by sea level rise. We know that the media is hard wired to sell the theory that sea level rise is precipitated by mans impact on our world. And yet, we know that there is no demonstrable difference between the annual rate of sea level rise for the past 10k years and the rate of sea level rise over the last 100 years. Go figure.


Respectfully submitted: (Please note the new e-mail address) 

Have you called, emailed, or buttonholed your County Commissioners with regard to your concern that they are spending your tax money (not theirs) to defend the undemocratic and unlawful denial of electricity to the residents of No Name Key? The sooner you do it, one would hope that the money you save could be put to a good purpose for the benefit of all.