2013 March

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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[Comet Watch] Twilight today will provide the best  photo op for the comet called Pan-STARRS.  It will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere  just above the western horizon — right next  to a crescent moon.


[Landlord] Is this a normal thing in Florida where our landlord has us paying for any home repairs over one hundred dollars? We are renting and spending almost $2000 a month to stay in this dusty shack near US 1.  
This certainly is not enforceable in a court of law even if we signed a lease with this addendum.  What a cheapskate!



Springer has been training these two Key deer to ride. He’s almost got it! 

[Baby Great Horned Owls] Two young great horned owls, hatched on an electric-utility tower in Islamorada, have grown up fast. Link
[Tax Cheats] Key West Mayor Cates said on the radio that the Navy pays for its school children which is partially true, but he may not know that they only provide about a third of what it actually costs the School District and the taxpayers, so it’s worthwhile to ask that Balfour Beatty pay the property taxes on all its properties. School Board member Andy Griffiths estimated that the School District would receive about 3 million dollars on the back taxes they owe. 



[Guns] Christians, the time is coming to make plans to protect yourselves. The Muslims are coming. Muslims burn Christians in Nigeria.

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an stinger

[Bee Venom Kills HIV] Bees could hold the key to preventing HIV transmission. Researchers have discovered that bee venom kills the virus while leaving body cells unharmed, which could lead to an anti-HIV vaginal gel and other treatments.

Scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that melittin, a toxin found in bee venom, physically destroys the HIV virus, a breakthrough that could potentially lead to drugs that are immune to HIV resistance. The study was published Thursday in the journal Antiviral Therapy. 

Gallnippers! Monster mosquitoes poised to strike Fla. Link 
[Last Stand Should Stand Down] I read the newspaper article about Last Stand and that other one person sham environmental group that protested to Governor Crist last week about the permits for Monroe County. Shameful and arrogant conduct. Credibility – none. I believe it is time for the commissioners to stop listening to these wackos who speak out at every meeting when they are so ill-informed, misguided, and repeatedly makes false statements.

It is my absolute believe that we, the taxpayers, have spent a fortune on the damages and lawsuits caused by these two radical groups. The commissioners needs to serve all residents of this county; not just the bullies. Why does Last Stand not have a “dislike” link on its Facebook page? They could learn a lot about what the average taxpayer and environmentally responsible individuals think are priorities for this county. How about sewers for starters?

an opossum

Opossums have a gestation period (time in the oven) of 2 week and an elephant ‘s is almost two years. 

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It’s not just No Name Key anymore folks — County CBRS overlay now threatening Cudjoe Regional Sewers. Did you read Saturday’s Keynoter: DOT won’t allow FKAA running a sewer pipe inside and under the Niles Channel Bridge, so the FKAA is looking at going underwater across Niles Channel instead.

The problem is Niles Channel is a CBRS area, and Monroe County local ordinance “prohibits” utility projects “through a CBRS area”. It looks like that same local county ord., which cut off No Name Key electricity and stopped North Key Largo 905 sewers by (County) withholding connection permits, could shut down the entire Cudjoe Regional sewer system.

Untold lawsuits, circuit court/third district court/PSC involvement, countless wasted staff hours, 905 lawsuit looming, sewer projects being shut down… what else will that damn ordinance bring? But more importantly, when will the County stop this stupidity? 

an spin guns dog


[“.38 special cowboy revolver”] Ruger makes the Blackhawk in .357 which will shoot the .38 special with no modification. Check

The Blue Angels and other military and civilian teams will be returning to the Lower Keys, the Navy announced.
The Blue Angels, the Navy’s celebrated demonstration flight team, is scheduled for a free air show on March 23 and 24 at Naval Air Station Key West, Mile Marker 8 off U.S. 1. The air show will include a static military and vintage aircraft. Bulletin Board



Did anyone see the Kingdom of the Oceans on National Geo? It was hosted by Jacques Cousteau’s daughter. Great photography. Makes you really happy and grateful to live in the Keys. 

Representative Raschein is thoughtlessly wrong on cats and guns.
mosquito12[Man Eating Mosquito]The Sunshine State, already home to man-eating sinkholes, invading Burmese pythons, swarming sharks, tropical storms and other disasters, can expect to see an explosion of shaggy-haired gallinippers (Psorophora ciliata), a type of giant mosquito, according to entomologist Phil Kaufman of the University of Florida. Link 
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[AIDS] Many don’t know they have HIV and are afraid to find out. Link 


I need a six month vacation–twice a year! 

[Dead Baby] A 2-year-old boy somehow slipped out of his Key Largo home and was struck and killed by a vehicle along the Overseas Highway. Link
Any word on the Walmart on Rockland Key?
Comet Pan-STARRS to pass over S. Fla this evening. Link 
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Kayaker finishes Minnesota to Key West trip. Link 

[“Illegal cat colonies are detrimental to the environment”] Besides being unproven, this statement is hilarious. People are far more detrimental to the environment, yet few want to eliminate them. I say ‘few’ because I am one who would!
The Special Olympics will be holding its 2nd annual Thunder Run on March 17th. This motorcycle run starts in Key Largo and Key West and has multiple stops including the stop in Big Pine on US 1 at 12pm on Sunday..
Proceeds from the Run will benefit the Special Olympics.

an beads

[Key West to Big Easy is Easy] New direct flights from New Orleans to K.W. Link 

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[“.38 special single action cowboy revolver”]  If you type that into your browser it will take you to some places that sell new and used guns. Ruger is what I would go for in .357 which you can also shoot .38’s through. Good luck.
[Cats] One poster wants to shoot cats but doesn’t want to see them put in a burlap bag and drowned. Sounds a litle confused and a lot sick. Another poster posts a picture of a healthy cat in someone’s house playing with a feather expecting us to believe it just ate Polly.

Fortunately, many of us are aware of the supposed research conducted by bird-related organizations. The statistics were blatantly flawed with gross overgeneralizations and erroneous analyses, but they keep slinging them around expecting us to believe it because “A study shows…”

Studies suggesting that cats are killing machines are repeatedly biased and in many cases, simply ridiculous, including most of those being used to justify the Pest Management Program on BPK. Sadly, the people that publish this rubbish prey on the ignorance (not stupidity) of the public don’t know how research should be conducted. Before you start taking innocent lives, get both sides of the story.

[Deep Trouble] How Sea rise could cause havoc in S. Fla. Link 

an floating cats



[“Free Cats”] I have a few extra just floating around

What would the movie, The Big Lebowski, be like if the dude shot everyone that entered his house without permission?


[Bogart] Key Largo plays host to Bogart Film Fest. Link

[Cats Bait] I was aghast at the comment about taking unwanted cats 20 miles from home and dropping them off along the roadside.  What an irresponsible and terrible thing to do.  I much prefer using a 4 foot wire leader with a large circle hook and trolling them behind the boat at about 6 knots.  Very productive 


[Workforce] For sometime I have attempted to determine what percentage of people are leaving the work force for what reasons. I’ve done a number of searches to find out the number and finally found the number of ss folks started ss at 5.6 million in 2011. The monthly report of leaving the workforce never mentions reasons.
FTR recently said 8 million people dropped out of the workforce. Does this translate into 5 of the 8 million actually retired? 



Ouch! did you see FTR’s new email address: 

[Dog and Pony Show] The difference, you lame brain, is that Romney was spending his own money on his wife’s horse.  Obama is spending our money on his dog. 
The case of the U.S. vs Bradley Manning. Link 
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President Barack Obama applauds as Vice President Joe Biden shakes hands with CIA Director John Brennan following a swearing-in ceremony in the Roosevelt Room of the White House Friday. 

[2016 Elections] If someone could get the Right to care about the environment, science and minorities they’d have a good chance of regaining power in the next go-round.
[“Just days ahead of his Mideast trip,  President Barack Obama met with about  10 leaders of Arab American groups”] That’s proof he’s a Muslim.
John Boehner can articulate the messages of the GOP any way he wants. The American people aren’t stupid. We know what the GOP wants and it doesn’t matter how they relay their ideas to us. We don’t want them. Well, that’s what the polls say anyway. Republicans are never looking for better ways to reach voters. They’re looking for better ways to trick us into buying their crap. I really hope the GOP is on their way out. The American people are finally getting sick of them, their guns and their discrimination.
[“Cash For Clunkers”] Here are some statistics from the Department of Transportation’s CARS Report to Congress:
677,842 vehicles were turned in under the CARS program
$2.85 billion was paid out in rebates for these vehicles
New vehicles purchased had an average MPG of 24.9
Old vehicles turned in had an average MPG of 15.7
$2.8 billion in fuel savings based on the early retirement of less efficient vehicles
FTR’s silly rant yesterday shows he can criticize Obama on the middle east and Korea, but offers no solutions. Typical! As to Iraq, he hints he would have kept troops in that country; let’s kill some more of our soldiers, a man who didn’t have the balls to fight for us in Vietnam.


68% of Republicans report they are still waiting for their grandchildren to come over and change the clock on the VCR. 

[“Cash For Clunkers”] Accomplished getting 90% of the cars with Obama stickers off the road.

[Romney’s Horse vs Obama’s Dog]  The big difference is Romney spent his own money and Obama’s spending ours.


right only grey

obama_dog12There have been a couple of postings defending The Obama’s use of tax dollars to pay for the care of their dog. One such posting compared it to Romney’s very expensive horse care and feeding. It’s a shame that those posters are unable to differentiate between Romney paying his own way, with his own dollars, and The Obama sucking at the public tax teat to pay for the care and feeding of his own personal pet. Another poster correctly pointed out that GWB also had a White House calligrapher and permitted White House tours of his home, the people’s house. Unfortunately, that poster is unable to differentiate between then and now. During the first 6 years of the GWB presidency, we had a vibrant and growing economy.

Now however The Obama has made a calculated decision to punish the kids who want to tour the White House solely as a device to gin up angst against Republicans and the sequester. Even though the sequester was his child, even though it only reduces the rate of spending growth, even though the cost of the tours are but a grain of sand on a huge beach, he believes that the American public will blame the Republicans or the Congress for whatever discomfort the sequester delivers.

I’ve got to agree with one of my critics.  I am old, I am white (well, about half), and I am angry. And I’m proud of all of that. Don’t you wonder why so many of the denizens of the far left field feel compelled to use those words as damning pejoratives? To our cranky left fielders,  the penultimate insult is “You’re an angry old white man.”  Apparently to yesterday’s left fielder critic being old means that one should not have opinions, and should not voice those opinions. Apparently to those folks, being angry disqualifies one from having or voicing opinions. But what about being white? Our left field denizens puff out their pointy little chests with pride when they claim to be post racial. But, the critic clearly is telling us that being white (or nearly so) disqualifies me from having valid opinions. It’s all a crock. Far too many of the left fielders are hypocrites.

Personally I’m proud to be a septuagenarian; I’ve had the joy and privilege of having over 7 decades of adventure. I’d like to think that along the way that some wisdom has rubbed off on me. The poster was right in the “angry” jab. I’m angry as hell with what liberal/democrat governance has wreaked on this great nation. They have diminished it. They have weakened it. They are hell bent on gutting it. It’s surprising that the right of free speech has not yet been abrogated. Although, judging from of the left field posts we read here, the left fielders are eager to stifle the voices of those who speak out against the current administration.
Jimmy Durante – September Song

an unicorn barn

Part 2) We can’t ignore the poster who claimed that Romney took a $250k tax deduction for a dressage horse. Deer Friends, that is not even close to the truth. The Romney’s did report that they had lost $77,731 in the care, feeding, etc. of their horse in their 2010 tax documents. The horse was a business venture.  Who in the hell knows where the $250K nonsense came from! That loss actually led to a reduction in their taxes of $50. The difference between the left’s propaganda on the issue and the truth was so stark that even Slate had to publish a “clarification” titled: “Clarifying The Record on Mitt Romney’s $77,000-Loss Olympic Horse Rafalca”. You can find it at: Link



Part 3) One of the reasons that this Olde Fart is angry is revealed in the fact that there are now more Americans on food stamps than ever before. It’s astonishing, but Team Obama is aggressively promoting their usage. For Team Obama, the more folks on the dole, the better. Please consider that despite the fountain of federal funds, 1 in 3 children still live in poverty in our nation’s capital which has historically had liberal governance. Two in three children live in single parent homes. In nearby Baltimore–another city governed by liberal policies for decades–1 in 3 residents are on food stamps and in 1 in 3 youths live in poverty. Americans are committed to helping our sisters and brothers who are struggling, but we are seeing the  tragic consequences of our broken welfare state. That fact should make everyone angry.

Respectfully submitted:


[No Name Electric] There is a closed session of your County Commissioners, Docket NO. 20054-EM on the March 20th agenda. In a last ditch stand, one would hope, the county will fly attorney Dereck Howard here from Washington, D.C., and special litigation counsel Jay LaVia and Robert Wright in from Tallahassee. (You didn’t think they would be arriving by Greyhound bus, did you?) Others of the county staff will be present, principal among them will be Bob “Let Them Eat Pollution” Shillinger. They plan a reenactment of the kamikaze flights of the Divine Wind, Charge of the Light Brigade, and Pickett’s charge, hoping to change history by this B movie rerun. There is another carefully veiled matter. Regardless of whether you favor, don’t want, don’t care about the long running NNK electricity saga, staring irrelevant villains, residents wanting grid electricity have researched their legal rights, and paid the price for the electrical installation, sans permits. This ritual rain dance by the Commission is irrelevant to the outcome. They have been ruled impotent. Grasping for hypothetical straws is going to be very costly. Attorneys don’t work for free. Their travel and Per Diem will gouge Monroe taxpayers more than will be reported the following day when the attorney’s pack up their briefs, (no pun intended) and submit their “reasonable fees.” Would anyone case to estimate what that total will be?…the tally today?…and for what gain?

Don’t look for this in advance from your local media, except the CT.