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Monday, May 6, 2013

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Does anyone know what the Mosquito District helicopter was dumping all over Big Pine Key Sunday morning? They were so close and low to me I was feeling the wash from the rotors and ended up with all these yellow pellets all over my deck, in my dog water bowl, in my bird cages, etc. I ended up cleaning everything as a result. What is it? Is this stuff safe to walk on barefoot? Does it change when it is exposed to water? I am very concerned about this and what safety precautions I need to take for my family and our pets. I know they post notices when they are spraying, but what precautions do we need to take on the ground?

My Peace TV.  Get on board the peace train. Link

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Ponce de Leon did not do the things listed in Wikipedia. New research has proven that he never even reached St Augustine. Remember Wikipedia is edited by folks like you and me who learned this stuff from flawed history books based on Walt Whitman’s book about Ponce that was written 300 years after the Spaniard died. Much of the history we know is inaccurate based on flawed memories or research. See the NY Times article: Link

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Punctuation who needs it?

[Balfour Beatty property tax exemption] A little discussion and someone needs to do some more homework.

From Keynoter Keysnet today: “Raschein’s district executive director, Kate DeFoor, said the difference between Southeast getting a tax break for renting to military families differs from a private person renting to a military family in that Southeast pays 90 percent of “excess cash flow” to the Navy and that rent is determined by pay-grade housing allowances”.”Private landlords who rent to active-duty military have no such restrictions on what they can charge in rent or returning 90 percent of their profits to the Navy,” she said.”

How it works:

1. Millions in rents come in.

2. Balfour gets 4-5 percent of the gross off the top (big bucks). Navy does not get anything.

3. Balfour pays all the bills. A portion of which is payments to their own subsidiaries for services.

4. IF there is any ‘profit’ left Balfour gets 10 percent of it. (Likely no profit while they are still paying off their bond debt)

5. The other 90 percent of this left-over profit goes into bank accounts that can be used to further the project.

6. When the company is dissolved after the 50 year term is ended, then the Navy gets whatever might be left in those bank accounts. The Navy can access those bank accounts prior to that, but there are no provisions for disbursements to the Navy in the contract prior to that. .

Who in their right mind believes that BAlfour Beatty, as the Managing Member, is going to allow there to be any “extra cash flow” to disburse to the Navy? So far they’ve managed to get one bailout. Someone should ask Trice Denny and Holly Raschein just how much cash (into a Navy bank account) the Navy has received so far from their investment in Southeast Housing. Check out the Miami Herald front page today to see how The Carlisle Group is accused of defrauding the Feds millions in padded costs. Balfour Beatty is in that same high roller club. Let’s see what happens when it’s all said and done here.

Other Points: Also, there was no tax exemption that was rescinded : that is one of the largest issues in the case BAH is usually higher than rents and has been accused of driving rents up. When they rent on the outside they are usually able to pocket a few hundred dollars.

Thanks to the Blue Paper, CT , and US1 radio for getting out the real story.

[Patriot] The person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about. ~Mark Twain



[Russ Post RIP] This is Mike Post with the Christmas orange truck. My father and I lived there for 15 years and went through the hurricanes of 98, 02 and last but not least the year of Wilma.  I just wanted to let my friends still in the Keys know that my father Russ Post, Capt Russ and aka the Old Guy passed away on Wednesday.  Service will be on the 16th of May here in West Palm Beach.  If anyone wants info please contact me on Facebook at “mike woodsigns post” here is picture of pops on the HMS Looe out of Dolphin Marina.

Lately everything I eat turns to …oh, never mind.



[The Movies] I saw a ransom movie where the cops were wiretapping the lady’s cellphone and the two cops were listening on their cellphones and one of them was putting a trace on her line with his cellphone. what happened to the guys in the basement with headphones and reel to reel tape recorders.

[Marathon Journal] Pill-Cam is a diagnostic tool to see inside the human gut without an invasive procedure. The prep is still the same. The prep is the worst part of the test.

-Tax hybrids to capture lost income due to MPGs. Come on that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Public-sector workers affect economy much more than the above.

-New Orleans Picayune newspaper print media is down to three days. Internet newspapers capture ever-increasing share of news media.

-Key West suffered Hurricane Wilma over six years ago. This has led to complacency that will cause unnecessary death and destruction. When was the last time Key West first responders actually practice for a hurricane or similar event?

-Islamorada, the city, still faces expensive infrastructure projects. The question still simmering is whether incorporation was a good decision. The acrimony shows up at meetings and letters to the editor. Like Marathon though, there is probably no going back. In the end, Marathon got it right, but Islamorada harbors a growing disenfranchised public.

-Key Largo, on the other hand, is heading for another decision point. Many there want incorporation. The group of incorporation advocates continues to grow and become more vocal. Can they overwhelm the naysayers? That is the question.

-Homestead and Florida City residents object to yet another major road project. The proposed expressway purportedly will run along US1 from Pinecrest to Florida City. This area has grown quickly, and that causes US1 congestion. The local economy depends on an adequate transportation system. Residents’ protest comes too little, too late. The full story is at Link  

How much do you know about mainland Monroe County? Along a long road named 9336, you end up at Flamingo. Called a ghost town by, it started as a small settlement in the latter 1800s. Fishing was the primary purpose. As you might expect, mosquitoes were thick and numerous. When the town was thought to be on the route of Henry Flagler’s railroad, it enjoyed an increase in residents. In the advent of Everglades National Park, most residents left town. Right now, there are some park ranger homes, a visitors’ welcome center, and a campground.   ~Publisher@MarathonJournal.US 

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[Bomber Body Refused by Cemeteries] I don’t think we shouldn’t send him anywhere. I think his piece of crap parents should be told they have 5 days to remove this “it” from this country, or we will run the body through a wood chipper, and place the tiny pieces in the bottom of a blue “Mr. Bob” portable toilet. A proper funeral urn.


What was the mosquito helicopter doing spraying Sunday morning? I don’t ever remember them spraying on a Sunday. Was this a way to get time and a half pay instead of giving them a raise?


I understand the need for reserved handicap parking spots. What I don’t understand is why,in Key West, a handicapped tag allows you to park in any metered or kiosked spot without paying!

Biography of Juan Ponce de Leon. Juan Ponce de Leon was a Spanish conquistador and explorer who was the first to discover and explore Florida. He was also an important early pioneer of … Link

[Severe Weather Drought] Read Sunday’s graph, not the commentary. Global climate change looks at overall trends. The graph clearly shows that over the 1950 to present time frame, there has been an overall increasing trend, by drawing a line through the center of the data plot. Some try to reinterpret numbers as if they were tea leaves.


Today in 1937 the German dirigible Hindenburg caught fire while attempting to dock in New Jersey, killing 36.

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[Bomber Body Refused by Cemeteries] Ship him down here. I’ll give him a proper burial at sea — ground chum!


[Miss Lube Rack] Come on, guys, if you sling mud, have better dirt to start with. The link to Ms. Pelosi is false. See Link



[The Movies] I watched an old movie where the Spanish armada, the greatest armada in history- was defeated by seven fire ships sent by Queen Elizabeth against the fleet. The real history was that a great storm damaged the armada so badly that they were forced to turn back. Both navies were sure of victory because both were assured that God was on their side. It was clear that God was on the Church of England’s side not the Catholic side of King Philip.

[Miss Lube Rack False] Nancy D’Alesandro (Pelosi) Not according to

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[Dealing with change] Why is change difficult? Link   

[Teen immigrant angst. A factor in bombings?] Is this the start of the media hype pity party for the Rag boomers? Link  

uke6Ukelele night at Coconuts is this Wednesday May 8th at 7 PM. If you have ever wanted to play a string instrument try a ukulele. They are so easy & so much fun to play. The folks from Bone Island Band will have many to choose from. There will be several folks that can answer any questions and share info about the ukulele. You will be playing songs in a few minutes. Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. Stop by the NUT. It’s a hoot.

austin6[Austin Cunningham is the songwriter & this is his thank you] Thanks again Carolyn, mostly for sharing, and of course, buying the song from iTunes. And yes, I did write the song as well as sing it. I’ve been writing songs for other Country acts for years here in Nashville and I’m always thrilled when a song I’ve written catches on. I don’t tour much, but do play a few shows here and there. My tour schedule is at my web-site. Just Google Austin Cunningham. I just booked a couple things not on there yet, but stay tuned. And thanks again Carolyn! Video

[Jayson Collins Outs] It’s amazing how the media heralds his lifestyle and sex preferences and when it comes to Bill Clinton, hey its his personal life so they preferred to ignore it. This is an example of their lack of proper moral relativism. (Ed: Is Clinton gay too?)

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[Captain Doom and Gloom] I wonder if Americans would become men and woman again if all insurance and lawyers were abolished? Maybe our balls would grow back. Just think how nice it would be without religions too.                                       

Drearier eD; This method of posting is a tough act considering I cannot multi-address to my friends, what I email to the CT and there is no SpELkInk Ckyrer amounged odder touls ve needz! Capuche?

The newspaper had an article about texting while driving which said, they need more reasons to make it a law like seatbelts. What it takes in this lawyer controlled country is for some twit to crash into a school bus full of little kiddies and have the kids parents sue for a few billion rubles. That is the only way to get the insurance companies to push for law changes and the driver, if still alive, should be prosecuted for manslaughter per kid! Too many air-heads.

It seems that the Obama Care con is nothing more than a hand out to useless eaters and will ruin careers of professional doctors and medical staff nationwide. Whatever happened to survival of the fittest, like in natural selection? The lower quality of humans and animals is taking over and that is not the way nature planned. Some day the world might see a male President in a dress or a hairy Lady President or worse a Redneck in overalls. We need to return to the old ways and that is not with Kings and Queens either.

After giving up on both major political parties for their illogical and perverted ways, what was left was a bunch of reality twisting mini-parties that should be banned from America except they ‘have the right’ to be here. Go to Wiki and look up Political Parties in America. It will scare you shitless. The sicko’s in the Democrat and Republican parties will not seem so bad. However, since the religious Right and Left are battling it out for world control -the NWO- it is going to take a international happening to level the playing field back to the only thing that matters, farm land. We sheep will lose of course, but getting rid of the useless eaters cannot do anything but good. 


Give Obamacare a chance. The critics of Social Security and Medicare were just as negative to those programs — and they work now. A great country takes care of all of it’s citizens not only its wealthy.

Where is your compassion. No longer will hard-working American families lose all they have — home, savings, dignity — just because the Fates have given them cancer.

FTR: Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! Bill Ayers, Bill Ayers! Who gives a flying f**k, but him?

I’m glad the Democrats shot down the Republicans plan to allow flexibility concerning the Sequester. Screw their “flexibility plans”.

Well done.

The less flexibility these politicians have the better. Even the sacred Republicans that are heralded on high here daily.

an_gore-alAl Gore’s wealth accumulation began when he served on the board of Apple. Google hired Gore to serve as a senior adviser on environmental issues, a role he held for three years. More wealth poured in from the sale of his Current TV to pan-Arab broadcaster Al-Jazeera, Gore also has his hand in a global investment company called Generation Investment Management.

His wealth irks his detractors on the Right because they think only Republicans should get rich because liberals are lazy. Gore made his fortune honorably, not like Romney who made his fortune by buying companies and firing employees.  The Right holds Romney as a capitalist hero in spite of his dishonorable business practice, but vilifies Gore for his honest wealth, just because he’s a Democrat who respects the environment. It’s no wonder our nation is so divided.

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Republicans are now mad that the job situation and the economy are getting better. Spin it any way you want, but it’s getting better all the time.
The Beatles – It’s Getting Better All The Time

[“165,000 new jobs in April lowered the jobless rate to just 7.5%”] This same so-called wonderful news occurred the last time the jobs report came out. Seems a check of the figures was in order, turned out the increase in new jobs were because of hiring of more PART TIME workers at the cost of full time workers to get below the Obamacare minimal weekly hours so health care wouldn’t have to be paid.

Also stocks have value much like any physical object, if the Federal Reserve keeps increases the money supply it devalues it, meaning it will take more dollars for the same value in stock. This isn’t a true gain, much like the bogus employment figures, it’s all a farce. When the Border Patrol starts complaining about a increase in illegals crossing to get work in the U.S. again, then you know you have a real economic recovery on your hands.

Just simply opposing everything Obama does is not governing. Republicans need to start governing.

I would like to think that even the most hardcore supporter of Obamacare, Democrat, Republican, Independent are beginning to see how poorly this law was put together. As a business owner we are now cutting our workforce to under 50 folks with less than 30 hours per week. This will put all employees in a part time classification. We will pay a fine,much less than the benefits we were paying for full time employees.Our employees, by law will be driven to Obama-care, like it or not. They will also be charged by the government for the insurance.It will be taken out of your check.As you also know by now your taxes have gone up. You are making less on your paycheck. We as business owners have no choice. We must do what we have to do in order to say in business.Obama-care is so costly, top heavy with government rules,regulations & paper work we must avoid it at all cost. President Obama & anyone who helped pass Obama-care have done a very poor job & disservice to all of us.the more you find out about Obama-care the less you will like it. Whatever “it” is. We just don’t know.


right only grey

Yesterday several members of the CT community were all agog with glee about the April jobs report. On poster whined that those who criticize cite only “Radical Right Wing” web sites. Deer Friends, Team Obama’s own government web sites such are the usual source of my musings, but yesterday’s posting quoted the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Are those sources radical right wing sites? Nah!

dead-in-the-waterPlease remember that I had called April’s unemployment report an O.K. report, but certainly not reflective of a burgeoning economy.  Frankly the report shows that our economy is basically dead in the water.

What follows are some quotes from Obama’s April Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment report: “…unemployment rate for adult women (6.7 percent) declined in April, while the rates for adult men (7.1 percent), teenagers (24.1 percent), whites (6.7 percent), blacks (13.2 percent), and Hispanics (9.0 percent) showed little or no change.”  Translated: if you’re a woman your chances of getting a job are better than if you’re a male, or a minority, or a teen.  Then there is the following: “The employment-population ratio, 58.6 percent, was about unchanged over the month and has shown little movement, on net, over the past year.” Translation: not much has really changed in the employment situation in the last year. Hint: look up “stagnant.”

Here’s more quotes, same source: “In April, the number of persons employed part time for economic reasons (sometimes referred to as involuntary part-time workers) increased by 278,000 to 7.9 million, largely offsetting a decrease in March. These individuals were working part time because their hours had been cut back or because they were unable to find a full-time job.”  Translation: people have been forced to take part time work because full time jobs are not available. You can expect those numbers to increase dramatically as employers begin shedding full time employees so as to escape the huge Obamacare expenses.

This one is a killer, same source: “In April, 2.3 million persons were marginally attached to the labor force, essentially unchanged from a year earlier. These individuals were not in the labor force, wanted and were available for work, and had looked for a job sometime in the prior 12 months. They were not counted as unemployed because they had not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey.” Translation: Nothing has really changed in the last year for huge numbers of folks who want to work, are ready to work, but they have given up looking because jobs were not to be found.

Last month 9,000 jobs were lost in the goods producing category.  9,000 jobs were lost in the financial activity category.

Perhaps the worst news is that there were no new jobs created in manufacturing. It is manufacturing that is the backbone of our economy. By way of reference, in February 23,000 new manufacturing jobs were created. April was the first month with no manufacturing growth since 2010.  Deer Friends, that is not good news, hiring for manufacturing is in the dump. It is a dire predictor.

About the best thing that can be said for the Team Obama’s April jobs report is that it could have been worse.

A special note to the critics. I think I can understand your angst at having so much negativity revealed here, but please understand that if the negativity did not exist, I could not write about it. That is evidenced by the fact that critics only rarely challenge the facts reported, but rather they attack the messenger.  In short, your angst could be productive if you were to simply make demands of your President to cure the many ills that he and the Democrats have created. While you folks bitch and piss and moan at this Olde Fart and Republicans in general, with a liberal Senate and a uber liberal President, the rich get rich and the poor get poorer.

lynch5Part 2) While some in the CT community rail that Benghazi is nothing more than a tempest in a tea pot, not all Democrats share that view. Democratic Congressman Stephen Lynch is irate at the administration’s conduct surrounding the Benghazi murders. Lynch adamantly stated in an interview, in response to a question concerning Amb. Susan Rice’s statements in her many TV appearances and her insistence that the attack was nothing more than random mob violence. “Absolutely, they (her claims) were false, they were wrong,” “There were no protests outside the Benghazi compound there. This was a deliberate and strategic attack on the consulate there,” said the Democratic Congressman. “It was false information. There’s no excuse for that.”  “….what they tried to (do) was harmonize what happened in Benghazi with what happened everywhere else across the Middle East. Which was totally wrong.”

Deer Friends, the rhubarb concerning the Benghazi murders is just heating up. Nobody died in Watergate, nobody died as a result of Clinton’s dalliance. 4 Americans died in a terrorist assault in Benghazi on 9/11/23, the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Trade Towers, The Pentagon, and a failed attempt at the White House.