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Monday, October 22, 2012



If days were the Dwarfs from Snow White, Monday would be Sucky.

[Budget Woes] The Monroe County Sheriff’s Dept is struggling with their budget. They are telling us that their budget is at 2006 levels. This is true and sounds pretty impressive. However, what you’re not being told is that the Sheriff’s Dept budget in 2006 was the highest, second only to 2007, in the 13 year recorded history of MCSO as per the Sheriff Department’s own website. Check it for yourself. The current budget is no accomplishment. It’s sky high like 2006. It would be nice if they could just be honest with us for a change.

[Silt] To spend three million dollars on a ‘study’ to widen the shipping channel intoKey WestHarboris ludicrous. There is no plan or consideration for deepening the harbor. Without deepening the harbor the silting of the surrounding waters will be even worse as the giant ships maneuver inside of the shallow confines of the docking area. Silting is the environmental problem, it chokes out the sea grasses and covers and suffocates the corals.


Finally a deal for County owned Hickory House — but only to rent it. Lin

Not much has been said about the ongoing internal investigation in the sheriff’s department. He’ll get a letter in his file. Isn’t that SOP in Monroe County? 

[“Sacks full of marijuana”] Hopefully some made it safely to shore and were set free.



Hareen’s Suncare & Hats is back at the Big Pine Key Flea Market every Saturday and Sunday. We carry the largest selection of Suncare products and beach accessories including beach chairs, umbrella’s and towels. We also carry the largest selection of headwear for the entire family including Panama Jack, Scala, and Tilley to name a few. We also carry the largest selection of caps and visors with Key West, FL and USA logo’s and fishing caps and hats up to size XXL. Come by and visit us.

Did anyone know the musician named Fred Neil who lived on Summerland Key and passed in 2001? He was fascinated with dolphins. 

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Scientists have determined that the universe is made up of electrons, protons and neutrons, they forgot the morons.

[“Give them a job and pay them $40 an hour”]  $40.00 per hour! Wow, I’ll work for that and bury the bodies too. $40.00 per hour, are you serious, no wonder the retailers are charging the repulsive prices for goods and food, they think people really earn that much? Try $2.00 plus tips or $6.00 plus nothing. Freaking $40.00 per.

In all fairness to the truck and trailer blocking the boat-ramp, there are dimwits who take much longer to launch or retrieve a vessel than the ramp was blocked that day. Still, there is no excuse for leaving a vehicle blocking the way. I’ve seen it much more than once. I too live “just around the corner, and it will only take a minute”, but have never considered leaving the ramp without my car. At least when someone is botching an attempt at loading, there is a certain amount of entertainment value. Maybe a $1 a minute usage fee would get people thinking and moving. 

[“The flea market like a little Walmart”] Well yes we are. It is 120 miles to the real Walmart. We are on a island where most locals love to shop with us. The market has all the things that you can not buy In most stores. There is no Pier One, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target or Macy’s here. Most of the vendors here provide the things that locals and their friends are looking for. We try hard to get things that are fun, different and tropical.

One of my favorite jokes is that one of my good customers asked for a cheese slicer. I ask, “Have you ever been in a Chinese restaurant and ate sliced cheese?” The best I can figure is if they do not use them, they do not make them.

Please come to the market on Sat or Sun and make friends with us, you will see all your neighbors and meet many new friends.

[Crime Is Down In Monroe County] Wake up folks. Don’t be deceived. We have 5.5% fewer residents and still:
Major Crime (murders) Down +/- 8 percent
Violent Crimes UP 10.2 percent
Murders (3) – 1 every 121.6 days
Forcible Sex Crimes (29) – 1 every 12.5 days
Robberies (68) – 1 every 5.4 days
Aggravated Assault (264) 1 every 1.4 days
Burglary (611) – 2 every day
Larceny (2491) – 6.8 every day 
Auto Theft (124) – 1 every 2.9 days
Crime clearance rates of our current Monroe County Sheriff’s Office as per FDLE is less than 25%. This means that over 75% of our crimes go unsolved! This represents the ratio of crimes to fixed time intervals. Stats from FDLE and Sheriff’s Dept.

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What the libraries greatly need in the Keys. Link

[School Board] I don’t see Ed Davidson bringing substantive change if he is elected to the school board. He is only one vote. He would need at least three other board members in his pocket to be consistently effective in getting his way, since he always could count on one of the three having different ideas and voting his own mind, instead of Ed’s mind.

Ed Davidson said several times during the campaign that the school board and district had screwed up the collective bargaining agreement, but his solution was for the board to apologize to the teachers, while he steadily held forth that he was against a tax increase. It is no wonder to me that the teachers union contributed $500 to John Welsh’s campaign. I told the school board a tax increase was needed, and I told candidate form audiences a tax increase was needed, and I reported that on my websites. I am the only candidate in either school board race, who publicly clamored for a tax increase for school operations, to honor the collective bargaining agreement.

Here’s the deal, folks. You already have John Dick on the school board, who is as vicious about cost-cutting as he is as unsympathetic over what the FCAT and college prep curriculum are doing to students. If you want another John Dick on the school board, Ed Davidson is that candidate.

If you want on the school board someone who has forgotten more about teaching children and managing teachers than Ed Davidson or John Dick ever will learn, John Welsh is that candidate.

If you want someone on the school board who truly is about change, I am that man. In just my left little finger I represent more change than Larry Murray, Ed Davidson and John Dick combined ever dreamed.

If I were on the school board, people could get up each morning and go to my website and get the bona fide latest school district and board scivvy and lampoon, instead of relying on The Key West Citizen, the Keynoter and US 1 Radio for the usually watered-down and/or politically-spun versions. Citizens would have plenty of ammo to use to pressure the school board. Compared to my school issues reporting, the reporting of The Citizen, the Keynoter and US 1 Radio would be night compared to day.

I would continue to explain what is awry with the American education model its the Florida Keys variation, and offer suggestions for positive change for the children, and I would include outside suggestions from teachers, parents, students, readers and the local news media, such as Gwen Filosa’s excellent article in The Key West Citizen today.

I would bring two lawsuits, as a dissenting school board member and Keys resident, on behalf of the school district and all Keys residents, to (1) get rid of the FCAT, and (2) to set aside the gift of Glynn Archer Elementary School to the City of Key West, so it could be used by the alternative and charter schools in Key West.

Note, I did not say I would win those lawsuits. Rather, I would bring and prosecute them to the best of my ability. How they ended up would be decided by theFloridacourts, unless the defendants threw in the towel.

I have consistently publicly opposed the gift of Glynn Archer to Key West.

If you want someone on the school board who truly is about change, I am that man. In just my left little finger I represent more change than Ed Davidson and John Dick combined ever dreamed  ~Sloan Bashinsky, Dist. 3 school board write-in candidate

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[Drummer Failure] I seriously think this is real. Link 


2 jailed for harvesting live Conch. Link

The Auto Channel’s Road Trip takes an in-depth look at algae biofuel. Link

I agree that the CT is not as funny as it was a short time ago. I think that we are all so involved in these divisive political posts that we have forgotten how to have fun.  With Fantasy Fest coming, let’s post our most outrageous pictures. And nothing dealing with Republican/Democrat or Obama/Romney — please. 

[Forgotten Felines] Here’s a chance for us to support our local shelter in need. We are a small community here in the Keys, which is why we need to support our shelters even more than those who draw from a much bigger pool. In these hard economic times, it’s not always easy to give, but there are things we can all do to help in other ways. Currently, is running a contest and awarding money to shelters all over the US and Canada. The grand prize is $5,000 dollars, but they are also giving away smaller prizes as well as a weekly $1,000 to shelters with the most votes. 

The contest runs until 12/16/12 and you can vote every day. They do not require you sign-up and don’t even ask for an email address. The Keys Forgotten Felines shelter is really struggling and could use some of that prize money, so if you would like to help, please follow the link below and vote for one of ours. Once on the page, do the following to vote for Forgotten Felines:

In the “Shelter Name” box enter Forgotten Felines.
Then select FL from the “State” dropdown box.
Then click on “Search”.

You should see the Keys Forgotten Felines in the results with a “Vote” button to click. After you click Vote, they will present you with 5 characters you will need to type in to prove you are a human. Please vote every day and spread the word to others (they don’t have to be in the Keys to vote for Forgotten Felines). Link


2011 Fantasy Fest body painting contest. Link

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rick Ramsay Republican for Sheriff

Some like it hot, some like it cold some think not enough funny stuff anymore, some don’t like this poster or that poster, I think the word for that is the human condition, I believe that it would be a very boring place if everyone liked the same thing, a wise man told me once to listen when someone whom you don’t agree with says something, you may learn something.

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Easy Apple Strudel recipe. Link

[FTR] One way to make the CT more fun would be to delete that hate filled rant at the end.



Ed,  Now I am not sure if that unfinished paragraph was sent or not, maybe I am losing my mind?  If I am or not I would never miss a day of not perusing the C.T. as it is chuck full of good common sense and real humor. 

In wake of land injunction lifted, building permit workshops set (good luck with that). Link



Florida Keys Green Living & Energy Education — GLEE. Link

[Unedited] bench bum have no problem but for the record it is more like $250. hr to live like me . i am from ny just bought my first piece of pari-dice family compound for ever! i will be taking those direct flights just can not wait. for the record first resident of bpk was a new yorker and i may be hear to reunify bpk never know? 

[Captain Doom and Gloom] Ever notice when the merchant class raise their prices to the ceiling, a crash follows? Look at history, this has happened many times. Is it because they are making extra profits to help them survive the crash, or is it to make the crash happen in the first place? Greed makes the world go around, but greed also will end it!

Supply and Demand: The last thing a business man would want would be 0% unemployment in the USA. The labor force can be looked at as a commodity, being subject to the same laws of economics as any other commodity such as oil or gold or pork bellies or copper. The supply of the commodity relative to the demand for it sets the price of it. 


Community friends put up reward for unsolved dog drowning case. Link

Key West agrees to $7.5 million  Pier House land sale. Link

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Banana Boat sunscreen recalled after users catch on fire. Link

Bench Bob is an important part of BPK. Please do not run him off. He would be out of place in Key West.

Here’s a comforting thought: Chavez, Putin, and Castro all endorse Obama!

[Embassy Terror] With each passing day it is becoming clear that the Obama Regime didn’t simply make a mistake when it attributed the terrorist attack on our Libyan Consulate to an obscure YouTube Video. It’s becoming clear that the Obama Regime, when it heard of the incident, actually scrambled, behind the scenes, to place politics above the security of our nation and invented and promoted a “suitable lie” to an unsuspecting and gullible public. And to make matters worse, Barack Obama wasted no time and trotted in front of the United Nations to offer “apologies” to our enemies, based on a false narrative that his own people concocted out of thin air, and his “apologies” border on treason! 

Obama’s not denying… he’s lying, and as congress “investigates” this incident, we need to make it clear that simply giving the American people “the facts” is not enough. Someone needs to go to jail over this fraud and deceit.


Only 15 more days until I can elect Gary Johnson President so he can clean up the mess that the Democrats and Republicans created and get this great country’s economy booming again! Link

[“Religion takes away any rights and self-control women have”] Wrong, religion gives you self control and therefore you are free from the dismal act of abortion. Your comment is spoken by a man who uses the head in his pants more then the one on his shoulders.

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Obama: peace, prosperity, healthcare, sky-high stock market.
Romney: war.

Everyone who knows Mitt well knows that he’s the man you always want to have in your corner when times are tough. Now I’m asking you to stand in his corner by helping us secure a Republican victory on November 6th.

It appears FTR has been practicing his victory jig way to early. He’s been telling us of the upcoming Romney victory and is spinning tales of it not even being close. Screech. Hear the sound of brakes? That’s the sound of John McCain Republicans changing lanes and voting for Obama. That’s right folks the same John McCain / Palin supporters are turning towards our President. In a recent Reuters? Ipsos poll 5-9% of former McCain supporters are switching to Obama. That may not sound like much but as close as this race is they could make a huge difference.

Of the people switching to Obama 55% percent of them are males and 34% of them are 55 years old or older. Yep, Older white m ales are turning towards our President. That’s a hell of a switch and cant be taken lightly. 2/3rds of those voters say they are absolutely going to vote. The main reason for the switch according to the poll was that they remember the mess that was left to clean up and they feel our President righted a listing ship.

So hang up the Romney dancing shoes for now folks this clear cut victory for Romney may not be as clear as the Anti Obama cool guys think it is.


Through a closely held equity fund called Solamere, Mitt Romney and his wife, son and brother are major investors in an investment firm called H.I.G. Capital. H.I.G. in turn holds a majority share and three out of five board members in Hart Intercivic, a company that owns the notoriously faulty electronic voting machines that will count the ballots in swing state Ohio November 7.  Hart machines will also be used elsewhere in theUnited States. Link

When the stock market goes up this does not automatically signal that Americas economy is strengthening when the unemployment figures take a small turn for the better, when all around people don’t see the improvement and people suspect that the numbers are being cooked experience has taught most normal folks to remain skeptical and question these figures, after all the old saying “The Proof Is in the Pudding” seems a very apt. phrase to put into practice to me. more so with the group we have in this Admin. we continuously hear words that seem contradictory to what our eyes tell us is happening, some folks just don’t seem able to hear truths about their country, but most people when they go to the doctor are not to interested in what is working well with them, but want to find out the cause of their problems.


When will people notice Romney‘s economic plan is just a wish and that Obama’s plan is actually working?

 Activists put climate change on Presidential debate agenda, but it will never make it because it is a ‘hot potato’ issue that neither side is willing to tackle. Link



[Good News for Conservatives] Tagg Romney owns the voting machines in Ohio, so no need to worry about the election being stolen by voters. Link

I’m really confused. The stock market and corporate profits are at an all time high. More corporate CEOs made the list of richest Americans. My wife and I both have jobs and are  helping drive the economy. We pay taxes. The wars are winding down with an exit strategy in place. And all of this conducted with zero help from Congress. The past 4 years have been very tough globally and though it is still a tough economy unemployment is down. Women’s rights are restored under the Affordable Care Act.

But the opposition says not? Romney says he will create 12 m jobs, but analysts say that’s how many jobs are going to be created regardless of who is president. Then Mitt says government doesn’t create jobs? Obama needs 4 more years. Get out and vote. Our future depends on it. 

Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms. Oh, a Democrat lie? O.K., nothing to see here, move along, move along.

Barack Obama has repeatedly failed to present America with a clear vision for the future. We’ve had enough of his stale rhetoric, canned excuses, and rehearsed talking points. The President broke his promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, and not just by a little bit. He has racked up more than $5.5 trillion in new debt over the last four years, raising our national debt to over $16 trillion. If allowed a second term, President Obama will let the debt climb to over $20 trillion — that’s money our children and grandchildren will have to pay back.

Mitt Romney will not shrink from the tough questions or run away from America’s problems. That’s why he was the only candidate who looked truly presidential on the debate stage Tuesday night — and that’s why he will deliver the real recovery America deserves.

The choice is clear. Mitt Romney is offering a real plan for a real recovery; we can’t afford four more years of fiscal freewheeling and historic levels of debt.

Help Romney gather women for his binders. Link



Mitt Romney’s campaign blimp crashed in Davie. On the side it has a big picture of Mitt with a caption that says. America needs Romney. I would have loved to see that baby Hindenburg itself into history. 

How Mitt Romney ‘owes $25,000 on a 130-year-old debt’ after his great-grandfather skipped bail because his neighbors thought him a ‘mass of putrid pus’. Link



Mitt Romney – Wealthy and I Know It! (Sexy and I know it Parody) Link

 From the Right

Once again, a CT Obama fan has hit a long wrong ball all the way to the left of the left field foul line. Yesterdays agitated poster was woofing about the “Live Free and Prosper” line that VP to be Ryan used in his New Hampshire speeches.  But, the truth will out, (thanks Shakespeare).  The big NH crowds loved it and loved him and Mr. Romney, Romney now leads in NH (RCP most recent). Any serious reader of the CT will know that the “Live Free and Prosper” slogan first appeared here in June of this year as the banner for these humble postings. And nope, it is not a knock off of The New Hampshire slogan; it’s a rip off of the Vulcan “Live long and prosper” salute from Star Trek.  I know that because I ripped it off.

Personally, I’m glad that it’s finally been revealed that Team Romney is still on board with CT and continues to regularly consult The Coconut Telegraph for source material.  Maybe soon FTR will be able to tell all about FOX news and Rush Limbaugh’s reliance on source material from the Coconut Telegraph. Ahem.

Part 2)  Have you noticed that liberal political speech is mostly clichés?  Just for fun, let’s take a look at a couple of them.

The word “fair”:  it now seems that it is impossible for left leaning folks to utter the word “fair” without adding “share”. Fair is now “fairshare” in liberalspeak.  I spoke to a liberal pal the other day and asked how he was doing. He responded: “fairshare”. We used to be able to go to the fair, now we have to go to the “fairshare”.  How’s the weather in New York? “Fairshare”.  

What does the new liberal word mean, what does “fairshare” mean to our liberal friends.  The most heard use of “fairshare” is liberals demanding that they have the power to decide what is fair and what is not in matters of taxation.  They choose not to make that decision based not on the “goodness” or “badness” of the individual, but rather on how much the individual has acquired.  To liberal folks any individual who has more than the “common man” has is by definition evil and must be punished. In our society we tend to still disapprove of public flogging, so the liberal folk flog the achievers pocket book instead.  Fairshare in liberal speak does not mean share and share alike. It does not mean that splitting an apple among 4 friends means each gets a quarter of the apple. It means nothing like that. Now is liberal land “fairshare” is a concept that requires means testing. Fairshare has become a tool to punish those who prosper. Especially in taxation.  

About 50% of all Americans pay not a cent in Federal income taxes. Is that fair? In liberalspeak, that is the ultimate fairness. To our liberal friends, the fact that the top 10% of American earners pay somewhere between 45 to 70% (depending on source) of all the Federal income taxes collected is not  fair. We do know that the top 1% of American earners pay about 23% of all the taxes collected. That’s not a fairshare in liberal land. They demand more.  Liberals choose to ignore that our top 10% of achievers pay a higher share of federal revenues than any other industrialized nation. It’s very revealing that most liberal folks try to dodge giving any idea of exactly what they would consider a “fairshare” of income taxation for the achievers. On the other hand, it interesting than when pinned down on a number, most liberal folks reveal that the percentage they choose is less than the current tax rate.

Then there’s “reproductiverights”.  No one can be certain what that really means, because the left field players are trying to convince the gullible that Republicans are trying to deny women their “reproductiverights”.  Our liberal friends have a genetic fault that requires them to the invent rights that have never existed.  For example, now they would have us believe that we all have a right to a cell phone. They have decided that if you “can’t afford” it, one must be provided, free, by Big Mommy, the federal government.

I assure you that no Republican is trying to deny women the right to reproduce. Indeed, it is the Democrats who seem hell bent on preventing women from reproducing. It is the Democrats who have made abortion on demand their cause célèbre. It is the Democrats that are dead set on making pregnancy and birth a condition to be avoided at all costs. Look, if you can convince yourself that you have to rely on the government for birth control, you are only an election away from having government mandated birth control. Sound silly? Ask the Chinese.

There is much caterwauling from the left that we Republicans want to banish Planned Parenthood from the face of the earth. That’s not true. What is true is that most of us, Republican and Democrat, believe that Planned Parenthood provides a valuable public service in health care screening and offering reproductive advice. We object only to the public funding of it. Many of us strongly object to the public funding of abortion. Unfortunately, abortion on demand has become a sacrament to the leftists. Those folks who strongly support Planned Parenthood should contribute whatever donation(s) suits them. If PP is strongly user supported, it should be a stand alone institution.

In our society women have the right to get and use any method of birth control that they choose. That’s right and proper. Most of us Republicans object to abortion that is for the convenience of the mother. Some of us object on religious and others on moral grounds.  Very few of us have any objection to abortion if it’s necessary for the health of the mother, or in cases of rape or incest. Nearly all Republicans are convinced that it’s improper that the tax payer pay for the services offered by Planned Parenthood.

Birth control is inexpensive. Some modalities may be relatively expensive, but there is freedom of choice in the market place. The less expensive choices provide much more safety to the users than do the more expensive choices.  Personally, I’d like to drive a Lincoln Navigator or Ford Expedition, but I can’t afford it, so I drive a Ford truck instead. Check it out for yourself, read the constitution and try to find any mention of a right to free birth control. A woman’s choice regarding birth control is no business of the state. Nor should the tax payer pay for her choice. There is no Republican effort to shut PP’s doors.  The issue is a ginned up non-issue.

Part 3) On guard. Watch for Mr. Obama to tomorrow, during the debate, announce that he intends to engage in unilateral discussions withIraqconcerning their nuke program.  If Obama does so, he is even lower than I’m convinced that he is. If he does, it is proof positive that he is nothing more than a craven politico ready and anxious to do absolutely anything to get reelected.  Watch also for Mr. Obama to embark on some sort of military adventure during the next 10 days or so.  Expect him to make some sort of strike against whoever he can blame for theBengasimurders. Some of our readers will recall that several months ago a prediction was made that Obama was likely to open a military operation in order to get votes.  Watch for it to come to pass.