2012 October

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I would again like to thank everyone who voted for me in my primary campaign for the School Board.  We ran an aggressive campaign calling for change in how the School Board and the School District operates.  I assume that that theme resonated with you and that is why you voted for me.  

In November, you will be faced with a choice between Capt. Ed Davidson and John Welsh.  If change in the School Board is what you seek, there is no choice.  Capt. Ed Davidson has been a longtime critic of School Board machinations and, if elected, will do his utmost to bring change.  Conversely, John Welsh is just another retired principal much like Ron Martin and I do not believe that the School Board should become a retirement community for former school administrators.  

John Welsh represents a continuation of the status quo.  Capt. Ed Davidson represents change and a different future.  I strongly urge all of you to cast your ballot for Capt. Ed Davidson.   ~Larry Murray 

Not much has been said about the ongoing internal investigation in the sheriff’s department regarding the lack of procedures being followed, leading up to the theft of guns out of patrol cars.  If I were to guess more procedures will be written to only not be followed by the very same individuals.  That will only happen after the upcoming elections.


If you dig a deeper channel for ships that carry 6000 people you will need more foreigners that do not like Americans yelling on every corner, “FIVE DOLLAR, FIVE DOLLAR, EVERYTHING FIVE DOLLAR, YOU COME HERE CRUISE SHIP PERSON I HAVE FIVE DOLLAR T-SHIRT! Hell, I might even open a T-Shirt shop because that is all those tourist buy.

[Blocked Boat Ramp] The inconsiderate driver was very considerate to offer an apology.

1. Larry Shaffer’s Meet and Greet: 41st Street, 39th & Washingtonare flooding in heavy rain. I suggested that the community ask the Fire Department to pump out the streets. 42nd Streettrees need trimmed. Toilets backup on 41st Streetspecifically 125 – 41st Street

2. Many asked about what is a good return on their property taxes. I explained that Marathon is just one of many taxing agencies. Marathon’s tax burden is just under 20%. It is better to attend the other taxing agencies public hearings for them to cut back on their tax burden. In that same voice, there was a complaint of skitters being thick.

3. The community treasures Jesse Hobbs Park, the first one in Marathon. There are needs, which have been answered by other councilmembers. A new sign beside the 41st park entrance is being planned. A new unisex rest room is in the lineup for infrastructure project. The kind of ground cover that Sombrero Beach playground has is requested for Jesse Hobbs Park playground that is now only sand, a favorite place for dogs and cats.

4. There is still some BP oil money available to businesses and residences.

5. There were some complaints against the Sheriff’s Office and the 41st Street stereotypical drug area comments. Most were of the mind to clean out the Sheriff’s Office. Judge Becker is seen as inconsistent and unfair.

6. The most vitriol was for garbage pickup as bad customer service.

7. The Journal joined the Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce. Whoopee!

8. Absentee ballots started mid-September until November 2nd. Early voting starts October 27. If you vote early by absentee ballot or early voting, you can fix whatever may be wrong with your voter registration. State Repubs are actively trying to suppress the vote. They are not hiding the fact that this is their strategy. The ballot is going on 8 pages. The Marathon City Council election is on second page. ~Publisher@MarathonJournal.US


Sleeping dogs compilation. The internet isn’t just for cats! Link

Bench Bob is a former carpenter who worked for a contractor in the Keys. When the contractor lost contracting jobs, Bench Bob lost his job with the contractor. Bob’s name is [Editor redacted name]. If you see him, offer him a job.


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To the inconsiderate person who left truck and trailer on the ramp in Big Pine Key. I have an acceptable solution to your dilemma if this were to occur again.  I am assuming that you absolutely had to get your boat in the water that very minute and you had no one you could trust to pull your truck out for you.  In the future tie your boat off to the side out of everyone’s way and drive your truck and empty trailer home, then go back and get your boat.  That way you do not upset or inconvenience anyone.  Just think if someone else had theft their truck and trailer blocking the boat ramp when you had to get your boat in the water that very same minute.


Part-time help wanted for BPK Flea Market. Mature women who likes to sell and interact with people. Saturdays only 4 1/2 hours. Classified Ads

I hate Saturdays. No C.T., kids out from school. I guess I ought to get a life but that takes effort and I hate decisions. Friends on BPK tell me things are quiet there now. Are they expecting many people down for Fantast Fest? I think I’ll wait until that’s over to drive down. Weather here in central Florida is great. Cool front coming down tonight. Supposed to be in 50’s Sunday morning. I’ve got to go find a early Happy Hour.

I agree with the person who stated, ‘Coconut Telegraph’ of used to be funny, what the hell happened?’ Guess, not enough of us submit humor. I will try to do better. Looks like the new format will be better, once you get all the bugs out. I know it has been a real chore for you. Thanks for hanging in there!

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[Side-Slipping Politician] The three best ways to vote NO without actually committing yourself to being against something. 
1. Be against a trivial minor point. 
2. Say ” It doesn’t go far enough “. 
3. Say. ” This isn’t the right way to go about it “.

These three things also work well if you want to convince people to vote against it, but don’t have a convincing argument against the whole thing. 

The posters who are convinced that the Homestead Exemption is not part of the Florida Constitution should take the time to read the Constitution, specifically Article VII Section 6 which is referenced in each amendment dealing with the exemption. You may want to read the whole thing to try to find the spin you are looking for, but notice that the title is “Homestead Exemption” 

While you’re at it, check the references to the other parts of the Constitution referenced at the beginning of each amendment. 

If you are uncomfortable just looking at a bum on a bench, how uncomfortable do you think he is? Give them a job and pay them $40 an hour so they can live just like you!



Pharmacists improve health, lower costs, but beware of PBM middlemen. Lin

 [“Big pine at one time was funny”] That can also be said about the Keys.  And I want the fun back !  Get rid of these intense gotta have it my wayers!  

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[Sea Ice Off Eastern Greenland] The MODIS instrument on NASA’s Aqua satellite captured this visible image of Sea Ice off eastern Greenland on October 16, 2012.



I agree with the person that said the used to have more comedy. I just skip the long winded political stuff. We hear and see enough of that on TV. So lighten up a bit.

[Direct flights to D.C. and the Big Apple]  That is not good news. Who wants Key West to be anything like NYC?  This is like running a rail line from a ghetto to a nice neighborhood. The Jersey herds of obese bovines will be next.


[Stupid is as Stupid Does] Donna the Deer Lady’ learns the hard way: deer crossing signs are for humans, not deer. Link


Today’s mind teaser:  In Highlands County, Susan House(?) is running for the Senate.


[Inconsiderate person who left truck and trailer on the ramp] I’ve been launching and retrieving my boat all by my lonesome for thirty years and have never left the truck and trailer on the ramp unattended–ever!


[Flu Shots] The Big Pine Moose Lodge will host a flu shot clinic on Saturday, November 10th from 1 -3pm. Nurses from the Monroe County Health Department will be on site to administer the vaccinations. The cost of the shot is just $20 on a sliding scale based on income. The clinic is open to the public. You do not need to be a Moose Lodge member. The Moose Lodge is located at 21st St. and Wilder Rd.just north of the Winn-Dixie Plaza. Ample parking is available. Don’t let the flu get you. Get your shot and protect yourself from the seasonal flu. Bulletin Board

[Great Lakes Barge] Welland Canal time-lapse. Neat boat ride. Link

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rick Ramsay Republican for Sheriff

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Do they make vitamin beer? I need to take my vitamins.

The Big Pine Flea Market, from the ad, it sounds like a mini Walmart.


[Perverts] Former Keys Scout Leader among those named in formerly confidential sexual abuse files. Link

Oklahoma girl, 12, shoots intruder during home burglary Link

Keys woman, Vanessa Seaverns, wins Stone Crab eating contest. Link



[Bloopers] Gas station fails. People are dumb. Link

Things that make you go Hmmmm:  with new Peteck for Sheriff signs on our truck, we got a nice escort down to Summerland Key – patrol car turned around to follow us, just a coincidence, I’m sure.  And at our house –  it was nice to see a Sheriff’s car drive by not once, but twice, since we hadn’t seen one come by in ages.  I guess if you have a Peteck sign, you get extra special attention.




Chocolate Walnut Strudel. Divine! Link

Sacks full of marijuana float into shore, not Jamaican brown sugar. Link

Deer problem solved by airhead. Link



Early voting starts Sat. Link

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The Ocean Reef Chamber of Commerce hosts a Golf & Dolphin Tournament annually, and has for the first time donated all proceeds to charity.

“We were proud to partner with the United Wayof theFlorida Keys for this year’s golf and fishing tournament. The organization provides much needed assistance to caring organizations in the Keys, and we are thrilled that we could make a small contribution towards their efforts,” said Chamber President Greg Lunsford.

At the Chamber’s monthly luncheon in October, Lunsford presented a check to United Way of the Florida Keys President Margie Smith.

“We want to thank all the participants and sponsors for helping making our community a better place and funding our work to support strong, working families,” Smith said, “All funds raised in the Keys stay in the Keys.”

Sponsors for the event included The Plaza Building at Ocean Reef; Reef Tropical Pool & Lawn; Chef Wesley Brage; Amy Heavilin; Maggie Gutierrez; Aran, Correa, Guarch & Shapiro, P.A.; The Medical Center at Ocean Reef; Russell Post Sotheby’s International Relalty; The UPS Store Key Largo ~ Ocean Reef; Pilates in Paradise; Islamorada Investment Management; Vogt Spear Construction; Joyce Griffin; Restivo & Reilly, LLC; Andy Griffiths; Key Largo Chocolates; Going Aire; Royal Furniture Gallery; First State Bank; Planet Golf; JLM Painting; and Heavenly Touch.

To learn more about the work of the United Wayof theFlorida Keys, you can attend upcoming presentations at the Islamorada Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Oct. 24, at the Islamorada Fishing Club, and at the Marathon Rotary luncheon, Oct. 31.

“Anyone who would like to arrange for aUnited Waypresentation where they work,” Smith said, “or to donate directly, can also contact our office at 735-1929.”


[Think Positive] I think it’s a crying shame that the Right gets so upset when they see anything good happen in our government like the improved numbers for jobs and the stock market’s climb. People used to all pull for our nation’s success, now all they pull for is power. What happened to America?

[It’s Getting Better All The Time] I thought you’d like this article: Unemployment lowest since 08 in Miami-Dade. Link

Excellent post by a well-informed individual on solar power, but be prepared for blowback from the greens claiming you have stock in oil companies. The greens rarely have any technical or engineering background to help them rationally think through this process. They usually base their opinions on left wing talking points. And the folks pushing green energy almost always are making money from it. 

“Live Free And Prosper” The first airing of those words was by Ryan in NH, trying to spin the NH’s state slogan “Live Free Or Die”. What arrogance, and an insult to NH.  A completely pathetic, inept, demeaning campaign gimmick.  If this is the best Ryan’s spinner handlers can come up with, he’s picked some real idiots. They are not earning their pay.

[Joseph Smith] The reason you haven’t heard too much about this wild and crazy guy!

Excerpt from Rolling Stone # RS1168 Oct 25th. 2012: “…..tensions against Mormons and their neighbors increased, Smith organized a covert Council of Fifty, intended to institute God’s government on Earth and, perhaps, to secure for him some protection. The council named Smith as the King of the Kingdom of God on Earth, then they sanctified his final conceit: Smith would run for the presidency of the United States.

“I will raise up a government in the United States, which will overturn the present government.”  ~Joseph Smith

OK Mitt Romney, which is it, “I’ll create 12 million jobs” or “government doesn’t create jobs”? 

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Although President Obama won’t lay out his plan for a second term, we already know what it will be — a repeat of the last four years. We can’t afford four more years of crushing debt and wasteful spending. 

The Republicans are trying to steal the White House with lies. We’re in trouble that politics have sunk to such a low.



Seems we’ve not heard much from Nancy Pelosi lately, and she seems to have melted away… this graphic seems apropos given Halloween is just days away…

Obama has signed 923 Executive Orders in 40 months! What did Congress do in those 40 months? (The House – considerable. The Senate -nothing, not even a budget nor allowing any House bill to be considered.) A whole new order must prevail in Wash. DC as a result of this next election!


Just how badly did CNN’s Candy Crowley destroy her first (and hopefully last) attempt as a presidential debate moderator? More than 65 million people saw that she is to debate moderation as CNN is to “news.” Barack Obama made a fatal mistake when he lied, claiming he’d labeled the Libya attack as an act of terrorism. The look on Romney’s face said it all: Mr. President, here comes checkmate. Then Crowley leapt to Obama’s defense, declared a lie a truth, changed the subject, and Obama was free. It was a travesty.

Yeah FTR’s Right. Only a total loser and a complete basket case could lose this election. This election should be a slam dunk. The person that would lose this election after the terrible destruction our President has done should hide his face in shame for all eternity. Too funny. Way to set up Romney as the biggest screw up in political history FTR. Nobodies been fooled, tricked, coerced, hypnotized or drank the wrong Kool-Aid. People have heard both sides and thought this one out. I think that if the President wins this election it will be the death sentence to the Tea Party.

Just like the dodo bird the Tea Party will become an obscure part of American history. The disco music of politics if you will. Obama wins this election in a close 1. He didn’t start the 2 wars that destroyed the budget. He’s ending them. Obama 2012.

[The Great Destroyer] Romney was not a businessman: he was a master financial speculator who bought, sold, flipped, and stripped businesses.

[Abortion] I am genuinely curious about a political stand on abortion. Some anti abortion politicians say that they can accept abortion in the case of rape or incest. If they are against abortion because it is the taking of a life and, as such, murder, how can murder be ok simply because the victim happens to be the result of rape or incest ? Is it ok to murder a 14 year old who is the result of rape or incest ? Of course not. I don’t get the logic. 


[Captain Doom and Gloom] It is shameful that religion takes its toll on weak minds by dictating the sick rules that the sheep have to live by.  Take women for example, religion takes away any rights and self-control you have. You cannot be the master of your own body, your own kitchen, your own house or family without those strange guys in dresses dictating the way THEY want you to live. There is a small gap between the Islamic, Jewish and Christian ways of control and that gap it is getting tighter daily. If this planet does not wake up and see what these screwballs are doing to us, and do something before it is too late, we deserve to be degraded into the mindless sheep we are becoming.

“Teacher Evaluation” That FCAT is for Fat Cats right? The FCats are doing what is required to dumb down the citizenry to keep the sheeple in tow. No way do the rulers want smart sheep or the wolves will not eat.  The teacher is the supreme agent to help our society reach higher standards than parents can create at home. Most of this breeding generation has already been duped into a 5th grade mentality. The next batch of inept offspring will be 3rd graders, unable to tie their own shoelaces. Too many people!

Key West Fantasy Fest used to be cool, hip and had beautiful people doing Their Thing, but the last few years brought out the uglie’s and bents to the point of the ruination of anything remotely close to a good time! UGH! Link

 From the Right


Mr. Obama is having a real bad time. All of the balls he had in the air are falling on his head.

On the foreign policy scene, his silly braggadocios strutting that he had single handedly castrated AQI and jihad terrorism is now proving to have been nothing but silly braggadocios strutting.  We now know that the AQI flag is routinely seen flying from government buildings in Libya. You will remember that Mr. Obama was instrumental is ousting a dictator who was no threat to us with Muslim fundamentalists who are sworn to kill us. They are living up to their vow. They get stronger every single day. The other day a huge car bomb exploded inBeirut,Lebanon.  It was a terrorist act in a nation that Mr. Obama assured us that was undergoing metamorphosis to democracy. Governance of Lebanonis on the cusp of being controlled by Hezbollah. AQI’s strength and influence grows every day in Afghanistan.  Today, after nearly 4 years of Mr. Obama’s deferential policies, the Mid-East is aflame with Muslim fundamentalism as it has never been before.

The repulsive details of Obama’s attempted cover up of the Bengasi 9/11 terrorist attack are being revealed. The gross mismanagement of Embassy security by Team Obama is being revealed for all to see. Friday,Beirut’s CIA station chief revealed that within 24 hours of the murders, Washington was notified, in writing, that the assault was a terrorist assault, not mob violence. We’ve just learned that Amb. Stevens himself, on the day he was murdered begged for more security. We learned that there is reams of proof that the Bengasi officials had, for months,  been begging for more security. Obama and Clinton left our Bengasi based officials, staked to the top of an ant pile. They were certain to be devoured. Nonetheless, Obama and his minions for the next week did all in their power to convince us that the terrorist attack was nothing more than mob violence.  The Team Obama’s self-serving nattering was obscene. Obama was so fixated on protecting his narrative of being seen as a kind and benevolent Libyan presence that he and his engaged in systemic and serial lying. As usual, Obama’s instant reaction to fault is to blame someone, anyone, other than himself. In this instant it was an American who put an Muslim insulting video on the web. Team Obama’s had the man arrested, and even perp walked him. Freedom of speech? It was the actions and non-actions of team Obama that led directly to the deaths of Amb. Stevens and the three other Americans.

No sentient being can believe that Team Obama did not try to hide the real reason for the assault. Perhaps the most galling part of the whole first tragic, then noxious episode is the cover-up. The fact that Obama has refused to submit to the questions of the press, and that  he will not give a press conference is infuriating.  We deserve to know. Instead he has spread his propaganda by appearances on friendly TV shows such as Letterman and Comedy Central.  Does anyone think that Comedy Central is an appropriate venue to discuss an attack on US soil and the terrorist murders of 4 Americans?  On that show, Obama stated: “when four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.”  Optimal, Good Lord, Optimal?

Then there is this: Team Obama danced and pranced with glee when Mubarak, the dictator of Egypt, who also happened to be a friend and ally of the USA, was deposed and replaced with a Muslim fundamentalist government.  Team Obama hailed the development as the “Arab Spring”. The wave of fundamentalism sweeping the Mid East is better labeled the “Sharia Summer”.  Last week, polling of Egyptians reveals that a majority of them now support Iran and Iran’s nuke program. Egyptians now want to have their own nuke weapons.  Now the majority of Egyptians favor ending their peace treaty with Israel. Anti Israel sentiment is growing like weeds. Mr. Obama’s apologies for America in the Mid East is reaping bitter, bitter fruit. It soon will be poison.

Now, yet another of the green energy firms that Obama funded with your tax dollars is crashing. It was the second of Obama’s follies to file for bankruptcy last week. The latest failure is a “green” energy company, A123. Obama gave them about $280 million.   A123 was supposed to build batteries, but it produced not a single battery before folding.  The Obama follies have cost us billions. There is a real likelihood that the remains of the company will be bought by the Chinese. Imagine that. We borrowed the money from the Chinese to give it to a company that failed, then the people we borrowed the money from, buy back the pieces of the failed company for nickels on the dollar. They get richer. We get poorer. I urge to you check out: Link

It is not surprising that the Obama brand is plummeting in the market place. As of late Friday Gallup has Romney ahead by 7. Incredibly, Romney is ahead by 4 in Pennsylvania. Romney is ahead in Florida by 5. Our liberal friends must be pulling their hair because RealClearPolitics has just reported that Romney leads by 5 in the Electoral College count.

Part 2) We have big Romney/Ryan magnetic signs on our vehicles. Not a day goes by but wherein we get positive comments on the signs. We’ve had literally scores of waves and thumbs up. It is most gratifying that nearly every time we park at a store, etc., someone will approach us and ask where we got signs, folks young and old want them. We’ve given away a passel of them, and have just re ordered.  If you want a pair of these magnetic car signs (20”/25”) just send me an e-mail at  We’ll figure out a way to get them to you, no charge, naturally.

Part 3) In Re: Rob’s/Not Rob’s/Curve/Springer’s:  Springer and crew are making some serious changes in the soon to open Springer’s. They’ve pretty well gutted the kitchen and are starting over. The new kitchen promises to be a state of the art plant for serving up fine, quality food for Big Pine diners. Springer has spent a ton of money on the kitchen to upgrade it and to make it the most sanitary kitchen in the Keys. Springer is enthusiastic about catering to the local clientele.  He’s working on a brand new menu that will include not just bar food but will be sure to please folks who are interested in good and quality dining. As a part of the remodeling of the dining room, he’s installed acoustical tiles on the ceilings. Soon, it will be an comfortable and attractive venue for all.  I can attest that his efforts have worked. Even with construction in progress, it’s comfortably quiet.  Folks who want to have a drink or two with dinner will be in for a real treat.  Really good food coupled with a really good drink is a sure fire crowd pleaser and local’s magnet. The bar has been remodeled, and will be a comfortable and friendly place to socialize.

This olde fart is anxious for them to open. It won’t be a reopening, because Springer’s is a brand new presence on BPK.  Springer expects that the opening will be sometime around November 7th.  We look forward to it.


No Name Key saga. Link

I was surprised there were no posts on Friday re NNK’s fight for electricity.  Maybe the word has not gone around enough yet. Here’s the short version of the latest – at the Thursday 10/18/12 all-day meeting, the Planning Commission said NO to electricity.

Does that mean the fight is over? Of course not.

Does that mean still more county taxpayer dollars are going to be thrown at this fight ?  Of course. 

Do I care who wins the fight ?  Hell NO !

Do I care where my tax dollars are being wasted ? Hell YES !!!

Hey BOCC, this is a private squabble between property owners. Butt out and stop wasting our tax dollars! Because eventually the yes electricity people are going to win.  And when the smoke clears, it will be about how much did the county waste trying to prevent the inevitable. 

The BOCC is just throwing more good tax money after bad.  How much of their own money have the NO electricity people spent,  taken out of their own bank accounts? 

Why do all the county taxpayers have to fund this squabble?  There will be enough time to spend taxpayer dollars when the losing side sues the county.  So stop spending taxpayer dollars now. Preserve those taxpayer dollars for the lawsuits later. 

Here’s this taxpayer’s position: I don’t care who gets what. I just do not want to pay for their fight.  I already know I’m going to have to pay whoever loses.

Denied: Commercial power permit for No Name Key. Link