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Monday, September 15, 2014

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fish draging boat longCharter fishermen really puzzle me. I walk past their boat on a rainy or windy day and say, “How ya’ doing?” They say, “I’ll tell you how I’m doing…This G-D weather is costing me $1,000 a day, that’s how I’m doing.”And when I pass the same one on a sunny, calm day and ask, “How ya’ doing?” He says, “I can’t make any money in this dam business, that’s how I’m doing!” Then he gets into his brand new doolie diesel, drives to his 4br, 4 bath stilted home and has a swim in his heated pool. He has been doing that for 35 years on no money! He needs to sue someone. What else?
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I know Scotland one day will gain its independence, and rightly deserved, but now is not the right time. We do not need more destabilization in the world. Sorry Scots.
[“ISIS No central location”] The real reason the Ragheads are going to be difficult to beat is they are spread all over the planet, in every city, town, and hood and they have inter-bread over the years so it is very hard to tell who is or is not one of them. I have met Muslims who look like my Irish bartender, or Italian cook, or Polish intellectual. There is no way until they attack you to tell who is who; then you better be ready to defend your life because they will not stop. It is the sick leading the blind in their culture where a Muslim leader has no qualms to dress a five year old girl with explosives and a timer then send her into a crowded shopping mall. That is only one way they will fight us. Forget the man to man battlefield conflicts of wars fought by men with honor and dignity. They will do anything anywhere to kill us even if it takes their own lives. If we Infidels do not do something now, we may not win this one. Remember Nam? We thought like we did in WW1 and WW2 there too. It did not work and they won!
[“Toenail Fungus”] Try Iodine and it will make your toes really cute looking too. Why do you think women use nail polish to hide the fungus among us?
Popcorn machine
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[God’s Air Force] I think it no different than Muslims swearing on the Qur’an before killing Americans, the Air Force’s demanding that Airman swear to God before they go kill Muslims. Since when does the military demand that only Christians can kill the enemy? Can Jews join too? How about Agnostics?
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leader15I’m in agreement that authentic leadership cannot be learned. I think it is bestowed upon an individual with it’s knowledge. What they do with it determines their path in life. Individuals who migrate to the ISIS have the belief that their life is crap, and they can’t think of anything to live for. They have become part of a sect. With technology today they can be spread all over the world and therefore strike anywhere at anytime. They have been brainwashed. They believe that ISIS makes it possible for them to be important individuals who have the power to control what happens in the world. Albeit, sending us further into hell in a hurry. Did you ever wonder how many of these individuals suffer from mental illness? How about the individuals enabled in their drug abuse? How much money ISIS is channeling to its members all over the world?
We should all focus on the authentic leadership of ISIS. Kidnap, place an imposter, and re-brainwash its followers. I am sure we already have followers imbedded in ISIS who are working for the USA. Now lets put a leader in place!
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
[Citizen of the Say Says] I like that the weird go pro; I work in a circus and I blend right in.
[Gun nuts] Yee-haw! Looky here! I got me a flak jacket made of jen-u-wine ba-bee!
[Spies Like Us] The FBI warns against webcams. About 700,000 homes worldwide are accessed by a $40 Remote Access Tool (RAT). The tool was invented by a 23 year old Arizona man and allows a user to open email and take over computers and passwords.
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singer fat lady
[Fat Lady Sings] Thank for all your support in getting the “lard off”. Will keep you posted.
[School Core Test] Standardized testing is a good idea, but I wonder if teachers are only teaching the answers to that test. If so, they might be stifling free thought. There are a lot of wrong answers that may help students arrive as the correct one by eliminating the wrong ones. That’s an important thought process that may go uncultivated.
I told the city commission twice this year to stop paying Ed Swift’s company, Historic Tours of America (HTA) $500,000 a year to use its conch trains to haul cruise ship passengers from the outer mole pier to their HTA terminals in Old Town Key West, where they buy fake HTA Key West trinkets made in Asia, and buy tickets to tour Key West in HTA conch trains and trolleys. It’s a great deal for Ed and HTA, all paid for by the city’s taxpayers.
The world’s rarest bat is discovered living on a golf course in Miami. Link
Bombing the hell out of Vietnam worked out like bombing the hell out of Iraq and bombing the hell out of Afghanistan. Now we have Al Qaeda and ISIS competing to see who’s the baddest at bombing the hell out of Americans!
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Happy Monday from Springer’s Bar and Grill
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Tuesday special: $10 2 topping pizza
Wednesday special: shrimp and grits
Thursday special: chicken parmigiana on hoagie
Friday special: fish and chips
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s always something special at Springer’s
[Cheap Phones] Google launches $105 Android One overseas and eyes the low-price smartphone boom. Link
What happened to the cookie recipe that someone was going to send in?
$1 = 61.1000 Indian rupees.
[The crisis of rising sea levels] As the seas rise, a slow-motion disaster gnaws at America’s shores. Missions flown from the NASA base here have documented some of the most dramatic evidence of a warming planet over the past 20 years: the melting of polar ice, a force contributing to a global rise in ocean levels. Link
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pig out
[Muslim solution] If we put pork in all the foods and a naked picture of Bette Midler on the label, then the Muslims would starve to death, right?
U.S. sees Middle East help in fighting Islamic State. Washington said countries in the Middle East had offered to join air strikes against Islamic State militants. Link
Do you use Windows Live Mail?  If so, how do you delete just one or two email addresses from the Address book without deleting the whole listing?
Snowcone machine
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[Core Testing] The teachers are complaining that they have to teach to the test.   I say that is a good thing.  At least the little monsters are learning something for all the money we pour into the schools.
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shooting gallery15[Islamic State] It is not necessary or possible for me or any one random citizen to have a solution to the ISIS problem in order to comment on it. Obama sold the idea that these would be surgical strikes from the air, picking off ISIS targets like a shooting gallery. We all know that’s not possible as they will most likely infiltrate schools and hospitals, making civilians targets as well. As soon as the first plane goes down, there will be more hostages taken, with more beheadings — just what they want.There is a difference between doing nothing and waiting for better intelligence, which is what I advocate.
[“Smoking cost County $753 per employee”] I wonder how much alcohol use costs the County?
[Dualing Messages] Deer Ed, A few days ago you asked why some posters send their post several times. Maybe I have an answer. I posted a comment and clicked Send … nothing. I was prepared to re-click Send again, but I scrolled down a little and saw the “Message sent” line. Duh!
Perhaps (same as almost happened to me) some posters don’t see the ‘sent’ line and re click Send? (Ed: Thank you, I appreciate the input. I’ve been baffled by this for a long time.)
from the other end of I-75. This would be an awesome thing to do in the Keys or on the Coconut Telegraph. Challenge on! Somebody get this party started. Video
[“No smoking County jobs”] In Pasco County if you smoke you need not even apply for a job with the county, you will not be hired.
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wedding cake15
(Ed: Deer friends, I will be away for a few days to attend a wedding and my laptop died and I’m not buying another so I won’t be publishing this Sunday, Monday, Tues and maybe Wednesday unless someone up there has a laptop I can use.)
[Spanking the Monkey Proves Fatal] Man dies at sperm bank after 4th donation in 10 days. A marathon masturbator in China died after he donated his seed to a sperm bank four times in just 10 days. Zheng Gang was found slumped over and unconscious in a private booth at the Wuhan University facility in Hubei Province after staff noticed he hadn’t come out in two hours. When the medics broke down the door, they discovered the 23-year-old lying on the floor and immediately tried to resuscitate him. Doctors ultimately pronounced him dead of a heart attack.Gang’s family took the sperm bank to court because his relatives felt the clinic was responsible for his 2012 death. They demanded to be paid $648,545 in compensation and claimed that the clinic had forced him to sign up. They also said the clinic pressured the young man into making frequent donations and alleged the medical staff did not properly handle the situation once they discovered him unconscious.

But a court has now ruled that his demise was entirely his fault because he was capable of making his own decisions — including going on a masturbatory frenzy. Gang started studying to become a doctor at Wuhan in 2010. He joined the sperm bank program a year later and was known to be a regular advocate for the facility – sometimes even encouraging others to make their own donations.

[Air Strikes] How long will it be before one of our pilots is captured by ISIS and beheaded on TV? Grounds troops will soon follow.
gods army15
[Irony] The Air Force stands alone in requiring atheists to say ‘so help me God’ Link
[Fracking] Is it correct to say that we are oil sufficient and don’t need Mideast oil any longer?
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dna genes
[102 Good Genes] The topic of getting off ones lardy ass and exercising as a way of reducing ones girth by doing such, brings back fond memories of perhaps the smartest man I ever knew, namely my father who went to his reward at the tender age of 102. When some would take him to task for his lack of exercising he would reply and I quote: I would do as you say, but I am of the firm conviction that their are only so many allotted revolutions allowed for this old carcass and I just don’t want to waste any of them not accomplishing any thing.
[“Doing nothing to stop ISIS”] My position was not to do nothing. My position is that no one has a position that will work, even in theory. Try not to read things into statements that aren’t there nor implied. Because I offered no other course of action only means that I have none. No one else does either. As other posters have written–we only offer tactics not strategies. I wish I was smart enough to offer a solution to this scourge, but I don’t have a clue.
[“Having issues with lawyer doing a bait and switch on the billing”] I did once, but my guardhouse lawyer, Mr. Nine-iron, adjusted his shins and all was corrected. That’s what it takes to fix things–pain!
how-muslim-women-should-dress15[Muslim Solution 2] This is going to sound cruel and unjustifiable, but considering the evidence, it may be the only way to save our asses in America and Europe. Since all Muslims have to admit they are Muslims and believe in Allah, or react when confronted with the subject, then just ask every Muslim-looking human if they indeed are Muslims. Then with dignity, escort them back to the Middle East. If found again here, it is life in a work camp or death. Forget the costs, it is your life at stake.Oh, the oil? Ok, forget it.
[Editor Not Too Bad] Ed has saved me from looking like an ass many times. Way to go Ed! Keep up the good work.
[“FTR’s hatred and narrow view overwhelms most of us“] I was amused at Sunday’s poster writing “I have never picked any of that up in his postings.” Of course not because you agree with his hate of the President, his insults and crusade against anything that might help the middle class people of America.
sent mail folder
I did not save a copy of my original email regarding the vehicle inspections. The next time I submit post I will try to save a copy. That will allow me to refresh both of our memories. (Ed: Yes you did. It’s in your Sent Mail folder, usually on the left of your email program.)
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blindfold eating15
I’m looking for a blindfolded gourmet tasting experience for adventurous palates.
[County employee no smoking ban] So your life is not yours any more huh? What’s next, No Drinking, No Fornication, No Gossiping, No Pornography, or whatever the Holy Junta deems anti-productive? Smoking sucks, but nobody has the right to tell you what to do with your own body and life! Hear that you weirdo anti-abortionists?
[“Who is FTR”] I read the CT for local news and citizen input. Political rants and fumes are the same as what goes in my toilet. I don’t look at it and flush it immediately. Try it, you’ll like it.
[“Doesn’t like charter business”
] The poster Sunday doesn’t think tourists should be allowed to hire charter boats because he thinks those Captains should be farmers or carpenters instead, or something else he approves of.
[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Authentic leadership ] What the hell was that all about. It read like some drunks spiel at Happy Hour saying lots of words with out any sense! So the point is or could be that we have no men left, only castrated eunuchs and we are doomed to servitude under the Muslim hordes? See what I mean?FTR has a few FTR Haters on this blog that do nothing but know the man. They are useless eater for sure that only take up space on this site. Ed, welcomes all, but I might suggest he dump their crap at the bottom of the page under FTR’S section or just delete them altogether. If you do not like what another human posts do not read it
Obama, and the old McGovern Democrats like Biden and Hillary can’t seem to defend our border with Mexico allowing all sorts of “problems” to walk into the U.S. Are we suppose to believe that Obama, Pelosi, and the rest will do anything about ISIS, or even want to?
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from the right
A POSTER WROTE: “Who is FTR? I am a new reader of the Telegraph. Who is Ed?”FTR-welcomeFTR’S RESPONSE: Welcome. FTR stands for “From The Right,” I don’t know if it was Deer Ed or the readers who labeled me FTR. I’m an olde fart who used to be a cop. I regularly post here, my postings reflect my personal political views which are decidedly conservative, hence, From The Right. My postings infuriate many on the left. It’s odd as hell, but even though my musings really piss them off, they continue to read them, and continue to call me names and express rage. But, they seldom actually defend or even promote their political views. It’s all quite amusing.

Ed is the editor and owner of this site, it’s not his name, it’s just a nick name. You will often see him referred to as “Deer Ed”….that’s a play on our key deer population.

Glad to have you aboard. Join the fun, please take the time to contribute. Someone will be interested in your point of view, your questions, or even your recipe for scones.



Part 2) The Obama administration seems to be deeply conflicted and confused about both the threat of ISIS and the methods to combat that threat. Just the other day Secy of State Kerry made it crystal clear that we were not “at war” with ISIS. But the Pentagon has clearly stated: “make no mistake, we know we are at war with ISIL, in the same way we are at war, and continue to be at war, with al-Qaeda and its affiliates.”

The admins confusion and dithering (the perfect verb) stems from Obama’s bragging that he and his had destroyed AQI and by extension the threat of jihadism. Obama has gone out of his way to belittle the threat from ISIS, going so far as to say that it is the “JV team”, and is not a “state.” Obama seems to be purposefully ignoring the facts.

caliphate threat15The facts are terribly unsettling. ISIS now controls huge amounts of land in both Syria and Iraq. They control an area the size of Indiana. They have managed to conquer major Iraqi cities and Syrian cities, and now have suddenly become very wealthy. They earn at least $3 million dollars a day in oil sales, in ransoms, and in looting. They very recently looted a single bank of about half a billion dollars. That kind of wealth buys weapons and fighters. Additionally the best current estimate of the number of their fighters is about 30k, that does not include support personnel and sympathizers. They have seized vast amounts of modern American heavy weapons and munitions from fleeing Iraqi troops. That includes American tanks, Mraps, and armed Humvees. They have even seized at least 11 jet air liners when they conquered Tripoli. Those aircraft have disappeared from view. Need you be reminded of the damage and terror that can be delivered by civilian airliners?

Even though Obama refuses to identify them as a state, they consider themselves a state, a Muslim fundamentalist caliphate. They are dedicated to conquering every inch of land that they can conquer and on delivering terror to all who are not Muslims.

It is good that Obama has finally decided to take some action against them, but, it is not nearly enough. Airpower alone will not vanquish them. We now have about 1400 or so American boots on the ground in theater, that is woefully short of the number and skill sets of the troops needed. We should be putting teams of special operators in the field to work with the indigenous troops. If air power is to be even marginally effective it is vital that we have American forward air controllers on the ground fighting alongside the indigenous troops. Obama is loath to do any of that. Nonetheless, it is a near certainty that we will have about 5k American troops in theater in just a few months.

Make no mistake, ISIS is a state, its citizens are evil religious fanatics who are prepared and even anxious to die for their beliefs. To underestimate their resolve is insane.

Obama’s foreign policy ineptitude has made it extremely difficult for him to cobble together a coalition of nations to fight ISIS. The coalition that now exists is offering precious little, essentially they only offer to hold our coat.

This is a terrible predicament, whatever course Obama ultimately follows, we will have to live with it for years. I fear that terrorism is on the ascent as America’s global reputation is on the descent.