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Monday, September 16, 2013


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an_cloud_wind_lightening[Boating] I want my money back. This summer has been real nice on land with low temperatures and cool breezes, but I’m a boater and hate it. Wind makes waves on the water and it’s no fun for recreational boaters like myself. Sure, I’d rock and roll on the ocean if someone were paying me, but I’m just driving around, snorkeling and wallowing as recreation. This summer is worst for recreational boating that I can remember. There is never a sunny day without wind. It used to be that in summer it was always hot and sunny with the daily thunderstorm passing by in about twenty minutes to a half hour — then more sun. I don’t remember the weather like this when it’s overcast most of the day. It’s never been overcast in the summer. And I’ve never seen days where it drizzled all day like this summer. That’s unheard of here.


Old 7 Mile Bridge fix could top $71 million! Link

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lion16Lionfish spines contain a protein based venom which is broken down by heat. The fish flesh contains no venom and is delicious. The spines themselves are very sharp – sort of like an 18 gauge needle. If you spear a lionfish on the reef and want to leave it, you can pith the fish (to be humane) and leave it. Something will “eat it” (bacteria, scavengers, etc.) Nothing goes to waste on the reef. If you want to have it for dinner, hold it by the head and carefully cut all of the spines off with a pair of trauma shears (don’t forget the spines on the bottom.) If you clean the fish on the boat, you can pitch the spines over the side – they sink. Or, if you clean the fish at home, you can wrap the spines in newspaper and put them in the trash. Link 
“A recently fired Old Town hotel employee threatened to put his former manager in the hospital via text message.” How was he going to do that? Text him to death? 
isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[Bug and Weed Killer] Salt kills all weeds. Bleach kills all bugs and weeds. Vinegar kills weeds and some bugs. The bleach also whitens pea rock. Do not mix in the same container. A small 15 watt light bulb (an incandescent light bulb) will keep mold from forming if the light covers all areas. The old sticky tape fly catcher works for all flying bugs. Mosquitos killed more humans than all wars combined.

tub-stains00[Ghost in Tub] I was sitting on the toilet catching up on the news when I looked over at my bathtub and right before my eyes it discolored and streaked like in a poltergeist movie. It was spotless white one minute and within an half hour it looked like this photo. I bleached it and the discoloration returned within the hour. We don’t use the tub in the summer, we use the outdoor shower, so there hasn’t been any new chemicals or soaps in it for months. Do any of you know what is causing this or how we can exorcise our tub of this messy poltergeist for it never to return? 
[Old Seven Mile Bridge Repair] We homeowners are the ones who will foot the bill for the massive restoration under the guise of bringing more tourists to the Keys and boosting our economy. If there are more tourists our property values will go up and those new tourists will buy our property causing us — who have paid dearly for the bridge’s rehabilitation — to leave the Keys. Is that the point of this whole thing — to have us pay for the bridge and then get us to leave for a new batch of wealthier snowbirds?  

[Bridge Repair] What’s the poster’s problem with Pigeon Key? Why is he so focused on Pigeon Key? He seems to think the Old Seven Mile Bridge repair fiasco is driven by them. They are minor players in this problem. The Old Seven Mile Bridge is a Keys landmark visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists each year (very few make it to Pigeon Key). One of the few free things to do in the Keys. I’ll bet he’s never walked the bridge and enjoyed the view, well not in the last twenty years at least.

Even though it’s about the only worthwhile free thing to do in the Keys and the politicians do decide to repair it, which no doubt they will, the bridge should pay for itself. End the free walks and charge the tourist to walk the bridge. I don’t want to pay a dime for it.




Nothing is good in this world unless you can share it. ~Robert Mitchim — Out of The Past 1947

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I read the Citizen of the Day in the KW Citizen every day looking for someone to say something other than, “I like long walks on the beach” or some such cliched comment. Today was a relief when Diane Heberle said she likes it here for “that magic moment in the evenings when that unique fragrance from the trees and flowers is carried by the tradewinds with the hum of insects under clear skies to create a feeling of peace on our little pearl of an island.” Kudos to you, Diane!


[Gun Nuts in Government] The recent uproar over armed EPA agents descending on a tiny Alaska mining town is shedding light on the fact that 40 federal agencies – including nearly a dozen typically not associated with law enforcement — have armed divisions. Link

chasing brain


[Losing My Mind] I was looking in my closet, choosing a shirt, when I lost my mind. In the emergency room the doctor said, “It’s benign, and it will happen only once in your life.” He gives it a name: transient global amnesia, in other words, inexplicable short-term memory loss. For four hours my brain has replayed the same two-minute loop, recording nothing and missing large chunks of the recent past. I’ll recover, but it could take days. The only long-term effect, he says, is that I’ll never remember these four hours. Ever. Link

[Medical Marijuana] If you’ve never watched someone you love deteriorate with a deadly disease, you’re lucky. I knew when I put my dying wife on a plane to Florida in 1989 that Cathy would not be with me much longer. When Cathy came home to Wilmington, Delaware with cannabis in her bra and a smile on her face, I thought she had lost her mind. When she told the doctors that her disease had stopped, they thought she was crazy too. 


Great link to Internet Service Provider (ISP) stuff. Especially the free ISP link if you can actually find one still in operation. Link

outhouse newspaper knees


Solution to expensive grinder pumps.  Bolt a toilet to the floor and then get those big heavy duty green trash bags with the draw strings. Do not connect any water or drain pipes whatsoever. Install the big green bag inside the dry toilet then let ‘er rip until full, pull the strings tight and deliver to the FKAA plant.  Next!

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Living on an Island” boat tour of house for sale on Cedar Drive. I hope to meet YOU in the Keys real soon! Video
Sincerely, Nira

nira tocco realtor 9.12
If you have a grinder pump and the electricity fails, the pump casing is a holding tank that will hold a few days worth of water and poo. Guess what happens to a gravity system when the electricity fails? The lift stations are giant grinder pumps that run on electricity. That means that if your neighbor’s like to use lots of water and eat lots of fiber, and if your stilts are shorter than theirs, their poo will end up in your house.



Bobby Shew, trumpet player legend, performs Stompin’ at the Savoy on the “Shewhorn”. Music Video

[Cheap Waterfront Lot in the Keys] I would like to buy a waterfront lot somewhere in the Keys cheap. I do not want a house but rather a trailer lot with or without a trailer on it that has a dock or slip. There are some small trailer parks in the keys so instead of snooping around each one I am hoping someone knows someone who has what I am looking for. Classified Ads > Wanted

[“When is Verizon fiber optics coming to the Keys”] Never. I live up-state in a County next to Tampa with a population of over 600,000 and fiber optics is not coming here, and never coming to a small population county like Monroe.

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Your challenge of dropping Putin off in a rough section of Chicago would probably go a little different than you think. With his KGB training he really is a badass, unlike our Whiner-in-Chief. I am not saying that he is a nice guy or that I approve of him, I just would not want to have to face him in a one on one knife fight.

[Infrastructure] Florida bridges are some of the best in the nation.  Link

tarps bungee cords

[“Use Cash”] You’ve got to watch the movie “In Time”, a sifi flick where, for cash, you can buy additional years on your life. That will scare you.


[Infanticide] Researchers long viewed infanticide and similar acts of maternal skulduggery as pathological, a result of the mother’s being under extreme stress. It made little genetic sense for a mother to destroy her young, and maternal nurturing was assumed to be a hard-wired affair. More recently, scientists have accrued abundant evidence that ‘bad’ mothering is common in nature and that it is often a centerpiece of the reproductive game plan. Pandas, for example, often practice a postnatal form of family planning, giving birth to what may be thought of as an heir and a spare, and then, when the heir fares well, walking away from the spare with nary a fare-thee-well.

Shortly after an elephant gave birth at the Shendiaoshan Wild Animal Nature Reserve in Rongcheng, China, she rejected the calf. She didn’t just reject him, the mother elephant stepped on him. Squish Video



[“Bugs”] We use Amdro ant bait which works for fire ants, especially carpenter ants, as well as black ants and sugar ants. The granules are a bait which the ants take back to the nest for the queen to eat and die. I sprinkle the bait around the deck and watch the ants carry it back to the nest. In the house I put some on a small piece of foil. I believe I found it at Home Depot for less than $15. It’s much better than pesticides.

[“Use Cash”] And get your very own big red flag in your Government file. Try buying an airline ticket with cash, rent a car, a cruise, even a good hotel suite, forget a firearm!


[Anarchist] Let’s eliminate all government and see what happens.



Red Footed Tortoise babies. Hatched 8 weeks ago. Ready for good homes. $100.00. Classified Ads > Pets

[“Slicker than owl snot”]  How did you learn owl snot is slick? Come on, give it up!

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[Jersey Girls] Since the boardwalk in Seaside Park NJ has burned, the Jersey girls are thinking of heading south earlier this year. 

[Superstition] If the tap drips, it is the sign of a storm.


[Rocket] Orbital Sciences Corp. of Dulles, Va., will postpone by at least 24 hours the launch of its Antares rocket and Cygnus spacecraft on a demonstration mission to the International Space Station. The new launch window is targeted for Wednesday, Sept. 18 between 10:50 to 11:05 a.m. EDT from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport Pad-0A at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in eastern Virginia. Link



[Heavy Stuff!]  One should not look for anything else in the Way of the Samurai. It is the same for anything else that is called the way. If one understands things in this manner, he should be able to hear about all Ways and be more and more in accord with his own.

[“Sewers –Who’s steering this ship”] My blody lawyer if that damn grinder pump destroys me home! 

spam16My favorite Spam recipes. Yum. Link 

Monty Python–Spam Song

[The Last Frontier] Yesterday, NASA announced that after 36 years in space, the probe Voyager 1 has left our galaxy and entered interstellar space! Video


NSA’s “Follow the Money” spies on your credit/debit/banking transactions, but more than likely you knew that already. Link

rowells-marina150h[Rowell’s Marina] I read the Editorial in Sunday’s Key West Citizen’s  which stated: Stop, think, postpone decision on Rowell’s.  Acquiring Rowell’s Marina history in the Upper Keys goes way back in time. 15 plus residents started meeting here in Key Largo as far back as 2005 and continues meeting to this day.  We meet with groups from the Federation of Homeowners, Key Largo Community Preservation Foundation, the Key Largo Chamber, the Tavernier Community Association, the Key Largo Civic Club, the Sons & Daughters of Italy, the Key Largo Lions Club, the Upper Keys Business and Professional Women’s Association, the Key Largo Rotary Club, the Key Largo Kiwanis Club, the Scenic Highway Alliance, the Heritage Trail, and members of Monroe County Growth Management.   

The County Administrator as far back as 2009 held close to 24 introductory meetings throughout Key Largo about the Rowell’s Marina purchase.  Is this acting in haste?  Does this sound like we are not carefully giving deliberation before purchasing 8 acres of waterfront property that all taxpayers in Monroe County could enjoy and take pride in for future generations?

The purchase of Rowell’s Marina by the BOCC is not a whim as was the purchase of Hickory House by “The Gang of Three”. The County is doing its due diligence by requiring a “clear title and environmental amassment”. Contaminated tanks were removed in 2005, but the county is requiring clean closure reports, then the county would have 60 days to conduct its own environmental review. If any contaminants are found the owner is given 120 days, on his dime, to clean it up.

These groups of respectable business owners, taxpayers, residents, and community leaders have been also doing our own due diligence these past 8 years. We have scrutinized in detail, inspected roads into the property and surroundings, layout of the property, looked at ways this property could be a self-sustaining business and not a drain on our taxpayers.  I am for saving our taxes and getting the best bang for our hard earned bucks.

I along with many other residents have been a participant in this issue since selling of Rowell’s Marina in 2005.  We have followed the meetings and arguments about transferring ROGO allocations from Big Pine to Key Largo to build the 130 plus luxury condos on that waterfront and throwing out the residents at the affordable housing Seahorse Trailer Park.

We have three out of 5 Commissioners supporting purchasing of the vacant bayfront property into County ownership for water access and event space, which would be a boost in the arm of Key Largo and help support our businesses and community, but this vote will take 4 out of the 5 Commissioners to get this job done.  Reaching out to all of you Commissioners for this vote of confidence we will make this a non cost to the taxpayers of Monroe County.

We are asking support from the Editorial Board of the Key West Citizen which is made up of Key West citizens to re-think and re-evaluate their thoughts about purchasing Rowell’s Marina. Citizens, and business owners here in Key Largo have put lots of time, brain-storming, creativity, imagination, resourcefulness, ingenuity and have visions for this astonishing opportunity to purchase this magnificent 8 acres of  waterfront property for the whole of the Florida Keys. After all, it is the opening act to coming down to see you in Key West.


The many household uses for vinegar. Link

[“Keihanaikukauakahihuliheekahaunaele”] That translates as ‘dumb broad who swallows coconuts and causes trouble’.
1 Radio Shack Ad pixlr9.16.13

[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Fiber optics” Strings and cans are the only things still running in the Keys. Those old phone lines are rotting off the poles, but we are not important (money) enough for AT&T (they own it all and rent to subs) to fix it.


The only real way to delete all data on a hard drive is to melt it, then dump the ashes into the sea.

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Could it be Commissioner Nugent is from Marthon instead of representing the lower Keys. He wants to spend all the millions for the people of Marathon on the Old Seven Mile Bridge. Also we should keep an eye on Venture Out to make sure every property owner pays their fair share of the sewer costs like the rest of us unrepresented people. Remember Shark Key and the commissioners giving our money to them and the other wealthy enclave Duck Key and their sweet deal.

religion politics zone

[Obamacare Mystery] It’s remarkable that no one in the country understands Obamacare, but most people are against it even though they don’t understand it. I blame the Right for their relentless campaign to discredit such a complicated and major change in health care even though they don’t understand it either.

[Health Insurance] Monroe County ranks 9th in Fla. for uninsured residents. I’ll bet they’d like Obamacare.

[The Economy] Thank God the Fed has been pumping money into our economy.  This is doing what governments are supposed to do — help the whole country — not just the favored few.  Some people just don’t get the fact that everybody does better when everybody does better. 

[America’s Weak] Take a look at the four covers of Time magazine. No “America’s weak and waffling” for American readers! Nope, that might be a little more truth than they are prepared to handle. You wouldn’t want to take any chances with those pesky voters. Historically, the purpose of the press was to inform people. But the principal purpose of our laughably misnamed mainstream media is to prevent people from learning things that might not be good for them. Or, rather, for the Democratic Party. Link

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[Syria] We should attack Syria now. We haven’t bombed anyone for a while.

[Moderate Muslims]  a Moderate Muslim is the one without the bomb strapped to his chest.

This morning Fox News released yet another Republican “bombshell” report on Benghazi, but I don’t remember what it said.

John McCain’s theme songWar — Edwin Starr

Is it OK to say on the CT that from the start Obama made eliminating Osama Bin Laden a priority of his administration and actually followed through on it?  Or does that cost extra?

After morning briefings on the crisis in Syria 6 ideas for Obama supporters on how to spin this.
1. Impressive to work on a Saturday, when most ordinary golfers head straight for the course.
2. 27! Wow! Most golfers poop out after 18 holes.
3. A round and a half. A circle followed by an elegant a semi-circle. Creative! Who but Obama thinks of such things? Brilliant!
4. Oh, how much new is there really on any given day about Syria? What difference at this point does it make?
5. Why do you think they call them “briefings”? They’re brief.
6. You don’t want to get into the weeds — in briefings as in golf. Note: You’ve got to be careful with the “weed” imagery. The mind drifts here, but the point is Jimmy Carter micromanaged, and Obama is not like Carter.

from the right

review16 Let’s review. First of all Putin is no hero to the right, he is a vicious thug who is wholly devoted to returning Russia to the power that it held during the cold war as the USSR. There is no question but that Putin ate Obama’s lunch on the Syria problem. If you are to believe that Obama trumped Putin, then you must believe that it was Obama’s intent all along to draw Putin into the mix. It’s patently obvious that was not the case because nearly immediately after Obama’s sabre rattling threat of unilateral missile strikes on Syria, he began backpedaling and reneging. Remember his “I drew a red line”, then “I didn’t draw a red line, the world drew a red line.” Remember his bragadocious chest thumping stand that he didn’t need congressional approval, then he reneged as said that he wanted congressional approval.  Who can forget Obama’s bellicose threat to go to war, then his surrogate saying that any strike would be “astonishingly small?

The only rational view is that Putin saw a chance to boost his power and prestige by bailing the floundering  Obama out of his sinking ship of threats. In so doing he diminished whatever power and prestige we still hold in the world.

Trusting Russia or Syria in this matter is a fool’s errand. Already, Syria is shipping huge portions of his chem warfare inventory to Iran.  The Lebanese daily Al-Mustaqbal reported that last Sunday Syria had sent a convoy of trucks laden with Syrian chem warfare inventory to Iran. The odds are that the machinery that was sent was the same machinery that was sent to Syria by Saddam for safekeeping. In any case it’s more than a safe bet that the machinery was purchased from Russia.

Putin is no longer Syria’s arms benefactor, he is now’ Assad’s protector.

Rebel leader General Salim Idriss told CNN: “Russia is a partner with the regime in killing the Syrian people. A crime against humanity has been committed and there is not any mention of accountability.”

holly16Part 2) Recently we thought about a few of our State Representative, Holly Raschein’s, efforts and accomplishments for us here in the Keys. Today, let’s think about a few more.

She worked hard on delivering more affordable housing to the Keys. She championed an amendment to the Community Development bill which authorizes the Florida Housing Finance Corporation to prioritize the funding of affordable housing projects in the Florida Keys because of the challenging envir onmental, land use, transportation, workforce, and economic factors in the Keys that make it difficult to successfully finance and construct affordable housing.

Rep. Raschein brought the Secretary of the Department of Transportation to Key West to see Roosevelt Blvd  project and host a town hall to address community concerns related to the construction project. Her efforts resulted in the DOT revising  their plans to allow for two-way traffic on the Boulevard as early as can be safely managed and the Secretary has promised personally that the project will be completed on time “rain or shine.”

She is championing the passage of a distilleries bill that will allow local distilleries (including several here in Monroe County) to sell their product on site and help promote small business operations throughout the state.  Just think about that. “ The ‘Nut Rum distilled right here on BPK.

There is more, much more, but we’ll think about it another day.

Republican State Representative Holly Raschein has been working hard, very hard, to make Monroe and Florida a better place to live. I’m certain that she’d appreciate hearing from you. I suggest you visit her web site. Link