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Tuesday, August 17, 2013


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power17[Gun Nuts] If someone made a toy that killed or injured around eighty children a week we wouldn’t stand for it and would recall that product and make changes to is so it wouldn’t happen again. Guns kill or maim around eighty children a week, every week, and we do nothing because of the vast power of the NRA. Guns should be equipped with a safety feature that recognizes only one person’s grip. And don’t tell me the downsides of that safety lock because you gun nuts talk about America’s greatness and how we can do anything we put our minds to (but on the other hand you really don’t think America’s great and want guns in case you have to kill other Americans in a coup to overthrow your government).

Read Balance of Power by Richard North Patterson. Link


[Solaris Hill’s Demise] Editor Mark Howell was given 2 days notice before getting the boot and closing the forty year old paper. And they say corporations are people. People don’t treat other people like that, Cooke Communications does.

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[Rowell’s Marina Purchase] Key Largo already has a massive public park. They don’t need another park that only people from Miami and KL will use. The property owners of the Keys should not be further burdened with a park most will never use. How many parks does KL want? For them to say everyone in the Keys will use it is like saying everyone in the Keys will use the Hickory House. 

[Legal Pot] Law enforcement against prohibition. In an historic move, Feds won’t prosecute states that legalize pot. Link

isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[Gun Nut of the Week Award] 13 killed in Washington Navy Yard shooting rampage. Video


More than 23,000 people died or were wounded in the Battle of Antietam near Sharpsburg, Md., resulting in the bloodiest single day in U.S. military history on this day in 1862.

[Grinder Pumps] Is anyone thinking about what grinder pumps being jammed down their front yard throats will do to property values? In addition, those of us having this 2nd rate low pressure portion of the sewage system foisted on us by the Monroe County Commission and the FKAA will be essentially paying double or more for exactly that: a second rate failure-prone system, significantly inferior to the, simpler by design, more efficient, and more expensive gravity system which most residents will be getting. There is simply no upside to the low pressure system – no matter how the FKAA or commissioners may try to spin it.

[Gun Nut Murders 13 Unluckies] They must be burning the midnight oil at the NRA headquarters trying to ‘spin’ what happened in DC Monday morning. 



[Evil Popcorn] I’m never eating popcorn again. 

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[Gun Nuts] “Shooter” is a term we all instantly recognize now due to its all too frequent use these days during TV newscasts when referring to someone engaged in murdering large numbers of people with an AR-15.


From the Right Guy is correct about State Representative, Holly Raschein. I know developer Balfour Beatty loves her!

an_sprayer[Bugs] Roundup, used in a sprayer, dries literally in seconds when used by a professional, because we used top notch sprayers that spray a fine mist and we keep it inches from the ground. When that chemical touches the weed it starts to die. Homeowners douse it heavily, not thinking about the consequences, and even with heavy dousing it is doubtful that the chemical would reach the water table. Roundup dries in ten minutes or less. There’s no way a mist can penetrate cap rock and layers of rock anyway. You do more harm starting up your old boat motor, or changing your oil then Roundup will ever do. How many of you have spilled even a few drops of oil when changing it. The worst polluters are lobster and low life fisherman with little money that have these crappy engine that shoot more oil into the water then British Petroleum did, so dont talk to me about a controlled chemical when the uncontrolled chemicals cause a hell of a lot more damage. To believe me, watch behind the boat of your neighbor when he starts his lobster boat or recreational boat and gas and oil spreads down the entire canal. Do you really think that a fine mist of spray on gravel is worst than that?



I had a dream about grinder pumps last night, a bad dream.

[Jobs] The federal government employs 4.1 million people. If it was a state, it would be bigger than 24 of them. Link


[Regulators] “NOAA And Sactuary Limits” So far the environmental community has refused to address the fact that displaced fishing activity is a critical issue that must be managed very carefully.  We are not opposed to marine conservation zones and see their value in protecting vulnerable marine habitats.  But we are absolutely adamant that naïve enthusiasm should not railroad the government into premature and hasty decisions.

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[Five Lessons I Learned From Clarence Bass] Lesson #2: You don’t have to get fat when you get older. Bass does not believe you have to get fat when you get older because your metabolism is slowing down – he calls this “The Metabolism Myth.” Link

Living on an Island” boat tour of house for sale on Cedar Drive. I hope to meet YOU in the Keys real soon! Video
Sincerely, Nira

nira tocco realtor 9.12

[“Wanted: Cheap waterfront lot] Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Shouldn’t that be posted on joke Friday?


Big Pine United Methodist Youth group Fundraiser $10 Pancake Supper Saturday, October 12 at Big Pine United Methodist Church. 280 Key Deer Blvd., Big Pine Key (across from Winn Dixie).

Support the youth and be greeted with a smile. Events

[“Solution to expensive grinder pumps”]  Keep those big black trash bags handy – that’s what we’ll be using every time the power goes out for more than a couple of hours (that never happens around here, does it? ha).


[“Wanted: Cheap waterfront lot with trailer”]  Sorry Charlie, there are no cheap trailer lots that are on boatable water. You can not dock a boat to an undeveloped lot under County regulations. You are not the first to look for a cheap way to be a Keys boater, they have closed the loopholes.

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Meanwhile in Walmart.

[Fair Sentencing] I support S. 619: Justice Safety Valve Act of 2013 because I feel that Sens. Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vt., and Rand Paul, R-Ky., are correct when they introduced legislation Wednesday that would give federal judges leeway to hand down lesser criminal penalties than those called for under mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

I believe the legislation (S 619) by Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Paul, a libertarian, is intended to prevent unjust and irrational criminal punishments and that is what I want.

This bill will amend title 18, United States Code, to prevent unjust and irrational criminal punishments.

Please support this, please.

tarps bungee cords

[Gun Nuts] You’ve got to love those hicap Bushmaster type rifles, sure do make killing a bunch of people easy as pie.  But  didn’t a famous American once say that violence is as American as cherry pie?  That’s the price of freedom, I guess.



Mercury is gradually becoming less difficult to see after sunset.

[“The Last Frontier”] That was our Solar System Voyager I left, not our Galaxy.  It will take 10 million years at its present speed to leave half our galaxy! 

If this winter is as cold as predicted Those that are bashing those pleasingly plump Jersey girls are going to be really glad they are here when the stores haven’t  got any heaters left. Ever notice how hard it is to find a fat girl when its cold out?



[Bugs and Diatomaceous Earth] Diatomaceous earth is the best non chemical control for most outdoor pests. And it’s food grade. My wife drinks it down every day. We dump it on our cats outside and in their food so that they and the other animals who eat from their dish don’t transmit fleas and mites and other things to the household. Dump it around the perimeter. Look it up or ask the girls a the Good Food Store about it. Especially if you don’t want to be dumping bleach around the property. Which is a bad idea. Once the chlorine gas dissipates you have sodium chloride or salt water. Which we have an abundance of already.

If Key Largo becomes a city, I bet 99% of it’s citizens won’t notice anything new except higher taxes to pay for a Taj Mahal city hall and more short term vacation rentals in their neighborhoods.



[“Crappy Boating Summer”] I agree, it’s been a little cooler, rainier and breezier than usual this summer and I have definitely missed out on some days playing on my small Panga boat. But be glad – it’s good for both the reef and us inhabitants. The rain cools off the water a bit, which prevents coral bleaching and helps to de-fang any “big windy storms” brewing in the Gulf and western Atlantic.

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[Veterans] I made this video as a way to honor all those who have struggled to come back from serving our country in times of war. The most interesting part for me was something I didn’t find out until after I created this Video


Tuesday is Trivia Night at Springer’s Bar & Grill where we serve fresh local fish, not that tourist crap.

[“Pay Cash”] You’re right, except on firearms. I always fill out the required paperwork and pay cash for my toys and anything else I can buy with green paper. 

[“Cheap Waterfront Lot in the Keys”] Try up above MM 100, way above MM 100. Keep going, that’s it, keep going!

an bend club angry

The ultimate bad golfers. I did not know those maneuvers were possible. Video


[Weather] Keep your eyes on the tropics, it’s getting really hairy out there. Gulf formed hurricanes can appear to hit rather quickly with not enough preparation time if you’re off doing other things and not paying attention. As we learned with Wilma, even a mere 2.5 category storm with little wind can cause massive flooding and ruining vehicles.

Have anything you want to keep ready to be placed at least four to five feet above ground level. Have your driving escape plans in place, emergency cash, water containers, canned food, dry clothes sealed in plastic etc. Don’t wait for the mass rush to the store. Remember bank cards don’t work with no electricity and many stores close days before a hurricane is posed to strike. A good animated weather site is Key West’s Link

[Guitar] Barry Rillera is an incredible guitarist and person. The consummate professional! In this interview Barry talks wonderful history…White Trash,Ray Charles,George Harrison,The Righteous Brothers,and Engelbert Humperdinck.This is very up close and personal! Includes several music cuts. The interview begins at the 9:43 mark. Audio 



[Calm Skies Over Three Oceans] We live on a dynamic, restless planet. On any given day, there is usually a cyclone, tropical depression, or extra-tropical storm brewing somewhere on the Earth. But for a brief moment this week, the skies over all of the oceans were relatively calm. The image above is a composite of fourteen polar satellite passes, or swaths, stitched together from September 8. Link 

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[Rum] FTR wrote, “Just the thought of a retail/wholesale distillery is sweet.” The “NUT” Premium Rum. Distilled on Big Pine Key. Coffee in color and very rich. A hint of caramel lingers on the palate. Aroma, O my yes. Chocolate & walnut fill your nostrils. Take a little of Big Pine Key home with you. Coconuts Big Spanish Rum.  A cut above the rest. 

[“Old 7 Mile Bridge”]  $71 million! I think it is time we fired these political morons and just scrapped their money wasting ideas all together. This goes for all of Florida, not just the Keys!

religion politics zone

[“Obamacare Mystery”] How dumb are we who elect a Congress that passed legislation that they don’t read? We get what we deserve.

[“Obamacare”] “Are you sexually active? If so, with one partner, multiple partners or same-sex partners?”Be ready to answer those questions and more the next time you go to the doctor, whether it’s the dermatologist or the cardiologist and no matter if the questions are unrelated to why you’re seeking medical help. And you can thank the Obama health law.

[“Putin ate Obama’s lunch”] Yes he did. He had a big old plate of crow. After Putin blustered of shooting down American missiles and of moving troops in to block Americas access all he got was a chance to act as if he mattered. He didn’t. Our President still refused Putins insistence that America take the attack option off the table. Obama didn’t do that so in essence Obama shot Putin a big middle finger. I know its yet another defeat in the eyes of the right because of their new found love and admiration for their buddy Vlad but don’t worry Conservatives there will be other chances for you to show your admiration for Putin. As for the rest of us we applaud Obama not agreeing to take the attack option off the table like Putin wanted. Hey, Maybe next election you could have Vlad and Palin run together. Obama understands that force is the only thing thugs respect and if he would have agreed to take the attack option away that would have been a sign of weakness. Syria flinched and The Russians don’t really matter. By the way. The gas attacks have stopped. Im sure somehow the right will tell us how the gas attacks stopping is yet another American defeat. Strange lot.

[Moderate Muslims] Is one who is still in the womb, but thinking of the 71 virgins.

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[“Fed has been pumping money into our economy”] Talk about not getting it!  Whose money do you suppose that is?  Why do you think cycling it through the govt brings more of it to “the people”?  Why not leave it in the hands of the people who earned it in the first place and remove the middlemen?

from the right

old doctorYesterday a poster claimed that we really don’t understand Obamacare. I must respectfully disagree. What follows are just a few of the many things we that we do understand and know about Obamacare.

Obamacare will push doctors to ask: “Are you sexually active? If so, with one partner, multiple partners or same-sex partners?” That data will then become a record accessible to every other healthcare provider you visit.

We know and understand that both the House and Senate want nothing to do with Obamacare, they have managed to exempt themselves and their staffs from it.

We know and understand that Obama and his staff are exempt. How interesting!

We know that the union despise it. One union leader has said that it will be the “death of the 40 hour work week, the back bone of our economy.”

We know that Obamacare has stripped Medicare of $750 billion. That of course means Medicare patients will have less access to quality medical care.

We know that the CBO has forecast that Obamacare will likely cause fewer people to seek employment.

We know that Obamacare has added 23 new taxes.

We know that the GAO has reported that Obamacare adds $6.2 Trillion to our long-term deficit. Link

We know that many companies with over 50 workers have already or are in the process of cutting work hours so as to protect themselves from the increased costs of Obamacare health insurance for full time workers.

We know that many companies with less than 50 employees will lay off workers or avoid new hiring in order to avoid the Obamacare requirements.

We know that many companies with about 50 workers are avoiding Obamacare by outsourcing or with temps.

We know that companies large and small are exploring shipping jobs overseas where Obamacare is not applicable.

We know that Team Obama has screwed up the implementation of the bill so badly that they have been  forced to delay the employer mandate until 2015.

We know that the entire Obamacare house of cards is built on the notion that nearly every American between the ages of 27 and about 45 will dutifully sign up and pay an average of about  $2k per year in health insurance premiums whether or not they want insurance. But we also know that they know that they will receive the same medical care if they do not pay the premium and only pay a tiny fine. Which will you do, pay the tiny fine or pay the big Obamacare insurance premium? Whichever door you choose you will still receive health care.

We know that Team Obama has granted hundreds if not thousands of waivers to big businesses and to unions.

We know that more than half of all Americans disapprove of Obamacare.

Yep, we understand a lot about Obamacare, that’s why most of us wish it would wither and die.

Part 2) Yesterday a poster wrote: “Thank God the Fed has been pumping money into our economy.  This is doing what governments are supposed to do — help the whole country — not just the favored few.  Some people just don’t get the fact that everybody does better when everybody does better.”

Perhaps that poster will explain to all of us why under Obama, the champion of the common man, the downtrodden, the middle class, and the poor, did the top 1% got 93% of income growth as rich-poor gap widened. It truly is a question that should be answered by the left. I suggest that you read the nasty facts. Link 

Americas median annual income has plummeted since the Democrats took control of Congress in 2007.

an_target4Part 3)  Hoax! It’s all a damned hoax — nothing at all happened at the Washington Navy Yard. It’s impossible, couldn’t have happened. After all Washington DC has the toughest gun laws in the nation. It must be a hoax because Mr. Obama gave a lengthy and deeply partisan speech today and slashed at Republicans and barely mentioned the incident. He damned sure came across as crass and petty, certainly if the killings had really happened he would have been more presidential.


The anti-science cult Left goes crazy but a sigh of relief for the White House on fracking: A new comprehensive study concludes the process at the heart of the nation’s energy boom doesn’t significantly contribute to global warming. Now if we can just get the Luddites to approve Keystone. Link