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Monday, September 30, 2013


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 Blue Monday — Fats Domino

[Key Largo Ripoff] Over the objections of local activists who don’t want Key Largo Wastewater Board members to receive  $51,000 in back pay, the district’s senior staff has decided to cut the checks anyway. KLWB memberd make about $900 a month for attending 3 meetings.

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Don’t forget the Lower Keys Chamber Business Social at Springer’s  this evening from 5:30-7:30.  Great appetizers, networking and a ton of fun.  Chamber members free; guests (non-members) just $10 at the door. Events

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[Carol Burnett Show] When show business was live and men were men and broads were … broad! Video

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[Commercial Industrial Complex] TV is not only getting boring program-wise, but the commercials are getting overpowering to the point they are 50% of the showtime. It is about time We the People started taking back our country from the advertisers, the media moguls, and the Hollywood whores. It is easy — just don’t pay them. Tell the cable and dish companies to stick it, then get a life. Do you really need soap operas, computer generated movies full of BS air headed propaganda and violence? Do you really need your kids to watch this crap? If so, then you have lost to them already.

[Grammar Pro] “Then or Than Test” Actually, CT is usually loaded with bad grammar. It’s fun that way. But if you’re going to try to educate, please set a good example. “is not uncommon in English”  should be “are common in English”. Double negatives are bad communications. “they are used completely different”  should be “completely differently.” The last word is an adverb. 


[Marathon Journal] The Journal interviewed Marathon City Council candidate Mark Senmartin. Before the meeting even started, Mark talked about some of his worries beyond the city council election. Being a small business guy with a young family, his concerns are elected officials doing their job, putting the city and residents first, and transparency.

What is your top three concerns: He said that getting rid of the good ole boy network would be first. Also, Senmartin wanted to connect with real people not some long report on actions not even started yet. Last, he wanted to completely redo the Building Department.

Are you in favor of Marathon city staff getting a 3% percent raise across the board: Mark believes that the 3% funding generated would be used as bonuses named by Marathon City Manager Roger Hernstadt. Senmartin thinks that the departments needs another employee to help oversee the community park system.

What is your take on community parks and recreation: It is a large department Mark observed. He stated that Jimmie Schmidt and his staff do a great job given the large area they cover. The programs offered all year do a great service to the city and its residents.

Do you think that the city is hurricane ready: Mark was concerned with city hall in trailers. That is why the trailers need to be replaced. The building should be able to withstand at least a category three hurricane. The Fire Department’s two buildings can withstand a category hurricane as well.

Last thoughts: Mark stated that policy comes first, then consistency and common sense.

Bonus: Senmartin talked about being a small business guy with a young family. So he wants a candidate that is community related not politically bases. Good people try to run things now. It just seems that some candidates do not put the city first.



Canadian graffiti at its finest. 

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[Dredging] According to US 1 News radio this morning , the pro dredging PACs have raised about $150,000 versus the people opposed to channel widening who have raised about $75,000. That sure explains all the expensive TV and print advertising I am seeing from the it’s-just-a-study folks.

I always love it when the big corporate donors and their well funded PACs and lobbying machines get their asses handed to them on election day. An old Key West tradition by the way!

Hmmmm… and yet another day has passed and l did not use algebra once. Very interesting. 

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[NASA Shutdown] Space things have only gotten better now that the bloated, wasteful space agency has shut down. SpaceX and Orbital Sciences have both made deliveries to the ISS at lower costs by using better technology than the wasteful NASA did.

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[Utility Board Election] How come only Key Westers get to vote on the Utility Board when Keys Energy affects all county residents? 


No, I have not slept well. Why do you ask?

[“Hurricane Georges millipede infestation”]  A pest control guy say that millipedes have no natural enemies because they have arsenic in them.

Some say the millipedes got imported into Keys in the dirt brought in for fill after hurricane George.

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[Crazy Bassist] My drummer moved to the keys 30 years ago and was doing tuxedo jazz gigs at Ocean Reef and up in Dade and Broward. Some guy he was auditioning for gave him a tape to learn the material. He goes home and listens to it and its Jaco Pastorius and another famously talented drummer who cut the demo. The last time my friend saw Jaco it was at Woody’s (then called J’s) in Islamorada and they partied all night and as the sun was coming up Jaco took off all his clothes and jumped on the back of a garbage truck heading up US1.

[Electric] Four months have passed since NNK’s decade’s long battle ended, and while the super-majority of NNK residents can lay claim to victory, the real winners here are the environment and the special species that call NNK home. Four months later NNK is a much cleaner, quieter, tranquil place.

Check out and you will see that Key West Energy is the biggest toxic polluter in the Lower Keys. (Ed: I tried the site, but nothing worked. Maybe it’s Monday.)


74 people missing after Chinese fishing boats sink during typhoon. Link



What’s wrong with this picture?

[Grammar Police] If you confuse then and than because you think they sound alike, please never write anything.


[Utility Board Election] I hope Tim Root gets elected and removes the penalty for paying online and gets rid of some of the 8 Bubbettes that sit around all day doing nothing, just waiting around for a customer to walk in. Talk about a bloated payroll!

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Radio Shack Ad pixlr9.16.13

India seeks to regulate its booming ‘rent-a-womb’ industry. With all the kids in America needing homes, this is the crap that should be illegal. Link


[Waste] Wouldn’t most guys just use the tree? 


What happens if my street is scheduled to get grinder pumps and we don’t want them? Will the FKAA bring in the troops? Sue us? Call the mob boss? What?



Hay ride

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isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[Sewers] Gravity vs grinder; can anyone tell me in plain English why we need central sewers in the first place?

eagle flap

[Redux] Eagle’s point of view. Video

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[Government Shutdown] On FOX News this morning Senator Thume (R) said the “Democrats want a government shutdown.” I must have missed something over the weekend because the last I heard, the Republicans were the ones threatening to shut down the government because Obamacare was bad for us and we shouldn’t all have healthcare. Republicans can’t even get it right whose trying to shut down our government.

an grim reaper walk

In the last Presidential election Obamacare was a huge issue. By voting for Obama the American people knew what they were voting for. It’s true that not everyone wants the same thing but this is America and the people have spoken and the majority agree with the President. So watch closely what we are witnessing may be the Tea Party bringing on the Death of the GOP.

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[Syria] It seems that Syrias leader Assad is serious about following the U.N.s accord concerning the issue of its chemical weapons. He went on Italian television and said he is planning to go forward with the United Nations resolution. My guess is that he knows with the U.N. backing it may be the only way he saves his job. Assad is trying to seem like this great wonderful statesman but truth is he tried to bluff our President with Russian backing and all he got was a big middle finger from our President. This has to be terribly upsetting to the new American Conservative hero Vlad Putin. He had to swallow his words of demands for us to remove any threat of attacks before Syria would comply but it didn’t happen. Sorry Putin you lost.

Assad then said it was obvious he had to respect these conditions because part of Syrias history is to respect all treaties they sign.

So if the party of “NO” members on here seem a bit cranky you know the reason.

What this and the fall of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt at the same time. Turns out the community organizer is doing as well as can be expected in that part of the world. There will always be lies and a bit of deceit from them but when they go before international news agencies and say these things in front of the world they are more likely to follow them.


[“Late term abortions”] Obama is a staunch advocate of late term and partial-birth abortions. Yesterday’s poster refused to accept the proof that had been provided in response to her inquiry. She extracts out of context the very reason why Obama voted against a bill on three separate occasions that would require medical treatment for a baby that was born alive during a botched late-term abortion. She said that: “Mr. Obama indicated that a nine-month-old fetus, which survived a late term labor-induced abortion would be deemed to be a person, therefore, it would have a right to live.” Unfortunately, this was the very reason Obama gave in voting against the bill that would provide medical treatment to this baby who survived an abortion attempt.

Obama would not support a bill that recognized this baby as a human life, therefore, it would be legal to allow this baby to die. Thus, in Obama’s mind and the mind’s of those who think like him, it’s acceptable and legal to sit, watch and do nothing, as this young life squirms, struggles and cries out for assistance.

I am as imperfect as they come. My flaws and shortcomings are many. However, I don’t lie to myself about improper conduct. Nor do I deny the truth, as I’m able to become aware of it.

Abortion on demand is the law of the land. A poster does not have to twist and distort another’s comments to justify their position on this matter.



[Cartoon] Today in 2005, a Danish newspaper published controversial cartoons  about the Islamic prophet Muhammad, sparking protests and riots around the  world.

[Healthcare Act October 1, 2013]  In the words of the famous orator Gomer Pyle, “Surprise, surprise, surprise.”
from the right

obama liarWe all have seen the ample evidence that Obama lied to the American people about Obamacare. Now, more and more of us are becoming aware that our emperor has no clothes. CNN, certainly no right wing bastion, just reported that in January 51% of Americans said they favored all or most of the provisions in the new law. Now that figure is down to 39%. Support has dropped in virtually all demographic categories, but it has fallen the farthest among two core Democratic groups – women and Americans who make less than $50,000. The American public are learning that Obamacare is poison.

Part 2) The sequester went into effect on March 1st 2013. There were dire predictions that planes would fall from the sky, children would run rampant because there were no teachers. Rapists and murders would lurk in every shadow all because of the sequester. Please recall it only required a 5% decrease in the growth of the previous year’s budget. Chump change.

Yesterday a poster had a hissy fit of name calling and claimed that the sequester cuts had caused all sorts of mischief. But the record doesn’t seem to bear that out.

jobs up30For example, there are nearly 700,000  more people with jobs now than there were then.  At least that’s what the Bureau of Labor Stats tells us.   And just last week Team Obama was bragging that the number of new jobless claims had fallen. Since March 1st when the sequester went into effect, the unemployment rate has dropped by about half a percent, and Team Obama is joyous about it.

Trading Economics reports that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the United States expanded 2.50 percent in the second quarter of FY 2013. That’s the first quarter after the sequester went into effect.  In the third quarter of FY 2013, the GDP once again increased, this time by 3.1%. Link The 4th quarter of FY2013 will be over on September 30. All of this is anemic, but it is typical of the Obama non recovery, aka “The New Normal.”  

One must wonder how many billions of dollars we would save if the government shuts down all but essential services? I wonder if the reduction in our national deficit is a direct result of the sequester? It sure looks to this Olde Fart that we ought to have a second sequester  to really get our economy going.