2012 November

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Key West Citizen did not yet publish a report of the Hidden In Plain View opening reception this past Thursday evening. To get a sense of,
easily the most important arts event in Key West, ever, go to Hidden In Plain View’s page on Facebook.

I counseled Erika Biddle to steer clear of anyone with their own agenda for the Hidden In Plain View homeless exposition, such as Southern Assistance
Homeless League (SHAL), if it wanted to use the event to promote SHAL or fix homeless people or eliminate homelessness. I told Erika it was crucial
that she simply focus on the event being an art, poetry and music homeless exposition, to which homeless people and non-homeless people could
contribute and/or attend. Erika agreed with me and did that. She understood the event itself was the goal. She understood the event itself was art,
poetry, music, and she is its muse and the steward God chose to bring it off. The event is Erika’s art, poetry and music. She is the composer and
conductor, and the rest of us who contributed are the symphony and we sit in the audience as well.

The Hidden In Plain View opening at Studios of Key West last night was a smash success. Nothing in the exhibition is for sale. The penetrating black
and white photos lining the walls stole the show, although there were plenty of other attention-getting attractions. I told Father Steven Braddock that
I was an amateur street person compared to the people in the black and white photos.

People already were there when I arrive ten minutes before the official 6 p.m. opening. Quickly, there was a big crowd, which kept replenishing with
new arrivals, as early arrivals left. There were quite a few homeless men there, and perhaps two or three women who recently were homeless. I talked
a while with a local photographer I know, who when she first arrived in Key West lived in her vehicle.

It was totally calm, convivial. I never saw such a crowded art opening, anywhere, and I used to be married to a visual artist. And, I never felt such
power in an art exhibition – nowhere close. Deep power, what was visible was but the tip of something far bigger. When I said I wondered what might
come from it, if anything?, Theo Glorie, owner of Coffee Plantation, said Key West says it wants change but it doesn’t. He said nothing changes in Key
West, and nothing will come from the exhibition, and I could quote him.

Soon afterward, Steve Braddock and County Administrator Roman Gastesi and I had a spirited conversation about holding the exhibition next in the
Murray Nelson Cultural and Government Center on Key Largo. Roman seemed fully behind the idea. I said I would contact Superintendent of Schools
Mark Porter about hanging the show after that in Coral Shores High School, Marathon High School, Sugarloaf School and Key West High School, in

Mayor Craig Cates was there with his wife, Cheryl. I was glad to see them, but did not see any of the city commissioners or the city manager. I didn’t
see Mark Porter there, either. If they didn’t make it last night, I hope they and the county commissioners and the school board members all see this
exhibition while it still hangs at Studios of Key West. Corner of White and Southard Streets. It is really, really good.

Erika Biddle shot the moon, which for her incomplete grasp of American idiom means she got the whole enchilada, knocked the lights out. Kowabonga!
Shazam! Holy Toledo! Hot damn! But don’t take my word for it. See the exhibition for yourself.

Mayor Cates told me last night that the new, bigger overnight homeless shelter on Stock Island will make a lot of things better. I said enough beds for
all the homeless people to sleep at night will be better, but if they let in people who are drunk and/or doped, it will be a steep haul, because the Florida
Keys Outreach Coalition (men’s) and Samuel’s House (women’s) shelters do not accept applicants who do not have clean urine. So where will most
“graduates” of the new, bigger shelter go next? That’s the Catch-22. If the new, bigger shelter requires residents to have clean urine, that will prevent
about 95 percent of the area’s homeless people from using that shelter. Where will they then sleep at night? Outside, or in jail, depending on how the
city government tells its police to deal with it.

There also are the invisible homeless, who live in vehicles and have children, pets, and aren’t allowed into KOTS (Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter). I
wonder what provision for them, if any, will be made at the new, bigger shelter, if same ever is built? Good Samaritans force women with small children,
and people with clean urine, into a shelter filled with drug addicts? I don’t think so. I still say, in God’s eyes, we’re all homeless.

[Dopes] When I go home to visit family I some times run into old friends that still smoke weed. They wonder why it is I am so successful and I wonder why it is
they still smoke weed and do little else. Why do you think they call it dope, Dope!


No more Twinkies or Ding Dongs? Unions, nice move, you ding dongs!

The photo on Friday of the Marine with no legs was not funny and should of not been posted with that comment. (Ed: It wasn’t supposed to be funny.)

Hostess closes three plants laying off more than 1700 workers: Thanks to unreasonable union demands, Hostess is closing its doors after of decades
of giving us Hostess Cupcakes and the ever popular Twinkie. What a shame. Another American icon bites the dust. The only place we can now get a
cream filled Twinkie is on Duval St. on a Saturday night!


[Mug Shot] Side Show Bob?

Say What? It all makes sense now, gay marriage and marijuana being legalized in Washington State on the same day. Leviticus 20:13: If a man lays
with another man he should be stoned. We were just interpreting it wrong.



I shot my first turkey yesterday. Scared the crap out of everyone in the frozen food section.

[National Sarcasm Society] Like we need your support.

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Flea Market thieves are all around us, some are among our neighbors we see every day, some are rich and some are poor.  You never can tell. 



[Choking] What to do if you’re alone and choking.

Wanted. Birkenstock sandals. Gently used, Women’s size 39, with buckles that can be adjusted I have a neighbor in Costa Rica that has terrible feet
and I think these would help her. I’ve been looking in yard sales and Salvation Army and haven’t found anything. Please call 305-741-7497 ask for Patty. Classified Ads > Wanted

Goggling your symptoms when you don’t feel well is the most efficient way to convince yourself you’re dying. 



This is only true if we study history and pay attention to current events! Link

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[Rich Charities] I’ll lend a hand and help anybody do anything, but forget about me giving out cash.
[Transvestite] A guy who likes to eat, drink and be Mary.


[The Movies] Zippo has been in more movies than any other lighter.

[“What happened to the deer killed sign“] Someone from the Key Deer Refuge hit it with their government car while trying to avoid hitting a deer.



The world will end in 36 days on December 21st.

I agree with Friday’s poster who said they found the Sheriff’s Arrest Log occupations and addresses hilarious. I find it very funny and hope to God
that I will never be the butt of other peoples’ entertainment. Guess I have to not: 1) hit another and get caught; 2) drink and drive; 3) steal
cops’ weapons from their squad cars; 4) continue list …

Don’t fish with a hand grenade


Beretta SO10–$50,000 and up. Hand carved.



Top 10 Most dangerous animals in the world other than humans! Link

What would you do if you hit the Lottery for millions?
Did the folks who lost everything in the fire on Ramrod Key have insurance?





Spot Venus at dawn this week, and keep an eye on much fainter Saturn and Spica moving in its background. 

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[Your honor, my client is an idiot] Stopped on BPK for DUI, man reportedly offers $30,000 bribe, brags about cocaine king Escobar. Link

[Disposable Dogs?] Rescues make you think through this impulse before acting. So why would someone who is more interested in satisfying the “instant
gratification” of owning the latest ‘trend’ of the most-popular-dog-breed, go through all the application forms, personal home checks and make a
written commitment of being accountable and responsible for this animal, when they can just phone up a complete stranger from an online ad and buy
that “instant gratification” from an unscrupulous puppy breeder who only cares about making a profit. Link

Charges in trade of Big Pine Key stolen SWAT weapon. Link


Ding Dong the Twinkie’s dead!

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[Events Link]
F.K.A.A. opened bids on Thursday for the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System
Call for new Monroe County Master Gardener’s Class . You must attend one of the following preview sessions to be considered for the 2013 training
class. Contact Kim Gabel at 305 292-4501



[Perspective] I cried because I didn’t have a smart phone than I met a man who had no shoes. 

Wounded Marines find peace through backcountry fishing. Link

A 1928 Ford model A got about 20 miles to the gallon. My new Honda gets (you guessed it) about 20 miles to a gallon. How’s that going green working
out for you?



Jersey cows are named after an island in the Channel Islands off France in the UK, just south of Guernsey (another cow breed).

Cellulite reducing Seaweed Mask. Link


Playboy Playmates Index. Ooh la la! Link

Pot grow-house search nets 1 cocaine arrest. Link
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Crime, no punishment: BP Gulf settlement deal pathetic. Link



The Key deer death count sign was destroyed by Tropical Storm Isaac. We are currently in the process of obtaining a replacement.
~Jerry Dykhuisen, President Key Deer Protection Alliance

[Captain Doom and Gloom] It never ceases to amaze me when a retailer has a new item that sells for a MSRP of say $100 then in a few months sells at
a sale price of $59.95, then they offer a super coupon mfg rebate of $20, then it is marked down for a Clearance Sale to $ 9.95. I always wonder how
many pennies it cost to make the item in the first place and how they sleep at night knowing they screwed people from the Retail Price Level to the
last dumping price? Retail means to steal as much as possible until the item is obsolete.

With Twinkie’s going away -this is good for global warming- the merchants are raising prices of the guppy bait to obnoxious levels. Want a Twinkie?
pay me! It is a very sick world out there.

How does it make sense to endorse the candidate who vowed that he would sign legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act on his first day in office? 
One in three Keys residents doesn’t have health insurance!

When Goldwater made the statement that “Extemism in the defense of liberty is no vice” he had indeed been pressed by many on the left side of the
aisle , also one should be aware this was the beginning of the era of Buckley Conservatism, and Goldwater was expressing his views which to those on
the left seemed to be radical extremism, when in fact to those on the right seemed like common sense, the same train of thought continues today the
left is baffled and the right is baffled as to why the other side can’t come to the center, the answer my friend is largely due to the facts that their are
some issues that are non negotiable, to those on the right central planning has been proven ad nauseam to not work and in effect to be a cruel hoax
on the citizenry, while those on the left consider capitalistic principles to be heartless, so do not forget my dear friend when you speak so glibly of
other folks extremism, the definition is largely subjective. Also if you were only speaking of Christians that you knew , not voting for Catholics, maybe
you should broaden your travels a bit, their is a big world out there.

Not that the matter is of vital importance, but the fact of the matter on the number of Catholics in the U.S. compared to the rest of the protestant
denominations stated as a percentage is 25% versus 51% with the remainder belonging to other denominations. As of this posting this is the latest
survey, this could well change with the influx of large numbers of Latinos arriving in our country, but as of today this is a pretty close figure, perhaps
you read the stats wrong or were looking at erroneous information , at any rate I am glad we have now corrected the statement that “Catholics
outnumbered all the other protestant denominations”, I suspect what you probably inferred was that they may be the largest single denomination which
would indeed be a different ball game. So as of this posting these are the facts, so to use your prose: get use to it.

Rush Limbaugh and Chris Christie were spotted fighting over the last Hostess Ding Dong at Walmart. The story is ongoing.


Time to set a few facts straight for people here bitching about freedom of religion with respect to our posts about Islam. Let me explain
something: Islam is not a religion. It is a politically motivated cult and a form of government that is based on a religious ideology. That does not make it
a religion.

As I have mentioned on the C.T, a few times I enjoy trying to beat the Obama haters to their rhetoric and try to predict what they will dream up. Todays dream I have a feeling (I may be wrong) will be that somehow Obama will be responsible for the war starting the mid-east.The AOC guys will tell us that Obama will not support Israel in this action.Nothing could be farther from the truth. Our President does indeed back the Israelis and has said that and is staying in touch with Israels leaders. It has been reported that Israeli President Netanyahu and our President have talked about the violence nearly every day since its began. The administration has publically said that “Israel has a right to defend itself and they’ll make their own decisions about the tactics they use in this regard.” Israel has of yet not asked for military support however we can reast assured that we are indeed supplying them with information we gather from aircraft. So when you read of our President somehow thru Osmosis or some witchcraft hocus Pocus the right will try to pin the blame on him for just smile. stop and think for a second. Do you really believe what your hearing or is it simply more sour grapes.

I almost feel sorry for “progressives” who mock John Boehner’s occasional public display of tears. I think the love-impaired have a hard time discerning
real emotion in others.

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Obama is going to raise tax’s by how much? What a surprise. Spending cuts? Naaa. More entitlements? Sure. Are we screwed? You bet.

FTR actually wrote, “Those who watched the presser with an open mind and some knowledge…” How would he know that?

The Liberal Ten Commandments
1. Thou shalt have no God, but Government. Government thy God shalt provideth food stamps, welfare and unemployment for all thy days in this life
and the life to come.
2. Thou shalt not create jobs or wealth from Capitalism. Government thy God shalt provideth from conception to funeral reception. Thou shalt bow
down to foreign leaders.
3. Thou shalt not take the name of thy Democratic President thy earthly King, Science thy Religion and Government thy God in vain.
4. Remember the Taxeth day, cheateth not again to keep it Holy. Thou hath to payeth Trillions thou oweth in deficit spending, to thy Money Master
5. Honour thy Democratic President and thy Democratic First Lady, as the Government thy God hath commanded thee; that thy days may be prolonged
through 0bamacare, and that it may go well with the IRS.
6. Thou shalt not kill more popular, better looking, better lying Liberals, Whales, Polar Bears and Baby Seals.
7. Thou shalt not commit adultery or fornication without Government provided contraception.
8. Thou shalt steal from The Middle Class even on the Sabbath day. Thou shalt steal Freedom, Liberty and Rights by way of deceptive
9. Thou shalt bear false witness against thy neighbor, thy political opponent and any query besought by Congress.
10. Thou shalt covet thy neighbor’s Celebrity status, his Intern, his poolboy, his boat, his Aston Martin, his soberness, his sound mind, anything thou
art to willful to labor for.

A generation of liberal education, journalistic malpractice, cultural Marxism, and environmental justice has created the conditions for economic leveling,
whereby achievement and merit are mocked, and equality of outcome – not opportunity – prevails. Link



When top level people look down, they see only shit-heads; When the bottom level people look up, they see only assholes. You will never see another flow chart that describes politics so clearly.

From the Right

Bye bye Twinkies and a whole slew of other fine products that had pleased generations of Americans. The company that baked them is
gone, dead, its remains lie on the field of battle. Its bones will be picked clean. The company did not die of natural causes, it was murdered. The
company refused to take the option of starving to death and instead chose a quick clean death. The company could have motored on, it could have
struggled with declining profits, perhaps by reducing the quality of their products, but they simply chose quick clean death. I honor them. The had
been in business for decades. They were not in business to guarantee high wages and high benefits to its employees. They were in business to make a
profit. It is profit that makes the world go ’round. As in all successful business enterprises the employer/employee relationship is not simply symbiotic.
The relationship is mutualistic. Mutualistic relationships are obligative; neither species can live without the other. Kill one, the other one dies.

A number of unions had joined in a cabal to demand higher pay and improved benefits. The company decided that it couldn’t afford it, so they chose to
go bankrupt rather than suffer a long and lingering death. The striking workers, all 18,000 of them, won their battle, they conquered their perceived
enemy, their employer.
The after math will be that the owners of a company will continue in the lifestyle that they have enjoyed for years. Or, they will take the skills and
resources that they have and start a brand new business. Union leadership will continue to enjoy the lifestyle that rank and file union workers’ dues pay
for. 18,000 [union] workers will be out of work. Their families will suffer. There will be a huge upswing in people collecting unemployment and food
stamps. You and I will pay the freight for the 18K strikers for weeks, months, and beyond. And so as a result of their fit of pique, the union rank and
file suffer, and we tax payers suffer.

Yessir, the union chief’s played chicken with the industry chiefs, they both won, neither flinched. But in so doing, they both lost. But the rank and file
were the biggest losers. It is always so. The tax payers suffer, big time, it is always so. Walk proud union, you’ve done it again. One union chief,
Trumpka, BFOB (best friend of Obama), said that he blames it all on Wall Street vulture “capitalists”, nonsense reasoning. It’s right up with the dude
who said: “I’ll fix you, I’m going to shoot myself”. Then he did. We are perilously close to seeing a wave of business layoffs and closings because the
operators simply can’t afford to stay open. Already we are reading of major nationwide corporations that have begun layoffs and reduction in hours for
employees because they simply can’t afford to comply with Obamacare. Complying with all the new taxes and regulations will have driven them out of

A special message for all you folks who consider your employers to be wicked, evil, greedy bastards: enjoy unemployment. On the other hand, our
magnificently competent leader may well come to the rescue of the Twinkie unionists. Richard Trumpka, is behind a petition that is circulating
demanding that Obama nationalize Twinkie. And, he just might. Just think about that! The federal sweet will be named in honor of Obama, TwinkieO’s.
On the other hand it will really piss off Michelle. How sweet it all is.