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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


[Missing Deadly Crash] I’ve searched in vain in both the daily paper and KEYSO to find information on a wreck supposedly on BP Saturday evening when Tom Bateman, riding on his Harley was rear ended by a van, sending him in critical care with multiple injuries to his chest and back (broken in 2 places) to Miami and killing his rider Joyce. What’s the deal? Is a fatality no longer news here in the Keys? Is the van driver running for public office, or an office holder who is immune from arrest and is just awaiting the letter for his folder?

[Marathon Journal]  
1.      The Keynoter has its picks for this election about right. There was a time that its content seemed skewed to conservative roots.

2.      Dust up over horses, the Keynoter article stated that the county is considering horses in a specified footprint. Even dogs got some consideration. I really want to say something sarcastic, but will refrain.
3.      Keynoter article about Marathon City Council picks are about what one would expect. My campaign was gigged for not “enumerating” the reasons for my running. The six big campaign ads in the Keynoter are enumerating. The multitude of expressing my opinion on everythingMarathon enumerates as well. Ask the Rock community about enumeration. Enumerate is to ascertain the number of: count; to specify one after another: list according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus.

4.      Early voting October 27 was a big success. The election’s office reports as of 7:00 PM 1,428 early voters have voted in MonroeCounty. Report was from Joyce Griffin Asst. Supervisor of Elections. 305.292.3416. 2010 1st day early voting was 222. 2008 1st day early voting was 999. In early voting’s first Sunday, Sunday, as of 4:30 PM there were 577 early voters.
5.      Bring legal, finance, and police in local keeping dollars in Marathon with workers part of the community.
6.      Election 101 From Election Judge’s Manual: in 1941 – one vote saved Selective Service – just weeks before Pearl Harbor was attacked from Election Judge’s Manual. In 1923 – one vote gave Adolph Hitler leadership of the Nazi Party. In 1875 – one vote changed France from Monarchy to a republic. In 1845, one vote brought Texas into the Union. In 1649 one vote caused Charles I of England to be executed. You get the idea.
7.      Unionize Marathon city staff. Hire more firefighters and paramedics to stop minimal staffing. Both items go to the safety of our city. Otherwise, lives will be lost along with property damage.
8.      Push economic summit to get our recovery going along faster and more effective. The Chamber of Commerce could put this together, as they have a unit dedicated to that. 
9.      Capital Infrastructure projects the next five years: city hall, west firehouse, public works building, and splash pool. Upgrade Firehouse #14 to be a multi-media hub for television, pod casts, internet streaming, and getting our own Comcast channel. ~ Publisher@MarathonJournal.US



Big Pine’s Haunted House will be open for haunting on Sunday  through Wednesday, Halloween night, from 7 – 9 p.m. at the Big Pine Community Park. Bulletin Board. Sponsored by the News-Barometer and the Rotary Club. 

Feedback from a friend in Victoria, BC about Fantasy Fest: Up here it’s so cold at this time of year, that everyone would disguise themselves as coat racks!

If they had a Fantasy Fest in Victoria, they would need a tanker for the paint, they grow some bigun’s there for sure. Fantasy Brest, Key West. Link

[Just Say No] In 1890,Oakland,Calif., became one of the first jurisdictions in the country to enact an anti-drug law, which banned opium, morphine and cocaine unless prescribed by a doctor.


Lost Dinghy. I lost a 9 foot sailing dinghy on Sunday at Koehn subdivision in the winds. It is white, has FL numbers on it and has no motor or sails. If you find it please call 305-872-9197.  Classified Ads > Lost & Found

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Over 1,300 Keys people have already voted early.  Early voting offered through Nov. 3rd. Link




There must be something edible in here!

A local is any drunk without teeth, deodorant and the scrounge look. And we love it that way!



In 1938, Orson Welles’ radio production of “War of the Worlds” created panic in listeners who believed they were actually listening to reports of Martian invasion.

Marathon to take over U.S.1 lighting from DOT. Link


Voting is an important Constitutional Right. You can vote early in Big Pine Key at the Public Library at 213 Key Deer Blvd. and avoid the rush. Early voting will continue through this coming Saturday, November 3rd from 7AM until 7PM. Early vote in other locations at the Supervisor of Elections offices, in Key West, 530 Whitehead St. Suite 101 and in Marathon, 490 63rd St. Ocean, Suite 103.

A local is someone that got a frontal lobotomy when they graduated from Key West High School as a graduation present. It could also mean they married their cousin. It could also mean they don’t know who their father is. 

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Marathon Dunkin’ Donuts will open. Link

[Food Stamps] Beware of stores and ATMs that may charge you a fee (called a “surcharge”) for using the EBT card. Before using your card, look for a warning about this on the ATM screen or on a sign near the sales counter. Many stores and ATMs don’t have this surcharge, so you can avoid it simply by using your card at a different store or ATM. See how to buy things or get cash back and beat the system for all you dirtbags. Link




Bike plans floated for Card Sound Bridge. Link

[Backing in] I remember when I first got my drivers license that the requirement for parking your vehicle meant having to parallel park. I was amazed just recently to find out that now all you have to do is be able to pull straight into a parking space. I found this out by having to drive my niece to the license bureau and was amazed to watch 4 people including my niece do the procedure of which 2 failed (one was not my niece) pulling straight in, not backing in, pathetic.

My baby sitter abused me sexually. I made her stop when I turned 50.

Television show highlights successes of sanctuary’s Tortugas Ecological Reserve. Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, in partnership with Everglades National Park and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, has recently released “Marine Zones and the Tortugas Ecological Reserve” a new 26-minute episode of the educational television series “Waterways.” Just as areas of land may be set aside for specific uses, so too can parts of the ocean. Marine zones can help protect sensitive natural resources from overuse, separate conflicting uses, and preserve the diversity of marine life in an area. Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary established the nation’s first comprehensive network of marine zones in 1997 after years of planning, design, and public input. The sanctuary’s zones are designed to protect and preserve sensitive parts of the ecosystem while allowing activities that are compatible with resource protection.

The latest “Waterways” episode provides an overview of the types of marine zones used in the Florida Keys and highlights the sanctuary’s crown jewel – the Tortugas Ecological Reserve. This 151-square nautical mile reserve, located more than 70 miles west of Key West, is closed to all anchoring and fishing. Since reserve protection in 2001, scientists have documented the return of historic gatherings of spawning fish and other ecological improvements. 

“Waterways: Marine Zones and the Tortugas Ecological Reserve” has begun airing on public and government channels throughout the state of Florida — check local listings for scheduling. This and other episodes can be viewed on Waterwaystvshow YouTube channel.

More than 200 episodes of” Waterways” have aired since 1993. The series is a joint project betweenEverglades National Park, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and the US Environmental Protection Agency. “Waterways” educates viewers on the diverse wonders of the southFlorida ecosystem and the conservation programs that protect them. Link

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[“Are the Reef Riders 1%ers”] Man, that question was so funny I choked on my drink. I would be embarrassed to wear that cut.



Can you believe anyone would drink Jack Daniels and Coke  without ice!

Japanese brands took the top seven spots in Consumer Reports’ annual reliability rankings, pushing aside their U.S. and European rivals. Toyota Motor Corp.’s Scion, Lexus and Toyota brands took the top three spots and the Toyota Prius C, a subcompact hybrid, got the best overall score. Mazda, Subaru, Honda and Acura were close behind.



Tobacco Smoke Enemas (1750s – 1810s). The tobacco enema was used to infuse tobacco smoke into a patient’s rectum for various medical purposes, primarily the resuscitation of drowning victims. A rectal tube inserted into the anus was connected to a fumigator and bellows that forced the smoke towards the rectum. The warmth of the smoke was thought to promote respiration, but doubts about the credibility of tobacco enemas led to the popular phrase “blowing smoke up your ass”. 

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rick Ramsay Republican for Sheriff

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Tomato Seafood Soup recipe. Link

High water prevents firefighters. Video



[“Idea of a reality Parking show“]  It’s been done. See “South Beach Tow”.



[“Genetically modified corn & other new technology puts the insecticide in the seed“]  Wrong.  “genetically modified” means it has been changed at the DNA level to make it less susceptible to insect and disease damage. Barely any difference from creating a hybrid, but faster.  It may be a way of growing faster or a harder shell or a scent that does not attract insects or lessening how much water the plant needs.  It does not involve putting insecticide or other chemicals in the seeds.  There are seeds that are sold with chemical coatings to keep insects from eating them, but that’s a different process.



Marijuana on the ballot 2012.  Many medicines come from plants and they all make you feel better. Link




KW hurricane evacuation plan.



Why is it not against the law to plant a tree right under the power lines like so many bozos do down here?

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There are people seriously saying Hurricane Sandy is because of gay people. That’s dumb, If that were true, it would be raining glitter.

[Sandy Emergency Personal] All over NYC area the amount of damage and calls are absolutely surreal. These firefighters and dispatchers are phenomenal. Click on Listen Live, then click on a borough. Link

~Seeing unconfirmed reports of firefighter killed when a tree fell on the truck. 

~ALERT declared at the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant inNew Jerseydue to high water level criteria in plant’s water intake structure Alert is the second lowest of four NRC action levels. The Alert was preceded by an Unusual Event, declared at approximately 7 p.m. EDT  

~So what’s up with NYU hospital? Hearing the generators failed and doing a total evac?   

~Salt water in subways lower manh and sal****er in bklynn battery tunnel….basemts lower man also flooding now   

~NewarkNJ: E-18 on scene, reports one structure immement danger of collapse, leaning on the next door structure. 3 story frames.    

~The largest hospital in NYC  is running out of O2,  only has 1 hour left.   wants to know if NYFD can spare large any O2 .tanks.  

 ~They are saying the worker did not put the crane in the right pos before the winds hit and that’s what happened    

~Last i heard the crane was still highly unstable but has not fell yet 

 ~There arent even enough rescue boats to get people off of roof tops in staten island.  

~Steinbeck call gov cuomo he has the whole national guard out in Suffolk  



Manhattan: Photo shot from above the emergency vehicles evacuating NYU hospital in fear of Sandy.



Fanci Seafood has fresh smoked fish in the case today.

[“GM denies moving Jeep to China”] You suppose just maybe the reason GM vigorously denies this, is because Jeep is owned by Chrysler Corp?



The only way to post your post without any censoring or modifications by the blog’s controller is to post an image of it.  They are too busy to try and change a picture.  Of course they just have to delete your input instead. Life is not fair!

A local has a homestead exemption, a Florida driver’s license with a Monroe County address and leaves only to go away on vacation.  A native would be someone born here.


Giants fans go nuts in San Francisco after winning the World Series. Bonfires of trash were lit in several intersections, and a $700,000 public transit bus was torched. Windows were broken out of several businesses and vehicles, including a news van. Firefighters needed a police escort to douse a bonfire near the Giants’ ball park. They also fought fires fueled by couches, news racks and other debris. Link

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The Hatch Act: Limitations on City Employee Political Activities. Federal employee partisan political activity was the original target of the Hatch Act of 1939, as Congress sought to prevent corruption surrounding elections. Only one year later, the law was amended to apply to state and local government employees whose wages and/or duties are tied to federal funds. Although off-duty free speech rights of government employees is preserved, the Hatch Act places strict limitations on the political activities of most city employees. The Hatch Act applies to any city employee “whose principal employment is in connection with an activity which is financed in whole or in part by loans or grants made by the United States or a Federal agency…” 5 U.S.C.A. § 1501(4) (emphasis added). The number of city employees covered has expanded drastically over the years, due to numerous federal grants and loans made to local governments. Employees of any police or fire department receiving grants and/or loans from the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, or any other federal agency are subject to the limitations imposed by the Hatch Act. Also covered are employees of any city department that participates in activities that are funded, in whole or in part, by any federal loans or grants, even if those funds were received from a state agency. Examples of employees who are commonly covered by the Hatch Act include city clerks (including deputy clerks and possibly city recorders) , employees of housing authorities , officers and employees of development and transportation authorities , emergency services employees , firefighters and police officers.

What does the Hatch Act prohibit? Covered employees may not:
1) Be candidates for public office in partisan elections;
2) Use official authority or influence to affect the results of an election; or
3) Directly or indirectly coerce subordinates to make contributions to political candidates. 5 U.S.C.A. § 1502(a).

Covered employees may not seek office in partisan elections. Determining whether or not an election is partisan is more difficult than simply identifying political primaries or candidates endorsed by political parties. The determination is rather based on whether or not there is any evidence that partisan political activities played any role in, or had any impact on, the election. This prohibition against being a candidate in partisan elections does not apply to incumbents running for re-election, governors or mayors. 5 U.S.C.A. § 1502(c). The Hatch Act’s prohibition against using official authority to influence elections is perhaps the most active area of enforcement of this law, at least in recent years. This prohibition is violated by employees making campaign endorsements in uniform or using official titles. An example of such activity occurred in 2008 when Lee County, Florida Sheriff Mike Scott spoke at an event honoring presidential candidate Senator John McCain and his running mate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Sheriff Scott violated the Hatch Act by wearing his uniform and being introduced as “Sheriff Mike Scott.” Federal employees may violate the Hatch Act by sending email messages from their work email accounts about upcoming elections. Certain executive branch federal employees are further limited in their political activities by provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations which have not been extended to local government employees at this time. It is prudent, however, for city employees to refrain from using their work email accounts or work cell phones for political communication.

Covered employees are also prohibited from soliciting subordinate employees for contributions to political candidates. The Office of Special Counsel which enforces the law explains:
These prohibitions are aimed at activities such as threatening to deny promotion to any employee who does not vote for certain candidates, requiring employees to contribute a percentage of their pay to a political fund, influencing subordinate employees to buy tickets to political fund raising dinners and similar events, and advising employees to take part in political activity. These prohibitions principally affect supervisors but are applicable to any covered employee. For instance, employees still may not coerce command or advise other covered employees to make political contributions or to contribute their time or anything of value for partisan political purposes.

Covered local government employees should be made aware of the prohibitions of the Hatch Act and be instructed to carefully separate their political activities from their employment. Although these employees have the right to support candidates and voice their opinions, such activities should always occur on the employee’s personal time without the use of any title, uniform or other indicia of office or employment.

The division of the Office of Special Counsel that enforces the law issues advisory opinions and publishes handbooks and posters as guidance for employees and employers. If Special Counsel determines that a violation of the Hatch Act has occurred, it will either issue a warning letter to the employee, or initiate prosecution. Excellent resources area available on the agency website, at Link 

There was a mix-up with a blonde’s cabin on a cruise ship and the purser was trying to remedy the situation. He asked, “Would you like an inside cabin or an outside cabin?” The blonde thought a moment and replied, “It looks like rain. I’ll take an inside cabin!”

Romney said that he would do away with FEMA and Gov Christie agreed. Now NJ is estimated as  needing 50 billion dollars from Hurricane Sandy and Christie is begging for the money from FEMA and saying how great Obama has been getting FEMA to declare NJ a disaster area so fast.

Tea Party Seniors agree that Social Security  and Medicare need to be changed, but “don’t touch mine” was what they really meant.  Romney  wants to strengthen our military and wouldn’t hesitate to send more troops into harms way, but his five sons are too good for that.  Romney says that 47% of the population are lazy folks who don’t pay  taxes, but he puts his money in theCayman Islandsso he doesn’t have to pay taxes on it. It’s okay to expound on how terrible it is that  companies like Jeep (a big lie) are sending American jobs over toChina, but that is exactly what Romney has done over and over. It is okay for Romney to say that public school class size doesn’t matter when he and his sons have never attended a public school with large class sizes.  It is okay to say that you love American cars but would allow them go bankrupt.

The hypocrisy is unbelievable! I wonder if all the old men in Congress would be so willing to vote down birth control,  abortion and women’s health clinics if they were the ones who got  pregnant. Does anyone hate this as much as I do?

[“Why are the Republicans so against alternative energy and why do they consider it a big waste of money? They can’t see past their noses”] It’s not their noses, it’s their wallets!  Oil is still a big money-maker industry.  If the Standard Oil folks owned the land and equipment to make windmills,  we’d all be on wind and solar power by now.  Energy is controlled by the profits it produces.

I participated in a Facebook poll and these are the results. Stunningly, more republicans voted for Obama than Romney. Link

Of course GM isn’t moving Jeep production to China. GM doesn’t produce Jeeps. Jeep is owned by Chrysler (who is now owned by FIAT).

Tell the truth Obama! Link

[Walmart and solar energy] This is probably a good thing, but the reading of the talking points can be very misleading, however by the tone of the posters post, I don’t believe he is to interested in researching the other side of the subject, one is blatantly made aware of this by his childish question of why are Republicans against solar energy. First I question this premise merely on the grounds that perhaps most of the decisions on solar at Walmart, Costco, and the like, are probably promoted by those of the Right persuasion. Second his figures are vastly misleading as the cost of the equipment, and backup equipment, labor on installation, etc was not taken into account. It seems like so many starry eyed Libs, only the talking points will do. It is quite obvious the vast majority of these folks have not been in a business environment and don’t really grasp what it takes to get projects like this off the ground, again not that solar will not have its place in society, but as it is presently presented it is fraught with problems, that would fill the Library of Congress if one were to begin to list them. If anyone can do this it is probably Walmart, a private company with a little back bone, but again they operate at night, and that’s when the sun doesn’t shine. Walmart is probably ahead of most in appealing to the greens, as this alone is worth a lot of bucks. One, perhaps, would be better advised to spend a bit more time on studying how to store energy more efficiently.

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[Jeep] Vice President Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton have criticized Mitt Romney for saying that Chrysler is shifting production of its Jeep brand autos from Ohio to China. Jeep, a major employer in Ohio, has said it is adding jobs in China to meet growing demand there but is not halting production in North America.

Monday’s CT was ok, but it would be nice to post some intelligent posts like from Republicans instead of the 3rd grade propaganda from the lefties.

1. Another Romney poster turned to Obama I guess. A poster on here said that he hates people that lie to him. Then we learn Romney said Jeep was going to move a plant toChinaand the Jeep company said its a lie. Welcome to the rest of the converted Romneyites.

2. In other news today rightwing apologist FOX news discovered that President Obama is behind the hurricane going up the east coast. Sean Hannity went on to say hes going to hold an interveiw with the hurricane and prove without a doubt its an Obama attack against America because we all know Hawaii isnt in the United States.

Clint Eastwood is somewhere talking to an umbrella.

3. Romney could not be reached for comment today because he heard about the storm and is collecting “Binders of Hurricanes”.

4. If you are a teacher, fire fighter, EMT, Policeman, Sheriff, or deputy and you vote for Romney you may just lay yourself off.

5. Medicare coverage that Ive paid into my entire life will be turned into a Discount coupon if Romney gets elected. Sorry that wasnt the deal we made when I was young. Whats next parking vouchers for our returning service members?




[Spin] And thus begins FTR guy’s career as a conservative blogger.

[Rape Politicized] Let’s see if I’ve got this straight: a Democratic rape is when a man sexually assaults a woman against her will. A Republican rape is an act of God. And God help her, he can go free. Why would anyone even consider voting for these people?

Note to Pres Romney:  Deer Mitt,  Don’t kid yourself. The  only reason you won is because nobody in NYC, and many in the northeast, could not vote due to Sandy.  Sandy gave you this election, you’re there by default. Never take the 2012 election results as you winning fair.

 From the Right

Romney endorsements: Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, Tampa Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, Florida Times Union,Jacksonville. Of the seven major papers in Florida, 5 endorse Romney. The Cincinnati Enquirer (Ohio), the Columbus Ohio Dispatch and the Lima Ohio News all endorse Romney.  The Detroit News endorsed Romney. The Des Moines Register (Iowa) and the three other big papers in Iowa endorse Romney. Four major newspapers in Colorado endorse Romney. In Nevada, The Reno Gazette Journal and The Las Vegas Review-Journal endorse Romney. The Virginia Richmond Times-Dispatch, Virginia endorses Romney. The Union Leader,New Hampshire endorses Romney. The Romney endorsement list grows every day.  The Chicago Jewish Star endorses Romney. And there is one that really hurts for Mr. Obama. The Daily Herald in suburban Chicago announced Sunday it would back Romney, yearning for the “inspiration” that came with Obama’s campaign in 2008. The New York Observer endorses Romney.

The bipartisan Battleground Poll, in its “vote election model,” is projecting that Mitt Romney will defeat President Obama 52 percent to 47 percent.  The poll also found that Romney has an even greater advantage among middle class voters, 52 percent to 45 percent. Some other reports are as follows.  Gallup projection Monday: R 51 O 46.  Rasmussen, Monday,Ohio: R 50 O 48. Monday, Rasmussen, Monday, swing state report: Romney 50 Obama 46. Virginia, Monday: R 50 O 47.Colorado: R 50 O 46. Wisconsin and Iowa are tied. Romney continues to trend up while Obama slides down.

Part 2) “How can anyone hate someone so much that they devote themselves to writing long diatribes every day for a year against that person?”  The person who posted that diatribe yesterday deserves your scorn and your pity. The poster went on to accuse this olde fart of being a racist.  The poster totally ignores the reality that every damned thing that I have offered as fact concerning Obama is fact.  My opinions are my opinions fed by fact. I’ve made mistakes, but not purposefully. 

Look, more white voters voted for Obama than did black voters. During the early weeks of his (only) term, no President has had higher approval ratings.  Have the white voters magically become racists, or have they observed 4 years of his performance and only then decided that Obama is a screw up. Now massive numbers of those voters realize that he is a narcissist, and his arrogance is surpassed only by Mussolini. Now they know that Obama is a facile and serial liar. He disrespects those he governs, our Constitution, and our heritage. He has driven this country to very brink of disaster and seems determined to kick us all over that brink. The manifest failure of Obama’s policies and his style on display for all to view. On the other hand, he dresses well and gives a dandy speech.

We all know that about 95% of American voters who are of African American ancestry voted for Obama. We now know that about 90% of those same voters will again vote for Obama. Did they, and will they now vote for  Obama because of his ancestry? If so, are those black voters’ racists?

I am a septuagenarian and have seen Presidents come and go. The only other President that has approached the ineptitude of Obama was Carter. Deer Friends please take note of the fact that the accusation of racism is the ultimate cheap shot. It is proof positive that the poster cannot offer any redeeming story line in support of Obama. This olde fart proudly stands shoulder to shoulder with Arthur Davis, and a growing legion of Americans of African ancestry who refuse to countenance using color, ancestry, sex, or religion as a shield from criticism. They refuse to permit that because that is the most crass and demeaning form of racism.  Davis is a former strong supporter of Mr. Obama; he seconded Mr. Obama’s nomination at the Dem Convention in ’08. Davis is a former 4 term Alabama Democrat Congressman.