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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[The CT is funny again!] This woman gets two tattoos, one on each side of her vagina. One is Merl Haggard and the other is Waylon Jennings. In a bar one night she drops her drawers to show a guy her tattoos. He looks and stops and says, “I don’t who those two guys are but the one in the middle is Willie Nelson.” (Ed: No picture available.)

[$2 an hour plus tips or $6 an hour plus nothing”] This is the bull poop folks take for facts. You, sir, are not funny and you’re, for sure, not informed.  I’m  just beside myself with the bad info that’s posted                                                                                                 

The current Florida minimum wage of $7.67 per hour is the lowest amount a non-exempt employee in Florida can legally be paid for hourly work. We have small business here on Big Pine Key. $7.67 this is the rate we pay our folks plus tips. It is still tough to make ends meet.

[Name that Plant] I’m hoping someone smarter than me can help identify this plant. I have several growing in my yard on Cudjoe Key and wonder what to expect in a year or three. That picture was posted on the CT a day or two before you switched your servers by someone who also heard it was poisonous. I never saw a response and just assumed it got lost in the crossover, but maybe there never was one.

The reason they’re growing along my fencerow is because I planted them there after swiping them out of a foreclosure’s driveway. I’ve seen larger specimens that get rather large and bush out nicely, thinking it would be useful to provide a bit of privacy. I don’t particularly care if it’s poisonous, but a positive identification might help determine its fate.

[Drones] It’s a bird.. it’s a plane… no it’s a drone owned by N.O.A.A. Link


[Correction] I am a volunteer poll worker in Ohio. Actually the electronic touch screen voting machines we use are Diebold, not Hart. And the presidential election is November 6th, not November 7th. 

[Signs] I understand that the politicians need their signs on the side of US1 so that their names stay in the minds of us voters, however, it will be a happy thing when it is time for them to come down.  Lots of parts of US1 are not the most beautiful and scenic highway in America, despite what the Keys tourism masters say. The signs do not help.



You should not live or visit the Keys if you’re allergic to fruits and nuts.

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[FTR] Great idea. Move FTR form the bottom to the top of the page!

To those who want to see “outrageous” pictures on the CT,  do you mean you can’t find enough porn on the internet as it is?  Maybe the BPK computer club can help with you with your problem.


About flares. For all you boaters out there. Link

Fracking is poisoning families at an  alarming rate. No friggin’ fracking! Link



Is it true Honey Boo Boo‘s family was brought up in BPK?




Come to Catherine Vogle’s Campaign Party!

Early voting starts at 7 a.m. this Sat. You can’t bitch if you don’t vote! Link


State disabilities agency awards Mangrove Mike’s at mile marker 82.2 restaurant. Link

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[Least Competent Criminal] Kalpeshkumar Patel, 40, failed in June to carry out his longstanding threat to burn down the Chevron station inHigh Springs,Fla.After dousing his car with gasoline in front of the store, he realized he had no lighter or matches and had to ask several customers, without success, to help him out. He was arrested before he could do any damage.



What the libraries greatly need in the Keys.

[Horses] County pulls in reins, for now, on horse ordinance’s proposed requirements for keeping horses in residential neighborhoods. Link

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Johnsonville sausage recipes.  Amazing uses of their products. Link

Judge says Cop can sue Shell and Circle K for fire injuries. Link

[“Vote for Forgotten Felines”] I just voted, and it’s the best I could ever cast. And I will vote again every day until 12/16/12. Take that all you dems & repbs. GO CATS Go!



[Mutants] FDA to oversee insect project by the British genetic engineering firm Oxitec to release altered mosquitoes in the Keys, part of a plan to head off outbreaks of dengue fever. Link 

[Sloan: Editor Sucks] You cut the heart out of what I submitted, after I told you to publish all of it , or none of it. Your readers need to know that Larry Murray’s “strong endorsement” of Ed Davidson on the CT belied his constant vehement criticism of Ed for months prior.
Your readers might wish to know the many things I did to try to help the school district/teachers/students, which Larry, Ed Davidson and John Welsh did not do and sometimes strongly opposed.
Are you going to publish the rest of mine tomorrow? If not, are you going to publish this objection tomorrow, verbatim?

Sloan, You make a compelling case as a change agent and why you should be elected to the School Board. Had you been on the primary ballot and qualified to be on the November ballot, I would have endorsed you. However, you decided to be a write-in candidate and your likelihood of victory, my endorsement notwithstanding, is slim and none. Perhaps the electorate will prove me wrong. I would like to have seen you in the field as a named candidate on the ballot. ~Dr. Larry Murray

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rick Ramsay Republican for Sheriff

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The Soyuz rocket is rolled out to the launch pad by train, on Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012, at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Launch of the Soyuz rocket is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 23. The rocket will send Expedition 33/34 Flight Engineer Kevin Ford of NASA, Soyuz Commander Oleg Novitskiy and Flight Engineer Engineer Evgeny Tarelkin of ROSCOSMOS on a five-month mission aboard the International Space Station.      

I was wondering if anyone has information about a softball league starting up at Watson Field? 



Bench Bob

You have a picture of my 7 year old child with her face painted linked to 2011 fantasy fest naked women. This picture of her was from the Peace rally at Bahia Honda several years ago. Please remove her picture or this link now.  (Ed Okay.)

Drones monitoring the Keys. How cool is that?  Can I watch too?



Funny CT again.

I have always wondered why people with pick-up trucks back them into parking spaces. I know when I lived in Miami a lot of people did it because they had expired, or no plates. Is this a redneck thing? What am I missing?




[“CT not funny”] With Fantasy Fest coming, let’s post our most outrageous pictures. I offer this little slide show. It’s good for a laugh or two. The Great Pumpkin

Winn Dixie did it again. check your receipts. They charged me $20 more than my bill and said it was my fault. Big rip off!

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A duck comes to Bagel Island every mourning for a bagel. Dos anyone know where it goes in the after noon?

I don’t want to work 40 hours a week and have to sleep on a bench!


[Good News] FedEx is hiring 20,000 seasonal workers this year because the economy is looking so good.

Very interesting Tweets running on the ticker at the bottom of the screen on CNBC during the debate.

 “Romney will dump the Fed’s shares of GM on inauguration day.”  ~Jim Cramer.

 “Don’t seeChinaas the enemy but tough competitors. All those American soldiers killed inAfghanistan, andChinagot the oil. Not smart.”  ~Boone Pickins.

 “Where is global warming in this debate? Climate change is a big part of foreign affairs.” ~Al Gore

 “Chinaowns more of our foreign debt than any other country.”  (I missed name)

 “Chinasecond largest economy in the world and closing.”  ~Tom Brokaw

 “Sharp spike is google search for bayonets” ~Lou Dobbs

 My favorite was, “Debate over, let the spin begin.”

I have been thinking about democrats lately and one thing I do not understand, why is it that they never talk about this history making debt they have amassed and how to pay it back, aren’t they worried about it? Do you think that in the back of their mind they’re saying this might have gone too far? and that this debt is going to cause big trouble soon?

Romney only got 2 “pants on fires”from politifact from last nights debate.  But we were rolling in the aisles when Barack said “Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets. We actually have aircraft carriers that planes land on, and boats that go under the sea.” He really did look like a man whose social policies are from the 1950s and fiscal reform policies from the 1980s.  Good job Mr. President.

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This video speaks volumes about the inexperience of This video speaks volumes about the inexperience of Romney and Ryan on foreign policy. Link on foreign policy. Link

When I opened our local newspaper (The Current), I was surprised to see a front page article about “free” cell phones. It seems that every family in Dilley, Texasis “entitled” to receive a free phone. Our government’s dollars at work? No, the taxpayers’ dollars at work. Which reminds me, our tax dollars are also paying for free medical care for those who don’t have insurance. (Hey Obama, the poor don’t need your Healthcare!) The woman who cleans our house, has three daughters (all unmarried) who have recently had their babies delivered in San Antonio…free of charge. One daughter even had a c-section, because she’s had three other illegitimate children the same way. One was murdered by a boyfriend, two were taken away by the State, and this newest one is remaining with his mother. None of these babies were delivered at University Hospital, but rather at St. Luke’s, where two of our daughters have had to pay (upfront), several thousand dollars before they were allowed to deliver.
Then, just this past week, the brother of our housekeeper was assaulted and had to be airlifted to San Antonio. Once again, he was not taken to University Hospital (where most charity cases go), but instead, he was sent to Methodist Hospital, where he remains in a coma. This reminds me of the incidents when a couple of Illegals were injured, after driving through our fences. One was given free medical care at the Pearsall Hospital for a broken leg, and the other was airlifted to a hospital in San Antonio. 
I look at our sons who work hard for their money, yet they still have to pay not only for their own medical expenses, but they also have to pay for those who can’t or won’t.

Shirt pocket notes
1. Here’s a comforting thought. Bin Laden, The Somali Pirates, Al Alawki and Al Queda/Taliban killed from Predators in Pakistan would all vote for Romney. If they were not toast already.

2. We all know the Republican healthcare plan is to allow people to pay for part of their health insurance with a voucher and that way we can assume the insurance companies will always be fair with everyone right? Then why is there tens of thousands of Attorneys that specialize in Representing people that have problems with Insurance carriers? Hmmmmmm So much for the fallacy of thinking the insurance companies wouldn’t screw anyone. I’m thinking maybe Romney feels that if we try and deal with Insurance company denials and red tape we can employ another 50,000 attorneys. Great jobs plan. Naïveté is alive and thriving in the republican party this election cycle.

3. I’m so excited. republican GOD and past Vice Presidential candidate The Donald Trump said he has a huge election changing announcement to release this week. Oh please, please, please, please let it be that our President is really from Mongolia or maybe is from Finland. maybe Obama’s having an affair with the Queen of England or maybe Mrs Obama is really a man. Nothing beats a republican sideshow and the Donald always delivers.

It seems lately that more people are paying attention to this election then a month ago. I see quite a few more people understanding what our Country has gone through and how our President has handled the issues of the day. They seem to agree he does indeed deserve a second term. So put away those Romney won the election in October dancing shoes because come November there may be a bigger surprise for the victory dancing republicans then what the Donald releases. Stop the chickens before they hatch count a bit longer.

Obama succeeded George W. Bush, a two-term President whose misbegotten legacy, measured in the money it squandered and the misery it inflicted, has become only more evident with time.

I hope FTR reads this. He will probably puke. Link

So Obama has no plan for the future you say?  Obama doesn’t need a plan for the future because his “Today Right Now” plan is working just fine, thank you very much.  Unemployment is dropping, he is ending our costly and useless wars,  he is knocking off the terrorist bad guys one after another in a ruthless and efficient manner like it should have been done in the first place,  new car sales are climbing again and the manufacturers are hiring more workers, the stock market and corporate profits are soaring, real estate matters are improving, the Keys tourist business is higher then ever just like other vacation hot spots, etc. etc. and etc.

Everything is coming up roses, let’s enjoy life once again!

The nagging question is why, if Mr. Romney truly has the qualities that American voters want in their president, does he have to go to such great and questionable lengths to try to win the election

Voter ID and voter fraud have been top issues in the 2012 race, as have claims of Republican voter suppression. Mr. Romney’s campaign has also been the subject of controversy over misleading ads, false claims, sketchy math on his tax plan, and overall vagueness on women’s rights and other hot button issues.

Raising further questions of legitimacy in the Romney campaign is an audio recording recently made public, where Mitt Romney is heard asking independent business owners to apply pressure to their employees to influence their votes. What has also been made public are the emails those employers have sent to their employees with an implied threat that if they don’t vote for Romney they may lose their jobs.

What it all says is that Mitt Romney, with the help of his family and Bain Capital connections, is more than willing to try to take the White House through illegitimate and highly unethical, if not specifically illegal means.    With each passing day, the character and campaign methods of Mitt Romney cast an ever-darker shadow over free and fair American elections.

For all the noise the right-wing has made in questioning the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency, there have been so many questionable efforts made to help put Romney in the White House, if he wins, there should be great dispute over whether his election could ever be called genuinely illegitimate.

This is a statement on the US, the world, money, and greed. I’m sure most folks have not a clue. The question is, do most folks give a hoot. Link

FTR wants Romney  to return to Bush’s policies to solve the problems those policies caused in the first place. Just because he hates Obama he’s ready to sacrifice the nation.

[“You are not poor because someone else has wealth”] That quote is the essence (foundation) of every debate strategy, debater’s tactic. The If not this – then that mentality. 

When did comparison become the standard ?   Why can not people co-exist without the who’s is bigger peek ?  And when did that peek extend to include the value judgment potion “better”?  

The decisive winner of Monday night’s final presidential debate, according to Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, was Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

“I think it’s unequivocal that Romney won,” Krauthammer said during Fox News Channel’s wrap-up of the debate. “He didn’t just win tactically, but strategically. Strategically, all he needed [was] to draw and continue momentum he’s had since the first debate, and this will continue it. Tactically, he had to go up there and show he’s a competent man as somebody who you could trust as commander in chief, a man who knows every area of the globe, and he gave interesting extra details, like the Haqqani network, which gave the impression he knows what he’s talking about.”

Krauthammer said Obama made a mistake by focusing on “small” matters, while Romney successfully discussed the “big picture” and avoided getting lost in the weeds onLibya details.

[Obama has not announced his plan for the future”] Obama’s plan is working and he should not change it. Romney’s plan is just a dream with no way to make up for his tax cuts and no clue as to what loopholes he’ll close for big business. Romney wants a return to Bush economics that got us in this mess in the first place.

I will be interested in seeing the total number of Keys voters in this next election compared to the last election now that the Republicans have chopped the number of Early Voting Days in half, hoping to reduce the number of people who do vote, which they think will help them win the Presidency.

Have you noticed how Romney gets that shiny-eyed-crazy Republican glint in is eyes at times when he gets excited, just like Palin and Bachman and Bush.



Romney‘s hot air balloon crashed. Oh, the humanity!

[“When the stock market goes up does not mean the economy is strengthening”] Now the Republicans are trying to sell BS that the greatest stock market rise in recent history is not because of Obama’s fiscal policy. 
Did I read correctly yesterday when someone wrote that Obama getting the stock market so high wasn’t a good thing? There must be something Obama can do right!

Romney said he will do what Obama is doing in foreign policy. He will also do what Bush did to create jobs–lower taxes. Although when Bush lowered taxes he didn’t create any jobs. Why does Romney think doing the same thing will get different results?

[Capt Doom and Gloom] This explains a lot!

Yesterdays political posts were laughable. The Demo’s seem to be getting more and more 3rd grade, and the Repos are too, but using more than one syllable words. What is it going to be like if people of this mentality vote? Scary for sure!  

When are you going to get it that there are no political parties, that it is all controlled by the Big Guys and all this Democrat, Republican and party stuff is BS? It is all marketing for fun and profit folks, wake up!

“religion gives you self-control” Wow, talk about a oxymoron!

[Debate results] No 1: Romney,  No 2: Biden, No 3: Obama, No 4: Tie

[Debt] I would prefer to have President Clinton in office and have no debt again, but to tell the truth I can’t see any effect of the debt on me or my family. It is just an abstract concept to me with no visible effect.

 From the Right

This is a quiz: Do you think that the oil industry is being subsidized by the government? If you answered yes, it’s perfectly understandable because for the past several years we’ve been bombarded with the liberal speak message: “bigsubsidiesforbigoilmuststop”.  It’s probable that you’ve been convinced that the government sends bushels of money to oil companies.

Deer Friends, if you believe any of that you have been the victim of the Democrat propaganda machine. The government does not give money to the petroleum industry. It does not subsidize their operations or their exploration for new sites.

The Dems use “semantic infiltration” (thanks to the late Sen. Moynihan). They use words that are not accurate in order to shape the debate. Subsidiesforbigoil is one example. Another example is “fairshare”. Another example is “reproductiverights”.  If the Dems manage to insert the false words/terms into the American dialogue, they can win hearts and minds. The Dems slyly conflate two completely different terms to change the meaning of each. In public finance they swap subsidy for deduction. A subsidy in not a tax deduction, nor is a tax deduction a subsidy. A subsidy is a payment made by the government, usually to promote the prospects of a specific technology or action. It might be it solar energy, ethanol or something else. Subsidies are often equated with handouts. To most folks, subsidy is a derisory term.

A business tax deduction is not a subsidy. A business tax deduction is designed to make sure that business is taxed only on its net income. Deductions allow businesses to write off legitimate expenses from gross revenue so as to determine net income. Democrats routinely accuse oil and gas companies of dodging their “fairshare” of taxes, they falsely label legitimate tax deductions as being subsidies. They do so even though U.S. fossil fuel companies use the same tax provisions that are available to all U.S. manufacturers, including “greenenergy” companies. Our Democrat friends are silent on that.

Nonetheless, Team Obama has used massive subsidies for certain select companies in their zeal to win political power. Obama has sent baskets full of billions of dollars to firms that he favors. Many of those firms are “greenenergy” firms, many of those are headed by whale donors to Team Obama. Obama’s green energy subsidies are actually huge sums of cash and guaranteed loans which have been doled out to companies that were/are in direct competition against existing American green energy enterprises.  So far, there are at least 34 “greenenergy” firms that have or are in process of failing that have received Mr. Obama’s subsidy of your tax dollars.

Please remember that the solar energy business community is much broader than the 34 companies, and please remember that by Mr. Obama subsidizing his favored enterprises he has made it substantially more difficult for those companies that did not receive subsidies to compete.  Mr. Obama’s 2009 stimulus set aside $80 billion to subsidize energy enterprises. Huge chunks of the stimulus dollars went to political friends of Obama. And we can’t forget that the favored few who received Obama subsidies had a huge leg up in the market place because of those subsidies. There are thousands of green energy enterprises in the USA.

Don’t misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with the government making grants for the development of new technologies, often that is how new technologies come to the market place. But, when the technologies come to the market place, the government has no business in picking winners and losers. It’s a damned shame that  Team Obama actually sent millions of dollars to China to buy a solar array for a new Federal building when the same or better technology is manufactured in the USA.

Part 2) The debates are history. Obama won the debate if you’re into glitz and stage craft.  Romney won the debate if you’re interested in fact. Obama uttered several falsehoods which are readily subject to fact checking. Romney came across as being calm and Presidential. Obama did his level best to get Romney pissed. Obama failed. Obama came across as being silly and petty with his aircraft carriers and submarines snarky comments. Obama came across as not having any real understanding of how the military works when he made his silly comment that we no longer use bayonets.  In fact, we do. Ask any Marine. Romney won tactically and strategically.  He came across as calm and collected.  Obama engaged in personal attack while Romney addressed issues.  Obama came across as bellicose, and petulant. Romney came across as a statesman.  Romney focused on our economy because without a strong economy we cannot be a strong nation.

Within 10 minutes of the end of the debate, Team Obama began walking back Obama’s rhetoric.  At one point Obama flatly stated “the sequestration will not happen.”   By 10:45 PM Obama flacks said that’s not what Obama meant.  They now claim that he “meant” that sequestration “shouldn’t happen”.  Donkey dung.