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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fire Benefit Fund For John (Jack) And Lisa Sauders
Imagine how you would feel if you lost everything you ever owned in this lifetime. Jack and Lisa Sauders, owners of Sandpiper Marine Services, were
spared their life due to the courage of their neighbors Jeff and Jennifer Kubitshey early Monday morning when a fire started in the Sauders motor home
and then engulfed their home in minutes. They stood by and watched all their possessions disappear before them. Now with no place to live and not
one item to their name, we have set up an account with Centennial Bank in Big Pine. It’s called the Fire Benefit Fund and you can drop off cash,
checks and even call in a donation using your credit card to 305-676-3071. Just tell them to place your donation in the account of John (Jack) and
Lisa Saunders. You can also contact the Red Cross at 305-296-4033 and make your donation that way. All monies will be placed in the Sauders
account at Centennial Bank. Thank you for your help.

[Usurped Coconut Telegraph] Apparently the fella that runs the Facebook Coconut Telegraph knows who I am and was offended to see
yesterday’s posting on (the real Coconut Telegraph) about thievery. He posted this last night. Apparently he’s a regular reader of yours, but
thinks his readers don’t know about you, so It’s okay to lift material. Apparently anything that “Google” finds is up for grabs. He doesn’t realize it’s fine
to have a Coconut Telegraph, but you should try to provide original material. At the very least, he took down the pilfered banner last night.




[Movies] Have you noticed that after forty or so years of horror movies the zombies are getting faster. They used to shuffle along, but lately they are fast and getting faster in every movie.

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[Banner Crook] Google supplied that logo, check and see, you can have it too! Do you think is the first or original CT, seriously? Re-posting
one out of 100 posts is hardly stealing. It was worth reposting. Sorry I came off looking like a thief to you. These stations and sites have been here for
years in Key West and most of our readers probably don’t even know about this CT or the one in Marathon or Key Largo. “Everybody funny, now you
think you are funny too!”

(Ed: Yes you did get the banner from Google, but only after comedian Dan Schwab made if for us. I’ve been using “Coconut Telegraph” since 1974 when I first heard the term while in Antigua in the West Indies sitting on the dock behind Jimmy Buffett’s old sailboat. I wonder where you heard it. PS I don’t mind you re-posting our content as long as you acknowledge it on your site–it’s flattering. PPS No hard feelings.)


[Jersey Girl] I took this picture at Looe Key last week. It seems that a NJ lady ate too much before swimming and developed cramps, so a couple of
divers had to help her out. It was later learned that she sued the divers for sexual molestation- an accusation vehemently denied by the divers.

[Duh Dept] After following the Sheriff’s Mug Shot page for a while I have a observed that a lot of the boy-girl fights take place between midnight and


Mysterious stranding of 50,000 starfish on Irish beach. The mighty Ocean speaks , once again. Link

Pirate radio is OK to listen to after about 10am.

Remember all those signs “Take Our Country Back” that were on many peoples’ lawns before the election? Well, I ride my bicycle 5 to 6 days a
week 7 to 15 miles per day in 5 different neighborhoods. Since the election I still saw these signs up at 5 different locations. I live in the Englewood
Florida area and did reside in Little Torch & Summerland for eight years before E-wood.

So I decided to ask these home-owners two questions. The first one was “Did you get your country back”. The answer was a pissed off “No” from 4
owners. The other was not at home. Then question #2, “What American Indian Tribe is in your ancestry” All 4 said none to this question and abruptly
slammed the door in my face. All I did was ask two simple questions. No reason to get mad at me like they did, unless they saw how stupid it was to
have signs like that on their property.

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[Facial hair criminals] The great majority of males arrested in Monroe County have facial hair in one form or another. Some just have not shaved for a
day or two. Others have a variety of facial hair. What’s up with that? Check out the arrest report which many of us do on a daily basis. Link

The in 38 days on December 21st. Well don’t think that’s going to get you out of the money you owe me!
[Selling Boat] I sold mine through the free classified ads on

[Ramrod Key Fire Benefit Fund] Neighbor’s have set up a benefit fund for Jack & Lisa Sauders, the Ramrod couple who lost their house on Anguilla Lane
in a fire Monday . The Fire Benefit Fund is through Centennial bank on BPK. Make donations in person at 200 Wilder Rd. or call 305 676-3071 and use a
credit card . Donors may also give via the Red Cross at 305 296-4033.



Looks like the Keys weather justifies some soup recipes. Link

[Waste] Why does it take 30 gallons of diesel a day to run Pigeon Key’s generator when you rarely see anyone down there?

Brokering my boat through the Winn Dixie poster board worked for me. Within one week, a ‘camper’ on Bahia Honda contacted me and the sale was
done within a few days. Good luck!


Harnessing the sun on Pigeon Key. Link

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The Scott administration has begun laying off Florida Environmental employees in a shockingly draconian fashion. Link




[Jobs] Caifornia’s condom law could send porn jobs to Miami. Link

[Prostitutes’ Safety] Street walkers in Spain have to wear reflective vests, like highway workers, to reduce accidents.
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I’m sure the deer will eat the Moringa trees, but they grow so fast it probably won’t matter.


Key Lime Pie recipes. Link

Mini car parking video minicar15

Free environmental films series at Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center in Key West
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary invites the public to enjoy free environmentally-themed documentary films every Sunday from December 2, 2012
through March 31, 2013 at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center in Key West.
Each Sunday, doors to the center will open at 1 p.m. and sanctuary staff will show documentaries at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. in the center’s theater. These
award-winning documentaries address environmental topics including climate change, marine debris, energy efficiency and resource protection. For
more information, call the movie-line at 305-809-4755. For a complete list of films, Link

December 2
2 p.m. “My Father the Captain: Jacques-Yves Cousteau” (Ocean Futures, 46 minutes)
4 p.m. “Plastic Shores” (LMV Productions, 55 minutes)

Ramrod Key fire. Link



Parents, remind your kids, nobody laughs at all A’s.

[Restaurant Review] Well I spent the last two evenings trying new restaurants. It did not go well either time. First I tried Springers. The place was
cleaner and quieter and the menu looked great. Unfortunately the execution on the dishes did not cut the mustard. Both of the things that I tried were
so dry that I could have done better at home, and I tell you that I eat out for a reason. I will give them another try in a few months after they have a
chance to work the bugs out.

The next spot was the Stoned Crab in KW. Cool layout and view, good menu and the food was not bad at all. My problem it that they have no no
smoking area, either inside or out, and I tried several times to move to get away from the smokers sitting at about half the tables. I finally got moved
to the most up-wind position and got half way through dinner and some a-hole with a cigar gets up and flanks me at the only possible place to sit, it
was not even a table. Never again for that place. I will be getting back to the tried and true favorites in Big Pine. See you tomorrow at the Big Pine

[Fact of life] After Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says W T F …
There’s hope for the Everglades. Link


Do It Yourself glow in the dark stepping stones. Link

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[Alleged Crook] What is with people don’t they understand before you can call someone guilty of a crime they must be tried in a court of Law until then
they are presumed incondence Your quick to Pick on someone but not so happy to help. When you write something Nasty at least get the Name right
Maja Totman is the correct spelling. If you know her she would give her heart to help even you she a very good person and needs backing. she been
shouldering all the sick and injured animals with her and her Husband Money What have you done Bully!!! to help Love Ya Maja Good Luck we need you
in the Keys.


Ed, just tell us who the plagiarist is who is ripping off the Coconut Telegraph banners. We employ muscle and can send them over and save you a ride
thru the KW construction. BBQ’s a rough biz with those pesky slogan-stealing Yankees from Jersey and Philly down here.

[“U.S. Redraws World Oil Map”] Ever since I can remember, back in the late 1940’s there were capped oil wells all over
Pennsylvania and they are still capped. The Shale Oil discovery was back in the early 1950s and was then estimated to be 3.2 trillion barrels. This is
before the Alaska fields gave the oil barons cheaper oil to sell to the Japs and Chinese. So the question is, how will the O.B.’s sell our oil to the
foreigners so the price of our oil and gas does not go down? Simple, they will just set prices like they always do.

[Succession] I’ve been thinking all along how un-American and how out of touch the far Right is.  Now they are validating my suspicion by wanting to secede from the Union. I say lat them go and start a new country devoted to the dollar and the corporate world.They can call their new country USA Inc.

[“A shale-oil boom will help the U.S. overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer by 2020] Probably Not. Obama has just banned shale oil development on federal lands.


A Key West man who told his partner that “if Barack gets re-elected, I’m not going to be around” was found dead on Nov. 8, with the words “F— Obama!” scrawled on his will and two empty prescription bottles nearby. Henry Hamilton, 64, owner of Tropical Tan off Duval Street, was “very upset about the election results,” his partner Michael Cossey told Police Officer Anna Dykes. (Dykes interviewing a gay man?)

[God, the Draft and the Mideast] All I had that would have been useful to the military-industrial complex, then led by Pres. LBJ who had promised
on national TV that he would never send American boys to die in a war in Asia, was my then pretty healthy, semi-strong body and some knowledge of
rifles and shotguns from being an avid hunter of creatures who never did anything to justify my search-and-destroying them for sport mostly, although
sometimes I ate the dove, quail and ducks I shot.

Whatever, I was unintentionally staying one jump ahead of the draft by being a college student, then by getting married the summer before my junior
year in college, then by my wife having a baby in the summer before my last semester in law school. Seven weeks later, the boy died of crib death, it
was decided. I was exposed to the draft because by then married men were draft eligible, but fathers were not. After about a month of tortuous
wrestling with playing the draft lottery, or enlisting in the Marine Corps and heading to the front lines, or perhaps landing in the JAG Corps as a military
lawyer, I decided to go to my Draft Board in Birmingham and apply for a student deferment, which carried with it automatic induction upon graduation.

About a week after I did that, my wife learned she was pregnant. So, figuring it was a waste of time, I drove back to Birmingham from Tuscaloosa and
told my tale of woe to the same woman who had helped me apply for the student deferment. She seemed sympathetic, but said the student deferment
was irrevocable once granted. She opened a filing cabinet drawer and pulled out my file to the get form I had signed, saying just what she had told me.
She looked at something in the file, said, “There’s been some mistake.” I asked, “What mistake?” She said, “You applied for a student deferment on the
wrong form, the deferment is invalid and you will have to apply again.” I laughed, said, “No thanks, I’ll keep my father deferment and walked out of the
Draft Board office. I knew it was a divine intervention, there was no doubt. The first divine intervention in my life, of which I was aware. Years passed
before I saw other divine interventions that changed my life before that one in time.

Moving sideways …In the summer of 2004, I started attending a Methodist Church Sunday school class in North Georgia, where I was “stationed” for
the hot months, which would have been unbearable for a homeless person in Key West, where I otherwise usually was “stationed” during that time in
my bizarre life. The first time I attended that Sunday school class, the American-flag-waving teacher and several patriotic class members started
beating up on Muslims, saying they all deserved to die, etc. Shortly, I exploded, explained Jesus to them. Then, I said what’s the big deal? God told
Abraham in Genesis that Ishmael’s seed would become a great nation and would cause Isaac’s seat trouble. Islam views it as a mandate from God to
cause Israel and Christendom heaps of trouble. God prophesied it, including 911, according to Genesis.

After that class, I told the minister I didn’t think I could come back to his church, I just wasn’t up to that kind of rough stuff. But he and the Sunday
school teacher asked me to come back. The next Sunday, I told the sill flag-waving class the story about how God saved me from Vietnam. You would
have heard a pin drop until someone said, “He wasn’t supposed to go.” That’s all they seemed to get from all that I had said to them – just that I was
not supposed to go to Vietnam.

The next Saturday night, after that class, one of the women remained with me in the classroom. She said what I had said about what God had told
Abraham about Ishmael was really interesting. No one, though, seemed to get it that Jesus would have simply told them to resist not one who does
evil, turn the other cheek, take the beam out of their own eye, etc.

About two weeks after 911, it came into my thoughts out of the blue that what America needed to do, I wrote this a few times before, was get out of
the Middle East altogether and cut Israel loose to work or fight it out with Islam.

I wish you lived somewhere else, peacenik that you are, and were not suffering under the recent 911 karma visited on NY and surrounding by G.W.
Bush, Barack Obama and far too many more Americans thinking and behaving like the members and teacher of that Methodist Sunday school class.

[Governing by Golf] Number of rounds of golf played by presidents: George W. Bush 24 times in 8 years. (In ’08 Campaign Obama says Bush is out
playing golf instead of fixing the economy, the debt, lowering gas prices & ending the wars.) Barack H. Obama hit100 rounds on Jun, 2012.

Why are the number of golf rounds relevant? Obama’s ’08 vocal arrogance towards Bush makes it very relevant. It shows again his 2 faced arrogant
smart ass attitude. What’s wrong for other people & America, is just fine & dandy for him! 24 rounds of golf in 8yrs is despicable! 100 rounds of golf in 3
1/2 years, what’s the big deal? All time leader Progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson played 1,200 rounds.

Amazingly Wilson lied too just to get elected, then forgot his campaign promises too. Must be a Progressive mindset. Between rounds Woody still found the time to fire some blacks, segregate the armed forces & the government too. Link

Some of the posts attacking F.T.R. are so simple-minded that one hesitates to even bother with a response, perhaps against my better judgment,
however I will question a few statements. A poster stated that he knew many Christians, but none that would vote for a Catholic. A statement
expressing a fact like that is ludicrous at best. Does he really believe that J.F.K. was elected without a vast Protestant backing. Then to condemn
someone for being against the Dem party after he tells his readers he is also bigoted against Dems is very bewildering, to say the least. As for Mr.
Goldwater’s extremism, Goldwater replied “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice”.

What was really the point of that ” Christians” post? It seems impossible to decipher what it was you were trying to say.

[Fired] Gen. William “Kip” Ward, the one-time head of the U.S. Africa Command, was demoted Tuesday and ordered to repay $82,000 he blew on 
extravagant trips and other unauthorized expenses. OK, my inner conspiracy theorist is really screaming this morning. I wasn’t going to do this, but if it
actually happens, and I didn’t say what I was thinking, I would feel awful!

We are now up to 5, that is five military commanders that have lost their jobs. Hmmmm, what does Opukatoid(?) need for a successful marshal law movement? The military and it’s commanders on board with it? Are we being set up? Link

[Republican Logic] 2 years ago our President told a General to start an affair so he could step down when the Benghazi attack happened.


Exclusive photo of FTR guy with his Romney/Ryan tattoo. I bet Mrs. FTR was pissed! 

[Let the games begin] FOX: Obama enters ‘fiscal cliff’ talks calling for $1.6T in tax hikes. Link 
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Blacks show their support for Obama’s second win by making racial slurs against white people on Twitter. If Romney had one and whites tweeted ‘F***
black people’, this would be all over the media. It is apparently clear that the Establishment media will turn a blind eye.

From Examiner: A house divided against itself,” a former president observed, “cannot stand.” That president was Abraham Lincoln, and the source of
the rift he was lamenting was the practice of slavery. Lincoln made his remarks 150 years ago, but divisions that threaten to sink our nation are as real
today as they were then. It is the day after the most recent presidential election, but consider how little has changed. Republicans retain control of
the House. Democrats retain control of the Senate, and Barack Obama remains the president. But the strongest evidence that the divisions remain—
and on a visceral level—can be found in the celebratory tweets of Obama supporters. Twitchy gathered up several dozen of them. All are racially
charged and obscene.

What will the president’s pledge to pass comprehensive immigration reform for 18 to 20+ million illegals do for the failing economy, American
jobs, unemployment, food stamps, Obamacare, Medicaid, Medicare, SS & all those other wonderful government programs that are going to bankrupt us
as is? Obama lied to the illegals in ’08, maybe he’s lying this time too? Obama fact: The only way to fundamentally transform anything, is by first
dismantling what exists, then rebuild the dream.

Hardcore Lefties know the dream, they’re wetting their panties. All others should read Mr. Obama’s 2 books if you haven’t so you understand what’s
coming. Better yet let him tell you himself in the audio versions. Don’t you get goose bumps when he says “The free market doesn’t work, it’s never
worked!” What’s his plan to replace free market Capitalism with? Enjoy the ride America!

[Shocking Revelation] 40% of Romney supporters support a tax increase, especially on the rich.
We have the votes now and are endorsing Jessie Jackson Jr. for President in 2016. 


That was a great list of all the “you own it” items that will come out of this election-there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth when these
start to occur -but you can bet that the O supporters will blame them all on Bush.

I watched Obama’s press conference Wed. and liked the masterfully dignified way he shut off the reporter who was yelling something at him after it
ended. O comes across as the man in charge who knows what he is doing. I sure am glad he won.


Inquiring minds want to know, will the FTR guy secede too?

It seems like the Republicans would have preferred a “Blackhawk Down”, Alamo-like scenario at our Libyan embassy with many more casualties incurred,
instead of the actual outcome, bad enough as it was.


FTR please hang in there. Don’t let them get you down. We love you!

Bill Clinton is absolutely the most charismatic man I have ever met. That does not make him a sexual predator. 

[Shoot the Messenger] John McCain and Lindsay Graham are on the attack against UN Ambassador Susan Rice, the spokeswoman who issued the
first statement after the Benghazi attack. Graham says he doesn’t trust her. What both those gents fail to acknowledge is that Ms Rice issued the
statement that US Intelligence gave her, she didn’t just go out there and make something up.

If McCain and Graham want to go after someone, go after the President, it was his intelligence dept that screwed up not her.

From the Right

Yesterday’s Obama presser [press conference] was a fascinating experience. As usual it surfaced many more questions than answers. In this Olde
Farts view there were two important revelations. Obama, in high dudgeon, spoke in support of Ambassador Rice who infamously tried to convince the
world that the Bengasi attack was nothing more than the acts of a mob gone wild. On the Sunday after the 9/11/12 Rice hit the Sunday AM news
show circuit and peddled the scripted message that there was no terrorism involved, only mob action. Many are convinced that she was knowingly
lying. But, yesterday Obama told us that Rice was doing nothing more than giving a “presentation” of talking points that were given to her by the
Obama admin. We will never know if Rice believed the crap that she was selling. But we now know for certain that Team Obama, prior to Rice’s
disinformation spree was false and purposefully sent out as an effort to mislead the public. We also know for certain that Petraeus’ Congressional
testimony was purposely false. Remember that Petraeus testified that the assault was nothing more than mob violence. All of that is vitally important
because it demonstrates that Obama was trying his level best to cover up the failure of his Libyan policy. It is now shockingly clear that Obama’s top
management knew of the clear and present danger that the Bengasi Consulate faced, but that they refused to provide adequate security. All of that
solely to protect Obama’s foreign policy optics. And now we are witnessing the Obama admin scurrying to cover up the tragic, deadly, policy missteps
of Team Obama.
Then there was the fiscal cliff narrative. We now know that Obama has little or no interest in increasing federal revenue, but that his real interest is in
class warfare and punishing the wealthy. We know that because Obama has doubled his demand for increased taxation on the American achievers. In
August ’11 he demanded $80 trillion p/a in increased taxes on the “wealthy”. He then withdrew that demand because he felt that the economy was
too fragile to support it. There was common belief that increasing taxes was contrary to good public policy. Today, in November ’12, Obama doubled
his demand. He now demands $160 Billion in new taxes on the “wealthy”. He says that he is intransigent on the issue.

This is the same Obama who famously told us that raising taxes during a recession was bad public policy. Oh, oh, did I mention that our economy has
markedly declined since August of 2011. Real gross domestic product increased at an annual rate of 2.8% percent in the third quarter of 2011 (that is,
from the second quarter to the third quarter). Today, it is only about 2%. Economists tell us that if Obama insists in his zeal to punish the “wealthy” ,
disaster looms. The revenue generated by the new Obama taxes is only about half of the increase in Obama’s proposed spending next year. Not a
penny of the new revenue will go towards deficit reduction. The Obama tax demand has nothing to do with raising revenue; it has all to do with class