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Sunday, April 21, 2013

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an dog happy


[Toilet Paper] When it goes on sale buy all you can. You can’t have too much.It never goes bad and you’ll need it for the rest of your life. No one has ever thrown it away. You never see it at garage sales or the flea market or by the side of the road marked “Free”.

I was watching the 1977 B movie Empire of the Ants and the opening seen had a boat dumping toxic waste in the water. I’m almost sure that boat was the Dauntless, Mel Fisher’s treasure hunter boat that capsized killing his son over the Atocha wreck in the late 1970s.

interview21[Boston bombing] Two men were found guilty by the media, one was executed by police so far; without a trial. Somewhere from the bowels of hell, Adolph Hitler is looking up and smiling that his totalitarian police state is alive and growing in the United States. A crime has been committed in Boston, but without a public trial, we don’t know who is responsible. It could just as easily be you as a suspect. We have heard nothing from these two people.

One part of me understands why people cheer, they want to believe everything the media is telling them is truth, thinking they are being protected; when in fact they are letting their constitutional rights be eroded and they are being manipulated into accepting more and more control by Big Brother. Questioning the government/media/whoever and their motives is too much trouble and just “unthinkable”. The other part of me, the part that allows me to sleep at night and not care, is simple: We get the government we deserve

I’m not sure how many problems I have because math is one of them.

[Dredging Channel] Commissioner Sylvia Murphy said she didn’t see how approving this application and the channel being dredged would affect the Keys, but she didn’t want that camel sticking its nose under her tent and then ending up in bed with her. Open that door, and you never close it again. Amen. Afterward, I told her that camel had lots of camel friends and relatives. Amen, she said.

I said what the developer had done was buy land on Little Conch Key and got building permits somehow and built two big houses there, and then he had tried to use that to force the county to give him the yacht channel into the houses – he had reversed engineered it. Sylvia agreed. It happens all the time, she said.

Commission Kolhage, for 30 years we have been trying to protect the environment down here and people on the mainland who want to development waterfront property ought to give thought to not trying to do it in the Keys. I told Danny after the vote that he had nailed it. 


Certainly, I am  not the only person who thinks the photo of the shark is upside down.

[Background Checks] I challenge anyone to show me any ounce of proof that enhanced background checks would not have stopped someone from committing murder with a handgun they couldn’t get if they failed an enhanced background check.

From the National Institute of Justice: Who Has Guns and How Are They Acquired?

NIJ’s earliest firearms studies uncovered who owns legal and illegal guns and how illegal gun trafficking is tied to juvenile gun violence and other crimes such as drug dealing and gang crime. Highlights of these studies:

-Many juveniles and young adults can easily obtain illegal guns; most claim to carry them for self-defense.

-A study of persons arrested for a wide range of crimes showed that a higher percentage of arrestees than regular citizens own firearms. Arrestees are also more likely to be injured or killed by gun violence. Within a community, this amounts to an identifiable group of “career” offenders.

Surveys of offenders have found that they prefer newer, high-quality guns and may steal or borrow them; most, however, acquire guns “off the street” through the illicit gun market. 

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Corinthos Channel in Greece. I hope they‘ve got their fenders out.

Stalking is when two people go for a romantic walk and only one of them knows about it. 

Mr. Credibility, Did Prohibition stop drinking? Has the enhanced drug war stopped drugs? Did moving Pseudoephedrine behind the counter only to be purchased with ID stop the manufacture of Meth? Have laws against DUI stopped DUI? Has arresting dead beat dads helped out their children? Has any law ever stopped the activity that it prohibits? “Ignorance is bliss” isn’t it!

I do not own guns, but I love Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Ole George and the rest who fought, sacrificed and died for Liberty. Then there are individuals like you, who destroy liberty. Live long enough and growing government will attack something that you believe in. Live and let live. It is human nature that kills, not guns! Remember Otzi? The 5000 year old mummy found in the alps with an arrow lodged in his back, Millenia before gun powder was invented by the Chinese. Gun control didn’t save his life, and it will not save yours! Everything we eat was once alive, plant and animal, death sustains us! Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will watch the watchmen? Will it be Mr. credibility that protects us? I think not, for he has ignored our own past. Know the past and see the future! That being said, we do not need to wait to see the affects of more gun control. It will fail us in all ways. Immediately and later on when even Mr. Credibility will be scrambling for a firearm! Worse than that it removes one more choice from our lives. Actually I should say that it removes a choice for some. I live my life how I believe is right for me. Not how others(government) tell me. I respect those who do the same, not those who attempt to exert control in the “land of liberty”, in the melting pot of the world. Unfortunately, people that believe they have the right to control others do not respect that, and laws give them a way to punish us. Nothing more. Hence why the USA, land of the free, has more people incarcerated per capita than any other country in the world, communist or free. FYI, Monroe county incarcerates more people per capita than any other county in the US.

Stats state that Monroe county is the least free place in the whole world. While it is true that numbers don’t tell lies, it is also true that laws cannot protect you. Our forefathers lived their lives in the manner of liberty and personal choice as well, in order to provide freedom for us! We have since slid into a nation of pansies, where people enjoy letting others make their decisions for them, rather than putting in the effort to rule their own lives. Sheeple not people. Control by force always fails! Period. Study your history. Protect liberty and choice. In order for YOU to live your life in the ways that you think are right, You must let others live in the way that they think is right. Can you fathom that idea? 



Florida biker bar

Does anyone think that anyone is Boston today said, “Oh gee, I wish the government would please take my guns.”

If I lived there I would have a loaded handgun near my door. Police said do not open door unless it’s a cop. Well, I would be more than ready. The greatest army in the world is America’s licensed hunters. Here is the Keys we don’t count for that, but we are still ready. 


an peace-sign1







Peace now!

[Mug Shot] I think I saw a face I remember from the sheriffs website. We use to have a guy who wore a G-string and roofed houses. He got kicked out of a lot of places, like Key Colony. He caused accidents. Picture a sexy tan man bending over wearing a g-string, boots and tool belt! I thought he was cool others didn’t.

I think he was arrested yesterday for something trivial. Just like us all, he got older.

Of course background checks would drastically curtail murders by folks with mental conditions, your statement to prove otherwise is extremely shortsighted and sophomoric, the crimes that these people commit are not done with weapons where the assassin would comply with such laws–they are criminals and criminals don’t comply with laws,  repeating ad naseum the deed done at any of the recent mass murders would never have been curtailed via background checks, therefore any one serious about background checks for weapon purchasers assuming such a person has an I.Q. of at least room temperature realizes the futility of background checks along with the nightmare of controlling such information on hundreds of millions of law abiding citizens by a few misguided zealots that because they are salving their egos in the mistaken belief that they are doing mankind a tremendous favor, whereas all they are doing is taking a major step in curtailing freedoms of innocent law abiding citizens.


New report released on the eve of the 3rd Anniversary of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Not only is the chemical dispersant that was used to “clean up” the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster of 2010 extremely dangerous, it was knowingly used to make the gushing oil merely appear invisible, all the while exasperating levels of toxins in the Gulf waters. The Corexit/oil combination is highly toxic and will continue to cause long term devastating effects on human health and the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. 

W8 is the death of the PC unless MS gets their head out and updates W7 into a new OS ASAP. I told you so! Link



Never irritate a woman who can operate a backhoe.

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Although I was a C-section delivery I have suffer no ill effects from that procedure, except for an occasional overwhelming desire to climb out an upstairs window.

an_direcTVTired of your cable and U-Verse monthly bills going up? Don’t call the DirecTV 800 number. Call SammySam the DirectTV man. I am your local authorized DirecTV provider. Lock in your price for 2 years. I’ll come to you for sales, service and installations. Free NFL Sunday Ticket & MLB. Free HBO, ShowTime, Starz & Encore. Get the Entertainment package with over 140 channels and locals for only $29.99 a month for 1 year. Call SammySam 305-896-3017
[Becoming Illegal] Love your posting! Logic that too many just refuse to understand. Too many people think that they know what is right, and their altruistic ideals lead them to make things right. It is not at all about what is right, nothing is. Their is no universal idea of what is right, and when there is you will know that the human mind is dead and has been replaced with a programmable chip. Therefore it is all about what is fair, to everyone. Is it fair that my tax dollars go to help those that have never shared a dinner with me, or even a conversation? Hell no! We should be left to choose for ourselves who we help. Living in Monroe county we put on fundraisers to help those in need all the time. Those monies go further to help those in need than any tax hand out ever will, because there is no administration siphoning funds before the check can be written. Social welfare should be left to your neighbors, to the people who know you. If they are not willing to help there is a reason, you probably do not deserve help. After all people naturally help others. Do you think government created charity? No, they have just learned how to profit from it, therefore they will monopolize it. I would like to know how often the people running our social programs actually donate to charity, or donate their time. We should make their donations public, seeing as they earn their living from public funds. Or is that why they take your money and give it to others to begin with? So that they can help themselves to a few dimes of every transaction. Government is comprised of people, remember that. While many don’t even trust those people around them, they place their trust in those that are hundreds and thousands of miles away. Insanity! 

Dear Terrorists,
We don’t like to be messed with, hopefully you’ve learned your lesson.



People say 60 is the new 40. The cop who just pulled me over didn’t agree.

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[“We really need a box store on Rockland Key”] If you needed a box store so badly, why did you move here knowing we don’t have that, and you’d be driving to Costco. I for one don’t share your sentiments, and truly hope this development project never sees the light of day. Feel free to check out the maps which show sea level rise down here, and what is projected for that area in the next 20-50 years. We need to learn to start adapting to our surroundings, not trying to change everything around us for our convenience. I moved here for many wonderful positive reasons, knowing full well what the retail situation is. I’ve adapted just fine, and find ways to buy bulk from local retailers as well. Sorry things aren’t working as well for you. A store like Wal-Mart or Target, which imports poor quality merchandise from overseas, much of it slave and/or child labor by the way, will do very little in the long run for the vast majority.  

nra19‘NRA killing our kids’ picture was almost as disgusting as the fact we need an organization like the NRA to protect our rights, rights given to us in the same document that protects our freedom of speech and religion. You argue this provision of our constitution does not apply to modern day weapons so I ask does it apply to modern religions, or texting, these are also events that the forefathers could not have foreseen.

My wife had voiced support for magazine capacity limits so this morning I asked her this question; what if we lived in Boston last night and one of these terrorist broke into our house while evading law enforcement would you prefer I had my six shot revolver or my rifle with 30 rounds, she now thanks large capacity magazines are ok logic ha prevailed.

Everyone involved with his failed piece of legislation openly admits it will do nothing to solve the problem or to have prevented the tragedy in Newton. When will we address the problems with society that cause these issues and stop blaming inanimate objects so that the innocent will stop giving up their lives needlessly.

420 Magazine celebrates 20 years of creating cannabis awareness. Link


Why aren’t there any Walmarts in Afghanistan? Because there are Targets on every street corner. 

A Walmart on Rockland Key is much needed. The prices at Winn Dixie and Publix are criminal. What do you about the lastest [?] and who exactly do we contact? Heather who? 



Boat for sale, Watertown, Massachusetts. Has about 30 small holes in it.

Someone posted last Monday that “Miami Herald columnist Fred Grimm wrote one of the most intelligent articles about the neutering & releasing of feral cats that I have ever seen in last Thurs. 4/11 newspaper. Sorry that I don’t have a link, but the people who need to read it would refuse to read even if I delivered the article to their front doors.”

Here is the link to his article. Boy, reading the comments is a hoot. Opinions are like assholes–everyone has one (or is one). Link 

[Gun Laws] let me start by saying that I do not own any guns. Why is it that people who do not like guns(probably because they do not know anything about them), are always so desperately trying to remove them from the possession of others? I don’t like tofu, but I am not trying to stop you from eating it. Eat up! Wash it down with a drink containing grenade.I mean grenadine. Let freedom ring!

an makerThe ice cream truck that plays a loud, horrible version of “Fur Elise” over and over drives me nuts. The person goes up and down every street on Cudjoe right at sunset. I listened to that for at least an hour last night while I was trying to enjoy the beautiful sunset. I don’t mind someone trying to earn a living, but how about lowering the volume a little? Kids can sense when an ice cream truck is near– they are not deaf. And what happened to the “ding ding” sound that they used to use? It beats the crap out of that butchered Beethoven piece.

Beethoven–Fur Elise 

Politeness has become so rare that some people mistake it for flirtation.

[Port Pine Heights] The placement of the old, used utility poles along the street will destroy the homes in the area when a hurricane storm surge picks these huge poles up and slams them into your homes. It could be a possible lucrative lawsuit for someone!



Beethoven wrote Requiem while deaf and on his deathbed in a minor key. That is why it is so convincing. 


We have found every terrorist that has done us harm. Note to future terrorist: We will find you, we will kill you, If you have a working brain in your head, think this through, smarten up, if you want to kill — kill yourself!

Marijuana Majority. Link 

an chocolate bar


Anyone who says their wedding day was the best day of their life, has never had 2 candy bars fall down at once from a vending machine. 

[Captain Doom and Gloom] Ever notice when a store has a super sale and offer 20, 30, 50 80 percent off, they still make money? It is because they only buy the junk for 5 to 20 percent with the freaking box!and mark it up 1000 to 10,000 percent. A $30 dress shirt in Taiwan costs $.48 cents to make but you have to buy 100,000 minimum.

Don’t be stupid, Stop Smoking keep Drinking it’s better for you! Link

People R Stupid -Ever notice no one will touch a toilet seat in a public restroom (restroom??) but will pick up a bar stool or other seating and then stick their fingers in their face?

-Going to the eye doctor can be hazardous to your health if they do not clean the head rests on the testing machines. Skin infections are getting rampant this way.

-You go to a restaurant and let the waiter/waitress handles your cups, glasses and utensils, but baulk at picking up the change they give you for your bill.

-That Pocketbook has been on the floor, on your seat, on the dirtiest places, but it is OK to put it on the food counter where people eat!

-The Hand Disinfectant they use on cruise ships is not for the people to stop germs,it is to protect the wood and metal railings from your acid sweat.

-How many people do you know will drink out of the same booze bottle you do? If anything, that is the most sterile container there is.

-A good sign of instability is the person who waits for you to open a public door for them so they do not have to touch the handle!

-What is going to happen when all guns, bows and arrows, spears, clubs, knives, whips, etc., are banned? Then there are the tools we work with. A Hammer by any other name!

-If they close the USDA, the FDA, and any department that protects us from those who would sell us garbage, and the laws say we cannot have home gardens or use our own wells, what then?  McDonalds Rule?

Why would any sane person want a Walmart big box disaster built to entice more low renters to come to the Keys?  This is the prime reason the developers will win and drive out the riff raff then build million dollar plus estates for the rich and infamous. You tin roof and instant shack dwellers need cleaning out!

Solar panels could destroy US utilities. Link 


[Extremists and Ayers/Dohrn] You’re right about extremists and thankfully they are a very small minority. I just wonder why they persevere knowing that most people know they’re full of shit. The only accurate part of FTR’s response to me was he finally spelt Bernadine Dohr’s last name correctly.

an_chest_gold (2)Now someone’s mad at Al Gore because he’s rich. It’s all right for Republicans to get rich, but not for Democrats. Only Republicans are supposed to know how to invest.

[Benghazi] Apparently some person, assumed to be a Democrat, knows all the answers to Benghazi and compares that with Ken Starr and Monica. Since when does sex in the White House compare to the death of a American on State Department assignment. Do you know all the facts? Please enlighten those of us who missed them? Why no help? Why are people with knowledge being advised to lawyer-up? Why did our Secretary of State get mad at being asked simple questions? If you know please inform those of us who missed that segment of NBC/CBS/ABC. Maybe it was due to their coverage of the abortion trial in Philly. No, could not be, they missed that too. Relax, sooner or later it will all come out., but not in my lifetime. 

an_guilty[Guilt by Association] Lets have some fun and play the same guilty by association others use. John Mccain said during an interview that he believes waterboarding is torture. He went on to say that if American troops waterboarded suspects that they did indeed commit torture. During McCains Presidential run FTR listened feverishly to what McCain said and still voted for him. So! FTR has aligned his beliefs and supports John McCain who has gone on record and called American troops torturers before the world. McCain never, ever apoligized for his disparaging remarks towards American troops. Im sure FTR feels the same because he supported and most likely sent money to the accuser to support his run for President.

I find that their calling of American troops torturers is kin to aiding and comforting Americas enemies.

Yep, guilty by association. Thats how easy it is. 

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Arkansas State Rep Nate Bell (R) tweeted, “I wonder how many Boston liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a hi-capacity magazine?

Of course the only one shot last night was a cop with a gun. You’ve got to love rednecks.

[“Things that happened while Ed enjoyed his vacation that FTR will never share”] Michael Reagan, takes on marriage equality at length in a heated new editorial? Reagan, who now works as a political consultant and is the author of The New Reagan Revolution. “There is … a very slippery slope leading to other alternative relationships and the unconstitutionality of any law based on morality. Think about polygamy, bestiality, and perhaps even murder.”


right only grey

Part 1) What follows will probably upset some readers. The Boston Marathon murders shamed the federal government, state government, and the city of Boston.  Two radicalized young men managed to terrorize and shut down Boston and its suburbs using only readily available inexpensive tools of the terrorist trade.  Despite a manhunt of epic proportions the two remained at large for two days. Only the vigilance of a homeowner resulted in the capture of the younger terrorist. In fact Mass Governor, Deval Patrick, had just declared that the shelter in place advice lifted when a home owner, not law enforcement, found the younger brother. We’ve heard that a police helicopter equipped with a FLIR (a thermal imaging device) unit spotted the subject in the canvass covered boat. The fact is that the helo did not find the subject they only confirmed the report of the homeowner. The helo responded to the scene after the subject had been spotted by the homeowner.

terrorists21The federal government presented the first screw up. Several years ago the feds were requested by a foreign government to check out the elder terrorist because that foreign government had information that the elder brother had been radicalized and was a threat.  The feds made what must have been only a cursory check because they gave him a clean bill of health. Think about it, the feds were on notice that the older brother was radicalized, the feds knew that he traveled abroad, they knew or should have known of the jihad friendly web postings of the brothers. In spite of all of that, the brothers apparently were not on the feds radar screens.  They should have been. The feds must revisit their intell protocols.

The city of Boston massively screwed up crowd control. Whoever was responsible for the marathon event security should be fired.  Those of you who watched the TV images of the crowd at the finish line will remember seeing many persons walking about wearing back packs or carrying bundles. That should not have been permitted.  Since 9/11 crowd control has taken on a whole new meaning. In addition to controlling the crowd, authorities much exercise great vigilance that the crowd itself does not become the victim of terrorism.  Some will say that the crowd was too large to strip of backpacks and bundles.  That’s nonsense, New York City does it every New Year with crowds that dwarf the crowd at the Boston marathon finish line. While it might be nearly impossible to actually secure the entire route, it should have been a no-brainer to tightly secure the finish line where the crowds were sure to be heavy. You can be nearly certain that the city will be defending itself from lawsuits from victims and families of victims.

I’m delighted that they managed to take the younger brother alive, but as a retired cop I’m mortified at how badly law enforcement executives botched this entire mess.  Think about it. Two young men managed to outwit the security forces of the US and the State of Mass. And the Boston police. Two young men managed to murder 4 and maim and injure 170. They managed to virtually shut down the City of Boston for a full day. To those who hate us, to the jihadists, the actions of the brothers was one of consummate bravery  and they fully believe that they are martyrs. The brothers are now hero of the Muslim fundamentalists. There is noe much joy, even glee, in the hearts of AQI leaders and followers.  Did I forget to mention that there is information that the brothers were at least tangentially associated with AQI. . “Inspire,” an online magazine published by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), recently published instructions on how to make pressure cooker bombs. Al Qaeda’s online forums and chat rooms are also abuzz with suggestions that the Boston bomber or bombers might have been inspired by the group’s strong push for “lone wolf” style attacks in the West.

The rank and file cops apparently did their jobs well and tirelessly. But federal, state, and local law enforcement executives/managers screwed the pooch, big time.  Look for copycats of the Boston 2.

Part 2) Well folks the left is getting worried about Marco Rubio. We can tell because there is a hate filled line from the left going around.  Rubio is an existential threat to the Democrats retaking the White House in ’16. On Friday we read one such screed which suggested that Rubio was not worthy because he is not the “American son”. But he is the “American son.” Rubio was born in America. Children born in America are American citizens. Rubio was raised in Miami by his parents who had fled Castro’s tyranny. His parents are proud to be naturalized American citizens.

wet foot21Part 3) Friday’s poster is lathered up by what he sees as privileged treatment of Cuba immigrants. I will remind the peeved poster that the wet foot, dry foot policy is the name given to a consequence of the 1995 revision of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966. Wet foot, dry foot is the handiwork of Lyndon Johnson and Bubba Clinton.  I will also remind the poster that the Democrats fully controlled our governance from 2007 until 2009, further that they have controlled the Senate and Presidency since 2010. They still dominate the Senate and the Presideny, nonetheless we have not head a peep from them about changing the policy. It’s obvious that Obama himself is a supporter of the policy because he has made no effort to change the policy.  The peeved poster obviously in not on the same page as his leaders.

Respectfully submitted: FTR