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Big Piner, Bill Bunn, with his grand daughter, Mallory, and newest gal, Kamyrn Hope, born August 1. If you look in the dictionary under proud, you’ll see Bill’s smile.

[Ebola] I see where some from the Party of Fear are criticizing doctors for bringing the two Ebola patients to the US. If The US is not prepared to treat patients with deadly disease we are in more trouble than the Party of Fear already thinks. Who and where would patients be treated when we get our own deadly disease outbreak? Do they think we should send them to Africa? It’s a matter of time before our enemies are able to release a deadly pathogen in the US and if we are not already prepared to treat the victims we’d be in super serious trouble.
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If Pigeon Key is supposed to be an historic site, why don’t they treat it as such? Their main building is far different than the original. It has been changed and raised to fit the present time not history’s. That hundred foot, in-your-face, solar panel is another example and the most notable feature of the island as you drive by on the new bridge. Yeah, real historic.
[The Bubba System] The KW City attorney, the outgoing utilities manager, the Solid Waste coordinator, the Sustainability Advisory Board, an outside consulting firm, and almost half the city commission opposed renewing the solid waste contract with Waste Management.
[Sewers] If a company does things they know are wrong and makes lots of money without guaranteeing their work for X number of years, that is fraud in my book. Who is going to pay for all the fixes? The company owners, that’s who. No matter where they move to or ‘escape to’ we will find them and make them pay!
A sign posted at a residence destined for a grinder pump. This is why they say a picture is worth a thousand words!
[Film Restoration] On a whim, basically, someone back in the fifties went down into the studio basement to find the old Shane movie to show on a slow Sunday morning TV station.  They found it but it was deteriorating along the edges.  It was the only copy and was about to be lost to the ages.  That touched off a movement to find all the old films and restore them. Link
There are two sides to the global warming story. Side one is those people who do not believe we are polluting our world with oil fumes; and the other side that owns stock in oil companies! Logical huh?
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an thumb down emperor
The whole concept of giving a thumbs up or thumbs down to signal mercy or death in the Roman Coliseum is a complete mistranslation; Emperors would give a thumbs up to indicate death (because it looked like a draw sword) and a closed fist with the thumb pressed in to indicate mercy (to represent a sheathed sword).
[Road Construction] Can someone tell me why the road between Grassy Key and Marathon is being dug up?
I wish Sloan Bashinsky had never mentioned angels in his dreams that guide his life. I would have voted for him last time except for that. He’s still at it, apparently. I would very much to elect someone with his views, but I just can’t get past the nonsensical angel stuff.
I thought I saw a pretty big Tegu lizard crossing the road on No Name Key a while back. Have any of you seen such a thing here?
[“Lacey Act”] I thought I’d write and tell you my position on what is happening on our waters in the Keys, particularly with regarding to the Lacey Act.

In the century since the Lacey Act’s enactment, the statute’s scope has been enormously expanded to the point that it now incorporates the wildlife and trade laws of every foreign nation. As a result, it has become a trap for the unwary, placing honest business people at risk of criminal liability for unknowing violations of hyper-technical foreign laws and regulations.

At almost every opportunity, Congress expanded the Lacey Act’s reach, watered down its culpability standards, and made its enforcement schemes more aggressive. Hopefully lawmakers will resist these impulses when drafting and amending future laws. Our civil liberties as Keys locals may depend on it. Link

[“Local Gun Range”] There was an idea to do this at Mt Trashmore on Cudjoe Key, but the fumes, da fumes!
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How does one turn the direction of a huge ship when it is plain to see it is heading for rocky shoals? Many have their own cures, few have the ability to reverse the trend,  including this poster. It seems when one reaches the time in his life when he realizes his time is not all that far off, it is better to just try to go with the flow and get as much of the good times as one can reasonably expect. Still, I have to leave a parting shot. That a huge amount of our problems are the result of all the misplaced empathy prevalent in our system of government, largely due to self-serving politicos and others in positions of power. Video

If I refuse to take a nap, is that resisting a rest?
[Addict] Like any other narcotic, alcohol does not lie, it’s nature is well known. It’s a lie to demonize alcohol, when the demon is the addict, and what inside the addict’s psyche and in the spirit drives the addict to be an addict. It is futile trying to help a homeless person change, who is an active addict.
indian smoke signal

[B.C. (before computers] I just had a laugh. Can you imagine how things would be without computers. What we do email wise, picture wise and communication wise would have taken days if not weeks to accomplish! Let alone finding information via the Yellow Pages, word of mouth, and smoke signals! humanity can never go back to the old days!

Don’t tell fish stories where the people know you. Particularly don’t tell them where they know the fish. ~Mark Twain
[Homeless] Reportedly, Los Angeles is preparing to forcibly move homeless people into FEMA camps, Camden, NJ is bulldozing encampments, Columbia SC has made homelessness a crime, and as we all have seen on video, KW just murders suspected homeless. Link
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Archimedes and the Burning Mirror. Link

Health Care has everybody stirred up to exaggeration. There is vitriol on both sides. Obamacare may end up being the President’s signature event of his two terms. That will piss off some people. The health care law is flawed because it is essentially a Richard Nixon proposed law. A ground up version may be more successful. Is the law beneficial to everyone? No, the uneven rollout contributed to confusion and that vitriol that we spoke of before. Elections and the Supreme Court will eventually cut off the sharp edges of the issues. Usually when everyone doesn’t agree, that will then be our health care.

By contrast I am very fortunate because my health care. The VA takes care of everything. The Navy’s Prime Care for Life picks up what isn’t covered, such as University of Miami Health Care or even Marathon’s Hospital. With Marathon Hospital things are different. I would go to Marinas first. At least there I don’t have to take out a loan. I apologize to those who support Marathon’s Hospital regardless what is said otherwise. Anywhere I have to pay a deductible, Navy Prime Care for Life picks up that. In the VA everything is covered with no deductible if you qualify. I have been covered by the VA and the Navy since 1995. I think everyone should be covered like I aim. That would be a better solution.

[Sewers] I’ve been told that Shark Key was a ‘cold spot’ and not designated to be sewered, yet got sewered at a cost of like $ 65,000 per home! They are in the Cudjoe District, right? Anyone know the details?
spider brown


Spider bite facts including Black Widow and Brown Recluse. Welcome to the Keys! Link

[Sewers] Why has NOAA ignored the obvious engineering and environmental problems with the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System? Too busy deciding which sandbars to close to public use? NOAA’s glossy web site preaches the importance of water quality protection. Talk about hypocrisy — not a word about a county sewer project that is supposed to protect, not pollute, nearshore waters under NOAA jurisdiction. C’mon Sanctuary Superintendent, use your weekly interview on US1 Radio to explain how using shallow sewage injection wells (2 of a planned 4 are already dug) at a landfill will improve nearshore water quality? No fair saying “I trust our engineers” — that catchphrase has been copyrighted by a county commissioner. Link
[“Better Than Sex”] When somebody says that something is “better than sex”, I always think, it must be my wife posting here!
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[Movies] How accurate is Lone Survivor? Don’t forget, it’s only a Hollywood movie. Link

[Lobster Mobsters] Are they gone yet? Is it safe to go driving, boating or shopping at the WD? The crowd this year seemed particularly loud and aggressive. I would almost prefer being around Jersey Girls than the lobster mobsters.
[“Local Gun Range“] I think that news it is a hoax.
propeller blue[Sewers] If your boat prop has hit the unprotected, partially submerged 2″ black plastic water pipes that run across the Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve to supply water to Little Palm Island, then Dump the Pumps, Inc. would love to hear your story! Please send contact information to their website. They have 3 witnesses to previous repairs so far, but have been told by reliable sources that cut pipes are a common occurrence with this navigational hazard in shallow water.
You may already know that DEP has permitted one of the water pipes to be converted to a sewer pipe, although use of that pipe for such a purpose violates several DEP rules and poses an unusually high public health and environmental risk. The Army Corps of Engineers and others took no interest because there is no new construction underwater or through the wetlands. This old soft plastic water pipe has been improperly approved by DEP to carry 15-20,000 gallons per day of raw sewage through the Preserve and Sanctuary waters to enter the already overburdened FKAA pressure sewer system. It would then be pumped all the way to Cudjoe to be treated by an undersized plant and injected through a casing of only 80 feet into the tidal groundwater of a leachate saturated landfill. Somehow, this is supposed to result in cleaner water? Dump the Pumps Inc. has protested this permit on several valid grounds including, that by adding this resort’s wastewater to an already overloaded system, this FUBAR system is even less likely to function. The FKAA, DEP and County irresponsibility and recklessness is mind-boggling. Your legal fund and/or expertise support is very much appreciated by the Dump the Pumps people. Link


The Senate has not changed one bit since the Romans first corrupted it

[Ebola] We have to trust in the CDC to be able to make sure the Americans with Ebola are treated and the virus doesn’t escape their quarantine.
What makes me laugh about many of the posters’ replies to a given subject is that they do not research if the topic is for real, a put-on, humor, or untrue. They just dump their feelings into a reply, and most times they are wrong themselves or totally illogical. It takes all kinds, but I wish they didn’t vote!
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[Movies] I don’t think Shane was the greatest western, I think Stagecoach was. Stagecoach contained more than every element of all westerns combined and it was only an hour long. John Wayne got his first big role in the movie that made him a star.

[Lobster Mobsters] The crows at the boat ramps were awful. I’m so glad they’re gone. It wouldn’t be so bad if they knew how to launch and retrieve their boats, but they don’t. There is such a thing as boat ramp decourm, but none of the lobster mobsters seem too concerned about it.
[Ebola] Every time I think the government can’t do anything more stupid than they have already done, they come up with something new. Case in point — Ebola is a deadly disease that typically kills more than half the people who contract it. It currently exists only in Africa. So what are the feds about to do? They are bringing two people to the U.S. who are suffering from Ebola, introducing to this continent the possibility (however remote) of its spreading here.
[Afraid of Travel] Is the stay at home mom who’s afraid to travel and calls those who do–egotists–the same one who calls pot smokers egotists? Does this person call anything that she doesn’t understand –ego driven? I recommend she smoke a joint and take a ‘trip’ south or get an enema. Either one will cure her of her envy for those who ‘do’.
[Reef(er) Madness] In 1999, the World Bank asked [University of Auckland geomorphologist Paul Kench] to evaluate the economic costs of sea-level rise and climate change to Pacific island nations. Kench, who had been studying how atoll islands evolve over time, says he had assumed that a rising ocean would engulf the islands, which consist of sand perched on reefs. “That’s what everyone thought, and nobody questioned it,” he says. But when he scoured the literature, he could not find a single study to support that scenario. So Kench teamed up with Peter Cowell, a geomorphologist at the University of Sydney in Australia, to model what might happen. They found that during episodes of high seas—at high tide during El Niño events, which raise sea level in the Central Pacific, for example—storm waves would wash over higher and higher sections of atoll islands. But instead of eroding land, the waves would raise island elevation by depositing sand produced from broken coral, coralline algae, mollusks, and foraminifera. Kench notes that reefs can grow 10 to 15 millimeters a year—faster than the sea-level rise expected to occur later this century. “As long as the reef is healthy and generates an abundant supply of sand, there’s no reason a reef island can’t grow and keep up,” he argues. Link
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
[Stupid Tourist Questions] I overheard a customer at a bar here in Door County, Wisconsin ask the bartender, “Which beach is closest to the water?”
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Truman-Waterfront-planIf Key West plows ahead and builds the new mega park on Truman Waterfront, I wonder if there will be park benches? I wonder, because the city officials removed nearly every public bench in the city to prevent homeless people from sitting on them. City bus stops are the main places remaining where there are benches, and even those benches city officials tried to remove, but then backed off because of hues and cries that elders, disabled people, workers, students, tourists and other people ride city buses and need a place to sit when waiting on their bus to arrive.
Dade Correctional back in spotlight after strangling. Link
I am sure that you people demonstrating around here in favor of impeaching Obama have no idea how you come across to ordinary people, because that is how your minds work, like it is all about you.  I am also sure that the people in Hitler’s Brown Shirt movement felt the same as you in the days leading up to WW2 and we all know, except for the deniers, where that eventually went


Watch night to night as the waxing Moon moves eastward past the lineup of Spica, Mars, and then Saturn. The blue 10° scale is about the size of your fist held at arm’s length. The Moon is plotted for the middle of North America, and it’s shown three times actual apparent size.

[Pigeon Key] Our County Commissioners are too busy being wined and dined by the Pigeon Key Cabal who laughingly, and in your face,  managed to misappropriate $80 million dollars of tax payer money to fix that old driveway, come 7 Mile Bridge, out to that deserted island.  Unfortunately most people who live here are clueless about this scam and most everything else going on around this place, happily devoting most of their limited drug addled think time to trying to impress tourists with how local they and,  therefore, as being such must be the highest human life form there ever was.  I don’t know if you poor saps who got stuck with grinder pumps are capable of making the connection here.
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[“Traveling to sketchy Central American countries think you are pretty cool“] When I read a post like that I think this guy’s never been anywhere real. He’s probably traveled on a Disney Cruise, but never set foot in a foreign place on his own. He’d probably pee his pants at some of the places I’ve been. To many of us adventure is more than a trip to Orlando. I feel somewhat bad for people like them because they’ll never see the beauty and untouched landscape and culture that genuine travelers get to experience.

National Do Not Call Registry. 3 things you may not know. Link
To the scary bunch calling for Obama’s impeachment. Just own it. You are a scary, creepy bunch of wackadoodles that almost everyone tries to avoid.
cards jack queen king

If you got a computer with Win 8 you didn’t get Solitaire. This freebie card game can fill that void. Over 1000 versions. As with any free program, read each page to avoid downloading hitchhiking software you don’t want. Link

[“Woman driver jailed six years for killing man while texting on two cell phones] I bet she’d make a hell of a barmaid in a wet T-shirt!
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Costa-Rica3[“Traveling to sketchy Central American countries think you are pretty cool”] I don’t. I go because I enjoy using my Spanish, eating, drinking and otherwise learning the culture. I’ve never been “jacked”, nor even felt threatened. Panama, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Cost Rica–never a problemo. I know the cops are crooked, I know the street urchins are watching and I know my capabilities in dealing with each. Unlike here, where cops beat and kill people, and the media says, “but it’s only a few bad apples”, while the offending agencies bury the evidence as they stand behind the thin blue line. Believe it or not, it’s actually easier hanging out in a place that I know is smarmy, and know is crooked as opposed to knowing what I see and watching it covered up with bullshit.
I had to listen to a guy railing against the President yesterday at a Marathon bar who was wrong on all counts. I was surprised at the level of misinformation he was sharing. With people like him and their inaccurate thinking it’s no wonder some of them want to impeach the President.

“Obama and Putin share one attribute. A insatiable appetite for power.”
FTR guy.
OK boys, smile and say War Criminals.

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The reason the unemployment rate is dropping is because the present administration( Obama) has extended benefits to the unemployed to the point where the don’t have to work. This has nothing to do with the minimum rage jobs that have become available. We have created at least two generations of people who have no idea what it is like to work for a living.
This country is generating a two tier society. There is no more ” Middle Class ” Only the upper class who are fortunate to escape
the deterioration of our economy or the lower class who can not or have given up trying to succeed.
I am not offering a solution but it annoys the F#$K out of me when people just throw out numbers that don’t mean anything.
from the right
A POSTER WROTE: “I wonder how FTR feels about the hearings in Congress to determine if they can pass a law to prevent a legal handgun purchase by a convicted domestic abuser to stalker?”

FTR’S RESONSE: It is already illegal for a person convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence to own a gun. It is also illegal for felons to own guns. It has been so since 1997. The controlling statute is “the Lautenberg Amendment” of Public law 104–208,[1] 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(9)[2]). The act bans shipment, transport, ownership and use of guns or ammunition by individuals convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, or who are under a restraining (protection) order for domestic abuse in all 50 states. The act also makes it unlawful to knowingly sell or give a firearm or ammunition to such persons. Link

lady agent gunIn the case noted in the link from the posting, the person selling the gun was guilty of a crime, the person who bought the gun was guilty of a crime.  That did not deter either one of them. It’s a shame that the murdered victim did not have a gun to defend herself, had her killer known she was armed, he probably would not have attacked her. It takes a coward to assault a woman and a coward is unlikely to risk being shot by that woman.

It may make some people feel good to enact more laws restricting gun ownership, but aside from being unconstitutional, it won’t save lives. People who are willing to kill, are willing to break any law that restricts gun ownership. If they hate enough to want to kill and can’t get a gun they’ll use their hands, a hammer, a knife, poison, a car, an axe, or any other tool that can inflict mortal injury. I know that, I’ve seen it many, many times.

At some point, maybe our anti-gun crowd will begin to wonder if it’s worth losing lives just so that they can feel good and feel righteous. Perhaps at some point liberal politicos will stop grandstanding this issue. The liberal politicos mentioned in the link are primarily concerned about gun violence against women, yet they noted that only about 25% of gun violence victims in the US are women. They are pandering to the liberal female voter.

I saw a sign that says it all: “The reason I carry a gun is because a cop is too heavy.”

Then of course there is the incontrovertible fact that since gun ownership has grown, the homicide rate and the crime rate has steadily declined. It is heartening to observe the number of women, alone and with companions, who are customers at the Big Coppitt Gun Club.


A POSTER WROTE: “OKAY….REALITY CHECK. To date, President Obama has only signed 168 executive orders, compared to 291 executive orders signed by his predecessor George W. Bush. Um, President Bush signed more orders in his first four years, 173, than President Obama has signed in just over five”

FTR RESPONSE: Here’s what Candidate Obama said in 2008 “I taught constitutional law for ten years. I take the Constitution very seriously. The biggest problems that were facing right now have (sic) to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all, and that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m President of the United States of America.”

As usual hypocrisy is the rule in Obama’s White House.

order3It is true that GWB signed more Executive Orders than has Obama to date. But, and it’s a gargantuan but, the reach and import of Obama’s orders are nuclear explosions compared to GWB’s hand grenades.

Obama’s disdain for the rule of law that he doesn’t agree with is monumental, his disdain for the constitution is unprecedented by any other President, and his disdain for Congress is shameful. He has, by executive fiat, chosen to ignore or to violate scores of laws and regulations.

The House of Representatives has chosen only one item, his illegal and unconstitutional, executive order to delay the implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandate for two years. That order issued so as to avoid the political firestorm that will ensue when the mandate goes into effect. It will be poison gas to Democrat politicos.

The House of Representatives could have chosen many of Obama’s Executive Orders for the law suit, but for strategic political reasons they chose to wait.

If Obama, by yet another Executive Order, decides to fling our southern border open to one and all, and if he decides to unilaterally provide amnesty to the hordes of illegals, all bets are off. Depending on what he chooses to do, the Republicans may find themselves ethically and morally bound to go forward with impeachment proceedings. Obama’s future decisions, not his past actions will determine his fate