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I knew OZ for about thirty years since when he briefly tended bar at the Green Parrot. The last time I was with OZ, now kaput, was in 2010. I had just bought my dream truck, a brand new, out of the box, Chevy Silverado. I’d always wanted one, but couldn’t afford it until then. I was at my friend’s house in the woods on Big Pine drinking scotch and celebrating the blessed event. When I became too drunk to sing I left and started to drive the few blocks to my house. On the way I passed St Francis Church where there was a small commotion along the side of the road. There were a few holies standing over a prostrate, moaning and groaning, OZ who had fallen off his tricycle, drunk. I pulled over and loaded OZ into the cab of my new truck and loaded his tricycle in the bed. I was going to take him home when I noticed blood. I stopped the truck and saw that his head was bleeding all over my new upholstery. I threw him out and yelled at him for bleeding on my new seats. I put a rag on his head and let him back in and drove to the fire station to get him first aid. After pounding on the door for a while I gave up because no one was answering. I definitely was too drunk to drive to Fisherman’s Hospital so I drove him home and threw him out again to die on his own couch. I forgot to throw his trike out too and had to go back the next morning to return his bike. He was still alive.

There were many different paths I could have taken in this tale if I wasn’t so toasted myself. I wasn’t thinking clearly. R.I.P. OZ, we had some good times.


Seagram’s 7 whiskey says it’s a blend. In whiskey-talk doesn’t that mean a blend is called bourbon?

oh oh


[No Windstorm Insurance July 1] Any major structure for which a permit is applied, on or after July 1, 2014, for new construction or substantial improvement  is not eligible for coverage, if within Coastal Barrier Resource System boundaries.

That’s us! This bill passed in 2012.

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[If drugs were legalized] Winn Dixie workers would be mentally incapacitated, selling spoiled food to the public. At the Blimp site someone high would think it would be so cool to let Fat Albert have a girlfriend and let him float away to find one. Given the abundance of people wanting work who don’t abuse drugs and endanger others, in the interest of public safety, I propose drug testing be mandatory for all workers in the Keys.


The Shell BPK/Ramrod/Summerland shady gas prices. They charge an arm and a leg for their fuel, and they pay their employees below min wage, and under the table. This way they can scam the employees into working for 8 bucks and hour. Meanwhile back on the mainland, the owners and his sons are driving around in Masarati’s. I don’t give a rats ass if they offer fuel perks or not, I refuse to spend on penny of my money at these stores.



Florida Sportsman Magazine is calling for a nonbinding referendum for the dissolution of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

There are 18.6 million vacant houses in the United States. That’s enough for every homeless person in the USA to have six/////!

Here is the Senior Center calendar for December. Menu > Ongoing Events

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tree flashing red lights

[Christmas Trees] I just got my Christmas Tree at St. Pete’s on BPK.  They are fabulous trees and come in various sizes up to 8′.  They are open every day from 10-7:30. Support St. Pete’s not Winn Dixie.

I am saddened by the news of OZ’s death. I knew him casually over fifteen years, dating from when locals stopped by the Pub to catch up on local happenings, and grandparents could be found playing pool with their young grandchildren in the room where tourists and newcomers now revel drinking beer and eating pizza. OZ was an early regular, entertaining, and humble. He sometimes slept upstairs in those days.

I wish I had known him at a deeper level. I wish I could have given him a job worthy of his wit and intelligence. I only knew that he was a Vietnam veteran, a radio man, though I don’t think I learned that from him. He worked along side of me when my wife and I built our house on No Name Key. He was a man of kind humor and mild disposition. There are often regrets. I regret that I don’t know, and never asked what his real name was, where he grew up, if he had brothers and sisters, and if his parents are living. I hope someone will post what they knew about OZ. Those who knew him, if only casually as I did, surely would like to have more to hang our pleasant memories on.


[Code Talkers] Roy Hawthorne, 87, of Lupton, Ariz., was one of four Code Talkers honored for their service in World War II during the Monday night game against the San Francisco 49ers. Link

cows hug

The livestock industry accounts for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions.  Some scientists suggest we switch to bugs for protein to fight global warming.  But nothing satisfies like beef.

There are 5 gas stations between Big Coppitt and Sunshine Key. Three of them are Shell Stations and they are the “price leaders “‘ the ones who set the prices that the other two follow. The other two stations can compete with the Shell stations by pricing their gas a few cents lower. We have a problem because the Shell stations set their prices so high that the other two can make a ton of money by just staying a few cents lower, while remaining competitive.

Unless something changes, this is a good deal for all five stations. Unless the price is so high that it is worthwhile to drive to Marathon or Big Coppitt, it will stay this way. Economists call this a local oligopoly. For Reg 90 with only Shell selling it, it’s a local monopoly which is worse.

I have been filling my truck and getting REC 90 in Marathon. I save about $25 each time I do it and have been doing so since mid-summer.

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[Coffee Tip] You don’t need a coffee maker, especially if for only one cup in the morning. Get a replacement metal foil filter basket and the measured spoon. Place the coffee into the basket and place all in a shallow bowl that won’t let the floating grounds escape. Pour your room temperature or cold water over the grounds and cover. Let steep on the counter for 18-24 hours, pour into a ceramic cup and microwave for 2 minutes. Make the next batch for the following day. Refrigerate anything left over after 24 hours and hot wash the used items after each use to prevent bacterial growth. Yields a strong super smooth brew without the bitterness hot water produces when it releases the acids. This is otherwise known as the cold press method.

[“The Fed wants a inflation rate of between 4% and 9%”] Actually their goal is to maintain about 2-3%, however they would welcome 5-6% because they have plenty of experience fighting inflation and not a lot fighting deflation which is being exported from China. If inflation drops below zero could mean we would have to pay banks to hold our money. If inflation gets to 5-6%, the Fed will raise the prime lending rate to try to slow down the economy. At that time banks should offer the best cd rates as borrowing from the public is cheaper than from the Fed. Currently though the prime is cheap and banks get to lend our savings for nearly free.

[Gas is $3.35 in Marathon at Tom Thumb] Key Largo Marathon Food Mart and Tom Thumb (in the median) was $3.19, even cheaper than Homestead, so if your going past in either direction that would be a good place to fill up.


The ‘CryptoLocker’ virus is spreading like wildfire. The virus is delivered in a legitimate-looking email from a company like UPS or FedEx. The message will have an attachment that’s a JPEG, PDF or other common file extension. However, it might contain a malicious link instead.

If you download and open the attachment, or click on the link, a CryptoLocker installs on your computer. A message pops up demanding $100 or more to keep the virus from destroying everything on your hard drive.

Update 11-4-13: At first the criminals behind CryptoLocker said you had four days to pay or your files were locked forever. Now, however, they say that you can get them back even after four days. The catch is that you’ll have to pay more than $2,000!

While you might pay this ransom as a last resort, users are reporting that some files will give an error and stay locked. There is no way to recover those files. Unfortunately, your antivirus software does not block this malicious virus. This is important. If you get CryptoLocker, disconnect from your wired or wireless network immediately or else other systems on the network will become infected too.

There is a free program called “CryptoPrevent” that will prevent the virus from being installed on your computer, but it also takes some knowledge to be installed correctly.  The best prevention is to be wary of those email attachments.  Most of the delivery companies do not send updates unless you have requested them, and those do not come with attachments.

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Wanted: crewed 2-3 day sailing trip to the Marquesas Keys off Key West in January or February for knowledgeable sailor and one other passenger. Catamaran preferred. Leave message at 872-1201. Classified Ads > Wanted

Sewer issues are not only going to expensive in the keys.Reading the enclosed article will show, residents don’t want to go with the flow! Link

nira tocco realtor 9.12

[“Disappearing Monarch butterflies”]  Oh, give it a rest.  Monsanto does not bother with milkweed seed, which is where the Monarchs feed and breed.  Droughts the past few years have made a bigger impact than any man made factor.


[“This artificial economy is going to implode”] Sign up for Netflix and search for “Death By China”. Watch it all the way through as it provides important information intermixed with some seemingly unimportant or irrelevant possibly outdated portions. It basically explains the US economy, and those based on the dollar as its reserve currency, engaged in the worlds largest Ponzi scheme which they have no choice now but to continue playing. One day, just like Fannie and Freddie were shut down, the majority of the worlds economies could collapse.

isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13

[“Groceries now $600 a month“]  Blame China’s currency manipulations exporting deflation which causes the Fed to print up $18 billion a month, devaluing the currency and causes commodities to rise. Also the prime lending is so low to try to spur the economy that people are getting little or no interest on thier savings. People 55 and older are increasing in employment, below 55 are decreasing. Rice, beans and potatoes for everyone, plus huge youth unemployment courtesy of our government making China favored nation trade status. Now China is threaten war with Japan and the US over a few islands.



The outdoors transform into an art gallery. Enjoy the enchanted Key West Garden Club’s garden at the West Martello Tower and ring the Peace Bell.  It’s there overlooking the Atlantic. Link

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[Citizen Of The Day Says] she loves loving on her man, Mick.


[Rowell’s Marina] I took this from today’s  letter to the editor and want to respond.  Rowell’s Marina Purchase: A Brilliant Move

Such praise for the Commission, but I hardly think the Rowell property  a “brilliant move” when they are paying 250 K more than the appraised value and have no cogent business plan for it  Yes, it’s great that the commission wants to create more parks – more power to them, , but they are using the infrastructure tax money to do so and that is not what we voted for. That is why Danny Kohlage voted against it – correctly in my opinion  . Man , I  don’t now how long you have been here , but  Danny Kohlage is the last person I would ever accuse of  being  ”  blinded by the obtuse and myopic vision” , He goes by the book . We voted for that infrastructure sales tax.   To use it for things other than sewers first is not what was intended. The grinder / low pressure system  being proposed is the cheapest way out – for now,  but a lot of information has surfaced that shows it’s not the best solution.  I wish you luck with Rowell’s purchase, but the  5 million should go back to the infrastructure projects as was intended.

To the Editor: Thebluepaper.comThe Monroe County Commission’s decision to purchase Rowell’s Marina is a brilliant move that will benefit and reward its citizens in perpetuity.Our county commission, county manager and local residents worked long and hard for many years to secure this procurement. It was well researched and investigated. What a novel idea, government working in concert with the governed to obtain an objective that will add to the quality of everyone’s life.Businesses, residents and tourists will thrive at this prime location. Revenue will flow into our coiffeurs, as taxpayers experience the relief that this purchase will provide to them.It’s unfortunate that Commissioner Danny Kohlage was blinded by the obtuse and myopic vision of an exquisite acquisition that all will benefit from. The negativity of those unable to see the value of this jewel, stems from them wanting to get a hand out to pay for their sewer connections. Unfortunately, that issue is water under the bridge, as that ship has left. The time to address the government’s unfunded sewer mandate occurred many years ago. It appears that they were sold out by previous elected officials who were unable to protect and serve them.Except for Commissioner Kohlage, this has not been the case with our county commissioners. Every step of the way, along with the county manager, they gave leadership, guidance and counsel as they navigated a course to our goal. Fail-safe methods were incorporated in this process to insure that there will not be any buyer’s remorse.

It’s an extraordinary purchase for the people of Monroe County.  The courage, tenacity and wisdom of those county commissioners who voted in favor of this procurement are applauded. Thank you for your intelligent and trusted leadership. 



[For Sale] 75 round drum for AK47. Excellent condition. Steel construction. Classified Ads > Miscellaneous

[Delete thew Marine Sanctuary] Keys County Commissioner’s asked to support Sanctuary referendum. Link


We just moved here to get out of the cold and wonder if there is a list of places to eat and shop that are clean and reputable. We know about the bars and were told to stay away, but they do not look that bad, are they? (Ed: Welcome and you can warm up at Springer’s because it’s cold here too! Springer’s is clean and bright. There are windows all over the place, TV’s and nice people. And they have heat.)

If you’re looking for the right fit, try the “NUT”

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beer bottle spill

How real pros open a beer! This is my favorite compilation of all time. Video 

Windstorms policies in danger of being dropped.  Link     



[Undead Teds] For the kid that’s been naughty and not nice, nightmares for life. Link

I don’t participate in Black Friday. Mostly because I wasn’t born in a trailer park. Link


furniture-006Living room set, five pieces, made by Lane and originally sold by JC Penny for nearly $5000. The chair, loveseat, and sofa all are capable of reclining. The coffee table has a convenient drawer for keeping your favorite things in. The table that would go in the corner has two levels for placing all those knick knacks on. This furniture has been well taken care of and is for sale for $300.You may either e-mail to or call 305-872-3011 to establish a time to see our furniture. If you call do not hesitate to leave a message. Classified Ads > Household

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house lights toy factory

Louisiana Christmas Day sung by Aaron Neville. Video 

The hogfish fishery in the Gulf is closed until January. The usual Government outreach gave us all a warning (sarcasm). Link


[Constitution Questions] I’m back after Thanksgiving! The last answer was #10: Article I of the Constitution establishes as one of the powers of Congress: B, To declare war. Congress is the only entity allowed to declare war. Since WWII Presidents have effectively declared war on their own by the use of terms like “Police Action”. Congress, and “We the People” have negligently allowed this to happen.

Next Question is: #11 Judges of the Supreme court are:
A.     Appointed by the President.
B.     Nominated by Congress, approved by the President.
C.     Prohibited from serving two consecutive terms.
D.     Appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are now available for free at Jigs, Coconuts and Molly’s Pawn on Big Pine. Another good resource is the Constitution Club.

I’m hoping to get a Constitutional discussion group, or something akin to that, going down here. If you are interested in Constitutional government and rule of law in government check out the Constitution Clubs’ website and join the Monroe County Florida group. Link

man bowing to king dollar

[Disgruntled Local] Well it’s Snowbird season again and we still cannot shoot them. The ‘Birds seem to be coming in early and they are very mean this year, taking over everything and treating us locals as though we are indentured servants as usual. Of course ‘the servants’ like the money and will bend over to the floor to kiss bird feathers as they do each year. Pray for May

[Wet Booger]I am sitting in the parking lot at Home Depot and just saw a guy blow his nose on his hand, then wipe it on his shirt.  Then another guy spit out of his window.  What is wrong?  Mamas, did you not teach your sons basic manners, so as not to gross-out women?


You would have to have sociopathic tendencies to talk on a cellphone on an airplane.

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[Captain Doom and Gloom] DEF: Bank Interest n. That which we used to get by lending our money to strangers so they can become rich and give us a pittance off the bottom of their pile.

DEF: Loan n. A hand out from the rich above with fees and threats that overwhelm one’s trust in his fellow man.

I wonder if the local Shell gas stations price gouging to compensate for the Winn Dixie gas program?

religion politics zone

[Gov cutting food stamps to subsidize flood insurance] As usual lefties are short on the details and draw incomplete conclusions. First off there was an extra bonus added to the food stamp program because of the severe poor economic condition at the time. The economy has improved, thus the supplemental bonus, enacted for a brief period, was no longer needed and the need for people to get motivated to fend for themselves. Second, Citizens Insurance is a separate identity, it’s funded by acts of Congress and those insured under the program.

You’re acting under the assumption that our Gov. is operating on sound principles that it’s spending only what it takes in on taxes and profit it makes running industries into the ground. Thus has to take from one program to fund another with finite funds. The fact is our government does not have a balanced budget, it’s borrowing trillions from other countries like China and giving I.O.U.’s to itself to the tune of $18 billion dollars a month. The Gov is becoming the economy.

hammer and sycle

Why do right-wingers always think that Democrats like socialism? We dont! Is it because we believe in the Federal Government regulating all Americans’ healthcare and regulating the sharing of that cost fairly among all Americans?

We don’t like Socialism nor do we want it. So stop your exaggerations in order to get knee-jerk reactions from your ilk.

[Obamacare] A DHS employee slipped and told a disabled Canadian woman why she was being denied entry to the US on her way to a much needed Carribean vacation, instead of just denying entry. Canada is either supplying personal medical records or the NSA hacked them, which brings up some interesting things about Obamacare and it’s real intended purpose. Obamacare was hashed out between select Democrats and insurance companies in secret, then Nancy Pelosi told the Democrats they would have to vote first before they see what it entailed, very unusual. The ACA website requires one to register and provide much personal information before one can review plans, the many scripts on the site blamed for the overload are contacting many different servers, more than necessary. Health providers have to digitize patient records. Seems private records are out and travel restrictions are in. Link

[The Borg] “Most of the time when I go to Fox News they are blathering about Obamacare.” Blathering? you are amazing. We have been lied to, our freedoms taken, 1/6 of our great American economy put in the most incompetent hands one could possibility imagine. FOX is the only news network that followed and shared the story and has stayed on the story with the American people. Blathering. You, my friend are a piece of work. I would have to guess that makes me a, racist, woman hater,gun loving,flag waving red neck suffering from homophobia. Who doesn’t understand socialism is good for the combined awareness of the Borg.

The Borg were a pseudo-race of cybernetic beings, or cyborgs, from the Delta Quadrant. No single individual truly existed within the Borg Collective (with the possible sole exception of the Borg Queen Obama), as all Borg were linked into a hive mind. Their ultimate goal was the attainment of ‘perfection’ through the forcible assimilation of diverse sentient species, technologies, and knowledge.

[Socialism] Our Far Leftie friends should move to Venezuela, the kleptocratic government there is right up their alley. The Venezuelan government owns Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. which owns Citgo. Link

I do not consider any talk by anyone about Obamacare to be blathering, because it (ObamaCare) is actually lighting the fuse to the downfall of The United States !

Too bad President Reagan isn’t around to explain his views on religion and Country to Sarah Palin and her right winged buddies.

from the right

be prepared12Special to yesterday’s poster who likes the “Regressive Hypocrisy” postings and wanted to know its source.  FYI, info like that is widely available on the web, all you have to do is snoop around. That’s why you should be very, very cautious about what you read here or any other place on the web before you clutch it to your heart.  Before you make decisions as to whether or not any posting is fact, you really should think about it, then, if it seems important to you research it. Beware of any political propaganda, some may be true so always look for evidence that either supports or disproves it.

The series of “regress hypocrisy” postings are chock a block full of half-truths and outright misstatements of fact. And really are nothing more than cheap shots.  For example, yesterday the “hypocrisy” poster suggested that conservative persons of faith who claim that the US is a Christian nation are hypocritical because Reagan once gave a speech wherein he stated our nation neither requires nor forbids religion, any religion.

Well Deer Friends, the facts are that our founders firmly believed in God. The first official act in the First Continental Congress was to open in Christian prayer, which ended in these words: “…the merits of Jesus Christ, Thy Son, our Savior. Amen”. The First Amendment was not to keep religion out of government. It was to keep Government from establishing a ‘National Denomination” (like the Church of England).

Our nation has been the success that it has been to date in no small part because it was founded on Judean and Christian beliefs and mores.

gallows monitor swingPart 2) By the time you read this it probably will be abundantly clear that “fix” promised by Obama of the Democare website by 12/1 is nowhere near what he promised. The site will probably have been marginally improved, but it still will be very limited in the number of people it can serve.

Team Obama is in the process of dumping its web hosting provider (Verizon) and replacing it with Hewlett Packard. Another thing to consider is that the cost of getting website alone going has tripled, it is now estimated that getting just the website going is costing us nearly $300 million

Most certainly eventually the web site will begin to work satisfactorily. But that is only the beginnings of the problems facing the Democare law and infrastructure.

The chief digital architect for the federal health insurance marketplace, Henry Chao testified last Tuesday that as much as 70% percent of the system was still being built. He testified that “We still need to build the payments systems to make the payments to insurers in January”.  The verification of ID and income section is still not complete. Link

Deer Friends, think about that, they have had 3+ years to get it going, but not only is it not working, but they still haven’t even finished making it.

We also know that Obama is so worried about the political impact of the employer mandate that he has violated his own law and pushed the roll out way back, until well after the ’14 midterm election in hopes that it will not poison the Democrat well. No surprise there because it’s estimated that as many as a 100 million will lose their employer provided insurance.

The abundant fact that Team Obama has bungled even the roll out, gives us a really scary preview of how poorly Democare will serve us, if and when it ever does get going. It is bad law, it is bad social policy, and it should be repealed. We should start over with bi partisan legislation. The Republicans attempted to participate in its drafting, but were shut out by a resounding chorus of Democrat NO. Democare is strictly a product of the Democrats. Link


The year 2013 has been a great year for global agriculture. Record world production of rice and healthy production of wheat and corn produced strong harvests across the world. These gains were achieved despite continuing predictions by anti science global warming fanatics that world agricultural output is headed for a decline.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports that world rice harvests for 2012/2013 were a record 469 million metric tons. Corn and wheat harvests were also strong, following record harvests for both grains during the 2011/2012 season. The USDA is now projecting world record harvests for corn, wheat, and rice for 2013/2014.

These numbers cap a 50-year trend of remarkable growth in world grain production. Since 1960, global wheat and rice production has tripled, and corn production is almost five times higher.

For decades, doomsayers of the cult left predicted that food production would fail to keep up with the needs of humanity. In 1972, Donella Meadows and others of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology published The Limits to Growth, which asked the question, “Do these rather dismal statistics mean that the limits of food production on the earth have already been reached?” Paul Ehrlich wrote in The End of Affluence in 1974, “Due to a combination of ignorance, greed and callousness, a situation has been created that could lead to a billion or more people starving to death.” Sorry Paul, world population increased along with food production and supply.

And it was because Norman Borlaug’s development of disease-resistant, high-yield strains of wheat and rice along with tireless efforts of food heroes like Monsanto had already revolutionized twentieth century agriculture. A few years before Meadows and Ehrlich warned about coming famines, Borlaug’s wheat and rice were introduced into Latin America and Asia with astounding results. Mexico’s wheat production soared six-fold by 1970 from levels in the 1940s. India’s wheat production jumped from a huge deficit in 1965 to a surplus only five years later.

Food production continues to grow faster than population. Data from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations shows a 30 percent gain in the per capita agricultural production index from 1980 to 2010. World citizens have access to more grain, meat, dairy products, and fruits and vegetables. Even fish production is climbing with large gains in aquaculture fish farming.

The increased availability of food reduced the undernourished portion of the world’s population from 18.6 percent in 1990 to 12.5 percent in 2010, according to the FAO. A total of 868 million people are still classified as undernourished.

Despite the facts todays leading fear mongers and agriculture alarmists are proponents of the ideology of Climatism, the belief that man-made greenhouse gases are destroying Earth’s climate. Earlier this month, despite the facts, a leaked draft report from Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted that man-made climate change would actually be reduce global agricultural production yields by up to two percent per decade throughout the twenty-first century.

It appears the only man made artifices here are the intentional fears and deluded realities the anti science cult left continue to impose on the rest of us. Link