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Sunday, June 23, 2013

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an_full-moon[Tonight] One of the biggest celestial events of the year is almost upon us! Set to peak on Sunday, June 23, the 2013 supermoon is noteworthy not only for the remarkable sight it will present to skywatchers but also because it will be the largest supermoon this year.

Also known as a perigee moon, the event occurs when a full moon lines up with the Earth and the sun at a specific point in its orbit, called the lunar perigee. That’s the point at which the moon is nearest to Earth as it traces its elliptical path around our planet. Since it’s closer to us, the moon appears up to 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than usual. Coined by astrologer Richard Nolle, the term “supermoon” essentially means a bigger and brighter full moon.

But what makes Sunday’s supermoon so special? While skywatchers will be able to spot another supermoon in July, the moon will not be this close again until August 2014. The moon will turn full at 7:32 a.m. EDT Sunday. It will reach its closest point to the Earth 22 minutes earlier and will be visible after the sun sets that evening.

So be sure to step outside Sunday night to catch a glimpse of the June 2013 supermoon. (To see the perigee moon in all its oversized glory, try to spot it at moonrise or moonset, when it’s on horizon.)


[Coral] It makes me cry when I jump in the water on what used to be the live coral just offshore of Long Beach Road. It is now just a pile of rubble, so sad, so sad, and it will never get better.

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[“Cleaning R/Vs Carpet”] I’ve tried two down here and finally went to Winn Dixie and rented a machine myself and did a fine job. I’ve only had bad luck with a local carpet cleaner, who’s name I thankfully forgot, and Stanley Steamer. Both just wanted my money and came and went as fast as they could with no interest in doing a good job. Both just wet my carpet and left. Both left a wet, dirty carpet.

[“Don’t Be Evil”] Google paid $500 million to the Feds for its role in knowingly advertising illegal drugs online from China and Mexico.


gravity an



[Sewers] Since we are going to a combination gravity and low pressure sewage lines, I have decided to rely on gravity for my lateral.  All my plumbing fixtures are on the second floor since my home is stilted and I am sure gravity will take care of what little crap I have.

[Marathon Journal] Entitlements and earned services and assistance are all hot-button issues. Military folks are not entitled to anything. They have earned our consideration by service to their country.

~Star Trek Into Darkness is the latest film in the series. Star Trek vs. Star Wars and they just keep coming on like the Hobbit and Rings series.

~We hear words like Fatherland, homeland, Third Riech, or extreme Right. What about extreme Left? Being able to be independent and citizens would be diluted in the race to do everything for everybody. What happened to a bit of moderation and cooperation? Congress can’t even pass a farm bill.

~Budget season starts here soon. You have to participate to complain later.

~The Miami Heat are basketball’s repeat champion. They had to win the last two games, which is quite hard to do. Anybody watching the Stanley Cup NHL championship series?

~Boats are expensive fun still worth the dollars that pour down the drain.

~Keynoter’s report the fate of Marathon’s 33rd Street planned property upgrade including all the buildings. Three Monroe County Commissioners repeatedly said that they did not know this or that. Good grief, they are commissioners and they can’t figure these things out! Back in November 1999 at the inception of the City of Marathon there was a lot of acrimony detailed in the minutes of those meetings. Commissioners David Rice and George Neugent have the good sense to represent all their constituents. ~Publisher@MarathonJournal.US 




[Guns] God help us if the nuts that consider just such foolishness ever really take over this country.

[“Sewer system costs”] How much does the grinder pump and all the parts cost, compaired to the simple gravity system pipe?

If they fix the Pigeon Key Bridge it won’t be historical with a historical look anymore.  It will just be a new multi million dollar driveway for the people who live out there that allow tourists to walk partway out on it to look in the water.

an_meteor3[Comet] C00/2012 S1 (ISON) is a sungrazing comet discovered on 21 September 2012 by Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok from Russia. Comet ISON will be approaching very close to earth, by the beginning of this fall, and throughout the winter. According to NASA, Comet ISON will be much brighter than the full moon at any time. Beginning by late September of 2013.

According to my research, I believe that the sudden wave of “Near Miss Asteroids” we’ve experienced lately is connected to Comet ISON. Never in my life have I ever witnessed so many close call asteroids with earth, with such frequency. As of August 2012, there had been 848 near-Earth asteroids larger than 1 km.  Within the past month, we had 3 near earth asteroids approach us. Comet ISON is over 3 miles in diameter, and is carrying a lot of debris around it.

In 2014, NASA hopes to launch a 13,000 square foot solar sail. Sunjammer, NASA’s codename for the largest solar sail ever constructed, should leave the launch pad in 2014 and head into space to demonstrate “propellant-less propulsion”.

NASA has only said, “We need to begin to experiment with diverting near earth objects”.

Supposedly, rumors have it that a large celestial body is following Comet ISON, and following the same trajectory towards our solar system, but NASA has neither confirmed, or denied any information concerning these reports.



Dog doors are for dogs.

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[Too Many Reflectors] I see a lot of work being done by out of town contractors and the County. Most of what I believe is not necessary. Lets face it folks, you are footing the bill for crap you don’t need and if asked you would not want to pay for it. Your tax dollars pay for some do-nothing freeloading bastards that can’t even be fired and its getting worse every season. Take a look around Big Pine. These people can waste money on stupid stuff better than any place I’ve ever been. And trust me I’ve been around.

Examples? If you need a reflector on the pole of a stop sign, you should not be allowed to drive. DOT? Two different poles to hold (back to back). blinking lights to warn us of deer crossing? I’m not an engineer but I’m quite sure that both those lights could be held by one of those poles. Count the signs from Spanish Harbor to North Pine Channel some time and then tell me that’s not ugly, unnecessary, wasted tax money.


Where would we be without the non-profit community? People would be realistic, work in real jobs, and keep you non-profit blood suckers off our steps. Pay your taxes to pay for your use of America!

positive an


[Think Positive] There is a criterion by which you can judge whether the thoughts you are thinking and the things you are doing are right for you. The criterion is: Have they brought you inner peace? If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought. 

[Animal Cruelty] I want my 15 minutes of fame locked in a cell with this douchebag (look up his picture) I don’t care what the animal was, he needs to find out what kind of “animals” live in the Keys. You can tell by his pic he ain’t met “cruel death, pain or suffering” in his life.

Crime Report: Arrest Date: 06/21/2013 Time: 15:33,Name: DOANE, DANIEL BRANDON DoB:04/11/1986 Age:27 Sex:M Race:W

Address: 1330 ATLANTIC BLVD, KEY WEST, FL 33040, Occupation: BARTENDER, Arrest Location: 5501 COLLEGE RD, KEY WEST, Charges: 1 Felony Count(s) CONSERVATION-ANIMALS – CAUSE CRUEL DEATH PAIN AND SUFFERING, Officer/Agency: CHAVKA, DAVID A – MCSO\SPEC. INV. SECT 1 Bond Amount: $5000

[No New Park] Local government ought to forget that Rowell park.   The locals themselves prefer small isolated swimming holes where they can gather to party, drink and  do their drugs away from prying eyes.  Traditional standard parks with swings and slides and ball courts stand mostly empty like the big one on Bay Point. I’ve driven past it on the highway many times for many years and have yet to see a human being there.  Parks (remember the Hickory House) are always a feel good project for officials, but take those millions of park and bridge dollars and put them toward the best sewer system for us, not the cheapest.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

[Abortion Parts] Some poster doesn’t know the difference between his wife’s vagina and her uterus (womb). Therein lies the problem!




Sorry Chi, you can’t make friends with all the black and white cats.

[Regulators] Why would anyone worry about sea level rise when,we are drowning in Bureaucratic regulations now? Regulators do nothing but write regulations. They think nothing about how ridiculous a situation is. Their justification for writing regulations is only that it keeps them in a job.

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A cop pulled me over: “Your eyes look red, have you been smoking weed?” I replied: “Your eyes look glazed, have you been eating donuts?”

[“Carpet cleaner needed at Bahia Honda”] They rent them at BPK Winn Dixie.


Why is County government in the real estate business? How did we let these clowns start spending our hard earned cash on worthless property? They seem to muck up the stuff they should be doing so why, oh why, do we stand for this wasteful recklessness?


What is up with the laundromat on Big Pine Key. The majority of the washing machines and dryers have hand written “Out of order” signs on them, and the ones that are supposedly operational, barely work. Often times the clothing does not come out clean and or smelling fresh. I use premium laundry detergent, fabric softener, and bleach, and still the clothing just smells like stale water. I have tried many times to mention these things to the attendant, who just nods her head, and agrees with me, and nothing gets done. It is as if they just do not really care. I will be contacting the Health Dept, perhaps they can get the ball rolling. Maybe check the water quality, and if indeed the water even gets hot when choosing a hot water wash.

Monsanto video revolt coming July 24th.  Video
[Flora] Mitigation project uncovers rare coastal plants. Go native! Link

ssshh an[Conspiracyman: “All those people working in the government keeping those conspiracies”] Those people are doing one of three things.

1. Keeping their head down because they need the job.
2. Compartmentalized. Separated and kept in their own box. Example a bank teller does not know why or care why she is carrying out the policies of the bank president.
3. People are screaming at the top of their lungs that bad shit is going on and are ignored by people that make statements like, “All conspiracists make those fantastic claims then explain why there is no proof simply as a government cover-up. Can you imagine all those government workers covering up all those conspiracies for all these years and not one of them spilling the beans?”

Thanks for keeping the status quo.

[“Non-profits”] What the poster was saying is look at the donations percentage to the cause. I think the last time I saw the numbers, the Salvation Army had the only good numbers. The rest are thieves regardless of if they “do-good” work.


[Climate Fail Guy] Who in the heck is behind “” Some guy who once stood on the TV as a “weather announcer” (Anthony Watts)? Really? A guy who never completed a college degree is going to tell an entire body of scientific knowledge that he is right and 97% of all papers agreeing on global climate change are wrong? Check out his critics. He is the same as “some guy I know.” His web site gins up what it wants to promote – his viewpoint – so as Momma said, “Consider the source.”

Let those who howl at the full moon do so, but know that science is not subject to revision for politics — on either side.

twain23[Semicolon] I, too had difficulty finding any quote by Twain concerning the semicolon; however: he was famous for using the colon and semicolon together in the same sentence.

“Training is everything: the peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.”

Your friends and colleagues might now value “Twain’s Helpful Middle Marks.” Taken together they mean, of course, “Smooth Sailing: Two Fathoms Deep.”

Of course, one can find almost any subject in a Mark Twain Quote; one of my favorites is this image.

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Have you seen the what the papers are saying about the old 7 Mile Bridge? I’d love to know what they are going to do with money they have already collected for the rehab when they scrap the whole idea.


Who owns the grinder pump mfg co? Why can’t I hire my own contractor or do it myself?

Fanci Seafood will be closed on Sundays until August. Everyone have a great summer!


[History Quiz] Six trivia questions to see how much history you know. Link



Tonight. Look up! 

[“Cleaning R/Vs Carpet”] (I’m giving a plug for a friend) Scott’s Carpet Cleaning. He will clean your rugs and get the dog piss out with his chemicals and equipment. He might even have pet friendly solutions, ask. He has the best equipment on the market. He was born and raised here and has cleaned many resorts carpeting, tile, floors and upholstery. His father pumps concrete down here, he is a true local. He will give you a good price. Call Kurt or Scott at 305-879-1429. Remember when we hire from down here we keep the work down here. 


A quick word check on the CT message context reveals: absurdly, fantastical, lie, catastrophic, anthropogenic, violent, bigotry, wretched, fallacious, manipulative, lying, and bigots. Someone needs a hug.

[Career Choices] Looking back I think if I knew then what I know now I would have just joined the feds,or become a scumbag politician. Then I could be giving myself raises,have a double fat pension,not be held accountable for s**t while I’m farting in the direction of all us commoners but wait! If I’m thinking like this maybe I can still get in with the FWCC[?].


[No-profits] I guess all those banners, T-shirts, coolie-cups, and what ever other crap they print for their cause on just falls out of the sky. Why donate to a cause that accomplishes nothing and keeps the print shops in business?


[Crane Point Zip line] What a joke! How can anyone think that this stupid idea will ever make money? They say “never say never”? I’m saying “never”. Go ahead and build it, and when the tax payers see what a loser it is it will be that much tougher to get a go on the next dumb ass project some idiot comes up with. Hey, here is an idea: Put affordable housing out on Pigeon Key. See how easy it is.

Tolls on US1? Stay tuned…  Link



[Dead Slim] Country singer and former Marathon resident, Slim Whitman, the high-pitched yodeler who sold millions of records through ever-present TV ads in the 1980s and 1990s and whose song saved the world in the film comedy “Mars Attacks!,” died Wednesday at a Florida hospital. He was 90. Link 

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[Captain Doom and Gloom] “The Isle of Capri” Ask yourself why the local people live like this and why the rich people with big yachts go to these places. It is because these places control the trashy tourist blood suckers and do not allow their heritage to be destroyed by junk carnival and politico money grabbers like in the Florida Keys. Wake up locals, or you will lose it all to the plastic morons and developers who will drive you into the sea! Slides

What is next for Monroe County? Brothels? This has to be true, because the MIC (Monroe Incoherent Committee) just voted to allow all the people to get screwed by the FKAAU[?], so why not allow legalization of real Brothels in Paradise?

“Sewers” It is a stinking mess the county is stepping in and they are not going to make the people go for it. Sticking it up our asses for fun and profit has about had it in this county. Time for people to wake up and smell the BS. Granted the companies involved are there to make a profit, but ripping off the masses is not going to do it. Same goes for most of the BS projects the junta is shoving down our throats just to keep us poor so we have to move out. We the people are not stupid, we know the big guys want our islands for development. We know you politicos are in their back (or front) pockets. By the way, where do I order the aluminum railings, yellow lane markers, and the thousands of temporary safety markers, road signs and union onions, I will need for the removal of my septic tank and pipe installation? Do I need a permit to order them?

religion politics zone

Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. ~Winston Churchill 1899.

little wh

[Obama Vacation] Doesn’t anyone remember Harry Truman’s vacations? He spent so much time in Key West that they named his vacation residence the Little White House. He still took care of business. Who wants to be working in D.C. in winter?

[Whistleblowers] The justice Department’s first act is to try to destroy the credibility of whistle blowers and then to sic the IRS on them, and then the next agency down the line until the whistle blower is totally ruined and discredited so the government can keep abusing its citizens’ trust.

[Socialized medicine] In Canada you’ll die waiting for medical treatment. In the united states you’re going to die paying for it. Still think Obama’s Socialistic health care is a good idea?

Fox News‘ head is going to explode. They can’t decide if Snowden is their hero for helping them with their war on Obama, or is he a traitor for betraying the oath of secrecy he took while working for the NSA.  In the meantime Snowden is heading for Russia.



Zombies and vampires are the craze these days. Sounds just like the people in the White House and the IRS. Amazing time isn’t it.

[Eavesdropping] How odd is it that Obama is in so much trouble for a Republican policy that he re-approved. The Right are doing all they can to smear him for his Republican eavesdropping policy. It was good when the Republicans instigated, but it’s bad when Obama continues it. How odd is politics.

“I wish my approval rating was in the upper 40s instead of 12%”  ~G.W.Bush, The last Republican President

[“US training Syrian Rebels”] That takes me back to the Vietnam escalation years.  We lost that one.

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[Spying on Citizens] Our government has betrayed what little trust the American people had in it.

[Guns] The United States is 3rd in murders throughout the World! But if you take out Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC and New Orleans, the United States is 4th from the bottom for murders Believe it or not, these 4 cities also have the toughest gun control laws in the United States.

[Bradley Manning] We need more like him.  Link      

[Spying] I’d expect Russia to spy on its citizens not the USA–land of the free.

[Immigration] Help Ted Cruz fight for real border security with a generous gift! Link


I thought Howard Dean was an idiot until I saw a recorded show of him debating John Stossel. He is not a idiot at all, he is retarded!

The guy who exposed the federal spying on Americans should be declared a hero for exposing Big Brother’s final act. He should not be hunted like a criminal that he is not. He’s an American hero. 

[FTR says “Obama actually tripled the number of troops in Afghanistan”] I don’t remember Fox News saying that. Certainly the credible media didn’t say that.

[Jobless Benefits] Nevada employers will soon be billed an average of $25 per employee per year to cover interest on loans taken to pay out jobless benefits.

Coming soon to Florida? Link


Snowden and Manning are true American heroes. If we had more whistle blowers with guts this country wouldn’t be such an evil empire. Ed Snowden realized that his life was over and he still had the guts to tell the American people that they all were being spied on.

[Government is too damn big] We will end up serving government because we will one day be outnumbered by government employees.

Democratic Senator Brian Schatz filed an amendment for the immigration bill Wednesday that would allow [ illegal immigrants] in the U.S. to seek conditional lawful status if their nations have been made uninhabitable by climate change. “Let me be clear about what this amendment does. It simply recognizes that climate change, like war, is one of the most significant contributors to homelessness in the world”

Really? Link



right only grey

These are truly troubled times for Mr. Obama. There are several scandals that keep getting bigger each day. Perhaps the most troubling is the IRS scandal. Mr. Obama is not the first President to sic the IRS on his enemies. Nixon did it, and it’s rumored that at least one other president was also guilty.  It’s hard to think of any other misuse of governmental power that trumps  using the IRS as a political assault rifle.  It seems that the evidence is piling up.

Political-AdvisorNow we know that in addition to the 157 visits to the White House by then IRS director Shulman, Shulmans “political advisor” and chief of staff Jonathan M. Davis made about 310 visits to the White House.  Hopefully you’re asking yourself, why in the hell does a desk bound bureaucrat such as Shulman have any need for a “political advisor”.

It is a fact that Shulman is/was a registered Republican, appointed by GWB, but it also is a fact that he was a donor and supporter of Obama during his first and second campaign.

We’ve also learned that the assault on the conservative groups was managed from Washington.  We know that because Washington based Sarah Ingram headed the IRS’ tax-exempt division in 2010 when the scandal-ridden agency began improperly targeting the tax-exempt nonprofit status of conservative groups. She has made the pilgrimage to the Mecca of the White House 165 times. One must wonder if the about $100K in bonuses that she has received during the Obama admin could have influenced her, or rewarded her.

Then there is the smoking gun news that reveals that Washington based IRS lawyer Carter Hull, micro managed the Cincinnati assault on conservative applications for tax exempt status beginning in 2010. The whistle blower on this issue also revealed that DC intrusion into such matter had been rare until the conservative groups began seeking tax exempt status.  It’s also reported that during the two or more years when no tax exempt status was assigned to conservative groups, many liberal groups’ applications sailed through and were approved.

Adding to Obama’s problem is the fact that while he and his are furloughing Veterans Administration caregivers, they are giving out about $100 million in bonuses to IRS workers. Add that to the $100 mil he’s spending on his Africa sojourn and it starts to add up.

It’s no surprise that Obama’s approval is on the skids. Now, it has declined to 44%.  Perhaps worse for Obama is the polling that reveals that 70% believe that the IRS assault on conservatives was managed from Washington. Worse yet, about 46% believe it came from the White House. That percentage is higher than the percentage of American voters who are Republican.

key lock anPart 2) I’ll bet that you’ve never heard of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, created nearly a decade ago. You see it’s been dormant for the entirety of the Obama presidency. The recent revelations concerning the Obama administrations rifling through your digital underwear  drawer has created a stink that O must try and tamp down. So, last Friday he had a meeting with the brand newly constituted watchdog panel.  Naturally, it was a private meeting, no witnesses or press allowed. Once again the Obama admin is proving to be as transparent as Chinese sheetrock and just as toxic.