2012 October

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy has passed and the worst I have experienced so far this hurricane season were a few branches down in the yard, white caps in the canal, and a forty foot long weed line in my pool.  Life sure is good — no it is great!


Big Pine’s Haunted House will be open for haunting on Sunday  through Wednesday, Halloween night, from 7 – 9 p.m. at the Big Pine Community Park. Bulletin Board. Sponsored by the News-Barometer and the Rotary Club. Bulletin Board

[Backing in] I am a reverse parker for several reasons. I always get it the hole straight. If your not two feet past your spot, I won’t punch the front of your car out with my hitch. A truck is very much easier to reverse park than trying to swing it into a narrow spot and when leaving after all the nut jobs on all sides have me practically boxed in, once my front wheels are moving I can start turning in a much shorter distance than if I was backing up. Same theory with my tractor trailer. There are places you can’t pull into but you can back into them.

I feel this resentment against back ins is just from people who can’t back up. Their numbers are huge (they can’t go forward too well either). Just look in the Winn Dixie parking lot, season or not, not too many people out there can drive. 

After reading about genetically modified foods, it occurred to me this has been done since man started farming.  We have done everything to get more out of a weed than it would yield naturally, so why the big hoopla about it today.

[ABATE or Reef Riders] This is my last Southernmost ABATE notice. A few words why. I could care less what someone else does unless it effects me. What’s happening with most of our BOD is effecting me and every single member of Southernmost ABATE.

I strongly feel that most (12 of the 18) of our present Board of Directors are not representing me or the membership, they are disrespecting me and the 349 members of Southernmost ABATE when they insist on wearing “Reef Riders” colors / patches when attending FL. State and local ABATE events / functions. In my personal opinion, they are representing “Reef Rider,” not Southernmost ABATE. I will note that 12 of the 18 Southernmost ABATE BOD positions are held by members of “Reef Riders.” As an “outsider” my voice, along with the other non Reef Riders’ BOD members falls on deaf ears. There is also the issue of BOD members drinking during ABATE functions / events, a practice that FL. State ABATE has band. These are the main reasons I’m pulling away from Southernmost ABATE BOD. There’s other members that feel the way I do, they have left in silence. I understand you may be ask to vote on the “Reef Riders” colors and patches issue at the Nov meeting, I hope is a secret ballot.

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[Scam of the Day] Don’t keep this message. This Tantra must leave your hands within 9 hours. Send copies and watch what goes on in the next four days. You’ll have a pleasant surprise. This is true, even if you’re not superstitious. Now, here’s the fun of it: Send this message to at least 5 people and your life will improve Plus I hope you will send this back to me.

The Cudjoe Key Blimp site has a job for a laborer and asks applicants to send in their resumes. A resume for a laborer is a bit much, don’t you think?

[Sales Tax] I find it very hard to give the BOCC the yes vote they want from me on the sales tax extension, since they never give me the yes votes I want from them. They dug this financial hole, now they want my help to get the county out.  No thanks.  Quid pro quo.



A 7.5 earthquake hit British Colombia

The Navy said Saturday it is replacing the admiral in command of an aircraft carrier strike group in the Middle East, pending the outcome of an internal investigation into undisclosed allegations of inappropriate judgment. Oh, my, that never happens!



A python eating a really big lizard.

Life is not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s the way it is. The way we cope with it, is what makes the difference. 
The Harptones – Life Is But A Dream Link




Come to Catherine Vogle’s Campaign Party! 

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The Abrams tank uses gasoline as well as diesel or jet A. The Sherman tank of WW II fame used a radial aircraft engine and burned gasoline. If hit in the white painted star under the cannon it burst into flame and exploded. Hence the nick name “Ronson” (the name of a cigarette lighter).

I can not live on $7.00 an hr. That is why I am homeless!

Southernmost ABATE will hold it’s Nov. meeting on Sunday Nov. 4 at  the DAV in Marathon (7280 O/S Hwy). Meeting will start at 11:00AM. There’s lots to discuss, please be there. We’ll be hearing: report on the state meeting, changes in the up coming Toy Run, wearing of Reef Rider “colors” by BOD members while representing (supposedly) Southernmost ABATE at state and local events, FL. State ABATE is having money issues, Southernmost ABATE will be passing the hat to help them out, plus several other important issues.

We ask our members to please bring your special / favorite dish to share, for our 28th annual birthday party. Everyone is invited, It’s free to members, there’s a small fee to non-members. It will start after the meeting at 12:30PM, roast pig by Keith, 50/50 raffle, used items for sale/ bid. Note: if you have a item you wish to donate to SM ABATE to sell, please bring it or get it to a BOD member. We always have a big turn out for this event. Bulletin Board

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Wigington is leaving County Commissionand and feels satisfied. Link


County finalizes managed anchoring law. Link

Historic change for historic Keys cemetery. Going digital! Link

[Backing In] My mother taught me to back in so you can see the traffic better when leaving the parking lot. My office overlooks one of the main isles of the Winn Dixie parking lot we see at least a dozen near misses everyday due to the fact that people no longer know how to look for on-coming traffic, and do not understand that those backing out do not have the right of way.

I want to start a reality program called “Reality Parking Lot” You never know, you might see yourself on it. 

Take Stock scholarship program needs mentors. Link

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rick Ramsay Republican for Sheriff

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Dry season forecast calls for less rain. Link 

[Tanks] During World War II the German tanks were all diesel and our Shermans were gasoline. If it took a hit it would burst into flames. The Germans referred to them as cigarette lighters.





The Moon appears to pair up with Jupiter on November 1st. The Moon here is shown three times its actual apparent size, and is positioned for a viewer near the middle of North America.

[Fantasy Breast] I was in Key West on business Friday and was amazed that there were so many woman who wanted to show their breasts at 2pm in the afternoon. Don’t they usually wait until dark to release their inhibitions.

[Tips]  Waiters and waitresses have decided to call themselves “food service industry technicians.” Okay, whatever, they still need to realize that there is no 11th Commandment stating “thou shalt tip 15 – 20% just because.

When I have to get up and start waving my arms like a landing officer on an aircraft carrier because I need a glass of water or a napkin, and my “technician” is over leaning against a wall, chewing gum faster than the workings of a new sewing machine and texting someone, having no clue whatsoever that her “section” needs tending to, it will be a cold day in hell when I tip that!

On the other hand, receiving acceptable service I tip quite generously, and for the record, I am a local. Burrp!

Fantasy Breast Fest in Key West for those that missed all the live action. Viewer discretion is advised. You must be some kind of pervert if you enjoy these sins of the painted flesh. Link

I loved the ‘fill in the blanks‘ post! More please. 


[County Trash Fees Stolen] With this money stolen by two different employees, it looks like the pens will be busy writing letters to place in their files.  Perhaps with the direction the county seems to be going they need to prepare a generic from letter to fit most crimes.  Isn’t that how the county reprimands it’s staff when it is learned they deal in stolen property?

Muddy mess. Video clip

[“Sunglasses sitting above the brim of the hat are annoying”]  I could almost sympathize with a few of your points till you got to that one.  Going “fashion police” is the sure way to negate the rest of your gripe and sound whiny.

[Backing in] I occasionally drive a pickup and I can see the logic concerning visibility and getting further into the space.  I don’t do it myself, but I can see the point.


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[Pick up backing in] In some states you can get a ticket for leaving your tow ball in the receiver where people can walk into it. Ever do that? I have it hurts! also I have gone to many, many safe driver courses in my decades working at the Bell System and it’s successors and they always tell you to back in. the reasoning is that you don’t have as much visibility backing and there is less likely to be someone walking in the parking spot that the roadway in the lot. then when you are leaving you have better visibility to the roadway in the parking lot which is where most people walk.



Welcome to the Keys.

This is how the Urban Dictionary defines people who reverse park: Reverse Parker  noun/: The douche bags who insists on backing into a parking space, rather than driving in the normal way, because they are convinced it will save them time and trouble when they have to leave. Never mind that it inconveniences everyone else around them. “Look, it’s one of those idiot Reverse Parkers. How much time did that dumbass just take to get that spot?”  “At least 5 minutes. And the mouth breather took half of the space next to him.”

[In defense of Jimi Hendrix]  Let’s compare some Jimi stuff to other songs of the time. Like “For The Benefit Of Mr Kite”  The equipment they recorded that stuff on was really old but state of the art. Volume bars and gigantic knobs.  It usually was mono. It sounded sophomoric and buried.  Now shortly after Jimi died, Dark Side Of The Moon was like night and day. Technology had really gone far in a few short years.  Also he was in his 20’s when wrote that stuff. But the later Billy Cox – Buddy Miles stuff is really heavy. Stevie Ray was badass, but no where near as groundbreaking on  compositions or instrumentation. And technology was the best available 20 years later along with the gear and studios.

There was a wind chill of 68 on Ramrod Key last night. Required long pants with flip flops. Brutal.

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[Accident] A super jumbo RV and tiny smart car, both burned to a crisp. There’s a very satisfying karmic justice there.

[BP claims deadline arrives on Nov. 1st. File your phony claims before next Thursday] Somebody – quick – make sure the  county administrator gets that deadline message. He’s the county’s ringleader of the “Get Something For Nothing” club.

[Pick up backing in] I’m always surprised what gets Keys-heads stirred up. Pickup backing in would not even cross my radar as interesting. I really thought the dog drowning would have gotten people going, but it didn’t (thank goodness).


Someone on here had the temerity to ask that age old question “What is a local?”  I, for one, would like to see some opinions on this proposition.


The Miami Herald endorses Barack Hussein Obama! Hurray!

[Welfare Abuse Debunked] A person cannot get cash back from the Food Stamp benefits of the EBT card. And it won’t actually work, electronically, on the registers, so it just won’t happen.

Some people do get some cash benefits (part of another program) which is also loaded onto the same card (so it contains food stamp benefits and cash benefits – from two different programs). Someone can use their cash benefits any way they want to. That’s what you see happening. The guy got the cash benefits from the program that loaded that cash on that same card. If something is rung up under Food Stamps, though – you’ll never be able to get even one penny back in cash no matter how hard you try.

Nice try at the political-right-wing-rhetoric-baloney game.


[Benghazi,Libya] Conservatives want the White House to divulge classified information critical to America’s safety and the safety of Americans serving abroad so they can dump more gas on the fire and create more furor to help get their homeboy Romney in the White House. And if the White House does divulge that information they’ll pillory Obama for divulging classified information.

President Obama, you need to explain why you denied back up requests three times to the Embassy Consulate when they were under attack. I just heard that a lawyer has called these actions murder committed by our Government. Why didn’t you help those Government employees? And why are you lying about it?

[Misinformation, Fear, And Hate In America] I found this video that shows the some harsh truths about what is going on in this country. Take the time to view it. It is really messed up.  Link
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A liberal respects other people’s opinions. It’s in the dictionary.

The Right thinks the rest of us are stupid enough to believe their lies. They have hundreds of websites dedicated to lies and half-truth. That’s all they have against Obama. We’ll see how dumb we are on November 6 if we elect Romney.

[Captain Doom and Gloom] The Mayans just had a great sense of humor about the future. They found a second stone calendar, under what they thought was a sacrificial alter, but turned out to be a Happy Apocalypse Bar and Grill sign. Cannot trust these archaeologists when they are stoned! (sorry)!

If the white guy gets in, he will just call God and make a stock deal to hold off the End of the World BS until the democrats can be blamed for it. Other wise, the dark guy will just put Mr. G on welfare and forget about it! Nothing bad is going to happen, except more hang-overs and idiots hording food and gold. Just like it always was! It is the old NWO Play Book over and over again!

Abortion isn’t just a women’s issue that men have no say in any more than slavery was something the north should have stayed out of.

You must say No to repealing Obama care.  The reason I am saying this is at least from my point of view it is nothing but good for our household.  It is so good that Mitt Romney actually wanted a very similar program when he was governor, now as a presidential candidate it is a bad thing.  The first benefit I saw was the medical insurance companies being forced to operate under a 80/20 rule, where a maximum percentage of income from premiums to be spent on administration is twenty percent.  This year our household received two refunds totaling over $300, my dentist got back around $900.  It could even be better next year if the Republicans leave it alone.  In 2014 we will be able to get medical insurance covering a number of pre-existing conditions that were not covered prior to Obama care.  If we all were to actually read what was passed, each of us could see how good it actually is.  Like all programs there are some things that do not benefit us as individuals, but the good out way the bad.


97% of climate scientists say a big storm’s hitting the east coast. Don’t believe them because FTR guy will tell you all “climate scientist” are liberals funded by “Obamaphiles”.

The basic difference between liberals and conservatives is simply, liberals could not exist without conservatives to defend their freedom and support them economically. Conservatives, however, could exist and live very well without liberals !

Reproductive rights 2012. Men & Women, please vote to hold on to women’s rights already earned. Link

[Subsidies to Big Oil Will Continue] Chevron gives $2.5 million to GOP. Link

CNN Reports Miami Herald Endorses Obama.  Link

The Benghazi fiasco is the only foreign policy argument Romney supporters have to work with; and that a weak one.


[Republican Lie Exposed] The story about someone buying one grape and getting cash back from supplemental nutrition assistance program or SNAP card is total bullshit. It smelled like bullshit so I looked it up. Food stamps are for the purchase of certain food items. No cash back is allowed. 

Father of fallen Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods: I do not appreciate cowardice, lies From Megyn Kelly’s “America Live” today, Charlie Woods, who lost his son in the attack on the Benghazi consulate, reacts to the latest news that CIA command refused to send help. Speaking very calmly, Woods said his son deserves the same moral courage from the country’s leaders that he displayed in giving his life to save his fellow Americans: “This is not about politics … if it were about politics, it would dishonor my son’s death. It’s about honor, integrity and justice,” he said. “This news that he disobeyed his orders does not surprise me. My son was an American hero, and he had the moral strength to do what was right … even if it would have professionally cost him his job, even if it would have cost him his life.” Woods went on to say that while he forgives those who gave the orders that indirectly led to his son’s death, he wishes they would take a lesson from the young former SEAL’s courage. The interview speaks for itself, so I’ll let it. I honor Tyrone Woods’ sacrifice, and after hearing his father speak, I’m not surprised he raised a hero.

Thank you Iowa. This is Iowa’s biggest newspaper. It endorsed President Obama in 2008. After all that we now know about President Obama I can understand why Mitt Romney is getting so many endorsements of major newspapers that endorsed President Obama. He and his Czars are lairs ,cheats. He has shown that time after time. this newspaper has endorsed every Democrat for the last 40, yes, 40 years. He us elect Mitt Romney.

“If Obama Was White, He Wouldn’t Be President” It’s a good feeling when a person of color makes these statements. To know that he is aware that President Obama is incompetent. If a white person said what this man is saying. He would be a racist, woman hater, homophobe. In favor of dirty water and dirty air. He would be dumb, a real moron, a flat eather. Not so with a strong black man. You must listen. Now listen. Link


How can anyone hate someone so much that they devote themselves to writing long diatribes every day for a year against that person? The glaring omission of FTR’s hate is that when the worst President in history (G. Bush) was taking us down the road to ruin FTR remained mute. Not a peep.

I conclude that FTR is a racist, his rants cannot be for any other reason. Obama has saved this nation from the ruin the Bush administration caused, yet Mr FTR chooses to remain blind to that and all the other good he has done for our country.

I remember when Reagan became President he called in all the heads of Government agencies and told them that  they had to cut all their budgets by 10%. A while later his phone started ringing off the hook as chaos set in. He quickly called them back and basically said to hold up, and he’d  take another look at that one.

The Fox News crew, whom have to be fairly intelligent, or at least clever, to gain the positions they hold, prove without a doubt that most people will do or say anything for big money.

Miami Herald Endorses Obama. Our Opinion: Romney’s contradictory positions raise questions about his intentions. Link


First time I ever rode on a Fantasy Fest Float. All watchers were Democrats. Gimmie, gimmie for beads. Offered us nothing. Well, there was one Republican that flashed me!

[Romney and Photoshop] This picture shows evidence that the Romney campaign altered the photo to make the venue and turn out seem twice as big. Just like in the good old days of the early party days in Nazi Germany. Ahh, the beer hall putsch. My first love, the Brownshirt …Hans. He was so devoted to the Fuehrer and tough. We stood side by side at theNurembergbook burning. Link

[Flat Tax] When Obama gets reelected I’d like to see him go after the Tax Code and level a flat tax and get rid of the IRS and the millions of people working to screw the system.

Is anybody out there still paying any attention to the continuous Republican drumbeat about the Libyan Embassy tragedy? Is this all they got?  How many hundred thousand people did Bush get killed trying to get Saddam if you can remember that far back. Hint:  this was also back before you knew what a deficit was?

 From the Right

Bush has some fingerprints on our current economic mess. But, the Democrats hold the smoking gun, and their DNA is smeared throughout the crime scene. Bush, like Obama inherited a recession and huge global and domestic problems.  But, after his tax cuts came into effect, our federal revenue soared, and our deficit declined to nearly zero 6 years into his term. During those 6 years, he had a Republican controlled congress. In those 6 years he added nearly 10million jobs. But, in 2007 the Democrats took control of Congress and our spending.  For the next 2 years, Bush signed bills authorizing massive spending by the Democrats, and he was unable to pass reforms that he had championed.  In the last 2 years of the Bush Presidency, with a Democrat congress effectively controlling our economy, we lost 3 million jobs. At the end of the last Republican budget, 2007, our deficit was about $161 billion. Today after 6 years of Democrat control of our governance, our deficit has soured to about $1.3 trillion.  In those same six years, beginning on 1/1/07, until September of this year, we lost nearly 3 million jobs.  The stats noted were provided by the White House and by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Democrats may be fun to watch, but we can’t afford Democrat governance.

Part 2) The facts surrounding theBengasimassacre are becoming more and more disturbing. Every day the evidence grows that Team Obama had stark forewarning that the likelihood of a terrorist attack was real and immanent. Team Obama did not simply ignore the warnings; incredibly, they decreased the level of security. We’ve just learned that Team Obama knew in real time of the parameters of the assault, they knew of the numbers of the attackers, they knew what type of weaponry was in play, and they knew that the Ambassador was missing in action. The assault involved two separate locations, and took hours.  Team Obama knew that military resources were available for timely rescue, and still, they refused to act. Some of the whimpering coming from Team Obama strongly suggests that they were afraid of “offending” the Libyans with a military show of force. Nontheless, Team Obama stonewalls the entire episode. That’s understandable, but not excusable because the whole tragic affair could easily poison any chance he has a reelection.


Now, the rumor mill is shredding Team Obama.  At least one author is now claiming that Mrs. Clinton begged for authority to send help, but that O flat refused. That claim is not verified, but is very interesting…Check it out for yourself and make your own decision. Link


Part 3) Here’s an interesting little item of news from Denver. The headline is: “‘Democrat Of The Year’ Convicted Of Felony Theft”.  The article reads: “JEFFERSON COUNTY,Colo.(CBS4)- The woman named “Democrat of The Year” this year by the Jefferson County Democratic Party has been convicted of felony theft by a Jefferson County jury for stealing from a developmentally disabled 71-year-old woman.”  Isn’t that special!