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Sunday, October 7, 2012


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[It Runs in the Family Department] Brandon Druckemiller, 25, a son of beleaguered former county IT director Lisa (iGate) Druckemiller, was arrested early Saturday by the Key West Police Department, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office website. He is charged with unarmed felony burglary in an unoccupied structure; and felony larceny, grand theft between $5,000 and $10,000.He was being held on no bond.

[“Sweet little Petey from the Little Rascals bit all the kids many times. He was an animal with a bad attitude. That fact is mentioned in a number of histories and documentaries on the kids.”]

I am desperately searching for documentation of this because I support regulation of pit bulls. The pit bull advocates are constantly pointing to Petey as an example of a “nanny dog” that is safe for children. Can you provide the name of a book, Internet link, etc. for my reference? Thank you!

Exercise bikes power light show water advertisement.




Woman wanted for molesting  manatee turns herself in. Watch her ride the manatee and see if you can see the resemblance. I think she was trying to mate with him.

How can they fix the historic (Pigeon Key)Old Seven Mile Bridge without changing the historic look of it?  Face it, this is all about the people who live out there wanting their driveway fixed.

[Cops need to be well equipped, but not here in the Keys. What’s the crime rate here like”] No,  it does not happen often, but neither does a hurricane. That does not stop you from keeping yourself prepared (extra water, food, toilet paper).  Several months ago, in Conk Key an armed suspect was holding a gun on somebody.  Last year, somebody locked himself and his girlfriend in their trailer and threatened to blow it up.  And there’s lots of other danger situations that never make the news.

So, no, it’s not every day, but frequency is not the point, or basis for the decision. Response means ready to go.

I agree with you to a certain point. Now look at what you posted here. Hurricane preparedness, but what about intruder preparedness? It is our constitutional right to bare arms to protect our home and family. When the sleeping bandit was terrorizing Big Pine a few years ago, the one who was breaking into peoples homes while they were sleeping, remember that? Continued … (please read the rest of this tome below FTR’s posting)

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[Spanish Fly] I just started to watch this program.  And I like it, although I am bummed that Jose has died.  I am sure he was great to have on a boat.  Does anyone have any stories?  Which Key did he work out of?  I hope they continue to run the old episodes.

Sheriff asks judge to throw out ex-deputy’s suit…..Doubtful

[“Amendment 8 Hell No”]  Huh? Get someone to rewrite your summary, someone who knows English punctuation ay least. I spent 5 min. trying to figure out what you were saying and still don’t know.

[Dogs Rule or Dog Rules] My dog lives in this house. You are welcome to come and visit me anytime but we have a few things that you must understand before you visit. You must expect a few dog hairs to stick to your clothes. I vacuum and clean but my dog lives here too. You may be leaned on and find him in your lap a few times but he does this because he loves people and wants to say hello. So if you feel you are too good for his love then you are not welcomed here because this is his home too. My dog is well mannered and very clean but if you are one of those people who think all animals are dirty and smell, then go away. You are not the kind of person that I care to assolciate with. If you don’t like the sound of barking, then my home is not going to be a comfortable place for you to visit. Do not expect me to lock my dog in another room during your visit. I will not subject him to feel as if he is being punished by locking him away for no reason. That would be cruel. When you walk into my home, be carefull not to trip on a stuffed toy or a ball. These are my dog’s treasures and i will not take them away from him just to show you I have a clean house. He knows where all his toys are. They may not look like much to you , but to him they are pure gold. You see, this is OUR home. We’ve been together since he was a small puppy scampering around the house. I raised him into a well mannered beautifully behaved dog. I am proud of him. I consider him my personal gift from God. He has done nothing but give me his endless love and devotion for many years. I love him dearly and want to make his years as happy as he has made mine. When I was sick, he stayed right by my side. A better friend I could not ask for. When no one else cared, my dog did. He has given me nothing but pure joy and I love him endlessly. So, please understand that I am not being rude. I’m just looking out for my best friend.

I had pizza last night (Saturday) at Zaza’s. The service was tempered by the fact that our waitress was very new, however the pizza was insanely good! A little expensive but well worth it. A must try for a special occasion!

Yet another kid caught breaking into cars on Big Crime Key.  That’s what I heard on Ezra Markus’ show Friday night at 5p.m.  This one lives on Cudjoe.   Apparently this poor misguided youth was found face down in the weeds, “high”.  He was checked out by paramedics and taken to jail.  

Parent (singular) at 11pm should check to see where your babies are.  Do not let them roam like cats or they will end up like cats that are allowed to roam –in a cage or worse!







Dawn is coming later and later as October advances, making it easier to catch the waning crescent Moon.

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The Citizen reports on Saturday that Druckemiller’s kid may lose his job with the City of Key West for his role in iGate.  If he does, would that not set legal precedent and create the same cause to fire all the others involved?  The only way to fix what’s wrong in Monroe County is to do what’s right and fire their asses.  From the county and city seats to those whose butts fill the patrol car seats — if you do it wrong, you’re done!   Working in paradise as they do is a privilege, yet they all seem to treat it like a party.





Wyland is redoing Keys murals.

It’s almost time to vote. Is there somewhere to find information on all the choices to vote. (what they believe and stand for) and what all the amendments are? 

[Howard Livingston] Six Pack And A Tan. Well, it’s done! Our new CD is finished and we are ready to party! I have to say this has been my biggest and most fun project ever. and we have had so much fun putting this together. Twelve brand new songs and a 20-page book inside the CD. Whew! Our official CD Release weekend is October 12th and October 13th. However, you can order a pre-release signed CD through our website.

Official CD Release Party Boondocks, Ramrod Key on October 13th. Howie and The Mile Marker 24 Band Meet and Greet at 6:30 and we’ll take the stage Saturday 7:00 PM to 10:00PM. It’s free and open to the public. I am so excited about the new CD and can’t wait to perform the new tunes as well as the old ones. This is going to be a party!! Boondocks  27205 US Hwy1 Ramrod Key.

October 12th Howie Acoustic Solo at the Sugarloaf KOA Resort. 7:00 – 9:00 PM.

This is going to be just me, a bar stool and all my friends and family. So come out Friday and join in the fun. The folks at the KOA will also be cooking on the grill, so come hungry! Free admission and open to the public. Sugarloaf KOA 251 State Road 939 Sugarloaf Key

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Judge recues himself in iPad case.

Tar Sands Blockade: Along with Landowner, Actress Daryl Hannah Arrested Great grandmother, Eleanor Fairchild, and film actress both arrested after blocking machinery. Arrested for trespassing on their own property?


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Werner Herzog’s FUTURESTATES is an episode about a plastic bag searching for its maker.



Congressman calls evolution lie from ‘pit of hell‘. Oh, I’m sorry, I just noticed he’s from Georgia. That explains it.

Habitat’s Votes For Notes grand finale is tonight (Sunday) from 7-10pm at Kelly’s Caribbean Grille inKey West.  Ray West has done a great job organizing this for Habitat, and we hope everyone comes out to perform and to support the performers.  Great music and a good time for all.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rick Ramsay Republican for Sheriff

[What’s A Hedge Fund] Remember the stories about the Depression, where a bunch of guys got together, pooled their money, and looked for farms that were having financial trouble? Maybe they sued the farmer over something minor to hit him with legal costs, or bought rights to the water upstream from him and charged him more for it ? All legal of course. Then the farmer had to sell for peanuts and these guys bought the farm, sold cows to one place, equipment to another. Sold the house. Leased the land to the farmer next door and then repeated the process until they all got rich. 

That’s what a hedge fund does, not with farms but with companies, stock funds, and bonds from small countries. How can a hedge fund manager stand there with a straight face and say that as a businessman, he knows how to create jobs? 




K.W. Sunset Sail “Wine on the Water” with 5 course meal (Sunday at 5:30 ) will help culinary arts program. Tickets cost $85.

(?)What has happened? Another “Buffet” rule?

[Obama Good] Unemployment rate drops to 7.8%  ~U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

[Jobs] All the pontificating by the politicians about wanting to help small businessmen hire more people must get a lot of laughs at the Small Businessman Club bar at happy hour.  The last thing they want to do is hire and deal with another pesky worker.  Give them a tax break and they might take the windfall and buy a new car or boat or go to Vegas. Vegas, baby, Vegas!

Fox News crazies, Palin, Bachman and the rest of the wing nuts are all going on about American Exceptionalism among the countries of the world.  The way they do it sounds like they are proclaiming us some kind of master race. Is the world ready for another one of these?  What’s next on their agenda, a call for American world domination over the sub-humans of other countries?




Obama designated Cesar Chavez’s home a national monument. That should really piss off the Obama haters. Every time Obama does something good they go berserk.

Here’s what’s wrong with the economy.

Unemployment has gone down, but the Right will be in denial just like they are with global warming, evolution and anything else that doesn’t fit with their agenda.

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I was thinking about people saying Obama is a Muslim trying to take over our country from the inside and I found this photo. 

[Jobs] The question to be asked is “How many people that became employed this year became government employees?” Taking people off the unemployment list by creating reasons to give them government jobs (with government benefits and pensions) is not the same as people going to work, because they are paid with taxpayer dollars. In reality, unemployed people are cheaper to support than government drones. The media and even the political parties are either too stupid or too ass kissing to the 18% of Americans that are government employees (at all levels) to raise the issue.

[Obama Bad] It’s good to be king … no messy Congress to get in your way … no Constitution to hold you back.  If you thought Washington wasn’t working like you learned it should in your junior high civics class, you’re right, and Obama’s abuse of executive orders is much of the reason why. Here’s how he could shut down your neighborhood gun store. Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America says he can see executive orders coming from an Obama administration regarding the Second Amendment. Missing authority hasn’t stopped him before “I can see him telling gun stores, ‘You can’t sell a gun over .380. You can’t sell rifles [that use large magazines] or I’m pulling your license,” he said. “Even without legal authority, or constitutional authority. That hasn’t stopped him on so many other issues.” He said there likely wouldn’t be any legislation or court ruling involved, just administrative or executive orders from Obama to change rules for gun stores and individuals. “That’s the kind of thing I can see the president doing in a heartbeat,” he said. “This guy thinks winning an election is tantamount to [being dictator].” Now critics are saying that if it looks like he’s trying to run the country single-handedly, their perceptions aren’t far off. “It is very disconcerting,” said Richard Thompson, chief of the Thomas More Law Center. The organization is fighting the Obama administration on a number of the subjects that also have been raised in executive orders.



NewsBusted: The green light for conservative laughter!

Was Obama paid off with Russian money to be “more flexible” with Russiain regards to U.S.missile defense systems?

 The FairTax Act video


 From the Right

It’s very tempting to get all pissed and submit an angry denunciation of the folks who dig on Romney because of his religion. I hope than long time readers will recall that I am not a member of any faith. I think that my beliefs in a creator and a supreme entity closely parallel Deism. Nonetheless, the ragging on the religious beliefs and practices of others is aggravating at best, and it really pisses me off at worst. It is just a damned shame that there are members of the CT community who are so full of hate that they buy into any vile item of propaganda that they think will advance their personal agendas and prejudices. 

Friday, a couple of those types ragged on Mormons. These deep thinkers decided that they have better judgment than does Mr. Romney about he should distribute his philanthropy. The deep thinkers decided that LDS charity was solely used to proselytize the LDS message. Not a single one of the deep thinkers bothered to even try to find out the facts.

The facts are that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has donated more than $1 billion in cash and material assistance to 167 different countries in need of humanitarian aid since it started keeping track in 1985. It sent an airlift of tents, tarps, diapers and other supplies to the areas of Chile hit by the February 2010 earthquake. The church of LDS sent planes with over 160,000 pounds  of food and emergency resources to Haiti in January 2010 due to their catastrophic earthquake. The church of LDS does not discriminate. It cares not about the religion, ethnicity, or nationality  of those who are suffering. Their only criteria is need.  Organized religion is not for this olde fart, but, like many religious organizations, the LDS does amazing good. Take a look at their web site: I suggest that the LDS haters check out their mirrors and ask themselves if they are charitable, do they tithe, do they routinely care for those who need. Or are they takers.  

Cops need to be well equipped cont’d … I was hoping he would break into my house cause I was ready for him! You see, I’m not the type of person to depend on the police or sheriff’s department to handle a perpetrator who breaks into my home. If you break into my home and I catch you, you’re as good as dead and the law can’t do anything to me for practicing my constitutional rights. If I catch you breaking into my automobile late at night, believe me, I will sneak up on you and have my pistol in your face before you know what’s going on. I won’t kill you, but I’ll beat the living crap outta you ’til the deputies show up.

In today’s America, criminals have more rights than the good, law abiding citizens do. In today’s Americathe criminal can be the victim! What do I say to that? Hell no! When I lived inMiami, there was a plague of home invasions in my immediate neighborhood. I caught 2 teenage punks breaking into my neighbors house while he wasn’t home. I happened to pass by and noticed that my neighbors Chevy pickup wasn’t in his driveway, but yet, there was a white 4 door Pontiacparked in his driveway with the trunk open and 2 punks running in and out of my neighbors house stuffing my neighbors belongings into their trunk. I quietly parked in my driveway, went into my house, loaded my 45, got back into my car with my buddy, and deliberately blocked their Pontiac with my vehicle so they wouldn’t be able to make a sudden dash to escape. I went into my neighbors house, caught both punks in his bedroom, and pointed my 45 in their faces. I told my buddy to get the zip ties I had in my glove compartment. He came back & we zip tied both punks hands behind their backs. I called my neighbor to let him know what was going on, and couldn’t reach him since he was out of town.

We stripped both punks naked, took their IDs and let them know that we knew where they lived and who they were. Finally I got hold of my neighbor and he told me that he won’t be back for at least 2 weeks. We held them there for 7 days without food and very little water. I noticed that they both had video recording capabilities on their cell phones, and we made them sodomize each other and recorded it, and sent the video to all their contacts. After the 3rd day, they were begging us to call the police and turn them in. I told them “you need to learn your lesson”. We stripped them of their gold jewelry, and money in their wallets, and kept their wallets and car. After the 7Th day we let them go walking home naked in the streets. They got picked up by the cops, and knew better than to tell them what happened. They were fully aware that they were better off being picked up by the cops and facing what ever charges the cops put on them for indecent exposure. All of a sudden the home invasions in my neighborhood ended! Miami P.D. tried their best to catch these kids, but were not successful prior to this incident.

My neighbors gave me the utmost respect after this incident. It reminded me of that scene in the God Father part II when young Vito Corleone, got rid of Don Fanucci who represented terror to everyone in the neighborhood with the powerful “Mano Nera” the “Black Hand”! So here’s a warning to all you want to be punks out there who break into peoples property with the view of a daydream or fantasy! The best element against a criminal is the “Element of surprise”! Most criminals believe that they have the upper hand in any situation, because that’s what television and movies have taught them. On the other hand, television and movies have taught the “Victims” to be just that! We have been led to fear a gun or knife when shown to us by a criminal, and submit to what he says.

 For example, a few years ago there was this criminal who carjacked this innocent girls car at gunpoint while she was at the shell station inFloridacity. He branded a gun to her and told her to get in the vehicle, because the cops were after him, she feared for her life and obeyed his command. He drove off heading towards the 18 mile stretch at a high rate of speed while the cops were chasing him and the innocent girl. He lost control of the vehicle and crashed into an oil truck head on. Killing himself, the innocent girl, and the oil truck driver. Anyone remember that incident? The psychology of a criminal is that he believes that when a victim is shown a weapon, that person is going to submit to his demands. Most victims do exactly what he imagines. Again, why? Because that’s what the media has trained us to think and believe? But what if you throw a monkey wrench into the criminals works? What if that poor innocent girl would have started screaming “he has a gun” at the top of her lungs, startling the criminal, and then she begins to run, leaving the car behind and the criminal too? Is he going to shoot her in front of everyone, or is he just going to jump in the car and make a run for it?

A vehicle can always be replaced. A life can not be replaced! I believe that if this poor girl would’ve done just that, she would still be alive today! If you’re walking in coconut grove and a guy comes up to you and shows you a gun and tells you to give him your wallet and get in his car, like it once happened to me. Would you obey him or give him the element of surprise? Smart criminals will not get too close because if you know how, you can disarm them easily! I took my wallet out of my pocket threw it to the side and began yelling at him, and he actually was shocked, because he wasn’t expecting this, and I ran away. I was lucky a cop was in the corner and I showed the cop the car he came out of and they caught him, and I got my wallet back. Who knows what would have happened to me if I had obeyed this guys orders? In today’s world, you hear it on the news everyday. People obey what the criminal says and they still get shot and killed. One night I was at my Cuban buddy’s house in Miami, and we were sitting in his front yard drinking some beers, and I had to go inside to take a whiz, and when I come back out, this punk kid is holding a gun, a 380 to his face telling him to get inside. The kid got distracted when he saw me, and at the same time my buddy grabbed his gun and pressed the clip release with one hand, and with the other hand held the hammer. We took the gun away from the punk and beat the living daylights out of him with it.

Now, yes me or my buddy could have gotten shot, but it would’ve been worse if the criminal had gotten his way, and who knows what could have happen if he’d gotten inside my buddy’s house. So, if you want to talk about preparedness, take the best advice I can give you, which is the same advice I always give my wife and kids! Don’t make yourself the victim! Using the element of surprise can save your life! A criminal believes that what he envisions, is exactly how it’s going to be, and it will be, as long as you think like a victim and put yourself at his mercy. If you remain calm and use your head and smarts, you can get out of any deadly situation you may be faced with, as long as you stop thinking like a victim. It’s as simple as a swift kick to the groin area, a kick to the shin, or an elbow to the mouth, if you’re able to. If not, a sudden distraction with yelling and being able to run away. A criminal is looking for the least amount of attention while committing his crime.  The reason why we came to the Keys is to get away from all the inner city crime. But, if we do not stand our ground against criminals, the keys can turn into a serious nightmare.