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Thursday, December 12, 2013

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[Sewer Crooks] About twenty or thirty years ago when Key West was sewering, a City Commissioner got convicted of corruption for accepting a 20-25 thousand dollar bribe to select a particular contractor for the job. The Commissioner was a popular bar owner of the Tides Inn on the corner of Flagler and Bertha across from what it now the Irish bar.

I guess I’m reading between the lines in our $200,000,000 sewer job and asking why we’re getting the short end of the stick (grinder pumps), when no one wants them except one family on Ramrod Key. So far there’s been no logical reason for grinder pumps in people’s front yards. The money is there for a gravity system from the 1 cent tax and the fifty million from the State and no one wants the grinder pump option, so why are we getting it?


[“Cuba has a couple of elderly Basques revolutionaries living there so the country is declared to be a State sponsor of terrorism by the US”] How about the revolutionaries from Miami that invaded Cuba at the Bay of Pigs or the spies and troublemakers we send there? Oh, I forgot, they’re our terrorists.



For over 30 years the NUT has been putting up a very big Christmas tree. The trees came from the MARC house one of our favorite charity’s and they sell the best trees down here.  Then it happened, a customer pinned some money on the Christmas tree. That started a Christmas tradition. The money was collected nightly and matched by Coconuts and given to our local food bank. It’s a win for the Marc House,the food bank, and most of all, Coconuts and our customers who could be part of a random act of kindness. If any one would like to help support 2 great charity’s drop off a buck or 5. You don’t have to come inside the bar, use the drive through. You will be supporting two very good programs in your community. Merry Christmas from the Coconuts family.

Fine, save the Seven Mile Bridge, buy Rowell’s, whatever, but please use TDC funds  not the infrastructure tax money we voted for to provide a decent sewer system.  

[National Politics] As an outsider who loves the Keys, but can not be there as often as I wish, I would like to suggest that all the people with all the political attitudes would just focus on your incoming s**t grinders instead of the useless attacks on each political party, the Keys might be still there when I can next afford a visit. However I have just been exposed to some of the violent, disgusting, verbiage you can think up, written to political correspondents and a former president. No reasonable human being would write such language to another unless he/she were deranged. Is this what we are becoming? Hide behind an internet and spew forth violence. Since I lean toward the right, those are the comments I see. I am sure there are Right side haters as well. Where will it stop? I guess when we all are taught Chinese in first grade. Anyone want two kids? (Ed: I’m thinking of discontinuing the political section. I can’t take all the lies and hyperbole anymore. When Bush was President it was the Left spewing lies, now that Obama is in power it’s the Right doing the spewing. It ruins my every morning. If I could post them without having to read them it would be okay, but I can’t. I’m thinking of letting them spew on the many hate sites available and leave us in peace. Nothing has been accomplished so far except to upset me and a lot of the readers. I’m sure not one mind or position has changed in the eleven years I’ve been publishing that crap.) 

macarena tube

The oddest thing seen in a long time was the sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. He looked like he was doing the macarena with his hands flapping all over the place. Come to find out he was making stuff up and signing gibberish with few recognizable words like ‘smoke’, ‘pot’ and ‘circle’ and other unrelated words.

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Commissioner Nugent said spending on the 7 Mile Bridge is, “a leap of faith.” I vote for him to leap off the bridge.


[Garbage] We brought in a proclaimed ‘high powered, high paid negotiator’ and we still ended up with the same trash contracts and trash companies, but now we are stuck with them for 10 years.  What a deal (for them).  Only in Monroe County can this happen and someone still has a job.  We need to vote the new gang of three out!

tablet case

The next meeting of the Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, December 14, 10 am at the senior center. Hope to see you there. Events


I just heard the Bill O’Reilly piece on US 1 radio and I laughted. I though it was accurate as was their comentary. If you got offended then do something about it, but the analogy about it being a lawless town and a pirate land was right on for me. 

[Anti-Incinerator] Anything that combusts (even an air curtain incinerator) creates particulate matter.  That is what gets imbedded into the people’s lungs causing respiratory ailments ranging from allergies all the way up to emphysema.  Call your commissioners let them know that this is not acceptable. If incinerators were such an easy answer to trash wouldn’t the trash haulers be out of business by now?  Think people before your lungs get polluted.

shoot monitor lady

They say one man cannot make a difference, huh? It might not have been any of my emails to Microsoft, but those I did send with threats about never buying any MS products again, unless MS brought back a professional level OS like the W2000 or W7 with the Classic user interface (keep it simple stupid)  screens and the Start Menu as it was with options  we can use and delete if we do not want them, lit the fuse for this coming OS change. All I have to say is if MS does not take the hint, computing as we know it is dead.

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nira tocco realtor 9.12
[Grinder pumps] I’m sick of it too and that’s what they want, but I’ll tell you this. I own a home in a manufactured house neighborhood with 90 units tucked into the woods. It’s 55 years and over and very nice. We are independent in our sewerage and use grinder pumps to send it out to the township mains. Some here have home health aids and many are very old. Diapers, handi wipe and all sorts of things that nobody wants to handle get flushed and stuck in the pumps. These things are a nightmare and cost our condo association gazillions. We have to have a local honey dipper contract for these guys to come out and pump out, power wash and clean the screens often. Imagine tourist season with all the renters flushing away on your street. Politicians on the dole and the honey dippers are going to clean up. Who on the commission has some connections there? I’m a winter resident and feel hopeless to this cause, but I can share my experience with these things and its not good.

michael myers  knife slasher


[Slasher] Brown pelicans turning up in Florida Keys with throats slashed. Charter boat captain Jim Sharpe was on his dock on Summerland Key last Friday when he noticed a brown pelican with its throat slit, making it almost impossible for it to swallow fish. “It looked like the pelican’s throat had been cut with a knife,” he told the Miami Herald. Link

[Citizen Of The Day Says] He loves the slow lifestyle of the Florida Keys

isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13
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gift walking

30 or so homes on Card Sound are getting grinder pumps. The homes are in an area protected by the Coastal Barrier Resources Act which discourages the installation of utilities that could promote development. It apparently has been stalled for many months because homeowners’ had to apply for electrical permits. It’s in the Free Press out yesterday.

Like good, mello classic rock? Check out this online station from Belgium. Paste the URL below into your favorite Internet streamer like the free VLC player directly from the makers at VideoLAN (use no other). Or just click on this Link and save it in your bookmarks.


What’s the top category of books on It’s called literotica, and according to the sales numbers, as many women buy these books as there are men who subscribe to adult websites. Fifty Shades of Grey is the most popular.

[Local Musicians] Thanks very much for identifying the Artist as Bill Blue. We’ll be looking for him too. We really are blessed here with such great, live music compared to anywhere else I’ve been. Heck, you can wander down to Schooner Wharf and catch Paul Cotton frequently – it’s an intimate Poco concert. Gotta love the Keys!


Did you hear Bill O’Rileys‘ comments about Key West on FOX. Now all the Tea Party Republicans will be coming down to Key West in search of drugs. 

O’Riley was in Key West in the 70’s, I think I remember those little beady, bloodshot eyes sitting across from me at Shorty’s Diner on Duval. I think he was also the one sleeping in the fetal position by the trash cans behind Sloppy Joes.

I will be watching for you guys coming down on the Seven Mile Bridge. Have fun!

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check for cash

Habitat for Humanity – Key West & Lower Florida Keys received a check from Publix Super Markets Charities in the amount of $8,000!  The check presentation took place at the Searstown Publix Super Market Store in Key West.  The donation was awarded to support Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness program which makes repairs on homes owned by income-qualified elderly homeowners of the Lower Keys. Publix Super Markets Charities has been a supporter of Habitat in the Lower Keys for the past eight years.  Publix Super Market employees have benefited from Habitat’s programs and one employee owns a Habitat home right here in the Lower Florida Keys.

Thank you Sloan for your attempt to shed some light on the need to reconsider the number of grinder pumps presently slated for the Cudjoe Sewer Project at yesterday’s Commission meeting. Also thank you Danny Kholege for your commitment as a Commissioner. Your perceptions are truly respected and appreciated.


jesus loaves and fish

[“Jesus would feed the poor”]  He did it himself.  He did not take from others to do so.

[“Why are there so many rooters in the WD parking lot”]  Hey, man, that’s where the chicks are!



A dusk look at the 7 Mile Christmas Tree at a slower speed.

‘SHOP’ for health care is help for small business. Did you get a SHOP insurance plan and get your government subsidy for health insurance for your small business.  Link

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fat guy dancing


A Pretty Girl, A Cadillac and Some Money was written by Buddy Johnson, a jazz and blues guy. I do remember in years gone by Bill Blue out at No Name Pub. Those were some great times! Of course I was a mite younger back then and could still boogie.


poo12Our county has decided it’s OK to waste tax payer dollars instead of using TDC funds for pet projects like marina’s for parks (wonder how much lead based paint and other toxins will show up in those sand boxes?) which will no longer generate tax revenue and the 7 Mile Bridge which untouched, will probably outlast the new bridge that we actually do use (it’s called in-fra-struc-ture, commissioners). We already have a new Keys length “Vagrant Highway” or is it called the “Heritage trail” confusing, but last I checked it was walkable and rideable and if you were contemplating suicide you could do it much quicker from the new bridge then the old one and have a much better view on the way down.

So now that you’ve wasted millions of our tax dollars that were suppose to go to priority projects like #1 the sewer system, you expect us to grin and bare the placement of crappy grinder pumps in people’s front lawns in place of a valid gravity system because you the commissioners feel it’s OK to misappropriate funds, our funds that we’ve all been paying?

I will be first in line at your office, with my bucket full to the brim to empty into your working gravity toilet the next time we have a hurricane and we have no power again for three weeks or more. This is not acceptable, you were elected to work for the people not against them, we deserve better, especially for what we pay to live here. No grinder pumps!

Maybe there is still hope for mankind.   The Pope beat out Miley Cyrus for person of the year

santa in bag


Santa’s bloopers. Video


movie fliker audience

[Marathon Free Movie] On Tuesday, December 17, Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Florida Keys will be featuring the free documentary The Private Life of Deer at the Marathon Power Squadron Building, 52nd St. Gulf on Loggerhead Lane. Doors open at 6:30pm. Just a century ago, there were less than a million deer in North America. Today, there are nearly 30 million. This documentary looks at how these wild deer interact with one another, and how they adapt to living in a suburban environment. Free popcorn; drinks are available for a small donation.  For more information on upcoming events, please visit  Events

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We went for the better part of a year without hearing from Sloan yet his name gets mentioned once and there he is the next day posting. I thought he was like Beetlejuice and his name needed to be said 3 times before he would appear.


ice fishing polar bear


[Fishing under ice in Finland ] One of the coolest videos (literally) I’ve seen. Don’t miss the surprise ending! Video

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Today I received a copy of a sewer design for Cudjoe, Sugarloaf, and Summerland that used a vacuum system like Baypoint and most of Marathon use. The price per connection averaged $6,805 compared to $15,981 average per EDU (so the price per connection is actually higher) using individual grinder pumps on your lot and powered by you. This option was reported to have been recommended by FKAA’s consultant, Matthews Consulting, just before the switch to grinder pumps and the bogus “decision tree” used to maximize the numbers of pumps. So we are paying more than twice as much for an inferior system that is disabled when the power goes out?! Does anybody still believe that corruption is not involved? We need an FBI investigation and we need to stop the construction of LPS grinder sewers now.

religion politics zone

Yesterday someone tried to compare Margaret Thatcher’s accomplishments with Nelson Mandela’s. Ha.

89.6% of all statistics are made up. 98.3% of those are about Obama.

[Regressive Hypocrisy] During the funeral of Nelson Mandela where he was honored, by the world, as a peacemaker, President Obama was ridiculed by John McCain and other Regressives for shaking hands with Raul Castro, among others. Let’s review. Nixon shook hands with Fidel Castro, Mao Tse Tung, and bowed to Japan Emperor Hirohito. Harry Truman and Churchill shook hands with Joseph Stalin. Ronald Reagan shook hands with Communist leader Mikhail Gorbachev. John Kennedy shook hands with Nikita Khrushchev. Bill Clinton shook hands with Fidel Castro. John McCain shook hands with Sadam Hussein. Tony Blaire shook hands with Muammar Gaddafi. The world was stunned when PLO Arafat and Prime Minister Rabin shook hands for the very first time. It’s what world leaders do. Can this one be put to rest?

FTR was so excited that Obama’s poll numbers went down he almost peed his pants.

[Constitutional question for the day] Answer to #15: D, None of the above. The fourth and fifth amendments specifically prohit this type of action by the government. However in the aftermath of 9-11 several bills which negate our according to the government negate our inalienable rights were passed. (The Patriot Act, NDAA etc.) Once again, wisdom from Benjamin Franklin, He who would give up his liberties for temporary safety shall have neither!

Question #16         Which article or amendment authorizes the Federal Government to search a person’s electronic records, bank records, medical records and home without having to go before a judge, show probable cause and specify what the search is for?
A.     Article IV.
B.     The 22nd amendment.
C.     Article IX.
D.     None of the above.

Copies of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are now available for free at Jigs, Coconuts, Molly’s Pawn on Big Pine and Daddy Bones in Key West. Another good resource is the Constitution Club online.

I didn’t see FTR mention the handshake at all as one poster claimed was bound to happen. I did however, see a bunch of “progressives” get all jacked out of shape about how everyone on the right was going to react–who ultimately didn’t. I also heard that when asked why he shook the President’s hand, Raul Castro said it seemed like the polite thing to do.


I can’t believe Obama took a selfie at the Mandela Memorial! Who would do such a thing? Oh, wait…

What a shock. After posting the closing of hundreds of businesses under Rick (fraudmiester) Scotts election we were told by the Scott apologists that those of course were the Democrats fault.

I guess when you have good schtick you should stick with it.

I predicted Democrats would get the blame and sure as the sun will come up tomorrow they did. Tomorrow we find out how Obama started WWll and was responsible for the explosion of the Hindenburg.