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Thursday, July 18, 2013


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an_house4[Middle America Cheap to Live] Living in middle America, in the country, has been my favourite place to live.  People here are generally kind and friendly, they wave and say, “Have a good day” and seem to mean it.  It is so clean and quiet without noise and light pollution and road rage.  The policemen are much hotter than in Florida and I only see dirt bags when taking charity motorcycle rides, but they are nice and clean and polite dirt bags.  Shopping at Walmart for just about everything, saves so much money and our local fish market has pretty good selections.  Everything costs less and the doctors are a little goofy and you have to beg for medicines.  

The first winter was enchanting and the others have me turning on the “Happy Light” and gaining weight and turning an unimaginable shade of whitey-white.  There are jobs and the best Goodwill store inventory.  The boat and motorcycle mechanics do not bend me over anymore.  The car mechanics still try.  

With all the money saved from moving out of the Keys we get to travel like crazy and don’t have to worry about sewers, mosquitos, code enforcement, psycho neighbors or another tourist events.  Last summer we rented a house in Cudjoe Key and then Tropical Storm Debby had us sitting inside watching the business across the street cut down a whole bunch of big beautiful trees which shielded the noise from the highway.  The yellow vacation home was strewn with massive piles of yard debris in the front and massive decaying lumber with nails in the garage, where it sat for the entire month.  We had a nice pool to use until a giant pitbull swam over to greet our dog and it’s owner came over and punched the poor thing in its face.  He took it back to his yard where they had a boat partially submerged in the canal.  

The highlights were Square Grouper just about every night and seeing the amazing Catman at Mallory Pier.  We went to the Tiki bar and saw the Big Pine Key Psycho, all four feet of it smoking on ciggies with a nasty dirty blurred tattoo.  

Paradise is all in your head and it does come very easy.  

nira tocco realtor 9.12

First a scientific study shows mosquitoes prefer to bite beer drinkers over non-beer drinkers and now the County announces a stop to mosquito spraying on Big Pine. A coincidence? I think not. Link

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[Leopard Frogs] I haven’t seen a leopard frog since hurricane Georges wiped them out, but last night I think I heard a couple of them croaking at about 4:30 am amid the chorus of Cuban tree frogs. I hope they make a comeback.

[Grinder Pump Failure] The county has been warned and warned, sent videos, talked to and still they insist we have these problematic pumps that are doomed to failure. Something stinks and it’s not the sewers! There must be someone there with common sense or, as a lot of us suspect, they are just too lazy to revisit the issue. Years after the fact we’re stuck with the Hickory House nobody wants and now they are going to stick it to us again with these pumps that nobody wants.


[Moth Stops Spraying] Just think of all the species that would be extinct in the Keys if man was allowed to develop, spray whatever chemicals he wanted, or build whatever he wanted. We would have lost the Bald eagle, the Key Deer, the Bartrams moth, Miami Blue butterfly, Stock Island tree snail. Those are just the critters I can name off the top of my head that would be extinct in the Keys were it not for concerned scientists and others. Just because a critter is small does not mean it doesn’’t play a part in our ecosystem. Our immediate comfort should not be the prime goal at the expense of everything else.

I suspect those who are against protecting endangered species are those same folks who are against researching alternative energy solutions and regulating our fisheries.




Zimmerman jury identified.

Marathon Zip-line height variance is reaffirmed.  Link  

[“Keys are way overpriced”] If you think the Keys are bad, try Miami Beach. A crappy cheese omelette, one slice of bread, lettuce and coffee costs me $20 with an 18% tip already included.

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Is paper dead? Video

[Racism In America] Black man with pistol permit shoots white teen, is acquitted. Jury finds Roderick Scott not guilty. Funny this didn’t get much coverage — not politically useful.

“Scott says he acted in self defense when he confronted Cervini and two others saying they were stealing from neighbors cars. He told them he had a gun and ordered them to freeze and wait for police.” Scott says he shot Cervini twice when the victim charged toward him yelling he was going to get Scott.

The evil, intolerance, bigotry and hate in our world rests squarely on the shoulders of all of us. Link



My friend thinks he’s smart, he said onions are the only food that make you cry. So l threw a coconut at his face.

fanci ad 7-16-13

[Regulators] Haiti does not regulate it’s fisheries and I dare you to find a fish on their reef. There are none and haven’t been for years. They ate them all! 

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[Fairness Study–Ted Talks] I want what he’s got!  2 monkeys were paid unequally; see what happens next. Video

[Stand your Ground Law] Can we just stop the bull and rename the law from “Stand your Ground” to “Get out of Jail Free”? At least we can say we changed the law.


[Spending] County says $317 million is needed for land acquisition. If they can come up with this, they should be able to come up with sewer money. Ya think? Link




[Magic] Kevin James.Figure this out? Video

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As with most green endeavors, it is better to feel good than to actually do good. You can spend a lot of time thinking you are helping the environment by putting all those recyclable items in different bins, but the dirty little secret is that most of this stuff winds up as common garbage in the landfills. Take a trip to a Miami dump and see how they really handle recyclables. Recycling is driven by economics, and if the numbers don’t add up, it doesn’t happen. This drives greenies crazy as they like to believe they are doing something good, and they are not shy about bragging about it to people who are not as “enlightened. Want to really do something about reducing waste? Take a good look at the packaging industry and start writing your congressman.

[Sewers] ‘Flushable’ wipes in the pipes snarling sewers! Will our sewer system handle this? Link

[Leadership] County Commission is looking for a few good projects to fund. Sewers aren’t even on the list. Link



Gold on Earth formed in collision of exotic stars. Wrap your brain around this little ditty! Link

[Dilemma] If you can’t spray because because of the butterflies feeding on the croton plants, how can you have controlled burns without protecting the butterflies and the croton plants?



[Martin/Zimmerman] I can’t help but wonder had I seen an unknown teenager looking in neighbor’s houses and entering a neighbor’s driveway, would I have confronted him and asked his business? I think I would as any good neighbor would. Had the 17 year old “child” responded respectfully to the “adult” that he was taking a shortcut to his dad’s house, the outcome would have been different. Unfortunately this “child” chose to respond in a gangster/thug manner rather than responding with respect to the adult. There was a time when all parents taught their children to respond respectfully when spoken to by an adult.

[Safety] As a tourist, I see you people in the Keys are very safety conscious with all the aluminum railings along the bike trails. Why, then are not these railings required along the properties in the canals and in Tiki bars next to water? How much do they cost per foot?


A neighborhood watch just like a hired, paid and licensed security guard has only two general orders: observe and report, do not pursue.

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[Mosquitoes] If, for whatever reason, Big Pine residents are not receiving full service from the Mosquito Control District, should we not be entitled to some kind of refund or rebate?  We paid full price and I think we have the right to expect full service as a result.

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[Bonfires Banned from beaches in California] This is what class war really looks like. One of the main functions of the progressive state has always been to impose the cultural and behavioral preferences of the upper middle class on the poor. Stopping immigrants and working class People from having noisy, disruptive fun along pristine waterfronts is exactly the kind of challenge that nanny state puritans long to solve. Now a relentless lobby campaign of purse-mouthed puritans has succeeded in taking yet another chunk of liberty from young working class people. Link


[Grinder Pumps Failed] Located just 20 miles north of Fort Pierce, Rockridge lost electrical service for two extended periods of time, ten days after Hurricane Francis and 14 days after Jeanne in 2004. Without electricity, the community’s low-pressure grinder pump sewer system was shut down. Sewage backed up into homes and contaminated the area’s groundwater. Entire neighborhoods became giant bacteria producing Petri dishes.  “It was bad”, said Phil Carpenter,

president of the Rockridge Homeowners Association. “When we came back, everything had to be destroyed, the sheetrock, furniture, carpets, all of it. We had to spray everything with bleach and chemicals to kill the bacteria. Rockridge is primarily a retirement community and many of the homeowners are in their eighties, so it was an especially difficult situation for them.”

Various agencies looked at Rockridge’s low-pressure grinder pump sewers and declared the system condemned. They saw no need to repair a system so susceptible to power loss and prone to environmental nightmares such as the one that occurred in 2004. After much study and deliberation, community leaders and utility department engineers decided to install a new AIRVAC vacuum sewer system. The new system, which went online in mid-2008, solved a host of problems. Furthermore, the project was completed under budget and several months ahead of schedule. The residents of Rockridge got a very good deal and they are happy with the results.

We can prevent this from happening in the Keys Call or write FKAA now!

isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[Recycling Annoying] I just don’t like all these different containers in my kitchen and the different days to put out and take back in the two different bins. I already put it onto one bin and think maybe someday they’ll wake up and sort it at the dump like the guy suggests.


Martin did not attack Zimmerman. Zimmerman left his car and followed Martin. I would have a problem with someone following me also. Don’t follow Martin, nobody dies.


[Zimmerman] When it comes right down to it if it’s a choice between two people patrolling my neighborhood and one is a wannabe cop and the other is a wannabe thug, I’ll go with the wannabe cop every time. I love Florida and one thing I’ve always known as an outsider is don’t trespass on anyone’s property. Wait to make eye contact or to be asked. And if anyone asks, “Hey, what are you doing there?” I show my hands very slowly, with a big smile on my face.

PS: Stevie Wonder is an idiot[?].

[Grinder Pump Failure] The Cedar Dock Run in Stafford Township NJ, has been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. When the super storm swept through, entire neighborhoods were left flooded and without power and sewer. Video 



Help Wanted. Electronics Technician. Cudjoe Key Blimp site is looking to fill an open Electronics Technician position.  Must be drug free and in good physical condition with some radar and IT experience.  This position is required to work three 12 hour shifts and one 6 hour shift (3-1/2 days on and 3-1/2 days off each week.) This is a union position with full benefits. To apply send your resume to Bulletin Board

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[Martin] A hypothetical situation got a 17 year old killed. He could have done this, he could have done that, but the bottom line is a grown man with a loaded handgun decided to follow someone because he looked suspicious. It wasn’t premeditated murder, but he should be charged with something for creating the situation by not following the police’s directions. No one could have beaten him up if he stayed in his truck and allowed the cops which he called to do the job they are paid for. The drug argument has no weight, codeine makes one drowsy, but you mix it with sugar and all of sudden you’re The Hulk? Why would someone who “could” break into someones home be talking on a cell phone and drawing attention to himself? Opinions will vary; sorry if we disagree.




[Make Your Pool Seem Longer] All you need is an old boat whip and a string.

[Midwest Prices are Cheap]  You can also get a cheap mortgage to buy a single-wide trailer there, and cheap flood insurance, too. Can I help you pack the U-Haul before you leave for Cracker Barrelville? It’ll have to be tomorrow because I’m going out in my boat today.


I don’t see what all the hubbub is about with the grinder pumps. We will all be drowning in a sea of Chinese poop in a few years anyway.

dive flag 69h anThe law requires that a vessel display a divers-down flag whenever divers or snorkelers are in the water. The divers-down flag is red with a white diagonal stripe. It must be at least 20 inches by 24 inches.

Display your dive flag like your life depends on it and take it down before you drive your boat or while docked. It is called a divers-“down” flag for a reason. Video

[Captain Doom and Gloom] Mosquito spraying temporarily stops on BPK. A new endangered species has been discovered called “The Bleeding Heart Buglover Masturbator” and they must be protected. A 12 Billion dollar study will commence to figure out how to protect these inept carnivores some time in the next ten years. Meanwhile, no mosquito spray may be used in the BPK area.

Does anyone know how to, and when, we can deduct the $4500 from our income taxes? Where is all that money kept that we all paid already and how much interest is it getting?

religion politics zone

[“God Culture for America”] It’s bad enough that we’re in decline without trying to make a God culture, as someone suggested. God culture has destroyed or is destroying every country that embraces that belief. There can be no forward movement with a God culture. Can you imagine a country run on myth? We need science and politics to run a democracy not myth.



FTR comparing ‘cracker’ to the n-word is absurd. A cracker is what the early wild cattle herders of the 18th- to early 19th century were called in upper Florida and Georgia due to the sound made by their whips as they herded wild cattle. They were called that by whites. Whites have never been discriminated or enslaved so the comparison is absurd even for the FTR guy. Cracker is not an insult to a white man.

FTR, “Obama and others are doing their level best to ratchet up hate against white persons” I can’t let that go. FTR is the one who is daily ratcheting up hate for Obama. That is what he does. If he could set aside his hate and really listen to what Obama is saying about race he might be a better person instead of what he is.

God is not and will not be the culture of this country. If you desire that, move to a theocracy. A democracy is no place for you.



I don’t think too many will argue that the Republican Party has been taken over by the far right. I think it’s time for a third party, one that embraces Republican ideals without the extremism, and has a chance to regain control of the country. The present Republican Party doesn’t have a chance.

FTR said, “Unfortunately some people wrap themselves in in the noxious rags of victimhood.” The fact is some people are actually victims–victims of small-minded perception. White people never get extra scrutiny from salespeople when walking into a shop. A white person never gets pulled over because of “driving while black.”

How long til the GOP is such a small minority that they start whining for affirmative action?



Did FTR draw this 

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FTR, where do I start on what a stodgy cracker you are. (and I can say that because I’m white and I suppose it’s “our” word.) There are no real pejoratives that the caucasian race can consider offensive unless they are particularly thin-skinned. The N-word was used to demean a race that took centuries to get equal rights. To call someone a “cracker” is as offensive as “dummy” or “jerk.” The N-Word is truly hateful as it hearkens back to a time when African-Americans were “lesser-than”. White people have never had a time like that.



[Cracker] I’m a white person, and I find terms like “cracker” and “honky” amusing. The etymology does not refer to a time of suffering for the Caucasian. There are several differing origins of the term “cracker, but mostly it seems the name was created by white people for white people.

[“Team Obama and others are doing their level best to ratchet up hate against white persons”] And there it is folks This clearly show how far and desperate some people are to try and drag race and hatred into Americans lives.

That statement alone should tell us all of the financial bailouts on Wall street were only to help black bankers I guess. Thousands and thousands of our troops coming home from wars being ended are just to get the black troops out. This poster believes that the millions of Americans that will have health insurance will only be black people, In FTR world they believe the President only wants there to be black keys because Obama hates whites.

That posting alone has removed any shred of credibility from FTRs postings. re read that statement he wrote and you decide. Desperation and loathing for America or reality? Its not even worth reading his daily diatribe against America anymore. Hate America first FTR we get it.

nThinking the N-word and “cracker” can only be considered equal by someone like FTR. A crusty, right-wing, bloviating, former police officer who considers anyone who disagrees with him as angry or hateful–and who was around while there were still separate drinking fountains.

“226 years is a long time to hold a grudge?” That seems to be the go-to mantra of the racist. As in, “Get over it already.” even though the problem still exists. The best white people can do is speculate about the feelings of the African-American. FTR’s “Aboriginal American persecution” defense is utter horse crap. We don’t know FTR’s background, nor has he told us, but I know that he looks very white, and that seems to be what counts in this day and age. He’s never been called a “dirty Aborigines” and I don’t think that such a thing exists.

The more FTR tries to claim he is not racist, the more he actually proves that he is.


Hey FTR guy, I really like your new profile picture on Facebook. But I hope they told you that tattoos are permanent.

[The Rise and Fall] The USA hasn’t won a war since we beat the tiny island of Grenada, but we still start plenty.

from the right

The Zimmerman/Martin episode has given our liberal brethren a cause célèbre to stir the pot of racial discord. The Obama administration is laying siege to self-defense “stand your ground” laws. Prior to those laws, a person who was being threatened with death or great bodily harm had to make an effort to flee before using deadly force to protect themselves. The Stand Your Ground laws removes that burden from those threatened with death or great bodily harm.  To this Olde Fart the “Stand your ground” laws are perfectly reasonable.

StandyourgroundtruckThat law coupled with an ever increasing number of people acquiring firearms and getting CCF permits has saved many lives and is likely a root cause for the reduction in violent crime.  Our left field friends will never, never, tell you that the fact is that violent gun involved crime in Florida has recently hit an all-time low. Please bear in mind the fact that Florida has issued significantly more CCF permits than any other state. Think about it, high levels of gun ownership equates with low levels of crime.

Holder’s Justice Department is investigating the actions of Zimmerman in an attempt to charge him with violating Martin’s civil rights. He’s ordering that investigation even though the FBI has already reported that no such evidence exists.  Holder is even taking to the social media soliciting tips on Zimmerman.  He seems determined to charge Zimmerman, and it appears that he is set on that course as a sop to black activists.

Holder’s assault on stand your ground laws is a bridge too far. The shooting of Martin had no connection whatsoever with Florida’s stand your ground laws, nor was did it have any racial hate component. The evidence clearly proved that neither was never an issue. True to form, Obama’s DOJ has no interest in the application of law or justice, instead they have seized this tragedy as a tool with which to pander.

Certainly Attorney General Holder must understand that self-defense is not a mere concept, it’s a fundamental human right. Holder and Obama’s posturing that legitimate self-defense was to blame for Martin’s death is unconscionable.  Once again Obama and his Team prove that they will exploit any tragedy to push their political agenda.   

Bad-Medicine-ObamacarePart 2) Forbes has just published a story about James P. Hoffa, general president of the International Brotherhood Teamsters; Joseph Hansen, international president of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union; and Donald “D.” Taylor, president of UNITE-HERE, a union representing hotel, airport, food service, gaming, and textile workers, who wrote a very pointed letter to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. The letter speaks volumes. Quotes from the letter follow.

“When you and the President sought our support for the Affordable Care Act,” they begin, “you pledged that if we liked the health plans we have now, we could keep them. Sadly, that promise is under threat…We have been strong supporters of the notion that all Americans should have access to quality, affordable health care. We have also been strong supporters of you. In campaign after campaign we have put boots on the ground, gone door-to-door to get out the vote, run phone banks and raised money to secure this vision. Now this vision has come back to haunt us.”

The union poo bahs  are convinced that Obamacare’s employer mandate incentivizes smaller companies to shift their workers to part-time status, because employers are not required to provide health coverage to part-time workers. “We have a problem,” they write, and “you need to fix it.”

“The unintended consequences of the ACA are severe,” they continue. “Perverse incentives are causing nightmare scenarios. First, the law creates an incentive for employers to keep employees’ work hours below 30 hours a week. Numerous employers have begun to cut workers’ hours to avoid this obligation, and many of them are doing so openly. The impact is two-fold: fewer hours means less pay while also losing our current health benefits.

Now another of Obama’s most staunch supporters are coming to realize that Obamacare is poison to our economy.  Very, very bad news for Obama, his Team, and Democrats everywhere.