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Thursday, July 31, 2014

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The-Coconut-Telegraph-w-CoconutsThe Original Unsocial Media. Anonymous Letters to the Editor with Pictures. Published Daily by Noon Since 2002. No Saturday Edition

Bill-Becker-family[“Bill Becker”] OK let’s try to get this one straight. Bill Becker, News Director of US 1 Radio, is still alive and kicking. You can listen to him five mornings every week if you really want to get news instead of recycled opinion or someone’s worst guess somewhere on the internet. Stan Becker, is dead. The founder of the Island Navigator was dead long before the current owner became such. The Bill Becker who is no longer with us is the William Becker of the like-named BP Claims Consulting Company with an office in Big Pine Shopping Center next door to Bagel Island.

And just because I’m here, as the current owner/publisher of the local newspaper, I would like to thank my detractor for believing that I am one step removed from a communist. First, it tells me that you would be a first-round out in a battle of wits, second, it tells me that you don’t know the definition of the word.

But mostly what it tells me is that our message of compassion for our fellow man, concern for Mother Earth, empathy for those less engaged, concern for those more vulnerable, and knowledge as the road to freedom is getting out there. Thanks, because I am guilty on all the above counts and truly believe that compassion and concern for those most vulnerable isn’t a political ideology, it’s a way of life. It’s a step toward the inclusion of mankind as a species capable of understanding that only by working together can we continue to call Mother Earth our home.

It tells me that the writer believes destruction of Mother Earth is a priority, and judging from the email address, the continued destruction of Mother Earth would not be in the best interests of the writer’s livelihood.

But that’s OK.I have enough compassion for you too.

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diver catch lobster[Lobster Mobsters] They came baaaaaack! Yes those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are here and the Lobster Mobsters were back in town for mini-season. You may have noticed them gassing up at the local filling station and also gassing up at the local bars in preparation for a fun filled two days on the water in search of the elusive langosta.

They came en masse with the obligatory collection of seafaring equipment most important to their quest. such as the invaluable boom-box to provide themselves and the neighborhood with all night, ear splitting entertainment, massive coolers filled with beer and tequila, and a real, official, Lobster Kit from Winn-Dixie.

They also arrived with the mysterious inability to use a boat ramp without blocking it for an hour while loading their beer filled coolers, the kids, the wife, the family dog, two buckets of fried chicken and the search for the missing boat key that they conveniently left at the rental property that they and the other two crews trashed the night before.

Finally, after taking up three parking spaces for the truck and trailer at the boat ramp, they were off for a fun-filled two days on the water. Already a six-pack and a couple of tequila shooters into the big adventure, the captain weaved down the canal on full-plane, shouting instructions to his crew, while digging in the cooler for another can of brewski, the Holy Grail of the mini-season lobster hunter.

Arriving at their favorite spot out on the water (clearly identified by the sixteen other boats all fighting over the same coral head) they grabbed the nets and tickle sticks and over the side they went. No diver down flag? “Forget it,” the Captain said, “the other boat has one.” The real fun began when a lone pair of antennae was spotted. Now, with the anticipation of a big “Surf and Turf” awaiting them later in the day, they drug themselves, their nets, fins and gear all over the coral, killing whatever they touched only to find that, after tipping over the coral head, the wily lobster was just too fast for them or maybe it was just a bit too short to keep (assuming that they actually remembered to use the measuring gauge tied to the real, official Lobster Kit from Winn-Dixie). If luck held, they may have finished the two days with a few “keepers,” a nasty sunburn, a hell of a buzz from the beer and tequila used to wash down all of that fried chicken, and enough beer left to get back to the boat ramp. Of course, if they were real pros, they may have made two or three trips a day; to hell with bag limits.

Weaving back down the canal to the ramp, again on full-plane, the launching fiasco is repeated in reverse with the addition of a loud, drunken argument with the wife as she tries eight times to back the trailer onto the ramp while the captain shouted directions and signaled wildly with a can of beer in one hand and tequila in the other.

Back at the rental, their last day wouldn’t have been complete without another few more hours of music and revelry while the bug tails boiled to the consistency of an inner tube, the steaks on fire, and the captain dumping the wrung lobster heads in the neighbor’s trashcan to rot and stink.

As usual, all good things must come to an end. Our adventurers headed home after their two days at sea with a bent prop, a savage hangover, an angry wife, four killer sunburns, two fighting kids and a dog with projectile diarrhea from eating a bucket of greasy chicken bones.

Peace once again descended on our little island, life returned to a normal pace and Mother Ocean cried as she saw the destruction of her great and beautiful creation, and tries to start the healing process in time for the onslaught again next year. Yep, there’s nothing quite like lobster mini-season!

[Elect the FKAA Board] A long time ago I worked for the FKAA in the engineering and construction department. I wrote the paper from the FKAA to FDEP regarding near-shore water quality and what the FKAA role could be in helping improve it. I agreed the central sewage would be one of two methods. The other method would be to open up culverts or channels that were previously dammed by the railroad filling them in. The islands were quite porous and had several natural waterways through the Keys that provided natural flushing to occur. We opened one up just north of the Vaca Key Bridge in Marathon. That culvert flushed all of the western area of Key Colony Beach, which was pretty stagnant until then.

A combination of Bay to Ocean culverts and constructing sewers only for very crowded areas would be the most productive and cost effective method of approach, but it was politically unappealing. Ask the FKAA Board member Dean and lawyer Feldman why.

fkaasucks11We (FKAA) also were expecting to put in a shallow vacuum sewage system instead of gravity because of the high water table and the hard coral that must be excavated to depths below the water table to allow for a gravity system and would be cost prohibitive.

The study that we did was pushed aside for the NOAA study recommendation that all the Keys will get sewers and that the FKAA will run all the sewer plants. Then the Sewers went from NOAA – FDEP and the FKAA to the County Waste Water Committee. Remember them? We were on TV every Wednesday night. I was not with the FKAA then. I was an environmental consultant appointed to the committee by Mary Kay Reich, County Commissioner at the time. We were comprised of members throughout the Keys who were involved in sewers or septic systems. We were to recommend a solution to the problem of near shore water quality–of which there was scant proof that sewering would improve–or that it even needed improvement. Key West for example spends millions on the premise that human waste was causing the problem of coli form counts and then no improvement ever happened. That is what we were dealing with.

How do you make everybody pay for sewers that will not solve the problem (if there is a problem) when sewers will not improve squat?

The fight raged on with talking heads and lots of meetings. The bottom line was we voted unanimously to not allow the FKAA to run the sewer business. Debbie Horan, State Legislature, ignored the experts and the populace and gave FKAA the power over anything sewer. You can’t stop them. You can not stop the FKAA from doing anything – including constructing the uber stupid E-One systems.

You are all Johnny come lately’s to this dance. The FKAA has legislative powers to do anything they want. I know it. You know it, and the American people know it. State Senator Bullard knows it all to well because legislation passed unanimously by the State House of Representatives for an elected FKAA board (thank you Holly) is still sitting on Bullard’s desk, going nowhere. He stopped it cold. Why?

I will scream from the roof tops, “ELECT the FKAA BOARD!” and you will have the power over the pumps and the sewer system that will drive locals to be locals somewhere else (like me). Do not elect the stooges that are putting this down your throats from the County Commission to the State House. FKAA and big developers have sewers on a fast track. Have Bullard push the FKAA legislation through the senate now to elect a new FKAA Board in November..

It takes people who will act. If not then pay out the nose for your stupid sewer system forever. Get ready for unequaled development in the Keys. Soon to become one long Ocean Reef Club. 130 miles of resorts and vacation homes to the millionaire population. Tell me how your old neighborhood looks from the bus window.

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[A true story of what happened to me in Honduras] I’m pretty sure that many Americans aren’t aware of what I witnessed in Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras back in 1996. To my surprise there wasn’t any mention of what was occurring with the U.S. embassy in Honduras here by the news media. There was a discrepancy by the American Embassy located in Tegucigalpa, in which they were accusing our, now former, business of being a “Coyote” operation in the states. Since we had a clean conscience and positively knew these allegations were false we went to Honduras to straighten out these false allegations. A non-American embassy representative (Honduran), was quite belligerent and attempted to belittle us from behind the glass window in which she sat. Speaking to us in a Spanish accent in English.

honduras0Before this, while I was sitting patiently waiting my turn, I was observing the multitudes of Honduran men, women & children that were being interviewed hoping to be granted a visa. The line outside the embassy went around three blocks everyday. I noticed how the embassy reps (mainly Hondurans) were treating these people. Not nice at all. I noticed that in one particular waiting section, there were a whole bunch of Orientals that were separated from the locals and were situated so one could sit next to them. I also noticed that the embassy rep attending them were American Asians, not Hondurans like the rest of the embassy. I found that strange, but didn’t put importance into the thought.

It turns out that the embassy had accused our company of being a fictitious company and that we were attempting to send Hondurans with approved American visas to work in the US, but with the intention to remain in the U.S. illegally after the visas expired. I went bonkers when I heard this crap coming out of the mouth of this woman. I blew my top and very loudly told her to, “Do me a favor and stop pointing your finger at me, and stop speaking to me in a disrespectful and belittling tone, not to confuse me with these poor people who come here hoping to get a visa from you, while you make them kiss your ass! I’m an American unlike you. In fact, I do not want to speak to you anymore. I want to speak to a real American concerning these false allegations. Once I step foot into this embassy I am on American territory and I have the right to refuse leaving this embassy if I wish to. I must be an idiot to think that I can get visa approvals from this embassy while attempting to let these people stay there when their visas expire. Are you out of your mind? I am absolutely against the fact that your countrymen are one of the largest percentage of people coming to the U.S. illegally.”

That outburst resulted with my always having an American rep attend me at the embassy during the countless times I had to discuss this matter with them on a daily basis. Criminal charges were brought against us. The following morning I was supposed to meet with our attorney at 8:00 am in front of the judicial building (El Juzgado). I had forgotten to set my watch to their time zone and instead of waking up at 7:15, I woke up at 8:15 am. I turned on the radio while hurrying up, and I heard an announcement reporting that rebels in a pickup truck threw a grenade in front of the justice building at 8:05 am, and that one person was dead and many were injured from the shrapnel while they were waiting outside. It turned out that the justice building security guard threw himself on top of the grenade, but not in time to absorb the entire explosion, and my attorney who was waiting for me, was the 5th person on line, and shrapnel went through my attorney’s side, forehead, face, neck, ear, and leg. I was supposed to be standing in front of him, or to the side of him if I were there on time. The person in front of my attorney got it even worse, which most likely could’ve been me — if I were there.

Now I had to do fight the charges on my own since my attorney was out of commission for who knows how long, until he recuperated. I haven’t any knowledge of law, especially Honduran law, but my mind was set to do what I had to do. I met with the judge on the case, the prosecution, their version of the FBI called (El DIC), and including the U.S. Embassy all on my own, everyday for over 4 months. The judge, prosecutors, DIC all told me the same thing, “It’s not us who put these charges on you, it’s the American embassy, and we have to obey what the Americans tell us to do in cases like this.” The American embassy denied what I was being told. “It’s not us who brought these charges it was them” a rep told me. On top of the charges, the U.S. embassy ordered the DIC to place a migratory hold on us in which we couldn’t leave the country. My embassy lied to me to my face.

On the 5th month, I was going out of my mind with this game. I was running out of funds and just wanted to go back home to my kids and family. I asked the prosecution, judge and DIC, that if the embassy grants me a letter stating that we are not a fictitious company, and that my partner and I haven’t any criminal records back home, can it be possible for us to return home, and continue with these absurd allegations while back home. All 3 agreed. The following morning I was awakened by a blast that shattered my hotel room window. The blast was from a bomb placed by rebels 2 buildings down from my hotel. Several people were killed and many injured. I got dressed and sat in the hotel lobby waiting for my taxi to arrive. I picked up a local newspaper and the headline read, “American embassy in Tegucigalpa under investigation for falsifying U.S. visas and U.S. passports towards Chinese immigrants in Honduras.” I continued reading the article all the way to the embassy.

When I arrived at the embassy, I asked the clerk if I could see the Consulate General. She tells me that the Consulate General is not seeing anyone at the time and he wasn’t making any appointments either. I knew that this was bullshit and I was being told this because for 5 months I was a serious thorn up the embassy’s ass. A voice in my head told me to look in the waiting area, and behold, the Consulate General was interviewing this young Asian girl. As he finished and the young woman left, I abruptly approached him and asked him if I could speak with him on an urgent matter. He then realizes who I am, and tells me, “I’m done for the day, and you’ll have to make an appointment to see me, and that can take weeks or even months.” I responded, “Well that leaves me no other choice but to claim asylum in my embassy since my partner and I can be arrested any day now; and you can’t deny me this right as an American.” He looked at me and asked, “What do you want?” I tell him, “If you give me a letter stating that our company is a legitimate U.S. corporation, which you now have proof, and do a background check on my partner and I stating that we haven’t any criminal records, we will be allowed to go back home, and I will cease being a pain in the ass in my embassy.” To my surprise he responded, “Let me tell you something. Either you’re an idiot and aren’t aware of how to run your company, and this is the reason for getting in trouble. Or you’re just stupid and are guilty of having knowledge of the charges being brought on you and your company. I’m not making any letter for you.”

The way he spoke to me made me so furious that I very loudly responded, “How dare you speak to me in that tone of voice you self-righteous bastard! Are you looking in the mirror as you’re telling me this crap? Because this newspaper right here that I’m holding states that your embassy is being investigated by the Honduran government for arranging transport of rich Chinese people from Hong Kong to Honduras, and giving them fake names, visas and passports to get into the U.S. Either you’re an idiot or aren’t aware of how to run your embassy, and this is the reason for you getting in trouble. Or you’re just stupid and are guilty of having knowledge of the charges being brought on you and your embassy. I personally have witnessed many Hondurans being denied American visas, yet all the separated Chinese people here have been approved and given visas and passports with names like Juan Chow, Pedro Cheng, etc. None of them are even from here. They don’t speak Spanish, yet, they’re given typical Hispanic first names. Why is that? Not one of them have left here being denied. I’ve been here practically everyday for 5 months witnessing all this. I will go to the local papers as an American witness so please don’t fuck with me anymore.”

His eyes open wide and there was stone silence throughout the entire embassy. He responded in a now humble and low tone of voice, “Give me ’til tomorrow, and I’ll have your letter for you. But I’m telling you now, if I find any expunged files on you and your partner I will make it known.” I said, “I have nothing to worry about.”

The following day, I got my letter and showed it to my attorney. We presented it to the judge, prosecutor and Director In Charge, and 4 days later we were allowed to return home. The day after we arrived home I receive a call from our attorney in Honduras and he tells me that the judge found us not guilty of any of the charges brought by the U.S. Embassy–case dismissed! It turned out that the U.S. embassy in Honduras was taking kickbacks from wealthy people in Hong Kong who were fleeing ans taking their wealth with them before the Communist Chinese takeover of Hong Kong which occurred in 1997 in accordance with the agreement made by the British and Chinese governments back in 1898.

I felt that the U.S. embassy was purposely targeting companies and accusing them of illegal activity and in turn reporting them to the Honduran government agencies as a diversion as to what was really being carried out by the embassy in Honduras. Now that I look back at all I went through, especially almost suffering a nervous breakdown, I’m amazed how I was able to bring out part of me that I never knew existed. Ever since that experience my confidence and attitude changed for the positive, as to believing in myself. Unfortunately we had to dissolve our company shortly after, because the State Department made it impossible for us to request any working visas for workers.

Prisoners in this country have it made, compared to the vile and disgusting prisons in 3rd world countries. If you don’t have any family or friends, and you’re in a Honduran prison, you will not eat. Someone needs to bring you food from the outside 3 times a day. Worst of all, if you’re an American in prison, you’ll need to sleep with one eye open because they’ll rape or kill you. And this could’ve happened to me and my partner. It would have been made worse knowing we were innocent. This whole ordeal was thanks to the false allegations and lies of the good old USA.

[Duh! Department] We are looking to relocate to Big Pine in the near future and would like to know if you have an forums here to discuss things with others on big Pine, or if not, do you know of a good spot?
Happy Thursday from Springer’s Bar and Grill.
Today we have a great special for you, Sausage, Peppers and Onions on a Hoagie Roll. So join us for this totally delicious palate pleasing special.
Friday special: Fish And Chips
Mini season special: We will cook your lobster for you. Boiled or baked with 2 side dishes. Come and enjoy and leave the work to us.
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s always something special at Springer’
Florida’s trails and paths. Link
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meter reader
[Bandwidth Speed Test] Test your broad band speed. Link
[“Move Word’s scroll bar“] It depends what version of Word you are using. The easiest, is to go to Help and type in “move scroll bar” and it should tell you. There are also short-cut keys (down/up arrow, pg up and pg down, and ctrl/end to zoom to the very bottom. You can also hide your scroll bar.
Cudjoe Key Waste Water. If the FKAA makes our air, which comes to Cudjoe Gardens from the North, stink, I will personally take care of the situation!
[Gay Marriage Ban]
The two KW guys who put Monroe County on the international map\ media blitz for their victory over the unconstitutionality of Florida’s marriage ban, will be here on BPK Friday for a live interview on US1 radio 104.1 at 5pm. They escape the craziness by sneaking off to BPK. Bet you didn’t know that!
[Prohibition] The New York Times just came out with an editorial calling for the federal government to repeal the prohibition on marijuana and let the states decide for themselves. That reminded me that there are actually some counties in the South that don’t allow liquor. I wonder how that works for them?
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virus31A grouping of Vibrio vulnificus bacteria is pictured in this micrograph.

At least 11 Floridians have contracted Vibrio vulnificus so far this year and two have died, according to the most recent state data. In 2013, 41 people were infected and 11 died. The proportion of skin and gastrointestinal infections in Florida is unclear, but a CDC spokesman said the ratio tends to be about 1-to-1.

Florida isn’t the only state to report Vibrio vulnificus infections. Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi have also recorded cases, and a 2013 outbreak linked to contaminated shellfish sickened at least 104 people in 13 states, according to the CDC.

Most people who contract a Vibrio vulnificus infection recover with the help of antibiotics, but severe skin infections may require surgery and amputation, according to the CDC. People with weakened immune systems are also at risk for blood infections, which are fatal about 50 percent of the time, the CDC notes.

The CDC recommends the following precautions to avoid Vibrio vulnificus infections:
Avoid exposing open wounds to warm saltwater, brackish water or to raw shellfish
Wear protective clothing when handling raw shellfish
Cook shellfish thoroughly and avoid food contamination with juices from raw seafood
Eat shellfish promptly after cooking and refrigerate leftovers

Buying a boat for cash in the Keys is a lot like buying briefcase full of coke in Miami from Scarface!
People praise food that has a descriptive name more than the same food with a lackluster one. For exam­ple: Herb-Crusted Citrus-Laced Fillet of Tilapia versus Seafood Fillet.
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Anthony Hopkins’s Waltz.
He wrote it! Hopkins was a musician before becoming an actor. Evidently a very good one! Video
This is a cash sale, no checks of any kind. If your check is good, please cash it and then we can talk.” I could see it for a couple of thousand but this one is asking $19,000!.
Good luck. Link
The Cudjoe landfill already leaches out poisons to the environment. When the sewer plant pumps your poop under salt water your grey 90% treated freshwater and your 10% untreated poop will rise to the occasion. Who will want to live near this? Where is NOAA now? FDEP?
That cactus is a dragonfruit cactus. If you leave the flower alone you will have a beautiful fruit in just a few weeks. They taste like a custard, and are so-o good!
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firey meteor
[“Moving cash safely“] Okay, so what if a meteor hits the second vehicle after you’ve signed the title, but before you’ve taken possession of the boat? And another case, what do you do if the meteor hits the boat after you sign the title and before you take possession? Oh, and what happens if the meteor hits you before the second car arrives? These are the tough questions the world needs to face.
[Movies] What is with everyone throwing their phones? I don’t think they paid $563 like I did or they would be more restrained.
[Scary Bunch] Every once in a while there is some local group that sets up shop In front of one of the post offices down here and tries to get people who have to go in and out to sign up for impeaching Obama.  If you walk on by, they give you that creepy Republican smirk, to let you know that they have your number.  That is one scary bunch.
flash player logo31

I tried to do without Adobe Flash Player, but it’s almost impossible. Many sites still need it to view videos. It’s always trying to download junk on my box.

[“Cash for boat”] When someone says cash, it doesn’t always refer to only accepting the currency. It means that they want the item paid in full with a flexible instrument like a cashiers check, postal money order or even the currency itself. It means they don’t accept credit, checks or American Express.
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
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Lawnmower, 20″cut
. Yard Machine. Side discharge, 300 series Briggs & Stratton engine 148cc. About 5 years old. Cutting blade in good condition. Engine runs fine, extra parts and instruction manual. $30. 305-872-2055     7/31/14 Classified Ads > Tools
robber raccoon gun money
[“Carrying cash is dangerous”]
Really? I find your mindset dangerous. What’s dangerous is walking around in fear unwilling to protect yourself. Long before I had to stand inline behind assholes with debit and credit cards, we ALL carried cash. Check out at the register was a lot faster. No one had ID’s stolen online and our purchases were not tracked. I’m sure the progressives who would love to have us all go to electronic – and easily monitored accounts would agree with you. Carrying cash is dangerous and the government electronic debit system will keep us all safe. Yeah right! If you’re afraid to carry cash, get a gun a carry permit and go stuff your pockets full of dead presidents and experience what true freedom feels like. If you’re afraid to take responsibility for your own safety, I’ll gladly walk you anywhere you want to go with as much cash as you’d like to carry. I’ve had a lot of practice and have never lost a dime or a client.
[“Move the scroll bar on Word documents”] Using the scroll bars still? Just get a two button scroll wheel mouse and you scroll up or down anywhere at anytime. Some programs like browsers (Firefox with NoSquint) will allow one to hold the control key and use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.
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[“Sexy Parrot”] Now there is a sure fired winner for a Fantasy Fest costume contest. What a great photo/painting. Thanks for sharing!
[Guns] I wonder how FTR feels about the hearings in Congress to determine if they can pass a law to prevent a legal handgun purchase by a convicted domestic abuser to stalker? Here’s what a NRA member says. Link
[“Cash sale”] Meet at a police station, have the cops run VIN, exchange funds. If they do not want to meet they’re probably not worth dealing with.
, coming to an eye or nose near you!
When the Catholic church gets into politics, it is only a matter of time until heads roll again! Video
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Gay “marriage” is nothing more than a scam to screw insurances cos, retirement funds or the government out of funds. it doesnt change anything . just lets them screw the system
HORDES[Captain Doom and Gloom] DEF: Anusitis n. The painful disease you get just after the warrantee expires on your computer.
DEF: Sale n. That which makes you ill knowing what you paid for the item a week ago!
DEF: Doctor n. A person who practices emptying your wallet by curing a disease that you probably did not have in the first place!
DEF: Senior n. Any person who stands inside the entrance of a big box store and has no idea why.
DEF: Puberty n. The natural maturing of a human to breeding age, but who is restricted to drive, drink, vote, and smoke for another decade!
DEF: Booze n. An over priced liquid serving no logical function except making the bimbo at the end of the bar look good!
DEF: Politics n. The art of persuading hard working people to support your grandiose lifestyle they themselves will never see.
DEF: Non-Profit n. A method to keep the poor, poor and make them support useless eaters and rulers who do not pay their way.
DEF: Swine Flu n. The disease you get from posting on this blog.
Republicans are suing Obama for doing his job because they refuse to. If they let the President accomplish anything it will make the President look good and Republicans will sacrifice the country in order to make Obama look bad. They prove my point time and time again. Do nothing Republicans.
Next up on Fox News: Is impeachment a scam by Democrats? And if so, how do they trick Republicans into bringing it up all the time?
IMPEACHMENT….Read and learn….they take care of their own!
An old Roman once said, “Save the World, Kill all the Lawyers”
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OKAY….REALITY CHECK. To date, President Obama has only signed 168 executive orders, compared to 291 executive orders signed by his predecessor George W. Bush. Um, President Bush signed more orders in his first four years, 173, than President Obama has signed in just over five
Repbs could care less about the Law, they just want to embarrass the President and make him look bad. That is their goal. Repubs are losing their remaining credibility if that’s possible.
“Left” and “Right”: A little Bible study.Remember what Jesus said: ‘Goats on the left, sheep on the right’ (Matthew 25:33).

Jesus also told Peter that if he wanted to catch fish do it from the right side of the boat.

They did and filled the boat with fish.

John 21:6 (NIV) He said, “Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.”

When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish.”

Origin of Left & Right. I have often wondered why it is that Conservatives are called the “right” and Liberals are called the “left”. By chance I stumbled upon this verse in the Bible: Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV) “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” Thus sayeth the Lord.  Amen. It surely can’t get any simpler than that.

Spelling Lesson:
The last four letters in American………..I Can
The last four letters in Republican……..I Can
The last four letters in Democrats………Rats

End of lesson.  Test to follow on November 6, 2014.

Remember, November 2014 is to be set aside as rodent removal month.

Please help to achieve that goal.

from the right
Almost certainly there will be a posting from a CT denizen of left field today woofing about the House of Representatives vote yesterday to authorize a law suit against the President.   Almost certainly the left fielder will rail that Congress is suing him for “doing his job” or for “helping people.” Nothing could be further from the truth. That is the Democrat propaganda line that our left fielders will slurp up with all the enthusiasm of a school of small yellowtails feeding in a chum line.There will be one single issue in the law suit. That issue will be to determine if the President exceeded his Constitutional authority when he unilaterally changed the date for the imposition of the Obamacare Employer Mandate from 2013 until 2016. The Affordable Care Act specifically and clearly states that the Employer Mandate was to go into effect on December 31, 2013. But Obama unilaterally set  aside that provision of the law until 2016. He did that for a purely political reason. When the mandate ultimately goes into effect, it will have a ruinous impact on employment and Obama and Democrats wanted to avoid that debacle during the year of the midterm elections. It would have been an absolute death knell for Congressional Democrats.

we the people31Our Constitution is perfectly clear on the issue of the powers and responsibilities of the President, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch.

The Congress is charged with enacting our laws.

The President is charged with enforcing those laws. When he took his oath of office he swore to uphold those laws.

The Judicial Branch is charged with interpreting the laws and thereby ultimately resolving conflict between the Legislative Branch and the President.

The Supreme Court will make the ultimate decision. That decision will certainly have ramifications that we cannot now even imagine.

The single complaint in the law suit is but one example of Obama’s absolute disdain for the Constitution. The list of laws that he has refused to enforce is long.

Obama has thrown down the gauntlet by seizing power as no other President in our history has. Much rides on this lawsuit, and how it plays out will affect each and every one of us and the very fabric of our Republic. Personally I am saddened and deeply concerned that Obama’s ravenous hunger for power has brought us to this place. Obama and Putin share one attribute. A insatiable appetite for power.