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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Just in time
for Mini-Season.
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Mini Lobster Days are in full swing. Please be safe and don’t forget here at Fanci Seafood, located at 22290 Overseas Hwy, we have plenty of ice–tons of it! 50 pounds for only $5. We also carry a variety of bait and chum.

[Pink Slime] Several food writers, including a New York Times reporter, have been subpoenaed by a meat producer as part of its $1.2 billion defamation lawsuit against ABC in regards to the network’s coverage of a beef product dubbed “pink slime” by critics. The reporters say Beef Products Inc might not like the phrase pink slime, but like all ground beef, it’s pink and has a slimy texture.
[Defending From Bullies] I don’t agree with this sudden weakness the government and media is brainwashing people concerning bullying. They want your kids to report a bully to any school faculty. The truth is that teachers themselves are also afraid of their students now-a-days. I’ve always taught my kids that if they get bullied, they have my permission to kick their ass, as long as the bully throws the 1st punch, and if so, I would back them up if they got into any trouble at school for defending themselves. I’ve always demonstrated techniques of self-defense to my kids and my wife. I have shown them many cases where if you refuse to think like a victim, you can get yourself out of a possible life threatening situation. Movies and TV have been brainwashing people to think like victims, and I think that’s bullshit. My kids are all grown now, but back when they were kids in school, I was called into the principal’s office because my kids fought back a bully and kicked his or her ass. The school faculty would try to threaten my kids and myself with a suspension, and I always expressed my point to them every time.  It’s the right thing to do, folks. Unlike the baby boomer generation, the past 2 generations have been raised to think like victims and without any backbone. Who’s fault is that? It’s the fault of these nitwit parents that want the best for their kids by over protecting them, and refusing to give them a good slap when they need it. Your responsible for tomorrow’s America, peeps! Video
[Name that Plant] This cactus flower is, I think, in the cereus family, but it’s on sort of a thick cactus vine.
[Gay Marriage] Mayoral candidate Sloan Bashinsky (who’s been married 7 times) compared Florida’s gay marriage ban to the past legal bans on interracial marriage, and also said he has personal experience with the issue. He had a gay girlfriend in Birmingham and his brother, a bisexual who married a woman and had kids, committed suicide over his closeted life, he told the crowd at yesterday’s debate.
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Is there any way to move the scroll bar on a Word document from the right side of the window to the left?

[“Cash for boat”] How it’s done. You have someone else bring the cash in a separate vehicle. If you like what you see, sign the title and have them bring the cash in after the fact.
[Right wing politics more important than friends] “Send good emails only” If my friends are not concerned with the state of politics they are more than welcome to un-friend me or ask to be left off of my email list. However I will not separate my emails into happy-good-news and political information just for them. By the way, I would be honored to be grouped with informed, concerned people like FTR.

[Ebola Doctor Dies] These guys and gals are the bravest people imaginable. The Real heroes. They fight an enemy no one can see! Link

[“Moving cash safely”] Have someone else bring the cash in a separate vehicle”] Suppose someone robs the second vehicle?
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[Free TV Antenna Check] Enter your zip code or fill in the form, but you’ll still get the report. This won’t work in the lower Keys, but some other folks might find this handy. Link

[“Carrying cash is dangerous“] How else do you want to be paid for your item of value? Checks bounce, but cash is hard to forge. Gold or silver would be nice, but is too bulky. If you do not want to carry that cash with you, meet at the bank and have the teller count it out to him from your account. Personally I would only accept cash or I would have to wait for the check to clear before giving the title or boat to the buyer.
[“Send only good email”] What I do is have the intestinal fortitude to notify the offending sender of what I like and dislike. If it is a commercial sender, I add them to my block sender list. If it’s from someone I know I will simply be grown up enough to tell them in a reply that I will not receive their email any longer unless they change what they send me! I will not be like the sissies that shot down the CT’s Political Section that most grown-up realists liked to read. Everybody has different ideas and fears. (Ed: Those sissys were me. I shut it down for reasons I wrote of many times; and resurrected it, like Lazarus, due to popular demand.)
gay marriage pink


[Gay Marriage] Kudos to the two Key West men trying to take their right to be married to the Supreme Court to get this discriminatory law removed.

When your friends begin to flatter you on how young you look, it’s a sure sign you’re getting old. ~Mark Twain
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[“Tuesday’s “Sexy Parrot“] Now this is a sexy parrot! Look closely.  It’s not a bird but a painted woman’s body. The woman’s profiled face can be seen in front of her arm at the top of the parrot’s head.  Her hand is the beak.  Her foot is the bottom of the tail.

[“Charge FKAA for storing sewer equipment and materials”] I’d say contact your local commissioner but don’t be surprised if, like a pull-string doll, you get a rote answer to your (as well as all sewer-related) question(s): “I trust our engineers.”

Confused? Me too. I’ve been confused ever since I learned that a sewage treatment plant and shallow sewage injection wells would be placed at the base of a landfill to improve nearshore water quality. Go figure?

[“Not posting negative comments about advertisers”] What was this all about? Looks like somebody got a good spanking for not being honest.


Happy Hump Day from Springer’s Bar and Grill. Today’s special is hamburger steak with sweet onion mushroom gravy. A definite comfort food that will fill the belly and please the palate.
Thursday special: Sausage And Peppers On A Hoagie
Friday special: Fish And Chips
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s always something special at Springer’s!

[“Free Internet in the Keys”] I took a close look at the chart and it is for all kinds of internet connections. It is true that there is no free DSL. How could there be in the Keys?
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Kudos to Venture Crew and Keys Kayak for the Tom’s Harbor Island clean-up!

[“Send only good email”] I automatically delete emails from certain senders. Many senders are like one-trick ponies. They only see in one direction. That gets boring real fast. I can’t block certain senders because occasionally they have important family news or some such that I might need.
[Are lobsters related to insects] No, but judging from their behavior, some of the mini-season people from Miami and points northward are definitely related to carpophores– feces eaters! Link


[Comcast merger: What you say matters] Comcast is “giving” most of it’s customers 50mbs (AT&T gives you about 6mbs) in order to cheer them up and not try to block Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable creating the largest media company with no competition to speak of. Bigger than Ma Bell before their monopolistic breakup. Tell the FCC exactly what you think of Comcast’s proposed takeover of Time Warner Cable. Comcast’s army of lobbyists will be pushing out feel-good comments, so make sure your opinion about this lousy deal get heard. The FCC must consider whether this merger is in the ‘public interest.’ High prices, lousy customer service, and lack of competition are all important concerns to raise.

If this deal goes through, Comcast will have huge power over what you see, when you see it, and what you pay. If that corporate control concerns you, make sure you let the Commissioners know it. Link

[“Send only good email“] To the poster who said the political emailer will turn into another FTR Guy, Thank you! That is the highest honor there is to receive in the Keys.
What’s FKAA going to do with all the wastewater from its treatment facility on Cudjoe Key? Link
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[“Hostel in Bogie Channel”] Isn’t that under the bridge?

[“Bill Becker rolling in his grave”] Bill, how you feeling?
The Gaza strip is a island of shit in a sea of piss. I have been there and a lot of other places and as far as I’m concerned if they nuked the whole region I would lose not one minute of sleep. The only place worse then Israel or the Gaza strip I can think of that I have been to would be Istanbul Turkey. Filthy & disgusting only begin to describe that cesspit. Those savages will slit your throat and be down the dirty road with your money before you bleed out
welcome30Rachel Pawlitz has joined the team at Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary as the new Communications Coordinator.  She is excited to join the NOAA team and is looking forward to using her skills to support the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.  Rachel is a jack-of-all trades with combined experience in ecology and communications. She most recently worked as an Information Specialist at the U. S. Geological Survey Southeast Ecological Science Center (Gainesville, Florida), where she was responsible for a variety of outreach and communication duties. Her duties included media relations, internal briefings to leadership, outreach and education to the general public, and writing and editing basic materials on the Center’s research. She also managed web and social media communications at the Center level and worked in collaboration with the USGS regional and national offices to communicate USGS science findings. Prior to USGS, she worked in a variety of writing and editing positions, including technical writing and editing for a legal publishing company.

Although much of her professional experience has been in communications, she is also trained as a biologist, and has research experience in both terrestrial and marine ecology. After receiving a Bachelor’s in Biology from Truman State University (Missouri), she conducted research in marine ecology at the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) for two years. There, she developed an interest in science communication which led her to pursue Masters of International Communication from Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia). She is in the final stages of completing a PhD in Interdisciplinary Ecology at the University of Florida, where she used her combined expertise to study adaptive management and the politics of science communication in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint water war.

Rachel will be in our Key West office and can be reached at  or by phone at 305-809-4700 x236.  Please join me in giving Rachel a warm welcome to the Florida Keys

lower keys boat rental7.11.14
[“It wasn’t by accident that the Gettysburg address was so short”] What does that mean? I think it was supposed to be funny, but I still I didn’t get it. I don’t get a lot of stuff.
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[“Bring cash for boat”] How about bringing a local check and you wait by the boat while he goes and cashes it? Or if he’s so mistrustful, go with him. Is the boat held together with paper clips? He seems to want to conclude the sale rather quickly?

Hey FTR, are you trying to call someone out on term limits?
[Immigration] What a great demonstration and explanation.  Impoverished people need to be helped where they live, not through illegal immigration! Video
[“Send only good email”] Simple rules for sending email. If the people you send email to never reply or send you email, then stop sending to them until they send to you. You might be in their Block Sender List by accident or by choice. Sending a ton of email to people sometimes gets you disliked, especially if the subject matter is not to the receiver’s liking or understanding. Politics, humor, porn, scientific, local, world, recipes, and a thousand other topics you may be into, may or may not, be welcome. If they still receive your email, simply ask them what they like and dislike. If no answer, keep sending what you believe they like until otherwise. If they cannot take the time to reply or feel they may insult you it is then their problem. I send a notice every six months asking if what I send is OK, if not or if I do not get a reply, I remove them from my email address book. That takes care of any problems and keeps friends, friends!
[Fracking] New oil and gas assessment for Bakken and Three Forks Formations. Link
Anybody see the irony of a free country that is enacting laws and regulations that keep a person from actually living for free?[?] You would think free thinkers who have learned to self sustain would be honored not criminalized!
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fire on pile of cannon balls


Weapons you won’t believe are legal. Link

Overcriminalization means criminalizing conduct that most people do not view as inherently criminal or blameworthy. Although the Lacey Act’s present day form has been extensively analyzed, little has been written about the Lacey Act’s long and tortured history. In other words, we know a lot about why the Lacey Act criminalizes conduct that is often innocuous, but we know much less about how the law evolved to become a poster child for overcriminalization.
Putin’s popularity poll in Russia is above 80%, due to his Ukrainian policies.
gay-wedding-bands[Monroe County Same Sex Couple requests case to be moved to Florida Supreme Court] Kick off legal fundraiser announced in Key West Florida. Mayor Craig Cates cordially invited the legal team of Restivo, Reilly & Vigil-Farinas to Key West, Florida on Aug 7th to attend the Love is Love kickoff fundraiser at the Bottle Cap Lounge, 1128 Simonton St Key West. Funds are needed to defray legal costs.   The attorneys filed a Motion in the Third District Court of appeal to move the case directly to the Florida State Supreme Court on behalf of Aaron Huntsman and William ‘Lee’ Jones.  This motion, if granted, will move the case quickly to the Florida Supreme Court, and will decide this issue of marriage equality for all Floridians, not just those in Monroe County. Fundraisers are being planned countywide in anticipation of a vigorous appeal and challenges from the State and other anti-LGBT groups. This kickoff event will be held from 6pm to 9pm Thursday Aug 7th.
I have been putting a lot of thought into it, and I just don’t think being an adult is going to work for me.
[?]You can’t just keep saying “get a job”‘.  That “job” has been covered with some kind of microchip that you will never be as quick as or as smart as or as cheap as or as plentiful as.  We all can’t be brain surgeons.  What will become of us?
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an school bus kids[Stuff the Bus] Keys’ kids need school supplies like paper, pencils, notebooks and highlighters in order to succeed at their studies. But some kids can’t afford even these basic supplies. That’s why United Way of the Florida Keys and its community partners have launched “Stuff the Bus,” an effort that will hopefully produce truckloads of school supplies to be distributed to all Monroe County public schools from Key Largo to Key West.

Local companies can become sponsors of Stuff the Bus by pledging to provide a minimum amount of $250 worth of school supplies through a supply drive with their employees or customers, or by making a contribution of $250 or more, or a combination of both. Supplies can be collected until August 25th.

Individuals can participate in “Stuff the Bus” by taking school supplies to a sponsor’s business, by making a donation, or by shopping at Publix and buying “Tools for Schools” gift cards at the checkout counter. This Publix promotion will last until August 13th. United Way will purchase additional school supplies for Keys schools based on the money donated by Publix shoppers. For more information on “Stuff the Bus,” call the United Way office at 305-735-1929, or email

Florida Republican Governor Scott is doing everything he can get away with to make the rich even richer.
So Obama said he will sign V.A. improvement bill….
I want to believe too, but Obama is a serial liar. Remember all the Obama care promises? Do you read in Big Pine about people’s experiences in trying to get health care?
Only a fool believes a liar, but want to believe because everyone want to believe what they hear what they want to hear.
Wanting it won’t make it happen. Politicians only want to keep their fat asses in office and will spend any amount of our money to do it.
[Illegals protest at White House]  As reported in the national media, illegal aliens protested at the White House, en masse,  for even more forgiveness for their illegal family members and the rights to stay in our country that they invaded Illegally.  Note the word “Illegal!”  Apparently it’s not enough for these leeches to get housing assistance, health care, food subsidies, legal aid, immigration legal assistance, welfare payments and a myriad of other services that aren’t available even to our own native born citizens.  Of course they want more and more of everything that they are not entitled to but will surely get (at the tax payer expense) with the current regime in power.  (Think future Voting Bloc)  Try taking a group of American’s to some third world rat hole and marching in protest in front of the Presidential Palace and see how long it take before you are shot or imprisoned.  (And be sure to demand that their electoral ballots are printed in English).

Obama, due to his lack of any policy whatsoever pertaining to anything, continues his non-stop fund raising tour, golf outings, photo-ops at local pubs  and luxury vacations while the nation is going to hell in a hand basket.

Tens upon tens of thousands of these people, thousands of which are reported to be infected with untreated contagious diseases such as tuberculosis, body lice, scabies, Chinas disease, AIDS, fungal infections and more, are being trucked around the country, against the will of the states where they are being dumped, and left for the state to deal with them and overwhelming their health care systems.

While the world laughs at Obama and his ineptness, and Central America dumps their refuse across our borders, our so called President will, no doubt, tell us another grandiose pack of lies about how he is handling the latest crisis and blaming Congress and Bush for the mess that he, himself, has created.

Two and a half more years of this “buffoon-in-chief” and our beloved nation may well be beyond the point of no return for decades to come.

Interesting… As the Obama White House trots out its newest global warming initiative, carries a story that January-June of 2014 is the coldest in the last 21 years and that cities like Indianapolis, IN are experiencing the coldest summers in their history.
I just cannot figure why some people think posting Bush’s faults, (right or wrong) makes Obama look any less inept than he has proven to be?
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I saw on FAUX news them criticizing Obama for not doing anything about immigration; and the next news item was the Right suing Obama for doing something about immigration. I don’t get it. I don’t think they like the President no matter if he does their bidding or not.
Poor FTR, he bemoans the fact that President Obama has not reacted in ways to things that are taking place in the world today? Things such as the shooting down of the Malaysia Airliner. I can only imagine what he said when Ronald Reagan reacted to the shooting down of Korean Airline flight 007. President Reagan did what he usually did. Absolutely nothing. Like most from the right conservatives he was all talk and no action. But of course he is a saint to people such as FTR.
If only we had a real president, one who would start a war to prove how tough he is.
I’ve been asking this questions of the “obomazombies” for a couple years now and have never gotten a valid or reasonable answer. Can anyone of you name three accomplishments of Obama, Holder, or Hillery?
I can’t believe Democrats really believe in Obama and that he is doing good things. The man has just about destroyed America, has mad us hated world wide, has kissed the butts of our sworn enemies and is turning our government into a welfare department for the inept. When are you Demo nuts going to move to Russia and leave America get back to the world respected power we once were?
from the right
impeach30The latest propaganda/campaign ploy being fostered by the Democrat propaganda machine is that the Republicans are trying to impeach Obama. That false message is raw meat to the Democrat faithful. That message is carefully crafted and spread by social media so as to gin up ferocity in Democrat ranks. Historically, Democrats do not have as much interest in mid terms as do Republicans. They tend to vote in fewer numbers. Crafting the message that Obama is a victim is classic Democrat demagoguery. It plays into the hatefully false notion that Republicans resist Obama’s policies because of his race. The Democrats strongest campaign tactic is to arouse hate. They certainly have no record to run on and their leadership is getting panicky at the likelihood that the Republicans will win the Senate.

Cynically, the Democrat leadership is convinced that spreading impeachment propaganda will cause the party faithful to open up their wallets and donate, donate, donate.

Perhaps you are wondering if the Republican hierarchy is actually contemplating impeachment of Obama.

First you must realize that “impeachment” must take place in the House of Representatives. The Republicans control the House of Representatives.

“Impeachment” is a technical term that only means that a sitting President is brought up on charges. It is only a charging document, very much like an indictment. In order for a sitting President to be removed from office, he/she must first be impeached (charged) by the House. The case then moves to the Senate who will decide the guilt or innocence. If the President is found guilty, he/she, will be removed from office.

A sitting President can only be “impeached” for allegedly committing “high crimes or treason”.

The Speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner has flatly ruled out any attempt to impeach Obama. He characterized the swirl of impeachment rumors as a scam cooked up by the White House.

In all fairness, there have been a few Republicans who have discussed impeachment, and some Conservative talk show types have also discussed impeachment.

The fact is that it ain’t gonna happen. It ain’t gonna happen because the Republican leadership has ruled it out. Personally I fully and totally agree with the Republican leadership. Not because I approve of Obama’s conduct, but because I don’t believe that his conduct, as of now, while odious, does not now rise to level of “high crimes and misdemeanors or treason.”

Only two U.S. Presidents have been impeached by the House of Representatives. Both were acquitted at the trials held by the Senate: Andrew Johnson in 1868 (trial) and Bill Clinton in 1998/1999 (trial). The House Judiciary Committee voted on Articles of Impeachment for President Richard Nixon in 1974, but he resigned before the full House of Representatives could vote on any articles. Since the entire House did not vote, Nixon was never impeached. Get that? No American President has been removed from office after having been impeached!