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[“Iguana eradication”] Not easy, but Kim Gabel of the MC Extension Services told my Master Gardener class about Iguana nesting boxes. The females lays their eggs, then you collect and freeze the eggs and toss (wear gloves). It reduces the population. But really, it’s about food source. Link
[“Big Pine Key the biggest Key”] Are you sure? I’m thinking Key Largo.
white elephant22
[“Hickory House”
] Pritam Singh is being overly generous for offering that much for that loser piece of land.  This proves that he loves the Keys.  Consider his offer a gift to Monroe County.
[Time Continuum] Hey…today is the 21st not the 20th (Ed: That was a paying attention test. I wasn’t. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll change it now.)
[CBS Airs Eimer’s Death] Finally the whole country is finding out the truth about the Key West police department.  The Blue Paper, who kept this from being swept away like the homeless on Higg’s Beach, is owed a huge thank you from every citizen of Key West.  My  only hope is that before this is over, the city has to pay mega millions to the Eimer’s family, and criminal charges are brought against those responsible for this massive cover up.A big settlement will hurt Key West’s coffers, but the elite homeless haters of Key West will just have to pony up more in the way of taxes.  They could always cut expenditures by dumping the Outer Mole and Swifty, or finding cheaper trash pickup or cutting numerous other way’s they waste money.

People can blame the homeless hating KWPD if they want, but that’s wrong.  They take direction from the homeless hating Commissioners.  So do we blame the commissioners?  No, the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the homeless hating voters who put the commissioners in office.

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Regarding bicycle stores or any other business.  If I have my bike fixed, and am not happy with the store, and I post that  XYZ  Bike Store is bad, naturally my name gets published because its my opinion, not Ed’s. However, should I post that I had my bike fixed and I am not happy with the work (no names mentioned) then my name doesn’t get mentioned, either. That is the impression I have of the CT bylaws, after reading many years. (Ed: Yup. Don’t say anything bad about our neighbors unless your willing to get your email posted.)
[“It’s not the septic systems”] I found this quote on Wikipedia: “A July 2013 study by US Geological Survey scientist William Ellsworth links earthquakes to wastewater injection sites. In the four years from 2010-2013 the number of earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater in the central and eastern United States increased dramatically. After decades of a steady earthquake rate (average of 21 events/year), activity increased starting in 2001 and peaked at 188 earthquakes in 2011. USGS scientists have found that at some locations the increase in seismicity coincides with the injection of wastewater in deep disposal wells. Injection-induced earthquakes are thought to be caused by pressure changes due to excess fluid injected deep below the surface and are being dubbed “man-made” earthquakes.” Link
tropical-chicken-wrap22Hi there from Springers Bar and Grill. Today we have a great special for you, a tropical chicken wrap. It’s chicken with an island flair all wrapped up for you. It’s sure to make life here in paradise a little better, so come enjoy.
Friday’s Special is beer battered fish and chips.
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s Always Something Special at Springers
8 million dollars of pot were sold in just four months since party pot was legalized in colorado.
Avoid long drive-thru lines by parking your car and waddling your fat arse into the McDonald’s.
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I read somewhere that there is a fault line down the Gulf Coast to near the Tortugas. A researcher found that there are geothermal vents blowing out nutrient rich water near that fault, mostly phosphorus as I recall. I briefly tried to locate the study but did not hit it directly. I did find another scientific paper that references phosphorus injection from the Gulf seafloor and puts the blame for algae blooms far from properly functioning septic systems and right where it belongs. It’s not as hard to follow as it might first appear, and you can always skip to the short last paragraph entitled Evaluation. Link
[“Poor bike service in Marathon”] Big Pine is lucky to have a great bike shop. I live on Geiger Key and drive the extra miles just to go to Big Pine’s bike shop. They work fast and are able to fix odd problems like when I had broken spokes on my electric) bike’s rear wheel. They were able to thread spoke stoke to the custom short length needed.  Key West bike shops can’t hold a candle to the service you get on Big Pine, they have a great crew there.  My friends in Key West ask which bike shop to go to and I tell them its worth the drive to take their bikes to Big Pine!
[Stereotype] “Terrorist Bomb North China” I didn’t know they had Muslims in China!
garcia-earwax22[Eating Earwax] So Congressman Garcia ate some of his earwax on camera.  Just shows he is comfortable in his own skin. I have good friends who do lots worse than that but, fact being, such behavior has no bearing on what great people they are in matters that really matter. I have observed plenty of “perfect people”  who have no clue about what is  right. Who knows for sure.  Maybe the ingestion of one’s own earwax has curative powers that we could all benefit from.  Let’s not all rush to judgement on this earth shaking development.  At the very least this issue could advance and enlarge our body of scientific knowledge in the area of human health. Link
[“Marsh Rabbits used to be plentiful”]  I lived on Big Pine for 50 years and only saw 2!
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rifleman machine gun
[“I need some advice on how to rid my yard of iguana”]  Buy a high speed pellet gun with scope.  One shot to the head does it.  Dispose of the carcass responsibly and not by tossing it into a canal.  Even the sharks don’t eat them.  (The tail meat and back straps are however quite good,  grilled with some jerk seasoning if you don’t mind eating an ugly, salmonella  lizard.)
[Costs] Wednesday’s Little Palm Poster provided us with a lot of figures, except for the one most important one — the cost. Enough with the EDU game. What is the total cost /////////////////// the taxpayers of this county will be paying to service the offshore island of Little Palm with a central grinder sewer system?
[“Hickory House Loss”] Losing the 1.1 million was probably the goal of the game anyway! Who knows what lucks in the hearts of juntas?
Samson-Mackie 8 channel 900 watt mixer with effects group. Two (2) Peavey PR-15, 15″ speakers with hi-end tweeter/horn. Speaker cables included. Perfect setup for KW bars. List price $1600. Very clean. $650. Call Tommy  Classified Ads > Music
[Guns] Of course it is only fair for Sanctuary personnel to be armed.   Now days it is reasonable for them to assume that the people they encounter in the Sanctuary are packing heat and they too deserve the good old 2nd Amendment guaranteed right to open up on whom ever they feel threatened by.
[“6 dead on reef”] Someone got upset over the post about dead divers. I saw it as an observation not a call to action. Sometimes a post is just a post with no hidden agenda just reporting fact not opinion.
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[VA scandal]  Nothing new.  I was a fire department medic in Phoenix in the late 70’s.  Any time a patient or a patient’s family member wanted transport to the VA hospital we tried to talk them out of it.  The emergency department was bad news and life threatening at best.  In one instance we transported a heart attack patient to the VA in accordance with the wife’s wishes and insistence.  We stabilized the patient in the field, started an IV and administered cardiac medications according to established protocol.  The unconscious patient was fairly stable at arrival at the emergency department.  The so-called doctor called for additional medications.  We told him a number of times that the patient had already had doses of the meds, but he insisted that his orders be followed.  In short, he killed the patient by overdosing him.  Such was the state of the VA in Phoenix as far back as the 70’s and obviously not much has changed.
Do we really want the buffoons in Washington in charge of our health care system?
[“How to rid yard of iguana”] I’m impressed that the poster didn’t add an s at the end of iguana. I’m surprised there are smart people reading this.
computer club logo
The next meeting of our computer club is coming up this Saturday, May 24, 10 am at the Big Pine senior center.  Hope to see you there. Events
Why doesn’t Springer’s post in advance what their specials will be, instead of letting everyone know every day what they missed today?
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[Divers Rescued at Sea] A slew of state wildlife offi­cers, a Sea Tow operator and a good Samaritan rescued six uninjured divers off Pickles Reef  off Key Largo Tuesday night after their anchor line snapped and the boat was sent adrift in strong winds. All six people were in the water, and there was no one monitoring the 23-foot 2014 Wellcraft center console top­side, which complicated the rescue along with strong 20 mph plus winds and 5-foot seas..  ~The Citizen-chopped
[“I need some advice on how to rid my yard of iguana.”]  Whisper Air Rifle Link
Ceramic floor tile. Looking for 12″ x 12″ ceramic floor tile…cheap, cheap, cheap! Will look at anything. If you can, please post pic. Thank you! Classified Ads > Building Supplies
hooker lampost
[“Friendly natives in Havana”
] What are the hookers charging these days?
[Big Rabbit] What we need is someone to hybridize or clone or breed a killer marsh rabbit that was able to take out a feral cat (neutered or not) or a loose house cat.  Then we would see the tide turn in favor of a balanced ecosystem.  Or would we?
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[Movies] Futuristic movies always show anti-gravity cars moving through skyscraper ‘streets’ at different levels, but they never show the thousands of drones doing commercial tasks and the organized chaos that would ensue. That’s what I think the future holds.
[VA Hospital] Why would a family member allow another beloved family hero veteran family member to just sit at home in a chair and die because he couldn’t get into a VA hospital? There are other doctors and hospitals.
[“Marsh Rabbits used to be plentiful”] When was that. It must have been before 1974 because I’ve only seen 2 1/2 (I write half because the last one I saw was the result of mating with a released pet rabbit) in all that time.
[Attack at market in China
kills 31] Wouldn’t if be refreshing for a change if the terrorists were not from Islam? Link
[Moon in Pisces] It is Thursday, the moon stands in the zodiac sign Pisces, waning (4th quarter).
Body zone: toes, feet
Color: green
Complementary color: purple, orange
an_brain75[“Rid yard of iguana”] Try to find out the reason they are coming into the yard in the first place. If you can resolve that then you have found a permanent solution. There is the Dear Ed “Pellet to the head” method he’s always advising, but since they come from other areas you are back to square one eventually. Also if you harm the animal without killing it, it’s considered cruel and abuse which is illegal. Only humane killing is allowed.I’ll give some tips that got rid of them out of my yard. 1. Eliminate their preferred sources of food or in the case of grass, put something on it or change the PH balance or something that they don’t like to eat anymore. 2. If they are on high flat sunny spots to sun themselves, change that in some fashion or block access. 3: If they are climbing the trees, look for trunks with an angle, that’s the one’s they are using as their legs are not strong enough to climb straight up. Use a fence around the trunk. 4: Block any level access to the trees, like horizontal branches and fence tops. Hope that assists. I’ve killed plenty in my life and rather avoid it now if possible, it’s more entertaining and permanent to out-think the animal instead.
DEF: FCC n. Fiber Cable Conglomerate which will be in total control of all information COMING AND GOING from whatever apparatus they mandate for your home, business, personal devise and sky spies. This will allow 100% coverage of all human activity, day or night, inside or outside, with absolutely no place to hide. See deleted words: Privacy, intimacy, Freedom, Big Bastard
DEF: Zig Hail n, A internationally recognized boardroom solute to the master race of media moguls and military officials.
[Captain Doom and Gloom]A new way for billionaires to influence politics. The ‘sweet’ stench of success or how to buy America one development at a time! Video
National politics is back. Click on this link to send your national political post anonymously. No one will know your name or email address, [Well, maybe the NSA will] not even me. FTR is going to be the new national politics editor. Do not fear, FTR promised to post everything, even if he hates it, he’s that kind of guy.
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Joe “earwax” “Communism works”: Garcia. On 31 May 2013, Representative Joe “Eats his own earwax” García’s chief-of-staff and top political strategist resigned after being implicated in a sophisticated scheme to manipulate the previous year’s primary elections by submitting hundreds of fraudulent absentee-ballot requests. Jeffrey Garcia’s resignation came three months after a Miami Herald investigation found that hundreds of the 2,552 fraudulent online requests for the 14 August primary election originated from unknown hackers using IP addresses in Miami. On the same day, the Miami-Dade state attorney’s office, served search warrants seeking computers and electronic equipment on the homes of Representative Garcia’s communications director, Giancarlo Sopo, and John Estes, his 2012 campaign manager.[8] Jeffrey García, the aide, pleaded guilty and was sentenced in October, 2013. He was released from Miami-Dade Correctional Center on December 25, 2013 after having served 65 days of a 90 day active sentence. He must now serve three months of house arrest followed by 15 months of probation.
Why is it the right complains every day about Obamacare being 2,000 pages long yet when it comes to Bengazi they want more info then the 2,500 pages released,  9 investigations and more then 10 hearings. Too much they whine not enough they whine. Some folks just hate everything.
Obama is surgically, methodically, and economically killing off our enemies who want to kill or maim all of us in this Country and the GOP is protesting his methods.  How low will they go?
[“Tea Party Loses Big Time”] The Tea Party did not lose. Nope they are Big winners. We Tea Party supporters have in fact ,moved the whole Republican Party to the Conservative side. RINO’s had to find a new home. We lost the battle and won the war. Mid-terms will speak volumes. If the Conservatives take control of both house’s you can thank the Tea Party. This is also a great time to thank FOX News for there fair & balanced reporting. god Bless America.
from the right
garcia-earwax22Joe Garcia is our Congressperson. He also represents parts of Dade County. He is a Democrat. He is a damned fool who has no business being in the House of Representatives.During a Google “hangout” he convened last week to talk about comprehensive immigration reform with supporters. The Democrat attempted to point out how, by charging that for all the Republican talk about limited government, many Republicans are happy about spending loads of government money on border security. His main argument? Communism works. Repeat: “Communism works!”

He actually proclaimed that “we have proven that communism works.”  His unbelievable argument is that because certain Mexican border abutting American communities are packed with Law Enforcement, there is little crime in those communities. He actually said: “of course, the reason is we’ve proved that Communism works. If you give everybody a good government job, there’s no crime.”

Hungry Joe’s response to the furor he created? “I was just kidding.”

His argument is light years beyond nonsense because the crime rate in El Paso Texas, the community he mentioned, is higher than the national average. Link

Joe Garcia earned much notoriety when his chief of staff, Jeffery Garcia, was convicted of ballot fraud. After that conviction the FBI opened up another investigation into allegations that Jeff Garcia had committed a separate election fraud on behalf of Joe Garcia’s campaign by running a strawman candidate against Joe Garcia’s Republican opposition. One FBI focus was to determine if the money to fund the strawman came from Joe. That is pending.

One of Joe Garcia’s latest triumphs was have a camera focused on him during a Congressional hearing while he was either terribly bored, or very hungry. He managed to dig a hunk of earwax out of his ear and ate it! Yep it was on live TV now it’s on YouTube for all to see. Bon appetite! Link

Part 2) Very recently, in a speech, Runaway Charlie Crist slammed Governor Scott for using his own, personal plane while on state business.  I’m an avid supporter of the use of light aircraft for executive travel, it’s quick, convenient, and relatively economical.  It’s especially economical when you’re using your own plane.

Runaway Charlie has a different view. When Crist was governor an investigation revealed that he was a world class frequent flyer. On public airlines, in state aircraft, but most often on the private jets of the rich, famous, influential, glitterati, and favor seeking. In one two year period he took at least 100 flights courtesy of the aforementioned rich, famous, influential, glitterati, and favor seeking. You could call them Crist’s air posse.  During his tenure Crist took so many flights it is difficult to see where he had any time to govern. Perhaps that’s why his governance was such a terrible social and economic debacle for Florida.

It is very troubling that Crist routinely refused reveal the identities of his wealthy winged benefactors. Why?

But we do know some of his destinations. He flew freebies to the Superbowl, concerts, dinners, sporting events, political appearances and stays in St. Petersburg where he has a residence, and South Florida. All compliments of his air posse. There were frivolities such as a Cheryl Crow concert, a Donald Trump golf tournament, and a special trip to show his wife the Everglades.

We also know that while he was Education Commissioner and Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Crist severely criticized then Florida Governor Lawton Chiles for taking flights provided by private parties. Chiles subsequently reimbursed the donors for the flights.

Crist’s hypocrisy was monumental in his criticism of Chiles. When Crist became Governor Crist routinely accepted tens, probably hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth  of free luxury transportation. That was an ethical and perhaps illegal activity.

It is even more hypocritical when you consider that Scott, when elected, and as promised, sold both aircraft in the Florida Executive fleet. He now uses his own personal aircraft on State business. Did I mention that Governor Rick Scott works for you for free? He takes no salary. Deer Friends, that is public service.

On March 22nd, The SunSentinel published an excellent expose of Crist’s penchant for hustling rides from the rich, influential, and favor seekers.. The article is very revealing, I commend it to you: Link

Charlie’s predilection to mooch rides did not begin when he became Governor, it was the focus of an investigation in 2001 when Charlie was Education Commissioner.

Perhaps we should ditch the “Runaway” moniker and change it to “Runway” Charlie.

We can only wonder what favors Charlie did for the members of his winged posse and how much it ultimately cost Florida taxpayers.

Part 3) The other day I urged a poster to inform us of some of the “things” that Runway Charlie is right about. So far, no response.

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