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How many of you know first hand what a Marsh Rabbit looks like ? I was here when they were here and plentiful.
[File Recovery] I got this nifty software from Sony that recovers photos and files from an SD card. This is cool. It took about 2 1/2 hours to work its magic on a 64GB high speed SD card and recovered every photo!
[Don’t Think
] I’m pretty sure this is a real sign, and that the folks who made it are real idiots.
[Hickory House] The county will lose $1.1 million if it sell this white elephant to the only bidder, Pritam Singh who owns the marina next to it.
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I suggest that people who are against adding law enforcement to the FK National Marine Sanctuary write to the following people in power – telling them our position.
To email Congressman Joe Garcia:
To email Senator Marco Rubio:
[Editor Bad] Deer Ed, I do not think you should have added the opening “Crooks” to my submission about Overseas Outfitters.  I carefully worded this comment to be professional and not slanderous as I knew you would attach my e-mail address to a negative submission.  I simply wanted to present the facts so that others would be aware.  I did not intend to slander them with the word crooks as this implies criminal intent on their part which is not what I was accusing them of.  I actually wondered if I was not caught up in a policy disagreement or a miscommunication between the two owners as the person I left the bikes with did not disagree that the tune-ups would be free.   I know you edit as I have submitted many times before, but this one took my comment to a level I am not comfortable with.  Thank you for your hard work on C.T.
[“EDUs at Little Palm”] Some multi-“family” properties are charged based on water usage.
Shrimp-Etouffee21Happy Wednesday from Springers Bar and Grill. It’s comfort food day and we have an amazing special for you, Shrimp Étouffée. This Cajun creation is sure to invoke the senses and please the palate. So come on in and enjoy this New Orleans original. The only thing missing is the jazz band playing.
Kids (12 and under) eat free (no take out) on Wednesday with a paying adult.
Thursday : tropical chicken wrap
Friday : beer battered fish and chips
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.There’s Always Something Special at Springers.
The screen is locked on this site for Ipad and Iphone…Pinching the screen does not work. (Ed: I know and am trying to figure it out. It happened when I moved servers Saturday. It’s always somethng.)
Can anyone define “qualified immunity” as it is used to protect Key West police in the Charles Eimer’s death?
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[In The Conservatory
] Edouard Manet, Alte Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.
It seems that the pay subscriber TV corporate merger wars have begun. First with Comcast buying Time-Warner, and now with AT&T buying DirecTV. Where this leaves Dish Network is still not clear. The name of the game is that the Cable/Satellite TV providers have seen a trend with such affordable Internet movie streamers like Roku, Netflix, Chromecast, etc, having the potential to give the big corporate giants a run for their money. In order to tame this situation all four companies, along with the eventual very near future FCC take over of the Internet, will take control of any fees concerning the cheaper priced movie providers. Welcome to the 21st century corporate controlled information age.Yes Comcast and Time-Warner are the two worst cable TV providers in the nation. The reason is, both companies realized their cable TV service was surpassed by their Internet service subscribers. Both companies saw a considerable loss in their cable TV subscribers, and realized a financial leap took place in Internet subscribers causing high Internet rates and a cheaper, less reliable cable TV service. Not to mention the worst customer service in history.

The AT&T/DirecTV purchase has not been approved yet by the FCC and Congress. It will take 12 months for both to approve their decision. If approved, both AT&T and DirecTV will continue to work separately as they have been doing in the present, until the fifth year. On the fifth year is when the actual merger will take place. The reason for this five year merger stall is to give AT&T ample time to redo their present infrastructure, converting their present DSL service with a more reliable and faster fiber-optic backed Internet service and mobile TV (phone & tablet) applications. You will then be able to bundle your DirecTV and AT&T Internet, land-line and mobile phone services into a cheaper bundled plan.

One advantage we have always had here in the lower Keys, is the reliable service and integrity given by me, Sammysam the DirecTV man. People assume that when you call the 800 number for DirecTV, Sammysam will show up at your door, and that has never been the case. When you call the DirecTV 800 number they will send a Miami/Ft.Lauderdale technician to install you dish. You’ll be lucky if they speak English and not blow you off after you’ve been waiting for them all day. If you want Sammysam’s service you will need to call me directly. I stand behind my quality workmanship and service. If my customers ever experience any problems, all they have to do is call me on my cell and I’ll be there to attend whatever issue you may have. I just hope I will still be around for as long as you need reliable DirecTV service.

[Gun Nuts] You may have heard on the news about a Southern California man who was put under 72-hour psychiatric observation when it was found he owned 100 guns and allegedly had 100,000 rounds of ammunition stored in his home. The house also featured a secret escape tunnel.In Texas he’d just be Bubba, who’s a little short on ammo.
internet-world21[We Rank 8th in Internet Speed] Akamai Technology’s latest “State Of The Internet” report, which examines global Internet trends in matters such as security and protocol usages, shows that the U.S. continues to lag behind other countries when it comes to overall connection speeds. We’re below Latvia! Here are the global top 10 rankings as measured by Akamai.Average speed year-over-year:
(Country, Megabytes per second, Change)
South Korea, 22.1, 51%
Japan, 13.3, 27%
Hong Kong, 12.5, 39%
Netherlands, 12.5, 46%
Switzerland, 11.6, 33%
Czech Republic, 11.3, 49%
Latvia, 11.1,28%
United States, 9.8, 31%
Belgium, 9.7, 46%
Ireland, 9.6, 43%
[The Big Island] Hawaii’s got nothing on us. Big Pine Key is the biggest island in the chain of Florida Keys, longer than Key West by a mile. Key Deer Boulevard is five miles long. Yet we only have five thousand people. KW has thirty thousand.
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TripAdvisor is delighted to award Coconuts Bar & Liquor Store with a 2014 Certificate of Excellence. This prestigious award recognizes businesses that consistently earn top ratings from TripAdvisor travelers. Showcase it to guests and staff with pride!
Familiarity breeds contempt – and children.”  ~Mark Twain
[Storm Supercell Time-Lapse] I think the word awesome is appropriate here. “Inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear; causing or inducing awe.” Video
Luis is selling the Barnacle B&B on Long Beach Road for the owners.
[Sewers] There’s lots of talk about Little Palm Island’s connection cost and contribution. An EDU = 167 gal per day and costs $4,500. They were assessed 91 EDU = $409,500. The cost of infrastructure upgrades to accommodate them was $453,940 as a change order. The DEP permit application claimed they would generate 53.8 EDU, but used the wrong estimate figure for a resort room, so it should have calculated at 80.8 EDU. The contractor’s engineer calculated that Little palm would generate 125 EDU. All I know for sure is that their crap should not be transported in an exposed plastic tube across a few miles of fishing flats and a tidal salt marsh. Dump their Pumps, too.
I wonder if the people who post about grinder pumps think any officials are going to be swayed by their opinions? Do they think that a site like this, based on anonymous postings, will have any influence on those in charge? Try writing an opinion letter to the Citizen instead, where your name and address must be verified to insure credibility. Anonymous posts carry no weight in our elected officials’ eyes because there is no one to answer to. Now if you want to post about feral cats, the bike path or the homeless, have at it, but don’t think those in charge care about the posts on the CT about grinder pumps.
Use your energy to write letters to the Citizen instead, get published and make some noise.
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Google explains why it’s built a $30bn offshore war chest. If you do not think there is a Info War going on, read this! Link
[Crooks] Miami has to be the world epicenter for any kind of fraud that could ever be thought possible.
Cuba-033[Friendly Natives in Havana] Standing in the front of an old building to listen to the excellent Salsa music coming from within, the band suddenly stopped and a man stepped out for a smoke break. We complimented him on the great music and were immediately invited inside for the remainder of their rehearsal (about 2 hours) and more fantastic music. Afterword we enjoyed some excellent Havana Club rum with the band members and made more new friends.  The band leader, Joel Driggs invited us back anytime. Everyone we encountered in Cuba was friendly and welcoming.
[“Campbell’s soup”] Way back when my family lived near the plant, we could buy their products by the case from the warehouse for anywhere from $.07 to $.15 per can with 48 cans per case. It was good stuff back then in the 1990’s, but today it sucks!
[“Pinch to zoom”] Ed, pinching the screen on this site no longer works for an IPad. It did before. Now the font size for my 50 year old eyes is too small. Great ‘sight’ otherwise. I just have to get my youngish wife to read it for me.
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Militarily speaking, some regular posters on here live in a dream world. When I was in the service a favorite humorous barracks retort went something like “Semper fi, hurray for me and screw you!”   Apparently some locals are still taking it seriously in their lives.
CBS will cover the death of Charles Eimers last Thanksgiving Day this morning, nationally. Eimers was suspected by city police of being homeless, which he was not. Some time ago, at a city commission meeting, I said that Eimers’ death was the direct consequence of the city’s homeless policy, whereby city police are to make homeless people as miserable as possible, hoping to get them to leave this area.CBS got into this case because of the blue paper, Key West the Newspaper. But for the blue paper and a bystander’s cell phone video, which totally contracted the police department’s version of what happened on South Beach last Thanksgiving, the death of Charles Eimers would have passed silently into the night.
coconut time bomb
I need some advice on how to rid my yard of iguana.
[Bike shops] Big pine bike shop is hands down the best ever. Marty is fair and square.
[Lisp] The news reader on NPR was replaced for a minute with an obviously gay dude with a bad lisp who read of an Oregon challenge to the ban on gay marriage. It’s good to see NPR has a sense of humor.
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talking on phone21
Cell phone, small black. Has it’s phone number in masking tape on the back. Please use it to phone me at Classified Ads > Lost and Found
[Bah Humbug] Dreamers are destroying this world. If you think Cuba is all that great, move there. Live like a prisoner in a 1960’s shithole and watch the international mobs come in and take over that floating crap game and make the Godfather movie a reality. There are no governments left, it is all about the bad guys running everything. The Muslim/Christian/Jew Wars are only BS to cover up the culling of the useless eaters so the rest of us can get on with living a life of debauchery. Yeah debauchery!
[Times They Are A-changin’] AT&T is gobbling up DirecTV while Comcast is buying Time-Warner. Who are the CEO’S of these mega monopolies to be? Do they speak Engrush? Are they American Citizens living in America? Will they outsource the jobs connected with these homeland businesses? Shall I start learning Chinese, Hebrew, Spanish or German to stay up on the news?
Found. Computer bag  5/18. A black Dell laptop bag (bag only), found at the corner of Watson Blvd. & Buttonwood Dr., Big Pine Key. My phone is Classified Ads > Lost and Found.
[“6 dead on reef”] So what’s your point and by the way, what are ‘older people’? Thirty is over the hill or what? I had a classmate or two back in grade school who drowned. Were those teenyboppers too old to be in the water or is the reef itself the problem? Do you want to restrict all boat traffic to only extremely onshore and arrest and jail anyone who takes a boat out beyond say, a mile? Or would it be more cost effective to just have our government blow up the reef so that nobody can ever drown there again? To the rest of the people in the world: is it me or aren’t some people’s concerns just outright bizarre?
[Injuring Innocent Felines] Not if you know how to adjust your scope!
[Captain Doom and Gloom
] “We’re Number 1.” A friend is a prisoner counselor in a very large prison in Pa. She is a nut who thinks all the little children are really not bad, but need her help. She has two guards with her on every cell visit. Why? The US prison system is all about the money and getting the crazies off the streets! Most countries just ‘eliminate their problems in a gulag. Done!”It is all about the information” Control the information and you control the world, but maybe only the Lower Keys, huh?
[“Tea Party Loses Big Time”] The Tea Party did not lose, America lost. The TP was and still is a bunch of real Americans trying to wake up the brain-dead media hypnotized masses to understand how We the People are being turned into We is the Sheeple. If anything is done to get the American Citizens to get their hears out, it will be turning off the media and making the NWO propaganda machine speak English and tell the truth!
National politics is back. Click on this link to send your national political post anonymously. No one will know your name or email address, [Well, maybe the NSA will] not even me. FTR is going to be the new national politics editor. Do not fear, FTR promised to post everything, even if he hates it, he’s that kind of guy.
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What needs to be done about workers’ wages. The 4 biggest right-wing lies about income inequality. Link
Think Obamacare is a good thing? If anyone wants to know how the government will run the health care system they should pay attention to the Veterans Administration scandal now being exposed in the media. The shocking, deplorable, disgusting treatment of our wounded and traumatized vets is a huge warning flag about how our health care system will fail with Obamacare and over 2000 pages of federal regulations.
from the right
Yesterday I posted about the monumental hypocrisy of Obama and his team for their claim that they were “mad as hell” at the horror show that our vets medical care has become. When I wrote that I was unaware that Obama had actually claimed that he first heard about the mess from the news.obama-bad21Deer Friends that claim is an absolute insult to every American and to every vet. Once again he is displaying lack of respect for your intellect.

It is absolutely clear that he knew about the horror show before he took office, he was warned by the transition team that the VA was in a horrible mess and had been so for years, dating at least back to Clinton. Obama gave speeches promising to fix the problem. For him to claim he knew nothing of it is an absolute disgrace to the Office he holds.

For God’s sake he even speechified about it in 2008-2009, and promised to fix it immediately.

Then I recalled that he had used the same lie in speaking about Fast and Furious, and the IRS scandal. Obama has no respect for his constituency, he consider them to be fatuous dullards.

Obama is a short termer and his political clout is definitely waning. But one must wonder why and how any decent Democrat can defend his actions. I hope that all will consider the Democrats failure to sanction Obama when the midterms come around. There is now no doubt but that the independents have had their fill of Democrat chicanery.


A POSTER WROTE: “FOX NEWS, without FOX NEWS America would not know that our President Obama is the most incompetent non-leader since President Jimmy Carter.

The slowest recovery, EVER ! Obama Care, Benghazi, V.A., I.R.S. ATF guns to the Mexican drug cartel. My God folks, without FOX NEWS, you would think everything was OK.  You don’t watch FOX NEWS. I guess you think this all President Bush’s doing. It’s not. Mid-terms are just around the corner. Stop the madness. Don’t vote for someone because they are black or a woman. That’s just not a very good reason. Vote for the person that can lead this country back to GREATNESS..Someone who believes in American exceptionalism ..”

FTR’S RESPONSE: None needed.

National Politics. Your name and email address are not required. Please be civil.  I Have Something To Say About National Politics–Click Here