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Thursday, May 8, 2014

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s3-8[“I don’t have a smartphone”] I do have a smartphone, but I never use the phone part of it. If I talk on the phone it’s the home phone only. No one has my number. This way there’s no distraction from my daily activities. I’m still in control.

I carry it with me for the computer and camera parts of it. I play my music wherever I’m working. I check tides when I’m boating. I use the GPS when I drive out of the Keys. I use the flashlight at night to see. I read all books from the Big Pine Library on it. I use the bubble level for small projects and it has an angle finder too. The compass shows me that I built my house 4º shy of true north (oops). I use the internet to satisfy my curiosity. I use the stopwatch for my anal retentive time studies. I take videos when I take apart things so I know how to reassemble them. I use the recorder to capture interesting sounds of nature. I use the calculator because I’m stupid. When traveling I use the voice translator (yes, just like on Star Trek) to communicate with foreigners. The alarm clock is very handy. I make notes and lists with the text tool. Looking at maps is helpful too. I like that I can find restaurants close by with just a couple of swipes. I listen to live radio and if I’m really bored watch Netflix or Hulu movies.

My Samsung Galaxy S3 is very slim, one of the slimmest. I don’t have a case because they add too much bulk and I don’t want to be encumbered any more than necessary. It’s so slim that I’m not aware that I have it in my pocket until I need it. I have one rule (the same rule I use for my privates) and that is not to take it out in public unless the situation calls for it, and it seldom does.

And lastly, in a pinch I can phone for help.

[Slew of Thoughts] Publix’s parking lot is too small to get in and out without a hassle.

Has anyone applied for a license to keep a “big cat” on their property.

I have an Aldi store close to me but I rarely go there. You have to be sure to have a quarter and a box or bag with you.

I think the county is trying to make it hard for homeowners to install their own sewer pipes. I have a friend who just bought a large ditch digger and is ready to dig.

Has anyone gone to any events at Grimal Park in Big Pine Key?

[TDC Advertising Works] It’s been a while since we were residents, but I noticed a TV ad the other night. It was a wonderful ad that really caught what we know is Key West. It was upbeat, fun and actually made me wish we were back there. Congratulations to the media specialist group that put together the new TV ads. They are definite to catch your eye. Even a few friends here in Rochester have mentioned the ads. They’re lucky, they are heading down on vacation next week to the Keys. Always nice to see positive things about Key West. I haven’t read the Coconut in a while, but wanted to post a kudos for the ads. (I sure as hell don’t miss that blow-hard FTR). Have a wonderful summer. ~Michael Cooper-DeLuca (yep, we got hitched)
[“Sewer Threat”] People who threaten online are just online windbags eager to display bravado. It makes them feel like a man, but in reality they would call the police before they resorted to violence.
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[“Most dangerous cruise in the world”] I made that trip six times in twelve years from 1984-1996, even once around Cape Horn.
[“The Hammer”] That rubber ended hammer was used, way back when, to mount auto tires on rims before all the super-dooper machines came out. Worked good too!
[Spies Like Us] Israel got caught spying on the US –again! Link
report card d-
[Dumb and Dumber] American kids can’t read or do math. We already know they are clueless when it comes to geography, but I thought they could at least read! Handing out dismal grades, the Nation’s Report Card says America’s high school seniors lack critical math and reading skills for an increasingly competitive global economy.

Only about one-quarter are performing proficiently or better in math and just 4 in 10 in reading. And they’re not improving, the report says, reinforcing concerns that large numbers of today’s students are unprepared for either college or the workplace. Link

If comments are down, I suspect a lot aren’t getting through. I’ve sent the skymaps every week, sometimes twice a week, yet they never make it. I have no clue why.  There’s a gremlin in the works somewhere, probably the NSA enjoying your stuff, a secret leak that siphons off submissions from us righties. (Ed: You might be Right, I don’t get FTR’s post sometimes.)
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The fastest man alive.
800 miles per hour! Felix Baumgartner’s 128,000 foot space jump. Video
[Customer Service] I have wasted time standing in line at  the customer service counter in the Big Pine Key Winn Dixie while someone ahead of me was apparently conducting some kind of major real estate transaction, like buying a house, maybe, judging by the amount of time it took and all of the back and forth going on between him, the clerk and her computer.
[Kidnapping] It took about a month for the world to get upset over the kidnapping of 276 girls in Nigeria by the terror group Boko Haram. The girls are to be sold. Link
computer duck smash
The next meeting of the Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, May 10, 10 am at our senior center. Hope to see you there. Events
[Wife For Sale] One slightly used wife, 35 years old — mentally 17 years old. White, Irish, red head, high school grad, no kids, cooks sort of, cleans sort of, weight 165 lbs. $24.95. Free shipping. No returns on this item!
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[Steam Box Factory] There are not many of these steam operations left. Anyone who likes machinery, especially old machinery, will really enjoy this video.  However, if an OSHA inspector was to stroll into this place he would probably have a heart attack and die right there on the spot. Still operating today in CA.  You have probably got one or at least seen these boxes. Video
[“Right of way”] I agree 100% that pedestrians, especially the sandal clad ones, should not have the right of way. Bring back the Middle Ages when a man with a carriage and team of horses could run down any peasant in his way.
[Four Day Honeymoon] A South Florida man was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for killing his wife of four days to col­lect a $1 million life insurance policy.

In other Florida murders, a Tampa mother accused of kill­ing her two teenagers, told a detective that her children had been “really mean” and she hoped they were dead.

[“Guns brought innumerable benefits to humans”
] Other than hunting (death) for food name one benefit. For every benefit (death) there are millions of sorrows (death). No one wants to take away our guns, we just want them to be better regulated (no death). 1500 children killed a year is 1500 deaths too many. When will gun enthusiast face facts and help control guns better. Not ban them — control them.
[Money is Power] Ukraine– It appears that sanctions instead of bullets is working. After Obama placed financial sanctions on the oligarchs supporting Putin, it now seems Putin is withdrawing the 30,000 troops from the Ukraine border. Kudos to Obama on this one.
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crosswalk8[Crosswalk at Big Pine Academy] Monroe County would like to spread the word about a community meeting that will be held at the Big Pine Community Park (second floor, Community Room). The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday May 14 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. The purpose of the meeting will be to get community input on a proposed US 1 pedestrian crossing between Big Pine Academy and the existing transit (bus) stop at Walgreens. The county’s traffic engineer will be available to answer questions regarding the Big Pine Academy School Crossing Study.  We would greatly appreciate your support to help spread the word about the meeting.  All members of the public are invited to attend. Events
[Web Design] Why do some sites have “Live Chat” when it’s always offline. Don’t they know that visitors get annoyed when they fill out the form only to be told the feature is offline?
[“Canal restoration”] Where can I get another copy of the letter about the canal restoration project? I threw mine out – I was out of town and missed the date that I thought was a deadline.
dragonboat8[Dragon Boat Festival] The Heron will be holding the 6th Annual Battle in the Bay Dragon Boat Festival!  The festival is being held at Sombrero Beach in Marathon on Saturday, May 17th will feature local and out of town dragon boat teams in a day of friendly competition to benefit our local non-profit organization.   This event is our largest annual fundraising event and we are seeking your support.  I am asking for your support of the mission and clients of this important organization.

The Heron is an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) for chronically/persistently mentally ill adults, which has provided supportive housing for over 25 years now.  Your support is now more important than ever and we are asking for you to help! Please consider making a contribution today. Events

I wonder if the Army’s Hawk anti aircraft missiles that were stationed here in Key West in the 70’s had nuclear warheads?
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[Ecosystem Protection Meeting] The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council, working with public and community experts, is developing recommendations for changes to sanctuary marine zones and regulations. Using direction from the sanctuary management plan, the advisory council’s marine zoning and regulatory review goals and objectives, and public comments, the council has identified priority issues to be addressed through working groups and workshops. Information or advice resulting from working group discussions is presented to the council at its bi-monthly meetings, and may be incorporated or modified when the council makes recommendations to the sanctuary superintendent. Ecosystem Protection: Ecological Reserves, Preservation Areas and Wildlife Protection Working Group meetings are being held regionally with last meeting held in the middle Keys as a central location. All meetings are open to the public and there is a public comment period scheduled during each meeting.  All meetings begin at 9:30 a.m. and adjourn at 4:00 p.m. Events
[Miles of Asphalt] I have had it with the parking lots in the Keys designed by twits who think miles of curbs, bushes, trees and other useless BS looks nice. All parking lots should be a clean span of asphalt with one way roads with arrows and diagonal parking. No bumper strips or anything else to block flow or our view.
The Lycra clad cyclists are one of these three: bicycle racers, wannabe racers, or guys who just want to wear Lycra. They don’t ever ring a bell or tell you they are about to pass because they want you to think that, unlike you, they are serious cyclists. They are a menace on the bike path and should be on the road where cars can menace them. Since there aren’t but a handful of real racers in the Keys, I think most of them just want to get out wearing Lycra.
[Key West Movie] State lets tax credits for movies, TV expire; effect on Netflix series being made in the Keys unknown. Link
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[Havana] Kids are kids everywhere.  These two young men are enjoying a bit of baseball on a residential street in Havana.  Baseball is as popular as soccer in Cuba. Often they make their balls out of tightly wrapped paper covered in a layer of tape or string.
If you don’t like the algae in your canal why don’t you move back up North where you came from?  We don’t need anymore whiners trying to change things on Big Whine Key. (That was an example of sarcasm since they don’t make a sarcasm font yet.)
[The First Draft] On this day in 1792, Congress passes the second portion of the Militia Act, requiring that every free able-bodied white male citizen of the respective States, resident therein, who is or shall be of age eighteen years, and under the age of forty-five years be enrolled in the militia.

Six days before, Congress had established the president’s right to call out the militia. The outbreak of Shay’s Rebellion, a protest against taxation and debt prosecution in western Massachusetts in 1786-87, had first convinced many Americans that the federal government should be given the power to put down rebellions within the states. The inability of the Continental Congress under the Articles of Confederation to respond to the crisis was a major motivation for the peaceful overthrow of the government and the drafting of a new federal Constitution.

The Militia Act was tested shortly after its passage, when farmers in western Pennsylvania, angered by a federal excise tax on whiskey, attacked the home of a tax collector and then, with their ranks swollen to 6,000 camped outside Pittsburgh, threatened to march on the town. In response, President Washington, under the auspices of the Militia Act, assembled 15,000 men from the surrounding states and eastern Pennsylvania as a federal militia commanded by Virginia’s Henry Lee to march upon the Pittsburgh encampment. Upon its arrival, the federal militia found none of the rebels willing to fight. The mere threat of federal force had quelled the rebellion and established the supremacy of the federal government.

gun bang[Noise Pollution] I wonder if those (what to call them?) people on Big Pine who insist on firing their weapons outside in a residential neighborhood,  against the wishes of some of those neighbors, would be having as much fun if those deadly weapons had silencers on them?  It seems like a lot of people can’t have a totally good time unless they know that they are annoying someone else while doing it. It’s like motorcyclists with their loud “mufflers”. If there weren’t anyone to hear them and “look at me” they would insist on a quiet machine.
[The Old Days] I remember when everyone down here was dirt poor and we unloaded boats of pot and blow to make a buck or two. We got blasted off our asses and danced till daylight at the Boca Chica bar. And we were truly happy.
[“Interesting things I have found”] Dang it all, I still got the first rubber I used on Marybell back in 1952. It is still in use today. They made them good back then.
[Captain Doom and Gloom]
One of the most dangerous things on earth is a woman driver because by the time they stop and think what to do, they have run over you three times already!
[No Pedestrians Allowed] I was walking along the bike path”] It’s the freaking bike path not the sidewalk! We paid bo coo bucks for it for bikes not walkers.
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One certainly has to take some comfort in the fact that more and more every day citizens are beginning to arm themselves against the increasingly possible tyranny of our present government regime, as it is becoming increasingly evident by the mounting recent intrusions into our daily lives that they are becoming a real danger more and more every day.
At the time of the Benghazi attack, how could our military know whether or not it was staged to lure in a  response force to ambush,  slaughtering even more American heros.  Even hero SEALs aren’t bullet proof.  Libya was awash with all kinds of heavy duty weapons at the time.   Our mistake, most likely, was trying to set up an embassy too soon in view of the recent events in that country involving the battle to overthrow Qaddafi.
from the right
tattoo8Charlie Crist recently told a Latin TV interviewer that one of the main reasons he left the Republican Party is because he believes them to be bigots.  The interviewer, Jorge Ramos, on Fusion TV, essentially called BS on Charlie and pointed out that Marco Rubio, a minority and a Republican, had whipped Crist’s skinny butt in Crist’s run for Senate as an independent. It wasn’t even close. The interviewer’s comments didn’t seem to bother Charlie in the least. Crist seems to be totally devoid of ethics, and conscience. Is Crist a bigot because he ran against Rubio, a minority?

In the 2008 presidential campaign primary race, Crist solemnly assured Romney that he intended to stay neutral in the race. Then at the last minute he endorsed McCain. McCain was stunned. Then we learned that Crist had promised Rudy Giuliani that he would endorse him. Ultimately he campaigned (sort of) for Romney, and against Obama.  In Crist speak, that makes Crist a bigot, a lying, unprincipled, sack of rancid Donkey Dung. During the Clinton years, Crist urged Clinton’s resignation. Now he sucks up to the Clinton’s.

Many have forgotten that Crist’s entry into ’08 Senate race as an independent effectively stole huge numbers of votes from Kendrick Meek, an American of African heritage. Crist infuriated throngs of American Africans and especially Meek by trying to run away from the conservative image he had so assiduously cultivated just months before his Eureka moment conversion from conservative to liberal.

Crist’s gubernatorial record sits out there for all to see. His fallback position when faced with crisis was “raise taxes and fees.”  Under Crist, Florida’s economy tanked even worse than most other states, our unemployment situation was much worse than the national average. Charlie piled on long tons of debt on Floridians shoulders.

Never forget that the recession hit and Florida tanked under Crist’s leadership. Only 2 years into his term when faced with crisis, Crist elected to cut and run. He announced that he was running for the Senate and devoted most of his time to that endeavor while Florida foundered.

Governor Scott is the polar opposite of Crist. Under his leadership we now operate with a budget surplus, Scott is cutting taxes, decreasing college tuition, and even reducing licensing fees. Florida’s u/e rate is now substantially less than the national average. Florida is now considered a premier place for new business start ups. Under Crist, Florida foundered, under Scott Florida leads the nation in economic recovery

It’s astounding, but Crist admits that he would again raise taxes yet again  if the opportunity arose. He is unworthy of your trust or your vote.  He is unworthy to be our Governor.

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