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Thursday, November 27, 2014

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thanksgiving indian pilgramThanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving Day. It is my favorite holiday because the only pressure we have is cooking, phone calls and family. Everyone is thankful for all we have and what we are looking forward to in our lives. Everywhere I travel, even doctors in central Florida tell me that they wish they could live in the Keys. Most often people say how expensive it is and that they could never afford to live here. They love our clear water and only dream of fishing here.
We really are very fortunate that we moved here 20 years ago when we could afford it. It would be impossible to move away for a year, then try to move back. Most of our kids moved away for military, college and careers. They can only afford to come visit. 20 years from now I might be gone and my kids will be the new owners of our little slice of paradise that has become our home. That will be just as thankful time with a new generation.
This cold spell should be over soon so we can all take our family fishing or snorkeling. In this cold weather I am already tired from thinking about taking them to Duval Street. I would rather babysit the kids and let the grownups go than finding a parking space in Key West. I do like the Eco Center and the Coast Guard Ship museum.
Funny thing about Family is that it’s true, Family is like fresh fish. After a few days of being happy and loving just looking at them, they start to stink. I count the days to see if I am going to be able to plan things to keep them busy.
Saturday I will finally take them to they Flea Market to get them each something special to remember their time with us on our island home. That will be a moment of sanity for me. I love the kids, but they wear me out.
Sunday they will be on the way home, with us as only a memory while they write their Christmas lists of electronic gadgets that we don’t understand and order online.After 5 pounds of chocolate dipped cherries, pretzels, walnuts and we got a little crazy and made chocolate covered bacon! I really do love the holidays.
[Ferguson] A  friend of mine made an interesting observation. We were at work discussing the riots and one of my fellow workers asked, “Why do black Americans destroy their neighborhoods every time a black kid gets killed by police?” My friend who is indeed black asked. “How come somewhere in America right now there’s a white kid or man planning on a way to sneak into school or work with guns to kill his fellow students or workers?”Both good questions.
Pumpkin Holiday Pancakes
recipe. A real holiday treat. Link
The AARP December calendar is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
[Wind Insurance] If you don’t have the top of the line roof and shutters you have to pay more of a premium. I told my insurance agent that I understand you would like me to have a better roof and shutters and I want them too. Can you save the extra money I pay and when it is enough, give it back to me to replace the roof and shutters? She just laughed. It doesn’t make sense to charge more because it further hinders the ability to pay for a better roof or shutters–which is the point. People in high power are so stupid and I wonder how they get there sometimes.
propeller red left spin
Prop wash wanted
. Would you like to make $500 for an hour’s work? I need my normal sized boat slip blown out. It has 3-5 ft of accumulated decomposed sea weeds and leaves. Someone living near the Tropical Bay Estates portion of Big Pine Key with an I/O drive on a 20-26′ boat could do the job on an outgoing tide, preferably with a N or NW wind. Contact Bob at Classified Ads > Wanted
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Bah, Thanksgiving.
[“Buying a Mac”] Don’t buy a Mac or any Apple device until you’ve read what this guy says first. It appears there is a higher than normal hardware turnover rate for Apple products, plus they change the operating system annually. Steve Jobs said he wanted to “milk it for all it’s worth” and other things, including crime, brainwashing and spying on their users. It’s quite intense and backed up with linked articles which is especially alarming, a NSA guy in charge of Apple Product Security? I’ve never seen anything like it and wouldn’t believe it until I read all the links. Link
Birthday Girl is 75! Watch as the hot girls shake their booty.
Tina Turner Live 2009 – Steamy Windows
splendaNew use for Splenda? There is a monitoring study proposed by FKAA to try to see where the partially treated wastewater sent down shallow injection wells rises into the Cudjoe waters. The study intends to look for the presence of Splenda artificial sweetener in the waters surrounding the plant. Splenda was chosen because it supposedly goes mostly right through the coffee drinker and is unaffected by the wastewater treatment processes including disinfection. So it will be sweetening the ocean as it rises from the shallow wells! I found it a little disturbing that this artificial sweetener is so extremely non-biodegrable and can be detected easily in sewage contaminated seawater.Within hours I discovered that artificial sweeteners, including Splenda, interfere with insulin production and glucose metabolism by transforming one’s gut bacteria! The result is that artificial sweeteners cause weight gain without calories and initiate pre-diabetes. What are artificial sweeteners doing to the sensitive marine environment? This is one more reason to forget the study and drill the deep wells now. You can read about the surprising effects of artificial sweeteners on lab mice here: Link
Saint Porno
puts up his Christmas lights.
[The Keys Economy] Our economy is thriving. This is the first time I can recall that there are more help wanted ads than places for rent in the Classified Ads on this site.
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Gobble Gobble – Join us for Thanksgiving at Springer’s Bar & Grill Thursday at 2 pm – Buffet Style Turkey Dinner with all the fixings. Y’all come down and see us!
Oh, god, Apple again. Don’t be writing trying to talk sense to Apple fans, there’s nothing like them anywhere. It’s similar to telling a Christian there is no god. Neither will believe you. The phenomenon has made Apple the most profitable corporation in the world.
Happy Thanksgiving.
I am no cook, but I can follow the directions that said to let the bird chill in the sink for a few hours!
There seems to be one person who repeatedly attacks FTR and accuses him of being a frightened old man who yells at kids on his lawn. I think FTR is disgusted with what is going on in this country and would like to try to change it. I believe he was a former policeman so I doubt if much frightens him. I am sure if you were on FTR’s lawn he would invite you in for a drink. I doubt if you would do the same.
Some Thanksgiving myths. They ate turkey, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce at the first Thanksgiving. Link
The two responses to the Jersey girl vs the Michigan drunk was very telling. One reply was funny as hell. Obviously the person is intelligent and has a great sense of humor. The other reply missed the humor entirely and then issued insults. I know which one I would like to ‘hang’ with at the local watering hole.
[CT date is off again] Wednesday was the 26th not the 11th. That’s three beers you owe me, plus a case for spamming my email address online[?].
Talk about pissing into the wind!
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naked motorcycle old peoplw
[Motorcycle helmet laws
] A chance to screw with someone who is enjoying their self.
Happy Thanksgiving you all! I’m thankful for my wife, boat and house. I’m not thankful for my cat, that little bugger.
[Pumpkin Chiffon Pie] It’s light and not heavy like regular pumpkin pies. I cooked this deep dish beauty last night because the oven will be occupied all day today. Full Menu > Recipes
[Compost Toilets] FKAA Director of Engineering Tom Walker said the utility might use the system, including compost toilets, as a demonstration project on one of the 160 properties within the Lower Keys that won’t be connected to the centralized Cudjoe Key system.

Sign me up!

[Gun Nuts] Just in time for Xmas, the gun nut’s chocolate gun. Nuts included!
[The Movies] I’m tired of movies where the character stops taking his medications and goes bonkers.
[Ferguson] Remember how white people rioted when OJ Simpson was acquitted of double murder? Me neither.
[“Racism posted in yesterday’s CT made me incredibly sad”
] Oh you poor little snowflake. There were 3 posts yesterday concerning Ferguson, none of which even approached anything that could remotely be construed as ​racist. What they did do is have an opinion that differs from your view which causes you to label them as something offensive. Here is a racist picture. See the difference?
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Underwater mystery
mingles with human history in sinking world art. Link
Does anyone know how much each of the new recycle bins cost? I’m guessing around a hundred dollars.
[American Ingenuity] America invented the phrase collateral damage.
Happy Thanksgiving Florida Keys!
Don’t forget your sunscreen. I’m thankful for Deer Ed. Love & Peace to him & his.
Lost Dog. Our dog went for a midnight swim and did not come home. Please check your Eden Pine canal and call if you spot her. 747-2869. Thank you.
Before you finger-wag about what’s going on in Ferguson check out these white riots.
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John Stewart
on the wonders of Thanksgiving.
Tommy Chong tells all: I couldn’t talk pot while ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Chong got grief for blowing ‘marijuana kisses’ to the audience. Link
[“Pepper Spray Lady”] Please sign my petition to let this woman know she is not welcome here. If you would like, please send me the following information: First name, last initial, street name (optional), no street number, Key name, and any comments you would like to tell this woman. Don’t hold back. Believe me when I say I didn’t hold back on the day it happened. It’s safe to say she’s heard it all.
I will then give you her name and address, but then I will delete your email after that. I will not keep or give away your email address to anyone. I ask to that you get everyone you know to sign it as well. After I recieve hopefully a few hundred signatures I will make sure she gets the petition with all the comments.
She needs to know that this is totally unacceptable.
Put Pepper Spray in Subject line please.
Thanks to all.
Hey FTR, Thanks for taking the day off. I’m tired too!
[“Architecture Police”] Port Pine Heights house looks safe and strong. It will look even better standing by itself when it withstands the ‘big one’. Why are people so concerned when someone builds something safe and strong? I guess folks can solve the problem by buying up all the vacant lots and placing vista easements on them.
It’s the year 2040, and Republicans just discovered that climate change and oceans rising wasn’t a hoax.
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Bacon wrapped turkey.
It doesn’t get any better then this. Happy Thanksgiving.
FTR Wednesday: Key Largo to BPK is not west to east.
Over and over when someone points out any of President Obamas misdeads there is immediatly a rush to defend him not by stating any facts contradicting the misdead, but by listing alledged misdeeds of others. I find it funny that one example used over and over is President Bushes using the search for weapons of mass destruction as a reason to invade Irac as a lie. Now the weapons have been found just across the border in Siria and Bush vindicated. But they still acuse him of lyingand the accusations of wrong doing continue.
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Ferguson mayor asks where National Guard was ? The Gov. of Mo., Jay Nixon, A Democrat must Explain ‘Under Oath Why he didn’t send in the National Guard when requested ? Could it be that President Obama want this , all of it. To get the spot light of his incompetence, his inability to manage ..Anything.
Here are 15 Facts That Even Obama’s Biggest Supporters Should Be Able To Admit Are True.
1) Real median household income is down $4300 since Obama took office.
2) The percentage of unemployed workers who’ve been out of a job for more than a year is over 30%.
3) The country has had the longest streak of +8% unemployment since the Depression under Obama: 39 months and counting.
4) In 2011 under Barack Obama, nearly one out of every seven Americans was on food stamps. That’s a 70 percent increase from 2007.
5) Fifty percent of new college graduates are underemployed or unemployed.
6) U.S. home ownership is at a decade long low. So is the number of Americans who say their home is worth more than they paid for it. Home prices are the lowest they’ve been since 2002.
7) Barack Obama ended NASA’s manned space program.
8) Going into this election cycle, Barack Obama had raised more money from Wall Street than any President in history. He has also raised more money from Wall Street than all of the GOP presidential contenders combined in this election cycle
9) Under Barack Obama’s leadership, the last time Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats passed a budget was April 9, 2009.
10) Barack Obama’s budget was defeated 414-0 in the House and 99-0 in the Senate.
11) When he was running for President in 2008, Barack Obama pledged not to raise taxes on families making less than 250,000 dollars per year. He broke that promise with the tanning salon tax and with Obamacare, which raises almost 500 billion dollars in new taxes, a significant portion of which would be paid by people making less than 250,000 dollars per year.
12) When Barack Obama took office, gas was $1.95 per gallon. Today gas is $3.72 per gallon.
13) In February of this year, the federal government had a 229 billion dollar deficit. That was the largest deficit in the history of the United States.
14) America lost its AAA credit rating (which it had held since 1917) on Obama’s watch despite the fact that Timothy Geithner publicly said there was “no risk” of that happening.
15) Barack Obama added more to the debt in just 38 months than George Bush did in two full terms as President.
from the right
As I reflect back on the past year, and my life, I have so much to give thanks for.

happy thanksgivingI have a loving wife and family. I know the joy of loving and being loved. Our children have blessed us with extraordinary grandchildren. Because of wise and loving parentage, those grandchildren are on the path to have happy and productive lives. They will give back so much more than they have received.

Even though we have the barnacles that come along with the privilege of being senior citizens, the barnacles are an annoyance, not a threat. Our health is good enough.

We are blessed to have so many friends here on BPK and all over our great nation. Mrs. FTR and I cherish our holiday feasts with our closest friends here in PPH. There is nothing in this world that is better than being accepted as a member of an extended Irish family.

And I’m extraordinarily thankful that our nation must endure only 785 days, that’s 2 years, one month, and 24 more days until a new President takes office.

A POSTER WROTE: (in part): “As I read the things you write it occurs to me that you are a frightened old man that sees the world changing and doesn’t understand why. So I won’t keep you. I’m sure that there are children that you need to chase off of your lawn.”

FTR’s RESPONSE: You’re damned right that I’m a “frightened old man.” But I certainly know why! Any sentient person who is paying attention should be frightened. We are cursed with a President who has contempt for our Constitution and the rule of law. Our President has made a conscious decision to seize and exercise powers that are solely within the purview of the Congress. That is a terribly dangerous course. It is a course similar to the path followed by countless oligarchs through history. These oligarchies have been tyrannical, relying on oppression to exist.

The evidence is all around us. We see this administration target journalists who are critical of the admin for investigation/persecution. We see the IRS targeting organizations that act in opposition to the admin. We see massive data collection on each of our private lives by this admin. We see an admin that holds the governed in disdain. An admin that routinely lies to the governed.

We endure a President who promised transparency…yet he is the most secretive President in our history. We endure a President who promised to be post racial….yet his rhetoric and his politics are clearly designed to drive wedges between our various ethnic communities.

Our President is a far left member of a political party that has wreaked havoc on our economy, our spirit, and the American ethos. Their notion that government must provide cradle to grave care and support for the masses is antithetical to all that is American.

Your’e damned right I’m scared, and if the critic was a thinking person, he/she too would be scared. Have no doubt about it, our liberty is a fragile thing that must be cherished and defended or it will be lost. This admin is nibbling away at our liberty with all the rapacious hunger and tenacity of termites gnawing on the foundation and framework of a magnificent home.

fork spoon tappingAS TO THE CHILDREN ON THE LAWN: The suggestion that I despise children is dead wrong. I love children, always have and always will. But I’ve never been able to finish an entire one. Of course, fava beans and a nice Chianti are essential. Yummmm.