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Thursday, October 25, 2012



Happy Birthday Hurricane Wilma! Link

[“Pick-up trucks back them into parking spaces”]  For me this is a habit that I got into not only with my pick-up but anything I was driving.  The reason most of us did this was so it was easier to pull out after being parked there in the snow for several hours, especially during work.  Often this eliminated the need to shovel the snow in the parking spot, heck sometimes we let the wind clear the snow off the windows as you are driving down the highway.  This method of clearing snow off the vehicle also kept the potential tail-gators back.


[Super Computers] The popular theory is that whoever has the superest computer wins the technology race. The US has held the lead since 2004, but in 2010 China had the best, then in 2011 Japan did. This year the title comes back to our corner with the IBM Blue Gene/Q.

Super computers are expensive to run because of the power needed to cool them. A super computer would melt in a few minutes if they lost power. The cost of cooling them for Japan’s is $10 million a year,USA’s is $7 million a year and China’s is only a fraction of that at about $4 million.China’s is the only computer that doesn’t use Intel chips–they now make their own (probably from reverse engineered Intel chips). Link

All my life I thought air was free…until I bought a bag of potato chips.



[Help Wanted] Laborer. Cudjoe Key Blimp site. Cudjoe Key TARS has an opening for a laborer position.  You must be physically fit and drug free.  All shifts to include holidays and weekends.  If interested in applying, log on to the web site below and apply. Classified Ads

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[Backing in big trucks] Anyone who has driven a large vehicle or has a CDL almost always backs in. Your approach angle when backing a long wheelbase vehicle is better when backing. Most trucks overhang the rear axle further than the front, meaning you can back in further than when you pull in. And, of course, it makes visibility much better when leaving. So if you want to think its a macho thing, go ahead, but I just made more room for your stupid Prius.


Live Fantasy Fest cams in Key West. This cold weather is going to be a problem for naked revelers. Link

In memory of Harry Fuller.  Many miss you.  You will always live in our hearts.  Harry was the owner of Humble Harry’s at the Big Pine Key Flea Market.  He sold you your reading glasses and polarized sunglasses. 

I worked for Harry and purchased his business last year after his untimely death. I want to thank all of the many loyal patrons and friends for your continued business and your kind words.  Look for the flea market trailer on US 1 (the entrance nearest the school) and park right behind my booth.  I’ll be there Saturdays and Sundays through the end of July.  I’ve added new things and I’m continuously stocking up with your favorites.   Stop in, I am proud to serve you. “Cheryl’s Polarized Sunglasses and Reading Glasses”.

The Florida Cannabis Action Network team is busy identifying candidate’s attitudes towards cannabis reform. South Florida is the home to Jeff Clemens (Dem), the Representative who introduced the first medical cannabis bill in Florida since 1978. This year, Representative Clemens decided he could better serve his constituents and the issues he champions as a state senator. Senate District 27 matches Jeff Clemens against a write-in candidate. Jeff is already voting for you.



[Poor People] People who collapse from cardiac arrest in poor black neighborhoods are half as likely to get CPR from family members at home or bystanders on the street as those in better-off white neighborhoods, according to a study that found the reasons go beyond race.

[Pickups Backing into Spots] I used to back in when I parked my car and someone once asked me if I were a cop, I said no why? They said that cops usually back in parking spaces so that if they get a call they can quickly be on their way.




Come to Catherine Vogle’s Campaign Party!

The New Microsoft Office for Windows 8 costs a whopping $99 a year instead of the previous $149 forever! 

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Troops Spoof Dolphins Cheerleaders‘ Call Me Maybe Video. It’s so good to see them have a quick moment of happy. Support the troops! Link

[“Keys Wages”] Posted by someone who has never been in business in Monroe County!

[“$2 dollars an hour plus tips”]  No one that I know makes 2 bucks a hour. As I said, I’ve had a business here on Big Pine Key for 30 years. We pay our servers the minimum hourly wage of $7.67 plus tips . If your making less you have recourse. That’s the law.

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I drink water, milk, coffee and beer. do they make coffee beer?

[Pickups Backing into Spots] As a former owner of one the greatest pick-ups of all time (Ram 1500 HD), only on occasion did I back into a spot. It seems like one of the more sacred places on earth, is the bed of a pick up. Nobody, but nobody would try to ‘lift’ anything from the bed. However, there are those instances, perhaps in a not so familiar area, or what is actually lying in the bed, that I would choose to back in. It is just that much more difficult to lift something out as they walk by through the drive by area. 


Did you know that your earlobes line up with your nipples.



[Accident] So I’m stuck in traffic for an hour and a half on the Long Key Bridge for what the MCSO site described as an incident RV car fire. To discover he was towing a Smartcar and it caught fire. 

[James Bond’s Computer] Two British computer enthusiasts say they have restored to working order a 50-year-old computer that once appeared as a prop in a James Bond movie. The ICT1301 computer dubbed Flossie, one of the world’s oldest commercial computers, was brought back to life by engineers Roger Holmes and Rod Brown, the BBC reported Monday. Link 

Two men with Keys ties wanted for selling 2,000 pounds of marijuana. Link

[Not Funny Enough] If that wishing well cartoon was a stab at making the CT funny again, I’ll take the long winded political crap any day.


The next workshop of our computer club is coming up this Saturday, October 27, 10 am at the senior center.  Hope to see you there. Bulletin Board

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird? A plane? No, a domestic U.S.drone! Link



I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.  ~Albert Einstein: 

Which countries have the biggest boobs? (map) Here is the site we all have been waiting for! Link

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Rick Ramsay Republican for Sheriff

[Captain Doom and Gloom] “FTR” Even a better idea: Most would rather avoid the truth with a passion rather than delve into a reality that they cannot handle in their little bubbles. Although he does say some Out There stuff, he also says some very interesting things, but his problem is he uses more than one syllable words on this blog!

From what the Science Channel just said about the Sun’s 11 year cycle of solar flairs, we are due for a very large flair cycle this year. They expect a lot of electrical and computer problems from the electromagnetic waves that may change or delete data files and hard drives if they are not Hardened like the Government equipment.  Hardened means shielded. A CD or DVD cannot be damaged because it is physically burned into the surface, while a Hard Drive, Tape Storage or Floppies are magnetic. Back up now or you might lose your stuff!

“World Opinion” Looks like the Commie’s are winning and the sheeple are following every move they are told.  It will be a sad day if BO (no, that is not Body Odor) gets back in the Big Chair. All the nice things you are used to, will be gone, gone to useless eaters and breeders. Orwell was right!

“Nut Control at the local VA clinic” Which was the Nut they were concerned about, the patient or the staff?

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I loved the Bob song lyrics. Cannot wait to hear it with music.

[Pickups Backing into Spots] Come on, man, you back in so when you pull out you can see if anything is coming. It’s a smart thing. 

Sheriff Peryam says good-bye to Keys. Link


[Redux] Lone Ranger’ Story -Jay Thomas on Dave Letterman. It is about Clayton Moore, who played the Lone Ranger on television, who was known for taking his role seriously  and never breaking character in public. Link

[Editor Sucks] Deer Ed, you ignorant slut, I can’t believe you added your own two cents to the end of MY post without identifying yourself!  You are welcome, of course, to comment, but why didn’t you put your comment in italics with the identifier of “Comment from Ed” like you normally do?  I referenced who the best tippers are, the working class folks, and I did not go there about who the worst ones are, keeping it on the positive.  By the way, you said “worse tippers” instead of “worst” .  If you’re going to anonymously ad-lib on someone’s post, the least you could is use proper English and spelling, jeez.  If I had wanted to pinpoint the worst tippers I would have said “retirees”, regardless where they are from, because they’re cheap and have forgotten what it means to work hard for a living and seem to have decided that the people who wait on them or provide other services are beneath them, so they don’t need to tip them properly.  Bad, bad retirees!  BTW, how often do you throw on your own thoughts to people’s posts like that? (Ed: Often. Haven’t you read the complaints?)



The last couple of days I’ve seen a single delta wing fighter operating out of Boca Chica.  Every time I’ve seen it, it’s been behind a pair of F18s headed out bound toward the Gulf.  I thought it might be a Eurofighter, but so far I’ve not seen a canard. Any idea what it is?

[“Pick-up trucks back them into parking spaces”] I always back in because it’s easier to pull out when I’m leaving. I agree, it is easy to look out over the hood to see that it is clear then going out bed first.


[Closed for Fantasy Fest] Come on in and get your fresh stone crab claws today and tomorrow. This weekend only Fanci Seafood will be closed Saturday and Sunday, October 27 & 28 for Fantasy Fest .  We will be re-OPEN on Monday October 29th at 8am.

I am a local on vacation out of Monroe County right now.  I see on the Sheriff’s Facebook page that TS Sandy(?) is getting mention. Anyone following this other than the Fantasy Festers?

I’m starting to think that I will never be old enough to know better.



Mexican Shrimp Dip recipe. Link

[“Pick up trucks backing into parking spaces”] When I am in the lane of traffic it is easier to see what is around me while I back into a parking space. Then pulling out is much safer too. I also back in because the overhang of the box lets me back in further than if I pulled in forward. This way my truck is out of the traffic lane as much as a car.


Released documents reveal there has been a deadly blow to whales after the BP disaster. Link

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Have you ever noticed that when FTR guy endorse something, it’s the Kiss Of Death. Examples, John McCain lost, Rob’s closed, The Curve closed, Mitt Romney, well he was a loser long before FTR guy got to him. I really feel sorry for the people at Springers, they haven’t even opened and FTR guy is endorsing them. Maybe they can perform an exorcism.

Tell Congress to label genetically modified food. Sign the petition. Thanks from all of us. Link

In the debate the other night, Obama chided Romney about wanting to return to the foreign policy of the 80’s. The question I would ask is what’s wrong with that? The policies of that decade led directly to the collapse of the Soviet Union, our country’s greatest adversary, freeing literally millions of people from the yoke of Communist domination. 



Red countries receive US foreign aid. Green countries only have US Military bases. Blue countries receive no aid.

Did you know that 140,000 Federal jobs were created in the last 4 years? Obama has got to go!


[FTR Good] It is indeed difficult to not feel a sense of righteousness when perusing the posts from the left on these sites and notice their over the top irritation with the F.T.R. section and its carefully researched and selected facts which the opposition has no answer to except to express their wish that the man was censored so the rest of us could not partake of this vital information, thus they carry on like spoiled children that are forced to take their castor oil from mommy.

[Electoral College] Few people realize that the next president will be elected by the Electoral College, which is an undemocratic institution. The Founders did not trust the intelligence of the average American, so they instituted the Electoral College. Actually, 15 USpresidents were elected with less than 50% of the popular vote. John Quincy Adams was elected president with 32% of the popular vote.

Then why not change the law and have the president elected by the popular vote? It’s not that easy. To put an amendment to the Constitution in place would take a vote of two-thirds of the Senate and two-thirds of the House. An amendment does not require the signature of the president. An amendment would then be sent directly to the states for ratification. Whew, so forget about getting rid of the Electoral College. 

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How did Mitt come up with the 12 million new jobs number?  Why did he stop at 12, he could have gone for 20 million seeing as he hasn’t offered any way to create them.   Oh wait, don’t things come to Mormons in dreams?  He reminds me of that West guy Congressman from Florida who says there are 47 Communists in the State Department. 

Anyway, talk is always cheap and in America you can say whatever you want — so far anyway.   That could all change if  some of those whacko, loose cannon Republican stars get into positions of power.


One of the main reasons corporate profits in America are down is the poor state of the various European economies.  Even the mighty Chinese economy is slowing,  so you will have to dig deep and try really, really hard to link this American downturn to our great President Obama.  This is a big world and it’s not all about us no matter what Sarah Palin says.

I fear FTR’s hatred of Obama is maniacal and not based on reality.

Clint Eastwood sees the light and says Obama’s second term would be just like the first one.  So why is he backing Romney?


[Kill All Muslims Everywhere] When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor we didn’t try to figure out why they didn’t like us, we tried to figure out how to kick their ass. What’s so different about the Muslims? When a gang of armed thugs wages attacks on US soil (such as an embassy) their religion should be of no concern to us. Sending them to meet their Maker should be our only concern. I don’t care if they’re “upset” over a movie or the price of goat meat. As soon as they start to attack they are the enemy, no other identification or reason is needed. This is not court where one might try to introduce mitigating circumstances, this is war, where we should seek nothing less than the annihilation of the enemy. As soon as they raise a hand against the USA their standing with their God should be of major concern to them, not us.

New Obama ad inflates jobs claim 

It seems that the Obama administration and the Democratic party will do or say anything to saddle us with four more years of Barack Hussein Obama. With regard to Mitt Romney, I’m surprised that the Dems haven’t played the Mormon card yet. Well, they have some time left. 



Too many Mitts” The Salt LakeTribune says. Link

I would damn sure be happy to have a repeat of our Presidents last 4 years then repeat the 8 years before Obama took office.

Im doing a hell of a lot better then I was 4 years ago when the last President was sitting and the company I own is also doing leaps and bounds better. But then I dont look towards our President to make my life better I only trust myself. if you are not better off then you were 4 years ago look in the mirror. Theres your problem not a politician.

Hows that Bin Laden guy doing compared to 4 years ago?



If abortion is outlawed and a woman who is raped by a psychopathic evil maniac gets an abortion the next day, she will be arrested and charged with 1st degree murder (premeditated and willfully carried out). The penalty is a sentence of 25 years to life unless the government decides to enforce the death penalty.

“I will be held accountable,” Obama said. “I’ve got four years and … a year from now, I think people are going to see that we’re starting to make some progress, but there’s still going to be some pain out there … If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition”

I got the feeling watching the debates that Obama didn’t want to say too much like negative Mitt or Bain truths and crony capitalism crap about Mitt so people will reelect him.  But Mitt will say anything to get elected. 

 From the Right

With all the carping coming from Team Obama that the GOP has “politicized” the 9/11/12 Bengasi murders; we all are missing one huge fact.  AQI and its surrogates won. They beat us. They accomplished their mission; they forced us out of Bengasi and out of Libya. That was their tactical goal. You will have to look long and hard to find this reported, but it is the truth. They won. Our President had taken to nearly daily braying that he had vanquished AQI. AQI proved him wrong. That nasty fact is political poison for Obama. Obama’s bragging that “Al Qaeda is on the path to defeat” is proven to be nonsense

Now we know for certain that Team Obama had received ample and repeated warning that Bengasi violence was looming. Worse than doing nothing, they cut security.  Obama knew that the attack was a terror attack while the attack was in progress. Team Obama did nothing to even attempt to rescue our personnel. The day after the AQI assault we evacuated all diplomatic personnel from Bengasi. Then, we evacuated nearly all of our diplomatic personnel from Tripoli, the Capital of Libya. We left it staffed with only “emergency” personnel.   Yesterday we learned that it is nearly absolutely certain that H. Clinton knew exactly what was happening as it was happening. The facts, in real time were even sent to the White House Situation Room. And still, he did nothing.  To compound that atrocity, for strictly political reasons, Obama chose to try and hide the fact that the assault was a terrorist assault.

We have just learned that Obama, hours after the assault was over, sat for an interview with CBS. That interview is now just coming to light. In the interview Obama solemnly told Steve Kroft that: “…this is not the same situation that happened in Egypt….my suspicion is that there were folks involved in this who were looking to target Americans from the start…”

Nonetheless, for over a week after the assault, Obama surrogates were loudly proclaiming that it was mob action responding to a web video..  Team Obama attempted to carry out a clumsy cover up. That is shameful and even more proof that Mr. Obama is not worthy of your trust.

Part 2) We’ve been hearing a lot about sequestration.  During the last debate Mr. Obama claimed that he had nothing to do with sequestration, he claimed that it was all the fault of the Congress, and by extension, the Republicans. He also emphatically stated: “…sequestration will not happen!” Why all the fuss, what’s so bad about sequestration?

You will remember that last summerWashingtonwas tied in knots trying to find ways to cut our spending. A part of the legislation that came from that impasse called for mandatory massive across the board cuts in federal spending. The cuts were designed to be so draconian that it would frighten legislators to compromise. That is the genesis of “sequestration”.  It didn’t work. The House of Reps passed at least one budget that cut spending and would have put us on track to a balanced budget. The Senate refused to even consider it. There has been no budget passed in the Senate for nearly 4 years. The sequestration cuts will gut defense, education, and nearly every other important government function.  All economists agree that if sequestration comes to pass it will surely plunge us into even deeper recession.

But, it is the law of the land. We are a nation of laws. It will go into effect unless nearly instant fiscal compromise is reached.

Obama said that he had nothing to do with sequestration. He lied. The idea for sequestration originated with Team Obama. Bob Woodward in his new book “The Price of Politics,” reports that Obama Legislative Affairs Director Rob Nabors and White House Office of Management Director Jack Lew took the “sequestration” proposal to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He agreed, the it  was presented to Republicans in Congress. The House and the Senate passed the legislation. The sequestration idea came from the highest levels of the Team Obama, it’s impossible to believe that Obama knew nothing of it. The sequestration legislation could not have become law unless Mr. Obama had signed it. By signing it, he put his stamp of approval on it. Mr. Obama said that sequestration “would not happen.”  He was crystal clear, there was no ambiguity.  Very shortly thereafter his staff walked that back by claiming that he actually meant that it “shouldn’t happen”.  Donkey dung. It’s clear that Obama has decided that he will abrogate the sequestration law. He will find some way not to enforce it.

Obama has a clear record of flaunting the law. The Warren Act, the law of our land, requires that government contractors notify their employees of likely layoffs 90 days before the layoffs are likely to come to pass. In this instance, government contractors should be required to notify employees that sequestration will result in mass closings of defense industries.  Those notifications should have gone out in late September or early October because the looming sequestration will take effect on 1/1/13.

Obama ordered his Justice Department to notify the affected industries that they did not have to comply with the law. Justice did so because mass layoffs, or even the specter of them, would kill any chance for Obama’s reelection.

Not content with simply violating his oath of office, the constitution, and the law, Obama had his Justice Department send letters to the affected industries committing our government to paying for any expenses from any law suits that might come ensue.

The President of our nation has no regard for our laws, our Constitution, our history, or our wellbeing.  I’m stumped, I just can’t think of a fitting adjective. Reprehensible is far too gentle.  To trust Mr. Obama is folly.