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[Reasons Why the Big Pine Key Hydrology Project is Not likely to be Successful] It looks like the Big Pine Key Hydrology Project is moving forward and spending an enormous amount of money on a project that is very unlikely to have any ecological benefit. The project states that it will make a brackish marsh into a freshwater habitat and restore sheet flow. The area is the northern part of an area that was purchased in the early 1990s under a state program called “Save Our Rivers”. As this project started to acquire property in Pine Key Acres, USFWS also acquired land. The northern part of the area is the proposed project area. This area was always the most saline part of the central wetlands of Big Pine Key. In the 1990s it would have salinities in the dry season up to 20 parts per thousand, and in the late rainy season the salinities would drop to 5 – 7 parts per thousand. It is much more saline now due to substantial sea level rise, presumably the parties proposing this project, should be able to state exactly what the monthly readings are in various parts of this site for the last few years.
There has not been any connection between this site and the northeast coast of Big Pine Key for about 100 years. The west coast is not naturally connected to this site. The fact that hurricanes overwash this site with storm surge is a natural event, that is likely to become more frequent. Only rainfall reduces the salinities over time, since this area is outside the boundaries of the northern freshwater lens of Big Pine Key. Watson Blvd acts as a dam preventing freshwater outflow. Since it has a substantial canal full of red mangroves on the north side, and a recently dug five ft deep, filled sewer trench on its south side, cutting holes through Watson Blvd. will introduce large amounts of salt water into this system. In a major hurricane, the culverts could even wash out. The anonymous designer of this project should explain how this wetland will have more freshwater.
Sea level rise will be increasing substantially and in not too many years, Watson Blvd will have overwash from the northeast from king tides. The removal of these roads will also allow salt water to enter the site from holes that are currently buried in fill rock that was compacted in 1971. Salt water is heavier than fresh water and when they meet, the greater osmotic pressure of salt water will prevail where it has contact with fresh water. During hurricane Irma, I watched salt water bubble up fresh water sinkholes as the storm surge rose. The removal of trees and soil will only compound the problem. The seasonal freshwater of this site floats on brackish groundwater.
There are many projects that can be done to improve sea level rise resiliency. This is NOT one of them.
Biden’s ancestral hometowns prepare warm Irish welcome. Excitement is building in Ballina, a small Irish town that was home to some of President Joe Biden’s ancestors. Link
Something has to be done about this Left-Wing Commie web site!
The Florida Keys Southernmost Car Club is holding our Last SHOW & SHINE of this season on Sunday, April 16th,  Noon to 3PM at the Sugarloaf Lodge MM17. This is always a free event to all lovers of classic, custom, sports and street rod automobiles of all years and makes. There is plenty of room for parking show cars and outdoor seating in the grass under the trees with prizes and a plaque for People’s Choice and 50’s and 60’s music from our new sound system.  Bring the kids to enjoy these beautiful relics of the auto world. Robbie will have his food truck “Loafin Around Café” at the show next Sunday to provide you with his specialties, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.  Let’s support Robbie so he will support us.  Bring your own coolers if you wish. We have new Car Club koozies for sale.  Yeah!
The Club is seeking new members. Join at the show and receive a new style club shirt and club sticker. For more information contact Lance Stehman 305-797-6782.
[God Will Save You] Regarding Kentucky bank massacre, what is the answer to these events?
Normal folks should and can legally own weapons. One solution: Prayer.
[Murmuration] The phenomena when huge flocks of birds in migration form shape-shifting flight patterns is known as murmuration.  It is truly an amazing wonder to behold. Scientists tried to figure out how they fly like this without colliding with each other.  They concluded that is only possible when each bird can do about 100 million mathematical calculations in 1 second in order not to hit each other! Video


Is there a test for long Covid? I have all the symptoms, but they might just be from old age. How can I tell?

[Gun Violence] More than 11,500 people killed in gun violence so far in 2023. More than half of all gun violence deaths this year were deaths by suicide. Video

[Sick Society] When I went to school it was atomic bomb “Duck and Cover” drills now it’s “Active Shooter” drills.

Dear Ed, sorry to hear about all the troubles and huge cost in connecting a wastewater treatment plant. I hope the installation contractor does the right thing and corrects the destruction done to your garden and property. Regardless, better days are ahead for you.
[Easter Food History] This article was originally published in the March issue of The New York Times for Kids. Find the section in The New York Times Store and in your paper on the last Sunday of every month. The next issue is on newsstands on April 30.
Visiting the factory where Peeps are made, in Bethlehem, Pa., is a true Willy Wonka experience. The building is crammed with pipes full of marshmallow and hoses full of sugar. Spray guns spray food coloring and flavors. Even the “whoops” moments that occasionally happen when the candymakers are testing new products seem like fun: “We have an engineer who is known for pushing buttons he’s not supposed to,” says Daniel Moyer, a food scientist at Just Born Quality Confections, the company that makes Peeps. “Sometimes he ends up completely covered in marshmallow.”
It wasn’t always so fun. Back in the early 1950s, some employees at the Peeps factory were ending every shift with limp, sore arms. They had spent hours hand-squeezing marshmallow into the shape of tiny chicks. Back then, each individual Peep took 27 hours to make from start to finish.
That all changed in 1954. That’s when Bob Born, who was a member of the family that founded the company, and a colleague invented a machine that could make Peeps automatically. Now it takes only six minutes from the moment marshmallow meets the conveyor belt to the final boxing.
Bob Born died in January at age 98. But his legacy lives on at that same factory, which now houses four production belts. They pump out 5.5 million Peeps on an average day, in all kinds of shapes (like bunnies, or skulls in the fall), flavors (sour watermelon, anyone?) and colors.

I think I may have stumbled onto the super-secret world wide headquarters of the “Coconut Telegraph.”

[Abortion, Gun Violence, Censorship] When will politicians do what is right instead what will get them elected?

[“Problem with Frigidaires”] Frigidaire’s quality has gone downhill. I had 2 Frigidaire refrigerators die. They were both only 4 years old. Refrigerators used to last many years, but no longer Frigidaires.
[Weekly Mass Shootings] “Safe America” Where’s that guy who spouted off useless statistics about how safe America is now?
[Hypocrite] There is always receipts! Here we have Kid Rock enjoying a Bud Light next to legendary drag queen Wanda in 2003. It didn’t bother him back then. Yeah, that’s right, now he’s trying to stay relevant so he spews fake outrage at drag queens. But if it didn’t bother him then, it doesn’t really bother him now.
[The Kissimmee River Project] In the early 1960’s someone in government got the great idea that the Kissimmee River could be improved. From 1962 to 1971 the US Army Corps of Engineers straightened the Kissimmee River and dug a straight trench 30 ft. deep. It was promoted as flood control and other great benefits. The project cost the taxpayers about 5 million dollars.
Within a few years, it became obvious that it was a mistake. It caused massive pollution of Lake Okeechobee and resulting pollution of coastal estuaries. It causes massive wildlife loss and restoration was begun in the early 1990s.
Last week it was celebrated that the Kissimmee River is now mostly restored, and fish have returned and eagles nest again,
The cost of restoration was one billion dollars!

] My wife’s vegan niece: “That chicken you’re eating had a family.”
Me: “That’s why I ordered the family bucket. No one gets left behind.”

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Laughing at your mistakes
can lengthen your life. Laughing at your wife’s mistakes can shorten it.

[“FKAA flood damage”] I read your report of damage to your garden by the contractor from FKAA. I can only imagine the despair you feel after such a mess.  You should file a claim against the contractor’s insurance.  Hopefully they will flush the brackish water and salt from your plants and replace whatever is severely damaged. I am not fond of how the waste water is being handled.
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