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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

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New $20 minimum wage for fast food workers in California set to start Monday. Many of the more than 500,000 people who work in fast food restaurants are not teenagers earning some spending money, but adults working to support their families. Link
Saturday Night Live on The Resurrection. Video
[Dengue Outbreak] Hospitals across Brazil were overwhelmed this week as dengue fever ripped across the country, killing hundreds. More than 1.3 million Brazilians have come down with the mosquito-borne disease so far this year, approaching the total from all of last year, and at least 17 cities have declared a state of emergency. Dengue causes fever, dizziness, rash, and excruciating body aches, but is usually not deadly when treated properly. Global warming has accelerated its spread—the mosquitos like hot, humid weather—and has allowed the disease to creep northward from the tropics.
[Religion] “When Jesus Christ came upon the Earth, you killed Him. The son of your own God. And only after He was dead did you worship Him and start killing those who would not.”  ~Tecumseh
[Golf Balls] The complex anatomy of high-end golf balls. Perfecting pro-grade golf balls requires a delicate balance of chemistry and engineering—and a whole lot of rubber. Link
I’m not crazy about reality, but it’s still the only place to get a decent meal. ~Groucho Marx

Alaska’s new robotic dog, in costume disguised as a coyote or fox, being tested at spooking wildlife from airport. Link
[AT&T Hacked] AT&T says personal data from 73 million current and former account holders leaked onto dark web. The telecommunications giant said the data was released on the dark web approximately two weeks ago, and contains information such as account holders’ Social Security numbers. If this can happen to ATT it can happen to any website. Link

Crews scramble to build temporary channel for ‘essential’ ships at Baltimore port. Link

[AARP April 2024 Calendar] the April calendar of activities is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
I will probably be late reading Tuesdays Coconut Telegraph because I will still be looking for the Easter eggs that I hid Saturday night! Happy Easter.
[New Gecko Found] New tiny gecko species named after Vincent van Gogh. Its light spots and deep color reminded scientists of The Starry Night. Link

My worst nightmare. Goddamned cat!

See the damage of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collision in close-up with investigators. Video
[Poor Lobster Catch] Keys commercial fishermen called the season average when it came to catch, with fishermen in Marathon having a particularly poor season, according to fishermen. Prices paid to fishermen were also reasonably low compared to previous recent seasons, with the price starting off between $5 to $6 a pound and rarely making it more than $10 a pound, fishermen said.
Spiny lobster is by far the most lucrative fishery in the Florida Keys, generating roughly $35 million a year in sales directly off of the boats. The Keys also produces roughly 90% of the catch in the state of Florida. A less-than-stellar spiny lobster season for commercial fishermen in the Florida came to close on Monday, with about 4.8 millions pounds being harvested this season in state and federal waters in Florida to date. Link
[Gas Prices Up] Florida saw a 10-cent jump at the pump over last week. Prices in Miami are higher as well. Palm Beach County continues to be the most expensive in South Florida. And North Florida has the cheapest gas. Gasoline demand is rising as more Americans are getting out, combined with the summer gasoline switchover, which is well underway, and continued refinery maintenance. The madness should slow down in the next few weeks. … For now, gas prices will likely continue to trend higher. Link
[Liars] Why doesn’t the government understand what a ‘sacred trust’ means? It means that Nobody screws  with it. But the government lies. Never, never believe anything that the government says because they are lying. That’s all they do is lie. The Democrats lie, the Republicans lie, the Independents lie. The only thing that you can count on is that they are liars.
Puerto Rico declares an emergency as cases of dengue fever spike. Puerto Rico declared a public health emergency this week as cases of dengue fever, a potentially deadly mosquito-borne infection, rise precipitously across the United States territory. In the emergency order, the commonwealth’s department of health said it had recorded 549 cases of the disease this year so far, a 140 percent increase over the same period a year ago.
[Fish Disease of Keys Disease] Have any lower Keys locals been seen walking in tight circles and spinning around? Have they been eating local fish? I would avoid it until scientist find out what is wrong with them (the fish, not the locals).
[Handouts] Since when has Social Security been a handout? I’ve been paying into my Social Security account since 1950 and have been paying taxes on my payments since 2005. So why does the clueless, delusional government feel that Social Security is a Government handout?
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[Blue Ball Machine
] No, not the kind of blue balls that young men get on their first date, but an interesting animated graphic of little blue balls. Video
Invertebrate of the year 2024: all hail Earth’s spineless heroes! We are prone to obsessing over ourselves and over animals like us. But most of the life on Earth is not like us at all. Barely 5% of all known living creatures are animals with backbones. The rest – at least 1.3 million species, and many more still to be discovered – are spineless. Link
[The Original Pirate Radio] Shortly before midday on Easter Saturday 28 March 1964, the first medium wave broadcasts were heard from the offshore pirate station Radio Caroline. Based on a converted ferry moored just outside UK territorial waters, Radio Caroline was the brainchild of Dublin-born Ronan O’Rahilly. His father Aodogán owned the port of Greenore in County Louth and it was there that Ronan was able to get his radio ship fitted out in relative secrecy. Link
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[Graphite] Because of the way it was used to mark animals when the deposit was first discovered people knew the material would make a good tool for writing and drawing. It was due to this that in 1789 graphite actually got its name, which comes from the Ancient Greek word graphein meaning to write or draw. In 1795 what we would now recognize as a modern pencil was created when a French scientist and military officer encased sticks of graphite and clay in a wooden case.
The officer Nicholas-Jacques Conte received his patent for his creation the pincel in the late 18th century, but he was not the first person to actually create a writing tool which consisted of a piece of lead encased in another material. When the deposit was initially discovered in England the locals would wrap it up in sheep’s wool to avoid marking their hands or damaging the sticks and graphite was first sandwiched between wood in the 1560’s by Simonio and Lyndiana Bernacotti, in Italy. Link
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