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The Maginot Line was a series of connected forts. The most expensive forts ever built and was manned by a half million Frenchmen. But why did the French think Germany would directly attack from that direction and not go around? The line of forts was only 87 miles long.The Maginot line was a folly. What’s more obvious was the French did not heed Napoleon, their most famous general’s warning that those who stay behind their defenses are doomed (or something like that).

[What Embargo] 173,550 Americans visited Cuba from January through March. The US is the greatest source of tourism after Canada.


Kudos to Senator Dwight Bullard for living on minimum wage for a week to see what it’s like — or if it’s even possible.

Eden Pines property owners take note: Monroe County’s Canal Restoration Sub-Committee will be holding their meeting this Friday, April 11th, at the Marathon Government Center at 9:00 am. An update on the possibility of Eden Pines being involved as one of their demonstration projects comes up early in their agenda. Attend if you’re interested in learning more about the program. Also, each of you should have received a letter inviting you to the April 28th Canal Restoration Project meeting to be held at 7:00 pm at the Moose Lodge, 1585 Wilder Road, Big Pine Key. You will want to make every effort to attend if you have any interest in our canal system being potentially involved in the implementation of a water quality improvement technology designed to restore our canal.
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Cutty Sark is not only the name of fine Scotch and a fine Cutter, but it was the name of a woman’s under dress. The maidenhead of the Cutty Sark wears a cutty sark, hence the vessel’s name.


[Sloan For Mayor] Back when I contributed daily ravings from the cuckoo’s nest to the CT, a tribe of Sloan critics, haters might also fit, sprung up, and they took turns attacking me over what I was publishing. I kept wondering why they kept reading me, if they didn’t like me or what I wrote? I kept wondering if they really did like what I wrote, but were out of touch with how they really felt? And, I kept wondering why they keep attacking me, if they wanted me to shut up and for people to ignore me? That was no way to shut me up, and attacking me on the CT caused other CT readers to wonder what I was writing?

It also is true that I say angels tell me what to do. Since grabbing me in early 1987, the angels have not told me to do injure anyone person or thing. However, they have told me to do lots of things which upset other people, who viewed what I did as terrible. Many instances of such upsets were featured on the Coconut telegraph, until I quit participating there a few years ago, because I was tired of Deer Ed letting cowards use the CT to take anonymous cheap shots at me and other people.

Cheap shots I was used to, but giving comfort to cowards was a terrible example to everyone reading the CT, especially to children reading it.

One Sloan critic, John Bartus, of Marathon, wrote in to the CT insisting his name be published, taking me to task for wondering out loud if maybe he was one of the cowards, which demand Deer Ed obliged. Despite John’s and my deep differences, I respected him for insisting that his name be published. I respected him for his citizen efforts to make Marathon a better place to live, and I liked hearing him perform as a musician.

The angels have told me to do lots of things which caused my personal life to become considerably more difficult than it already was. The angels also tell me when I am messing something up they gave me to do. They give me no rest, cut me no slack. None of which can I prove to any person living, and I would be insane if I believed I could, but departed persons see it clearly.

Such is the edge on which I have lived since the angels grabbed me in early 1987, after I prayed to God to please help me, because I did not wish to die, failed; and then, to end the prayer, I offered my life to human service. Probably the most uninformed moment of my then yet wretched life. As I would learn during the ensuing years, God’s definition of help and service were nothing like my definition. ~Sloan



[Jury Duty] (Ed: My gas guzzler truck cost me $46 for 3 days travel to Key West plus 3 cheap lunches at $10 each which totals $76 out of pocket costs to answer the call to jury duty. Amy Heavlin, Clerk of the Circuit Court sent me this check for $45 to help defray my expenses.)

The rise of the middle class in America was a great deal more convoluted than merely the rise of the Unions. Remember in those days many workers were laboring at what we today would call intolerable conditions. The reason being that such work was better than where they came from and what was available where they came from. Most companies were started from a almost zero financial position and money at that time was better than gold. Eventually many of them became much more solvent  and profitable. We witnessed the rise of the unions, rightfully so I may add. Human nature was the reason that unions came to being. The same nature that is now causing people to leave unions in this age. Without some kind of a governing agent, human nature always swings too far in either direction. I maintain that honest competition is the best and fairest governor yet devised by humans. It’s not without flaws, but yet the best we have. When folks start meddling with one end of the stick the whole branch wiggles.  A free market may seem harsh at times but in the end  it  is superior to human meddling.

high gas price

[Boycott Shell] Can anyone tell me why on earth marine gas prices are so high? Is it the person who owns the gas stations? How much money do they have to make? I feel really bad for the guys who are trying to make a living on the water fishing, chartering, etc who have to pay these ridiculous prices and try to make a buck or two. I heard that Dolphin Marina is almost $6 a gallon for marine fuel. Why?

I don’t understand it. It really sucks. Even for the local people who want to be on the water, you can’t afford to enjoy living here because of gas prices. Are they gauging us just because they can? And why do they lower it a few cents, then in two days raise it ten cents? Is anyone else outraged about this? I’m sure you are. Let’s boycott Shell for a while and see how it goes!

You say, “procrastination“. I say, “ingenious avoidance”.
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(Ed: By popular demand I added a charter boat section to the new and improved Business Directory)


[Slavery and Walmart] Except for the facts that slaves were not paid anything, that slaves could be sold, and that slaves were not able to change jobs, slavery was just like today’s Walmart.

[2014 Top Donors to Outside Spending Groups] These are the top individuals and organizations spending their money to influence your vote. That is, these are the top disclosed donors. Some categories of outside spenders, such as 501(c)(4) groups, are not required to disclose the identities of their contributors. Link
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Seems legit.

Check out the newest “Chamber Compass”.  We give a special thanks to all our Radio Auction donors. April Compass skm



Does anyone know where Courtney Love was (or Hillary Clinton was) when Kurt Cobain ate a shotgun?

We are looking to purchase homeowners insurance for new home. Located on Flying Cloud on Big Pine. Please call Mark Leak 517-648-2830
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Windows XP is done for today March 8, 2014. Good bye to the operating system that made computing possible for the masses. The first widely used -stable- operating system!

[PTSD, Depression – Soldier Help] Military Crisis Line – 1-800-273-TALK (8255) – Press 1. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Military One Source, The Defense Center of Excellence (DCoE), Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline – 1-800-984-8523. CONUS DSN: 421-3700. OCONUS DSN: 312-421-3700 Real Warriors Campaign
[Living without representation] Isn’t it about time to get the commissions are changed to represent the population? Monroe County has about three times the population of Key West, and only five Commissioners, while Key West has seven. This should be reversed. Years ago Key West had five with more population and functioned fine. The County really needs better representation for its larger amount of voters. Could this be put on the next ballot as a mandatory change?


The Kurt Cobain story reminds me of that Groucho Marx quote, “I wouldn’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member.”

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rip grave skeleton hand waving


End of life of Windows XP is April 8. That’s today folks. It’s been almost 13 years on XP and it’s time to upgrade. You’ll get one more update and then you’re on your own. Microsoft will no longer provide security updates any longer. If you don’t like Windows 8 (most don’t), then Windows 7 machines are available online in business sections or by reviewing the customization options, or by calling PC vendors like HP, Dell, Toshiba and Sager directly to order the machine you want with it. Win 7 is good until 2020 and Windows 9 is coming out next year. Big businesses and corporations are replacing XP machines with Win 7. See the market share of each here. Link

[Boat lifts conundrum] How does one lower the lift, pull away and then leave the lift up?

[Soldier Suicide: 1 a day] 50% of soldiers with PTSD do not get treatment. Only half of those who do seek treatment are actually properly treated.

PTSD rates are higher for our newest veterans than at any other time. Over 260,000 of them have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). 7% of veterans suffer both PTSD and TBI. Suicide rates are up, averaging almost one per day.

One a day, folks! Our government needed then, programmed them, dumped them and now deny it. Just listen to the Fort Hood news “Anxiety/ depression/ PTSD claim/ mother dies/ 8 medications….”  Oh, but no, that’s not PTSD. Well, yes it is. How many incidents will we have before our government realizes they didn’t deprogram our soldiers? If you know a soldier in pain lend a shoulder & encourage them to reach out, even if it takes years to get someone to listen, because it does take years to get someone to listen.  If you love your soldiers, post a photo. Go Red White and Blue!

union made


[Unions’ time has come and gone]  Unions were organized out of desperation the workers had over their conditions. Those conditions rarely exist today. Many businesses even offer incentives just to get employees now. They treat employees much better. Unions now fight greedy battles because the real battles have been won. Now unions fight over more vacation time and fewer hours and other company hurting demands. Now unions are in if for the money they can get from their dues paying members, throwing them a carrot from time to time.

On this day in 1973 Artist Pablo Picasso died. Link

second-nature 760w
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chicken pesto penne8Happy Tuesday from Springers Bar and Grill. Today is Italian Tuesday with Chicken Pesto Penne. Why not join us for this tasty treat for your tummy.

This weeks Specials:

Comfort food Wednesday: Ham Mac & Cheese

Sandwich Thursday: Sausage, peppers & onions

Friday: Mahi with a capered butter cream sauce.

Always something special at Springers.

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