Tuesday, December 1, 2020

There is a good chance that U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Partners will be conducting a prescribed burn on Big Pine Key in Burn Unit 2 (across from the Blue Hole) later this week, specifically on Thursday, Dec. 3, if weather conditions allow.  It is often difficult to pinpoint exactly when weather conditions will allow such activities. Info Bulletin Prescribed Fire Planned Dec 3 2020
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[Barroom Honesty] Yeah, Susan, I’m on my way…yeah, I’m in the car now

[Rumors of War] On more than one occasion previously, the inhabitants had almost inaugurated civil war, by their assertion and professed belief that each State had, in the original compact of government, reserved to itself the right to withdraw from the Union at its own option, whenever the people supposed they had sufficient cause. We used to discuss these things at our own mess tables, vehemently and sometimes quite angrily; but I am sure that I never feared it would go further than it had already gone in the winter of 1832-’33, when the attempt at “nullification” was promptly suppressed by President Jackson’s famous declaration, “The Union must and shall be preserved!” and by the judicious management of General Scott.  ~U.S. Grant
Monroe County COVID cases rise, Florida nears 1 million. COVID-19 cases in the Florida Keys continue to rise, with the Department of Health reporting a new surge in cases Monday. Over the holiday weekend, the Florida Department of Health in Monroe County reported 177 new cases of COVID-19 since Wednesday, Nov. 25, with nearly half of those cases — 80 — in Key West. The increases bring the total number of reported cases in Monroe County to 3,381, including 103 non-residents. Key West’s total rose to 1,915, while Key Largo increased to 437 cases, Marathon 319 and Tavernier 212. Summerland Key had 102 reported cases, Islamorada 81, Big Pine 69, Cudjoe Key 17 and Sugarloaf 14.
[Prostate Cancer] Please tell me good stories about recovery from prostate cancer.
That can be beat, right?
Beaujolais Nouveau has landed. Just as Pilgrims gathered to celebrate the bounty of harvest, the French have a long tradition of celebrating the end of the wine harvest by drinking the so-called vin de primeur, young wines from that year’s harvest that have only recently finished fermentation. In the 1800s, the nouveau was served by simply dipping pitchers into the barrels. The release of nouveau wines, specifically Beaujolais, has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. The French government permits a number of AOC wines to be produced nouveau and sets the date for their release.
Stupidity doesn’t grow in a vacuum. It needs love and nurturing and affirmation from generations of like-minded idiots.
[Railings on US1] Just look up which Commissioner or brother owns the company that installs those.
[Turtle News] Saving cold-stunned sea turtles. Staff at the Florida Keys-based Turtle Hospital examine many of 40 cold-stunned Kemp’s ridley sea turtles that arrived at the hospital Saturday, Nov. 28, in Marathon. The turtles were rescued from beaches in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and flown to the Keys by an all-volunteer organization dubbed ‘Turtles Fly Too.’ Additional Kemp’s ridley sea turtles were sent to other Florida facilities as well. ‘Cold stunning’ is a hypothermic reaction that occurs when sea turtles are exposed to cold water for a prolonged time. It typically causes them to stop eating and swimming. Link
[This Is How We Can Control Covid] Pick a few states – preferably the red ones who don’t wear masks. Require all non-mask wearers and anti-social distancers to live there.

Watch Covid cases skyrocket there and wane in the other states. I’d prefer an island instead of a state, better yet, a country, but if we guard the borders this should work.


[Southern Fried] The day after marijuana is legalized in the south.

The new format is much better and not as boring as the old layout.


Oh, look, the neighbors put “LET IT SNOW” on their windows!

This election was the most secure and monitored election in history. Democracy is on the rise!


Map of the world if you’re a fish.

American news media amazes me because all you can read about is a little real news that is questionable, a lot of junk about professional sports and actors who do nothing for society except take our money! Why?

[The Draft] I do not understand why some want to bring back the military draft when the people who cause all the problems are too old to be drafted?

List of TV shows cancelled. Link

[New Format] This is the first shot of the CT I see on my iPhone 11 when I open it. I scroll down a bit and its fine, just that big amount of space in the beginning. (Editor: The space is there as a placeholder for a slide show that takes longer to load than the other images. I’ll fix it by moving the slide show to the bottom. Also, I’m trying to get rid of the year, author, and date. That should be done by today’s posting.)
Bruce Arians continues to throw Tom Brady under the bus: ‘He picks all the plays now’. Link

[Police Dispatch] I need a SWAT team at the Johnson’s house for having 13 guests, and I need a social worker at McDonald’s for the man waving a knife.

[Christmas Cactus] A pretty (not prickly) succulent that will come to life with vibrant pink or red blossoms for a couple weeks at a time (i.e., in time for the holiday festivities you have planned), provided you treat it right. Like most succulents, the Christmas cactus isn’t very hard to keep alive, but it still needs some fairly specific conditions if you want it to be in full bloom for your Christmas feast. Link