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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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[Sewers] Finally the KW Citizen acknowledged the residents overwhelming opposition to grinder pumps on today’s front page. It sure took them long enough. There’s one major dissenter, our own Commissioner: “It’s a good system and it will  work,” Neugent said of grinder  pumps and the low-pressure  system. “I stand by it.”

Well George, the citizens don’t! When did you stop listening to us?


Midsummers night is when the veil between the worlds is at it’s thinnest.

carolers dickens[Musical Christmas Eve] Lord of the Seas Lutheran Church, 1250 Key Deer Blvd., will host a music-filled Christmas Eve service, in which readings from the Gospel will alternate with favorite holiday hymns. The public is invited.

The choir will sing On This Christmas Night, and Deacon Wayne Hulting, con­ductor of the Christmas and Easter canta­tas, will play a piano solo Susan Rineer and Holly Rivet will play a flute and piano duet. The congregation will sing Silent Night by candlelight.

Lord of the Seas is 1 mile on the left from the stop­light on Big Pine, just up from the softball field. For more information. Events

[Dump the Pumps] Bill Becker was tougher on the radio this morning.

New anti grinder pump website. Be the first to comment. Link


A caring husband sees that his wife is busy in the kitchen and offers to help. My dear, what can I do to help you?
She said, Take this bag of potatoes, peel half of them, and put them in the big pot to cook.

Male Logic: I don’t see the problem!

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an legalize it 240h

TV was interviewing a New York Senator about her plan to legalize marijuana in that state and collect tax on it. The interviewer asked if legalizing it will lead users to other drugs. The Senator said that users have already made their choice and for fifty years government hasn’t been able to  stop it or even slow its use. She likened it to prohibition and it’s monumental failure. She also said because of this failed prohibition our courts and jails are full creating an enormous strain on resources. She said it’s time to legalize it and regulate it and give relief to the legal system and states.


[Buyer’s Remorse] Mayor Davis of High Springs, Fl’s comments reminds me of the infamous rust bucket cars of the 1970s (Vega, Pinto, Gremlin) nice and shiny when new.

“As of March 2012, the city has already replaced 162 pumps. “The system’s grinder pumps are failing at a rate of four a month to as many as four a week”, the failure rate being 22.7% in roughly two years.

Mayor Davis said the debt on the sewer system is for a period of 40 years. “So, I think we’ve bought a used car that’s going to wear out before we get the debt paid,” he said.” Link

gyser old faithful

The hot molten rock beneath Yellowstone National Park is 2½ times larger than previously estimated, meaning the park’s supervolcano has the poten­tial to erupt with a force about 2,000 times the size of Mount St Helens, according to a new study.

[Sounding off] ~I never read the political mumbo jumbo that was written and often wondered why the editor allowed it to take up so much space.

~I hated hearing the Kiki opening was disappointing. $5.50 is a little much for that awful wine. I would never ask a bartender for “his pecker”

~ If you wanted to see a community come together you should have been at the Vineyard for the memorial service for Jim Bigelow. The spread at the Moose afterwards was unbelievable!

~Two new shops opened recently on Big Pine Key. Be sure to visit and let’s keep our community growing. If you think we don’t need another store, try to get a parking space at The Family Store.

~Why did the Tiki Bar cut the legs off the bar stools?



Happy Festivus! It’s the holiday for the rest of us. Did you see where someone petitioned the state government and is going to get their Festivus pole placed in the State offices? Too funny. We need a Key’s Festivus festival. If ever anything belonged in the Keys, this is it! Link

Dear Ed, I agree with your decision to end the political rants, but I do take issue with you allowing FTR to continue his hateful posts. He delights in provoking others. Your idea that he does his homework can only be posited if one doesn’t bother to do one’s own homework. What a joke. His ‘homework’ is just a regurgitation of hate mongers like Rush Limbaugh & Glen Beck. There is zero patriotism or truth in his posts. If you are going to end the politics, then end it for all!


Sewer project. Surrounded on all sides by a national marine sanctuary and bordered on one island by a national wildlife refuge underlain by a fresh water lens, one would think that the following exhaustive report — by an engineering firm for Cape Coral — would have been considered. See Section 5-17 of attached link excerpted below. Commissioners and NOAA, are you paying attention? Link

“Of the collection system alternatives, conventional gravity sewers afford the greatest degree of environmental protection.”

Of 6 systems considered in that report, grinder pumps were ranked poorest in reliability and, aside from septic tanks, were considered to be the least favorable system for the environment (See Table 6-1, page 6-1). Of the 6 systems considered, the operating costs for 20, 30 and 40-year periods were much much higher for grinder pumps than all other systems. (Tables 5-9 to 5-11, Pages 5-15 to 5-16).

I thought sewering the Keys was supposed to be about pollution and its impact on nearshore waters, not the cheapest quick fix. Dump the pumps before it’s too late.

Swallowtail-ButterflyOn the first day of Christmas, Mother Nature sent to me a Peacock in a Pine Tree
On the second day of Christmas, Mother Nature sent to me
2 Gators at the Blue Hole
and a Peacock in a Pine Tree
On the third day of Christmas, Mother Nature sent to me
3 elusive Marsh Rabbits
2 Gators at the Blue Hole
and a Peacock in a Pine Tree
On the fourth day of Christmas, Mother Nature sent to me
4 Swallowtail Butterflies
3 elusive Marsh Rabbits2 Gators at the Blue Hole
and a Peacock in a Pine Tree



What are you grateful for? Today I am grateful to have the love of my husband, a truly wonderful man. Wishing you the cool side of Yuletide.

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nira tocco realtor 9.12
I went to the dentist yesterday and they now take instant x-rays. As soon as the girl clicked, there it was on the monitor!

Link rot is a frustrating phenomenon on the world wide web wherein old or changed URLs no longer point to the resources they previously pointed to. For example, if a website used to have a directory structure for their articles like “” and they later switched to a new system like “” all the old links would succumb to link rot and no longer direct to the correct resource (or the site’s 404 page [error page], or to any resource at all).



Marine reserves Toys for Tots program at the OV Lounge over the weekend in Islamorada filled this U-haul with toys and another with 49 bikes all headed to Key West. I helped out today and snapped this pic. U raahh!

Thanks to Captain Biggs for his hours of cell phone minutes for the kids.

[Citizen Of The Day Says] ‘My passion is the water, so most of my free time is spent on the ocean,’ he said. ‘Even my kids are water babies.

isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13

This is to the single mom that is thinking of running for office to depose Nugent, I for one will not only vote for you but will work hard for your campaign.

I am so tired of these good old boys and their club attitude. Try getting one of these politicians to return a phone call, good luck. So carry on single mom and kick some butt.

santa sleigh wreath


Lower Keys Fire Department’s Holiday Parade Timetable.  We’ll be coming through with jolly ol’ Santa on the fire truck. Events

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[“National Politics 86d”] Deer Ed, Great idea to rid yourself of all that negative reading. It’s just to bad that many people can’t or won’t try to get along and make things better for all, especially for those less fortunate than us. Keep up the good work.

[“Might run for Commissioner”] “I know no-one so I owe no-one”  You have my vote!



[Only in America] First hand painted artwork by me, George Zimmerman. Everyone has been asking what I have been doing with myself. I found a creative, way to express myself, my emotions and the symbols that represent my experiences. My art work allows me to reflect, providing a therapeutic outlet and allows me to remain indoors 🙂 I hope you enjoy owning this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it. Your friend, George Zimmerman. Link

[“National Politics 86d”] It will be funny to watch the way some CT posters will try to weasel around Ed’s new no politics rule and try to sneak their political crap between the lines. One thing for sure, they won’t let FTR go unchallenged. (Ed: I’m including FTR’s email address after every post so they can email him and not me. You must admit that FTR responds to criticism well and addresses his critics’ concerns regularly.)


Yup, I like my fuel perks.


[The Quay in Marathon] The owners were losing money and when hurricane Wilma flooded it they took the opportunity to declare it a total loss and collect the insurance money. I looked at it after the hurricane and it could have been fixed if they wanted to. I miss the hidden locals restaurant that was in the back with it’s dollar cocktails and cheap food and friendly crowd.

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Hory s**t, I have a Japanese ninja name In Spanish!

[Government Waste] Read the Wastebook and see how the government wasted 30 billion dollars last year. A million dollar bus stop? Link


If you’re getting your National political advice from the CT, there must be something wrong. I agree with the editor that the political section is a waste of his time and has no measurable benefit to anyone other than the posters. Local politics may be ok for the CT, but the national posts are so obviously self serving, I don’t read them. Ed can keep the paid political posts, that makes economic sense for the CT.



[“Old Quay location public or private“] Private and the property is for sale for $5 million. Hurricane Wilma flood washed the restaurant away. Yes it would make a nice park. Perhaps the owners would consider donating or reducing the price to the City or County for it to be used exclusively as a park. Link

A great piece of software is the free LibreOffice. It’s almost as good as the expensive Microsoft Office. Link
help wanted door[Help Wanted]  Office Manager/bookkeeper. The Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce has an opening for a FT Office Manager/bookkeeper to join our staff of area business specialists in our Big Pine office.  Candidate must possess a thorough knowledge of QuickBooks and basic Accounting procedures, be proficient with navigating the Internet and be well-versed in the entire Microsoft Office suite.  Applicants must exhibit excellent customer service and telephone skills.  Classified Ads > Help Wanted
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manger nativity scene

The Supreme Court has ruled that they cannot have a nativity scene in Washington, D.C. This wasn’t for any religious reasons. They couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin. Have a blessed & very Merry Christmas!

[“Internet Explorer most popular browser”] Like mentioned, it’s because it’s the default///////////// browser on Windows and most users are not tech savvy or afraid of downloading software. Given a choice of installing a browser, Firefox is the next most popular because it has over 6,000 extensions, the most of any browser, plus personas, themes etc., some (like Noscript) are not available anyplace else.

Firefox’s user interface is very customizable for many purposes and needs, it’s also open to user tweaks via about:config. Also there is a version for each platform, thus making it rather painless for IT personnel to set up and users to use regardless of OS X, Windows or Linux machines. If there is a particular need, say to lock the browser from changes and downloading, there is almost always a Firefox add-on (like Public Fox) that can do it.

The code of Firefox is open source, so anyone in the world can view it and make sure there is no funny business going on. Best of all Firefox is free and so are nearly all the add-ons, no need to sign away your privacy like Googles Chrome requires. Mozilla is a non-profit foundation, so word of mouth advertising is their primary form of getting the word out.



Do you think you are keeping up with the current trends? A little kid in the store yesterday kept shouting “Gabba Gabba Hey.” I thought he was speaking a weird form of Spanish, but that wasn’t even close- it is a kid’s program. Now if I could only figure out the difference between the Goths and Emos. Miley Cyrus is so November 2013.

The Ramones — Gabba Gabba Hey


The absurdity of the human condition has no bounds, A poster proclaims his delight at removing a topic from the Coconut Telegraph which he says is nothing but a hotbed of insults, then he promptly insults religious views, of course he only meant the views he didn’t agree with I suppose. Oh, the hilarity of it all as the beat goes on.

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macarena lady


Mandela funeral interpreter strikes again on SNL. This is hysterical. Video

[“Fix a braided necklace”]  If anyone can do it it would be Jeff at Jeff’s Gems in Key West (305-296-4367) He is a master jeweler, certified gemologist and custom jewelry craftsman and has done beautiful custom work and repairs for me.  His store and shop is tucked into a shopping plaza just off of Kennedy Dr. in KW just south of North Roosevelt (and no, you don’t have to get into the roadwork mess to get there.  Justy turn left on Kennedy at the light and turn right into the first driveway.  He’s there on the right hand side.


[Spies like US] What can be done with your cell phone location data. Scary. Link



“It came without ribbons! It came without tags! It came without packages, boxes or bags!” Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! “Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more!”  ~Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen. A blessed & very merry Christmas to all.  ~The “NUT”

Physicians urge Americans to stop wasting money on supplements. Just eat right and you’ll be healthier. Link

[KW Party Town] Anybody notice how up in arms a handful of wealthy and wannabe hangers on got with Jesse Watters, the producer of O’Reilly Factor? If they truly believed the one human family hype they should be proud that some less fortunate got 15 minutes of fame. They toss around the term free spirit, but don’t say a word when van dwellers with 2 jobs who are the definition of free spirit get hassled and laws passed to make them conform. A bunch of hypocrites all. Inever met a more free spirited person than Coley the rolling-eyed drunk who spends day drinking and chasing women. That reporter interviewed another actual segment of the Key West population. Everything done on Key West does not have to include pics of the overpriced resorts or old overpriced houses in old town. I was glad to see the difference this time.

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half mast flag taps sailor


Robin Williams as troops “Retreat” at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. While performing for the troops at Camp Arifjan, kuwait every Soldier suddenly stopped laughing, stood up and turned away from Robin Williams. It’s an experience, he’ll never forget. This is the original clip sent and played on David Letterman. Video

It is easier to rob by opening up your own bank, than it is to rob bank tellers.

from the right

jjobs17The Tampa Bay Times and the Miami Herald have used to analyze private-sector jobs. Using that data source, Charlie Crist lost over 3.4 million private-sector jobs from January 2007 to December 2010.  The Times and Herald also analyzed data from the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) filings from large employers. Using that data source, they determined that there was a loss of over 89,000 jobs from companies with more than 100 employees under Governor Charlie Crist.

During the recession, Florida had the second largest jump in unemployment out of all 50 states under Republican/Independent/Democrat Governor of Florida Charlie Crist, more than tripling from 3.5 to 11.1 percent. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Charlie Crist was our governor for 48 months. During those 48 months, Florida’s unemployment was above the national average for 35 consecutive months. That’s from Team Obama’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Deer Friends with Charlie Crist gone, and real Republican governance we have added more than 440,000 net, new private sector jobs since we began implementing pro-growth policies  in Florida . This means that in less than three years, we are more than half way to the 700,000 seven-year job-creation goal of Governor Rick Scott. In fact, Florida added more jobs in the month of October than any other state in the country. Florida’s job growth rate has been outpacing the nations and that of other large states for many months. The numbers show our economy is turning around- and more quickly than the national economy.

Republican governance works! Republican governance creates jobs.



2) McCauley Mountain summit at Old Forge New York at twilight yesterday.


Rebuttals or comments?