2019 February

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Letters to the editor with pictures since 0202. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.

[“Affordable housing”] Watch out for the bait and switch, here, folks.
1. Monroe County spends the last year-and-a-half telling us how Goal 109’s proposed increased housing density bonus is going to incentivize developers to build workforce housing by making it more profitable for them. I didn’t know developers needed help making a profit down here, but OK, I’m following along.
2. The Planning Commission, after hearing from the public, says okay, do it but only in Rockland Key and Stock Island near the Key West employment center.
OK, workplace housing near the work. Maybe it’s starting to make sense.
3. But now, out of the blue, a week before the February 12 BOCC vote on Goal 109 and after 6 different public hearings, somebody talked to somebody and now, all of a sudden, the County is floating the idea that the definition of “workforce housing” be eliminated from Goal 109 – so developers can make even higher profits by getting some additional tax credits. And, that multi-story high density rental apartment complexes available to anyone who can afford them and not directed to our workforce – should now be allowed in our rural island communities but not on Rockland Key or Stock Island.
Oh, now I get it. No workforce housing and double the bonuses for developers – the real profit class after Hurricane Irma.
Please email the County Commissioners and tell them what you think of this last-minute bait and switch. Another reason to Just Say No to Goal 109. This is our last reminder, promise. We hope you will join us at the BOCC Meeting, Tuesday, February 12th 10:00 am at the Marathon Government Center (2nd floor). Numbers matter! If you want to speak, individuals are limited to 3 minutes. Don’t feel you have to speak if you don’t want to — your presence is important. Please contact us immediately if you need a ride.  ~Friends of the Lower Keys
[“Expensive to live here”] Paradise isn’t free any more thanks to the tens of thousands who came on vacation and loved it and came back to retire. Island life is expensive, more so in the Bahamas. I had a friend tell me once before she moved away, “Sunshine don’t pay the bills.” She was right. Just the fact you’re whining says its time for you to go. For what it’s worth, Florida isn’t cheap any more thanks to the the thousands moving here every day.

[The Best Minds of Our Generation] Question: If you could live forever, would you and why?
Answer: “I would not live forever, because we should not live forever, because if we were supposed to live forever, then we would live forever, but we cannot live forever, which is why I would not live forever,” ~Miss Alabama in the 1994 Miss USA contest.

[“Canal cleanup”] I am impressed with the team doing the clean up in the Eden Pines canals.  They even have a couple of snorkelers canvassing the bottom to pick up small stuff!




Do tattoos still fade like they did on WWII’s sailors or did they improve the inks so the young people won’t look like they have black and blues all over their bodies in forty years when their tattoos fade.

If smoking marijuana cause short-term memory loss, what does smoking marijuana do?


Robot mail delivery trucks developed in Detroit ready to roll in China, U.S. Designed and developed in Detroit, Quadrobot’s electric delivery vans will soon be built and tested in China and US. Video

[“God Picked Trump”] We all know what lost little Sara said, but I truly hope for you that you don’t believe it. I’m sure God wants more for all of us. This nightmare may end soon.


[“How to get pineapples to bloom”] You inserted a link on last Tuesday’s post that was not good advice.  That process was ridiculously difficult. All you need is a piece of apple, or even apple core, placed in the center of each pineapple plant which will release acetylene gas. The gas will promote blooming and thus fruit. Oddly enough acetylene mixed with oxygen are the gases used for welding and burning steel.

[“Tiny House”] I lived in a tiny house for over a year and it was awful. It was very cute, but there was no room for anything! Those fold down tables and shelves never get folded up. Clutter is everywhere. I got rid of almost everything before moving in, but things slowly accumulated. I had more stuff outside leaning against the house and underneath it than I had inside. There was stuff everywhere. It looked like a hoarder lived there. It would be okay for a monk who sits and prays all day, but for normal folks it’s awful. A trailer in a trailer park has more room, plus a comparable trailer would be cheaper to buy and just as movable.




Pig Roast February 23 at Port Pine Heights. PPHPOA-Pig-Roast-2-23-2019

Two boats destroyed in ‘suspicious’ Florida Keys marina fire. Link
Happy birthday, Florida’s Turnpike. You were born on Jan. 25, 1957. You may be a little old now, but you certainly keep up with the times. At first, drivers called you the Sunshine State Parkway. They stopped for a burger at the Hot Shoppes plaza restaurants. Humans handed out toll tickets, which were paid to other humans. The turnpike has changed through the years, becoming more of a commuter road (except for all of us who still head to Disney World every summer). The plazas have turned into food courts with brands you find on any major intersection. The gas prices are now competitive. And tolls are now automated through SunPass.
[High School Reunions] I am not going to anymore high school reunions. They’re nothing but a gathering of old people.  I’m out.
The illegal alien workers are mostly persons who sneaked into the country — nearly all Mexicans or Central Americans who enter from Mexico. There is also, however, illegal entry across the border with Canada, with apprehensions by the Border Patrol of more than 6,000 aliens in 2010.  Border Patrol could go into any Keys restaurant kitchen and ask for documents.  Dear Border Patrol agents, May I have your email address so I can forward you a list of which restaurant kitchens to go to?
[Online Dating] Recent statistics show there are almost 8,000 dating sites worldwide and that more than 49 million Americans have tried online dating. Unfortunately, not everyone you meet on these sites is being honest and aboveboard. There are scammers out there who will tug at your heartstrings and take advantage of your search for love.
~Run an image search on the profile picture or any other pictures they send to determine if they are really who they say they are.
~Be careful about sharing personal pictures or videos with someone you have only met online.
~Never send money, gift cards, bank account/credit card information to someone you have only met online.
~Do not transfer money for someone else.
~Do not pick up or accept a package and forward it or deliver it for someone you have only met online.
~Tell family and friends when and where you are going if you agree to meet an online “friend” in person.


“God Selected Trump



Happy Valentine’s Day.

[“The ALICE Report”] According to the 2018 ALICE Report, 42% of year-round households in Monroe County struggle to pay for basic needs such as housing, child care, food, transportation, health care, and technology. These struggling residents are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed or ALICE. Link
The Port Pine Heights Community Yard Sales are scheduled for Saturday, February 16th. Participants may wish to post their own signs and we will advertise and place sandwich-signs at Gulf Blvd and Kyle Blvd
Rescuers help bald eagle stuck on Michigan ice. A public release is planned Sunday for a bald eagle who found itself stuck on an ice shelf in Lake Michigan during the polar vortex. I believe this video shows there are some good people in the world, and some GREAT people too! Enjoy, my heart is full; the symbol of American spirit renewed. Video
[Overcoming Cognitive Dissonance] When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything. It’s more commonly know as bigotry. Link





This was on a bathroom wall and I can’t stop laughing.

My wife wanted me to explain why I stopped mansplaining. I think it’s a trap.
Talent from Britain.  This shy 28 year old becomes a sultry Goddess as she sings. Video
[“Pineapples growing”] Adding a bit of apple to a pineapple plant is such a simple thing to do.  I’m amazed at how many people still do not know about it. My pineapple fruits are grocery store size, except for the ones that have already fruited a couple of years.  They get smaller each year. A pineapple “pup” can produce fruit the first year.  The apple pieces make a world of difference.  I have over 40 plants, most with fruit, because I place apple parts inside.
Australia and US make record crystal meth bust. Oh great, now we have to build a Wall around Australia. Link
Latest pot news. Link


[Mind Control] Does anyone else fall asleep while on their computer? It seems some people do, and I wonder if it is the frequency or subliminal images being produced by the input? Scary thought.

To all of you box building developers and tiny house trailer trash, if any of you think you will destroy the Keys with your profit making instant trash homes, think again. If you attempt to invade the Middle Keys area, I will be the first to rebuild my million-dollar property to multi-room international housing and rent to every low-life immigrant and fungus-coated mutant that wants to live here. Then sell out to the UN.