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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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Key West’s Spring Break Court pro­gram is a joke. I am 17 and am going to school to become a world class banker, and if I wanted to, I could join the stupid military, train to learn how to press a big red button to kill millions of sheep, but I cannot have a f**king beer until I am 21? Who sucks here?
[“Quoting the bible as fact”] The Bible never says figure it out, but over and over it says to trust God. When the God of the Bible is rejected, people choose a new God, and conform to worldview. The Bible consistently presents a Christian view of the world. Along the way, the biblical authors interacted with and contradicted unbiblical worldviews. There are Christians who become smug and confident in what they know. They put God in a box and assume they have figured it out, like unbelievers who are conformed to the world. Seeking to understand someone with whom we disagree with is a way of loving our neighbor. Worldviews matter because people matter. I may not accept every point of view as valid, right or helpful, nor does it mean I must conform. But I will listen, learn and seek to understand the culture Christians are trying to reach.



Keys cowboy boots.

No where in the Constitution does it say “separation of church and state.” It’s a myth- look it up. And no, I don’t mean on Wikipedia. Read the Constitution itself and it’s simply not there. It says freedom of religion, not from religion.



Yup, you’re having a bad day.

[First 0K Race set for April 5 across Cow Key Channel Bridge] How cool is this? Only in the Keys. You have to believe this will continue for decades and could have thousands of registrants. Link
[Sewer Crooks?] I have the engineer’s estimate for the Inner Islands sewers. It was interesting to discover that vacuum sewers would have been millions cheaper than a grinder pump with gravity system. The vacuum system for all ////// of Summerland was a couple of million bucks cheaper than just the grinder part of Summerland. If it wasn’t about the money, what was the real reason for going with grinders? 



Formula 23′, 350 fuel-injected Mercruiser , Bravo 1 outdrive. Runs great. Rebuilt in 2012. Boat is tricked out for fishing with custom tower and full upper station controls. Custom boat cover. Aluminum Float-on trailer. $6,000 or best offer. Classified Ads > Boats

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bacon running

[Bacon Addict] Woman shoots at a McDonalds over missing bacon. Video

Deer Ed, Because you have closed the politics zone to paid advertising only, would it not be appropriate to note it as paid advertising? Newbies to this site have no idea about the history.

In the old days before KW was ‘discovered’ its real motto was: Everyone here is either Wanted or unwanted.

arc giraffs


[“Great Flood Bible myth”] No one is denying that the earth was once covered with water. The denial is that it was caused by a god or The God. There was no 40 days and 40 nights of rain. The water came from climatic conditions over millennia and it wasn’t a flood. After another millennia the water lowered to current ocean levels. Those ocean levels are on the rise again and surely will cause more flooding.

I know it’s not fair to mix science with faith, but sometimes you can’t help it. That story about the great flood was written centuries (maybe even millennia) after the event by people who really knew nothing about biology, the planet or space. They made it up for reasons of faith and morality.  “Hey Noah, what ‘cha building?” Noah, “I’ll give you a hint. Can you swim?”

[“Looking for a basic marine GPS”] I downloaded the app for iPhones and iPads from Navipad. It costs a few dollars. It works great  because it’s so simple. It shows exactly the path you travel on a NOAA chart. It works well even away from shore where the Internet on my iPad is hard to get. The app even shows me if the anchor isn’t grabbing well and I drift 50 feet and its easy to enlarge to see on my iPad. My travel paths in the back county all show up so well that I can get to shore at night on the same path I came out on. Link
[“Netflix and Comcast”] Deal struck, Netflix issues resolved. No need to call your Congresscritter, unless your on Verizon on the mainland someplace. Link
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bounty25[Pitcairn Island] The story of Pitcairn Island is one the most interesting stories in history. It was a real life Lord of the Flies experiment that went horribly wrong.

in 1789 marooned mutineers from the Bounty found an uncharted island, and along with a bunch of Tahitians, tried to make a life there. The island was a real paradise complete with abundant wildlife, pigs and food, probably planted long before by some south pacific settlers who moved on. By the time the Royal Navy found them 24 of the 25 men died violent deaths. The one surviving man lived only because he vanquished himself  to a distant part of the island to get away from the insanity. The woman survived by building a fort and defending it and killing any men who tried to breach it’s defenses.

One of the plants the previous settlers left was an abundance of taro root which is similar to a sweet potato. The mutineers soon learned to make rum from taro root and that is why all the men died violently! The evil of booze among ignorant men.

[“Oldest House Tour–houses all for sale”] It used to be that none of the houses were for sale. It was more of a tour for locals and tourists alike who always wanted to get inside these nice homes. In the beginning the owners would sometimes offer cocktails and snacks. All were into preserving the houses and supporting the Old Island Restoration Society efforts to do just that. Now the tour is just to sell real estate.
[Right Turn On Red]  The right turn on red law does not mean that when you arrive at a traffic light that is red, and you wish to turn right at that light, you do not zip around the corner on two wheels.  By law you must come to a full stop, look left, right, up, down, forward and backwards for any cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles bicyclists and pedestrians that might be approaching, then ///// proceed if all is safe to do so
[Dear Comcast and At&T please note real customer service] Netflix wasn’t working after a brief power outage so I called to complain and this very chipper young lady guided me through the simple steps to get reconnected. It was actually a pleasant experience because of her attitude and the small, one minute, wait for support — and she was from the midwest and not the mideast!



The last great naval battle in the world was fought in 1982 between the might of the British military and the bravado of Argentina in the Falklands Islands in the middle of nowhere. The Argentines lost badly. 

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Cabaret the musical will be performed at the Murray E. Nelson Key Largo Government & Cultural Center, 102050 Overseas Hwy – MM 102- Key Largo on Friday, March 28 at 8:00PM, Saturday, March 29 at 8:00PM and Sunday, March 30 at 2:00PM

For more information Events

The Dump the Pumps group is attempting to get rid of grinder pumps. They need your support. Get on the emailing list and become more informed. Our County Government is not looking out for the common folk.
nira tocco realtor 9.12
[Junk Mail Law] I think there should be one more law. A law that prevents companies from selling your email address. We give companies our email address to use on their site not to be sold to others. We give it in good faith. preventing companies from selling our email addresses would end junk spam as we know it. Without those active addresses spammers would have nowhere to send their spam. 

sloan for mayor


[Sloan Bashinsky For Mayor of KW] Finally an honest person running for mayor of Key West! Come on folks, lets give Sloan Bashinsky a chance. He can’t be any worse than what we have  now. A few angels whispering in his ear can only be a improvement.

[“Shriners wear silly hats and drive little cars”] Yes, they do! And the money they get for their parade appearances goes to help more people. They each pay all their own expenses for those uniforms and the minicars, none of the money brought in goes to that
isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 
[Family of Crooks] California state Sen. Ron Calderon has surrendered to federal authori­ties to face multiple corruption counts involving bribes, kickbacks and fraud. His brother is arrested for money laundering.



Hi there and Happy Italian Tuesday from Springers Bar and Grill. As we stick with our favorites, today’s special is a crowd pleaser, stuffed shells. It’s pasta shells, stuffed with a creamy seasoned ricotta filling, smothered in perfectly spiced sauce, topped with gooey mozzarella cheese. Is your mouth watering yet? You know it is. It’s Italian cuisine at its best. Don’t miss out, join us today. Amazing meal at a great price, Mama would be so proud. 

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[“Marathon City Council terminated religious invocations at their meetings’] The Constitution only states that the Government shall not establish a national religion. It was never meant to exclude religion from government.

[Fox Guarding Henhouse] I think that big government should back off and let our commercial fishermen regulate themselves.

curling sweep ice

[Olympic cat curling] What to do with the feral cats in the Keys. Video

[“Two Americas, One Rich, One Poor”] Americans who complain about the rich in America haven’t been to a third world country or a war zone to realize just how good we all have it here. To see huge supermarkets and stores filled with all sorts of food and goods. Even the bums have it good in America. Through the eyes of many of the world, all Americans are rich and there is a minority that is richer.



[Sloan Bashinsky to run for mayor] Am I serious about running for Mayor of Key West? Deadly serious. ~Sloan

[“32 degrees before a Mason can be invited to become a Shriner”] I didn’t even know they were related!
That church in Marathon that keeps going to Honduras. How about helping some children here at home? Oh, that’s right, they couldn’t write off a vacation and the diving is better there.

art25-1FKCC gallery to feature paintings and sculptures by artist, Janis Jo Stevens. A diverse collection of works by artist Janis Jo Stevens will be on display Thursday, March 6 through April 28 at the Library gallery at the Florida Keys Community College in the main building, second floor.

This will be a one-woman collection showcasing a range of styles and mediums. Although, Ms. Stevens is internationally known for her portraits but this event will feature figurative sculptures, large O’Keefe like botanicals, still-lifes, and many nudes.

An opening reception takes place 6:00 PM ON 3/6. For more information call 305 294-3099

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jitterbug poodle skirt


Coolest jukebox ever and better than a grinder pump. Link

[For Sale] Commercial towfish transponder for treasure hunters or big game hunters. Never used condition in its own fiberglass protective case. Side scan transponder for professional undersea mapping with side scan sonar. New cost over $15,000 made by Ultra Electronics UK. Asking $3500 or will trade for a piece of your treasure. email me for pictures. Classified Ads > Boats
Come on F.T.R., this is suppose to be a site filled with fun and games, delusional , mysteries things of that nature, then here you come giving us a bunch of those old boring facts, I could just sit down and cry, I wish my fairy godmother would take better care of me, but then I think for awhile and I know with Obama in charge all will be well; at least that’s what they  told me that the other night at the union meeting. 

apple orange25


Comparing minimum wage and slavery doesn’t seem to be logical. Why not compare minimum wage with the drinking age – they’re completely different things too. The age of globalization wasn’t even a consideration in the 1800’s.

Talking dictionary. Link

flood-warning25[“Great Flood fantasy from the bible”] There is geological evidence that a great world wide flood actually took place on earth as recent as 6,000 to 20,000 years ago. This recent discovery puts a pointy thorn up the butt of the Vatican and the Vatican controlled archaeologists and scientists. The most recent flood explains why the Sphinx has the water markings along with the pyramids. For decades archaeologists claimed that the markings on the Sphinx and pyramids were due to wind deterioration. There is proof of a world wide flood all around the globe. The clay tablets of the Ancient Sumerians tells a tale of “The Epic of Gilgamesh”, in which it is identical to the tale of Noah, but the Sumerian tale is at least 4,000 years older than the Jewish version.

Rogue Geologists and archaeologists have discovered that an earth shaking event caused the earths poles to shift quite rapidly. They estimate that the polar shift might have happened in as little as 7 days. This caused the earths oceans to spin out of control and flood the majority of the earths continents. A sudden ice age occurred, in which many frozen animals discovered in the north and south poles, still had fresh undigested vegetation in their stomachs. This finding also explains the possible reason for the “Bottleneck Theory”, in which a calamity occurred in which humanity was practically wiped out leaving at least 10,000 human beings world wide. This calamity is why we share the same DNA world wide. Thousands of human bones discovered pre- 20,000 years ago, do not share the same DNA we have today. According to their research this type of world calamity has occurred 5 times before, and are expecting another one between the next 50 years to 2,000 years from now. Ancient Sumerian knowledge is a very well guarded secret that for some reason the all powerful Vatican doesn’t want disclosed. 

[Refuse New Coins] U.S. Government to release new dollar coins. ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ is gone from the front and back. Do not accept the new dollar coins as change. This simple action will make a strong statement. Together we can force them out of circulation.


[Lost Dog Found] We are happy to report our 17 year old JRT was picked up and brought to the animal shelter. We are still trying to find out who brought her in. If you are reading this, the Roberts family of Big Pine Key thanks you! She had a great ride home

[“If you can’t figure out how to cross the road safely stay home with your mother”] That is not nice. My mother has dementia and I would rather give the road a go than stay home with that quack.
[“32 degrees before a Mason can become a Shriner”] Is that something like getting a black belt? 
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[Robots will be smarter than us by year 2029] Does that mean we can elect a robot as President of the United States, instead of a puppet? Link 

collar25[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Consumer Electronics Show” That collar looks about right!

“electricity went out at around 7:15 this morning. I wonder why?” This is a test. We are in control of your life. Do not attempt to save your dumb ass. Love is Big Brother!

A guy and his family open a small sandwich shop to make good food and offer good service to the locals.  After he establishes and gets it going with the right contacts, sources of supply, hires several locals and starts to make a decent living, he learns there is a large food chain moving next to him. What to do? The Food Chain will not offer anything near the quality of food, service or employ the locals. What to do? Can he sue the County or State to stop the new chain? Can he file for losses? What to do? Some say there is nothing he can do except try to maintain he business, or move to a new location, or just give up and try something else, besides buying into the chain’s franchise. What to do? Would not this happen to the majority of small local businesses if a super box store with food, restaurants, liquor sales, wholesale pricing, and foreign employees set up shop in the Lower Keys? Scary thought, huh?

from the right

Sundays’ posting about minimum wage and unemployment rates sparked my curiosity as to the party affiliation of the governors of the 10 states with the best unemployment percentage.  It turns out that all 10 states have unemployment rates below 4.9%, and 7 out of 10 have Republican governors. The three best have Republican governors.

fanatic25Part 2) Yesterday a critic labeled this Olde Fart as being a fanatic because I urgently object to the Obama administration’s lust for gathering info on just about every facet of your life. The critic claims that my failure to object to allegedly similar data gathering during the Bush years makes me a fanatic.

I am a fanatic, I’m a fanatic about our Constitution and the protections that it guarantees us. The Obama administration is tearing it up and discarding huge components of our Constitution.

Because of Snowden, we have only just learned that the Bush administration began the collection of meta data. We did know that the Bush DOJ and other authorities were using subpoenas and court authorized gathering of data on individual terrorism suspects and were using warrants to wiretap terrorism suspects. I’m fine with that, it was Constitutional.

Team Obama has thrown the Constitution away and is exercising power as did the Soviet Union’s Secret Police under Putin’s control.  Obama and his have exploded the scope and reach of data gathering to a point that it nearly defies belief.  NSA has recently completed a $1.5 billion facility in Utah to store the data that they are gathering. The buildings alone encompass 1.5 million square feet. It is designed to store gargantuan amounts of data, estimated to be on the order of exabytes or higher. The data center is alleged to be able to process “all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and internet searches, as well as all types of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital ‘pocket litter’.  Link

If this information doesn’t make you nervous, it should.

Please never-ever forget that in 2001 in a radio interview Obama infamously said that the Constitution was nothing more than a “charter of negative liberties,” full of constraints imposed upon the government by our Founding Fathers. Link  Obama bemoaned that fact.

We must gather from the critic’s comments that Team Obama’s intrusion into our daily lives is of no consequence to him.

Deer Friends, I really don’t believe the critic is a hard core leftist. I don’t believe that he has any real core convictions whatsoever. The critic has e-mailed me and expresses pride that he has not voted in decades. The critic is simply doing what he does best; he bitches.  He enjoys bitching. He simply bitches and engages in name calling, rather than attempting to contribute to the cause that he believes in.   Oh well, it takes all kinds.

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