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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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I must say when I am not on the water, I think about being on the water. It’s never very far from my thoughts. I remain in constant wonder of what she has in store for me and the folks I’m sharing her with. Good or bad, it’s never indifferent. To say it is life changing on a daily basis is no exaggeration for me. I see it , I feel it, I taste it on my face. I am and remain in love. I am blessed to have her in my life.

It is a funny thing that M.I.C. can stand for Military Industrial Complex, Made In China, Muslims Invade Canada, Madly Insane Catholic, and the most horrible — Monroe Incorporated County.

alligator wrestler girl

In the 1980s and 90s you couldn’t turn on a nature show with it being about sharks. Now the same it true for alligators.

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The media is the main tool that is dumbing down humanity. Just look at most of the commercials that degrade people into idiots. Some make Caucasian males look like castrated eunuchs, others make black men into ball-less sissies, still others make women look like S&M queens. Enough already! When I see commercials like these I will not buy their products or watch the program they sponsor. America needs to clean house and get rid of the mutants who want to eliminate us. We know who they are, so lets do something or is it too late already?



Happy Wednesday from Springers Bar and Grill. Today’s comfort food special is Lobster Mac & Cheese. So come on in for this creamy bowl of deliciousness before its all gone. And since its another beautiful day in paradise why not enjoy your meal on our patio soaking up some sunshine. What better way to spend the day. 

I am not sure why, but currently there is a particularly high index of paranoia and bizarro in the air on the CT. Time to get to the pharmacy for your medication refills.
I support removing ‘IN GOD WE TRUST‘ from all money. It doesn’t do any good. I firmly believe in the total separation of Church and State. We should not descend into a government based on myth and superstition. Muslim nations don’t believe in that separation. Do you want the USA to go down that awful road by emulating them? Inshallah!

jesus loves you


Jesus loves you. This is for all the heathenous haters out there.

[“Can go to war, but not buy a beer”] Well mr 17 year old, the reason why you can’t legally drink isn’t known to you because at 17, apparently you aren’t intelligent enough to know why.  Check-mate.
[“Can go to war, but not buy a beer”] Disgruntled 17 year old who wants to legally drink, unfortunately it is a well known fact that your brain will not be fully developed until you are way into your 20’s.  Also, unfortunately, the last part of it to mature is the one that deals with good judgement.  Maybe that’s why the old folks want to keep booze away from you.
old card players[Life Expectancy Calculator] This is an interesting calculator that was developed by Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company. Watch your age in the upper right corner. Kind of fun to watch your age go up and down as you answer the questions. How long will you live? This is a calculator that estimates your life expectancy based on actuaries accumulated by Northwestern Mutual Life. It’s interesting that there are only 13 questions. Yet they can predict how long you’re likely to live. I’m going to run out of money if my estimated age is correct. Link
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[“Love Thy Neighbor”, but not in Arizona] Arizona is trying to pass a bill that allows business to refuse service to gay people on religious grounds.  Bible thumpers are notorious for interpreting the bible any way that pleases their personal views. Boycott Arizona and Arizona Iced Tea.

In other homophobe news, Uganda is set to pass a bill making it illegal to be gay and punishable by life imprisonment (with a bunch of horney men..see the irony). 

[“Can go to war, but not buy a beer”] The drinking age in most states was 21 until the Vietnam War when the same argument that was made by yesterday’s poster led to it’s change. An 18 year old could fight for, be wounded for, or even die for his country, but couldn’t buy a beer. Many states changed the drinking age to 18 because of that argument. Over time, probably because politicians realized that most young people didn’t bother to vote and the higher than normal instances of accidents and trouble, the age crept back to 21.
[Price Fixing] Apple is asking the appeals court to overturn the judgment in Apple’s favor, or grant a new trial in front of a different judge because the company was found guilty of colluding with book publishers in 2010 to raise elec­tronic book prices.



[The Hybrid Car That Runs on Air – 141 mpg] French automaker Peugeot Citreon has invented a brand new air-powered hybrid. The ‘Hybrid Air’ system uses compressed air to move the car’s wheels when driving under 43 mph and a gas engine for higher speeds and for climbing hills. Video

[Customer Service] Direct TV has also been helpful to me. I called the other day when I changed TV’s and the Tech guy was most helpful and patient.
[Citizen Of The Day Says] The weather’s great and the bars never close. 



[Free Movie] On Tuesday, March 4, Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Florida Keys ‘Friends in Focus’ will be featuring Cape Spin. This movie focuses on the American power struggle over offshore wind-farming. The film will be shown at the Marathon Power Squadron Building, 52nd St. Gulf on Loggerhead Lane. Doors open at 6:30p. Free popcorn; drinks are available for a small donation.  Save the Date: On Tuesday, March 18, Local Photographer and Cuba Enthusiast Larry Benvenuti will be joining ‘Friends in Focus’ for his popular and all new Cuba slideshow and travel discussion. Events 

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[“I cannot have a f**king beer?”] We were all 17 at one time and thought exactly like you. But the rules were set up like they are because there was considerable problems in society with too many people drinking alcohol at a young and unstable age. Relax and take things in stride, they will all come to you eventually. 
nira tocco realtor 9.12

[Ending junk-mail spam] Your ISP email address should only be used for the most vital purposes that will not spam you or have their computers infected that give your email address to spammers. If you’re unsure or if you do have purposes that may or will spam you later, such as businesses, forum accounts or friends with malware infected computers, then use a free web based email service instead. You can have multiple accounts, create new ones and tell those who you want what which one you’re paying attention to now, leaving the old accounts and spammers behind. Sure there are junk mail filters, but if you’re using it every time you check your email, then it’s likely time for a change. Link 



Where do I go to see a white crowned pigeon?

[“Great Flood fantasy from the bible”] Please post the source for your very wild theory.

lion christian

If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you’re fooling yourself. That’s like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn’t eat him. 

isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 
[“Don’t accept the new one dollar coins without the IN GOD WE TRUST”] Just give them to me. Actually I might have to start collecting them They’ll spend well.
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couch potato homer remote

My drug of choice is a beer and a really comfortable couch.

[“Constitution never meant to exclude religion from government”] Oh, just wait until an Iman gives an invocation. Or we pass a law based in the muslim religion! All will go insane!
[Sewers] Don’t sign the easement letters. You’ll regret it.


[“Noah’s flood”] Try reading Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision. The scientific community rejected it, but he actually had a decent argument to explain a number of astonishing biblical events and ancient mythologies. He was the only one to accurately predict the temperature of Venus, decades before a space probe confirmed it and the scientists scrambled for an explanation other than Velikovsky’s. It makes for very interesting reading whether you buy into any of his explanations or not. I like some of his conclusions better than the official ones and at least it gives some credence to those biblical stories that seem pretty far-fetched or opium induced. Good book, try reading it! 

[“Can go to war, but not buy a beer”] Grasshopper, all you need is a little more time being alive. You will know when you have lived long enough, when you can answer your own question. 
[“Refuse New Coins”] That was an from an email that went viral among hysterical bible thumpers who never even looked at the edge of the coins.
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dragster flames rocks

Ever wonder why a Top Fuel dragster gets a rebuilt engine after each run? Stay with this- even if you aren’t a ‘car nut’, this is stunning. Link 

[Refuse New Coins] The wording “In God We Trust” on the dollar coin is located on the edge. And even if you refuse to use them, they are the dollar of choice in El Salvador. Hard to find a paper dollar bill down there.
We got our easement letter for the sewers. Gosh, no mention of what kind of electric, or the fall needed for the sewer pipe, but “please tell us where it should be located”! 

wind farm


Offshore wind farms can tame hurricanes, study finds. An array of 78,000 wind turbines, 50 feet tall, off New Orleans would have worked. Link 

[“Old Island House Tours”] That’s because everything is for sale in the Keys! Ever heard the saying, “The easiest way to make a small fortune in the Keys is to come here with a large one.” ? There’s a lot for sale in KW and the Keys. Some have signs, some do not. Some are historic homes, others are businesses you’d never think the owners would bail out on. Most seem to be trying to leave the swirl of expenses here.

[Vietnam] Tomorrow my FTL flight attendants group who flew in and out of Vietnam are getting together at the Vietnam Memorial by the Capitol for an anniversary. We’re all old by now but the memories will be forever with us. On our flights to Saigon the guys were all happy, talking, laughing, playing cards, jacking off, sleeping, and flirting with us. On the return flight they were quiet, morose, and just slept or stared off into space. Some were loaded, some were traumatized, some just slept it all away, some woke up shouting and defending themselves against whatever terror. Sometimes a crew member would be slugged if he/she accidentally bumped into a sleeping vet. It was heartbreaking. No one sued them back then.

It wasn’t all that bad for us though – we got to sight-see in Japan and Hong Kong, spent lots of time on Pacific Island beaches, had trips to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Also had free vacation passes on other airlines so I had trips to Europe and South America several times.

Some of the women I’ll meet with tomorrow were the ones that shoved babies and families on planes as they were being shot at during the end of the war and had they not done that, those kids and families would have been dead. At the very end there was a flight that carried 250 or so people that was built to handle 142. Two or three babies were put in a seat with one seat belt over them, larger kids and adults just laid on the floor under a row of seats, holding a child or baby. All cargo and belongings were left behind because of weight but the passengers all escaped and lived. My crews were shot at several times, both in the air and on the ground en route to our hotel. Because I left when the war was just starting (1964) I didn’t live through what the rest of these women did, but being shot at in a crew car was bad enough!

Vietnam was earlier French Indochina so in the early days we ate at French restaurants, dealt with humble shopkeepers who spoke 3 languages, ducked when in a car so that no one knew there was anyone other than the Vietnamese driver in the car.

I get kind of teary eyed when I think about it all and tomorrow will be emotional. It’ll be me and about 30 other ladies-of-a-certain-age that no one really knew about, kinda’ like the military guys who didn’t talk about it on the way home. 

elvis velvet

[“Gallery to feature paintings”]  Hey senorita, where do you buy the black velvet in Key West?

Defining characteristics of Fascism. Link
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Biker Chick endorses Sloan for Mayor!  Please watch out if you do absentee voting because the bubbas cancelled both of our family Democrat votes several times due to our signatures —  which matched perfectly.  Sloan is highly intelligent and truly cares about the Keys.  Him and his Angels know how to rock n roll.  Thanks again Sloan and good luck 


[“IN GOD WE TRUST is gone from the new coin”] Yes it’s printed around the rim. Link 

To the person who refuses to use the gold colored dollars because in god we trust isn’t on them. Send them to me and I will spend them. Before you wear out your bible or rosary beads, the motto and year and mint mark are all printed on the rim of the coin. Furthermore, I’ll bet your priest or minister or rabbi or Iman at the church or temple or mosque you attend will use them, even if there was no motto.
[Captain Doom and Gloom] DEF: Flying n, A method of travel from Point A to Point B using Ear Plugs, Eye Shields, and Nose Plugs until you feel the tires hit the ground!
[“Refuse New Coins”] It’s on the edge along with the mint date and e pluribus Unum. Where have you been since 2007 when they began minting these $1 coins. Good grief!
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[“Robots will be smarter than us by year 2029”] They are smarter than 82% of the population now!

wall china26

Can giant walls protect the USA from tornadoes?  Link


[The Right is letting it all hang out] Ted Nugent in Texas calls the President a mongrel and state lawmakers are okay with it,  Arizona says gays are unwelcome and blows off major businesses that say different, Tennessee and South Carolina want nothing to do with labor unions even if it costs jobs, Fox News is in it’s glory.
from the right

Some of us who are Olde Farts relying on Medicare for their healthcare may have been simply cruising along thinking that Obamacare aka Democare will not affect them.  Those folks had best wake up and smell the mendacity of the Obama admin and the sewer smell of Democare.

The White House delivered another round of devastating news on Friday, announcing that Medicare Advantage will see major payment cuts in 2015, meaning rate increases and higher out-of-pocket costs for seniors. This will have severe consequences for those who are enrolled in Medicare Advantage.

advantage26Governor Scott met with Obama and urged him not to allow Medicare to be raided to pay for the devastation that Obamacare aka Democare will have on our health care, our wallets, and our national economy. It’s no surprise that Governor Scott’s urgings were ignored by Obama.  It’s worth noting that Charlie Crist is an ardent supporter of Democare and of the rate increases for Medicare Advantage. In a recent TV interview he allowed as how he is “happy” it passed. Video

Governor Rick Scott met with President Obama and urged him to use his pen and his phone this year to stop raiding Medicare to pay for Obamacare and undo the devastating National Florida Insurance Program rate hikes on Florida families.

Governor Scott recounted a part of that meeting: “President Obama said he wants to use his pen and his phone this year so I brought issues to him that are important to Florida families. I told the President that if he cares about our seniors he needs to fix Obamacare immediately. We learned last week that Medicare is being raided to pay for Obamacare which is hurting our seniors who could lose access to the doctors they liked and were told they could keep. We need our seniors to ask the President directly to not pay for Obamacare by raiding Medicare. He has stopped and delayed other broken parts of the healthcare law. He should do the same with this.”

Many seniors nationwide and especially here in Monroe are homeowners who will be devastated by the looming massive increases in flood insurance. Mr. Obama should take action on this calamity in the making.

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