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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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[Gas prices fall 27 cents] The average price of regular gasoline nationwide has dropped 27 cents a gallon in the past three weeks, to $2.20. The highest-price gas in the Lower 48 states was found in San Francisco, at $2.66 a gallon.  The lowest was in Albuquerque, New Mexico at $1.76 a gallon. Obviously, the reporter does not know about Key West gas prices–Shell, North Roosevelt Blvd: $2.71!
cactus13 dump-2019A wildlife biologist commented that the Cudjoe trash mountain has lost most of the vegetative cover that it once had and there is not much to prevent erosion anymore. The biologist said he went through Google Earth historical images and 2013 was the worst ever. It is so dry now that cactus is growing on the nearly bare slopes! It may be that the aged rubber cover tarp has deteriorated. Maybe now there is little to stop rain that was previously blocked from leaving the sod root zone from leaching down through the hazardous incinerator ash and septage from septic tank pump outs that used to be dumped there. This is an unlined landfill. Any water that leaches through that hazardous fill will carry contaminants into the tidal ground water. How environmentally irresponsible is it to even consider shallow wastewater injection wells at this already polluted site? The photo shows the vegetated mountain in 2009 and the 2015 cactus, sandspurs, and bare dirt. The DEP’s required “long term maintenance” expires soon. Long term means 20 years to DEP. Just long enough for the membrane cover to deteriorate and pollution to accelerate. Shallow injection wells will only serve to help flush the pollution into nearshore waters.
[Drinking Water] I first moved here in the late 70’s, and back then the water flow went out more than City Electric did. But back then they were making fresh water out of salt water. There is something seriously wrong with our water here in the lower Keys. We own homes in other places and only here do we have to replace bathroom and kitchen fixtures frequently because the water destroyed them. Some agency should investigate the real quality of our water and inform potential home buyers and tourist of the possible dangers of drinking, showering or brushing our teeth in water that can dissolve metal. I read a while back about the high level of cancer in the Keys. Did anyone check the water? Since the water company has always been run by Bubbas it may be difficult to get an honest answer, except their families are using this stuff too.
are the underwater equivalent of icicles. They form beneath ice when a flow of saline water is introduced to ocean water.
U.S. military social media accounts apparently hacked by Islamic State sympathizers. Link
SCORE (Service Corp of Retired Executives) is hosting a very valuable free workshop: “5 Simple Marketing ideas you may have overlooked that will make your business a stand out success!” Tomorrow,  Wednesday, January 14 at 5:30 in the Lower Keys Chamber Visitors Center lobby. If you own a business or are considering owning a business in the Keys, please join us for a lively conversation about marketing. Novice or expert, you will walk away with a fresh perspective and a few ideas.  This is open to the public.
] The CT posters prove that the conclusions of the Dunning-Kruger study are correct. Dumb people are more confident than intelligent people. Smart people constantly question their knowledge, whereas dumb ones just yell louder.  Link
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[Excel Problems] Problem 1: All of a sudden Excel repeats my entries as shown in the picture. Problem 2: All of a sudden there is no X to close the software in the upper right corner. I have to close it by clicking File > Exit. I would appreciate it if one of you savvy readers could help me with my latest frustration.
Obamacare sucks and appears to be nothing more than a huge giveaway to big insurance companies. They could have just given everyone the option of enrolling in Medicare which would probably have been a lot cheaper, but the insurance companies fought that tooth and nail. That said, cool-it with this “Muslims are exempt” stupidity. There is nothing in the legislation that exempts any specific religious denomination from Obamacare. You are just repeating B.S. that another know-nothing invented and put out on the internet. Try using that computer for doing a little research and stop posting nonsense.
Cuba has completed the release of 53 political prisoners that was part of last month’s historic deal with the United States, the Obama administration said Monday. The move clears a major hurdle for the normalization of ties between the two countries after more than five decades of estrangement.
PotEyes Champs!
 Being a drunk and an addict doesn’t mean I can’t be kind and generous too. I don’t like being profiled.
FTR agreed with me about the numbers on climate change put out by the GAO, but said that I have no beef with him. Au contraire, these numbers are so blatantly incorrect that I submit he knew so and purposely posted them to enhance his position as he’s wont to do. Either that or he’s unintelligent and didn’t see the obvious. I don’t know which answer I prefer.
[Fluoridation Conspiracy] Do you know when fluoridation first  began? Nineteen hundred and forty-six. 1946, Mandrake! How does that coincide with your post-war Commie conspiracy, huh? It’s incredibly obvious, isn’t it? A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That’s the way your hard-core Commie works.
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[Navy Exchange] Shopping the NEX is a great way for customers to save money on their purchases every day. In fact, the Navy Exchange Service Command’s NEXCOM most recent market-basket survey shows that customers save on average 24.15 percent when they shop at the NEX, not including sales tax. So that adds up to 30% I guess,  and I wonder if all us civilians living in Balfour Beatty “military housing” get that privilege too? And you  worry about a Walmart?
At the forefront of my concerns regarding the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System (CRWS) is the environmental impact the CRWS may have on the Florida Keys.  Since the CRWS is partially funded by the federal government and the wastewater system, regardless of design, may impact the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the Great White Heron Refuge, the National Key Deer Refuge, the Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve and other environmentally sensitive areas, it occurred to me the associated federal agencies, including the federal agency that provided funding for the CRWS, have failed to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act as required by law. FKAA and the County Commission should know this , but what they have done does not seem to meet  the requirements of the law and they scoff at our concerns.
woman vacuuming
[Vacuum cleaner repair] Any recommendations on upright vacuum cleaner repair within 30 miles of BPK?
[Snubbing Paris Unity March] Shame on you President Obama. Shame on you!
A second palm tree trimmer dies. Story and tutorial. Link
grey-nickerbean[Free Seeds] Save endangered butterflies with seeds of the native Nickerbean shrub. The Nickerbean isn’t for everybody, but is salt-tolerant, will root in very poor soil and handy in other ways—like security. Planting instructions provided.  Also free are new recent coconut seedlings that rooted in my absence. Bring a shovel. Little Torch Key. Classified Ads > Free
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[“FWC app”
] I have seen advertisements several times for the new FWC app. I saw a post on the Coconut Telegraph and still don’t see it in the App Store. I put FWC in the search field and found nothing. What is the actual app name and who is the provider? (Ed: Fish/Hunt FL. Evidently the Citizen got the name wrong.)
Would you use this THC-infused oil for heightened orgasms? Link
hareens 12.2.14
Are there any more drycleaners in the Keys? What do office workers do who have to wear suits?
What’s wrong with this picture?
[Xanax for Gay Summer Weddings] A spoof commercial for a new type of Xanax that relieves stress of attending spectacular gay summer weddings. Now that Florida has gay marriage, you know eventually you’ll get an invitation. This product will help you.  Video
mister potato walk 200h
The Irish Potato Famine of the mid 19th century had such a profound impact on the population of Ireland (through both deaths and emigration) that even after 150 years the population had only returned to half the pre-famine level. Now all we have to do if figure out what the Muslims eat!
A document entitled “Overview of the National Environmental Policy Act: Environmental Assessments and Alternatives” identifies that an agency’s failure to comply with NEPA is actionable and injunctive relief may be sought. Link
[Boredom Therapy] Thunderstorm for the living room. Link
[“Marathon Journal periodically, we update all of our hardware to software …”] Blah blah blah
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pelican post head turns
The sicko who likes to slit the throats of pelicans is back. If we catch you we won’t be calling the police, you will be–for help!  Signed, The rest of us in the Lower Keys. Link
There is one world religion with a mandate to rule everyone else, through beheading and submission and it’s not Christians or Jews. In fact t his isn’t even a religious war. It’s a clash of civilizations, and one of them draws on 7th century barbarity, honor killings and clitorectomies to enforce its dogma. There is so much intellectual laziness behind what passes for religion bashing today. People who like to attack religion think they’re being risqué. Most of their arguments are just conformist and insipid.
[Islamic terrorists hold the world hostage] The Japanese did not attack mainland USA because there was a gun behind every blade of grass. Gun ownership is way above that now. I’m sure there are many waiting for anyone to perpetuate an act like occurred in France. The country is simmering with issues like Ferguson and NYC. Do you really think the rednecks in this country will allow an outsider to screw up a family argument?
green-drink13[Lower Keys Green Drinks] Hosted by Green Living & Energy Education (GLEE). 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 15 Please join us for January’s Lower Keys Green Drinks at The Wharf, 25163 Overseas Hwy., Summerland Key.
Amanda Linfors will offer updates on the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail. Linfors is a Park Ranger with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Recreation and Parks and the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail.  She will also talk about a Niles Channel Bridge cleanup planned for Saturday, Jan 31. The cleanup will be co-hosted by the Trail and GLEE. Everyone of all ages is welcome to join in. Green Drinks social hour starts at 5:30 p.m., with the talk following at about 6:30p. All welcome. Hope to see you there!  Events
I sure hope all these concrete drain troughs on Summerland Key work out correctly. They look too low compared to the existing grade creating big bumps and an uneven terrain. I saw a sports car’s front bumper scraping the pavement while the back end was bouncing off the poured concrete sections. I’m hoping for the best.
[Organized Religion] Homer Simpson became a mail order preacher for $20 and would marry anything to anything in his converted garage wedding chapel. It’s all about screwing insurance companies, pension funds, etc out of money and not paying taxes.
school fish[Discovery Saturday] Kids in kindergarten through fifth grade are invited to join the free, fun-filled Discovery Saturday at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center  (35 East Quay Road, Key West) on Saturday, January 17th from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Play a game of Which Fish Am I? Discover how some fish swim faster than others, and see why many fish have stripes and spots. Make a colorful mask to take home. For more information contact 305-809-4750. Space is limited, so please call to register.  Events
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[Muslims] Unfortunately Newt Gingrich sang a totally different tune during the Balkan war when he accused the Serbs of genocide, knowing fully well that they were up against a similar Muslim onslaught at the time. Some of the same Mujahediin we trained in Afghanistan were in Bosnia chopping heads of local Serb peasants but that was not PC then as it isn’t now. Link
[“FWC’s Hunt/Fish FL app”] I wonder who will be the first loser to drop his phone over the side of the boat proving to FWC they have a fishing license.
puddle13Cudjoe sewer system] What about intrusion from rain water?  Every time it rains a puddle forms at 6th Ave W and Drost. Water is sometimes 4″-6″ deep depending on the rain.  Shouldn’t proper design of manholes keep  them above the most common flood plain? Attached is a photo of puddle covered manhole.  It is my understanding there are other similarly placed manholes regularly covered by puddles every time it rains (a street sized gutter which flows down to the low spot at the intersection of cross streets to Drost.) in Cudjoe Gardens.   If the shallow injection wells have to add to their burden rain from all the manholes designed as poorly as this one and the shallow injection is close to max capacity, won’t the rain added to the system from such poor design cause capacity overages?
 You don’t like FKAA water? They use to have cisterns before FKAA. They’re still legal. Put one of those in. I’ve lived on those before. The water comes from rain. How could it get purer? I never drank that water, but I do drink FKAA water. Just turn your water off and see what happens. You won’t have to deal with their nasty stuff anymore, but it does become a little difficult in the bathroom. I love having the water they ship over 100 miles to my house. I also like the cistern idea too. That’s because if FKAA does stop the water I can still flush that toilet thingy.
[Shipping Dead Soldiers] Well done Delta. United take note! Video
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gondola sm
It’s Italian Join us at Springer’s Bar & Grill for Lunch or Dinner with specials inspired by the old country. Buon appetito!
After reading the water reports in the CT please be advised that a group is being formed for the waterfication of No Name Key.
 Other than any Obama humor, this retard has to be the joke of the year! Christie for President? Is somebody pulling his chain? He cannot run a State that is controlled by big business and the Mob, let alone America. This is all we need, another frothing mouth piece in the White House.–election.html
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FTR you posted the following.

“Our middle class took yet another hit, because wages fell. The number of manufacturing jobs fell by 12k as compared to November.
But, and it’s a huge butt — government employment increased by 50%. And you are going to pay their salaries”.

Please post the source you used to show a 50% increase in government employment in November.
I have a feeling thats a huge pile of Pachyderm poop.
You seem to have some math issues such as your missing of 10s of billions last week in one of your postings.

The future must not belong to those who oppose Islam?!
From our fearless leader?
When will leftists finally wake up and smell camel dung?

from the right
A CRITIC WROTE: (in part) On October 16 2012 FTR posted the following “Obama is in favor of even higher energy prices. A major component of our current energy mess is the result of the Obama foreign policies. His foreign policies have proven to be an accelerant in the political fires that ravage the mid-east. He has accomplished nothing in terms of quenching those fires”.

So now that fuel prices have dropped why isnt FTR telling us that Obama, according to his own measure of foreign policy success, has greatly reduced the cost of fuel?”

FTR’S RESPONSE: Wow, its mind bending to think that a critic would reach back through more than 2 years of postings to try and find an FTR posting that is contrary to current thought. It’s particularly pathetic that even then the critic is flat wrong.

gulf oil gasNothing has changed, Obama still has done nothing at all to drive down the price of fossil fuel. He still wants you to pay more, lots more for your fuel and energy. It’s a sop to the far left green component of his base. He promises to veto the Keystone pipeline. That pipeline WILL tend to decrease the price of fossil fuel and WILL create and maintain thousands of jobs. It will take us another step closer to energy independence. It will become law, Obama will probably veto it.

Face it, Obama and the green component of his base will do all in their power to stop America from becoming energy independent and to bring down the price of energy.

The Democrat foreign policy has proven to be a boon to terrorism. Perhaps terrorisms biggest ally is the Democrat terrorism policy. By far the biggest reason that energy prices are currently low is because the US is producing scads of petroleum. We are capable of producing much more. Link

It is simple fact that during the years of the Obama admin the share of U.S. oil production on federal lands has fallen to a five-year low, from 33.8 percent in 2009 to only 23 percent last year. The share of natural gas production on federal lands has also reached a five-year low of 15.2 percent last year — down from 24.9 percent in 2009.

While energy production on federal lands has fallen in recent years, production on private and state lands has boomed. Oil production on non-federal lands has soared by 61 percent since 009 and natural gas production has jumped up 33 percent during that time.

The huge success of the home grown oil and natural gas industry is increasing our energy security and bringing the country out of recession is despite, not because of, the policies of this Administration.  Link

republican lifting elephantPART 2) You may be a Republican if you believe:

*The strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each person’s dignity, freedom, ability and responsibility must be honored.

*In equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age, or disability.

*That encouraging free enterprise and encouraging individual initiative have brought our nation opportunity, economic growth, and prosperity.

*That government must practice fiscal responsibility and that levying taxes is a privilege granted government by its governed.

More tomorrow. Please think about it.

PART 3) I was wrong….flat wrong when I posted yesterday that Obama was sending Holder to pay his respects to France in the Paris demonstrations protesting Islamic terrorism. Paris, of course has just been the victim of heinous Islamic terrorism. Obama sent not a single senior member of his administration.

That in spite of the fact that the leaders of many free nations attended and marched to show solidarity with the French.

Obama’s failure to attend demonstrated massive disrespect for the French. France is and has been an ally of the US for centuries. It was the French and only the French that enabled us to gain our liberty from Britain. It is the French that gave us the Statue of Liberty. Obama’s callousness will cost us dearly. I am ashamed to have Obama as our President. I pray that Obama was not engaging in some sort of sporting endeavor, and if so, I pray that the world will not learn of it.