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water real[“Corrosive water”] Metal plumbing fixtures rot out here even without FKAA’s water in them. They rot on the shelf. FKAA controls the pH to a little over 9, partly so that the water will not be as capable of picking up metals from the piping. That is not to say that FKAA water is advisable to drink. Lots of nasty chemicals and drugs are in the aquifer that supplies most of the water to the plant, and these go right through the main treatment plant and then are piped to your faucet. Many contaminants are not tested for. The Consumer Confidence Report that you are sent every year is not at all representative of what reaches your home. That report is mandated by the state to make the customers feel better about what they are drinking and is another exercise in deceit. Sometimes the very fine print will tell you that the numbers in the report are not even from the past year.

You can get your own Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter online for about $15. My water in BPK contains typically 2 to 4 times what the report says. I tested a friend’s water in Bay Point and found 16 times the TDS! What is in it besides calcium? who knows? When FKAA water evaporates it leaves a lot of nasty looking brown crud behind that can plug your showerhead and make it look like you never clean the sink. The water is disinfected with chlorine and ammonia (chloramine) in Florida City. Both disinfectants are corrosive and carcinogenic. The disinfectant is depleted along the way creating disinfection by-products (DBP) that are powerful carcinogens. Additional chlorine is added along the way for the lower Keys. Because certain people at FKAA insist on over-sizing water pipes, there is a good chance that if you are near the end of a side street, your water has no disinfectant left– just the DBPs.

FKAA also adds fluoride to the water to protect your teeth, which is nonsense. If you live in the Keys you may not have many real teeth left, but even if you do have a few, the fluoride in water goes right past as you ingest it. Fluoride then carries the aluminum that was added to the water past your body’s blood-brain barrier that would normally block it. Hello, Alzheimer’s! Fluoride also disrupts your endocrine system, reducing thyroid function among others effects. It is stored in your bones where it makes them brittle. Hip fractures were found to be near double in fluoridated communities. Fluoride is strongly associated with bone cancer, especially in boys. Fluoride reduces IQ by about 10 points in children, and was used as a pacification agent by the Nazis. You may know that fluoride is a very hazardous industrial waste also used as an insecticide, and is now mostly supplied from China. Testing of Chinese sodium fluoride has found shocking contaminants including uranium.

At the least, you should put a carbon filter between FKAA water and your showerhead to prevent breathing chlorine fumes which are associated with lung cancer, and use a reverse osmosis (RO) filter system on water you drink to remove almost everything including fluoride. My TDS reading is about 200 before and 0-1 after the RO filter. Here is a very informative letter discussing the hazards of tea drinking, just because of the fluoride content. Link

For Sale. R/V. 2002 Four Winds lite 24 ft, sleeps 5, 1 slide out side, Queen size sleep number in bedroom, 32 inch flat screen tv. Frig works great, ac works great, microwave and stove, lots of storage space, windows have been tinted, good tires, 2 propane tanks attached as well as a battery. Very good condition. $6000 OBO Located on Big Pine. 1-850-748-4486 can email for photos  Classified Ads > Autos
islam logo[Muslims] If we truly were honest with ourselves, we would come to the inevitable conclusion that there is no such a thing as a fundamentalist Muslim. To be a good Muslim, one must heed to Muhammad ‘s edict that Islam is the only true faith and that it should rule over all others. Otherwise said, to have peace with them, we must accept to be ruled by their brand of supremacist spirituality. No other outcome is permissible to them short of a temporary truce that gives time for both sides to realign their ducks. After each remission, however, hostilities are rekindled towards to ultimate goal of conquest of Dar al-Salam, the house of Islam, over Dar al-Harb, the house of war, meaning everyone else.

Until then, Jihad must go on in one form or another until all territory is in perpetuity under Islamic law. To this end, every single Muslim is a foot soldier in that army and though each one may not fight, each must contribute, financially or otherwise. Therefore, the one who contributes to the cause is just as guilty as the Terrorist who seeks to become a ‘shaheed’, a martyr.

[Marathon Journal] Periodically, we update all of our hardware to software. We used to have all Dell equipment. Now days we have HP monitors and one Asus. We have an HP laptop. We have an all-in-one computer to run advertising at events like the Seafood Festival. Our router is a Gigabyte one. We have a Brother MFC 9320CW network color printer. All the hardware is protected from electrical problems by a multiple suite of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). We can survive an interruption for 30 minutes plus. We have an extensive communication systems to include fax, phone number, and the cell phone number on our iPhone 6+. We have 2 ancillary phone lines, Kindle, and iPad. Our operating systems are all Windows 8.1 Pro. The operating system works best with a touch screen, of course. Software runs the gambit from MS Office 365, Norton security software, QuickBooks Pro, Quicken, TurboTax, and Norton 360 including utilities to test everything. We have Adobe for pdf files. We have MS Expression Web for website maintenance. We also have the WordPerfect Office. There are too many to list here like PowerChute the software that runs the UPSs. We have various office equipment to include desks, chairs, and various file cabinets. We have a lot of file cabinets even though all the data is backed up daily and more at night to the backup servers.

In Marathon News: The Sombrero Beach Road development from the US1 light to the school is up for a second and final hearing at Marathon City Council meeting on January 13. Not in my back yard (NIMB) rears its ugly head again.  The 50 unit development has passed the Planning Commission twice and a first City Council reading. Still, public input is important to the process. What will the City Council do? How many people will show up for what might be big fireworks? Or will it get passed with a whimper? What happens when other similar development requests come through?

Champagne taste (on a beer budget). Video
I used to bring my dogs to the Marathon Dog Park but there was so much dirt and so little grass that I needed to give them baths upon our return to the house.  Having all that dirt on their bodies and then distributing it in my house is not pleasant to me. Is it in the City’s budget to lay a few pallets of sod?
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I’m not going outside until the temperature is above my age.
To the person(s) calling the Moose members drunks and addicts.  You know nothing of what you speak.  Our local Moose members are some of the most generous people in our community giving of their time, efforts and money to a wide variety of local causes and events.  They also support, through their equally generous contributions, Mooseheart (a residential/educational facility for children in need providing educational and vocational training from infancy through high school including college scholarships) and Moosehaven (a senior citizens residential community that provides seniors with a high quality of living standard in their later years including many social amenities and full medical care). Moose members are proud to serve our community with many charity events throughout the year to benefit our children and our community at large.  Yes, the local moose lodge allows smoking. Get over it!  You don’t have to join or participate.  To resort to cheap name calling is an indication of your ignorance.  You won’t be missed.  Have a glass of Metamucil, a tofu sandwich and a wonderful day.
The Florida Keys have been under state mandate to improve wastewater treatment to at least BAT (Best Available Technology) standards due to the belief that cess pits and septic tanks are a significant cause of deteriorating water quality. Monroe County government and state agency Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) were tasked with achieving the mandated standard of wastewater treatment by 2010. To help fund the task, Keys voters passed a referendum for an additional 1 percent sales tax. Much of the money raised was frittered away by county government on other unrelated projects. The mandate deadline was missed, but was extended until 2015. Keys residents voted to extend the 1% additional sales tax with the clear representation that proceeds would be used solely for sewer infrastructure until it was completed or at least fully funded. Meanwhile, the US EPA provided funds to be disbursed through the Florida State Revolving Loan Fund (SRF) and other funding was provided through grants. The SRF has very specific requirements, including for public participation in the selection of alternatives. This and other specific requirements were violated. State agency FKAA led the populace to believe that nearly all properties would be served by central sewer. Central sewer was understood to mean vacuum or conventional gravity collection that would require a gravity building sewer installed by the property owner to the public pipes or vacuum pit in the road right of way. This was as stated in the Monroe County Ordinances and in the Wastewater Master Plan.

After the construction contracts were awarded for the CRWS, it was discovered that the promised conventional gravity or vacuum sewer system had been replaced by a collection system that was entirely based on the E-1 brand positive displacement grinder pump. These pumps had been sole-sourced in the contracts in violation of another SRF provision. Only one regional distributor is authorized by the manufacturer to provide these pumps, but other pumps would have been more suitable. And instead of using conventional centrifugal lift station pumps for the “gravity” areas, inappropriate and illegal residential E-1 grinder pumps were utilized. What had been designed in secrecy was an E-1 grinder pump-based sewer system, with especially dense neighborhoods connected by gravity pipes to a shared E-1 grinder pump station.

Citizens with sewer design and operation experience very quickly recognized that there were obvious design irregularities. While a grinder pump-based sewer collection system can be a viable alternative, this design is not.

Little one-horsepower pumps were expected to pump for miles through a common manifold forcemain shared by neighborhood lift stations and even master pump stations. The assumption is made that a very small percentage of pumps would ever run simultaneously, and therefore the pumps might be capable. Link

For sale. Kayak trailer. Will handle up to six kayaks. If you don’t need it for kayaks, take off the racks and it’s a great light duty flatbed trailer. Good tires based on a single axle galvanized boat trailer. $350. Call Classified Ads > Boats
[“Pepper spray lady”] Here’s a link to the petition. Link
The Raccoon Lodge is accepting members. No smoking. Join now!  Video
For Sale 2009 Hoveround MVP 5 motorized wheelchair. never used needs battery. $600. Call  Classified Ads > Miscellaneous
If it wasn’t for Christians, Jews, and Muslims the world would be living in peace. Oh, hold it –that’s almost everyone!
Why we love the pain of spicy food. Eating hot chili peppers allows us to court danger without risk, activating areas of the brain related to both pleasure and pain. Link
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road construction cone
[Construction] Does anyone on want to start a betting pool on how long Layne (sewer contractor) will leave those orange cones around the road top sewer openings on Coral Drive on Ramrod Key? Almost two weeks of having to dodge around them into oncoming traffic on the busiest road on the bayside of the island. What a mess.
I wanted to join the Moose Lodge but I am afraid the indoor smoking would affect my COPD and if I leave my dog home alone he eats the window blinds.
Haiku   ~Issa
The snail gets up
and goes to bed
with very little fuss
bible realIn Islam, “Peoples of the Book” – the book being the Bible – are subject to Islamic law once they are conquered. They are called dhimmis: protected peoples, because Islamic law protects their life and goods on condition that they submit to Islamic rule. Dhimmitude is the Muslim tax of non-Muslims. Given Muslims are specifically exempted from the Affordable Healthcare Act and from the penalty tax for insurance that Islam considers to be “usury,” Muslims in the US will therefore have health insurance paid for by the government. Non-Muslims will be paying a tax to subsidize Muslims. For all intents and purposes, we already have been conquered from within
2001 Sailfish w/ 2001 Yamaha motor. Great first boat. I’m moving to a dry lot so no real use for it anymore. It is a turn key package. I have covers for console and engine. You can also have all the buoys and dock lines. Bimini top. It has brand new Garmin 441 GPS, brand new West Marine Stereo System, brand new running lights, brand new bilge pump, live well, brand new tube with all the harnesses and life jackets, all your safety equipment, binoculars and brand new handheld VHF waterproof radio. I also have a battery switch to run two batteries. 44 gallon gas tank. I am the second owner of this boat. I just replaced the water impeller last year and oil pan gaskets. It also has a brand new swim platform on the back. Plenty of cooler space, perfect for Picnic Island trips. You get the full package. It has roughly 200 hrs on the engine. I have a trailer, but it is in bad shape you can take that if you want it — no charge. I will have the boat delivered within a reasonable distance. Great for a canal front home. $9200. Call  Classified Ads > Boats
[19 Dead Non-believers] Saturday Muslims in Nigeria strapped explosives to a ten year old girl and sent her into a market. Boom. Death. Link
Cats101[Cat Sanctuary] Grand structures from ages past often find new life in the present, be it old banks turned into restaurants, churches converted to libraries, or other structures repurposed. In the case of the Largo di Torre Argentina in Rome, a square that hosted four Roman temples and the Theatre of Pompey, the shift in function and the history of the location was a bit more dramatic than an old savings and loan bank turned into a trendy restaurant.

In 41 BC, the Curia of the Theatre of Pompey and square served as the stage for the assassination of none other than famed Roman ruler Julius Caesar. Today, however, the location is in ruins and the ruins themselves have been enclosed to serve as a no-kill cat shelter where many of Rome’s numerous cats are treated and released to live their lives sheltered in the ruins, fed and cared for by volunteers.

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Leaking-PipeAccording to their own records, FKAA loses about 1/4 of the water that they treat and pump for distribution to your meter. A small percentage of that is wasted to flush out pipes in areas with water quality complaints and such, but the vast majority is unaccounted for or included in their leakage estimate. If they also lose 1/4 of the wastewater pumped towards the Cudjoe treatment plant, they will be injecting about a quarter million gallons per day of raw sewage into the tidal groundwater …. every day! Since this “low pressure sewer” collection system runs at higher pressures than the potable water distribution piping, the same size hole will spray out sewage even faster than a water pipe would. This is no way to improve the lower Keys water quality! Dump the Pumps! This fubar project is not worthy of completion as designed. There are just too many opportunities for increased pollution. If you missed it, be sure to read the open letter to DEP that highlights some other very serious issues. Link
[Homeless Fashion] Veronica wanted to design a coat that transforms into a sleeping bag for a school project, but ended up doing much more than that. She gave people using homeless shelters one thing they needed most. This girl is the real life example of a proverb “Give man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” Link
hareens 12.2.14
I just saw the photo of Charles Elmers face on that beach, it was caked with sand all the way down to his chin making it impossible for him to breath. I predict that once a real investigation begins a whistleblower will come forth to tell the truth and get paid a fee for coming forth. Someone who has been told to keep his mouth shut and this will blow over and he will get a big check for telling the truth. He might as well do it now because the Chief of the KWPD will end up in his own jail along with his FDLE cronies and half the police force will be fired and a complete rebuilding of this pack of thugs will begin. The sooner the better. This little island reminds me so much of Batista’s thugs. It’s like being there again.
fishing license required
Buying state fishing and hunting licenses has never been easier with the new Fish-Hunt-FL application for Android, Apple and Windows smartphone devices. People can download the free app today by searching FWC in the App Store or Google Play.
[Gun Nuts] Protesters rallied at the state Capitol in Olympia to denounce an expanded initiative on gun-purchase background checks that voters widely approved last month.  Link
Cannabis Strain Research Center. God loves Wikileaf. Link
hawaiian mary baby globe
“Her connection with the child was still so close, that she could gauge by the flow of her milk his need of food, and knew for certain he was hungry. At last things went right, and mother and child felt simultaneously soothed, and both subsided into calm.”Does a mother’s milk flow according to her infant’s need? Is there a physical symbiotic relationship going on where a baby’s need for nourishment turns on the mothers milk flow?
[Wait a Second!] Good news! Scientists are adding an extra second to the year 2015. Here’s the bad news — you just wasted it reading this.
[Stupid Rules] If you fly into Key West via Delta you’ll probably transfer planes in Atlanta. Order a drink from one of the airport bars and they ask for an ID. Yes I was carded and I am in my mid 60s.  Stupid regulations like this only breed contempt for the law in general–not a good thing.
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whiskey on the rocks
[FKAA Water
] I  like our water delivered by FKAA. They have made vast improvements to the system. I remember the 70’s and 80’s when the old mains would break and the water would be off. Constructing the new bridges enabled the FKAA to replace the old water mains. Pressure is good, the water is clean, and it tastes good, plain or with Scotch
[Eimers] The Horan firm, and the hotshot mainland trial lawyers they associated in the Eimers case, seem capable and motivated. However, they do not threaten prison time, but their hard work might help the US Department of Justice take the case down that road, if it decides to get involved. I’m still waiting on the US Magistrate’s determination of whether or not the defendant city cops committed perjury in their depositions, which, based on what I have seen in blue paper articles, it appears they certainly did. The US Attorney prosecuted Jim Hendrick for conspiracy and witness tampering, even though the statute of limitations had run on the facilitating a bribe of a county commissioner allegations. No statute of limitations seem to have run in the Eimers case, yet. I hope DOJ, or US Attorney, does not dally. I am not holding my breath on Florida Department of Law Enforcement and/or State Attorney Catherine Vogel getting right with God in the Eimers case; nor KWPD Police Chief Donie Lee and Internal Affairs, nor Mayor Cates and the six city commissioners. If the Eimers case turns out to be Key West’s Chernobyl, that might make the 2016 mayor’s race a hell of a lot more interesting, and perhaps the 2015 city commission races, depending on the Eimers case timeline.
[Terrorists] I do not understand why  the current administration refuses to call the terrorists who murdered the people in Paris, Islamic terrorists. They are at war with the non-believers and peace to them means submission to their laws.
[“Round house”] The inflatable dome is for the forming of the concrete dome and it will be removed after the concrete is poured.
I’m not sure if any comment is necessary. I think in this case a picture is worth the 1000 words.
[US1] Driving along Route 1 from Homestead to Key West is a trip. With all the money spent by the State of Florida and Monroe County to gingerbread that stretch of road, it is a wonder that people can afford to live along it. All the extra road painting, reflectors, signage, twists and turns, off shoots, parking nonsense and happy trails had to drain both budgets and maybe drive out the poorer locals to get their properties for future development projects. There is so much unnecessary crap along there, it is a wonder a vehicle can fit in the lanes. Love thy politician or pay them more.
Jihad and dhimmitude, especially how they stack against Christians, is a taboo history, not only in the Islamic realm but also in the West. It has been buried beneath a politically correct myth, fabricated by Western politicians and religious leaders, in order to promote their own national strategic and economic interests. This trumps empirical reality as if it was the only guarantee of cultural survival, even though it leads us to our own demise.

In Islam, “Peoples of the Book” – the book being the Bible – are subject to Islamic law once they are conquered. They are called dhimmis: protected peoples, because Islamic law protects their life and goods on condition that they submit to Islamic rule. Dhimmitude is the Muslim tax of non-Muslims. Given Muslims are specifically exempted from the Obama healthcare mandate and from the penalty tax for insurance that Islam considers to be “usury,” Muslims in the US will therefore have health insurance paid for by the government. Non-Muslims will be paying a tax to subsidize Muslims. For all intents and purposes, we already have been conquered from within.

walmart prices12
[Low Prices] A poster made it sound like it’s not a good thing Walmart buys in bulk and passes the savings onto the consumers. That’s the point–stretching the dollar.
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Why are these always located on the lowest shelf?
[Bottled Water] My wife just flew out of KW Airport and while waiting to board, bought a 24 oz bottle of water for $3.20! Are you freaking kidding me? Are those airport people nuts or just thieves? Never again will we buy anything in an airport.
FTR’s piece on Friday 01//9. So it’s OK for a police union to have a work slow down, but no other unions are allowed to have one? I am very pro union, but the NYC Police Union President is a jerk! He’s a blow hard who hasn’t worked the streets in years. I believe he’s been union president longer than an actual working policeman. How dare he tell the police not do their jobs regardless of what type of crime it is. How do they think their salaries are paid for? They are making one of the finest police forces in the world look like a bunch of babies. Having a work slow when it comes to protecting and serving will only cause more distrust towards them. It seems they are hoping for an increase in crime just to stick it to DiBlasio. What about the citizens they are working for as they surely outnumber the one mayor. This is proof that the police believe they can live by a different set of rules. Shame on them and you FTR.
Do vultures eat iguanas or politicians? Maybe not politicians, because they are related?
[“Homophobe”] I’m sorry, I don’t want the all the gays to get married then move, then shut up. I just want them to shut up.
veteran flag[The Long Walk Home] I wish you all a Happy New Year and want to thank all of you for your belief in this project.  Because of your support we have on going workshops and soon we will have a gym. We are at a point where periodic meetings possibly once a month may be needed to collaborate n to achieve our goals. As a team of like minded people we can accomplish much to serve others.

Wednesday the 16th of January at 6pm at Stonner Point (232 Button Wood Lane, on the way to Harry Harris park)  It will be a pot luck so please bring something to share with everyone. The agenda is to creating a task force, special events, workshops, staff the gym, secretarial, bookkeeping, logistics, grant writing, PR

Upcoming yard sale Feb. 14. Upcoming concert April 11. Gym and crowd funding, having a presence at local events and workshops.

[“I’m surprised that hemophilia is still alive in the Keys”] Hemophilia? Must be referring to all those bleeding heart liberals.
computer transfusion
(short for Cyber Hypochondria) is the name for the anxiety individuals experience when they engage in a high level of searching for and reading of medical literature online in an attempt to ‘self-diagnose’ symptoms they have. Due to the high volume of information online, the individuals symptoms could be construed as being indicative of any number of illnesses or diseases, all of which the person is very unlikely to have.
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bill-1.11.15[Captain Doom and Gloom] DEF: Global Warming n, A side tracking con game to hide pollution’s deadly effects on Planet Earth.
DEF: Parking Lots n, An area designed for inept people not to follow driving laws or use common sense.
DEF: Shopping Cart n, That which blocks the last parking spot and leaves your hands sticky.
DEF: Pickup Truck n, A vehicle whose purpose is to do work or become a peasants Rolls Royce.
DEF: Mothers n, Female humans who hatch offspring at the cost of loosing half of their gray matter.
DEF: Retail n, The pirating of fools money for items of little value.
DEF: Cars n, A necessary evil because buses suck!
The French
are all going nuts with the protest rallies. What better way for terrorists to get targets packed together? Anything I cannot stand is those ‘candle burners’ parading around hoping some divine intervention will fix everything. Dreamers  are what will make white humanity lose to Islam.
FTR would blame acne on the President if he found one of his website to back him up.
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 I found this entertaining and proof of how propagandist work. On October 16 2012 FTR posted the following “Obama is in favor of even higher energy prices. A major component of our current energy mess are the result of the Obama foriegn policies. His foreign policies have proven to be an accelerant in the political fires that ravage the mid-east. He has accomplished nothing in terms of quenching those fires”.
So now that fuel prices have dropped why isnt FTR telling us Obama according to his own measure of foreign policy success has greatly reduced the cost of fuel?
How many different views can 1 take before you realize they are arguing with themselves taking more then one stand?
If he could take a 3rd and 4th view he would.
from the right
ON FRIDAY A POSTER WROTE complaining about my Thursday posting that read (in part): “According to the GAO, annual federal climate spending has increased from $4.6 billion in 2003 to $8.8 billion in 2010, amounting to $106.7 billion over that period.” The poster complained that the math doesn’t add up.

FTR’S RESPONSE: I appreciate the posters attention to detail. But, the poster has no beef with me. The stats quoted are from Forbes magazine and from a GAO report. You can check them out for yourself Link  and Link

Part 1) The latest unemployment stats were released last Friday. They cover the month of December, ’14. The good news is that we have had a decent number of new jobs added. That’s a very good thing.

The bad news, however deeply tempers the good news. The labor force participation rate dropped again to a miserable 62.7%, the lowest since February 1978, Deer Friends, that is the level we saw during the Carter presidency. Do you remember Carter’s infamous “misery index?”

unemployed-manThe “civilian labor force” rolls dropped by 273k, even though the population increased by more than 180k. Also please consider the fact nasty news that BOLS reports that a whopping 93 million Americans have left the work force as of last month, that’s an increase of 456k over November. Certainly a percentage of those are Baby Boomers are retiring, but the labor force participation rate is crystal clear, it is now at 62.7% and declining, it has matched a 37 year low. The u/e rate has again declined, and that is good news. But again, a large portion of that decline is due to the increasing number of people who have quit even trying to work. When the Democrats took control of Congress, the u/e rate was it is at 5.6%, an increase of nearly 30%.

Our middle class took yet another hit, because wages fell. The number of manufacturing jobs fell by 12k as compared to November.

But, and it’s a huge butt — government employment increased by 50%. And you are going to pay their salaries.

Part 2) There are many in the CT community who self-identify as being Democrat, Liberal, or Progressive. The fact of the war on Islamic Fundamentalism terrorism must be a very vexing intellectual and emotional problem for them.

There can be no doubt but that the war exists, it started in the US in ‘90 with the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane by Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists. Their terror campaign has continued unabated in the US and abroad. The list of their successful assaults on our homeland and unsuccessful attempts is long. The most recent attacks on France is but the latest skirmish in the war.

But our current president, his administration, and most Democrat leaders refuse to acknowledge that the war exists, rather, they treat the skirmishes as being nothing more than mere criminal activity, but our Islamic Fundamental enemies consider the battles as being heroic battles in a global war. A war that they intend to win. They even refuse to identify the enemy as being Islamic fundamentalist terrorist.

The liberals refuse to acknowledge the fact that we are at war with a branch of a religion rather than a nation. Their posturing is political correctness run amok. No thinking person can deny that we are at war with a vicious and determined enemy who is totally committed to eradicating our way of life and the way of life of all who do not subscribe to their religion.

isil12Since the advent of the Obama administration, with blind support from his Democrat allies, we have witnessed, and fostered the meteoric ascendency of the power of Islamic militancy. Obama’s vainglorious boast that “Osama is dead” was but a precursor to Obama’s later boasts.  Obama has described al Qaeda as having been “decimated,” “on the path to defeat” or some other variation at least 32 times just since the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. It is a recurring theme. About a year ago, Obama dismissed ISIS/ISIL as being nothing more than the JV team. AQI was the actor in the most recent attacks in France.

Now ISIS/ISIL is sweeping through the Mideast like a wild fire. Their conquests and growth has made Obama and the US look silly and impotent. Since Obama took office, the Islamic fundamentalist conflagration has spread beyond the bounds of the mid-east and now infects much of North Africa and it is very active in much of Europe.

We are at war! We have an intractable enemy. The Democrats and Obama must come to realize that. Obama’s dispatching of Attorney General Eric Holder rather than Secy of State, John Kerry, to be his representative at the Paris rallies in support of free speech and against terrorism, speaks volumes of Obama’s intransigence. One must wonder why Obama refuses to acknowledge the obvious. What is driving Obama’s obsession? What say the CT community Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives?