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Friday, January 9, 2015

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phone books9
[Waste] These 4 phone books were delivered to my address and went straight into the trash. What a waste of paper. Who uses a phone book anymore? It’s so much faster to Google a name followed by the zip code.
[“FKAA’s drinking water”] I thought they cleaned their pipes yearly with a mild solution of bleach. For those dew days they tell us not to drink the water.
germ green
Soap doesn’t kill viruses.
When you wash your hands, soap and friction loosen viruses’ grip on your skin, and water washes them off. This is why you should recite the ABCs while you wash up (just do it in your head)—the extra time encourages you to hit all surfaces of your hands.If soap is just too much work, run your hands under water, which will at least kill bacteria, Bacteria are not osmotically bal­anced, so if you put them in water, the pressure outside the cell becomes greater than inside and the cell bursts.
Yard Sale.1/10, Saturday 8am-12. Household, yard and garden, plants, ferns, orchids, frangi pangi, collectibles, lots of misc. Palm Ave, Big Pine, Eden Pines.
[Brita Water Filter]
 I use a Brita filter for all the 15 years I’ve been here.  NYC has the best tasting water.  There is a distinct difference between NYC water and Keys water.  The benefits of a Brita water filter lays in its ability to filter out heavy metals and other impurities, such as lead, which are most likely not in your tap, but may be due to poor plumbing.
Florida Senate Probes DOC & FDLE:How many times have FDLE Investigators discovered evidence that indicated a law-enforcement officer had committed a crime? On how many occasions were ‘criminally deficient cops’ brought to trial and found guilty?

A brilliantly prepared document presented by Chairman Allison DeFoor’s “Project on Accountable Justice”, was recently examined by the Florida Senate. This manuscript examines a disturbing ‘investigative relationship’ that may exist between the Florida Department of Corrections and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Upon inspecting this document, along with knowledge acquired while personally battling against the criminal allegations referred to in said report, it is my opinion that malfeasance may rest in the fact that on many occasions FDLE has been the investigative body, which was supposed to hold other law-enforcement personnel (wardens, corrections officers and staff) accountable for their part in allegedly killing, torturing and injuring individuals in their custody.

The chronic and merciless violence, allegedly inflicted upon some prisoners, combined with my experience uncovering and remedying these types of abuses, it appears to me that FDLE may in fact be culpable for the callous crimes allegedly committed by some ‘officers of the law’. In my opinion, based upon research and what I’ve undergone, there may be some FDLE investigators who rarely  present evidence that brings criminal charges against a law-enforcement officer.

If true, we place rogue ‘corrections officers’ right back into the lives of individuals they’ve allegedly beaten, tortured or killed.  Has FDLE ever cover-upped crimes committed by their fellow officers at the DOC?

The FDLE investigation of the ‘in-custody death’ of Charles Eimers is of particular concern. This examination was corrupted from the start. FDLE blatantly violated its own rules, as it disregarded their “ethical standards policy” on how to conduct a proper investigation.

Many independent and official inquires have questioned the validity with which FDLE has conducted some investigations. These authentic concerns may lend credible doubt to their reliability. SA Vogel should now ‘know’ that FDLE is capable of conducting a fraudulent investigation, while possibly designing an alleged ongoing cover-up, when it examined the killing of an individual who was in the custody of the Key West Police Department.

The similarities between the many alleged crimes this agency is thought to have committed, when they were supposedly rendering an accurate examination of police misconduct; and the alleged crimes and cover-up that many believe they have committed, as it relates to the killing of Mr. Eimers; is extraordinarily significant. So remarkable, that this alleged  type of criminal conduct is being examined by the “Florida Senate”.

SA Vogel should now ‘know’ based on a plethora of credible, reliable and impartial sources that there may have been significant breaches in FDLE’s investigation of Charles Eimers’ death. These violations include and are not limited to; evidence being destroyed and discarded, perjured statements by police officers (on video tape), an incomplete and inaccurate finding by the medical examiner as to the cause of death (based on the medical examiner’s deposition) and prejudicial testimony purchased from a paid witness to defend the violence and force used by the arresting officers.

There’re many allegations suggesting that significant problems may be spread throughout the ‘Eimers’ Investigation’. These doubts and uncertainties are troubling. No one will ever know the truth, if SA Vogel prevents a reliable and independent assessment of this traumatic event.

Many legal minds are of the opinion that an incomplete and inaccurate presentation was made to the ‘grand jury’.

Madam State Attorney, please request a ‘Special Prosecutor’ from the State of Florida to begin a new inquiry. If you’re not comfortable with that, please call upon the Justice Department to immediately look into this muddled investigation.

[Terrorists] Just before 10 am (our time) there were explosions and a lot of automatic gunfire from the Jewish grocery store where the Paris terrorist brothers are holding hostages.
Is it true that the poorest person on big pine key is the tooth fairy?
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[“Terrorist attack in Paris
“] It looks like the Muslims are still killing people over there. I wonder how long before people start killing any Muslim on sight.
An open letter from Dump the Pumps, Inc. to the new Secretary of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection has been published in Key West the Newspaper. The letter makes it pretty clear why people are so upset with the shoddy design and lack of concern by those charged with protecting public safety and environmental health. Now to see if the new secretary will mitigate the sins of the old one by ordering his department to do the job they are paid and entrusted to do. This letter includes pictures. Link
I read somewhere that during peak season FKAA mixes a small amount of saltwater into our water to help with the demand. If that is true then no wonder the pipes and plumbing are taking a beating.
indian chief winks
] The Federal Government, which has Tomahawk cruise missiles, Apache and Lakota helicopters, and used the code name Geronimo in the attack that killed Osama bin Laden, officially objects to the name of the Washington Redskins.
The night before the Paris shooting there was a protest in Germany about saving their county from the Muslim infiltration. The Cologne church was to turn off it’s lights in order to not support the protest. Do you think the protesters in Germany know what they are talking about?
camera9We lost our silver Kodak Easy Share camera on Thursday, January 8. It probably fell off in the Big Pine Key area near the Key Deer Preserve area, but may have hung on until somewhere between there and Key West. It was in a soft sided red and black zippered case. I am most interested in getting the memory card back, as it has photos from our family vacation – mom, dad and two teens. Some shots were taken in front of live gators in the wild, so these are really special to us. I would happily get the finder a replacement memory card so you can keep and continue to use the camera, or offer a reward for the return of the camera if you prefer. Thanks so much! Please reply to Classified Ads > Lost and Found
To all the people that take their dogs to the Big Pine Key Dog Park, be very careful if your dog runs after balls. Today my dog ran after a ball and fell into a hole and did a triple role. Now she is limping and after a $280 vet bill there is no broken bones, thank God. She will not be able to walk for several days. I am a local resident and bring 3 tennis balls a day to the park and I can never find one or two. Bring a shovel and pick up all there poop and fill the holes.
Haiku  ~Moritaki
Those falling blossoms
all return to the branch when
I watch butterflies.
Marijuana Game – Pot Man. Game
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sandwich-footballThe NFL playoffs are not for the faint hearted and neither is this massive burgerhemoth served by the Green Bay Packers this postseason. Not content to dog pile linemen onto receivers, the franchise is bringing that tactic to the concession stand with its Big Game Burger. The $20 monster is 1 1/2 lb of meat and toppings held together by two of the hardest working pretzel buns in the country. Right now, the Big Game Burger will only be offered during the postseason. It plays its first game this Sunday when the Packers face the Cowboys in the NFC second-round.

½ pound ground venison
½ pound ground bacon
½ pound ground certified Angus beef
Jalapeno cheese BBQ sauce
Six strips of crispy jalapeno smoked bacon
Fried onions
Shredded lettuce
Sliced tomato
Secret sauce

[Homophobe] To the individual who wanted all the gay people, now that we can marry, to go someplace else and shut up. I have news for you. We’re moving right next door. We decided your street was a good place to move to–in droves! Do you need a place next door to David Duke? We hear its available.
Dynamite — Tao Cruz. “I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying, “Ay oh, gotta let go….want to celebrate & live my life!” Happy Friday. Be glad you are in Paradise. It is 20 below zero here.
FTR, let me explain this so even you can understand. There are shitbird Marines, there are shitbird Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Coast Guardsmen. There are shitbird politicians, republicans, democrats, independents. There are shitbird doctors, nurses and EMTs. There are shitbird firefighters and there are shitbird police officers. Yes, FTR, there are shitbirds.
Your personal computer ring can play music, check your email, give you alerts and even allows you to browse or chat with others.
Yard Sale. Community yard sale Saturday 2/14/15 at 97300 Commerce Bldg, Key Largo  (big white bldg in median on US 1.) Please mark your calendar for the 2015 Presidents Weekend event. Got stuff to sell?  Do it at TLWH’s community yard sale. TLWH is renting tables for $25 to people who want to bring their own stuff to sell at our community yard sale. If you have items you no longer want, please consider donating them to TLWH. We will sell your donated items, plus give you a thank you letter for your donation for your taxes. Our community yard sale theme is Have a Heart – Help a Veteran.

Please help spread the word.  Thanks for your support ! Call Sue Heim 305-509-0180 for more info. The Long Walk Home, Inc (TLWH) is a local non-profit (registered 501c3) helping vets with PTSP and suicide. Our goal is to open a local fitness center, which will be free for veterans. Events

[“Life’s demerit system”] Funny thing is I was always told that I treated the women in my life too good. I was told this by both male friends and female friends. I think more money is the solution to making a woman happy.
I hope they don’t blow up the CT’s corporate headquarters for publishing this loving picture. Why can’t we all get along?
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Florida Keys Celtic Festival. Events
I had my appendix taken out as a child. They said it was useless, but based on my life since then, I’m guessing it controls motivation.
hareens 12.2.14
If you study Islam, the moderate Muslim has the same beliefs as the radical: The radical Muslim, kills you. The moderate Muslim wants the radical Muslim to kill you. What’s the difference?
Magic Plan is free CAD drafting software for your smartphone or tablet. No measuring, just take a picture and it converts it as long as your device has a gyroscope. Video
[“Asshole song”] Do yourselves a favor and go to see Pat Dailey at Sloppy Joes in February! This is my favorite by far: You Don’t Have To Be Drunk to Be An A-Hole
This is a very good duplicate file finder that I use all the time. It has never failed. As always, never run such software on the original folder or HDD. Always backup to another folder or HDD then run this program. If you goof on the settings, you may loose your files. The program does not think, you do! Link
And from the Department of Surprising Developments: Comcast cable is out at my house.
[Good Moose]  I want you to look at Moosehart for the kids and Moosehaven for seniors. That’s what we are about. My father, when he was 13, had to support his family and the Moose took him, his brothers, sisters and my grandmom in. They had no money, nothing. The Moose is the best . You people don’t have a clue what it’s about . Take some time and go on the web site and see what they are doing . You will be surprised.
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radiation robot
[“The Cudjoe round house”] That balloon is the start of a Pneumatic Conveying Systems . They are used to handle bio-hazardous waste disposal. They must remain sterile for the beginning of installation. My guess would be some one has very special medical needs. Most likely the meds are very toxic or the illness is highly contagious and all dressing & supplies must be treated through this equipment. You’ll know soon enough, special permits will be required before they can run the waste through the system
Any one know when the final paving is going to take place on Summerland Key. These uneven bumps are killing the suspensions on the cars that have to drive over them to go to the Post office or grocery store.
[What’s Killing the Birds] Billions of birds fall victim to domestic cats every year, but other human activities are also to blame. Link
salt shaking
[“Our corrosive water”]
Don’t forget that our water is legally brackish. Don’t forget that a weak salt solution is more corrosive that a strong one (more ions in solution).  My house was built in 1965 and plumed with copper, even the drains and sewer pipe. All the pipes are original.
Happy Birthday David Bowie who’s 68 today. Heroes
Florida Keys Health Fair pre-registration starts tomorrow at the Senior Center on Big Pine from 9am to 2 pm. Link
One poster said my comments were spot on and another said I was telling him or her what to do. I m going fishing with my sweet pretty little gal and maybe then find us a place to have a little fun in the sun if you get my drift. I could find something to bitch about, but it’s way more fun to enjoy my life with a pretty gal and a boat full of fish.
I use a reverse osmosis filter and get pure delicious water from my faucet. I never have to buy bottled water — ever. I know that doesn’t address other plumbing issues that may exist in the house, but at least what counts, the water I drink, is filtered and pure.
[Editor Bad] “The CT stands for freedom of speech” Does it really? Our posts are routinely mangled, twisted or not even published. What the submitter originally intended is replaced by whatever Deer Ed’s agenda is that day. Yes, we all know that this is his blog to run as he sees fit, but don’t try to convince us that anyone posting here has any real freedom of speech. Bring back uncensored Saturdays if you really want to hear the uncensored voice of the people.
I recall that FKAA switches from the fresher water aquifers after the snow birds go back north. The year round residents are then given tap water from a more brackish aquifer. Who do you think asked them to do this? the TDC most likely. Lousy tasting and looking water would not fair well with the tourists. When I moved into my house, the frig’s filter was so filthy that a thick, black goo came out of it. My house also has concrete spalling  that was most likely due to cement being mixed during this time of year. The water really sucks and may be responsible for me getting a cancerous tumor in my kidney as I always drink a lot of water. I wouldn’t even trust getting water out of those machines. Don’t drink the water – Drink beer instead.
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dog beg tonguePepper Spray Woman will be back in town this week, post holidays (from New Jersey). I would like some more signatures on this petition along with any comments or ideas you may have. I would like to mail this all to her as soon as I see she is home. Email me and I’ll give you the link to the petition site. Thank You P.S. once I send you the link I will delete your email, I am not using it for any other purpose.

There is a Woman that lives on Hudgins Dr, Summerland Key Florida, that does not seem to understand the reasons for using pepper spray on dogs. She has sprayed two dogs and has threatened to spray another. She claims it’s because they are not leashed. Even though they are. She tells this to her husband and others that will listen. I believe, in her mind, it’s justified in some way, even though these animals are not attacking her. She sprayed my dog because I said to her “Don’t ever pepper spray my dog” referring to the previous dog spraying incident; and with that, she just pulls out her spray and sprays my dog — just like that, while my dog was sitting by my side wagging her tail — on her leash. Police were called and reports made, 3 phone calls to the States Attorneys Office later, absolutely nothing will be done to this woman, not even a letter of some sort, counseling her about the proper usage of pepper spray. I was told it is all in how she perceives the animal. Well gee, from the time of the first encounter with my dog sniffing at her feet to the time she actually sprayed my dog it was at least 1 full minute, you mean to tell me she stood there “terrorized” for a full minute then sprayed my dog? Really? She told Police that she was terrified of my dog. Did I mention I have a witness, standing 4 feet away and saw the whole incident. What exactly has to happen for this woman to stop injuring our pets? I am ashamed at our system for not at least doing something. I am starting to religiously carry my smartphone and will film her every time I see her, as she is now a documented liar as to why she uses the spray. I would suggest the same for anyone that encounters her. She is large, blond, 65-70 years of age and has a small black dog, and frequently walks along Hudgins Dr, Sunset Blvd, Ocean Dr, West Shore, and East Shore Drives in Summerland Key.  Did I mention she smiled as she sprayed my dog. Terrorized? My ass!

[“Wants gay people, now that they can marry, to go someplace else”] I’m surprised that hemophilia is still alive in the Keys. Last night I was talking to a tourist about design and remarked that I learned most of my design skills from working for gay people for so many years. He immediately changed the subject to gays. Telling me that he knew a gay man once and he was very nice. duh!
Dr. Bob’s interesting article on marijuana helping PTSD in our troops. Link
turkey dinner wineOn Thanksgiving Day the Moose fed over 100 people from the community, in house as well as delivered dinner to shut ins. They also held a Christmas pizza party for 93 children who received a new toy as well as a stocking full of goodies and then provided a full dinner on Christmas Day to anyone in the community and again delivered to those that couldn’t get to the lodge. All of this done free of charge and by volunteers. It was funded by fundraising and donations made by the club members. Something else you might want to check out is Mooseheart is a residential child care facility in Illinois, dedicated by the Moose Fraternal organization. It is home to children and teens who are unable to live with their families. They are helped to survive and thrive. How is this funded you might ask, through donations from Moose lodges all over the country. You know, the drinking club that doesn’t do anything!
Ways you know you live in a country run by idiots. Video
marathon-airport9[Captain Doom and Gloom] There is a new game out. It is called The Earth Movers. There are only 14 player pieces and 14 squares. The object of the game is never to move, but to stay in your square and with the help of all pieces and control the board. Underneath the board is another game. It is called One Human Family and has 5 billion pieces which roam around randomly and breed more pieces at will. The object of this game is to stay on the board for no more than 75 years then recycle. This game has absolutely no relation to The Earth Movers Game! $29.95 At Games are Us International.  .

I feel sorry for FTR because of the people that ridicule everything he says, but themselves say nothing important or factual. why the hell does it make a difference if someone is a Democrat or Republican or any other political member if what they are talking about has nothing to do with politics. Choosing to knock someone politically on non-political topics shows a definite mental problem. Grow up people. Be a man or woman and state a fact not bull shit to hear yourself. I cannot imagine what Ed. edits out of the garbage he must receive daily. Hang in there FTR, we who walk up-right, love you!

DEF: Alzheimer’s n, A condition that allows old guys to have their groins groped my young nurses.
DEF: Flashlight n, A useless tool to find your contact lens at night.
DEF: Yoyo n, A useless toy with a string controlled by semi-intellectuals. SEE: Def: President n.
DEF: Mutant n, Any creature not of normal status with mental and bodily distortions, SEE: Democrat n.
DEF: Scanner n, A speed checking devise, an office duplicator, a horny guy in a locals bar.
DEF: Barstool n, A seat you fight over, demand, cherish and libate on, but would never touch it with bare hand.

Police Brutality: Who is Charles Eimers? Link
[“Many Kmart and Sears stores are closing”] It is called competition and Walmart is the champion that is killing off most all other chains and Mom and Pop stores. Walmart buys in such great quantities no one else can get their buyer discounts. If you make a product for that costs you $1 they buy it for $.10 cents, but they buy the next several years of your production! You have no others that can buy from you. Sears is the same way, but Sears in owned by other people that are not like Walmart. Walmart is another Big Brother.
oil stroage tanks9
[“The Round House”] Is that the real house parts or the mold for concrete? If the mold, then that thing will probably look like a two tank oil storage unit. I’m sure glad I don’t live on that street!
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Key Largo Sex offense
, federal (travel with the intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct).
[“Terrorist attack in Paris”] We have plenty of crab traps for the Muslims that attack in the Keys, crabs eat anything. And we are not like France we have firearms and are not afraid to use them. If you want a rifle dropped only one time we have many from world war two from the Frenchies.
[We should remember that Obama, who is not running for office, and the Democrats suffered one of the most crushing defeats in a midterm election in decades] It was President Toom Tabard hiself who said “Make no mistake, my policies are on every ballot” If so, then he as well as the rest of the Democrats suffered the defeat.
FTR’S half-hearted RESPONSE to climate change.
Since FTR could not meet my challenge to find a climate change denier that isn’t paid by some special interest, he came up with a
mealy-mouthed response which danced around the issue, a common method to avoid answering a question directly.
FTR –“It always has and always will.” Really?? this is your answer?
The climate change educated and often unbiased people are talking about means GLOBAL WARMING is increasing at an increasing rate never seen before in earth’s history. We are talking decades and hundreds of years, not the thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of years it has taken in past history, when it happened from natural sources. Let’s make this perfectly clear. This is man-made global warming, largely caused by the burning of fossil fuels, that FTR is denying.
Well, did you buy the snakeoil from the Republican party during the last election? If you did welcome to a fresh case of buyers remorse. Republican leaders in the Senate are suggesting they might be open to an increase in the 18.4 cents-per-gallon federal gas tax.

Yep, they are upset that gas has fallen to its lowest levels since 2008. The Republicans are telling us that since a fuel tax increase hasn’t happened since 2008 now would be a great time to stick it on your familys budget and raise consumer goods prices by sticking it on small businesses which will mean higher prices for everyone.

You probably fell for the “Democrats are upset about the low cost of fuel” rhetoric this past week.

Prices go up because of this tax  remember it wasn’t the horrible and big bad democrats that are going to screw you it will be originating from your local warm and fuzzy Republicans. Keeping watching because after posting this the price of snakeoil will drop faster and a new sales pitch will be coming. Will you be fooled again?

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As a member of the Big Pine Moose it was very apparent that the lodge had smoking before I joined. Unlike Obamacare, nobody forced me to be a Moose member. As a snowbird we can’t wait to get back down there. Sunday breakfast is great, as is NTN and the cheap drinks. Smokers are far more interesting to converse with than are judgmental non-smokers.
We get it FTR. Its not the murdering thug that killed the police its all Obama’s fault even thou he wasn’t even in the same zip code. Its the new America. The criminals are not responsible anymore someone always made them do it.
I guess that means we can blame GW Bush for 9-11 then because he made them attack America.
Now we both look stupid. However you made me respond to your posting so its your fault FTR.
extremists blame everything on politics. Someone blamed the water quality on Obama the other day. FTR blames everything on Obama even when he has absolutely no influence over the event. I remember when Republicans had the power and every time they screwed up he’d blame some Democrats in the Republican admin for the blunder, never blaming the Republican admin. FTR likes to have it both ways.
If,as ftr states, the annual spending by the federal government on climate change has increased from 4.6 billion in 2003 to 8.8 billion in 2010 how can that total be 106 billion during those 8 years ? Lets give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it went to 8.8 billion in 2004,the second year during those eight.The total for those years would be 66.2 billion not 106.7 billion.Oh well it’s only 40.5 billion off.I’m sure it was the government’s {Obama} fault-not ftr’s
from the right
conundrum9Conundrum: Webster’s: “b :  an intricate and difficult problem.”  That’s what is facing all who disrespect and/or hate cops. If they have the courage of their convictions, they will not call the cops when they are crime victims or are in danger. They will abjur any contact with cops whatsoever. Perhaps they will even go so far as to dismantle police agencies and law enforcement in general. What an interesting world it would be.

NYC and the Di Blasio admin now find themselves embroiled in a conundrum of massive proportions.  He and his, and the Obama admin have made it clear that they believe that cops are not to be trusted, that cops overreach their authority.

And so they have sown the seeds of change, “change you can believe in.” The crop is coming to harvest.

In NYC, cops, acting in compliance with the suggestion that they overreach, have begun being much more cautious in their approach to law enforcement.

There has been a startling drop in the number of parking and traffic violations. In the two weeks that ended Sunday, there was a 70 percent drop in DWI arrests, a nearly 96 percent drop in arrests for incidents in the subways, and nearly 80 percent fewer arrests on housing development property. And that’s in addition to the plummeting number of tickets written for parking and traffic violations.

Need I mention that parking and traffic violations generate long tons of money for NYC?

The Di Blasio admin is apoplectic. One must wonder why. After all, the cops are simply now acting in a more kind and gentle fashion. They seem to be using more of their time to focus on important crimes. They are not now “hassling” anyone.

blasio9Nonetheless, Di Blasio is furious. He is threatening legal action, he is threatening civil and criminal retribution against the cops. He says it’s an illegal “job action” a work slowdown.

Those who hate cops, the oppressed, should rejoice in the new kinder and more gentle brand of police work.

The police unions deny that any “work action” or slowdown is taking place. In fact they are reaching out to the community by placing ads that asks New Yorkers to “… Work with us to protect our city and hold accountable all those who have stirred up hatred and violence against police officers.”

So, there you have it. On the one hand Di Blasio, and his, criticize the cops for being too aggressive, but then when faced with the loss of revenue from traffic violations and parking tickets, and faced with increasing petty violations of the law, they demand that they, the cops, revert to their previous behavior.  A conundrum.