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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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stove antique

[Luddites] In the 1800s when stoves were becoming popular, there was a large population of Americans who were against them because they thought the fireplace was the center of American life and they wanted to preserve the tradition. Wives disagreed and we now all have stoves, some more elaborate than others.

nira tocco realtor 9.12
[Cuba] I can relate to Cuba’s lack of toilet seats back in the 90s. Now they have toilet seats everywhere, well almost everywhere. 

noise gorilla cymbols

[Noise] This morning I was awoken by an annoying noise from some kind of large machinery at 2:03 am. It seemed to come from the area of the Pine Channel bridges and may be from the road work. I laid in bed trying to imagine what machine could make such a loud, high, whining noise at 2am. It went on for a while then stopped. I fell asleep only to be woken again by that damned whining, and couldn’t get back to sleep again when it finally did stop. What needs to be done in the wee hours that can’t be done during the day?

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It wouldn’t surprise me if Dennis Rodman thought he had been hanging out with Jackie Chan this entire time.

How to heat your room for 15 cents a day. Video
isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13
How to configure your router. (Good luck with that!) Link

nest thermostat


Google bought Nest Labs, maker if the brilliantly useful wi-fi smoke detectors and thermostats. Google will now be able to see into our homes as well as our computers. They seem to be NSA’s biggest rival for the collection of information about us.

[Cuba Child Sex Tourism] Federal law prohibits an American citizen or resident to travel to a foreign country with intent to engage in any form of sexual conduct with a minor (defined as persons under 18 years of age). It is also illegal to help organize or assist another person to travel for these purposes. (It’s also illegal to travel to Cuba). Link



The annual Florida Keys Seafood Festival is coming this weekend. Come down and enjoy the fest. Fanci Seafood will be serving delicious conch fritters! FKSF_Poster-2014 2 

[Bonus Army] US military attacks demonstrating American War Veterans in 1932. The only other time American troops attacked American citizens, that I know of, was at Kent State University where they killed 4 unarmed teenagers. Video
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Happy Birthday Sugar! Remember sweetie, a birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the Sun. Pack your bags. Enjoy the trip. Is it okay if I tag along?

[“Select jurors by driver’s licenses instead of voting registration”]  Every state where I’ve lived selects by driver’s license, not voter registration.  That particular myth caused me to skip one election in my whole life, because I sat through a particularly miserable stretch of jury duty and was loathe to repeat the experience.  Then I got the facts and I’ve never skipped voting again.
This Wednesday, January 15th is the Chamber’s Installation Celebration at Bistro 31 on Big Pine Key from 6-9 pm.  This celebration is open to everyone in our business community.  This upscale event will be full of exciting surprises, outstanding cuisine and great networking.  The Honorable Tegan Slaton will swear in our new Board of Directors, and Hugh Reynolds from will unveil the Chamber’s new, state-of-the-art website.    For special pricing ($39) reserve no later than today, Monday, Jan. 13 by calling the Chamber at 305-872-2411.  VISA & MC accepted.   $49 at the door.  So dress to the nines and enjoy an exceptional night out with the Chamber! 


It’s Italian Tuesday at Springers Bar and Grill. Today’s special is Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo. It’s Italian pasta with a taste of the sea on Big Pine Key. Come join us for a bite.

I’m looking to meet a nice gal between 50 and 65 that wants to be with a great guy that enjoys everything the Keys has to offer. Please no crazies. Email me at, I will respond. Thanks. Classified Ads > Personals
rip-w8[Windows 9 coming in April 2015] Windows 8 is dead! Microsoft is to put the tragedy of Windows 8 behind it like they did with Vista. Desktop UI and Start Menu are returning, Metro apps to be like Gadgets. Need a new machine now? Check out Toshiba or Sager Notebooks or ask your online PC maker to downgrade Win 8 machine to Windows 7 Professional that runs your old XP software too. Windows 8 has set back Microsoft, and Windows, by years, and possibly for good. Link
[“Christian man ate a Muslim”] Is that kosher?


State rules coral nurseries are eligible for tourist funding. Link 



Grinder or gravity sewer? Obviously gravity is far more desirable, cheaper and easier to maintain, and far safer for the environment. But in the more sparsely populated areas, gravity may cost too much to get the nod from the Board of Commissioners. So why not put in vacuum which is comparable in cost to grinders and often cheaper? You can still flush when the power is out and vacuum is the least likely to pollute. The generator at the pump station automatically comes on when the power is out, so you don’t need to wait for the storm to subside and FKAA to mobilize a crew to drag a generator out like you do with a gravity lift station. Vacuum sucks (literally), but it may be a better solution than gravity in many areas and it is far, far better than grinders. Gravity or grinder is not the only choice. Just focus on Dumping the Pumps. Other alternatives are at least tolerable. Only grinder LPS is intolerable.

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pray hands kneel

[Screw Weed] If you really want to get high, live in a bubble world, have others greet you with a smile, be in a one human family, and have a happy hour everyday that is free, do what the real heads do, get born again with religion. Politics is close but no cigar!

Velveeta is a food? God, I thought it was a form of crazy glue!
Thomas Jefferson was a truly an amazing man. Link

an as seen on tv


“A Stink about Sewage” at 4:00 pm Monday Jan 13 on ABC out of Miami or Comcast channel 10. Maybe this will get the Commissioner’s attention.

[“Cuba sex”] U.S. law applies to U.S. citizens/legal residents while outside the U.S. Link

On this date in 1973 the Miami Dolphins became the first NFL team to go undefeated and have a perfect season by beating the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII.

MR. ED, Alan Young, Mr. Ed, 1961-66


Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Mister Ed’ connection. 94-year-old “Mister Ed” star Alan Young reminisces about a young girl he met before she hit it big in Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe. The actor shares the story of his first date with the beauty and explains the favor he asked of her once she became famous. Video

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vetranarian dog

[CheapShots] We all have our favorite Vet for our pets and for good reasons. Now, folks with all kinds of pets have an affordable pet care option I found out – CheapShots – literally a traveling pet clinic who could come to your door for all routine pet healthcare needs. Leave the chronic scary pet problems to the local brick and mortar Vet but consider this traveling Vet for the basics. Save time and money for the basics. 

Commissioner Neugent’s legacy: Hickory House and Grinder Pumps. Not much to brag about.
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 iguana holding tail[Lizard problem] The Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program is administered by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Division of Hunting and Game Management. Persons with concerns about an alligator (or croc and likely very large snakes also like pythons) may call their toll-free Nuisance Alligator Hotline at (866) 392-4286. According to their information, an alligator/croc may be deemed a nuisance if it is at least four feet in length and the caller believes it poses a threat to people, pets or property. Gators and crocs usually are trapped and moved to the more open country of the Everglades. Pythons are a invasive species and very deadly when grown up, most certainly call if identified regardless of the size. Don’t advise catching any snakes, gators, crocs or large iguanas, leave it to the professionals. 

Geckos (small lizards) and iguanas (medium lizards) are not alligators or crocs, although some large iguanas certainly can appear to be at least four feet in length and are quite scary, will bite if trapped and have sharp spines and claws. Please take a moment searching Google images online to identify what is what.

Geckos are not an invasive species, they eat bugs galore. Having one indoors is a Hawaiian sign of good luck, but then that is based upon the screen-less, open air houses of old. Inside modern air conditioned houses, a gecko will soon die of dehydration and a lack of bugs to eat. It’s decaying carcass will stink a bit and ants may come to feast. A sign of a gecko in the house is droppings on the walls and tops of things like pictures. Try to trap a live gecko against a wall or flat surface with a plastic bowl and use a sheet of paper to keep it from escaping until you place it outside. One also can try to chase it out a door with a broom. Be careful of the tail, geckos can release it to get away, and will grow a new one later.

Iguanas are an invasive species, thus if an iguana is caught it’s illegal for one to release it again. Since iguanas are so prolific, there are few places that will take them and there are certain disposal methods required as not to inflict animal cruelty which is illegal. Read further about iguana’s and their disposal here. Link

[Noise] Does anyone know what is going on in the vicinity of Little Torch around US1? Last night and tonight, right at 10 pm a high pitch whine starts up. It almost sounds like an ultra lite or something flying around. It comes and goes but now we have the luxury of having all our windows open it is a terrible noise. Does anyone else hear it?

firefox logo

[Why use Firefox web browser?] The open source code nature of Firefox cannot be subverted without the world noticing. IE, Chrome and Safari have closed source software segments that could now or later contain government sanctioned spyware. Also Firefox happens to also be the absolute best browser in the world, with the most add-ons, personas and themes to personalize it to your liking. Read Andreas Gal’s: Trust but verify. Link

Deer Ed, Happy 12th anniversary (or is it Birthday?) for the CT. I am looking forward to the search feature – you’re right, it is a big deal. Keep up the great work!

A Miami woman who had theatrical paint all over her face and is accused of vandalizing a BMW, threatening Upper Keys students with a rock and then rambling on about Disney when talking to police remained in the Monroe County jail Monday in lieu of $10,500 bond.

It’s a small world after all it’s a small world after all it’s a small world after all it’s a small world after all it’s a small world after all it’s a small world after all it s a small world after all it’s a small world after all it’s a small world after all … Link

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[Grinder Pumps] Barometer editor Steve Estes once said that he was happy to have a grinder pump going in at his home because it would be difficult and expensive to get from where his sewer comes out of the house to the street, so he think it will be cheaper for him. Many people have the septic system behind the house if they are not on a canal.

Well guess what, folks, FKAA will not put it anywhere you want like you have been led to believe. It cannot be too close to your house, your property line, the street, where your septic tank is now, behind the house, too far from the control panel, or where they can’t see the alarm light from the street, etc. If you let them put one in where your drainfield is now, you may find your system fails before connections are allowed.

FKAA is too uncaring to select a less obtrusive, more environmentally safe, better working, cheaper to maintain alternative on their own, so you really need to make them understand where they should stick their grinders. At the least, sign your support on the petition at and stop back there soon and often as the new content goes live shortly. 

[Working Girls] I prefer the company of really hot 23 to 26 year olds too. Screw you if you got a problem with girls making a buck or two on what god gave them. Hell even my wife enjoys company in our bed! You go ahead and save the world for $10 a soul. We will keep enjoying ourselves and the $100 to $150 we give those hard working girls will do much more to help them than your pitiful attempt at righteousness.

golf birdie

[Golf Tournament] Sunday, January 26, 7 am. Sponsored by Big Pine & Lower Keys Rotary. The 23rd Annual Al Mueller Memorial Classic Scholarship Golf Tournament to benefit Take Stock in Children Scholarship Fund at the Key West Golf Course. $75 entry fee includes golf, lunch and goody bag and snacks at the turn. Contact Sheila Cantler … Events

[“In 1861 Florida seceded from the Union”] What? In 1861? Did horses have turn signals back then?
[Gun Nuts] He couldn’t have picked a worse neighborhood or a worse house. When career criminal Kevin Wayne Chapman targeted the residence of West Taylor for a home invasion, he chose the wrong house. Video
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Wet cement and a pissed off father.

Captain Doom and Gloom has added another thing he doesn’t understand to his lack of understand of business, society, the rich and as of yesterday – the balance of nature. 
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