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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

v(Ed: “Cloudburst” What kept me on tech support for three days turned out to be the fault of GoDaddy and not anything I controlled. Those f**kers kept telling me it was something I did. For business reasons they are so loathed to admit they are having problems they deny anything could happen to their super secure servers.

Everyone had  a problem with their sites a few months back and GoDaddy denied anything on their end. It was Newsweek that revealed that GoDaddy had suffered a hacker attack from the group Anonymous. When I mentioned this to GoDaddy tech support it was vehemently denied. A few days later in an email, GoDaddy offered all users a month free hosting to make up for the one day down time, but they still would not admit it was due to hackers.)


[“Golden Margarita is up for lease or sale”] I heard Slice of Paradise Pizza is looking to lease it. It seems people in this area aren’t too fond of Chinese-Mexican food.

an_match_burn[“Lighting the burners on a gas stove with a flame of any kind is dangerous if you are old and disabled as I am”] No, it’s not. You just need someone to show you how it’s done. (knowledge equals confidence) Basically, you light the lighter. Then turn on the gas and if it doesn’t blow out the flame, it lights the gas. If it blows out the flame on the lighter, just re-strike the lighter and it will light.

I am scared of gas and explosions from grills, but this much I do know, if you light the source light first (lighter), then turn on the fuel (gas), you reduce your chances of having any problems. 

[“Two old farts fighting over a female”] I just read the CT archives over the last week. “Marathon men” hahahaha If this was Boca Raton it’d be two old wrinkled up Jewish guys. Since it’s in Marathon, one is Italian.

“Allegedly”, I only know what I read on the CT.

kidd_in_chains00[Punishment] A local prosecutor and his ex-cop step-father go to the movies and leave a handgun in an unlocked vehicle; it gets stolen. As a CWP holder myself, I question the responsibility of these law enforcement types and the leaving of guns in cars. If you aren’t going to carry it, lock it up in a safe! 

It’s time for responsible gun owners to tighten up their game and keep their guns where they belong. Let’s hope this ex-police officer’s gun does not end up killing a cop. I come from a LEO family and that is one of many fears cops live with. Mr. Prosecutor, if by chance they find the knucklehead who stole dad’s gun, let’s handle it the old fashioned Key West way — hang him from the yardarm, leave him there for other wannabe gangstas to see for three days and then take his remains to sea. It’s apparent that laws and jail are not a big enough deterrent to keep some people honest. 

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You know you live in a small town when the headline in the Citizen is that someone stole a handgun.

an_pill8[Medicated Murders] That post yesterday showing that mass murderers were all on prescription meds reinforced something I’d been thinking about for years. When you are on those mood drugs they take away something from you that I can’t identify (I know one of the things is creativity). Those I know who are on prescription drugs are not the same people I knew them to be. It’s like they are different people now. There’s something missing, a spark extinguished.

I remember when Harry Powell took over the construction trailer in his protest of the useless development of Peary Court some years ago. If you looked closely at the photo in the paper you could see the tip of a prescription bottle of Prozac or some other mood drug, I forget which.

[Tragic Suicide] A 14-year-old Key West boy died Sunday after shooting himself in the head Friday afternoon with an older-model .22-caliber revolver, according to police. Key West Police Department spokeswoman Alyson Crean says Matthew Logan Gilleran, a student at Key WestHigh School, was airlifted from Lower Keys Medical Center to a Miami hospital Friday. “He died Sunday morning,” she said of Matthew Gilleran, the son of Jim Gilleran, the owner of the 801 Bourbon Bar on Duval Street and a member of the Key West Planning Board. Details were scarce Monday afternoon. Crean said police reports related to the incident “are not yet finalized.”


[Waste] To the reader commenting on the cost of the three full size Key West police cars sitting on Big Pine at any given time.  You say that the people in Key West should complain, well what about all the people in the county paying for all the full size county cars being used for personal use through out the Florida Keys?



Suicides in the U.S. military surged to a record 349 last year, far exceeding American combat deaths in Afghanistan, and some private experts are predicting the dark trend will grow worse this year.

[Gun Control Legislation] There isn’t going to be any gun control or gun buyer checks or mental health evaluations that work. There are going to be mass shootings on a fairly regular basis and the most the average citizen can do is hope they are lucky enough not to be around any of them.  Most people don’t want anything to do with guns.

FInalFlaglerAnniv[Free Films!] Friends And Volunteers Of Refuges 4th season of outdoor films continue Jan 2nd 2013 with the film Flaglers Train.  Films are shown at the National Wildlife Refuge Trails Parking lot located (1/4) mile north of Blue Hole on Key Deer Blvd, Big Pine Key. FAVOR’s outdoor films are shown on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays; starting in December and continuing until the end of March. Bulletin Board

Tomorrow, Jan 16th Flaglers Train (57 min) Flagler’s Train is a one hour documentary, produced by WPBT2, which chronicles the imagination and achievements of Henry Morrison Flagler, who spearheaded the development of the overseas railway connecting Key West to the existing Florida East Coast Railway.

The program features archival photographs, personal correspondence, original drawings of the Over-Sea Railroad project and newspaper articles of the day, tracing daily reports of the human struggles and technological achievements needed to complete the Florida East Coast Railway. Link


an_guns-horseback[America is Dangerous] All this gun conversation will do will be to increase gun sales. The America the NRA wants, is one that has every American armed and dangerous. We are already one of the most dangerous places in the world. It’s safer in Cuba, Laos or many of the other third world countries I’ve visited. Would any of you walk anywhere in any city in the US at night alone? I didn’t think so. Well, you can in Cuba and Laos (both Communist). Does freedom mean we have to arm ourselves just to go to Winn Dixie.

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[Tipsy Pots] Create a butterfly place. Link

[Kinder and more gentle Telegraph] My apologies to Deer Ed for using the harsh word “idiot” in a completely unnecessary fashion Sunday. I note that he changed it to the nicer “someone” and I appreciate that he did.



Tasmanian Flax Lily is a survivor of hurricanes. Link 

[Burning Trash] Keep paying attention to the County Commissioner’s agenda. In the next few months they will be voting to bring back incinerators to burn the trash.  This is unbelievable. This County takes 2 step forward and 5 back.  We’ve got to protect our air quality and our quality of life! 


[The Great Divide]  The whole modern world has divided itself into conservatives and progressives. The business of progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.  

reefer15[“Legalize pot, spend the extra $40,000 year on education instead of our prison system”] The effects of marijuana include: distorted perception (sights, sounds, time, touch), problems with memory and learning, loss of coordination, trouble with thinking and problem-solving, increased heart rate, reduced blood pressure, produces anxiety, fear, distrust, and even panic.

Just what society needs, more paranoid, stumbling, un-educatable morons. Exporting potheads will save us $40,000 a year too, with the added benefit they will no longer be a problem for our society. See what China does. Link 

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[Lethal Weapon] I am responding to the person that posted that they would have used a taser on a knife-wielding person instead of shooting them as the officer did on the link that they posted. I wanted to point out that the person with the knife was using what is called deadly force, a taser is not meant to deal with deadly force. Using a taser in that situation would be like using a flyswatter to defend yourself against a baseball bat. You would get your head knocked in.

A person with a knife is considered lethal if they are within 25 feet of the person that they are threatening. The officer in the video is only alive because the suspect got caught in the seat belt. The reactionary gap was too dangerously close.

Underwater seas leave magical impressions on artist’s works. Link 

an fish jumpThe Key West Seafood Festival Bounty of the Sea on menu this Saturday, Jan. 19th at BayviewPark. Capt. Marlin Scott will emcee live music during the daylong festival, which kicks off at 11 a.m. and concludes at 8 p.m. Sponsored by the Florida Keys Commercial Fishermen’s Association, the festival features numerous seafood options, including grilled spiny lobster, fried fish, stone crab claws, pick ‘n peel Key West Pink shrimp, smoked fish dip with crackers, fried clam strips, lobster bisque, and several conch recipes handed down by the wives of Keys commercial fishermen. Fanci Seafood will be there so stop by their booth and try some of their fabulous smoked fish and other delights fresh from the sea.

The musical lineup:
11 a.m. – noon – Bahama Village Music Program
12 – 2 p.m. – KeyRazy Band
2 – 5 p.m. – Sauce Boss
5 – 8 p.m. – The Rejects

The Key West Comparsa Dancers will also perform, with times to be announced. Raffle tickets will be sold at the event and drawings begin after 2 p.m. between band breaks.

For more information Bulletin Board


[Congressman Pistol] Ruger is coming out with a new pistol in honor of members of the United States Senate and the House of Representatives. It will be named “Congressman.” It doesn’t work, and you can’t fire it.

[Parenting] With the first kid you freak out when they get a bloody nose. By the third kis, you’re like, “Get off the carpet before you drip!”

fine-woodworking-ad 1.7.13

muzzle15Frontier cap & ball black powder only muzzleloader, .50 caliber by Connecticut Valley Arms, Inc.  Spain. $110. Classified Ads

[Dog Friendly] I walked over to the Marathon City Hall and asked for a list of restaurants that I can go to with my Yorkie without a hassle. This is the list I received.

The Stuffed Pig 3520 Overseas Hwy.
Castaway Restaurant 1406 Oceanview
Porky’ Bayside1400 Overseas
Roco’s Dockside 35 Sombrero Blvd.
Sunset Grille & Raw Bar7 Knights Key
Cracked Conch 4999 Overseas Hwy.
Burdines 1200 Oceanview Ave.



Genealogy workshop focuses on ancestry. Patriot blood? Who’s your daddy? Link

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[Gun Murderers] Too many people are walking around medicated, unsupervised and affecting our lives.

 [Goal Setting] Identifying your goals. Link
tongue15[2013 Python Challenge] Eleven Burmese Pythons have been turned in following the opening weekend of the 2013 Python Challenge. That was the latest count of snakes captured and turned in by participants as of 4 p.m. Monday, said Carli Segelson, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman. The FWC is holding the event for the first time this year in an effort to reduce the population of the predators, who eat just about anything and endangering the ecosystem of the Florida Everglades.


The person who captures the most Burmese Pythons – which are nonvenomous constrictors – between now and Feb. 10 will take home a $1,500 prize. A thousand dollars is being offered for the longest such snake caught.

 The contest kickoff Saturday drew people from across Florida and at least 30 other states.



[“Cajun rain gauge”] That’s a rain gauge on any fishing boat.

[Police Shooting–“I don’t know any details, but I would have tased him”] Could he have just killed someone, or on his way to kill someone at the house? 
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[“Marathon Home Depot”] I think anyone that would believe a scenario like that of shipping building materials to Cuba would have to also be a butt even if HD was prime waterfront property. 

an mouse race 4

[Problem with Mice] I’m looking for a wired mouse that has a rapid scroll feature that I can just spin to go up or down a page super fast. I had a Logitec wireless mouse that was great, but would occasionally cause problems and I just don’t need more computer problems that is why I’m looking for a rapid scrolling wired mouse. I own 7 mouses already, wired and wireless, but none of the wired ones scroll rapidly enough where I can just spin the scroll wheel.

[Help Wanted] Part-time job opportunity Administrative Assistant to the Board Job Duties Staff FIRM office part-time Plan, organize board meetings / public meetings Prepare and distribute Board meeting packages Read, sort, respond, and distribute communications  including policyholder calls, emails/letters Maintain member database Make travel arrangements Support Committee initiatives (Marketing, legislative, Finance, etc.) Take and distribute Board Meeting minutes Perform routine clerical functions (document filing) Special Projects (as requested) ie. File system Maintain calendar of deadlines, etc. and ensure deadlines are met Manage day-to-day business operations including accounts payable and receivable Skill Set Organized Excellent written/verbal communication skills Basic math aptitude Competent on Word, Excel, Constant Contact, QuickBooks Research aptitude (legislative issues, etc.) Aptitude for technical issues (insurance/finance) Independent worker Ability to take direction Aptitude for public speaking a plus Qualifications At least two years administrative experience Familiarity with insurance and/or legislative business a plus Professional demeanor and presentation   Reports to:  Heather Carruthers, FIRM Board President Pay:  $15/hour (average 20 hours/week – flexible work week)   Please send resumes to by tomorrow, January 16, 2013.

an_orchid_beeThe next meeting of the  Key West Orchid Society is this Sunday, Jan. 20 at 1:30 pm. The program starts at 2 pm at the West Martello Fort. The speaker is Michael Coronado of R.F. Orchids. January Newsletter is at Continuing Events on 

Box store proposal needs many improvements. Attend the meeting 9 a.m. Wed. Link 



Assault weapons pack. Caveman’s AR15 assault rocks and Bush-Master club on eBay

We dance in rhythm with God when we keep the Sabbath. The reason we are called to take a day of rest is simple. Humans tend to forget that we did not make the world and thus, that the world does not depend upon us. 

an dive bucket


Reckless driver jumps off Marathon’s 7 Mile Bridge after high-speed chase. After being fished out of the water the Massachusetts man admitted he’d been drinking. Link

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[Drug-Crazed Killer] I do not own a gun or want a gun yet I am for gun control. If you can hit the three last circles on a target you get to control any gun you like. This is from a New York City raised, pot smoking, right-wing Republican and I love my peace of paradise thanks for all the warm welcome in BPK.

Though I like the look of the .45cal Colt, would the smaller 9mm give me better control in hitting a running, I mean, moving target. One on one, I still prefer the knife to the throat.  Knife held towards the body across right hand, left to right. This way if decapitation is not completed, screaming is at least terminated and again thanks for the warm welcome.

] I do not own a gun or want a gun yet I am for gun control. If you can hit the three last circles on a target you get to control any gun you like. This is from a New York City raised, pot smoking, right-wing Republican and I love my peace of paradise thanks for all the warm welcome in BPK.

Though I like the look of the .45cal Colt, would the smaller 9mm give me better control in hitting a running, I mean, moving target. One on one, I still prefer the knife to the throat.  Knife held towards the body across right hand, left to right. This way if decapitation is not completed, screaming is at least terminated and again thanks for the warm welcome.





FTR guy was offended to learn the theme of Obama’s Second Inaugural Address will be “I won. Again. Get over it.”



I fear for Obama’s safety.  He is fighting and defending us against two of the most heavily armed and  dangerous organizations in the world,  al Qaeda and the NRA’s gun nuts.


1. Kudos to the poster that hit the nail squarely when he said the Republican party in indeed divided. The poster pointed out that theres the far right and theres the extreme right. Well said.

2. FTR commented about me posting that our President has never said he wants to take your guns. FTR didnt tell you hes the one that posted the quote. Guess we cant blame the Liberal Media for that truth. He then went on to say Obama was lying. I AGAIN challenge any far right poster to show me any example of our President saying he wants to take your guns. Show me anything but please just dont keep espousing blatant lies followed by ridiculous unfounded accusations. Hell, I would even settle for 1/4 of the truth at this time.

3.  Even us moderate Democrats are happy to hear that former President George Bush is home from the hospital. I always had high regard for him and wish him a speedy recovery. Wonder if he reads the C.T.? He should.

right only grey

While the media and the liberals among us are in high dudgeon to emasculate the Second Amendment to our Constitution, they conveniently totally ignore the fact that more people die from poisoning in the USA than do by firearm. More people die in traffic accidents than do by gunshot. More people die from drug related causes than die from gunshot.

We already have tons of laws that regulate driving, poison control, and drugs.  Why have those laws failed, how can any sentient person believe that additional gun control will make America safer? How can any sentient person think that if we can’t control drug use, which is illegal, how can they think that making a legal and constitutionally guaranteed right illegal will work. The notion is insane.  

an_baby-handPart 2. Sunday’s diatribe concerning men was insulting to single women everywhere. It was insulting to men.  It was insulting to my mother who was a single parent; it was insulting to my wife’s mother who was a single parent who was widowed, with 4 small kids. And it was insulting to the single parents everywhere who raise their children in a responsible manner.

Sadly, but there is no question but that single parent children are more likely to be offenders.  We must remember that the problem of criminality is far too complex to drop blame on any single component of the issue. Probably the single biggest contributor is poverty, but during the depths of the Obama recession while the poverty rate soared, crime rates declined and seem to be continuing to be declining. The poster was flat wrong in claiming that “most single women live in poverty”. According to the US government, about 31.6 percent of households headed by single women were poor.  That is far too many, but it certainly is not “most.”

It’s the responsibility of each and every parent to provide discipline and guidance to their children. That responsibility transcends poverty or wealth. The ultimate responsibility for the “outcome” of children lies with the parent(s), not society. If it were society, then perhaps we should consider requiring licenses in order to bring a child into this world.  Perhaps having a child when single should be a criminal offense. Perhaps we should have strict rules and regulations as to how each child must be nurtured.  Perhaps we should consider establishing “Parenting Police” who would have the responsibility of sanctioning parents who fail to live up to rules and regulations. Perhaps we should terminate parental responsibility entirely and raise children in specially designed and staffed “nurturing institutions”.

As a society we have done all in our power to make living in poverty a reasonably comfortable life style. We have encouraged single moms who live in poverty to have even more children by constantly increasing welfare payments for each new child. It has become a multigenerational plague.  We have banned males from the homes of female welfare recipients with children. Our society has decided that single parenthood is a perfectly reasonable state of being. For God’s sake there is even a new TV show that chronicles and glamorizes the goings on of a Rapper and his 11 children from a stable of different mothers.

Our society seems to be deciding that marriage and a nuclear family are passé. About 80% of first children born to black women were outside of marriage; among Hispanics, 53% of first children were born outside of marriage, among white women, 34% of first children were born outside of marriage, and among Asians, 13% of first children were born outside of marriage. Link

Then of course we have to note that Sunday’s poster who blames males for the evils of the world, that generally it takes sexual intercourse of gravid female and a fertile male in order to generate a new human. Perhaps the poster should contemplate the fact that had the female declined intercourse or had availed herself of the wonders of modern day contraception, she would avoid pregnancy.

Most certainly Sundays poster is a classic misandrist,  the lady is a man hater of epic proportion. Kudos to the poster who wrote: “I still don’t know how someone’s reproductive system can simultaneously be none of my business and 100% of my responsibility?”