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pink panther thinking
[Florida Panther
] The Cudjoe wastewater treatment plant contractor’s project manager also saw a panther along the south side of the paved road leading to the transfer station. He had not said anything about it because he did not think anyone would believe him. That makes two of us that have seen one within a few hundred feet. (No, he was not pink, and not painted on the side of the insulation guy’s truck.) The area is a wildlife refuge, and full of surprises besides all the Key deer and bunnies.
[Hypocrites] A parallel system of government seems to exist for Muslims in France. They fully take advantage of the socialist government largesse by applying for all the benefits they think they could be entitled to. All at the same time, they register all the vital data at their respective consulates who track Muslim marriages, work status, etc. Muslim men end up getting French government subsidies for 3 of their 4 wives. They have learned to alternatively divorce 3 wives who rate a stipend according to French law. However, they still are legally married to all four wives in their countries of origin consulates in France. That is how Muslim men can be seen killing time in cafes and living the life of pashas.
fuelperks20[“Fuel Perks I don’t care about”] Well I use my Fuel Perks. So unless you are completely self sustained you have to buy the necessities of life. Might as well take advantage of the ‘free’ perks. I paid for them with higher prices at Winn Dixie. And, yes, that is ¢18.9 a gallon!
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[Pelican Slasher Reward] Dock and Marine Construction Corp. President Glen Larson is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who has mutilated numerous Florida Keys brown pelicans in recent weeks. Larson said his company frequently rescues injured pelicans. The bird also is part of the company’s logo.
The benefit for Hazel and Eugene Hartman posted yesterday failed to mention why the need of a benefit? I do want to support them if they have cancer or something, but don’t if they’ve drunk or drugged themselves into misery.
an_pope_hat_glitter[To Hell with Profit and Hell] It seems that when major news outlets cover the Pope, they focus on visual pageantry. The voice over is practically an afterthought. Perhaps major media owners believe that most people are not that interested in what a Pope does or doesn’t think, anyway. Only one in seven Terrestrial Bipeds is a Catholic, so maybe in that sense they’re right.Vatican news excerpts included a quiet flash: In the next world, “Hell” is now closed, at least to 1/7 of the earth’s population. It is no longer the destination venue for bad Catholic boys and girls. In fact, says Francis, it never was. Alas, prior Vatican administrations borrowed “Hell” from other cultures and continued to misuse it as a convenient, thrifty and ultimate threat to scofflaws for two millennia. Christ!
Now with Francis, the policy of eternal damnation has been summarily decertified, done, finished. He has announced that, spiritually at least, none of his children will be or in point of fact, ever have been, left behind.
As far as I know, this little tidbit of good news never made it to a front page anywhere. Here in the Temporal Realm, Francis has announced that “Vatican Inc” is no longer concerned with increasing its market share. They’re good to go. He says the age of spiritual imperialism is now over – for his enormous crew at least.
Securing every last soul on the planet for the greater glory of God is no longer an operational imperative for the Catholic Church.

This message might not register so much as a blip on the seismographs of sophisticated media moguls, but for rank and file Catholics, including Cardinals, it’s the kind of content heavy language that they would have expected to come from a returned Christ, Himself. From the Chairman of the Board, in person, not just his earthly COO.

For at least a few responsible, conservative Vatican hierarchs, these two proclamations must have sounded like a policy world reprise of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this time in the corridors of Vatican power. Indeed, they rightly see themselves as responsible conservators of a trove of policy features designed to support a coherent story line that reflects as many of the details of a rich Biblical tradition as possible.
For them when the Messiah returns, all will be clear. Francis apparently doesn’t think his mega flock can wait. Alas the Big Guy Above seems to prefer the upbeat company of harps on clouds. Who knows? All we really do know is that, for 2,000 years He has avoided the turbulence of our sweaty, never satisfied masses down here.

At any event, Francis is now moving to straighten out a few major Vatican policy defects that are within his power to address. Maybe like Sloan, Francis also hears a voice. Maybe the Lord above just likes dead Irish musicians. All these things that Francis has been saying should have been factored into the mix two thousand years ago. For a billion Catholics, and anyone else with a marginally clear head, these are epoch making course corrections about to be implemented by a vast global entity. That they are long overdue makes them no less welcome.

oj-trial20As the trial of Egyptian Omar Abdel Rahman, dragged on, so did simultaneously O.J. Simpson’s. While all eyes were glued on O.J.’s trial, few took the trouble to track the fate of the blind Muslim cleric who masterminded the first attack on the New York World Trade Center in Jan 93. It was not as sensational and did not get much exposure. Yet, it impacted on America’s future a great deal more than O.J. ever could. Whether it was by omission or by design, the end result is that the US public was either blind sighted or deceived.
Paul McCartney and the rest of the Beatles most certainly grew up hearing Eurasian Blackbirds. Their song is beautiful, so it’s no wonder the Beatles chose to weave it into one of their songs. But McCartney wasn’t singing about the bird. He was singing about the racial strife in the American South in the 1960s. As he said later, “This was really a song from me to a black woman, experiencing these problems in the States: ‘keep your faith; there is hope.'” Does the Eurasian Blackbird really sing in the dead of night? Generally not. Still, what a beautiful, hopeful song. Video
[Canal Restoration] It is my understanding that canal restoration is to dredge residential canals that were dug too deep and now have inadequate flow and poor oxygen levels in the canals, which has impacted the water quality in those canals not seaweed removal.
[FKAA Water]
With all the posts recently about our water, I decided to inspect for corrosion and found this in the lid of the stainless steel teakettle I purchased in September! I will never drink from the tap again-nor will my dog.
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evil-computer20[Windows, the History of the World] I have been around this planet for 75 years, and in that time I have spent way to much time sitting and wasting my life in front of computer screens. Over the years I have realized how powerful these electric boxes are and that they are the real destroyers of worlds. From the early 4 bit toys with 10K of memory and pure DOS, to today’s radical world controlling mega monsters, there has been a trend for their creators and designers to make new, to make different, to sell, sell, sell.
Take the old DOS machines, simple commands and simple results without all the flashing windows, the dancing dogs, the multi colored icons and yet, those old boxes still will give you the same answer to the same questions we struggle to find answers for today.
Then Windows came along. Why? you ask. Because people got bored with If Then Go To: Line Number 149! The graphic user interface (GUI) was invented. The way of displaying a screen image of what the box is doing so the mentally inept could purchase one of these fire breathing toys and the makers could become rich selling toys to twits. Windows 3 was a half step above DOS and MSDOS, letting games be invented, images dance on a CRT tube (monitor), and occupied the minds of the privileged few. Windows evolved into a 4D people controlling bible of commands and mouse movements only to again drive boredom into the hearts of the masses who lose all chances of a life without a monitor stuck in front of them.The latest Windows and Apple operating systems are so convoluted, that people have lost the desire to learn more or to use these automated life controlling entrapment boxes. Yet the new generation has succumb to this same entrapment with hand held mini computers which are exactly the same controlling disaster that we old farts were seduced into buying and bending our minds with. When God Gates sold his toy factory to a bunch of neer-do-wells who see nothing but the black line of profit on a chart in the head office, this world died of electronic malnutrition and bad operating systems. The old K.I.S.S. Principle slogan is a curse word in their realm that condemns any notion of designing a computer and its operation system so humans can use it to get a life. Change this, change that, make the consumer buy new, yearly. Who cares if the inept do not know what to do with such toys, it flashes pretty pictures and that is all that is needed to empty their wallets and entertain them from thinking in reality. If the big click ever happens and all computers die, this world will last days and people hours. It is sad to think we let ourselves go from a stable teepee culture to a totally dependent existence of generated sparks and flashing boxes with windows.
[Instant Replay ] Tony Verna, a television director and producer who invented instant replay for live sports 51 years ago, has died. He was 81.
Martin Luther King’s personal life had nothing to do with his professional life. I wish that people would stop bringing up the fact that he was just as horney as other men. Our being horney doesn’t interfere with our professional lives.
Island-of-Ischia-ItalyThe Island of Ischia, off the west coast of Naples, Italy, has been rising relative to the nearby shoreline. Below the main Catholic Church on the island are several layers of excavations, all revealing the local past as a vivid testament to history. The first layer below ground, as explained by the priest who took us on the tour, consisted of Roman artifacts consisting of fairly crude statues, pottery and ornaments. The second layer was more interesting as it had art that was more refined and representative of the Hellenic Byzantine incursion into southern Italy. Yet another layer, revealed mostly pottery with Arabic scrawls on them that seemed to be identical. When I asked the priest what the inscriptions meant, he replied: It’s always the same script that says “There is but one Allah and Mohamed is His prophet.”
[Sewers] I was chatting with a friend Monday and commented about how important it is that the new Cudjoe sewer system have enough capacity designed to ensure that the actual flow never exceeds the design flow. FKAA’s engineers assumed that 40% of the Inner Islands’ water use would be used for irrigation. How unrealistic is that? Those areas that have grinder pumps for each property have no reserve capacity in the system except for what is stored in their residential grinder pit. Most people do not realize how little wastewater it takes to trigger the alarm. If the power goes out for just a short while, like it did this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday then when the power returns, it may be very noisy indeed. Twenty gallons can be enough to trigger the alarm. There does not need to be a power failure to trigger alarms. The inadequate capacity that is designed for much of the Cudjoe Regional is enough to keep the crap from all squeezing through the undersized pipes. That means excessively high pressures and alarms. “How loud are the alarms?” my friend asked. “What do they sound like?” The link below is to a 5 minute video of an E-One grinder pump alarm test, triggered by turning off the pump and emptying the bathtub. We were told by a resident of an E/One grinder area up north in his legal deposition that their E-1 grinder pumps frequently alarm just from not being able to keep up to normal household use such as draining bathtubs. Just like easily startled people, the endangered species on Big Pine might be dropping dead just from the stress of alarms going off. Link
pelican fish in mouth[“Pelicans: I think that diving down to get fish with a previous hole or tear would cause a pelican’s pouch to blowout or tear just the same”] Are you serious? I guess you’ve never seen or handled a pelican, and I’m guessing not any other birds of prey either. You simply opine.From an educated perspective, last year we had months of birds with slit pouches. Before that, some assclown was putting beer can collars around their necks and before that, rubber bands. The latter two designed to restrict food from passing.

The situation started and stopped during last season. This year it began again during season. Same area, same M.O. This is not a bunch of stupid snowbirds yanking hooks, this is a sick sociopath who abuses animals for no legitimate reason. Animal abusers usually come from homes where they were abused and can go on to abuse and/or kill humans.

Over the weekend, Federal Wildlife was on patrol on Summerland. MCSO was spotted over at the commercial docks on the north side of Summerland at about the same time. LEO is looking and so are many residents, both full and part time.

This is not innocent injury, there is a sick phuck among us and they will be caught. They will appear on the MCSO hotsheet. The punishment should be to wear a dead pelican around their neck and stand on US1 with a sign identifying them and where they are from.

Holy crap, not Saint Ronald of Reagan! Ronald Reagan, then a Democrat, campaigning for Harry Truman in 1948.
All of the Islamic countries apply the Shari’a law as basis of their justice system and none of its leaders would escape being killed if they did not impose it within their realm. When the west indulges in appeasement, it only facilitates the wrath of Islam on itself. Honor killings that occur whenever fervent Muslims apply Shari’a law, also include the killing of apostates and family members who succumb to western attire or mores. Could that also be the reason as to why President Obama is leery of showing himself too westernized in the eyes of Muslims?
[“Operating system designers live in closets”] Right with you there!  I skipped Win 2000, ME, NT and I’m waiting for 8 to go away.  If I wanted to play Apple I’d get a Mac, please quit trying to create a knockoff to Windows.
[“Round House”
] I just discovered a top secret picture that shows what the round or “boobs” house on Cudjoe is going to look like when completed. The architect was apparently weaned from his mother a little too early.
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house-of-cards20The so-called United Europe is being devoured piecemeal by foreign and domestic foes. This incident showed me the frailty of the European Union in the present form. It is a far weaker house of cards than suspected. While all the internal border check points have been opened, there are no common border guards or customs to police the European perimeter border. Each country still fends for itself the best way it knows how. This leaves the door wide open to illicit trade and illegal immigration that is left unchecked, a far worse predicament than the one we face in the US.
[“Fighting for Uncle Sam”] My combat days are long over, but no one who has served just leaves. I get to work with high school kids, college interns, vets and reservists and I can say that the technology sure has changed, but those who serve still do it with pride. The attitude of these young men is pretty much the same as when I was in. Some things never change.
hareens 12.2.14
Most interesting people have opinions on major subjects of the day, they are as varied as rocks on a beach. When stating those opinions a great many of us will put our views of those we disagree with as holding opinions that are not necessarily real. I sensed this when reading the post about the sniper. Their may be quite a few reasons for wanting to watch this movie besides liking war and enjoying the movie not for the killing and the horror, but for the need to get perhaps a more understanding of what we face in the war on terror.  It is one thing to say America goes to war for all the wrong reasons,  if you were president of the U.S. and your no 1   job is to protect the citizens of the country that elected you to do this job and the overwhelming consensus, for better or worse, tells you that Iraq has W.M.D. and Saddam Hussein has threatened to use them, all the while knowing this man’s past history, ignoring this could lead to an Armageddon. I would like to know when a man tells us that the U.S. goes to war for the wrong reasons where he got such information? Realizing full well that their are many wrong actions being done within the major reason which may well have been the right one. Viewing the consequences of no action at all and to expect 100% accuracy in such plans is indeed not realistic. Many times the motive was the correct one. The flaw was in listening to the myriad of second guessers which are always present in every big decision, and of course are fueled by those on the other side of the decision in the first place. One must keep in mind regardless of the position a leader takes their will always be many criticizers.
Why are the palmettos dying? I live in a very low area of the Keys, 1-2 feet above sea level, and I’ve seen a noticeable increase of palmettos dying this past year. Is it because the water table has risen? Are their roots continually in brackish water?
[Monday] It’s 6:04 pm and the power is off with diner in the oven in Marathon. All this technology and every day it seems we get closer to third world country status.
[Plastic bags] In the multitudes of conversations I have had with people about plastic bags I have been surprised when a couple of times wives have confided in me that their husbands have expressed to them that they don’t think that it is manly to carry reusable bags. I counter that perspective that real men bring reusable bags when shopping.
[Free Money] Applications for 2015-16 grants from United Way of the Florida Keys are now available. Last year, we distributed $145,000 in grants to 13 Keys nonprofits. Link
Great uniforms!
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[Barbed Wire]
I saw all the yellow caution tape on the storage place’s fence. I think it is because they have barbed wire and barbed wire is against the rules in Monroe County. Now would be a good time to get hurt on that wire before they remove it. You might well end up owning that place.
[“The Jewish Association says that gun license laws must be altered following a string of deadly attacks on Jews”]   So they can’t fight back?!
Too bad the poor guy who recently got run over from behind and killed while legally riding his bike along the highway and never had a chance to get out of the way, won’t have a chance to comment on the recent post about the legal bike riding; and bikers offending drivers and giving bicyclists a bad image with drivers.  I bet if he had a choice between offending some clueless driver and being alive he would pick the latter.
It looks like CVS is losing the pharmacy wars. Another one bites the dust in Marathon next to Kmart. Walgreens will win with their aggressive building of new store right next to CVS when possible.
[“Conspiracy Man”] Bravo to the person who wrote yesterdays post on 9/11. You are absolutely correct. Even though there will be many on the CT who will call you a conspiracy nut job. But the facts are the facts. Here are some facts that were not brought to light during the 9/11 commission. The 9/11 commission was indeed as believable as the findings of the Warren Commission. The two planes that crashed into both WTC towers were totally obliterated upon impact into the buildings. Nothing from both planes were found on the streets below. Not one single piece of the planes’ debris, luggage or passengers’ body parts were found below. Yet an FBI agent conveniently finds Mohamed Atta’s  passport laying under thick dust on the street below.The news reporters police and fire fighters, and witnesses who were on site reported hearing explosions beneath both towers before they went down. As the towers went down everyone heard what are called “squibs” exploding from floor to floor and actually witnessed squib type explosions bursting from the exterior walls creating a “demolition only” type of collapse. The steel I frames burned like molten lava for months even though firefighters were dumping thousands of gallons of water on the steel frames. Only military grade Nano-Thermite has the ability to turn steel into molten steel. Former NYC District Attorney and then Mayor, Rudy Giuliani did not conduct a forensic investigation of the debris, as they were supposed to in any crime scene. They had the debris shipped to China immediately.

Now here’s the strange part that was never touched upon or mentioned during the 9/11 commission investigation and findings. Building 7. No one puts any importance into building 7. Building 7 is relatively far from both towers. No debris from towers 1 or 2 fell upon building 7. Building 7 was not hit by any planes, but mysteriously catches fire. Mayor Giuliani’s emergency bunker was located in building 7, and way before the fire began in building 7, he was asked by reporters if he was going to seek shelter in his emergency bunker, and he replied, “No I was told to keep out of building 7.” Now why would that be? Building 7 was his emergency bunker. It also held all the files that were supposed to be submitted to the investigation committee investigating criminal acts by the CIA, FBI, The Enron scandal, and last but not least, the investigation of the $7 trillion that was unaccounted for by the Bush administration in which George W Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were being implicated in a criminal scandal. But guess what? The fire that began in building 7 began on the floors in which those files were stored. These files were supposed to be evidence of the above mentioned allegations. So, you have a mysterious fire that begins in building 7, and then the building also does a demolition type collapse for no apparent reason, destroying all evidence. Then on an interview on CNN with Larry King, King interviews WTC owner Larry Silverstein, in which Silverstein said, “I gave the firefighters the order to pull building 7”. “Pull” is a term used by building demolition crews, which means blow it up.

Does this mean that building 7 had demolition explosives before 9/11? Why did building 7 have ready to pull devices in it? You can’t install demolition devices into a building in a few hours. That’s impossible. It takes months to ready a building for demolition. Engineers need to study the buildings structure beforehand, and carefully place all the squibs in all the strategic locations. Building  maintenance and employees of buildings 1,2 & 7 have mentioned that for 4 months prior to 9/11, an unnamed company was doing some type of wiring late at night in all 3 buildings and that these crewmen were working in the elevator shafts and key floors in which building maintenance was forbidden to enter. They also reported that all key card entries were not recorded and all surveillance cameras were shut off during the time this work was being done on all 3 buildings.

The final fact is that Marvin P. Bush, the president’s younger brother, was a principal in a company called Securacom that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport. The company had an ongoing contract to handle security at the World Trade Center — expiring the day the buildings fell down.

Wow, airport security plus WTC security too? They killed 3 birds with 1 stone. Destroyed criminal evidence. used the so called attacks on 9/11 to invade Iraq for it’s oil, and the perfect excuse to finally implement the Patriot Act on American citizens (Big Brother).

Think about this. Everything happening around the world today has evolved from 9/11. Just like when every news media network had reported that Osama Bin Laden had died of kidney failure in November 2001. But, nah! You’re not going to remember that right? Why do you think his body was thrown into the sea by our Navy? Because it’s Muslim law? But how is that Muslim law when they live in a freaking desert? Sorry to disturb y’all with facts.

[No Boobs] No more Page 3? The Sun drops topless models with no bare breasts seen since Friday – and Murdoch paper appears to confirm they were the last. Link
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flikering light bulb
Sunday the electric went out for an hour, Monday evening it went out again and then again this morning it went out again. What’s going on all of a sudden?
What is the deal with appliances at W/D? Do your have to purchase a certain amount? (Ed: The promotion just ended so forget it.)
Poor, poor FTR. The editor characterizes him as a tough old bird who can take it. But when push comes to shove FTR cries like a baby. He asks for civility in the responses from people who criticize him, but then he accuses critics of crawling out from under a rock. He attacks while hiding his own identity. Perhaps he could get out his Readers Digest dictionary and look up the word hypocrite. It’s too bad that he can dish it out but you can’t take it. Just crawl back into your hole and cry yourself to sleep. Civil is as civil does.
He’s back! The Mexican food picture guy.
Vehicles need to operate like vehicles when driving on the road. I’m sick of hearing all the bitching about bikes riding on the road when a lot of vehicles disobey the speed limit, run stop signs, text and drive, talk on there phones, etc. You have more than 4000 pounds on the road vs a 50 pound bike. As for riding your bike the wrong way, the bike path is not finished so am I suppose to cross the road every time the bike path ends and starts back up over the bridges? Crossing US1 that often is dangerous. You are right that bicyclists should be riding with traffic like in the areas outside of US1.I was on Little Torch Key stopped at the stop sign and put my signal to turn left when the guy from Michigan decided not to stop and just whipped around me. It was a good thing I did not get smashed. He then gave me the finger! The speed limit is 25mph not 50 on the residential areas and stay in the lane. Walking is just as bad, so slow down. Someone’s GoPro camera will get you. The Keys are a beautiful place and should be bike friendly. Vehicles are bullies and half of them have no respect for walkers or bike riders.
[“A few minutes without electricity and the world stops”] Does this include the poor electrificators on No Name Key? They’ll be the first ones firing up their generators, calling Keys Electric complaining, and commending themselves for being so brilliant to have bought there in the first place!
Haiku ~RyokanThe thief left it behind;
the moon
At my window
playboy bunny rabbit blue
Catholics must not breed like rabbits
, says the Pope. Yes, you read that right. I love this guy! Link
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The hottest year on record has been questioned by other scientists. The fellow at NASA who made the claim now admits that there is a 38% chance they are correct. He doesn’t really go into where he got the 38% figure. Other scientist say that the margin of error is greater than the temperature increase they are stating. It makes one wonder why are they so hell-bent on proving the warming? Could NASA possibly have a political agenda? One thing is for certain, if you ring the bell the dogs will salivate and never wonder why. Link
[Marine (Ret)”] Who’s to say I didn’t retire last year, or the year before that, being that I’m 49 and joined my beloved Corps at 17. I’ll let you ponder that one, Skippy.
half-star20[Movie Review] I rented Thug Life from Redbox. What a piece of crap. Awful camera work, bad lighting, sound, and the acting was worse than all of it put together. I knew it was a gangster movie, but did not think gangsters made the thing. I wish it were open season on all Baltimore drug dealing gangster scumbags with big bounties on them. Now that would be entertainment!
Somebody recently told me CoffeeMate creamers have too much artificial stuff in them.  Here’s an alternative.  Likely cheaper too. Link
Will Winn Dixie give out adult freeware too?
Apparently one of the latest Republican complaints about Obama is him being the cause of “wage stagnation” in the Country. But wasn’t he the one trying to raise the minimum wage while they were the ones fighting any such action?  How can anyone fall for any of that Republican spin?
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Get ready people. Now that there is a Republican Congress fuel prices will start rising really quick. A former head of a major oil company is predicting by the end of the year prices will be above $4.00 a gallon.You voted for the rise if you drank the Koolade and voted Republican.

See you at gas pumps. Watch the spin now of it being a “User increase” but reality is its to pay back the gas lobby for funding Conservatives campaign coffers.

Remember what the price of fuel was last week and think of that this time next year. Tomorrows flavor of Koolade will be Pachyderm Punch.

from the right
ON FRIDAY THE CRITICS WERE AGAIN OUT IN FORCE: I thought about responding Monday, but they barely even mentioned the topics that prompted their ire. None offered opposing or alternate positions. As usual, they could only muster personal invective, and that’s not worthy of response.Martha-McSallyPART 1)  I’ll bet that you haven’t heard of Martha McSally. If the media were doing its job properly, you would have. She is a phenomenal person and has a fascinating background.

She is a retired United States Air Force Colonel, and a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy. That may not be news worthy, but the fact that she is the first American woman to fly in combat since the 1991 lifting of the prohibition of women in combat, is news worthy.

She piloted a “Warthog”, the A-10, in combat, over Iraq and Kuwait in support of Operation Southern Watch. FYI the Warthog is just about the only US attack aircraft that really gets down in the dirt with the troops that it protects. It fires the massive 30 mm GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon. The cannon is the ‘hogs primary armament and the heaviest-ever automatic cannon mounted on an aircraft. It fires 4200 rounds per minute with absolutely deadly accuracy. In addition to close (very close) ground support for troops, the A10 is a premier tank killer. McSally has about 100 hours of combat flight time.

In addition to McSally’s combat experience, she is the first woman to command a USAF fighter squadron, the 354th Fighter Squadron (354 FS) based at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Martha McSally first earned national recognition for successfully overturning a military policy requiring all U.S. servicewomen to wear a Muslim Abaya and headscarf when off base in Saudi Arabia.

McSally has two masters degrees, one in in Public Policy, from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. The second in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Air War College, where she graduated #1 in her class out of 260 senior military leaders.

McSally’s public service did not end with her Air Force career. In the November elections she was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives by the electorate in the Tucson Arizona area.

McSally is a conservative Republican.  McSally has vowed to vote to either repeal or fundamentally repair the Affordable Care Act. She supports local control of education, stating that, …“education for our kids should not be dictated by Washington bureaucrats but by local experts with parent involvement and rewards for excellence. Hard-earned middle-class-taxpayer money should not go to D.C. to strip education funds off the top, then return to the states with conditions, paperwork and mandates resulting in cookie-cutter educational recipes”

McSally has stated her belief that women around the country are concerned with jobs, affordable healthcare, the future of social security, and education. She appeared on national television in October 2012 saying, “You want to talk about a war on women? Walk in my shoes down the streets of Kabul. Walk in my shoes down the streets of Riyadh; where women have to be covered up. Where they’re stoned, where they’re honor killed if they’ve been raped, where they can’t drive and they can’t travel without the permission of a male relative. That’s a war on women.”

Deer Friends, retired Air Force Colonel Martha McSally is a new Republican Congressperson, which is newsworthy.

Part 2) Unfortunately the media is the great opinion shaper of our nation. Unfortunately they are overwhelmingly liberal/progressive/Democrats. Unfortunately the ethics that at one time required journalists to only report news and to not interject their personal feelings into their work is extinct.

just say no15An excellent example of that is the hue and cry they raised wherein they labeled the Republicans as being the party of NO.  While it is true that Republican legislators followed their conscience and voted against many Democrat initiatives, that is the American way. You can be sure that the Democrats will now do the same.

Another example of purely selective and biased reporting is that that the media virtually ignored the fact that while the Democrats had control of the Senate, about 350 bills that had passed in the Republican House were stonewalled, killed, in the Democrat controlled Senate.

98 percent of those bills passed in the House with bipartisan support — Republicans and Democrats working together to pass legislation. 50 percent of the bills passed unanimously, with no opposition. 70 percent of the bills passed with two-thirds support in the House. And over 55 bills were introduced by Democrats. The House has passed more than 30 jobs bills that were ignored in the Senate.

But the Democrat leadership said “No, HELL NO”.  Now the President is making it crystal clear that he is abandoning the Constitution and he will of the people by throwing down the gauntlet of threatened vetoes. Just another example of “NO, HELL NO”.

From 2009 until 2013 the Democrat Senate said NO to the law and refused to pass budgets. NO, NO, and NO.

Sixty-four percent (64%) of likely U.S. voters think there is a global conflict in the world today between Western civilization and the radical segment of Islam. Obama’s bizarre refusal to acknowledge the conflict between civilization and radical Islam is telling America “NO, HELL NO.”

Seventy-six percent of Americans say that fighting terrorism should be government’s top priority. Obama and the Democrats say “NO, HELL NO.” Obama’s priority is to release Gitmo prisoners to fight again. He is doing all in his power to close Gitmo, he’s just released at least five more murderous Jihadist fighters.  It now appears that his and the Democrats top priority is to provide free Junior College tuition. There is a monumental disconnect between Obama and the governed.

54 percent say Obama is exceeding his authority as president when he transfers suspected terrorists out of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. Obama and the Democrat response? “No, HELL NO”.

Has the media pointed out that it is the Democrats who are in truth and in fact the real party of NO? Hell no.

PART 3) YESTERDAY A POSTER WROTE: “…2014 was the hottest year since temperatures have been recorded. Man has been making heat from fossil fuels since that time. Where does all that heat go?”

bikini hot signFTR’S RESPONSE: Unfortunately the poster has his/her facts wrong. The poster probably read the NOAA report that was recently released that claimed that last year was the warmest since 1850, and simply misinterpreted it. A closer look at NOAA’s report reveals that the alleged ‘record’ amounted to an increase over 2010, the previous ‘warmest year’, of just two-hundredths of a degree – or 0.02C. The margin of error is said by scientists to be approximately 0.1C – several times as much.

Then if you look at another NOAA publication, you’ll find that the “likelihood” that 2014 was the warmest year on record was only at 48%  Link

NASA says it’s only about 38%.

Another government web site,, reported about a year ago that “Since the turn of the century, however, the change in Earth’s global mean surface temperature has been close to zero.”

Certainly all of that should convince you that the issue of global warming is not “settled science.” The reasons to doubt the claims are legion.

Another of the reasons to doubt the claim that man is the cause of climate change is the existence of a very accurate record of temps in central Great Britain dating back to 1650, long before the industrial revolution. That record is called Central England Temperature (CET) record. If you look at the graph to be found at Link you will see that the annual mean temperature has been rising at the same rate since 1650. Further, you will see that the temps in 1720, 1780, 1883, 1835, 1876, 1920, 1949, and 1960 are within a tiny fraction of a degree of the present time.

Is the global climate changing? Certainly, it always has and always will. Is man the cause? That question has not been satisfactorily answered, personally I seriously doubt it.

arm in slingPART 3) Deer Friends, this will be my last posting for some time. How much time, I’m unsure. Today, Tuesday, when you read this, I will have just undergone a surgery to remove and replace my right shoulder joint which is totally worn out, shot. Arthritis is the culprit. The procedure will require that my right arm be immobilized, probably for about 6 or so weeks. I believe that I will be unable to use a keyboard. I will try to learn to type with only my left hand, so hopefully FTR’s house will be dark for only a short time.  We’ll see. In the meantime, please, please, all of you in the CT community whose political philosophy is similar to mine, please post your thoughts and arguments.

SPECIAL TO DEER ED: Thanks again for the fine dinner Mrs. FTR and I had with you and Sloan a few years ago.  His posting on Friday slamming you and I proves the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished. Sloan’s thought processes remain “interesting.”

ONE MORE THING: Enjoy this video

Hope to be back soon. Respectfully submitted, FTR.