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mlk day
[Amaryllis Lily] We received a pot with bulbs already sprouted for Christmas and this is the beautiful results. Plants are such great gifts for people who are hard to shop for.
never-again-jews19[“Never Again”] The Jewish Association, which represents Jewish communities across Europe, says that gun license laws must be altered following a string of deadly attacks on Jews in France and other European countries, where anti-Semitism has been growing at an alarming rate.
[Conspiracy] I just watched a video of an investigation into 9/11. Among other things, these people spent much effort investigating the supposed airplane hijackers. The video claims that most of the supposed suicide hijackers are still alive and working overseas and gave details that several were on the US government payroll being trained and making trouble elsewhere. That one shared an apartment with a CIA operative in Vero Beach. That the airport security camera video of two of them purportedly boarding in Boston was actually of them that morning boarding in Portland, ME (evidenced by the date/time stamp among other things), and much more. They show the government documents and passport applications, follow their credit card purchases, interview an ex-girlfriend, flight instructors, plane rental firms, you name it. America has been so dumbed-down that the masses will believe any nonsense in a news broadcast (or conspiracy video) even if it makes no sense at all; and even when the evidence that is shown contradicts what the talking head is saying. Use your own brain. Make your own decisions. Video
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dions-quick-chicI did a small favor for Dion’s and the owners surprised me with two gift certificates for a 10 piece chicken dinner. In all my years in the Keys I’ve never had their Quick Chic chicken because I don’t eat fried food or fast food. I must say this chicken was some of the juiciest and crispest I’ve had and the seasoning was perfect. I guess I’ll start eating fried food again. I also realized that Dion’s is the only fast food within a half hour’s drive of Big Pine. The closest fast food is in Marathon.
[Christianity v.s. Islam] The disinformation myth started in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the 19th century when Ottoman rule was lauded as being the most suitable regime to rule Christians in the Balkans. It alleged that Turkish rule was just, fair, lawful, more “tolerant,” and that safety for life and goods was guaranteed to them by Islamic laws. This theory was advanced to safeguard the balance of power in Europe and to block an alleged Russian advance towards a Mediterranean warm water port. To justify the Turkish yoke on the Slavs, it was portrayed as a model for a multi-ethnical and multi-religious empire. Of course, the reality was totally different. The Ottoman Empire was created by centuries of Jihad, based on Muslim theology that was applied against Christians, Jews, and all non-Muslim, vanquished peoples. Turks applied Islam in its generic sense which means submission. To this day Hamas has its headquarters in Turkey and the welcome mat is not likely to be whisked away from Palestinian terrorists.
[“Marine (RET)”] How is a retired marine supposed to know what’s in our young soldier’s minds as he fights in two of our most unpopular wars? The honorable Marine probable hasn’t shot an enemy in fifty years–two generations ago? Attitudes change.
bat hitting computerI have tried Windows 3, Windows 95 to 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and all the Apple stuff and have come to the conclusion that all of the operating system designers live in closets and have no idea what the paying consumer needs and wants. The latest operating systems are nothing more than mentally twisted versions of DOS bent into useless screen flashers and crashing mind blowing madness. If I am like lots of people, I am about to relocate my glairing-screen-humming-email-catcher into the next big truck with a gaping hole in the back and get a life. Anyone want to sell a boat?
[Why We Need Guns] Crime victim: Newly released video brings back terrifying “Shining”-like moments when man with machete bashed through door. LinkPapa John’s driver shoots robber in face, gets reassigned, customers give back. Link
Mitt Romney is running for President –again. Will the third time be a charm, like with Nixon? Remember how bad that turned out. A candidate can wear us down by changing his message every time he runs, but if the people didn’t want him twice before that means there’s something wrong with him (Re: Nixon again)
bicycle agressive[Cyclists Need to Operate Bike as Vehicles] My spouse and I love to ride and are very concerned about the safety of some cyclists in this area. We have observed many cyclists riding against traffic. This is not a safe practice for several reasons. First, it isn’t legal. Florida state law directs: person powered conveyances are considered vehicles and have all the rights and responsibilities of any vehicle using the roads. Cyclists need to follow the rules of the road as they would when operating a motorized vehicle. Second, it is very unhealthy for the cyclist who is hit by a car, bus or other vehicle. The closing speed between a cyclist and a vehicle approaching head-on is significantly higher than the closing speed of a motorized vehicle overtaking a bicycle travelling the same direction. Being hit head on (And we sincerely hope this doesn’t happen but if it should) would be much harder on the human body than being hit from a vehicle travelling the same direction. Third, the practice of riding against traffic can create dangerous situations when cyclists who are following the law are confronted with those who aren’t. We have had to deal with cyclists travelling against the traffic on bridges or narrow pathways. Fourth, when cyclists are riding against traffic, they can’t see traffic signs because the signs are facing the opposite direction. Again, this can create unsafe operation of the bicyle. Fifth, cycling against traffic can be dangerous because drivers of motorized vehicles may not be looking for bicycles on the opposite side of the road. Sixth, persons who ride their bicycle against traffic give cyclists a bad reputation. We have met enough people who do not like to share the road with bikes. Don’t give them a reason to begrudge cyclists.For these reasons, we ask those of you who think you are safe riding against traffic to reconsider your behavior. Riding on the side of Highway 1 can be hazardous when following traffic laws. Please don’t make it worse by being negligent of the law. We truly want to see everyone arrive alive!
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2006 Alfa motor home. 26,000 miles in great condition loaded, with diesel Caterpillar and Allison transmission. One owner $85,000. Classified Ads > Autos
[Super Bowl Viewing] Since I’m one of those who watch tv via streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu and do not have cable tv, I will be watching the Super Bowl at a bar. Can I get some opinions on the best place to watch the Super Bowl? What I’m looking for is simple: A lot of really big tvs but most importantly, at a volume level loud enough to really hear them without needing those stupid closed captions on. Good food always helps, too!
[Global warming] 2014 was the hottest year since temperatures have been recorded. Man has been making heat from fossil fuels since that time. Where does all that heat go? It must go somewhere? Sea level rise was predicted to be about a foot in this century, but now scientists have revised their prediction to 3 feet in this century.
A drunk driver hits a street sign, the police didn’t find it in until the next day.
[“Pelican torture”] It must be somebody or something! So, lets not rule out the possibility that it could just be the influx of people on the water fishing, just not participating, in the best of fishing management. I’m sure that I’m not the first person to see a boat loaded with coldbirds (what you may call snowbirds) with cold ones, or the unseasoned, with about 5 or so pelicans hanging behind it ready to fill their gullet with tasty bait, but instead get the sharp hook. Then you watch as one of the pelicans dives down and blam, they then have unwanted pelican on their line. In turn, you watch them proceed to tug and tug and either rip the hook out, or pull the pelican up to the boat, only to watch the pelican thrash around and unhook itself or be subdued to exhaustion. If you cut a deflated balloon and then fill it full of water wont it rip open? Now as much as I would like to think that a fleshy pouch is a little more resilient, I think that diving down to get fish with a previous hole or tear would cause a pelican’s pouch to blowout or tear just the same. Food for thought.
welcome movie[Free Movie] Wednesday, Jan 21  A Fierce Green Fire. Friends And Volunteers Of Refuges 6th season of outdoor films are shown at the National Wildlife Refuge Trails Parking lot located 1/4 mile north of the Blue Hole on Key Deer Blvd, Big Pine Key.  FAVORs outdoor films are shown on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays starting in December and continuing until the end of January.  Short films start at dusk with the feature at 7pm. Bring your lawn-chairs & refreshments, FAVOR supplies free organic popcorn! Events
Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney are running for President or is it: Pope of the Americas? With these religious nuts trying to takeover our lives and America, where can I run to? A Mormon president? Are you kidding me? And who knows Hillary’s real intentions, comrade?
If all else fails and if sharia gets imposed, there are some pointers for us. Though there were differences among Muslims of Kosovo, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Afghanistan, etc., the end result is the same: “Getting stoned” is literal. Being a “Black Magic Women” will get you hanged for sorcery. “Gay” is a mood, not a lifestyle that gets you hanged. Hangings and beheadings are public with no outcry about capital punishment. In Kuwait, it occurs on the first Tuesday of the month. Oh yes, don’t be the odd sect out; Sunni in a Shia area or vice versa.hijib19Here are businesses to divest: Porn and strip clubs. Banking. Stock market. Liquor and spirits. Recreational drugs. Pork farms. Clam, shrimp lobster fishing. Fashion except for foundation garments and under garments. Tattoo shops. Art shops specifically religious depictions. Music business in general, it may be frowned upon so don’t worry about the car coming with a Bose system as the radio often just has prayers and sermons.
Here are some businesses to get into: Tobacco. Coffee and coffee shops (don’t worry about smoking/non smoking sections). Restaurants except for BBQ pork . Chocolates and candy. Fashion as long as it is white man shirts and black hijab. Big estates for family expansion. Precious metals. Rugs
If you are a man, you got it made: Morning prayers, then meet with friends to discuss politics and sports while sipping Turkish coffee and eating sweets.
Mid morning prayers, meet with friends to discuss politics and sports while sipping coffee and eating sweets. Noon prayers, lunch at home. Mid afternoon prayers, meet with friends to discuss politics and sports while sipping coffee, eating sweets and sharing a hookah. Evening prayers, time to get ready for bed, choose a bedroom.
You have to attend religious services as a mosque is in every neighborhood and within a walking distance. And yes, they do keep count. Besides, the call to prayers will announce prayers 30 minutes ahead of time. Don’t worry about the spouse as the prayer rooms are segregated. Further, don’t worry about missing the sermon as it is broadcast over the minaret’s loud speakers. Oh yea, there was an app for prayer schedules as well as to point you toward Mecca.
Ramadan is tough as no food or drink, tobacco or sex is permitted during the day. So you eat plenty before sunrise and after sunset. Usually, work is a half day during this period.
To explain relationships, marriage is a contract and not a bond. Muhammad was a practical man as he understood that a “man has needs”. As they were warring, there were a bunch of widows and orphans that needed to be looked after. After divorce, a women left with what she could carry, hence the craving for gaudy and ornate gold jewelry.
If you are a woman, you make it possible with the other wives for the man to attend to all his religious, social and professional needs. Incidentally, the whip cannot be thicker than the thumb and the husband can’t leave wounds.
The advice from a Kuwaiti was to make sure you had an odd number of wives. Then they would decide/vote amongst themselves. If the number was even, you would be asked to break the tie (and hence would disappoint a group). The aim is for tranquility in the household. Muslim friends would remind us that a wife is to make babies while a mistress is to have fun. Happy ‘Nikah Mutah.’
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Obama’s job approval rating has increased from a low, somewhere in the toilet range, to 44.8%! Link
hareens 12.2.14
[“Winn-Dixie appliances”] Competition would bring lower prices. My Publix is just down the street from Winn-Dixie. Both stores are super clean both inside and out in the parking lot. I had to buy groceries anyway and needed a new blender so it worked out nicely for me. Paying $1.59 a gallon for gas using my fuel perks was no poke in the eye either.
sputnik19[Space … the last … dump] With all the activities going on in space and all the stuff being made and shipped up there, why do we not know what for, and where, all this stuff is going? It is our tax money paying for these contraptions. It is easy to hide in open space, just park your space ship in a stable orbit where the sun is always at your back and no one on earth can see you because of the suns glair. A Space Hilton or rich man’s hideaway?
I heard Mitt Romney sing America The Beautiful on TV and could not get that song out of my mind. Talk about a recurring song! “A-mer-ica the beau-ti-ful …”
[Things That Will Disappear In Our Lifetime] The post office, the check, the newspaper, the book, the land line telephone,  music, television revenues, the “things” that you own, joined handwriting (cursive writing),  and privacy. All we will have left is that which can’t be changed.  Our memories. Link
[Movie Review] Yesterday, I had the misfortune of watching “American Sniper” at Regal Cinema in Key West. I knew for some time that I would see it when it got here. Directed by Clint Eastwood, it was receiving rave reviews and filling theaters where it was being shown before the release date.american-sniper-posterWhere to begin. Perhaps when the movie ended. After I had sat quiet as a mouse through it, I said loud enough for people sitting within 3-4 feet of me, “What a f**king waste. Jesus Christ!” Walking out of the auditorium, I felt like I needed to cry, but I didn’t. Cry over Iraq. The war there. All the dead, maimed, wounded and battle-shocked American soldiers, who, I still feel, never should have been there; they died, were maimed, were wounded, were battle-shocked for nothing. Same in Afghanistan.

In my mind I told Clint Eastwood, as I was unlocking my bicycle from the iron fence outside the theater, “You didn’t get it, did you? What were you thinking? Iraq was not worth one American casualty. This was your chance to show America what Iraq really was, and you didn’t do that.” But then, maybe Clint did do that, and maybe I just didn’t get it. And maybe few people will get it. And maybe nobody will get it.

Based on Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s autobiography, the film depicts the horror of the urban warfare in Iraq, mostly from the American perspective. There are no good Iraqis. Some of the American soldiers are starting to doubt the war. Most of the America soldiers are solid behind it, but why? They don’t ask why they are there? What is the point of their being there? What do they hope to achieve by being there?

Kyle keeps telling is wife he is defending her and their children, even as he goes over there 4 times. He keeps telling her he has to go over their to protect and save his buddies. God, country and family, in that order.

Kyle is a sniper. He hides out on rooftops and picks off bad guys and a bad woman and a bad boy trying to kill his buddies. And sometimes he is down there with his buddies, door to door, house to house, getting bad guys and trying to turn Iraqi civilians, or at least get information out of them, and they all end up dead. If you like lots of dead and maimed people, this is a great movie. If you like war, this is a great movie.

In the film, what galvanizes Kyle (not his name in the film) to join the Navy, and then go into the SEAL training at age 30, very old for a SEAL inductee, is seeing on TV one of the Twin Towers in New York City being struck by a big airplane, and then the building collapses into itself and implodes to the ground. Kyle is a Texas rodeo cowboy, and also a crack shot with a rifle, from back when he hunted with his father. Being a crack shot is how he ends up being a sniper. The most lethal sniper in American military history. A revered American military hero in his own time, in Iraq and in America.

As a boy, I imagine I would have loved this movie. As a young man, I imagine I would have loved this movie. But Vietnam changed my view of America at war. And the two Bush presidents cemented my view that America goes to war for reasons other than national security. America goes to war for corporate profit, for bragging rights, for none of the right reasons, if right reasons for war even exist. Except for Kyle’s wife, Taya (different name in the film), who kept trying to get through to him, “American Sniper” is pure testosterone, steroids.

Kyle is pure testosterone, steroids, until toward the end of the movie he comes unglued, and then he is starting to heal, soften, get over wanting to be over there saving as many of his buddies as he can, having no remorse for any of his nearly 300 kills, which were necessary to save his buddies.

From trying to save his buddies in Iraq, Kyle has turned to trying to save Iraq vets who have come back maimed in body and soul, by befriending them, spending time with them, doing all he can to help them heal, or at least cope better. And he seems to find solace and purpose in that. And then one of the vets he is trying to help kills him, we are told after the movie ends with them driving off to a shooting range. Trailer

[Round House
] No caption needed but the blow up house is still making noise day and night.
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road warrior19
A few minutes without electricity and the world stops. Just think if it was off for hours, days, weeks, forever? After a week, 90% of the people would be dead. No water or food, no fuel, no nothing but marauders scrounging for sustenance! Like the man said, ‘Keep the last bullet for yourself!’
[Breach of Contract] I want to sue a company for a breach of contract. An experience attorney is needed. Reply as soon as possible.
[“Appliance giveaway”] What giveaways at Winn Dixie? Every time we go there they are out!
[Living in Fear] It must be tough to live in New Jersey. At the Tom Thumb the other day a car with New Jersey plates was getting gas. The guy, who was using “pay at the pump” and wasn’t even going into the store, locked his car and activated the alarm while he pumped his gas — with his wife sitting inside the car!
Stove for sale.
Lightly used Kenmore 5 burner gas stove. Perfect condition $400. Classified Ads > Appliances
Muslims at large are also not likely to dissolve the Organization of Islamic Congress, a body that now is 57 countries strong. If we recall, from the outset, the OIC block demanded a Muslim veto voice at the UN Security Council. Islam is the alpha and the omega foundation of their societies and politics are never too far from religion.
[“Pelican torture”] Someone’s catching and slicing the pouches of pelicans. It’s time for us all to pay careful attention when we see large gatherings of pelicans around people, especially on the bridges where people fish and pelicans try to steal bait. This S.O.B. is going to get caught this year so he won’t come back next year.
Painting by Wanda Fitch.
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[Sears’ Failure] Another thing they do wrong is give you a 4′ or longer receipt with way too much information on it to read. It’s a minor annoyances, but all those minor annoyances lead to bankruptcy.
Kayaks wanted. Looking for two 1 person Kayaks and one 2 person Kayak. Live in Pig Pine Key willing to travel up to 2 hours o pick up Kayaks. Please call Classified Ads > Wanted
[Benefit] Hazel and Eugene Hartman have been long time residents and some of the most active volunteers in the Lower Keys (especially with Big Pine and Lower Keys Rotary Club).  Let’s help them out now — at an upcoming fund raiser: Big Pine Bocce League and Bistro 31 present a benefit for Eugene & Hazel Hartman on Wednesday, January 21, 7:30-9:30 pm at Bistro 31, MM 31, Big Pine. Silent Auction/Raffle/Music by Adrienne. Events
Hard top convertible
. Southernmost Classic Car Club January show. I remember when I could name almost every car that I saw. These days I can’t identify any of them be they luxury or cheap-os. They all are so similar.
“The most dangerous thing you can do educate people. Because when people become educated, you cannot control them, you cannot frighten them. People who are educated know their own power, and don’t surrender it to others.” ~Jordan MaxwelMaybe this is why the oligarch overlords are having their political puppets cut education funding.
usa-inc52hMitt Romney is running for President] FTR must be giddy with glee to have a candidate concerned only with wealth. I predict Romney will come out this time all warm and fuzzy and weepy with compassion for the other 99%. When he gets elected it’s back to protecting the rich.America should not be run like a business. If we wanted that we’d hire a CEO an incorporate. America is more than a business and shouldn’t be run like one where we forget the other 99%
Welcome to the Keys. Don’t drink the water.
frankenstien reading newsparerCaptain Doom’s guide to political news as reported by our newspapers.1. The Wall Street Journal is read by the people who run the country.2. The Washington Post is read by people who think they run the country.3. The New York Times is read by people who think they should run the country, and who are very good at crossword puzzles4. USA Today is read by people who think they ought to run the country but don’t really understand The New York Times.5. The Los Angeles Times is read by people who wouldn’t mind running the country, if they could find the time — and if they didn’t have to leave Southern California to do it.6. The Boston Globe is read by people whose parents used to run the country and did a poor job of it.7. The New York Daily News is read by people who aren’t too sure who’s running the country and don’t really care as long as they can get a seat on the subway.8. The New York Post is read by people who don’t care who is running the country as long as they do something really scandalous, preferably while intoxicated.9. The Chicago Tribune is read by people that are in prison that used to run the state, and would like to do so again, as would their constituents that are currently free on bail.10. The Miami Herald is read by people who are running another country, but need the baseball scores.11. The San Francisco Chronicle is read by people who aren’t sure if there is a country or that anyone is running it; but if so, they oppose all that they stand for. There are occasional exceptions if the leaders are gay, handicapped, minority, feminist, atheist dwarfs who also happen to be illegal aliens from any other country or galaxy, provided of course, that they are not Republicans.12. The National Enquirer is read by people trapped in line at the grocery store.13. The Seattle Times is read by people who have recently caught a fish and need something to wrap it in.14. The Key West Citizen is read by hippies, heads, snowbirds, gays and other neer-do-wells who live in their own Conch Republic closets.15. The Philly Enquirer is read by people who own parrots and canaries that read and Democrats who like comics!
[Bars] We arrived on Ramrod Key for the winter Thursday. We went to check out Looe Key tiki bar. It was great. We didn’t worry with the bathrooms what with a perfectly good canal right behind the bar. We will be regulars there once again. Friday we check out the Wharf on Summerland which is under new ownership apparently. (Ed: It’s the same new ownership.)
rotten apple[Rotten Apples] I keep hearing from the apologists for certain groups of people say, “There are always a few bad apples in any group.” I agree with that statement, but it seems like some of these groups have more than their share of bad apples. That leads me to this conclusion: There is something wrong with the orchard.
The pelican cutters are probably fisherman who don’t like the competition for bait fish. Years ago they were putting rubber bands around the pelicans’ beaks to stop them from feeding. I hope the law gets them before someone down here does. That could get ugly.
[Noise Polluters] I was walking along the bike path enjoying the solitude and beauty of the Keys when I was blasted by the loud pipes of Harley riders on US 1. Lots of people are in the Keys to get away from the noise and hustle of the big city. I guess Harley riders just like the noise–or the attention.
[The Movies]
The  brilliant British mathematician Alan Turin, who designed the first digital computer and used it to crack the Nazi’s Enigma code, which allowed the Allies to win the European part of World War II a lot quicker, perhaps they would have lost it without Turin’s machine. For his good services to his country and humanity, and for inventing the first computer, Turin was prosecuted after the war for gross indecency (being homosexual), put on probation and hormone therapy, and after a year of that he killed himself.
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[‘Healthy’ Farm Raised Fish] When you think about things abandoned malls are filled with, you might think of graffiti, crime, or just piles of trash. In Bangkok, however, there is an enormous mall filled with something far more interesting: thousands upon thousands of koi and tilapia fish! Link
Hundreds rally at secret Texas Muslim event. Media denied access to attend ‘Stand with the Prophet’ conference. Link
[“Free appliances”] It wasn’t the best Idea to put those things near the doors at W/D I have heard of people walking out with their arms full of new toys. Maybe someone should check receipts or move the stuff to the rear or the service desk.
[Boobs] Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the women down here don’t have much on top? I like a full figured woman but have not seen any down here. Attached is a picture of my ideal woman.
I really appreciate RadioShack in WD shopping center. They have helped me many times with my phone problems and computer problems. The young brothers there are always very helpful. You need not purchase anything for them to answer questions and to try to solve your problems. Kevin, I hope you are here for the long run!
bulb led-flourescent
[Keys Energy] I am interested in saving energy by purchasing LED bulbs. Does anyone know if there are deals for this product? I refuse to spend 10 bucks on a bulb.
[Pelican Torture] To everyone that is or should be outraged by the sadistic thug slitting pelican’s pouches. This was from Nature Conservancy-some good info:If you suspect a fish, wildlife, boating, or environmental law violation, report it to the FWC’s Wildlife Alert Reward Program: 888-404-FWCC (3922). Cell phone users can reach us at *FWC or #FWC, depending on your service provider. Report violations online
If your information results in an arrest, you may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000. See Reward Categories for details. Report violations via text message.
Most cell phones allow users to send text messages directly to an email address. You can text; standard usage fees may apply.
To be eligible for a reward you must obtain a confidential code number to be eligible for a reward. When reporting violations online, a code number will be sent to the email address you provide. If you do not wish to provide an email address, please call 888-404-FWCC to obtain a code number. The telephones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
You may remain anonymous. You will not be required to testify in court. You may or may not be contacted for additional information, depending on your preference. It is important to report violations as soon as possible and provide as much detail as you can about the physical descriptions of violators, vehicles, license tag numbers, etc.
Examples of violations: Illegal hunting, Taking saltwater game fish out of season, Taking protected wildlife species, Boating under the influence, Illegal tire dumping

Membership Program. Please help save Florida’s fish, wildlife and natural resources by purchasing a Wildlife Alert membership. All memberships are tax-deductible. See our Membership page for a description of your membership privileges and to become a member today.

“The plural of you is yiz.” said Friday’s post. Okay, I bit and looked it up. The Urban Dictionary defines yiz as Yiddish for jiz Jiz is then defined as:
1) man juice
2) when swallowed by woman, known to decrease chances of breast cancer and getting fat.
3) lubricant when wet
4)alternative for superglue when dry.
Obama administration gave the coal industry the best present of all –relief from the obligation to responsibly dispose of the mountains of hazardous wastes it generates. Coal combustion wastes (AKA coal ash) are the concentrated residues captured in coal-fired power-plant smokestacks by scrubbers to prevent them from going into the atmosphere. They are a nasty mixture, including metals, such as arsenic, selenium, cadmium, lead and increasingly high levels of mercury.Plus, there is a lot of it. At more than 130 million tons a year, coal ash is the second largest waste stream in the U.S., second only to the debris of coal mining itself.

In December 2008, a huge TVA coal ash impoundment gave way outside of Kingston, TN unleashing a black tsunami poisoning an entire watershed, an episode called one of the worst human-caused environmental disasters in U.S. history. The incoming Obama administration pledged to take immediate action, promising tough regulations by the end of its first year.

Nearly six years later, it produced pathetically weak regulations that do not even prevent another Kingston. Despite the potently toxic nature of coal ash, the new EPA regulation declines to classify it as a hazardous waste, leaving it essentially unregulated. ….”.
We know that a Republican president would have been at least as accommodating to industry. Dirt bag politicians lie, the general public is unrepresented and the environment is sold out instead of protected. The problem is national; the problem is local. What to do?

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from the right
DEER FRIENDS: What follows is the posting that I prepared for last Friday’s CT . I simply failed to hit the “send” button. Sorry.PART 1) Yessir, the propaganda from the left rails that we Republicans are a bunch of angry old while men who are at war with women, and minorities.

mia love19Congressperson Mia Love, Republican, Utah, didn’t get the message.

Love is the newly elected U.S. Representative from Utah’s 4thCongressional district. Love is an American of Haitian ancestry, she is 39 years old. And she is a conservative Republican. She and Rep. Jason Chaffetz, (another minority) who represent Utah’s 3rd District, joined with the House Republican majority in voting to stop Obama’s patently illegal executive order concerning immigration.

Love is the first Haitian American and the first black female Republican in Congress, as well as the first black person to be elected to Congress from Utah.

Love is the child of Haitian immigrants, she was born in the USA. Love has held elected public office in Utah since 2003. As a part of that service she served as Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah. During her term as mayor, Love led the city through natural disasters including a wild fire which was followed shortly afterward by a severe mudslide. She provided the leadership that resulted in the city cutting expenses, and reducing the city’s shortfall during the economic downturn from $3.5 million to $779,000. Saratoga Springs now has the highest possible bond rating for a city of its size. Fiscal conservativism at work.

Love is a Conservative, she says she favors “fiscal discipline, limited government, and personal responsibility.” She has also said that she asks herself three questions whenever she approaches an issue: “Is it affordable? Is it sustainable? Is it my job?”

Deer Friends, we need more politicians like Mia Love.

joni ernst19BY THE WAY: Yesterday we wrote about brand new U.S. Republican Senator, Joni Ernst. It’s just been announced that she will deliver the Republican rebuttal to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address next Tuesday. That is a huge honor bestowed on her by the leadership of the Republican Party.

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PART 2) Yesterday a couple of posters zapped the Keystone Pipeline. One said it was an environmental danger, and the other said that the petro was of such poor quality that it could only go to China.

That line of thought probably came from green leftists and the leftist in Chief, Obama. On Friday, 11/14/14 he said: “Keystone XL allows “Canada to pump their oil, send it through our land, down to the Gulf, where it will be sold everywhere else.”

Fancy words, but not true. In recent years, the United States has become a net-exporter of refined oil products, like gasoline, jet fuel and asphalt (meaning we export more products than we import), according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. However, we still are a net-importer of the crude oil we use to make those products.

The vast majority of the crude delivered by KeyStone would be refined in the US and used in the US.

An excellent article on the issue is in Politifact.  That article labels Obama’s statement as being “mostly false.” Link

We cannot ignore the fact that moving crude by train is much more dangerous, expensive, and environmentally harmful than moving it by pipeline.

In 2013 in the U.S. about 1.5 million gallons of crude spilled from trains. More crude oil was spilled from trains last year than every other year since 1971 combined. The 10 worst spills together cost nearly $2 million in damages. The worst was in Aliceville, Alabama, on November 8, when nearly 750,000 gallons spilled from a 90-car train after it derailed, setting off a series of explosions. In Casselton, North Dakota, nearly a half-million gallons spilled on December 30, after a grain train derailed in front of a BNSF train filled with crude oil, igniting an inferno that forced the town to evacuate. A train carrying crude in Canada derailed spilling tens of thousands of crude, killing 47 and destroying much of the town of Lac Megantic.

In 2013 trains spilled about 1.5 million gallons of crude. Pipelines spilled about 2 million gallons of crude. But….big, huge but, pipelines moved about 70% of all crude in the US. Trains only moved about 3%. Pipelines are safer, much safer.  Pipelines release less CO2 into the environment, and trains kill people when they crash. Link Link

After the initial investment, pipeline operating costs are about one-third on average of rail, and pipelines are more energy-efficient and emit less carbon, most importantly, pipelines are safer.

Did you know that Warren Buffett, Obama’s pal, beneficiary, and mega billionaire, is profiting greatly from the crude that is shipped on his railroads? When KeyStone is finished, the Obama crude/gravy train will be over for Buffett. Link

Maybe, just maybe, one of the big reasons Obama is so dead set against KeyStone is his relationship with Buffett, railroad magnate.

Critics have claimed that the line would not create jobs. Their complaints ring hollow when you think about the fact that unions are among the strongest and most vocal supporters of KeyStone.

ONE MORE THING:  Check it out (thanks Tom): Link