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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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Channel through the mangrove swamp
inside the Snipe Keys, about five miles north of Big Coppitt Key in the Gulf.
The deer flies are terrible with all this humidity. I look like one of those Bavarian male dancers slapping at their selves..
It’s almost funny watching geek giant Amazon driving trucks in major cities to deliver food. Eventually they will deliver everything but babies! All this while Winn Dixie sleeps.
[“Sewer Trench”] The material used for the fill for sewer trenches is called flowable fill it has a minimal amount of cement along with sand screenings to form a crust in the event the pipes have to be dug up again and no they don’t use salt water.
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[Giant Snails] U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspectors seized a shipment of 67 live giant African snails at Los Angles International Airport this month. Officials said Monday the 35 pounds of snails arrived from Nigeria along with paperwork stating they were for human consumption. Experts say the species of snail is prohibited because it poses a serious threat to agriculture, public health and the economy. The snails were disposed of through incineration. Some of the snails have been reported in the Miami end of the Keys..
To the person who will be building their house on BPK. What are your plans to deal with sewer lines? What if they don’t get to your house for another couple of years?.
The deer flies are terrible with all this humidity. I look like one of those Bavarian male dancers slapping at one’s self.
Portable Air conditioner
. 9,500 BTU Everstar (Home Depot) Portable A/C. Very low mileage. New $388. Now $125. Classified Ads > Furniture
[“Lobster season bait n switch”] I really hope this guy was using the heavy sarcasm font. The last Wednesday and Thursday in July is always lobster mini-season. The last Wednesday and Thursday of July is July 30 and 31.
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Bumble bee.
I don’t see too many of these around here. It’s mostly honey bees.
[“Sewer Trench”] They never use salt water to mix concrete anywhere. It rusts any metal it comes in contact with. They used sea water to mix the concrete on the old bridges in the Keys, but the salt rusted the rebar and caused it to swell and spall the concrete structures rendering the bridges useless. I call that kind of concrete formerly used in the Keys—Conch-rete. Ha.
2006 Toyota Camry XLE 6 cyl, loaded with all the toys including nav system, leather interior with wood trim. Garage kept, car is in mint condition. 14,776 miles! $15,000 Classified Ads > Autos
[Pushing Christian beliefs on Coconut Telegraph in the world according to FTR] Just a few posts prior to FTR on Sunday, when he made this brazenly wrong statement, was a post from someone who explained how it takes acceptance of God to make God move in your life.

And in one search on the CT, I found more than 2,000 references to the power of religion by Christian folks and how we should all do as they say, act as they do. Another case of you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. Just last week, there were six or more (depending on your interpretation) posts from Christian folks pushing their own particular brand of belief. Strike one for the week.

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Undocumented immigrants
refuse to learn local language and still get food assistance.
[“Mini-season not moved”] It always helps to look at a calendar before concluding that mini-season is in the next to last week of July! I wonder how many fell in that hole?
Yesterday’s “new novel is a wonderful piece of historical fiction.” You mean like the bible?

Another thing I noticed, “Pray that the foregoing is wrong.” Prayer is basically wishing for something without lifting a finger to help change it. Early Christians prayed before being eaten by the lions and Jews prayed before getting baked. The results will be the same if you pray or not, you will at least have hope. But hope never changed anything.

If the Wiccans are demanding equal time then so do we! The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster should be recognized as the one true church of the Keys. I have been a Pastafarian for many years and am working on becoming an ordained minister. May you all be touched by his noodly appendage. Ramen! Link
[Woman Rule] Well they have the vagina and the vagina rules.
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All week, Mercury remains almost the same distance to the lower left of bright Venus low in the dawn. The best view may be about 45 minutes before sunrise, depending on how clear the air is.
[Word Police] FTR must be unaware that he is using the word perfidy incorrectly. I assume he means incompetence, since perfidy means deceitfulness. The latter has not, as yet, been proven. Being a former policeman and such a staunch supporter of the Constitution, I’m sure he believes in innocent until proven guilty (unless you’re of a certain political party).
climbing flag everest
You can climb Everest
and look around from the summit in virtual reality. Mountain climbing is not for me! Video
[Today’s Meeting] Reminder to Eden Pines canal clean up supporters the Canal Restoration Advisory Subcommittee’s meeting is Tuesday, July 15th at the Marathon Government Center. Wendy will be presenting the updated proposed pumping system for Eden Pines canal system. Anyone who has a vested interest in this program should attend and show support for our canal’s selection. A strong presence is a great and effective way of insuring our continued participation in this wonderful grant funded program. Plan on being there by 1 pm. We’re early on the agenda and should be done by 2 pm. Hope to see you there!
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[Free Kitten] Sweet, 6-toed kitty needs a loving and caring home. This really cool kitty was found on Little Torch about 3 weeks ago. He was in bad shape, but has been improving daily. He is surprisingly healthy for what he has been through – none of the common kitty diseases. He is very affectionate and loves to be held and petted. Please contact me if you are able to provide a caring home for this special boy. Classified Ads > Free
[Idiocy on the right] in Sunday’s CT an obvious right-winger posted their diatribe. I found it quite funny that in that diatribe he wailed about Sgt Bergdahl’s return from his POW status. Let me be the Independent to inform this incorrect poster, that Sgt Bergdahl is a soldier in the US Army. Marines are members of the US Marine Corps. If you’re going to rant, make sure that your facts are correct.
Happy Tuesday from Springer’s Bar and Grill.
Today is pizza day. Any 2 topping pizza all day today for $10 (eat in only). Gotta love that!
Wednesday special: Shepard Pie
Thursday special: Pesto chicken on a Kaiser roll
Friday special: Mango curry mahi mahi
There’s always something special at Springer’s
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rabbit multiplying
In an effort to cull the out-of-control rabbit population, the Australian government turned to viral warfare. This might work for pythons and iguanas. Link
Sarcasm is like a good game of chess. Most people don’t know how to play chess.
road cone[KW Road Construction Continues] In connection with the North Roosevelt Boulevard Reconstruction Project, the scheduled South Roosevelt closure from the Triangle to the Riviera Canal has been postponed so that there can be concentration on North Roosevelt, which, in theory, has but a little more than a week to go.

This coming week, work will continue from tonight through Thursday night (and apparently weeks after that), paving N. Roosevelt. There will also be intermittent side street and driveway closures. FDOT spokesperson Dean Walters reminds us that “Paving operations are extremely impacted by rain events, so this schedule will be subject to the cooperation of the weather.”

As you may have observed this past week, intermittent daytime and nighttime closures may occur at any time during the remainder of the project.

Work is also continuing on the Salt Run Channel Bridge along with drainage, utility work, mast arms and lighting, roadway and landscaping.

In other words, construction is now in a feverish pitch stage with a little here and a lot there to be completed in the final days and weeks. Be patient

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KW Orchid Society
’s July newsletter. The meeting is next Sunday, July 20 from 10am to 2pm at the home of Rochelle Eannarino in Key West. Directions are in the Newsletter. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
LG LHD30. New $189. Now $50. Classified Ads > Furniture
[Snowbirds] It must be that time of year again!
Going Up the Country – Canned Heat
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[“Composting or incinerating toilets”
] What would the county do if I wanted to install these instead of hooking up to their sewer system or do both to reduce my bill?
What’s going on ocean side of Saddlebunch Keys? The mangroves and buttonwoods have been severely cut back to a couple of feet high. Many natives including buttonwoods with trunks of 10″ or 11″ have been sawed off. Is this more of this bike path craziness?
I usually find Captain Doom and Gloom amusing, but this time he’s gone way over the top. I never thought I would ever see “cull the useless eaters” (paraphrase is mine) in print in the free world. Do you know that the phrase was used by the Nazis to justify the killing of people with disabilities and the elderly before the Holocaust? I usually cringe when I see “useless eaters” used on the CT, but this goes way beyond disturbing. Google it, here’s a typical link. Link
[Fried food lunch at Mangrove Mama’s] Food and service and prices were good. Lots of reminders of the old days.
from the right
prayer5Yesterday a poster pointed out my error in using the term “never” when stating that Christians “never” push their beliefs here in the CT. The poster was correct, “never” was the wrong word, “seldom” is the proper word.

The poster also complained that Deer Ed has refused to post his/her Wiccan oriented postings, including photos of BPK Wiccans dancing naked in the moon light. Perhaps if enough members of the CT community ask our Deer Ed to publish the photos of the naked Wiccans dancing in the moonlight, he just might relent.

Do Wiccans do line dancing, the Polka, the Fox Trot, the Macarena, or perhaps pole dancing? I have an image in my mind of a Wiccan Jersey girl twerking. It hurts. Even a Dion’s fried chicken thigh and a Yoo Hoo won’t drive the mental image out. Maybe I’ve been cursed by irate BPK nude dancing Wiccans.


Part 2) Yesterday three, count them three posters submitted nearly identical shots at GWB. Each claimed that Obama has deported more illegals than did GWB. Frankly I don’t know if that is true or not simply because Team Obama has cooked the books on the issue. Team Obama has redefined the word “deport”. Among other chicanery in counting under the Obama admin, now an illegal who is stopped at the border and simply turned around is counted as being deported.

trust15USA Today reported that the number of “deportations” dropped by 10% in 2013. In April of this year, the NYT reported that new deportation cases brought by the Obama administration in the nation’s immigration courts have been declining steadily since 2009, leading to a 43 percent drop in the number of deportations through the courts in the last 5 years.

In any event, GWB is not now the President, Obama is the President.

Under Obama’s governance, the problem of illegal immigration has morphed from being a problem to being a dire emergency.

Obama urgently demands nearly $4 billion new dollars to massage this new emergency of his making. Hordes of immigrant children chasing the equivalent of the myth of Willy Wonka and the American candy factory are a tsunami that is overwhelming us. The flood tide of illegals continues to surge spurred on by the Democrat and Obama’s “let ‘em all in” policies. Border agents report that the flood of illegals has at least doubled and may have tripled during 2013 as the amnesty debate roared.

We know that since Obama has been President, the number of persons seeking asylum in the US has increased ten fold. Included in that group were the brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon.

No sentient person could possibly believe that our Southern border is under control. Obama’s Jeh Johnson, the US Homeland Security Secretary, has readily admitted that our nation is being flooded with illegal aliens. On a recent Sunday News show he promised to: “stem the tide.”

The illegal aliens’ burn up tons of your tax dollars. They get free medical care, free schooling, free sustenance, and free transportation to places far away from the border. They are given free shelter.

They drive down wages. They monopolize jobs that could go to American citizens. The black unemployment rate is almost 11 percent, far higher than that of any other group profiled by labor statistics. The unemployment rate for Blacks 16-19 yoa is over 33%. African Americans are disproportionately employed in lower-skilled jobs – the very same jobs immigrants take.

The number of illegal immigrants now in the US is between 11 and 14 million and growing every day.

Certainly there will be those liberals who will wail and beat their breasts while insinuating a humanitarian component into the mess. To those folks, I urge you to throw open your homes and your pocket books to an illegal immigrant or an illegal immigrant family. I will be happy to research who you can contact to accomplish your adoption of an illegal immigrant family or individual.

The Democrats and Obama steadfastly refuse to seal, to close our southern border. It is shameful that they do so for craven political gain.